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  5. Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 5): Sammy's turn
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Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 5): Sammy's turn

Categories Fiction, Asian, Fisting, Group Sex

Author: DrizzleWithHoney

Published: 03 May 2017

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Setting Up a Meeting with Ulrich
Sangeeta organised her final meeting of the trip – he had seemed to be a good prospect for a project, or at least an all-expenses paid invitation to present at a conference, and all that had to happen was for the meeting to go well, and that he had a good time banging the three of them afterwards. She gave her prospect a call.

“Hullo, Ulrich speaking,” he said when he answered his phone.

“Hi Ulrich, its Sangeeta here.”

“Good to hear from you Sangeeta. I hope your sister had a good flight to Prague?”

“Oh yes, Jasima had a very good flight. She had an interesting encounter with a stewardess on the overnight leg which helped make the flight go faster.” Sangeeta wasn’t sure if she should be so flagrant in promoting her sister’s sexuality, but at the same time wanted to make sure that she was sexually available too.

“Sounds like a good way to travel,” replied Ulrich, delighted to hear that Sangeeta’s sister was willing to slut around too. Maybe the fantasy about a threesome with sisters was going to come true. The threesome with Yvette and Sangeeta had been great, particularly when they fucked each other. He hoped the same would happen with the sisters.

“I just wanted find out when would be convenient for the follow-up meeting? I thought that the session with Yvette was very productive and we were planning another meeting after my sister got here.”

“Oh yes, some consultancy opportunities. Bring your sister along. I’d be very interested to hear an outsider’s perspective. Do you think she would be interested in some consultancy work too?”

“Yes, she’d be very interested in consultancy opportunities. One other thing – she brought along my son Sammy. He had some time free before university started.”

“Do you think he’ll be bored if both you and your sister are tied up in a meeting? We can cancel the meeting and correspond by email if you prefer.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t be bored if he came to the meeting, but he’s also got some friends in Prague, so I’m sure he would be happy to spend time with them too.” Sangeeta was a little disappointed, since it didn’t sound like he wanted to get involved in a foursome with Sammy. She would have loved to finally get Sammy to stick his cock inside her and let him fill her vagina with his sperm.

“Okay then, how about we meet tomorrow afternoon? Say at five, then we can go out for a drink and dinner.”

“Wonderful,” said Sangeeta. “That fits with my lab work perfectly.”

Sammy’s Disappointed He Didn’t Get to Orgy with Ulrich
Sammy was a bit disappointed when he found out he wasn’t going to the meeting with his mother and Aunt Jasima. He had been looking forward to another orgy, and he still hadn’t fucked his mother’s pussy. But there was still plenty of time while they were in Prague. The thought of fucking his mother made Sammy hard, and he stroked himself through his trousers. He considered just fucking her on the living room floor when she came home tonight, but he thought he would enjoy it more as part of one of their group sex sessions.

Sangeeta Plans a Night for Sammy
“I’ve organised for a couple of my friends to take you out Sammy,” said Sangeeta, as they sat on the couch together cuddling each other like a teenage couple that knew what they both wanted, but hadn’t actually acted on their mutual lust. Sitting there with Sammy was getting Sangeeta aroused, and she was dreaming about his beautiful cock entering her vagina, getting herself fucked to an orgasm, before he came inside her. She wished she could have taken him along to her meeting, because the after meeting orgy would have been the perfect opportunity.

“What are their names?” asked Jasima. “Have we met them yet?”

“They’re called Simone and Florence, and no you haven’t met them yet.”

“Have you had sex with them?” asked Sammy, fascinated to learn more about his mother’s sex life. It sounded like he had a lot to thank Angela for, and there had been a lot of men between his mother’s legs, but not nearly so many women.

“No, I don’t have sex with everyone I meet,” said Sangeeta, “but maybe I should if I get the chance.”

“Not everyone you meet – just most of them,” added Jasima, “at least the ones you’ve met in Prague.”

Ulrich after He has Sangeeta and Jasima
He lay between the two women, their bodies pressed against his own. It had been a night that he could never have dreamed of. He had hoped to ask Sangeeta’s sister to come out with him on another night and then seduce her then, but instead they had invited themselves to his home, and used him for sex. The moment they had walked in the door Jasima had started kissing him while Sangeeta had watched. When she broke from their kiss Jasima had said “Uumm, yes, you are every bit as good a kisser as Sangeeta had said,” before she stuck her tongue back in his mouth, and started taking his clothes off.

He had decided he should do the same to her, peeling of the layers of her cold weather gear until she was only wearing lingerie, and he was naked with Jasima stroking his cock to get it hard.

When he saw Sangeeta she was sitting in a lounge chair watching them both. She had taken off her jacket and boots, but had the rest of her clothes on. Sangeeta had said to him “Use your cock on Jasima, I want to watch her enjoy it like I did,” and he was more than happy to oblige. Jasima had been willing to try anything he wanted to do with her, and when he had asked “Do you want me to cum into you?” She had replied straight away said “Oh, yes, cum in me.”

They had lain together on the lounge floor recovering from their exertions, and then he saw Sangeeta get up and slowly undress. He had hoped he would have sex with her too, and now he was sure. When he had said “I’m going to need more time to recover,” Sangeeta had replied “Jasima and I are going to do something to speed that along.” He had expected them to give him a double blow job, or something like that, instead he had been shocked to see Sangeeta mount her sister, lying down on top of her sister, between Jasima’s wide spread thighs. Sangeeta had started kissing Jasima, then slowly working down to her breasts and finally vagina. Sangeeta went down on Jasima, her tongue licking Jasima’s clitoris, and Sangeeta’s fingers probing Jasima’s vagina. He loved watching Jasima getting closer to orgasm, one hand pressing on the back of Sangeeta’s head, the other holding Sangeeta’s free hand. After Jasima’s orgasm Sangeeta had crawled up her body and they were lying in each other’s arms, gently kissing each other.

He had been fascinated by what he had seen, and remembered how he had been thinking about what the three of them would do together later that evening. But even more amazing was the conversation they had. He had found he had to ask “Isn’t your son here Sangeeta?”

Then he got a casual answer from Sangeeta “Oh, yes. He travelled over with Jasima.”

“How do you hide this from him?”

He was surprised to watch the two women turn to each other and laugh, then to hear Jasima reply “We don’t. We do it in front of him.”

And then to hear Sangeeta add “He likes to get involved. With his aunt” said Sangeeta.

“And with his mummy,” added Jasima.

“Stop worrying about Sammy,” said Sangeeta. “Why don’t you come over here? Your cock is ready again, and my pussy needs to be fucked.”

The rest of the night had been a wild ride with the two women. He had enjoyed them both every way he wanted, the two women sharing him and each other. But he couldn’t get the thought of the son out of his mind as he lay there between the two women. Finally he asked them “So how does it work with your son and you two?”

“We meet other people and then we all join in and fuck,” said Sangeeta with an openness that had astounded Ulrich.

“Have you been doing this for long,” asked Ulrich.

“No, only we got to Prague. My friend Yvette and I ended up getting seduced by a family, and I knew I wanted to do the same. Jasima was coming anyway, so I just asked her to bring Sammy.”

“So what happened the first time?”

“When Jasima and Sammy first got here my friend Yvette was still here,” said Sangeeta.

“Sammy was easy meat for her from the sounds of it,” said Jasima.

“And she says you were pretty easy too,” laughed Sangeeta, “of course, screwing that airline stewardess on the way over helped.”

“Don’t forget Sammy got that blow job from the steward,” said Jasima.

“Then she got us together,” added Sangeeta.

“Your son is gay?” asked Ulrich.

“No, he’ll bang anyone it seems,” said Sangeeta. “Would you like to make it a foursome sometime?”

“I’ve never wanted it with a guy, but I’d love to watch him take you both.”

After the women had left he sat having breakfast thinking about what he had just arranged. Another meeting, but this time Sangeeta would bring her son along. Maybe he should ask some other people from his company along to the meeting – he was sure that they would want to fuck the women after they’d watched them fucking their son and nephew, and it sounded like Sammy was willing to try anything. So maybe he’d get sucked or fucked.

Sammy Nails Florence
It had proved a better night than Sammy had expected. Florence had come to the apartment and he knew that he would end up screwing her. In fact, instead of a kiss on the cheek, he decided to move things along, kissing her on the mouth, and putting his hands on her hips. Maybe if he got her out of the way now, he’d get to fuck Simone at the end of the night. It sounded like she was the prettier one.

He moved his hands around to her buttocks, pressing himself against her so she could feel his hard cock, then kissed her again.

Florence broke away. “Your mother said you liked the ladies.”

“Yes, she knows I’ve had lots of my friends’ mothers. But she doesn’t know I’ve had lots of my mother’s friends too. And you’re one of my mother’s friends, so now I want you.”

“But I’m too old for you.”

“My cock says I think you’re just right.”

“And there are people waiting for us.”

“We’ll just tell them I hadn’t finished my shower.” When Sammy heard someone giving what other people wanted as a reason not to have sex he knew that they were willing, otherwise they’d be talking about themselves. He started kissing her again, pulling off her jacket, then her trousers, then bending her over the table and mounting her from behind. She certainly was wet enough, so he didn’t have to spend time stimulating her. He felt her hand stroke his cock as it slid in and out of her, then start to rub her clitoris. It was much better when women took care of their own needs.

Florence was a bit surprised at herself, being screwed by her friend’s eighteen year old son, waiting for her own orgasm, and for him to paint her vagina with his semen. It hadn’t been something she wanted to begin with, but when she felt her nipples get hard, and her pussy get wet, and the best reason she could think of was that some people were waiting, she knew that she going to do it.

They walked down to the waiting car together, Sammy’s sperm soaking into Martin’s panties, grateful that going from the hot apartment to the cold outdoors, and all of the clothes they were wearing meant that it wasn’t obvious that they were both flushed after their sexual encounter.

It was only 20 minutes since she had gone into the apartment, so no one was surprised when she said “Sorry for the wait. Sammy was just finishing his shower. Anyway, this is my friend Simone,” introducing Sammy to a pretty blonde woman that he kissed on the cheek.

“No, I want a kiss on the lips from such a pretty young man,” said Simone, managing to quickly work her tongue into his mouth when she kissed him again.

“And this is my daughter, Fiona,” said Florence. Sammy kissed her on the mouth, deciding that she wouldn’t complain. His main thought was how to seduce the other two women. He was pretty sure that all Simone would want was attention and compliments. Fiona would be trickier because her mother was here, but then her mother had been keen enough, so maybe like mother like daughter.

He got into the back of Simone’s car with Fiona, making a point of touching her whenever he got an opportunity, then holding her hand, before moving onto her leg. Her hand progressively moved to his thigh, moving up until it was on his penis, and then she massaged it to get it hard. It was only a matter of getting her alone.

Sammy Splatters Fiona
They arrived at a restaurant near the lake, and had a drink in the bar. He managed to peel Fiona off from the other two on the pretense that she would point out some of the sites of Prague. The moment they found an empty private dining room their tongues were in each other’s mouths, and they were ripping each other’s clothes off. Sammy sat Fiona on the edge of the table, knelt down in front of her and took the opportunity to tongue her, getting her wet and ready for his cock. He squeezed her breasts, licking her until she came. He didn’t pause, not waiting for her to recover from her orgasm, rather he stood up, kissed her on the mouth so that she tasted herself, then pushed inside her and started thrusting frantically because they couldn’t be sightseeing for too long without questions being asked.

When they wandered back to the bar Sammy knew that both the mother and daughter were his, and all he had to do was get Simone.

Florence and Fiona got drunk, partly because they didn’t have to drive home, and partly because they’d just had a secret casual fuck and they both felt as though anything went that night. Florence had always liked to cuddle her daughter, and now she was drunk she draped herself over her Fiona, laughing and hugging her. It had been a fun night – she hadn’t expected sex, but it had been fun. She imagined having him again, but this time she wanted to do it properly. She imagined starting off by undressing him, sucking his cock to get it hard, then climbing on top of him, riding him until he came inside her. Though she knew if she got to screw him, she would let him do whatever he wanted. How could she get him to fuck her again tonight she wondered to herself? The thought of that cock in her pussy again made her aroused, her pussy getting wet and her nipples hard.

Fiona felt her mother’s breasts pressed against her back, and her arms around her waist. She wondered if her mother had realised that she had fucked Sammy that night. They’d always had a fairly frank and open relationship, sharing details of her sexual encounters she’d had, even the ones where she hadn’t even known the name of the guy. She’d encouraged her boyfriends to have sex with her mother too – she liked to help her mother out when she got the chance, and getting guys to fuck her seemed like a cheap and easy option. She’d organise for them to come by and pick her up, then tell them her flight had been cancelled and she wouldn’t be home that night. Florence would make a pass, and the guys always agreed– the mother and daughter thing turned them on. Little did they know that Florence told Fiona everything about their trysts. Maybe she should set her mother up with Sammy.

After a couple of hours Florence and Fiona disappeared off to the toilets, leaving Simone and Sammy together for the first time. “You had them both didn’t you?”

Sammy turned a little and smiled at her in response.

“Slut,” said Simone, “the mother then the daughter, both within an hour. And I bet you want to fuck me too.” Simone slid her hand down to Sammy’s crotch and gave his penis a squeeze, which caused him to get stiff again. “I take it that’s a yes.” Simone kissed him, making him even harder.

“Drop them off first, and then come back to the apartment,” said Sammy.

“What about Sangeeta and your aunt?”

“They’re out.”

“But it was only a meeting and dinner. It will be over soon.”

“They won’t be home until late. Probably not until tomorrow morning.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’ll go back to his place and have sex.”

Simone wasn’t shocked about Sangeeta having sex, but she was surprised by the nonchalance with which her son spoke about his mother’s sexual activity. “So your mother wouldn’t mind finding me there?”

“No, not at all. I think she’d be happy to find all of you there.”

“Mummy’s little stallion servicing all the girls?”

“Something like that. Except I think mummy and Aunt Jasima would like to do you all too.”

“Sangeeta’s a lesbian? Wow, I’d never have imagined that. But what about your aunt?”

“She would join in too. You’ll get the chance to have sex with all three of us if you want,” said Sammy, putting his hand between Simone’s thighs and massaging her pussy.

Simone was a little shocked to feel Sammy’s hand between her legs, though her only response was to close her legs so his hand couldn’t escape. “I’d be such a slut, jumping from bed to bed.”

“No, we’d all be together.”

“You’ve seen your mother and aunt have sex?”

“More than seen them have sex. I’ve had sex with them.”

“Sex with your family! I can’t believe it. You and your mummy and your aunt?”

“Yes, I love sex with other people, but mummy and Aunt Jasima are great. I’d love to get Florence and Fiona involved too. I don’t think they’ve done it, but I think they will if we encourage them a little bit. I’ve seen how Florence touches Fiona, and it’s more than how a mother hugs a daughter.”

Simone lay back quietly in the chair and finally said “I’m in. I’ll try and get them to do the family fuck thing too. I get you next, then we involve the other two. I’ve never had a woman before, but for this I’ll give it a try.”

Simone the Slut Does All Three
They stood around in Sangeeta’s apartment, Fiona with her arms around her mother, Simone helping Sammy pour the drinks, not that Florence and Fiona needed any more as they were both very drunk.

“So Sammy, do you want to have sex with mummy?” asked Fiona, her drunkenness helping her overcome the few sexual inhibitions she had around Florence. “Or is it Simone that you want next?”

“Oh Fiona,” said Florence “Sammy and I have already had each other. I was hoping you’d have a chance too. You’ve given me so many of your boyfriends, I hoped this time I’d get to give a man to you after I’d had him.”

“You’re too late Florence,” said Simone. “Sammy screwed your daughter at the restaurant. We had a good chat about it when you both went to the toilet. I’m next.” She put her arms around Sammy’s waist, pressing herself to his back and reaching down to cup his crotch.

“Oh,” said Fiona, “we’ll call a taxi and go home.”

“No,” said Sammy, “stay. After Simone and I finish I want to have you both again.” He gently pulled away from Simone and went over to Florence, kissing her, then Fiona.

Simone started undressing, undoing her blouse, then taking it off, followed by her bra. She stood there and cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples, looking at Sammy in the arms of the two women, taking turns in kissing them. “So why don’t you take his clothes off? You both played with his cock so there’s no need to be shy.”

Florence and Fiona started undoing his trousers, while Simone undid her own. Watching the two women’s hands moving all over Sammy, and at the same time the way that they were pressing their bodies together, Simone could tell it was going to be easy to seduce them. She’d only been with men, but she could see that the two drunk women could be easily manipulated, and by the time they sobered up, she and Sammy would have had them both.

When they were both naked Simone walked over to the other three and put her hand on Sammy’s ass, saying “My turn now ladies,” before kissing him and pulling him into the lounge chair.

“We should go into the bedroom,” said Florence, “to give you some privacy.”

“I don’t mind fucking in front of an audience,” said Sammy. “In fact I prefer it.”

“Yes,” said Simone, “sit down on the couch. But at least take some clothes off. I don’t mind an audience, but not a fully clothed one.”

While Florence and Fiona took off their tops, Simone and Sammy started to kiss and fondle each other, Simone stroking Sammy’s hard cock, and Sammy fingering Simone’s pussy. He could tell she trimmed her pubic hair, and he slid his fingers inside her vagina, delighted to feel her wetness. His cock wanted to feel that pussy around it, but first of all Sammy was going to taste Simone.

While Sammy slid between Simone’s thighs, Florence’s sat back on the couch wearing only her panties, gently pulling Fiona to sit between her open legs, and wrapping her arms around her daughter’s waist.

As they sat there watching Sammy licking and fingering Simone’s pussy Fiona asked her mother “So how did he do you mummy?”

“He just pulled down my pants, bent me forward over the table and fucked me. I hadn’t planned it, I hadn’t even thought about it because he’s so young.”

“Eighteen is eighteen,” said Fiona, “and if he wanted you, you should take your chance.”

“And what about you?” asked Florence, “I take it that the sights you showed Sammy was your pussy.”

“Yes, he ate me out in one of the private dining rooms, then fucked me. I always like those quick fucks. A hard cock pounding into you, knowing someone might walk in at any minute.”

They lay back quietly while Sammy finished Simone off. His tongue was on her clit, and he had his hand inside her pussy. He hadn’t fisted someone before, but had always liked the idea. He found it easy to push his whole hand inside Simone, though he wondered what she’d done to loosen it up this much. He looked up at her, watching as she orgasmed, feeling her body convulsing around his hand. He pulled it out of her, and licked it clean, savouring her taste.

Simone lay back in the chair, spread her legs, and said “And now stick your cock in there.”

Sammy didn’t hesitate, guiding the tip of his cock into her pussy. It slid in so easily because she was already loosened up, and her pussy was wet.

“He’s going to regret fisting her,” said Fiona.

“Fisting?” asked Florence.

“Putting his hand in her pussy” replied Fiona, “it’s going to be all loose.”

“I think it was already pretty loose. I’m pretty she lets lots of guys put their cocks in there.” Florence gave her daughter a squeeze, pressing her breasts more firmly into the smooth skin on her daughters back, her daughter’s breasts resting softly on her mother’s arms. “Have you ever tried fisting?”

Fiona laughed, “Oh yes, a few times.”

Simone lay there enjoying Sammy’s tongue in her mouth, cock in her pussy and hands on her breasts. She had her hands on his tight young buttocks, enjoying his young body. She thought back to when she was his age, and all those older boyfriends who had been so willing to give her gifts or take her on expensive holidays. All she’d had to do was let them fuck her. She always rationalised it to herself that guys wanted to fuck her, so she may as well get the most out of it, and that the best way was to let the guys with the most money use her pussy. It had worked well for a few years, but then she had started to realise that the gifts weren’t as big, and the guys lost interest in her after one or two weeks instead of one or two months. Still Sammy would give her a new coat of paint in a few minutes.

While he was fucking Simone’s pussy, Sammy leant forward and whispered in Simone’s ear “I’ll fuck Florence next. While I’m doing that you should have Fiona. She’s so drunk she’ll let you do whatever you want.”

“Okay. Then we swap.”

“What I really want to see is them fuck each other.”

“You dirty boy. Mother and daughter.”

“Yes. Now shut up, rub your clit, and let’s make you cum.”

Florence and Fiona lay together, sipping at their drinks and watching the man they’d both shared that night pounding Simone while she rubbed her own clitoris. Florence whispered in her daughter’s ear “That’s going to be one of us in a few minutes.”

“What? Getting fucked by Sammy or having sex with Simone.”

“Sex with Sammy of course. From what she’s told me Simone’s easy, but she’s never mentioned giving girls a try.”

They paused, watching Simone orgasm, and then Sammy pull out of her vagina and masturbated until he came on her face.

“I like your new make-up,” said Florence, watching as Simone used her tongue to lick some off her own face.

“Do you want to try some too?” asked Sammy from where he was slumped on the floor between Simone’s legs, his head resting on her thighs, savouring the smell of her pussy. “I can whip up another sample if you like.”

“Are you sure you can?” asked Florence. “This is the third time tonight.”

“Oh yes,” said Sammy, “it might not be a big sample, but you’ll definitely get a sample. Come over here and I’ll show you.”

Simone swaps to Fiona, and Sammy goes back to try Florence Again
They all stood up while everyone re-arranged themselves. Simone found herself with Fiona’s arms wrapped around her waist, and Fiona’s tongue licking the last of Sammy’s sperm off her face. Florence was soon kneeling in front of Sammy, sucking on his cock, tasting Simone and Sammy’s juices.

Fiona got Simone on the lounge and sat across Simone’s lap with one arm around her neck. It meant she could see her mother and Sammy, and at the same time it meant she was free to kiss Simone when she wanted to. Simone was a little bit slow to respond, and Fiona felt sure that Simone didn’t normally go with women. Well, today she would, and if Fiona got her way, her mother would do Simone as well. Fiona kissed Simone’s mouth and then said “Suck on my nipples,” Fiona said, “make them hard.”

Simone lent forward and started sucking on Fiona’s nipples, squeezing the firm young breasts with her hands. She’d never tried this before, but it looked like tonight was the night she would lose her lesbian virginity, thinking about how many years ago she had lost her cock virginity. First her hand, then her mouth, then pussy and finally her ass. Sammy fisting her had been interesting. She’d never tried that before, but she’d inserted all sorts of objects up there when she was bored and looking for a bit of sexual adventure. Looking past Fiona she could see that Florence had Sammy hard, licking him, sucking him, stroking his cock with her hand.

“Fuck her Sammy,” said Simone, “I want to watch you give it to Florence.”

Sammy turned to her and smiled, saying “I want Fiona to fuck you. She’ll love sucking on your pussy as much as you’ll love sucking on hers.” Sammy pulled Florence to her feet, before sitting her in the lounge chair, kneeling in front of her and pulling her panties down. They were wet, so Sammy knew that she was ready. He pulled her forward so her pussy was just at the edge of the lounge chair, and then he put his cock in her. As he fucked her, he played with her tits, fondling them, and squeezing and sucking on her nipples. “What are they doing,” Sammy asked Florence.

She lent a little and glanced past Sammy who was slowly fucking her pussy, taking the time to enjoy her more this time. “They’re watching us and Simone is fingering Fiona.”

“I want to see you do that,” said Sammy.

“Get fingered by Simone?”

“No, finger Fiona,” said Sammy, leaning down and sticking his tongue in her mouth before she had a chance to reply. He started pumping her faster, taking her mind away from what he had just said. He wanted to plant the seed and let it germinate. He was going to introduce the idea of lesbian incest to Florence step by step.

Simone enjoyed Fiona’s young body. She imagined the cocks that had defiled her, the number of sperm that had been shot into the horny young woman that she was about to have her first girl-girl time with. Those times at university hadn’t really counted. She’d gone out, gotten drunk, and ended up back at her room with some woman and somehow they’d ended up naked and in bed. This time it was different. Her tongue was in Fiona’s mouth, her fingers were in Fiona’s pussy. She slipped one finger, then two then three into Fiona.

Florence had a young cock in her pussy. It was the youngest cock she’d had in years now that Fiona had grown up and moved on to older guys. She knew she wanted Sammy’s cum, but at the same time she was thinking about Simone. She’d never been with a woman, but Simone was the sort of woman she would want if she ever got the chance. Sammy’s cock was getting her close, and she couldn’t help herself when she said “Put your hand in her. Fuck her. I want to see you stretch her wide open.”

Simone and Fiona weren’t sure who she was referring to, but both decided that it should be them that was in charge. Fiona pulled Simone onto the floor, and swung her around into a sixty nine, burying her face into the juicy pussy she had just seen Sammy plough. Simone managed to push the last two fingers into Fiona’s pussy, and at the same time tongued her clitoris hard and fast.

Florence loved Sammy’s cock inside her, and her hands were on his ass, not letting him think about escaping until he had given her another load. At the same time, watching her daughter force her hand into Simone, and at the same time taking Simone’s hand into her own pussy was wonderful. Seeing Simone’s face contort as she was stretched was great.

Sammy knew what he wanted – to deliver another load of sperm, but this time onto Florence’s face. He didn’t try to hold himself back, quickly getting himself to the edge of cumming by fucking this willing vagina. At the last moment he pulled out of her juicy pussy and stood in front of her. His hand was around his cock, stroking it quickly to get himself off. Florence was staring at his cock intently, looking at the little hole that Sammy’s precious gift would shoot out. After a few seconds his semen shot out of his cock landing on Florence’s cheek, eyebrows and nose. It slowly ran down, which Sammy thought made her face even more attractive.

“I knew I’d have some more for you,” said Sammy.

He knew that Florence hadn’t orgasmed, so he said to Simone and Fiona “Suck my cum off Florence. I want to see you lick her clean.”

“I’m not sure about that Sammy,” said Florence. “I don’t think Fiona and I should do things like that.”

“Don’t worry,” said Sammy, “It’s natural. Everyone does it.”

“Fiona’s my daughter,” said Florence. “I shouldn’t do things like that with her.”

“Okay, then what about Simone fucking you.”

“I’ve never done it with a woman,” said Florence, looking confused, knowing that Simone was the sort of woman she wanted, but finding it difficult to let herself go.

“Do it mum, fuck Simone. You’ve had sex with enough of my boyfriends.”

He hoped mummy and aunt Jasima would get home early enough so Florence and Fiona got to see the three of them having sex.

Sangeeta and Jasima Get Home
Jasima enjoyed this part of the nights out with Sangeeta the most – getting home late with her pussy still leaking cum, a new sexual adventure complete, and the prospect of fucking Sammy. Her sister had surprised her. She was always prim, but something had happened to her that had changed things. Jasima had learnt that the tourists visiting resorts near her town were looking for girls, and were willing to pay. She’d done it a few times, and had loved it. Of course she had stayed a virgin, but she’d sucked their cocks, and let them eat her pussy, and even let some of them fuck her ass.

But Sangeeta had never done anything like that.

Now Sangeeta was making up for it, and Jasima loved it. Sangeeta would go down on her, fuck her with that dildo, share a cock with her. She had even seen Sangeeta fuck her son in the ass with that dildo. She was watching her sister’s ass as she climbed the stairs up to the apartment. She decided she wasn’t going to crawl into bed with Sammy tonight – tonight she was staying with Sangeeta, and she was going enjoy fucking her sister instead of her nephew.

Sammy was sitting beside Fiona watching Simone and Florence having a passionate a sixty nine when he heard his mother’s and aunt’s voices laughing and whispering at the door. He was hard again of course, but knowing his mother and aunt were back got him even harder. Sammy knew this would be the night that he fucked his mother’s pussy for the first time. They’d delayed it long enough, and now was a great opportunity to do it in front of Simone, Fiona and Florence. Hopefully he’d get to see Fiona and Florence too.

When he got to the door it still hadn’t opened, so he undid the lock and opened the door to find his mother and aunt passionately kissing. Jasima was grinding herself against her sister, her hands on Sangeeta’s ass.

“So you had a good time tonight?” asked Sammy, standing naked in front of them, his hard cock sticking out in front of him.

Sangeeta broke away from kissing her sister. “You’re still awake Sammy,” said Sangeeta before reaching out and touching his penis. “And still up too.”

“Yes, Simone, Florence and Fiona came back for coffee after we went out for dinner.” He kissed his mother’s lips and then broke away. “I want to fuck you tonight mummy. Florence and Fiona need to be convinced about having sex. I want you, me and aunty Jasima to show them it’s alright.”

By the time they got in the door Simone and Florence were both nearing orgasm from each other’s tongues and fingers, and Fiona was watching them, her fingers rubbing her clitoris and thrusting into her vagina, getting her close to her own orgasm. Sangeeta and Jasima started undressing as they watched the three women, the sight arousing them, along with the knowledge of what Sammy would do to them soon.

Fiona orgasmed first, biting her lower lip and arching her back. She pulled her fingers out of her vagina and licked them clean. Simone was next, covering Florence’s face with her juices, and at the same time enjoying the taste of Florence’s vagina. Finally it was Florence’s turn. Simone’s tongue was skilled, but the unusual experience of having sex with a woman and in front of her daughter had made it harder for her to get over the edge.

Sammy, Sangeeta and Jasima
“Wow,” said Sangeeta.

“That was wild,” added Jasima.

“Now you get to see what I was saying about having sex with your family was true,” said Sammy. He kissed his gloriously naked mother, one of his hands rubbing his mother’s nipples, the other his aunt’s. He started kissing his aunt, and while he did so, he gently pushed his mother to her knees so she could suck on his cock.

Sangeeta looked at the beautiful cock. It was already hard, and she thought what it would be like when it thrust into her vagina. She was sure it would happen tonight. She put her lips on the tip of her son’s cock, kissing it lightly, before her tongue probed the hole in the tip of his penis. She put her hands on Sammy’s hips and started sucking and licking, taking his cock further into her mouth. Hard as Sammy’s cock had been, now it was even harder and thicker.

Next her sister knelt down beside her and joined in showing her love for her nephew’s cock, licking it and sharing it with her sister. The paused briefly and Sangeeta and Jasima kissed each other, before Sammy thrust his cock between their mouths.

Jasima whispered to Sangeeta “I’m going to make sure you’re ready for your son’s lovely cock” before sliding down so she was on the floor, underneath Sangeeta. She started kissing Sangeeta’s vagina, licking her clitoris and enjoying the taste of her sister and the cum that had been put there just an hour before.

Sangeeta felt herself getting wetter and wetter, aroused by her son’s penis in her mouth, and her sister’s tongue in her vagina. Finally she moaned out “Fuck me Sammy, fuck your mummy. Show your mummy how much you love her.”

He paused, leant down and kissed her, then guided her off her sister and onto her back. Sammy got between his mother’s wide spread thighs, and wiped his penis up and down the opening to her wet vagina, then he paused and looked into his mother’s eyes and said “I love you mummy” before finally he thrust into her.

Sangeeta new this was the perfect expression of her love for her family. She was sharing her body fully with her son, giving him pleasure and at the same time receiving it from him.

They explored each other, trying different positions and tempos, kissing each other and whispering in each other’s ears. Finally Sangeeta found herself with her head resting on her sister’s lap, and her son with her legs over his shoulders. He was bringing her to orgasm at the same time he was drawing closer himself. Finally she came, and he started to pull out.

Sangeeta moaned, “No Sammy, stay in me. I want you to cum in your mother.”

In a few more thrusts he was there, squirting semen into his mother’s vagina. He knew it was a sort of homecoming.

He kissed his mother gently, and said “Thank you mummy.” He kissed her again, and added “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Sammy.”

They lay there entwined, face to face, their noses almost touching. Mother and son sharing the lap of their sister and aunt, enjoying the afterglow of the sexual experience they had been building up to over the last few weeks. Jasima stroked their hair, and looked down at them every now and then, but mostly spent her time looking into the distance.

“What are you thinking about mummy?”

“About when we get home. What will we do then?”

“I want us to keep having sex mummy. I loved having sex with you tonight.”

“But what about your girlfriends? And how do we keep it secret from Riya and Daddy?”

“Daddy is easy – he’s away so often for work. We could wait until Riya’s asleep and do it then. But I don’t want it to be like that. Daddy and Riya should know about us, and how much we love each other.”

“How do you think we can do that, Sammy?”

“Easy mummy. I’ll have sex with Riya and you’ll join in, and then we’ll get Riya to have sex with daddy.”

“I’ll have sex with Riya! But Riya isn’t a lesbian.”

“Oh mummy, Riya loves soccer. Of course she has sex with other women. She’s told me about having sex with people on her team, her coaches, people from other teams and even the mothers of her soccer friends. She loves it.”

“So how do you think we should go about it?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her. I’ve had sex with her lots of times. She sucks cock really well.”

“Your sister!”

“Yes. It started when I found out about her and her soccer team. I share my girlfriends and boyfriends with her too.” Sammy glanced up at his aunt’s face. “And we can get Aunty Jasima’s family involved too.”

Hearing her name caught Jasima’s attention, so she glanced down, smiled and whispered to them “You should see what Fiona and Florence are doing,” before looking back to Fiona and Florence.

Sammy propped himself up so he could see over his mother, and Sangeeta turned around so she could see the room. She felt Sammy’s hard cock pressed against her buttocks, and she placed his hand on her breast. When he started tweaking her nipples straight away, Sangeeta knew he would fuck her again sometime soon.

The sight of Florence and Fiona was wonderful. Sometime during Sangeeta and Sammy’s display they had started too. Now they were on the rug, locked in a passionate sixty nine. Fiona on top of her mother, her face buried between her thighs, the fingers of one hand being forced into her mother’s vagina. Florence was sucking on her daughter’s clitoris, her hands on her daughter’s ass, pulling her down on to her face. Simone was sitting on the couch watching them, her legs spread wide apart, her fingers rubbing her clitoris, bringing herself to an orgasm.

Finally the trio started to cum. Florence first, her daughter’s hand jammed into her vagina, stretching her wide, and her daughter’s lips wrapped around her clitoris, her daughter’s tongue sending her crazy. Next it was Fiona’s turn, her juices covering her mother’s face as she orgasmed. Then Simone, biting her lip, her left hand playing with her nipples, her right hand had two fingers up her vagina and her thumb grinding against her clitoris.

The Room Recovers
The six of them sat there recovering. The night had been full of lust, and they were all exhausted.

Finally Simone spoke. “I need to go to bed. I’ve had everyone else here except for you two, so I want to have Sammy’s mother and aunt with me tonight.”

“I’ve never had a mother and daughter at the same time,” said Sammy. “I want Fiona and Florence to come to bed with me.”

Sammy climbed off the couch, his hard cock pointing proudly towards Fiona and Florence as he walked to them. “My room’s over here.” Then he bent forward and kissed Florence and then Fiona, before helping them to their feet and leading them to his bedroom.

Simone struggled weakly to her feet, tired after the evening of sex. She stood in front of them, proudly naked, her breasts tipped with hard nipples. She reached her hands out to the naked sisters, and helped them to their feet.

Sangeeta new she was ready to sleep, but before that she had to bury her strap-on dildo in to that blonde beauty.

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Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 5): Sammy's turn

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