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  3. Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 3 : Sara's Lessons for Kyle
  4. Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 4 : Lily's First Gloryhole
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Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 3 : Sara's Lessons for Kyle

Categories Fiction, Asian, Blowjob, Cheating

Author: NerdyAngel

Published: 22 May 2017

  • Font:

Lily, The Hijab Wife Chapter 3

Hi! For those who have read my previous old posts, i am so sorry because i have to change them a bit. This chapter is a whole new replacing the Quickie (if you still remember). Thank you for reading! And do comment and rate! Thank you!


“Did Lily told you?” Matt asked from the couch as I finish some chores in the kitchen. “What?” I asked back. It’s been a while since I met Lily. It’s all because she started to work now and she can’t come on weekend because Kyle is at home.

“Her boss is screwing her at the office.” My eyes widens hearing that. “Really? Wow… Getting fast that girl.” I chuckles as I rinse my hands and wipe them with a dry towel hang beside the fridge. Only wearing a tight T-shirt and a panties. My hair falls on my shoulders. I walk towards Matt and sits next to him.

“Well, yeah. Good for her.” He smiles as he wraps his hand around my waist. Pulling me close to him. I know just what he needs. I kiss his lips softly as my hand runs on his chest. “How about Kyle?” I break the kiss and asked him. His eyes widens. “What about him?”

“Well, we already show Lily what fuck is all about. Don’t you think we should show Kyle too? I mean, if Lily get caught, that might ruin their marriage. But, if Kyle is on board with his wife fucking another man, that shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, I thought we were saving their marriage.” I said as I kisses his neck. Teasing him. I can sense his bulge is getting harder. Knowing where this is going. He smiles naughtily as his hands grab my bubbly perky ass.

“Are you saying, you wanted to fuck him? I thought he doesn’t know how to fuck?” He asked as he slides his hand inside my panties and squeeze my bare juicy ass. I give a slight moans. “Then I will teach him.” I replied. He groans hearing that as he suddenly grab me and flip me over on the couch. Now I am all four with my face and my tits on the couch as my ass lifted high for him. “You slutty wife. Wanting another man’s cock…” He tease as he spank my ass hard. Hard enough to makes my bubbly ass jiggles hard. “Ahhh~ yes, yes… I am a slutty wife.” I replied.

He spank my ass a few more times as I hear he takes his pants down. I bite my lips. Eager like a horny virgin. “Ahh yes, punish me baby…” I said naughtily. “Oh I will, slut…” He said as he slides his thick veiny cock inside me. Without warning, without even bother to take off my panties. He just slide it aside and penetrates into me. “Ohhh fuckkkk… Yes baby!!” I moans loud as he started to pounds me hard.

He grabs my hair and leans so his face can reach mine. He lick my neck teasingly as he fucks me from behind. “Ohh yes like that… Ahhh!” I moans more as I feels my husband’s cock in me slamming deep and hard in every thrust from behind. My wet pussy walls squeeze it tight giving it more frictions. Giving us more pleasure. “Oh fuck! I will never get tired of fucking this slutty tight pussy!” He groans into my ear as he grabs my waist and pounds me hard.

“Ahh ahh ahh ahh fuck fuck fuck!” I moans as I can feels my pussy juice is drooling on my thighs. I grab the couch tight as he fucks me fast. “I bet Kyle can’t give you this!” He said as he slams another thrust deep into my pussy. I moans as my body arched and without warning I explode in such an orgasm. My body jerks. “Ahhh!!!”

He chuckles as he keep pounding me. “You came already slut? Ohh fuck yes. Umm!!” He groans as he flip me over laying back. He spread my legs wide as he fuck me missionary this time. He grab my waist and fucks me hard on the couch. My sensitive pussy keep throbbing building another wave of orgasm as I grab my tits that is still covered by my shirt. I bite my lips as I look at him. “Ohh yes… Fuck this slutty wife of yours. Ohh yes Matt... ahh” I moans.

“Fuck Fuck I’m cumming too!!” He groans as pulls out his cock and aim to my face. I open my mouth and take out my tongue eager as I look up at him with naughty eyes. “Yes~ yes~ cum on my face sweetie…” I moans. Just a few stroke, he shoot loads and loads of his thick creamy cum on my face. “ahhh” I close my eyes as I feels some of them landed on my tongue. I smile as I swallow them. I open my eyes as he pants above me.

“Ummphh... Fuck. That was quick” He said as he sits back on the couch with his cock hanging out. I chuckles. Knowing that is his biggest turns on. Well, apart from hijab. And it’s been a while since we did a full swing. “I’ll take that as a yes then?” I asked as I lick my lips. Looking at him with his cum covered face. He chuckles. “Of course sweetie…But how?”

I smile naughtily. Having all planned in my naughty head.



It is a bright morning when I got a text from Matt. Saying that he would like to ask me to accompany him buying some more hijab for Sara. I bet there is something more going on. Its weekend and Kyle will be home too. So as a wife, I have to ask his permission first. Kyle is online on his Facebook trying to catch up news for the past few days. I guess our generations doesn’t really rely on newspapers or news on TV anymore. I bring a cup of coffee and a few slices of toast bread with some butter for him in the bedroom. He smiles cheerfully.

“My god Lily! Thank you!” He said as he push his laptop aside for the plate and the cup. I smile back. “Well, it’s not like you never done this to me. Plus it’s just a toasted bread.” I replied as I sits on the couch next to him. He take a sip of the coffee and take a bite. “Delicious!” He said. I blushed as I chuckles. “Now you’re exaggerating stuffs. Its just a toasted bread.” He smile as he kisses me on the cheek. “Yes. But everything tasted better when you make it” He said. I blushed deeper. A sense of guilt suddenly come. Remembering how I fucked with our neighbor and my boss. I blushed.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I snapped my head as I smile. “Yes, yes. I am okay” I replied as I smile. “Urm, Kyle… Our neighbor, Matt… Is asking me to accompany him… He wants to buy some hijab for his wife. And, he needs my help” I can see his eyes widens. “Really? Wow. Are they interested in our religion?” He asked as he take another bite. I shrug my shoulders a bit. “Not really sure.” Though in my head I know exactly why.

Kyle nodded. “Well, in that case. Sure. Why not. But get back before dinner will you?” He said as he take another sip on his coffee. I nodded. That is one of the reason why I love him. He always care for me. Even back in Malaysia, he won’t let me go out with my friends later than midnight. I guess he put extra security for me here in New York. “Sure baby… Thanks!” I give him a soft kiss on his cheek before go to the shower and get ready.

A bit excited since it’s a while I got Matt’s enormous cock in me. Didn’t have a clue on what Matt have in store for me. A bit literally.



I close the door and lock it after I wave her away. Matt is already waiting in his car. I sits on the couch about to watch some movie when I hear knocks. “Is Lily forgetting something?” I goes to the door and open it. My eyes widens as I see Sara. Our neighbor. I never really take a good look at her but today, while she is standing there. What a beautiful woman she is. She have this Caucasian pale skin. Brunette long wavy hair reaching her shoulders. A bit grey eyes. And that lips. S is wearing her bathrobe.

“Hello?” I said in a bit confuse voice. “Hi, sorry for barge in like this. But can I use your shower? Mine is just not working. Perhaps I need to call the plumber. But I really need to take a shower now.” She said. She already have this small bag packed in her hand. I didn’t think much. I open the door and let her in. “Well, sure. Please do” I said. She smiles as she comes in. The design of our house is the same. So she know where the shower is. She smile and say thanks before go to the shower. I sits back on the couch trying to shake off all the naughty images of her in my mind. Trying to be a good husband.

“Thank you Kyle…” She said after a while. I am watching some movie that I almost forgot I have a guest in my house. I turn looking at her. “You’re wel….” And my jaw drops.

She is standing there. Her hair is wet falling on her shoulders. She smile naughtily. She only wears a soft thin red bra. Squeezing her busty bubbly tits firmly waiting to be devoured. She have such an hourglass body. Her tummy is flat. And her pussy is barely covered by a thin matching panties. With a pair of thigh high red stockings wrapping her perfectly curved legs. My eyes widens. “Sara... What are you…” lost in words.

Sara chuckles. “What? Never seen a girl in a lingerie before?” She asked as she smiles. I shake my head. Not in real life. Lily never wear like this at home. I want her to but I am too afraid. I blushed. I am stunned on the couch. Then she comes and sits next to me. “How come, I never hear you guys having sex?” She asked teasingly as her lips never missed that slutty naughty smile. Turning me on. I blushed hearing that question as I smell her soft sweet fragrance. Making my own cock stirs in my pants.

“Er, is sex supposed to have noises? I thought it is impolite” I replied honestly. She chuckles. “Don’t you watch porn?” she asked. I shake my head off. “Well, once or twice. But that is… Fake right? For shootings only?” I asked. She smiles. “That’s where you wrong. I guess, you never had a blowjob either? Since they only do it in porn?” She asked teasingly. Knowing. I nodded. I never asked Lily to do that. And she never tried too. We both never think that kind of things is possible in bed.

Sara smiles naughtily as she put her hand on my lap. She brushes her palm softly. Noticing the bulge. I blushed deep. I wanted to push her hand away but I am still froze. “Er, I don’t think we should be doing this.” I said as I blushed. She chuckles again. “Oh Kyle… There are so much more things we shouldn’t do that we are about to do… I will teach you… How to treat a woman right…” She smiles naughtily as she kisses me on the lips.

She pressed her lips on mine and I instinctively pressed back. Her hand slides onto my bulge giving a sense of electric feelings on my bulge. She rubs it softly as she open her lips a bit. She slides her tongue into my mouth. Making me suck it. Come to think of it, I never kiss Lily this way. She moans softly as she take one of my hand and put it on her breasts.

Fuck! So big! I kiss her more making wet noises as my hand squeeze and massage that enormous tits. My bulge pulsing harder and get bigger in my pants. Starting to make myself ache. Sara knows. She break the kisses as she smile naughtily. “Should I give you the first blowjob then?” She teases as she slides down and kneels between my legs. She undo my pants so skillfully and take my cock out. She look at me with my cock in her soft hand.

I am sorry Lily.



I stroke his fat cock slowly. Let him feels my hand. I smile. His cock is not as huge as Matt. Perhaps a bit more than half. He look into my eyes. A bit nervous. Then I take out my tongue and runs my wet warm tongue all over his cock. His cock twitches at the lick. So cute. I licks a bit more as he moans. “Oh fuck, Sara…” He moans my name. “Ummm… That’s it, moans my name…” I tease as I lick the wet head. Then slowly I slides his cock into my mouth. I can take it whole but I only take half of it and suck it slowly as my tongue grinds around his shaft. Making he groans a bit.

My eyes on his as I keep sucking a bit, before moving my head up and down softly. Giving him the first blowjob. “Oh, Sara… Your mouth feels so good…” I blushed a bit. Wait until you feels Lily’s lips around your cock, Kyle. I keep that naughty thoughts inside my head as I fasten my pace. Moving my head up and down. Making wet slurping noises as I moans on his cock.

“Put your hand on my head Kyle…” I said as I take out his cock a bit for a breath. Then I slides it into my mouth back. He obey. He put his palm on my head as I move my head again. Faster and harder. I take his cock deeper into my mouth in every slide until my lips touches his balls. “Oh fuck that is deep Sara!” He groans in shocked as he hold my head there. I gagged a bit as he pulls my head back. I chuckles. Knowing that he is worried when I gagged.

“Its okey silly. Girls love being gagged by a cock” I said. His eyes widens. “Then take some more” He said as he pushes my head back. I gasped in shock a bit as I slides his cock into my mouth as deep. I suck it hard until my saliva drools and my eyes waters. Then he pulls me back again half his shaft before he guide my head up and down as his cock fucks my mouth.

“Ohh fuck I am close!” I grab his cock at the words and slides his cock off my mouth. “Now now. I am not done with you yet.” She smiles as she lick her wet lips. He is a bit shocked and a bit disappointed. “Next lesson. Is how to eat my naughty married pussy” I said naughtily.

He blushed. “Is that, possible too?” He asked naively. “Oh yes. But we need to go to your bedroom for this. And for the next events.” I said naughtily. My hand still around his cock. I pulls it softly. “Come along…” Like a lashed puppy, he stand up and follows me to his and Lily’s bedroom. I can see the queen sized bed with simple decorations. Also some married pictures around the room.

I smile naughtily. I let his cock go before I climbed on the bed and lay on my back. “Take off my panties” I said in a soft naughty commanding voice. He climbed on the bed a bit nervously. Before he put his thumbs on my panties and pulls them down. His eyes widens seeing my trimmed wet pink pussy. With a really hard clit emerging from the hood. Showing how horny I am.

“Your pussy is… beautiful…” He said as he mesmerized by the sight of my wet pussy. I spread my legs wide as I use my fingers to spread my pussy lips. “Ummphh. Now Kyle… Lick my pussy. Suck it… Fuck me with your tongue… Play with my clit…” I said randomly as I started to feel more horny than I think I would be. He take a look at my face as he smile a bit. Loving this. Then he kisses my pussy. Making my body jerked in shocked.

“Ahh. Yes, eat me…” I said as I grab my tits. Massaging them as Kyle started to explore my pussy. He looks at me as he lick my pussy lips.. Suck my clit.. and he gets better in every seconds. “Ohhh Kyle… ahhh youre so good…” I moans as I look down at his face. I can see his tongue runs on my clit and lick them fast. Making me moans hard as I grab the bed sheet. Lily’s bed sheet.

Then he switched up the game as he slides his tongue into my pussy fucking me. “ahh yess yess yess” I moans loud. I hold his head as he keep eating me. My juices drooling on his bed as I feels his hand explores my thighs and my stockings. Kinky guy you have here Lily. I smile as I keep moaning. My body lifted everytime he make a move on my pussy.

“Ohh fuck I… I cant take this anymore… Fuck me now Kyle… Fuck me…” I said in a horny and slutty voice. I push his head away my pussy. I rub my clit fast as I look into his eyes with my begging eyes. “Please Kyle… Fuck your neighbor’s wife… Fuck me the way you should fuck a woman…” I said as I blushed.

He groans. “if that is what you want” He said in a firm voice which turns me on another click. He pulls his pants off and pulls his shirt off. Now naked. His body is a bit athletic but not muscular. Enough to pound me hard I hope. Then he climbed and spread my legs again. He kisses me with my pussy juices still tasted in his mouth. I chuckles.

Then he slowly slides his cock into my tight married pussy. My body arched a bit as I feels his cock thrust in me. I can feel his whole cock in me now as he moans. Loving how tight I am. Though I am pretty sure his wife is tighter. I moans. “Ahh yes Kyle… Now fuck me hard. Fuck me like a slut I am…” I said as I moans.

Then he do something I never thought a naïve man like that will do. He snapped my bra off and throw it aside. Making me gasped in shocked. “Ahh!” Then he squeeze both of my busty tits before he moves his cock. Back and forth. Faster in every second. “Ohh yes. Talk dirty to me Kyle. Woman loves being treated like a slut” I moans as I wrap my legs around his waist.

“Ohh fuck. Do you like that Sara? Do you like being fucked by your neighbor’s husband??” He asked as he keep fucking me. Thrusting me in and out. Making wet slapping noises as his thighs slams my perky ass. “yes! Yes! Ahhh fuck!” I groans more as I grab the bed sheet as he pounds me. Then I remembered something. How he and Lily never change position in bed.

“Ohh Kyle… ahh.. I want you to fuck me from behind now… ahh” I said as I moans. He gives another hard deep thrust before he slides his cock out. “Then bend over slut.” He said. I chuckles as I get on my four and bend my ass for him. He grinds his cock between my ass cheek before he slides into my deep wet pussy. Fucking me from behind. He grab my waist as he slams me hard. He squeezes my ass as he fuck me. I moans as his cock brushes my pussy walls and lips perfectly.

Oh Lily, your husband is not a bad fuck when he do fuck!



I never would have thought I would fuck a woman in doggy style! Let alone a woman that is not my wife! I grab her shoulders as I pulls her body while I slams my cock into her married pussy. Oh what a naughty husband I am! “Fuck yes! Take this slut. Take my cock into your naughty married pussy!” I groans as she moans naughtily. Oh I love hearing her moans loud like that.

“Grab my hair Kyle!!” She groans as she moves herself slamming her body to mine. I stop moving a bit as she grinds her married pussy onto my cock lustfully. “Oh yes like a slut!” I grab her hair and pulls them a bit as I started to fuck her again. Harder and deeper this time. Like riding a horse. “Ohh fuck yessss” I moans as thrust more. My cock pulsing giving hints that I am close.

“Fuckkk I am close!” I moans as I fasten my pace. I can feel her tits jiggles as I fuck her. I pulls her hair and wrap my hand around her belly to lifted her body up. I kiss her neck lustfully sucking them a bit. “ohh yes Kyle!” I the throw her back onto the bed making she fell on her face. She laughs as her ass now high up in the air with my cock still slamming her wet horny pussy hard. Her juices is drooling on my bed.

“Yes Kyle yess.. ahhhhh” She moans as she grab the pillow hard. She close her eyes. “I… I am cumming Kyle don’t stop don’t stop!!!” She groans as I feels the same. Lily rarely cum. She said that she feels fine but now I know how I neglected what she is supposed to feel. A bit mad of myself, I thrust my cock into her hole harder making her gasped in every thrust.

“Yes yes like that fuckkkk!!!” She groans as her body shivers and her pussy squeeze my cock tighter before I feels a spray of her juices on my cock. I keep fucking her hard. “Yes yes cum on my cock slut!” I moans as I keep pounding her. She moans more. “ahhh yess Kyle… Finish in me… Cum in me…” She said as she move her ass on my cock. Slamming me. Pushing me to the edge.

“Yes! Ahhh!” I groans as I thrust my cock deep and shoot my loads into her married pussy. My cock slams deep as my cock keep shooting more and more thick cum into her pussy. Both of us moans in pleasure. I pulls my cock and lay next to her. Both of us panting. Feels a bit tired from the fuck. She chuckles. “Wow, you can actually fuck” She said.

“What makes you say that?” She take a deep breath. “I thought you never fucked your wife” I sighed. “Well, in a way maybe…” I replied as I started to feel guilty for Lily. I never really satisfy her. Only my needs. And she still loves me.

“Don’t worry Kyle… She still loves you… and you got plenty of time to explore this with your wife… and I have more things to teach you…” She said naughtily. She push herself up a bit facing me.

“Ready for the next lesson?” She asked. I smiled naughtily.



Me and Matt are walking along a bit empty street. There are shops and with some people walking here and there but not much. And most of them are either guys or slutty woman. And when I say slutty, I do mean slutty. Fishnets, stockings, latex. You name it. While me? I am in a bit tight long sleeve T-shirt that shows the shape of my body. And a fit jeans which do the same. And of course, a pink hijab covering my head and half of my chest.

“I… I don’t think they are selling hijabs around here Matt…” I said as I started to feel a bit uneasy. He laughs. “Well, we will stop by at the hijab shop on our way home… But for now…” He stops at a shop. I look at the sign.


With a small sign under it. GloryHole!

What is glory hole?



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Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 3 : Sara's Lessons for Kyle

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