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Many jokse that I know

Categories Sex Joke

Authror: The perverted one

Published: 08 March 2017

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Q. What's the difference between a faggot and a refrigerator?
A. Refrigerators don't fart when you pull your meat of them.
Q. Why did the rubber fly across the room?
A. It got pissed off.
Q. What did the right nut say to the left nut?
A. I don't know why we should hang, that prick up there did all the shooting.
Q. Did you hear about the midget with 500lbs balls?
A. He was half nuts.
Q. What do you call a queer with the runs?
A. A Juicy Fruit.
Q, The is a bird with 7 letters, and it means love what is this bird?
A. S-W-A.L.L.O.W.
Q. If you are eating out your girlfriend and she taste like shit, what do you do?
A. Flip her over.
Q. What is one thing a man will eat on a pie, but not on a woman?
A. The crust.
Did any one hear about the new shoes that were mademmmmmmmm for lesbians? Yeah they're called Dykies, and they already had a recall on them because they tongues weren't long enough.
Q. What do you get when you cross a donkey with a Bermuda Onion?
A. A piece of ass that will bring tears to your eyes.
Q. What do you call twin lesbians?
A. Lick alikes
Captain Hook died of jock itch
Q, How do you recycle a rubber?
A. Shake the fuck out of them
Q. What would be the advantage of being a dog?
A. If you can't eat it of fuck, you just piss on it.
Q. Why would it be awful in being an egg?
A. You only get ate once. laid once and the only one who will ever sit on your face is your mother.

There was this small town in the Midwest and it was divided by railroad tracks in the center of the town, the one side was the rich and the other side was the poor. This little rich boy, named Johnny lived right by the railroad tracks, This one particular day, Johnny ask is mother if he could go outside and play. His mom said, yes Johnny you can go out and play, but Do not go across the railroad tracks. Well as most kids do, he went across the tracks anyway. When Johnny got home, he asked , Mommy, What's shit? Mom responded back what. did you do across the tracks?. Johnny said, No, but what is shit? His mom responded, Well, it's food. The next day, Johnny asked, Mommy can I go out and play? His mom said, yes as long you don't go across the railroad tracks. Well, Johnny went across the tracks again and came home and Johnny asked, Mommy, what's fuck? His mom looked at him sternly and asked him, Johnny have you been across the tracks? Johnny said to his mom, No, but what is fuck? His mom said, Well it means, to get dressed. Next day, Johnny asked Mommy can I go outside and play? She said yes but don't go across the railroad tracks. Johnny came home and said Mommy I have been across the railroad tracks, but what's bastard? His mom said Well it's a preacher and you can't go out and play tomorrow. The next day Johnny and his mom was at the grocery store and they seen the local preacher and his mom invited him over for dinner. That night the preacher knocked on the door and Johnny answered, Come on in Bastard, Mom is upstairs getting fucked and the shit is on the table.

Q. What does having sex with a BBW and a moped have in common
A. Both fun to ride, just don't let your friends see you.
Q. What is better than a cold beer?
A. A warm bush.
Q,Why did Mickey Mouse divorce Minnie Mouse?
A. She was fucking goofy/Goofy.

This one particular day a teen came to his father and asked him, Dad, can I have the keys to the car? Dad asked him, Well son,does your dick touch your ass? Son said, well no. Dad said well, than you can't have the keys to the car. Well about a week later, the teen asked, Dad can I have the keys to the car? Dad, said well son does you dick touch your ass? Son said, well no. Dad said well than you cant have the keys to the car. Two weeks later teen asked Dad, can I have the keys to the car? Dad ,said well does your dick touch your ass? Son yes dad my dick touches my ass. Than he dad said well, said well son than why don't you just go fuck yourself.
Q, Did you know that cigarette filters are recyclable and do you know what they are used for?
A. Tampax for midgets.
Q, Do you know what it means when a hooker has a runny nose?
A. It means she is full
Three men went out on a convention and they were in need of a hotel to stay the night. Well anyway the hotel they went to only had one room and one bed. At first they didn't want the room but they were too tired to move on so they all agreed they would share the and the bed. The next morning when they all woke up,the one guy on the right side said, I had the weirdest dream, I dreamed that I was beating myself last night, the guy on the left said That's strange I had the same dream!, The guy in the middle said, Well I dreamed that I was snow skiing
The one particular night a drunk man went into the bar and talked to the bartender. He told the bartender, Man I was so drunk that I was blowing chunks. The bartender said , well that's normal everyone gets that drunk every now and then. The drunk replied, but sir, Chunks is my dog!.

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Many jokse that I know

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