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  1. Naked and Exposed
  2. Naked, Exposed, and Abused
  3. Naked: The Two Sisters

Naked and Exposed

Categories Dark Fantasy, Female Domination

Author: Griffin-slut-boy

Published: 31 May 2017

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I should never have sent her naked photos of myself. But I loved doing it. And I loved what it led to, way beyond the first meeting that I have put down here, though at times I was kicking myself for my sexual weaknesses. It started as a conquest of sorts, but I should have realized her refusals and protestations were nothing more than a trap. It took me months to break my friend and co-worker down, but in reality, she was doing the manipulating, playing hard to get. Once she finally allowed me to e-mail her just one picture of my bare butt, I was in heaven, and she had me hooked. I jacked off numerous times a day for many days with the erotic knowledge that at any given moment she could be looking at my bare, naked ass. Finally on the third day, she responded via e-mail with a two word message, “Very artistic.”

I don’t know what kind of message I was expecting, be it a demand to cease and desist all the way up to “Nice Ass!!” and “Please send a lot more, and some with your erect dick, too!” Analyzing her message, I suppose the photo could be considered somewhat artistic, a shadowed, shallow angled shot, sideways, with my butt crack just showing, but no dick. But what did it mean? Did she like my ass or not? Did she like me sending the pic to her? Bottom line, she’d inspected the picture, examining my bare ass. I jacked off right then and there. In my horniness, I didn’t realized I was setting myself up for blackmail, setting myself up to be a pawn for her brutal femdom desires.

I sent her three more pics, two angled and one straight on of my bare butt. Past girlfriends have commented on my cute, cheeky butt. Full cheeks, nicely shaped. I was hoping Cheryl was finding my bare ass pleasing to her gaze. I waited anxiously for her comments, regardless of what words were in them, because it meant confirmation that she had looked at the pics. That made me so horny.

She texted me later that evening. Wanted to know what I expected from her by sending her these nude shots of my butt. We texted back and forth at length and it devolved into my explaining some of my favorite sexual fantasies. We ended up in a phone conversation.
“I fantasize a lot about performing naked in front of fully clothed women,” I said at one point. “Maybe with them spanking my butt, feeling me up while I do it.”

“By performing, you mean masturbating, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “That would be hot.”

She giggled. “My my, who’d have thought. Well, I have an idea. You could do it right now.”


She said, “Why not? Get your camera, video yourself jacking off, and send it to me. It’s not exactly the same thing, but still.”

“You want me to send that to you?” I asked in disbelief as I went about getting the camera out and setting it up.

“Sure. Why not?”

After a few minutes, all was set. “Okay, camera is rolling.”

“Where are you?”

“In the bathroom,” I responded.

“Take your shirt off,” she directed. I put the phone down and put it on speaker. “Now, pull your pants down . Take everything off.”

I did as she asked.

“Are you naked? Do you have a boner?” she asked sweetly. Shit, I’d had a boner since I was texting her.

“Yup to naked. Sure do to the boner. ” She giggled some more, which turned me on.

“Well, start jacking it. And talk to me while you do yourself.”

That was hot. I’ve heard of people having sex while carrying on an innocent conversation on the phone with a friend, but talking on the phone about what I was doing had to be a lot better. “Okay, I’m rubbing my cock.”

“What do you think about when you jack off?”

“Other than how it feels so good, lately I’ve been thinking about how you look naked.” I held my breath. Did I go too far?

She giggled. “Oh, you flatter me. Would you like to see me naked?”

“Hell yeah I would.” I worked with Cheryl. She was about 5’6”, cute face and an outrageously nice body. Nice curves, everything perfectly proportioned. Maybe a B-cup. I wasn’t too hung up on the size of girl’s tits; I was more of an ass man. And she had a nice ass. She and I flirted all the time but I’d never dared to ask her out. I’d been engaged to a woman for about a year now but it just wasn’t going anywhere. I was in the planning stages to calling it off, but I didn’t want to complicate things just yet by asking Cheryl out on a formal date, where things were supposed to either escalate or end. Besides, she had several boyfriends after her, tongues hanging out and drooling, no doubt.

“Well, for now, dream on,” she giggled

“Please?” I asked urgently.

She changed the subject. “Turn your butt to the camera for me.”

I turned around. “Okay.”

“Bend over. Spread your butt cheeks,” she ordered
Jeeze. But I was horny as hell. I wanted this over with quickly so I could send her the video, wait on the line while she watched me in action, then comment on it. I was fidgety with the urgency to hurry up. But I did as she asked.

“Okay, stand straight and spank your butt. Hard.” I slapped my ass several times. She said, “I want to see a bright pink ass. Now really spank those delicious globes. I want to hear the slaps over the phone. Make those globes jiggle under your blows.”

She liked my butt! Called my butt cheeks delicious. I wacked my ass hard several times, checked the mirror. Kept doing it, feeling the sting and burn. My cheeky butt was getting bright pink indeed. “Okay.”

“Now turn around and just play with your balls for a minute.” I did this also.

“Now you can continue to jack off.”

“Okay, I’m doing it.”

“Does it feel good? Hmmm?”

“Oh shit yeah,” I muttered.

“Aren’t you embarrassed doing this, knowing I’m going to watch you masturbate in a few minutes?”

“A little.”

“So why do you like to do it? Demean yourself? Humiliate yourself?”

“It’s erotic as hell. I can’t remember the last time I was so fucking horny. Oh, oh, this feels sooo good.”

“So you think you could do this in person, with women looking at your naked body and watching you rub your hard-on?

“Fuck yeah I could. I really want to.”

“And you’ve done this before?”

Well, no. “Yeah,” I said.

“Are you ready to shoot your cum yet?”

“Close. “

“Are you my little boy toy? Hmmmmm?”

“Yes,” I said huskily.

“Are you my dirty little slut boy? Will you’ll do anything I want you to do?”

“Yes, oh yes. I’ll do anything you say. I want to cum now. Please, I want you to watch me cum.”

“Okay, you can cum now, but remember, I own you now.” She giggled. “Tell me when.”

“Now, I’m coming. It’s rising. Oh, shit, now. I’m spurting. Ungh.” Cum flew out of my swollen dick head’s slit. It poured into the sink. I jerked spasmodically for long seconds, bent half over, lost in my ejaculation. Then I was finished. “Oh man that was so good. Thank you.”

“Hurry and send me the video,” she giggled.

I cleaned up, and still naked, went to the computer by my bedside and uploaded the video, and sent it to her as an attachment. A minute later, she had it.

“Okay, I’m going to watch it now,” she said. “I want you to watch it with me at the same time. When I say go, press play.”

That was hot. “Okay.” I began to sweat in anticipation. We started the video seconds apart.

“I’m watching you strip naked. My, my, nice boner. Nice length. You’re cut. Nice dick head. Now you’re rubbing it.”

It was awesome, knowing she was watching the video at the same time I was watching it. She was seeing exactly what I was seeing, what I had done. I was now bending over, my butt hole exposed, my legs spread, my balls hanging low. Shit. Embarrassing. Spanking myself. Talking as I jacked my hard cock to a climax. Listened to our phone conversation. Then I watched myself spurt my cum.

“Nice cum shot,” she offered. “Pretty big load. Nice creamy white cum. Wish I was there to watch it in person.”

“I’m getting another boner.” I can’t believe I said it.

“Oh baby, hold it for a few days, then come on over. I want to watch you do it in person. All naked and sweaty and pink assed. Jacking your hard cock off. I’ll make a video of you in action.”

Awesome! “I can’t wait. My cock is so hard right now it hurts.”

More giggling. “Tame that big boy for now. Okay, I’ve got to hang up now. Let’s make it Thursday evening, around eight. Okay?”

Shit. It was only Monday. A lot of cold showers awaited me for the next three days. I wanted to be able to shoot a big load of cum for her. “I’ll be there.”

The longest three days of my life. But it was now over as I pulled into her driveway. She lived on a lake, and the house was more of a converted cabin with a screened in porch facing the lake. Cheryl invited me in.

“Right on time, Ted.” I was startled to see another striking young woman there beside her. “Ted, this is my sister, Sandy.” I mumbled a confused greeting. “I hope you don’t mind, but I showed Sandy your pics and video.”

“Oh,” I managed to utter. I inspected Sandy. Strawberry blond, similar facial features, nice body and luscious curves in her tight low cut blue jeans. Halter top. Cute belly button.

Sandy placed her hand on my arm. “I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video,” she said warmly.

Cheryl said, “Sandy wants to be included in tonight’s festivities. Is that okay with you?”

“I don’t know ….”

“I insist.” Cheryl said in her sing-song voice, “Remember, you said you’d do anything I ask of you.”

And there it was. My horniness had gotten me trapped. In this respect, men are fools, easily manipulated. Women were so much more in control of their sexual desires. “Okay,” I finally agreed.

Cheryl said, “Good.” She led me through the kitchen to the screened-in porch. It was spacious and intimate at the same time. Screens and large windows covered all three sides of the porch. Tall pines closed in both sides, and the third side looked out over the lake and the setting sun. There was a leather couch, and matching easy chair, glass coffee table, desk with a computer, and the flat screen on the entertainment center.

“Okay,” Cheryl began. “We can begin. Ted, you can start by stripping naked for us.”

And there it was. The rub, so to speak. I slowly took off my shirt as Sandy sat down to watch. Cheryl remained standing. I kicked off my shoes; I wasn’t wearing socks or underwear.

“Pull your pants down and off. Do it now,” Cheryl demanded rudely. I unbuckled my belt and jean buttons and lowered my jeans. They fell to my feet. I was naked. But no boner yet, as I was very self conscious. “Now slowly turn around, 360.” I did so, so each got a full view. I never had felt so exposed before.

“Okay now Ted. I’m going to do some experimenting on you. You will comply with every command. Your pics and video are loaded to an email to our boss and the HR department. I’m sure they will watch it several times before firing you, then share the video with all the people at work.”

Gulp. “Please, don’t do that. I’ll do anything you want.” I really didn’t think Cheryl would stoop that low, but it gave me an excuse , other than being a pervert, to bend to her will.

“Good. For starters, I want you to go to the desk and bend over it.” The computer took up the right third of the top, and the rest was empty. I placed my elbows on the top of the desk. “Lower.” I placed my chest on the desk top and head to the side to look out at the lake. “Spread you legs apart.” I did as she asked. Cheryl placed a jar of Vaseline on the desk, inches from my face. She donned latex examination gloves and stuck her middle finger of her right hand into the goo. “Sandy, will you do the honors?”

Sandy got up off the couch and came to stand at my left. She placed her right hand on my bare right butt cheek. She felt it up, then the other cheek. She squeezed and massaged my rump. “Nice ass,” she commented. Then I felt a stinging blow as she slapped my right buttock. I jerked. She slapped the left butt cheek hard. I jerked again. Sandy kept it up for long minutes. I hurt like hell, my butt almost numb. I imagined my ass was flaming red when she finally finished.

“Sorry about that, Ted,” Cheryl said sweetly. “But you’re such a naughty little boy, and you needed to be punished.” I managed an “Okay.” I felt Cheryl place her gooey finger to my anus. I knew what was coming. “Now I need to perform an anal exam on you. Have you ever had a finger or something else shoved up your cute butt?”

How do I answer that? Saying yes might mean I’m gay to them. Saying no was the safer answer, though in truth I had experimented with my own finger, and a toothbrush a couple of times. “No,” I finally replied.

“Well, just relax. Enjoy the sensations. Most guys love it after they find out it doesn’t physically hurt them. I’ll go real slow. But I will not stop either.” She pushed her finger slowly in, withdrawing it and pushing it a bit further each time until she worked it on past my sphincter. About a minute later she had her middle finger all the way in. I could feel her fist planted between my butt cheeks. She kept it buried all the way up. “How does that feel?”

“Strange.” I was getting fucked in the ass by one woman, while another watched. I started to get a boner. I couldn’t help it. Sandy noticed it first. She giggled. Cheryl wiggled her finger around a bit, and twisted her wrist back and forth so her finger felt all around in my anal cavity.

“I can feel his cum gland, his prostate.” Gee wiz, how embarrassing. She withdrew her finger and shoved it back in. I tensed. She swatted my ass. “Relax your butt hole.” She did it over and over, fucking my ass, until her finger slid in and out easily and sloppily with the lubrication. She withdrew it. She opened the desk drawer and withdrew two hair brushes, different sizes. She let me inspect them, as she watched my cock grow erect. The handles and stiff bristles on both were round, the handles possessing a central bulge. She held the bigger one up next to my cock, comparing it. The handle was about as long and wide as my now hard cock. “I’m going to shove the smaller handle up your ass, then later the larger one.” She lubed up the handle.

Sandy grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them apart. My anus was exposed. Cheryl pressed the handle to my butt hole. She twisted and worked it in my anus. I moaned. She shoved it in further. I could feel the wider section of the handle make its way into me. Finally it was past my sphincter. She kept the force up and I arched my back as she kept pushing it all the way in. The balloon part of the handle pushed past my sphincter, and she let go. I could feel the stiff bristles on my butt cheeks. The handle was anchored deep inside my anus and wouldn’t slip out. The girls giggled at the sight. The video was recording everything. They let me stand this way for at least five minutes as they occasionally slapped my ass and laughed.

Cheryl withdrew the brush handle and lubed up the larger one. She sank that one into me. It was longer and wider. I thought it would tear me. Finally it too was planted deep in my ass. Cheryl spanked me lightly. “Okay, gay boy, how does that feel?” I told her it hurt, that I felt full. “Okay, now I’m going to slowly fuck you with your new toy. Sandy is going to toy with your penis.” Sandy brought the camera around and set it on the desk top pointed at my cock.

Sandy lightly touched the head of my erect penis and toyed with it. It was torture. I wanted her to grab it and jack me off properly. Instead, she was flirting with my cock head. Pure torture. The brush handle was fucking my ass, and I relaxed my sphincter as much as I could. Soon the brush was sliding in and out with ease. “Good boy,” Cheryl cooed. “He’s accepting the ass fucking. He’s surrendered.” She alternately swatted my ass and felt it up as Sandy toyed with my dick head. Soon I had pre cum leaking out of the slit in my cock head. Sandy giggled, and used it to lubricate her delicate administrations. I moaned loudly in frustration, thrusting in and out, humping to meet the handle fucking my ass. Sandy held my cock lightly in her hand but was only using her forefinger to lightly tease my cock head. She rubbed it lightly under the lip, and ran it over my slit to get more pre-cum to lubricate her finger. It drove me crazy.

“Please,” I begged, “Please, I gotta cum. Make me cum. Please.”

“And there it is, the almighty cock that needs draining,” Cheryl said. Sandy giggled.

“Tell us when,” Cheryl said.

“Soon. Ohhh, soon.” I humped harder, scrunching my butt and thrust harder.

“Beg us to watch you spurt your jism all over the desk.”

“Oh, please, please, I’m begging you, watch me shoot my cum out. Fuck my ass. Finger my cock. Make me cum for you. I’ll do anything, just let me cum. Watch me cum. Please?” How demeaning! I didn’t care. I loved it. Only one thing mattered now. I desperately needed, wanted, to orgasm.” Now, oh, it’s rising. I’m coming!” Cheryl quickly withdrew the brush handle from my anus. She knew a guy couldn’t shoot cum very well with a pole up his ass. Otherwise it just kinda weakly flows out. Both Cheryl and Sandy wanted a good cum shot for their video.

I spurt. I moaned loudly as I came. Spurt after spurt of heavy, creamy white semen plopped onto the desk top in a gently arc. Sandy jerked me as I came and jacked me off through my orgasm. She squeezed more cum out as I stopped humping and squirting. I stood there sweaty, weak arms on the desk, as Cheryl wiped me of the Vaseline. She swatted my pink ass. “Good boy. Come sit between us on the couch.”

I sat naked between them on the couch very aware of my state of undress as they played the tape. The brush handle going up my ass was obscene, with the bristles sticking well out of my anus, and they giggled at my embarrassment. They watched to see if I would get hard as I watched the tape. When it was over, Cheryl directed me to get on all fours in front of the glass coffee table. Sandy put her bare foot on the table in front of my face.

“Lick her toes, Suck on them.” Cheryl walked behind me and set the camera on a tripod at an angle to catch the action. She took her shoes off and started kicking at my butt with the top of her bare foot, hard hits that drove me forward. I braced my left hand on the table top and sucked, licked and kissed Sandy’s toes, first one foot then the other, over and over. Cheryl pounded my ass with her kicks. “Jack off for us while we watch,” Cheryl demanded hotly. I was in heaven.

I rubbed my cock until it was hard, the humiliating, demeaning stuff I was forced into doing turning me on immensely, more than I ever dreamed it could. I loved it. I unabashedly humped like a damn dog in heat as I masturbated, all the while Cheryl kicked my ass with her feet, and occasionally her toes rubbed my balls between my spread legs, and I sucked and licked Sandy’s toes. Ten minutes later I moaned loudly, crowing I was coming, kneeled straight so they could watch, and shot my small wad of cum. I caught in the palm of my left hand so as to not stain the carpet with my seed.

“Eat it, Ted.” Shit! Cheryl wanted me to eat my own cum. Yuk. In honesty, I’ve licked my pre-cum off my finger in my horniness, a salty-no-taste substance. But once a guy cums, all carnal thoughts stop. Now she demanded I eat my cum for the camera. I licked at it, closed my eyes, and slurped it up. I swallowed my mess. Thankfully I didn’t gag.

Sandy leaned over and frenched kissed me, tonguing me. The Cheryl did also as she slapped my ass one final time. They told me to get dressed. “Thank you, both of you. It was awesome.”

“Glad you liked it. Would you like to do some more sometime?”

“Hell yeah, I’d like to. Name the time and date.”

Cheryl and Sandy shared a knowing look. “Then let’s make it happen. A week from this weekend. Saturday afternoon.”

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Naked and Exposed

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