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Marnie and I explore sex together

Categories True Story, First Time, Virginity

Authror: jafobuds

Published: 03 May 2017

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Marnie and I went to school together. We were both 18 at the time of this experience and I still remember it fondly today and this was 25+ years ago.

Marnie was a small petite girl who at the time probably didn't weigh 90 pounds soaking wet. She had green eyes, curly chestnut hair that hung down to her shoulders and her tits were probably A cups and very perky.

Marnie and I were speaking one day and our conversation turned to sexual in nature, Marnie said, "I want to get fucked and I want you to do it."

Being a horny teenager, I eagerly agreed and we chose to meet at her house one afternoon.

The night before, I could not get her out of my mind and my dick was swollen all night. I was excited but also very apprehensive as I had never really had sex with a girl. I had finger fucked several girls and they had stroked me off, but nothing more than just playing around.

We the next day came and about 11:00 am I nervously knocked on the front door of her house. Marnie answered, wearing a pair of tight green shorts and a holder top. I could instantly see that her nipples were hard as rocks.

Marnie smiled, "Come in, hurry so the neighbors don't see." I hurried in and she walked away toward the stairs with those tight little green shorts hugging her little ass cheeks. "C'mon, lets go up to my room, hurry !"

My heart was pounding. my palms were sweaty and my dick was about to burst through my Levi's!

We went up the stairs and in to her room and she locked the door behind us and jumped on to her squishy bed covered with a fluffy pink comforter. "I always lock my door so my brother doesn't come in unexpectedly."

Marnie said, "I didn't think you'd show up."

I just stammered, "I didn't figure you were serious and you wouldn't be here."

"I was serious, I've liked you for a long time and I really want to have sex and I knew you wouldn't turn me down." Marnie quickly responded.

Marnie looked at me nervously and said, "I've never gone all the way, but I really want too!"

I said, "I've never done it either, but I am looking forward to this."

"You've never done it, I thought you did already. I thought you fucked Robin at least she told me you did!"

"I only finger fucked her and she stroked my dick, that was it!"

Marnie smiled and said, "I'm glad, she's a slut anyway!"

Marnie reached over and we kissed passionately for awhile as I laid on top of her grinding my dick into her pussy through our clothes.

Marnie say up and pulled her shirt off exposing his small tits, I began to suck
them as she moaned.

I pulled my shirt off and the feeling of her smooth skin against mine was really hot. I began to kiss her again and I could feel her rock hard little nipples against my chest. As I ground my dick in to her pussy she moaned. My dick felt like it was going to burst from being so swollen.

I slid Marnie's little green shorts off and there before me was my first pussy, not 6 inches from my face. Marnie had a small tuft of hair, but I could see the wetness around her pussy. It was awesome!

I rubbed her pussy as I examined it closely. At that moment, I fell in love with the female genitalia. I was soft, wet and I could not wait to taste it!

I began to kiss her wet pussy, not really knowing what to do, I started to lick up and down her opening. When I would get to the front, I could feel her little button and when I flicked my tongue over and around it, she would moan softly and grind her hips in to my face.

Her pussy tasted salty and also slimy, but in a good way. As I continued to lick her pussy her moans got louder and I would slip my tongue in to her tight hole.

As I licked and sucked and flicked her clit, I also gently pinched her nipples.

Marnie's breathing was heavy and I spent more time rubbing her clit with my tongue and she ground her wet pussy in to my face until she started to shake. I could feel her little pussy convulsing as I licked and sucked and she just moaned louder and louder!

I realized she was cumming and I slipped a finger in to her tight pussy as she bucked back and forth against my tongue and finger!

After several minutes her breathing slowed again, but her pussy was dripping with her juices and my saliva. Her little pussy was swollen her nipples were rock hard!

Marnie's speech was labored but she mumbled, "That was awesome, I think I love to have my pussy eaten!" as she smiled.

She looked at me and said, "Lay back, I want to suck your cock."

I laid back on her soft pillows and she slowly undid my jeans and unzipped them. I arched my back and she pulled my jeans down and my red swollen cock jumped out. Now, I don't have a huge cock, but next to her petite body it looked huge!

My dick was about as big as her forearm or so it looked!

Marnie came up to me and began to kiss my pussy soaked lips as she grabbed my cock and slowly began to stroke it.

"I want to suck your big cock and I want to taste your cum!"

"No problem, I'll cum down your throat."

Marnie smiled without saying a word worked her way down to my swollen cock and I watched as she also closely examined it. "It's so soft and it's warm." Marnie murmured.

Marnie looked up at me and smiled, "I've never sucked a cock you know."

"That's ok, I never ate a pussy until a few minutes ago." She smiled and took a deep breath, kind of like preparing herself for the job at hand.

I watched as she slowly pulled my cock towards her mouth and she sucked in the head. She kissed it at first and then used her tongue on the underside.

Marnie slowly lowered her mouth around the head of my cock and slowly worked her mouth down the shaft scarping my cock with her teeth.

"Watch the teeth!" I exclaimed and she giggled and "I'm sorry, I'll be more careful."

Marnie began to suck my cock and I could hear her slurping sounds as I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of having my cock sucked.

Marnie slurped and tickled my cock with her tongue, her saliva was running down my shaft and over my aching balls.

I told Marnie to switch her position a little so I could play with her pussy while she sucked my cock. She turned her body and I began to rub her clit as she sucked for all she was worth. I snuck a couple of looks and observed how sexy she looked sucking on my big cock.

The more I rubbed her clit, the more her pace picked up. She was only able to get about a third of my cock in her mouth, but she sucked hard and steady and as she sucked I rubbed her little hard clit and her breathing got labored again.

I told Marnie that I was close to cumming and not to stop and she just sucked my cock harder and trying to take more of it in.

I felt my balls began to tingle and with one hand, I held on to her head as I rubbed her wet little pussy with the other and I began to cum in her mouth.

Marnie just made a Mmmm sound as my cock unloaded in her mouth and she gagged a little as my cock blew its huge load in to her wet mouth.

My cock pulsated as I shot the biggest load of my life, Marnie swallowed nearly all of it except some that ran down my shaft on to my balls. Marnie sucked until my cock began to soften.

"Wow, you came a lot, It tasted salty and warm."

Marnie slid up next to me and we held each other and kissed. "That was fucking awesome!" she cooed.

"Wait until I stick my dick in to your pussy!" I said.

"I'm ready for anything, just please be gentle." Marnie said softly.

As we laid there, I rubbed her pussy and her nipples and she stroked my cock as it hardened again. "That thing is huge you know?" Marnie said shyly.

"I won't hurt you."

I laid on top of Marnie and kissed her as the head of my cock pressed against her moist lips. As we kissed, I rubbed my cock back and forth on her pussy and she moaned, "Fuck me!"

I moved down and picked her legs up and slide her close to me just so her legs were bent back and I had leverage and as I pushed her thin legs back, her pussy positioned itself just perfectly and the head of my cock came to rest right on her wet little slit.

I rubbed my cock back and forth a few times and said, "are you ready?"

"Yes, fuck me now!" Marnie said nervously.

I held her one leg back as I positioned my cock between her wet little pink lips and I began to push in to her. As I did Marnie tried to squirm back away from the pain that was starting to fill her as the head of my cock began to spread her tight little pussy open.

I went slowly and we were both breathing heavy and then the head of my cock kind of popped inside and she was startled by the feeling of my big cock sliding in to her and took a big breath.

I slowly pushed in further until I reached her hymen and I stopped upon feeling resistance. Marnie had a small tear in the corner of her eye and she was breathing heavy.

I tightened my grip on her small thigh and pushed and she cried out as my cock ripped through her hymen. Immediately my cock sank in to my balls and she let out little cries and I began to fuck her tight pussy.

I would slide all the way in and then almost all the way out and then
in again. As I slowly fucked her she began to change from a look of pain to a look of pleasure.

I sped up the pace at which I thrust in to her tight pussy and she began to fuck me back arching her back and meeting my thrusts. Marnie moaned, "Oh this feels good, I want to feel you cum in my pussy!"

I fucked her faster and faster until she was moaning and I told her, I was about to cum!

With that, I began to unload in to her tight pussy, I could feel her pussy quivering and my cock pulsating inside her. I thrust in to her until my pulsating cock stopped spewing cum in to her and she squeezed my cock with her pussy milking all the cum in to her pussy.

I withdrew my cock and noticed a big red spot on her pink comforter. I watched as my cum oozed from her pussy.

Marnie was completely sexually fulfilled at this point as was I. I had cum so much that day and Marnie took both loads and loved it!

We fucked almost everyday that summer and tried new positions and explored each other every chance we could.

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Marnie and I explore sex together

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