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  1. Mommy's Love Denied
  2. Mommy's Love Denied 6
  3. Mommy's Love Denied 8
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  5. Mommy's Love Denied 13

Mommy's Love Denied 13

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cheating, Cuckold, Exhibitionism

Author: mathew elizabeth

Published: 16 March 2017

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Mommy's Love Denied

By Mathew Elizabeth

Chapter Thirteen

**Michelle Bunda**

I was driving down a highway and thinking about my teenage patients. The case between Scott, Ryan and Scott's mother Penny was an interesting one. After looking into the case for around a month I openly stated to Scott that his thoughts of his mother and best friend having sex was a paranoid delusion. However; the fact was; I didn't know the truth for sure. But it all facinated me so much.

I had always been interested with male sexual psychology and how it can drive a boy or man to madness when they are caught up in the strangest of sexual fetishes. Scott could be very well be one of those teens. When a male begins having cuckold fantasies about his wife cheating on him; his sexual libido increases in reaction to the heightened competition. But sometimes these feelings can be addictive. More addictive and pleasurable than actual sex such as foreplay and intercourse for example. Humiliation is an unrivaled emotion that has so much power when accepted. Plus the power of the human imagination is unrivaled; and some are more imaginative than others.

In Scott's case; he is thinking about the only true woman in his life at this stage; his mother; having passionate sex with one of his school peers; the competition. How very 'Freudian'.

I didn't know if Ryan and Scott's mother's relationship was true. But I wanted to find out and study it more for my own. Perhaps even partake in some of the ecstasy that has been haunting me ever since I started this case. Still driving; my brown long hair flowing past my face by the car window; I looked to my side at ugly pimply Scott who was sleeping on in the passenger seat of my car. I sneered at him. He reminded me of a student I hated when I was subsitute teacher for a local High School back in the past. I knew it was sadistic of me; I was actually feeling a little guilty too. But deep down I hoped it was all true. So I could study the angst, the suffering and the ecstasy of it all.

**Penny- At Home**

Happiness...True happiness. Ryan and I lay naked together under the covers early in the morning. Both of us had woken from a glorious sleep. The past two weeks have been the best time I've ever spent in my life. I couldn't stop thinking about it all. I would look to my left; nesting my head against my pillow and gaze into Ryan's eyes. He had woken the same moment as I did. It was like we were in unison. We looked into each others eyes and remembered the things we did to one another for the couple of weeks alone; Male and Female, Woman and Teen, Mother and Son. Ryan may not be my biological son; but we were more connected on a more biological sense than I had ever felt with anyone. That included when I compare him to my true born son Scott; who was coming back from the mental institution this very day.

Gosh; things were so fantastic without Scott here. But it's not like I could refuse him forever. He had been at the metal institution for two weeks and was making fantastic 'progress'. The conditions for him living with Ryan and I were simple; he must always deny his 'delusions' and realise that they are a fantasy. That's the only way I could stay out of trouble. Miss Bunda has been having sessions talking to Ryan and I as well as Scott. Thankfully Ryan is a cunning liar and very charming and cheeky.

Michelle Bunda day by day was getting a better understanding that Scott's 'delusions' were just that; actually delusions; and not reality. Through my feelings of hypocrisy built guiltily within me. Thankfully; Michelle didn't need much convincing. She was either extremely gullible or she was up to something sinister and erotic.

**Penny-One Month Before-Two Weeks Before Scott is sent away**

When Ryan revealed to me that it was himself who drew the crude 'Fart Monster' drawing of me; apologies and emotions spilled and all was forgiven as we began to have hard passionate sex. We made love a number of times before. But none of those times were as tender, intense or as beautiful as what we did that particular night. I remember the young boy pushing me into the side of the bed; he hugged me tight; kissing my neck. He then grabbed my head and rustled with my blonde hair as he kissed me. Our tongues swirled. I remember moaning helplessly between his kisses. I surrendered and allowed this skinny teen to ravish my larger busty body with his feelings of intense lust. After all; I loved him just as much as he loved me; if not more so.

I remember wiggling and squirming as I locked my thick legs together while Ryan playfully slid his young smooth fingers in and out of my pink pussy slit; rubbing against my clit so quick and tenderly; backwards and forwards. I would squirm; bouncing my body up and down, feeling the weight of my butt and legs wiggle against his nimble warm hand. Ryan would lock his eyes with mine and stare into them as if looking into my helpless mature soul.

My eyes were glazed and lost in pleasure. As I lost myself in this helpless dream like state; my mouth drooling. Ryan would watch my soul fall back into the darkness of the deepest pleasures and content thoughtlessness of ecstacy. He played with all the nerve endings in my body and I thrashed and reacted helplessly and joyfully; like a happy looking puppet getting it's strings pulled.

By this stage my pants and panties were locked around my ankles and my bra was hanging on my upper chest exposing my perky breasts to him. My spine would extend and curl back whenever his fingers fiddled between my legs and into my pussy. Ryans fingers would force me to stretch out as I looked up helplessly to the ceiling lights with my eyes rolled to the back of their sockets and my tongue extended out of my mouth in agonising pleasure.

"OH MY GOD; BABY BOY! IT FEELS SO GOOOOD!!" I squealed as the feeling of my orgasm irradiated my body.

As I thrashed loudly; Ryan quickly lept his hairless skinny body up towards me and covered my mouth with his warm damp hands.

"Quiet. You might wake Scott up!" Ryan said worried; but the same time I could tell he was overwealmed by the way he caused my body to react. I could see the expression on his sweaty face as he looked into my eyes; breathing heavily; completely amazed by me and my busty soft body.

I just squinted my eyes and smiled back at him with his hand still covering my mouth. When he slowly removed his hands I used that opportunity to quicky kiss him.

After the passionate kiss I said, "I don't care if Scott wakes up. Nothing is going to spoil this." then I sneered with an evil grin at Ryan, "Not even...'Scott the Wanker'."

The teenage boy then laughed joyfully; not just because he thought it was funny but trully felt liberated that someone felt the same way about Scott as he did. Scott almost ruined my relationship with Ryan because of his perverted ways. I will make sure nothing like that ever happens again. I loved Ryan and that's all there was to it.

With those final thoughts; Ryan spread my legs and looked happily downwards at the bush of my pussy before thrusting his young skinny body into my warm busty one. I moaned wide eyed and looked deliriously deep into his eyes again as I felt his young cock pump in and out of me. We continued to make love into the night and well into the morning; not caring if Scott could hear us.

**Scott-That Following Morning**

I opened my eyes and let out a gasp for fresh air. I was merely laying on my bed with my covers under me. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Why was I breathing heavily and sweating like I was coming out of some cold flush? I was jittery and shaky and was still wearing the same attire I wore yesterday. I remembered that Ryan, Justin, Josh and Andrew all laughed at me and tricked me about watching the sort of pornography I liked. How did they all know I liked that stuff to begin with? Mum saw it; but she would never console in Ryan's father or worse Ryan himself; would she? What was going on?

I hopped up from my bed and landed firmly on my feet. My bare feet felt sensitive on the carpet. My toes curled when I felt the ticklish material under my skin. I slowly put my hand out towards the door knob; it felt cold as ice as I turned it. I heard the latch on the door undo and the door slowly swung open for itself. I was so tired I simply let the door open before me;revealing the painting on the wallway wall in front of my room. I slowly walked forward and then to my right; down the hallway and towards the suite that was connected to mum's room to go to the bathroom. I was prepared to use the hallway entrance when I heard strange erotic noises. The sound of a woman moaning. My beautiful mother moaning.

"Ryan! Oh baby boy! Fuck mummy! Yeah! Right there!!" I heard while sitting on the toilet seat; followed by a very pleasurable squeal.

I whimpered when I heard that. Was I going crazy? I get so caught up thinking about my mother having sex with my classmate that I'm actually hearing things now! I squeezed out a turd while I thought I was hearing pleasurable sounds in the room right next to me. I tilted and wiped my bum with some toilet paper; got up and flushed. I waited in the bathroom a little longer to see if any more sounds were being conjured up; there was only silence. I couldn't hear moaning and squealing anymore. I left the suit through the hallway door and walked back to my room.

**Scott-One Month Later**

I opened my eyes and let out a gasp for fresh air again. I had awoken into reality; merely experiencing a vivid memory through a dream before. But this time; when I opened my eyes; everything made more sense. I was sitting in the passenger seat of a very nice black car. Next to me in the drivers seat was my beautiful psychologist Miss Bunda. This hot Latina woman had such large breast.

They hung out in front of me blocking the view to her side window. As I looked in front of me; I saw the car was driving through a familiar highway. The highway that was close to home. I was finally returning home and I was so happy.

Life in the mental institution wasn't great. I was surrounded by lunatics around my age; but I suppose I was a loony too so who was I to complain about that. I mostly kept to myself and didn't socialise with any of them except my bunk mate who was very perverted, loud and annoying. I believe my doctors including Miss Bunda saw that I wasn't making any friends. So they allowed me use the internet to speak with my friends back home. I got to admit that I was lucky to use the Internet. Most of the patients were strictly forbidden from the Internet unsupervised. As a lot of them would use the it for malicious purposes. The doctors knew I wasn't like that and I simply wanted to get information about the outside world and life back home.

I remember accessing my social networking page by myself in one of the computer labs in the hospital. I had been living there for two weeks already at that point in time. I also remember it being a couple of days after my phone call with Mum and how she told me thirteen-year-old Ryan was living with her because his father was recovering from surgery. The first thing I did was look at my friends profile pages to see if any of them could give me updates about my mother and Ryan. After my nervous breakdown two weeks prior; Ryan unfriended and blocked me on social networking. It was reassuring though that Andrew, Josh and Justin were still labelled my 'friends' on my page.

Despite Ryan not being my 'friend' on my page; I still attempted to look at his page despite my non-friend restrictions. I simply had his profile picture and name. His first and last name were neatly written under the picture of him smiling goofy and cheekily at the camera; flairing his nostrils. His expression was a strange mixture of careless laughable humour with mild disgust; sort of like he was breathing in a foul musty stench. He was obviously making a silly dumb expression on purpose. But it somehow suited him and made him look more confident. Humour was his charm. I was only able to click on his profile picture and I browsed through the comments. Most were comical replies. I saw one at the top from Andrew using the 'LMAO' acronym. Other were of girls using similar
acronyms and light heartedly commenting on Ryan's childish and foul immaturity.

But at the very bottom of the list of comments was the latest. A comment that praised him the most. It said "OMG so cuuuute xx". I scanned my wide eyes slowly towards the commenters name and my heart skipped a beat. The commenters name was Penny. The person that made that comment was my mum. My mother had become a member of the social network and 'friended' Ryan; as well as sending him praising complimenting comments socially in front of the eyes of all my classmates. I was so humiliated and ashamed. I clicked around hopelessly to see if my mother had 'friended' me. But offcourse she didn't.

Searching through her profile; I scrolled down through her message thread. Scrolling three of four posts down I noticed a picture with captions on it. It was another photo of Ryan. This time he was looking very charming and in a tuxedo; his hair brushed back and glowing with a wide happy smile.Even I thought it was cute; and I sighed in defeat.

It made me remember that there was a school disco coming up very soon. Obviously I wasn't going to it. I looked at the message captions below the photo from my Mum. It said, "Here is my handsome man; ready for the school disco in the little tux I bought him! I'm so proud of him! He's been so brave since his father has been in the hospital. He's growing up so fast!"

Tears ran down my face; I felt a cold knife enter my heart; and glass shattered all around me as I fell off my chair convulsing in the computer room.

I opened my eyes and let out a gasp for fresh air again; I once again found myself back in the car after reminicing. Miss Bunda was tapping her nails impatiently on the steering wheel while waiting at a set of traffic lights. I breathed the musty indoor car air in relief. I was going to be home in half an hour or so and I couldn't contain my excitement. Images of Ryan and Mum's faces entered my mind rapidly with the sound of rapid machine gun rate distortion that Iv'e heard from stereo speakers in the past. I looked down at my crotch through my pants which was hard and stiff. I smiled meekly to myself; promising I will respect my mothers and Ryan's relationship. I just want to be part of her life; that's all. Please love me mummy.

***Ryan-Two Weeks Before***

The time had finally come; I was very excited. I was going to the school disco and I was going with a hot date. That hot date was my new mummy: Penny.

I was dressed in my tuxedo waiting in the loungeroom listening to the buzzing shower that Penny was using. I was tempted to go in their and make love to her from behind and the both of us would groan in pleasure in the warm water like we did everyday. But we were leaving soon and I didn't want to get all hot and sweaty from the after effect of the humidity in my nice clothes.

When she walked out my eyes bulged. Penny was wearing the most sexiest red dress.She didn't look slutty at all; but the tight red dress hugged her curves and hour glass body in such a sexy way.

"Fuuuuck...you look so hot!" I walked up to Penny; hugging and grabbing at her waist to check her out more, "You're going to make all the boys in my grade so jealous."

All the boys in my grade by this stage new I was sleeping over Scott's house while he was forced to spend time in the psyche ward; or mental institution; or whatever it's called. So a lot of the boys outside my group of friends were very curious about mine and Penny's relationship. They would often crack jokes abut how I was living with the 'Town Milf' all alone. I was grin, laugh and agree with little detail; and my classmates would have this awkward look of realisation that maybe; just maybe; it was all true. It made me laugh all the time.

Scott's mental breakdown was no secret to the town too. The sad part was; most of it was his fault and things could have worked out fine if he wasn't such a sick twisted lunatic. I'm not saying that any normal son would be O.K with his classmate having a sex with his mum. However; that's just it; Scott is not normal.

What started off as a simple no strings attached relationship became more and more intense due to Scott's stupid mistakes and humiliating antics. In a way; he helped Penny and I draw closer together due to our common understanding of our shame and humiliation towards Scott's presence. But it didn't matter anymore ; he was gone; for a little while atleast. My mum and I had a hot date to go to.

We both sat ourselves in the front seat of the car; leaving our side windows open. The night was so nice and clear. Stars sparkled in the sky and the air was sweet and warm. Penny started the ignition with one hand and placed her hand briefly on mine. She looked at me lovingly as we prepared for an epic and wonderful night. We reversed out the driveway and shot towards the community hall where the disco took place. Life was a sparkling dream for Penny and I without Scott in it. His temporary removal; thus the removal of his perverted ways made things so special and innocent between Penny and I; like a true mother and son.

Throughout the night; boys in my class gawked in surprise and wonder as I danced with a beautiful big bootie MILF on the center of the dance floor. I grabbed her ass with a teasing wink and grin towards my fellow peers. I felt like I was the winner of the world as I cheekily snuggled into her warm busty body infront gazes of envy. My head resting comfortably against her cleavage.

**Michelle Bunda**

Scott and I arrived on the front pavement of the suburban house he used to live in. It was time for him to return and be put to the test. Before we reached the door Penny opened it and revealed herself to the both of us in a skimpy pink silky nightgown; undone before the both of us further revealing a tight pink panties barely covering her waist and breasts.

I looked down to my left and noticed Scott gawking at his own mother's beautiful body. She WAS beautiful; and Scott could look but not touch. It was all about testing him and seeing if he would break social bounds again by reacting to his selfish competitiive desires.

Scott's goofy smile turned into a wide-eyed look of defeat when a skinny teenager approached the door. It was Ryan who was nudging himself between one of Penny's armpits hanging by the doorframe. His head resting tiresome on the side of her breasts.

"Are you ready?" I say to Scott; preparing him and myself for an incredible psychological journey.

"Y-yess" Scott said meekly. I wasn't even sure he knew what he was walking into; but I could see a small bulg poking through his shorts as he whimpered with watery eyes.

I smiled devilishly at his expression of angst. The ecstasy; it was going to feel so good for all of us. Even if it means at Scott's expense. Penny, Ryan and I have been waiting for this moment for nearly a month; and it was finally here. The time has come.

To be continued.....

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Mommy's Love Denied 13

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