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Girls do it all

Categories Poem, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob

Authror: Nicholas Campbell-McBride

Published: 16 May 2017

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Girls are a wonder indeed.
How many ways to spill your seed.
In the vagina perhaps you may.
Or the mouth for some foreplay.
If wish to give these a pass.
You can go down In her ass.
And if you have a friend or two.
DP her in both wholes through and through.
One at the front, one in the back.
In the mouth and in the ass crack.
How deep in her orifices you may go.
How far their just no way to know.
She may scream she may whimper.
The noises she makes you will quiver.
She can finger herself in both holes.
Or maybe finger you on who knows.
You can grab and squeeze her.
In places to cause much pleasure.
Maybe use a toy or more.
You're bodies are their to explore.
Like a dildo, plug or vibrator.
Where to put them their is no explainer.
If you don't mind some foot play,
Suck her toes, let it go where it may.
You can tie her her up for precision.
In many interesting positions.
Giving those nipples a tickle.
Are sure to make her wriggle.
Rub your dick between her tits.
For a boob job to satisfy your bits.
Stick your tongue down her throat.
Or hers down yours, just a note.
She may put her tongue in your ear.
A rim-job perhaps in your rear.
Lick her pussy and her clip.
On your face she may sit.
Spanking can be a real blast.
Especially on her round ass.
If the fist can fist in vagina.
Her mouth can it insider her.
If water sports is your thing.
Then keep them bodily fluids running.
Their are many things the body excretes.
Like puke from her throat holding your meet.
If you don't mind the smell or the taste.
Skat may not be a waste.
If you like food in your play.
Try a cucumber or carrot today.
A strap on or just a dildo.
Is sure to give you a thrill though.
If you like the outdoors.
Take her dogging on all four's.
In a garage their many a tool.
Like a drill do for fun to use.
Maybe she has a hubby.
Watching them to master-bate the.
She might like it rough in the bed.
Or when she giving you head.
Many appliances like tape can be used.
To tie her wrists, mouth or legs to chose.
Use your imagination.
To cause your penis inflation.
Get an animal involved for fun.
Two dicks is better than one.
The more the merrier they say.
So have an orgy no time to delay.
Maybe she not from this planet.
Who knows what organs may have it.
Play some music to get in the mood.
Whatever your taste to amuse.
Maybe she likes it wet and messy.
Use paint, water, goo to drench she.
If you want to have a bath.
Sexual pleasures their are, do the math.
Make your own sex toys out of furniture.
Be inventive when having sex with her.
Do it on the kitchen table, sofa or floor.
Variety in your sex she will adore.
Give your fucking a buzz.
With a little electrical fuzz.
Test her limits to find out yours.
Give your mind a thorough tours.
Maybe read some Erotica.
To get you in the mood for pleasure.
Love comes in many shapes and forms.
Who's to say how you express yours.
Before the sex, have some fun.
Go to dinner, watch a movie, she won.
If you have magic powers.
Use these to have sex for hours.
Listen to what she may say.
To get an idea of how to play.
If she likes it soft with sex.
Then you can just relax.
If you find her g-spot.
Then pleasure you have got.
She might also find yours too.
In your ass it may be, who knew.
Girls come in many sizes.
Your in for wondrous surprises.
Colours of hair or skin.
Maybe a tattoo or piercing within.
Their many names for sex.
Fucking, love making, what next.
If you haven't tried a taboo or fetish.
Then find ought what is your wish.
Give everything a go.
What you may like you will know.
Meet girls at clubs or bars.
Let them take you up to the stars.
Many places to fuck their are.
On a train, in a boat or a car.
Travel from country to country.
To see how a foreign girl fucks the.
Maybe this girl is a she male.
A dick might be had no fail.
Possibly a TV or TS could be tried.
Who know what hidden inside.
A messy face or skull fuck.
Your cock she is sure to suck.
With all that mouth pounding
Her eyes and nose be a running.
Grab her by the hair at the back.
For action that sure not too lack.
Sexy talk from her to you or back.
Kinky sex is the best to attract.
If a DP is working for you.
Try a TP in her holes will do.
If she squirting or gushing.
Embrace the fluids that rushing.
If her panties are wet and moist.
Give a sniff you sure to enjoy.
Maybe put her knickers in her mouth.
Will you are fucking her down south.
Use handcuffs, ball gags, rope etc
These sure to come in effect.
If you are having a party.
A gang bang will have her on knee.
If a dick can fit in their.
Much room for a fist is spare.
Who said cum was the only option.
Piss is sure to give her pleasure some.
If a girl was to enter the room.
A lesbian relation could bloom.
Your cum can go anywhere.
In her mouth on her face, room to spare.
Fluids will squirt and gush.
While you both in such a rush.
To come to a happy ending.
With the girl you are befriending.
These are just some of the ways.
People have sex these days.
Theirs just no telling of the future.
But look forward to it I assure ya.

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Girls do it all

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