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  1. Her first Gloryhole
  2. Her first time having anal sex!

Her first Gloryhole

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Cuckold, Wife

Author: My Sex life

Published: 05 April 2017

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It was Saturday and Tammy and I had slept in. We work real hard all week but weekends are ours to play with. We were only married 6 months at this time and I had been away from 6am to 9pm every day this week. So, except for saying hi as I came in at night and falling down then sneaking out in the morning we missed each other and more importantly our sex life.
Tammy was up first and had made my coffee for me so the first thing I saw when I open my eyes was coffee and a naked wife! Tammy handed me my coffee when I sat up and smiled at me it was a whenever you’re ready look on her face. I took a sip of my coffee and asked where my breakfast was Tammy stood up and smiled at me saying here’s your breakfast.
A little about us Tammy was 20 with blonde hair blue eyes 4’11” 105 pounds, (most of which was her boobs) I was 26 brown hair brown eyes 6’4” and 245 pounds, 7.5 inches of cock and very thick. Tammy was a virgin when we met and I was smitten with her, she is so cutie. I didn’t know she was a virgin at first but after several dates I could tell she had never been with a man before.
So here we are 6 months after we got married on a Saturday morning with a horney wife looking at me and wanting her pussy eaten. I pulled Tammy to me kissing my way up to her lips with my hands and fingers exploring her body as we kissed. Tammy was melting as I cupped her pussy with my hand and lifted her up on to the bed. I laid Tammy on the bed and sat down on the floor next to the bed and pulled her to me one foot on each side of my head. I slowly start licking her from bottom to top and letting my tongue slip down to her little brown hole as well. It didn’t take long for her to cum the first time with just my tongue. As she was trembling I clamped my mouth around her pussy lips with a little suction and let her ride out her orgasm. As she tried to sit up I pushed her back down and went back to sucking on her pussy for several minutes she tried to get me to stop then she made sure I would not stop! When she came the second time I let her go and just blew on her pussy to keep her going as long as I could. I finely got up on the bed next to her as she was coming down and pulled her to me and cuddled with her as she fell asleep.
When she came back awake she asked me if I want a blowjob or to come inside her pussy. That has always been her words (Come Inside my pussy) Now we had been talking about going to an Adult Book Store on the other side of town. We lived in Tampa FL at the time so the other side of town was about 35 miles away. She had never been to one but I would go to them when I was out of town. And I have told her about the gloryholes and group rooms with the movies. I know she loved the idea because lying in bed telling her about it she had start to breath heavy and climbed on top of me. She pulled my cock to her pussy and let it slip slowly in to her till she was sitting flat on my lap. That was the first time she came that evening she closed her eyes and asked me to keep telling her about the different stores as she slowly rode me. I told her about 4 or 5 trips to the different stores I had made in the last couple of years. Somehow, I slipped up and in telling her about one time there were 4 guys and one girl and that after the 4th guy had cum inside her she asked me go down on her to clean her out. That’s when she started pounding down on me and came like never before!
After we calmed down she asked me if I had cleaned the girl out and I told her yes, I did. She also wanted to know what I thought about the 4 guys and the 1 girl deal? I told her it was hot one guy after the other just pounding her pussy and she seemed to be cumin the whole time. Tammy wanted to know how did it go cleaning her out did I get the guys cum in my mouth? Remember Tammy was a virgin about 9 month before this happened. So, I told her the idea was for me to suck the cum out of her pussy and make her cum again. So, we talked about me being bisexual and would l like to try sucking a cock and letting a guy cum in my mouth. All of this had happened before the weekend I am talking about So let me get back to the Saturday morning in question.
So, Tammy had asked me what I want after I had brought her to 2 ground shaking orgasms with my mouth. I asked her if she wanted to go to the Adult Book stores that afternoon to play around a little? She smiled and said yes but just what did I have in mind? I told her I had no real idea but we could see what was going on when we got there. Tammy had a devilish smile and said ok we will see. We had some running around to do that morning and early afternoon so as we did that there was a lot of teasing going on back and forth. Tammy had flashed me several times throughout the day and at Home Depot I pulled her up on to a stack of lumber and kissed her till she was almost begging me to find a place to finish what I had started. Needless to say, by the time we got home for showers and get dressed Tammy was ready to jump in the bed and fuck the rest of the day away. I would not let her get away with that so into the shower she went. While she was showering, I pulled out some clothes for her to wear to the ABS. I pulled out a billowing red skirt and a button up white shirt and a pair of flip flops. I also got a couple of towels to take with us just in case. When Tammy came out of the shower and I got in behind her, I told her, her clothes for the evening were on the bed and to please pull out some for me. Tammy came into the bathroom and asked me wear her panties are I told her she did not need any they would be coming of quickly anyway. She said with my red skirt if I turn around quickly my ass will be hanging out. I replied yes and if you squat down your cute little pussy will be showing also. She smiled at me and said ok let me get your clothes for you now and she walked out of the bathroom leaving to finish getting clean up and to worried about what she may be getting out for me to wear. When I got out of the shower I was expecting maybe a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but no it seemed Tammy was getting in the fun here. On the bed were a pair of black silk sleeping shorts that one of my friends had given me for wedding present. And a black silk button up shirt and of course a pair of flip – flop.
So off to the book store we go on the way Tammy is having fun she turned in the seat and pulled her leg up showing me her freshly shave pussy running her hand down and rubbing her self. Then she started to unbutton her shirt and play with her boobs, there was 35 miles of this needless to say I was hard a rock in seconds which only made her happier. When I pulled into the parking lot there was a dark spot in the corner Tammy wanted me to park there. When I turned the car off she came across the seat and into my arms and plunged her mouth on mine. She then grabbed my cock pulling it out of the shorts and wrapped her lips around me sucking my cock down her throat. I was not going to be able to keep this up long and was ready to cum when she stopped and smiling ask me if we drove all this way so she could blow me in the parking lot. She then got out laughing and asked me if I was coming. I was rock hard and all I had was a pair of silk shorts to hide my 7.5 inches’ cock. I pulled the top of my cock out the top of my shorts to hide it under my shirt as I walked to the door. Tammy was standing there laughing at me and pulling her skirt up flashing me to try and keep my cock hard and it worked.
Has we walked in Tammy was looking all around trying to take in the whole store and every guy in the place was following her around trying to get a good look at her. She was looking at the movies and the toys and walking around enjoying being looked at. Then to my surprise she twirled around and asked me if we could go into the movies part to the store. When she twirled 4 or 5 of the guys could see here pussy or ass. I told her no problem just let me get the tokens and paid for the movie theater. As I walked away several of the guys came over to talk to her. Now she only had 3 buttons done on her shirt the bottom 3 at that. One guy was trying to get her to go home with him when I walked away to pay so she told him we are married and she goes nowhere without me. The guys scattered when I walked back over so Tammy told me about the guys and what they wanted. Most of them just wanted to see her naked. As we went in the back the booths were on one side and theater on the other. Tammy wanted to see the gloryholes first so we went that way. The guys followed there were about 6 booths so I pick one on the end so there was only one booth next to us. I put tokens in the machine and let Tammy pick out the movies she wants to see. To my surprise, she put a movie with one girl and 6 guys on. I sat down on the bench and she sat on my knee I let her watch as the girl had one guy in her pussy and a cock in her mouth. Tammy moaned as the guy pounding that pussy came inside her and the next one stepped up shoved his cock in. I started to unbutton Tammy shirt and she just moved her arms out of the way and let me open it all the way. I start to play with her nipples when door open next door and closed she asked me if someone was in there and told her yup and he’s looking at your boobs now. So, she turned a little closer to the hole so he could get a better look at her. She asked what happens now honey I was about to tell her a cock will come through the hole when it did. So, she looked at me ask what do I do? My answer was whatever you want with the cock you can jerk him off or suck him or fuck him if you want. It’s up to you love she wanted to make sure it was ok with me whatever she did. Tammy squatted down next to only the second cock she had ever seen she put her hand on him and rubbed the tip around her nipples leaving a stream of pre-cum there. Opening her mouth, she licked his head all around till she had it wet she then turned around and backed up to it and looking at me she pushed back real slow till he was all the way in. He started to fuck her, she was moaning when Tammy looked at me and asked for my cock in her mouth at the same time. I tried to time my thrusts with the one in her pussy to squeeze her in the middle. He came after about 6 or 7 good hard pumps Tammy looked at me and pulled me out of her mouth and told me he was filling her with cum! He pulled out after filling Tammy’s pussy with cum, as he left the next guy stepped in and seconds later a cock came through the hole. Tammy looked at me I just smiled and she turned back to the hole and slipped him in her pussy right away. I went right back to her mouth when this guy started to really pound into her she was trying to pull away from the wall a little so I pulled out of her mouth she said my god he’s so long I can feel him in my stomach. And he kept pounding Tammy started cumin like never before as she was cumin she pushed back tight to the hole and let him pound her with all he had. She was moaning and almost crying with pleasure when he just pulled out. The look on her face was shock when he asked to come over to our room so he could really fuck her. Tammy looked at me and said yes to him he took only seconds to get over to us Tammy pulled her skirt of and handed it to me then the shirt. Now naked she had him sit on the bench she turned around backing up on to his cock it looked like 8 or 9 inches of cock Tammy was having the time of her life as she took more of his cock on every down stroke. He was pounding away when he asked if he could cum inside her. Looking at me again I smiled at her, she said don’t stop keep pounding my pussy. As he was getting close Tammy was taking all he had and begging him to finish inside her. He said oh my god and pulled her on to his lap and rammed it all the way in Tammy was screaming and he was cumin. It was so HOT to watch Tammy being my wife made it even hotter. We got his phone number as he was leaving and then Tammy asked me to clean her out.
After licking her clean and sucking all the cum out of her Tammy gave me an outstanding blow job before we left when we walked out to the car I handed Tammy a towel to sit on. Now she knows what towels were for!

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Her first Gloryhole

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Comments (2)
My Sex life26 April 2017 23:55
Hi glad I was able to help! My wife and I have been married for 37 years and it been like this from the start. She was a virgin when we met. I was her first but over the years I would say she has had over 200 cocks in her pussy,ass and mouth. I was there with her most of the time but she also went to clubs when I was gone with our trucks. But it was ok for me because she would call me and tell me about it. Enjoy your self's you only live once!
Thirstyman41 — 26 April 2017 14:15
Had my wife read this before going to an adult bookstore in VA to get her all juiced up!
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