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  1. THE DICKSTER-Private Eye
  2. THE DICKSTER-Part 2
  3. THE DICKSTER-Part 3
  4. THE DICKSTER-Part 4


Categories Fiction, Job/Place-of-work

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 22 May 2017

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The next morning the real symmetry of the office began to become apparent. Both Richard and Candy arrived twenty minutes early, They spent a few minutes with her giving him his morning introductory blowjob, she repaired to her desk and then at a quarter after the hour, Mr. U. would show up. And then the day’s enterprises would start.

This morning first up, besides you know what, he had to drive to meet with the Benson family in a tract home on the fringe of the city. This family was very well known, because of their son James who had been a local football star and now was a U.S.A.F. Major working on some kind of project that wasn’t even allowed to be mentioned. He had married a local girl, who was reportedly one of the brightest individuals in the world and a looker, too. Lucky guy. But, the conversation this morning had nothing to do with them. The purpose of the visit would become evident when he met with the mother of the house.

When he arrived at just before noon on a weekday, Mrs. Benson acknowledged him and guided him into the living room to take up a place on the full sofa there, while she took her place in the old fashioned bent wood rocker facing the sofa.

“Mrs. Benson, I will cut to the quick for you and say that I was sent here in my capacity as a private investigator to inquire about certain matters with you. Here is my card,” which showed: THE DICKSTER, Private Investigator.

“That is a very strange card, Mr. Sterling.”

“Yes, I get the substance of that often, but no one forgets the card.”
‘Yes,………..I can understand that,” said with a very slight squint to her eyes.

“To put your mind at ease, my questions are not about any of your family, but a certain young man, known as Bad Bob. Are you familiar with him?”

“I don’t really know him, but I do know some of him, since he was instrumental in breaking up a long term high school romance between Jimmie and Sue.”

“Yes, I heard of that. What about the situation with his death and that of the local girl, Sheila?”

“That was a terrible event, and very hurtful to my son, James, because he had some kind of connection to the girl. He was devastated over her loss for some time.”

“I understand that he doing well, now though.”

“That is what we understand from the official releases that we get from the Air Force. All we know for sure is that he is busy doing important work and is now married to a longtime high school friend named Frieda, but called Fred. We as his parents very much approve of her.”

“Yes, I have heard of her, too. A very commendable girl for sure.”

“But, back to Bob. Is there anything that you can add to the official account in the media?”

“No, I am sorry, I can’t. I know of nothing else about it.”

“Okay, sorry to have troubled you over these events.”

‘Not at all, it is okay.”

“Don’t bother to get up, I can let myself out and will lock the door behind me. It was very nice meeting you Mrs. Benson. A blessing on this house and all that live here!” With that he took his leave and readied himself for the trip back down town.

On the way back home he thought of the Benson family. Just some of the nicest people he would ever meet. He knew that in his line of work that he often spent time with the slime of the city, in fact would by many be considered one of them, but he knew that he wasn’t too far gone to recognize a quality person when he met one, and Mrs. B was obviously a very fine person, indeed.

As he ate lunch he mulled over how things were going for himself. Not bad, not bad at all he surmised. His business was thriving now and not just with the considerable issues of Mr. U. He was going to need to expand his personnel to handle some of the routine matters, while he took care of the more important ones. He didn’t really want to bring in a new person for the present, at least to be involved in the more sensitive things, he needed someone that he already trusted…………….Candy, of course. He needed to sound her out on this as soon as possible.

Now he needed to concentrate on his upcoming meeting with the mayor. Mr. U. had already had one of his lawyers draw up papers seeking release of certain documents involved with the death of the previous mayor. And Dick knew that he was really going to stir up the shit by this oral and legal request. Well, that was part of his job, wasn’t it? But, he knew that he had to be much more careful how he proceeded in this endeavor.

So, when he appeared before the receptionist at City Hall, he was not in the least surprised by being shuttled off to some minor official in the mayor’s retinue instead of meeting with the mayor himself. As he approached her office, that is cubicle, she motioned for him take a seat there facing her. She was the requisite beauty of course. What politician attaches to his retinue persons who were talented and intelligent unless they had a Brazilian behind and big tits?

She reviewed the documents and then stated that she would forward them to the mayor for his approval. He mentioned that his approval wasn’t required, just their cooperation as the papers already included a judge’s order for compliance. And it was a state judge’s matter of authority, not a local one. He technically had no relief from a state order. Unless, of course, the state order was somehow lost. Then everyone locally could ignore it. And he guessed that that was what the young pretty thing before him was preparing to do under his Mayor’s order.

“Miss, not to make any premature accusations, but if these papers should come up missing, first of all they are duplicates of the originals. Legal ones. And since this is a matter of the state court based on federal rules, if they do turn up missing, then the State Patrol will come into the matter and they will not be stopped by a recalcitrant receptionist, nor a mayor’s well-meaning young aide. So, if I was you, I would get on the ‘horn’ and let the mayor know that his little diversion is not going to work. And have him invite me up to his throne room to converse with the ‘High Pu’baugh’ himself.”

At this the young aide showed her extreme displeasure over the course that had been inflicted on her and the reflection on her personal honor that the mayor’s course was producing, so she excused herself and moved for the moment to another cubicle across the room to call his highness, himself.

Whatever the mayor told her, she came back still troubled but offered to have the mayor meet with him at a place away from the office of the P.I’s choosing. Dick is a lowlife investigator, but he is not terminally stupid, so he told the young lady, “I will procure a meeting place for us and direct the mayor to it in about an hour and a half. I will then give him thirty minutes to show up, and if he doesn’t appear, I will have an appointment with John Lyncher, the local newspaper reporter with an already configured account of this series of actions by the mayor in time to get it into this evening’s edition. Do I make myself clear???”

With real fear on her face, she replied, “Yes sir! I will notify him of this!” With that he got up to leave and signaled the Bash Brothers to meet him to escort him from the building. Good thing, too. Since the building’s security department was on the way up to take him in hand. But, since the B.B.s were already in the building with Mr. U’s anticipation of just this scenario, the security goons backed off in the face of real danger to them. Having a trial due to their mauling later would not help them in the long run, they surmised. B.B.s would be just as happy terrorizing inmates in prison as ripping them limb from limb. And since this state strongly avoids the death penalty in cases a lot more extreme than taking out a couple of ‘fake cops,’ they might live longer ‘in house’ than out free.

Since, no one touched anyone, there was no provable actionable offense, so everything went smoothly on the egress from city hall.

An hour later, after conferring with Mr. U., Dick called the mayor’s office and left instructions for him to appear in the hotel/motel neighborhood to receive specific instructions on where the meeting was to take place. And with his own security installed, including the B.B’s, he took up residence in the ROCK-A-WAY INN to await his honor’s presence.

At precisely the two hour time of appointment there was a knock on the hotel room’s door and who would be there upon his opening of it? Miss Junior aide, that is who. And she was about to hand Dick some papers, when Dick withdrew his hand and ordered her out of the building. He had required the mayor to be present as he had indicated that he would be, Dick was not interested in any papers that the mayor sent instead. And he told the aide that he had ‘Staters’ waiting in the parking lot, if the mayor had any intention of interfering with his leaving the premises. Her compatriots could argue this out of a state prison if they caused him any harm or interference with his legal obligations.

She then sent a message on her cell, presumably to the mayor, received a return text which made her blanche and then nodded to the absent mayor on the other end and entered the hotel room.

She then with a tear in her eye, locked the door and turned about to remove her light outer coat to reveal a fake nurse’s outfit. Just like one that you would purchase at a sex shop. She took on the manner of a nurse attending to an ailing guest and guided him to the bed.

“You poor dear thing, it has come to the reception desk’s attention that you are under some kind of physical distress here in the room. So, I as the resident nurse have been sent to attend to you. Please, lay on the bed after removing your clothing so that I can check you out.”

Dick thought, ‘what the hell, I might as well play along. It is all being recorded anyway.’

So, he moved nude up on to the bed and the ‘nurse’ resumed her deliberations with him, “Now please be still while I check your blood pressure and heart beat.” Well, the heart beat was undoubtedly rising since she was playing with my dick as she played at checking my pulse and blood pressure. Then she instructed me to turn over so that she could take my basal temperature, with a suspiciously large thermometer up my butt. But, with a generous daub of lube, it went in just fine. A saw a little smile on her part at that.

Then she said that I obviously needed a bath and so she guided me into the bathroom and seated me on the toilet. While the bath water was running, she installed her lovely lips around the head of my dick to keep it warm, I guessed. It was working, too.

Then she guided me into the tub after verifying that it had the proper tempera-ture, then followed her washing of my body with a warmed wash cloth. As much fun as I have ever had that didn’t include actual sex. And after that she buffed me down with one of the provided bath towels and again guided me, this time back to the bed.

She then maneuvered me onto my back, and again addressed my member with her lovely mouth. The member came to attention rather rapidly with her animated attentions. Then she pulled her scanty panties aside and lifted herself up over me and me into her. As soon as she had adapted to the unusually large intruder, she began a very sexy flexing forward and backward above me and a slight bounce added to it. She was showing a considerable amount of enthusiasm over this and surprised herself with a pronounced climax, dumping an amount of her girl cum right on to my tummy.

When her eyes recentered themselves, she again began her sexy motions to evidently bring me, too. And after about another ten minutes, voila, she succeeded with the caveat that she again came herself.

With that she slumped down on me like a rag doll and covered my pedestrian body with her gorgeous one, and as a final touch, she lowered her face to rest upon my shoulder with light moanings and sighs.

After several very comfy minutes, she got up to rearrange herself and to face off with me again. “You know that I can produce evidence of rape now and you would lose your license to practice, in addition to any other legal penalties that might come your way.”

“I don’t think so, young lady. Since this whole scenario is being recorded including your false rape assertion that you just announced. And since it will be established that you have done this at the behest of the mayor, he can be recalled over this besides whatever other legal penalties that he might incur. I suggest that the papers that I have requested be on my desk by ten tomorrow morning with no other delays, or this whole mess will be in the papers tomorrow. And for your information, this whole scene was transmitted to a distant storage with instructions to forward it to the State Patrol, if anything untoward happens to me.”

With that forwarded to the proper authorities, I made my exit from the premises with no interference. The ‘Staters’ on patrol in the parking lot waved as I went by. And I sent four dozen fresh donuts to their local station house as soon as I got back to the office.

In the morning, I had the usual fine services of Candy and then read the paper as I awaited the requested papers from the mayor. Inside there was a very small article with no title, but the following account. “This reporter had found out from unnamed sources that XXXX YYYYYY, a local beauty queen has resigned from the current Mayor’s staff and will be restarting her educational process looking to move on from her Political Sciences Degree to another of more immediate attention of hers. We wish her well on her endeavors.”

And right on time a very sober faced individual produced the requested documents on my desk and accepted my signed receipt of them. Since it was all videotaped, I didn’t even check up on them at that point. And when Mr. U. reported to the office later than usual, after seeing the stack of papers, he remarked, “You are becoming a real P.I. right before my eyes!”

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