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Categories Dark Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lactation, Male / Female

Authror: James Dylan Dean

Published: 08 June 2017

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I was wondering if anything was going to happen on our regular and newly ordained mutual Wednesdays. I hadn’t gotten the usual text messages on Monday or Tuesday with indications of what would happen and where. I wondered, had Trig reneged on his promises after all?

But at noon, I suddenly got a text message from Cassie, ‘MEET ME AT THE BAY SIDE PARK IN THE SOUTH OF TOWN AT ONE PM, TODAY,’ that was all.

So, since the park is only about twenty minutes away, I had time for a rushed shower and languid drive to the meeting. Oh, BTW I did remember to dress in easily entered clothing, a wonder that I remembered to dress at all with the excitement of being with Cassie again.

When I arrived I was very lucky to find a handy parking spot in the ‘usually over-flowing on to the main street’ parking lot As I left my ‘sub’ I saw her sitting by the children’s play area with another lady, unrecognizable from that distance. As I got closer, I recognized her as her sister, who had recently given birth. She was very pleasant looking, not the beauty of Cassie’s nature, but a very lovely native lady in her own right.

When I walked up to them, I got a faint smile from her and a glorious hugging from Cassie. Then Cassie whispered into my ear, “Take Darla to the bathroom for a thing that you have often mentioned that you want. I will cover over it as you escorting a recent birth mother to the restroom.”

I nodded to them and then followed Darla as she slowly walked to the public restrooms right next to the coffee shop. It was after one, and unusually many of the lunch time visitors were gone and the rest rooms had no line. I let her approach the door of the child care preparation area and she signaled back to me with her hand to join her in the empty bathroom.

When we got in, she quickly doffed her jacket, blouse and nursing bra and motioned for me to take my pleasure of her. So, with her sitting on the toilet, I knelt down on the floor, perfect alignment for what we were about to do, and I moved up to her nearest teat to nuzzle and kiss around it. When she began to feel that I was needlessly delaying it, she took her nipple and fed it into my mouth. She then reached out and pulled my head up to her breast to closely nuzzle it while I drank of the proffered generous volume of mamma’s milk.

It started gushing in to me right away. Evidently she had skipped a nursing of her baby or was just generously supplied for this baby. I got busy guzzling it down with appreciative moans. After a few minutes of this, she began to seemingly feel more than a little sexual stimulation from it. This was probably unexpected by her. So, she widened out her knees and with a hand encouraged me to reach up under her skirt and further stimulate her sex directly. I was more than happy to accede to that request.

As I continued nursing on her to her pleasure and stimulation, I reached under her skirt and into her panties to finger and stroke her pussy, that was impressively gushing with her cum, in common to the milk that was flowing from her tit. I then moved over to her other tit, and she just sighed in total enjoyment, evidently much to her surprise.

When that one was evidently also nursed out, she turned around and put her hands on the toilet seat with her ass at cock level and in low tones advised me to finish her off since I had started all of this. So, I lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and delivered my very anticipatory dick to its desired location. I plunged right up into her and she shuddered at that and then I proceeded to pound her as if with no mercy at all. She was working hard to stifle the vocalizations that were struggling to leave her mouth and all of a sudden, I emptied into her bare pussy, everything that I had saved up for a week. With that she sat down on the opened toilet and took my dick into her mouth for post-coital cleaning while she emptied out my gelatinous gift.

I then left her cleaning up as I left the bathroom with no one still in line, but a smiling face of a lady from the next toilet greeted me. Might have been wanting the same for her, but Cassie was awaiting me, so I nodded and deferred that invitation, Maybe I would see her at the park again sometime. I go there often.

When I returned to Cassie, she was gazing at her watch, with a scrutineers look in her eyes. I just nodded and lied, there was a long line to wait out. Since, she couldn’t see to the entrance and long lines were occasional at this time in the day, she just shrugged it off. And when Darla returned she verified my lie. When we happened to pass out of Cassie’s earshot while doing a leisurely walk, she admonished me to never describe what had happened between us and maybe she would give me a return visit someday. I said sure, just call first. After all, I love Cassie dearly, with security protocols in effect; and Cassie has Trig as her regular lover and common-law husband, so I feel that I am also entitled to a lady or ladies on the side when she isn’t available to me. And since she is now forgoing any obligation for me to contribute anymore, I now have funds to help others, too. Like her dear sister, you know.

About this time we had made two circles of the walking path which equaled something over a mile and a half and stopped to rest at a bench facing the bay. While Darla studiously ignored the process, Cassie leaned over as she whispered into my ear, “let’s cross another item off of your list. Just follow me at a short distance and follow my lead.” I nodded my assent and palmed a ten to Darla to entertain herself at the coffee shop while we were gone.

So, with a very sexy walk and me following in admiration, Cassie moved out on the path towards an area that in season had deep vegetative cover. It also had side paths that were mostly ignored except by lovers wanting a little privacy for their fun. At a farther one, she nosed into the side path and then through some loose brush to a small place surrounded by trees and very dense brush and turned to me, with an inviting smile on her face. She removed her outside pants and pantie and opened her blouse to expose her bra less breasts. Then she stood there inviting what I wanted to do. So, I not wanting to disappoint her and already recharged from the unexpected gift to her sister, moved up to give her deep and deeply felt kisses.

Despite her usual denial of enjoying kissing, ever since her session with me where she had been tied to the bed with handcuffs and leg restraints, she had become much more amenable to kissing and breast sucking. The breast sucking was still very over stimulating to her nipples, but she now found that she received a lot of pleasure from it anyways.

After the kisses, she remarked that she was sorry that she didn’t have milk to share like her sister could. I smiled up to her and advised her that with her permission, we could do something about that, and I patted her pussy while still suckling to emphasize what I had in thought. She looked down into my eyes and sort of half nodded, if that is possible. And I read that as a definite maybe!

After having fun with her breasts, I knelt down to address her pussy. She widened her legs to allow this and I busied myself licking her like I had seen in a dog fuck porno. I don’t usually watch them, but I am willing to learn from any other practitioner, you know. Whatever, she seemed to be very much enjoying this, especially when I added a finger up her pussy hole, another thing that she used to refuse. I guess I will have to do another captive session to see what other things that I might convert her to.

With her pussy now flowing with girl cum, she bent over to a sturdy bush and anchored her hands to it while looking over her shoulder to invite me to do my worst. I then proceeded to plow right up into her and she squealed lowly at the intrusion. She then pushed back on me and I read that as a command to advance things. So, I did so and soon after that I unloaded the remaining cum that I had, plus that which I was able to conjure up in the intervening time since my unloading into her sister, Darla. As I withdrew, she remarked that I didn’t have the usual abundance of cum in her. I remarked that I had regular visits from four fingered Molly when she wasn’t available for more than a week I could see a tentative acceptance of this from her. And maybe a desire to visit me more often.

When we got back to the bench, Darla was gone. Evidently she had left in her own car or caught the bus at the convenient nearby bus stand. Anyway, Cassie gave me a big kiss and advised me that she had arranged with Trig for her to stay with me in two weeks for the next full date. No mention of what she had in mind for the next week.

I was groggy and just awakening on Sunday morning when I heard the very light raps on my door. I could have been for my neighbor lady since she gets male callers at all times of the night and day, and this despite that she lives with another young guy. Figure that out. But, with a low voice I heard my name, Brad. So, I opened the door to Darla, of all people. She rushed in and reached behind her to close and lock the door. She had been here before when Cassie had lived with me for a short drama-filled time.

And then she without saying a word, whipped off her jacket and blouse with no bra underneath and took my hand and dragged me into the bedroom and on to the bed. She laid back and beckoned me to the offered drink, and after all I had just woke up and was suitably hungry and with morning wood, interested, too.

So, I got on my knees and moved my mouth down to her nipple and took it right in to begin my suckling. She just looked at me with the sweetest expression as I proceeded to empty her baby food organ. Just as I was finishing one side, I heard another knock on the door, only this time with a lot more energy in it. I motioned for Darla to be quiet as the window was cracked open and after a few minutes, whoever it was evidently surmised that I was gone and left. After all sometimes, even when my vehicle was parked in its spot, I was off doing my walking in the neighborhood.

I then plugged onto her other nipple and she took the opportunity to lift her skirt and expose her bare pussy. She looked into my eyes and with her hands guided me to the proper position and then pulled on my butt as I was aligned correctly. I plunged right into the ‘promised land’ of her pussy and laid down on her tummy as I plowed it. When I emptied her other tit, she used her hands to guide my mouth right up to hers and proceeded to give some of the most energetic kissing that I have ever received. After a few minutes of that, I emptied into her. Only fair, since she had so generously emptied into me from the teat.

She held me in position with me fully penetrated into her pussy for some time, while caressing me and repeatedly kissing me with generous doses of tongue play. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that she was trying to get pregnant by me. But, Cassie had averred that both of them were on pregnancy negation modes. So, I took it that she was just enjoying it all so much, that she didn’t want the good feeling to end.

Interestingly, after me leaving a vicinity that I hated to abandon, she didn’t go into the bathroom to wash off, but instead grabbed a handful of tissues and spread them over her pussy and anchored them inside of her panties from her jacket pocket. She did, however, clean my member off with her tongue in a very beguiling way and then rushed to get her clothing back on. With a longing kiss and pat on the back she rushed out the door to whatever else she had planned for the day. She didn’t even wait for a contribution, which I knew that she probably needed very much.

When Cassie came by on Sunday, she asked me right away as to where I was on Friday, since she had had an unexpected few minutes to play with me.

I answered that I didn’t remember, but I could have been in the far end of the condo on the computer, where I often miss knocks on my door (true,) or could have been doing my neighborhood walking which I often do on Sundays (true,) or had been out to breakfast (a short walk away) to keep busy from thinking too much on that I was missing her (could have been true.)

Her head skewed to the right for a moment and then she shrugged it off and proceeded to pull me to the shower to enjoy us being naked under warm water and with even warmer hands.

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