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  1. sharon is owned pt 1
  2. Sharon is owned pt 2 , after the prom
  3. Sharon & Amy

sharon is owned pt 1

Categories Fiction, Incest

Author: nutzbubby

Published: 07 March 2017

  • Font:

Sharon moaned as Billy shoved his fist up his moms cunt. She was bent over the kitchen table enjoying getting her pussy wet. While Billy talked on his cellphone with Cindy his 19 year old girlfriend who was a virgin. He was taking Cindy to the prom on Friday & Cindy loved that so much .She didnt hear the moaning on the other end cuz she was too busy talking about the dress she was gonna wear. 23 year old Billy motioned to his submissive mom to get off his fist. Her Son/Master pointed to the fridge & Sharon the 47yr old obedient cumslut opened it and handed Billy the cold huge cucumber which he immediately had her shove up her cunt. Billy had Sharon sit immediately across him in another chair as he continued talking to Cindy on the phone. He next ballgagged Sharon &mom started to brutally fuck her cunt with the cucumber . Billy loved what was happening , mom was fucking herself with a vegetable while Cindy kept talking. He let Cindy talk for a few more minutes &responding with uuh ha every few minutes. Then he found the conversation dull, so he simply said he'd call her back later. Mom was preparing supper, so he hung up Now Billy started taking pics of his 5ft 9 redhaired mom sexslave with the cucumber up her cunt.Maybe if he was lucky he might even show his cuckold step-dad the pics .Sharon was having her third orgasm of the day , she loved fucking herself with giant dildos,cucumbers and Billy's 11 inch penis. Moaning away Sharon exclaimed "thank you master" your welcome Cumslut Billy said. Tonight Joyce is coming over so tell George (stepdad ) you will be busy in the Masters Suite. Tomorrow is your anniversary , so mom you can fuck but not suck Georges tiny penis , (he was only 5 inches thought Sharon, he could never satisfy her like Billys 11 inch prick ) Billy allowed mom & George to fuck only 3 times a year .(On their birthdays &anniversary ) Joyce lived five doors down from Sharon,George and Billy. Like Sharon she was Billys sex slave she lived with her cuckold husband Ralph who she was currently using as a footstool as she was putting her 5 inch spiked heels &yellow bikini on. Before she took the quick walk in the summer breeze to Master Billys home she spat in her husbands face and told him to clean the fucking house. Shed be back whenever and no guests dumbass she proclaimed "Yes dear " said( Ralph the 140 pound 60 year old weakling) Meanwhile Billy was just finishing his dinner and George watched as his wife Sharon blew his Stepsons monster prick, and in the end he covered Sharons face with huge load of cum . Billy told George to leave , go watch the game at the arena , come back in a few hours. Just as he shut the door , Joyce the 55 yr old owned cumslut came up the sidewalk . George got in his car and casually waved, Joyce ignored him he drove off. Looking like a whore the chubby blonde skank rung the doorbell . "Get the doorbell cockwhore " Billy said to mom, Joyce. Joyce was collared , leashed, walking in her 6inch hooker boots as her 40dds swung. She opened the door & greeted Joyce with cum on her face , Billy demanded they french kiss and told Joyce to lick Sharons face. Joyce got her first taste of Billys goo , but the night was just beginning. After Joyce cleaned Sharons face, he took both ladies into the living room & collared &leashed Joyce also. Sharon put in her nipple rings and Joyce already had them on.They sat down and Billy popped in a dvd, & turned on the tv . Both Sharon and Joyce watched intently as it was a 3some they had participated in 2 months ago . JOYCE,SHARON &NORMA , norma was a granny 66 yrs old from 5 miles away, she was Billys nastiest owned sec slave. Married to a limpdicked cuckold for 40 yrs. Norma was ballgagged , buttplugged & cunt plugged in this scene. It was the first time all 3 ladies met Norma was also collared ,leashed ,pierced & tramp stamped with "BILLYS BITCH " on her back&wearing 7 inch spiked heels. Before this scene Billy had fucked her face, ass & cunt . He came on Normas face & then took pics she would eventually show her cuckold husband. Anyways in the first scene the ladies watched as Norma no longer ballgagged, licked Sharons ass and then Joyce's ass. The whitehaired granny slurped away at those assholes like it was steak . Both Joyce and Sharon couldnt help but play with their pussies as they watched the scene unfold on the tv screen . It was a great birthday one he would never forget thought Billy . He had a suprise for his submissives though. As both ladies continues playing, he answered the knock from the back door, Finally he thought, Norma had arrived, he french kissed the granny who was only wearing a trenchcoat over her collar , leash & this time he had wering only 4inch spiked heels cuz , She would be in for a really kinky time tonight

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sharon is owned pt 1

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Comments (1)
misterjedi — 24 March 2017 21:03
This sorry excuse for a story was obviously written by a juvenile delinquent, who should go back to school, learn to spell and construct any sort of reasonable, let alone readable sentence. stop wasting our time with this drivel.
From Misterjedi.
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