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  1. Home Economics Chapter 01
  2. Home Economics Chapter 02
  3. Home Economics Chapter 03 - Finale

Home Economics Chapter 02

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Spanking

Author: A. N. Pervert

Published: 08 June 2017

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Home Economics Continued

She got ready for his return, getting a couple of items she needed and preparing the guest room. He held out through the next day, and the next, but he showed up on her doorstep the third day and rang the bell.

She answered the door, “Well Dave, how nice to see you. What can I do for you?”

“I’d like another spanking, Miss Jordan.” He looked down at the porch.

“OK. If you want that spanking, and I know you do, in exchange I’ll want you to clean my house exactly as I say. Deal?”

“Last time I only had to do the dishes,” he protested.

She looked serious. “Last time was an introductory offer, now we both know how much you love it, so the price is, what the price is. Clean my house exactly like I say and get one of my spankings. Take it or leave it.” She folded her arms over her chest and smirked.

He avoided eye contact, “OK, I’ll take it.”

“Good. The clothes I want you to wear for the cleaning and spanking are on the bed in the guest room. Go back there, get dressed, and meet me in the living room. And, Dave, I’m not really into negotiations, so from now on when you come for your spankings just do as I say, or leave, deal?”

He fidgeted and said, “Deal.”

She smiled and stood aside as he walked down to the guest bedroom. On the bed were shorts, some pink panties, a puffed sleeve blouse, a ruffled apron, and a clip-on bow. On the floor were pink sandals. He was horrified and hesitated and thought about everything and almost left, but the memory of that spanking on Monday came to him, and he still had an erection, so he stripped down and put the clothes on. The blouse didn’t quite fit, it was a little loose in the chest, the shorts were tight and you could see the unmistakable outline of panties. The shoes were an exact fit. He didn’t know where the bow was supposed to go so he took it in his hand into the living room.

Once again, he avoided Miss Jordan’s eyes. “I don’t know where this is supposed to go.”

“In your hair, silly. Let’s go in the bathroom and put it in.” She followed him to the bathroom and, looking at him in the mirror, gave him instructions as he fixed the bow in his hair, just like she liked it.

“Come on, now, Dave, let’s get started, the sooner started, the sooner finished and the sooner you get that spanking you want.” She turned around and went back to the living room, with him following.

She started him in the living room, picking up and dusting, which were no-brainers. She showed him how to use all the attachments on her vacuum cleaner, which wasn’t. After the living room, they went to the bathroom, which, since he had done it on Monday, was still pretty clean, and he knew how to do everything. After the bathroom, lunch, and he had a chance to ask the question. “Miss Jordan, why do I have to wear these clothes?”

“That’s a fair question, Dave. You want a spanking, what is a fair exchange? We’ve already established a price for your labor, which is $2 over minimum wage. If you worked all day, you wouldn’t earn enough for one of my normal spankings. That is, earning a wage appropriate for a boy doing work around my house. But as a maid, Dave, as a provider of maid services, then we approach an even exchange, as the value of your labor increases. Do you understand? Of course, that’s the logical answer. To summarize, I think you’d make a very cute maid, maids are girls, hence girl’s clothes. Is that clear?” She smiled.

He was aware his mouth was open. He shut it. “I see Miss Jordan.”

While he was thinking about this, and eating, she chatted away. “I think you’d look cute cleaning in high heels, and they would help lift that ass in the air for your spanking. Nail polish and makeup would be appropriate too, don’t you think? I mean if one is going to have maid service, the maid ought to be as cute as possible, don’t you think? And earrings, we’ve got a lot to do. You’ll probably want to start coming earlier so you can get ready for the day, unless you want to do your hair, nails and makeup at home?”

He looked horrified, “No, no Miss Jordan, I have roommates.”

She continued with a thousand other things to which he simply answered, “Yes, ma’am, you’re right,” in a sexual fog. His erection was starting to hurt he had had it so long and he was mainly looking forward to release more than the almost hypnotic recitation of things she thought was a ‘fair exchange’.

After lunch, he cleaned the kitchen, and finally, washed the clothes, which was as complicated as the vacuum cleaner. Her reminder as he was loading the washer rang in his ears and embarrassed him. How did she know that’s what he was thinking, “No sniffing my used panties, now, just put them in the washer.”

She’d grinned more that day than any day he’d known her. The spanking was almost anti-climatic when it finally came, except his orgasm was not. It was absolutely earth shattering, and caused him to bend over more and present his rear to the next stroke in the hopes of another discharge, which did come, better than the first. She seemed to ignore it though, and kept paddling until his butt was on fire and he was exhausted.

“Now, you see, that’s a full spanking, not just some little introductory offer. Nice, huh?” She grinned and rubbed his bare butt with the paddle.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now you’d better get dressed and get home, it’s 7. You’ll think of me every time you sit down for a couple of days so you’re probably going to want to lie down. Unless, of course, you just want to wear those clothes home?” She arched her eyebrows and grinned at his embarrassment.

“No, ma’am.”

“OK.” She sounded hurt. “I was thinking that a maid ought to have regular days. I think Monday and Thursday is right for us, what do you think?”

“That sounds good, ma’am.”

“OK. Now, do you want to come over Sunday to watch the football game?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Be here four hours before the game on Sunday. Plan to spend the night Sunday so you can get an early start Monday. Now you’d better get going and get dressed, we’ve had a real big day, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled and he went back to the guest room and got dressed and tried to remember exactly what all he had agreed to when in his sexual trance. The only thing he could really remember was he was going to be her maid on Mondays and Thursdays from now on and he was coming to watch the game on Sunday. He drove home, sexually sated, but somewhat confused regarding what was going to occur. He decided Miss Jordan knew what she was doing, and, as long as he had those wonderful orgasms, he’d just go along, and he remembered that he needed to only focus on going over to watch the football game on Sunday with her and making sure he was there a couple of hours early and he remembered that he had agreed to spend the night. It seemed like a lot in a hurry. He resolved to look up the game time before he retreated to his room and privacy.

She was busy all day Friday, first with a couple of regular client spankings, then errands associated with Dave’s visit to watch the game. High heels were a problem. She had looked at Dave’s shoes and he wore a 9 ½ in men’s, which translated to an 11 ½ in women’s. She finally found some black patent leather pumps with 5-inch heels in what could only be described as a stripper supply store. She was able to obtain a mail-order catalog which required 2 weeks lead time for future purchases, but she was determined Dave would have the shoes she wanted for his next visit. She thought that he would be best totally overwhelmed by events so he didn’t carefully consider any one action. She spent Saturday on herself with only a little time necessary to set up the guest room for Dave. When she was finished she looked around and was completely satisfied. She smiled to herself and treated herself to ice cream that night.

The game on Sunday was at 1:00 so Dave arrived at Miss Jordan’s at 8:30 and rang the doorbell. She answered with a smirk, “OK, early, I like that. We have a lot to do before the game, so we need to get started right now.” She motioned him in and had him follow her back to the guest room. It was changed. There were now items on the dresser, makeup and couple of colors of nail polish, and clothes in the closet. There were a couple of pairs of shoes. She waited while he took everything in. “Ready?”

He looked at her. “Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Strip all your clothes off and put them in that box.”

He looked at her before sitting on the bed and taking off his shoes. “What are we going to do?”

“We are going to get you in the spirit for watching the game. There really isn’t a lot of time for discussion. You need to keep moving if we are to make game time.”

She watched as he took his shoes, socks, pants and shirt off and put them in the box. He hesitated before taking his briefs off. “In the box with them, chop, chop, hurry, hurry we have lots to do.”

He finally took them off and stood, a rather ordinary young man, in front of her with his hands hiding his penis, which had shrunk, not risen. She smirked and said, “Get the box and follow me to the kitchen.” There, she got a role of duct tape out of the drawer and had him tape up the box his clothes were in. “Come on, let’s go.” He followed her out to the garage where she directed him to store the box up on a shelf. When that was done he was really relieved that she had not insisted that the box go in the garbage. They re-entered the house and she led him to the bathroom where she first instructed him to shave his light beard and mustache, under his arms,ù and his legs. Then she handed him a bottle of “Nair”. Spread it over your body, I’ll help if you need it on your back. I want you smooth from the eyelashes down. He did as he was ordered and they waited the prescribed time until she put him in the shower and all his body hair, what there was of it, went down the drain. “Hurry, hurry, no time to waste,” and she went back to the guest room.

She first went into the dresser and got out some blue lace panties and a matching bra. “Put it on, let’s go.” When he first knew her, she seemed pleasant enough, but she hardly ever smiled. These last couple of visits, on the other hand, she might not have been so pleasant, but she smiled all the time. Right now, for instance, she smiled as she watched him put on the panties and struggle with the bra. She finally relented and showed him how to put it on. When it was securely on, there was a very little of him in either cup, but the wires under the cups pushed his breasts somewhat up and in. She shook her head, “Adorable, absolutely one hundred percent, completely adorable. Now, lets get those toes and fingers polished.”

She showed him how to do everything, and supervised him while keeping up a running conversation, “You can see why I wanted you to spend the night, this way you can just wear the same polish for your cleaning tomorrow without having to remove it and re-polish tomorrow. It’s a real shame you won’t wear polish all the time. Will you? Do you want to wear polish all the time?” She motioned toward his crotch, in which an erection could be seen in his panties.

“No ma’am, my roommates would make fun of me and my co-workers too. I couldn’t wear polish all the time.”

She pursed her lips and looked thoughtful, “You’ll never be happy trying to satisfy everybody, Dave. Concentrate on satisfying me, and I’m sure you’ll be happy. For instance, I’m sure you’re happy now, aren’t you?” The smirk was back.

He hesitated for the briefest second before he said, “Yes, Miss Jordan.”

The nail polish dried, they went to work on his face. Base, mascara, a little blush then finally lipstick and his makeup was complete. He examined himself in the mirror. “Enough admiring yourself, we’ve got to go.”

She went to the closet and with a “Ta-Da!” swept out with a cheerleader uniform for the team. “You are going to be ready for the game today!”

He looked at the uniform while she got into the closet and came out with some white deck shoes. “I thought about panty hose, but that looks so cheesy. I thought you’d look cutest with bare legs.” Her smile broke him out of his shock. She handed him the skirt and watched him put it on, then the top with barely covered his bra straps and, finally, the white tennis shoes. “Now the hair.” He sat down in front of the dresser and had him brush out his longish hair. She got a ribbon with the team name and colors from a drawer and supervised him as he put it in his hair.

“Let’s go look at our handiwork.” They went to her bedroom where they examined him in a full-length mirror. He could still recognize himself, but it wasn’t really easy, he looked so different.

“I don’t suppose you want to order from my favorite pizza place, so let’s order from another one. You can go to the door and pay, in your cheerleader outfit.”

“Please don’t make me.”

“It’s for your own good, and my fun, so you’d better buck up and get ready. If you have a strange attitude, the delivery boy will pick up on it and start looking closely. If, on the other hand, you are flirty with him, he’ll also start looking closely, though it will be more fun for me, you might not enjoy it. Last, if you treat it as routine, he will too. You, after all, aren’t the only young lady dressed in a cheerleader uniform rooting for the team today, so suck it up, so to speak.” She smirked, picked up the phone and called a reasonably nearby pizza parlor for delivery. He sat there in a panic as she sat there grinning, until the doorbell shattered the silence. He looked at her and mouthed ‘please’, but she lightly laughed as she waved a bill for payment and pointed toward the door. He got up, looked out the peephole to assure he didn’t know the guy, and reluctantly answered the door. Standing there was a guy, just a guy like he’d been a guy a few hours before, at the door holding a pizza. He simply said, “Jordan?”


“Large, The Works, $11.99”.

He gave him the twenty Miss Jordan had given him and managed, “Just give me $5 and keep the rest.”

The fellow hadn’t been expecting that, girls in cheerleader outfits weren’t the best tippers, but he smiled and fished a $5 bill out and said, “Thanks, ma’am.” and was off to his next delivery while he stood there in his cheerleader costume holding the pizza Miss Jordan had ordered. Dumbfounded, he went back into the house and closed the door and put the pizza on the coffee table.

“Get us some sodas, hurry, the game is starting soon.”

And, without saying anything else, he went to the kitchen, filled a couple of glasses with ice, got a soda from the refrigerator and went back to watch the game.

Finally Miss Jordan teased him, “Disappointed the pizza delivery guy didn’t pay you more attention, huh?”

Her smile, her smile, it was maddening. It was a couple of seconds later that he started laughing. “No! No! I just thought he’d know I was a guy immediately.”

“How? By lifting your skirt and looking?”

He tried to remain serious and not answer that, but couldn’t hold it and burst into laughter as the image of the fellow looking up his skirt kept running through his head. She laughed along with him.

“Sit like a lady, with your legs crossed.” Miss Jordan showed him what she meant. He complied.

“You are going to learn to sit, walk, talk, laugh properly. You’re going to have fun learning and I’m going to have fun teaching.”

He looked at her.

“I want a proper young lady for a maid, not some pretender and I’ll have one. I like you. I think you’re cute. You have a lot of work in front of you, but we have time, and you like spankings enough so I think we can do it.” She smiled and put her arm on the back of the sofa behind him.

He smoothed his skirt and his mind raced but hardly on the game, which sports writers called a classic for the ages the next day. He watched it, but didn’t pay that much attention. Instead, his mind stayed focused on how he looked and catching a glimpse of himself in reflective surfaces. He wondered how serious Miss Jordan was. He found out after the game was over.

“Let’s go. Get out of that cheerleader outfit and put these on,” and she disappeared into the closet and returned with some pale blue Capri pants and a white sleeveless blouse.

He did it and then she dropped the bomb. “We’re going to the mall to get your ears pierced and then go shopping. We are going to have serious fun today. You’re going along every inch of the way with me just like we’re Mom and daughter, and, if you’re a very good girl, there will be a special reward for you when we get home.”

He was mortified but asked almost afraid of the answer, “What reward?”

“That’s a surprise, which you haven’t earned yet.”

He got dressed and they were off. Their first stop was a shop that did piercing in the mall. It was in some ways horrifying and in others exhilarating. She selected pearl starter earrings for him and the shop gave him a pamphlet for taking care of them. He didn’t say anything, didn’t even return the smile of the girl doing the piercing. Miss Jordan said something about ‘not liking needles, but brave’ and they were off into the interior of the mall. He passed by a couple of girls from work and he clutched Miss Jordan’s arm tightly, but they didn’t seem to notice him at all. He thought that strange because he caught glimpses of himself in the mirror and thought he looked wrong, obviously out of place, and himself unmistakably. They went into a couple of young adult places and tried on clothes. Miss Jordan went with him into the changing room the first couple of times, but made him go into them alone and come out and show her how he looked in the dress in front of her and the sales ladies after that. She bought him a dress. He couldn’t believe it. She bought him a dress. She, and the sales ladies, all thought he looked pretty in it.

They then went into department stores and looked at perfumes and makeup and all sorts of things he didn’t know anything about. He tried to keep a good attitude because he was intrigued by the surprise Miss Jordan had promised, so he gradually became more outgoing, though he spoke mostly in close to a whisper, because his voice, which was naturally loud, and carried, gave him away. He realized as long as people thought he was female, everybody acted normal. The wheels started to turn, but he kept Miss Jordan close and often clung to her arm. They bought a bunch of ‘beauty soaps’ and bubble bath beads, and a little perfume to try. He tried to stay positive. After what seemed like days but in reality was only a couple of hours they finally returned to the car and he was able to relax, but Miss Jordan wouldn’t stand for that, “Sit like a lady, Dave” and he sat up and put his knees together.

Miss Jordan asked, “What do you think of your dress?”

He hesitated, still enthralled by the chance of a surprise, “It’s OK.”

“Oh,” she said, “just OK?” She sounded disappointed.

Trapped, he felt he was pressured into saying, “It’s pretty.”

“Don’t you think it will look pretty on you?”


She gave him a big smile, “That’s my girl” and they drove home.

She had him put the stuff they had bought up, the dress in the closet with a couple of other things, the perfume on the dresser, the soap in the bathroom.

She went into the closet and got out the patent leather pumps. She got a pair of shorts and a pair of socks with ruffles out of the dresser. “Take off your pants hand them up and put on these shorts, socks and high heels, there is no time like the present learning to walk in heels. When you’re finished, come join me in the living room.” She walked out while he took off his Capri pants and hung them up, put on the shorts and socks and finally heels, which hurt his feet. He stumbled down the hall, keeping his hands on the wall for balance.

“Very cute, very cute” she smiled incessantly. He thought that he was glad someone was having a good time as he stumbled to the sofa. But before he could get seated, she instructed him to walk back and forth, as walking gracefully in high heels was just practice, and with enough practice he’d get the knack soon enough. He practiced walking, like he was a little kid while she watched, “Take smaller steps put one foot in front of the other, carefully” and other advice.

She was right, though, while he was no expert, he actually got better at it and was walking fairly steadily within half an hour. He went to the kitchen and got sodas for them and brought them back without spilling a drop. He was proud of that. She patted the seat on the sofa next to her.

“You did very well today. I’m proud of you. You hung in there in the middle of difficulties, kept your composure and finished the day on a real high note. That’s all good. You still aren’t totally comfortable out and about though. It’s just going to take practice.” She smiled at him and played with the bow still in his hair from the game. “We’re going to have to do something with that hair, of course, and a couple of other things, but I am very encouraged, very encouraged indeed.”

“Thank you, Miss Jordan.”

“What would happen if you went to your apartment tomorrow, picked up what stuff you had, left your roommates a month’s rent and a note explaining that you were moving out?”

She kept playing with the bow.

“Where would I live?”

“You know the answer to that, don’t you Dave?”

He paused to simulate thought. “Yes, Miss Jordan. I’d live here.”

“I’d just be your new roommate, albeit a sort of senior one, you’d have to do the housekeeping, at least in the near term, but you could do things without worrying what your co-workers or roommates thought. We can be girlfriends, it’ll be fun!”

“Live here as a girl?”

“Of course, that's what you want isn’t it? And spankings?”

“Miss Jordan how could I do that?” he was almost crying.

“Oh, poor baby, don’t cry, you know how much I love that. I know it’s quite a change, but you could just do it by doing it and not looking back, only forward. You could be my little girly protégé. You’d like that wouldn’t you? I know I would.”

“How would I get my stuff?” He sniffled.

“How much do you have? More things than would fit in my car? We could go over there tomorrow while your roommates are at work, you dressed in your Capri pants and blouse, just like you were at the mall today, and we could move all your things and get them back here and sort them out. You could leave a note, and, of course, the rent. Then you could call the pizza parlor and quit and your old life would be behind you and a new life ahead. There won’t be anyone home at 10, say, will there?”

“What if someone stays home sick?”

“We’ll just go over and park outside and watch them leave and give them a little while and then get in and get out. We can write the note tonight so we’re ready. Get paper and a pen from the desk in the sewing room.”

He walked to the sewing room to “walk slowly, small steps, one foot in front of the other”, got a pen and paper and returned to the living room.

“Now let’s see. ‘Dear put their names here. I have decided to move. Here is a month’s rent, which ought to give you all time to find another roommate. I need to get my head together. I’ve been doing too many bad things that have been sapping my ambition. Thanks for understanding, Dave’ and, bingo, the note problem is solved.”

He looked at the note he’d just written, at Miss Jordan’s instigation. He honestly thought a second about tearing it up, but looked at it, read it again, and decided my future with Miss Jordan had more potential than his current life. He folded the note and took it and put it on the kitchen table so it wouldn’t be forgotten in the morning.

It all went off without a hitch. They took his clunker since it had an apartment sticker on it, loaded it up with three empty boxes and waited outside the gate until they saw his roommates, who were not expecting him home as he had made the previous plans to stay at Miss Jordan’s, leave for work. Half an hour later they drove in, cleaned out his stuff from the apartment in half an hour, left the note and $150 and they were on their way back to his new home. They put the three boxes of his clothes on the shelf in the garage next to the box already there. It all took less than an hour and a half. When they got back, Miss Jordan, smirking, gave him the spanking to end all spankings, while he was wearing shorts, a blouse, panties and high heels. He came and came. In fact, a new high was reached. She made him choose a girl’s name while she was paddling. He chose Gwendolyn, though he never could come up with a reason other than he just liked the name. Miss Jordan smirked, “Of course going to the mall, shopping, ordering things, we’ll probably use your real name. It makes me feel all tingly when we buy you panties knowing that at any time, in front of the salesgirl, I might say ‘How do you think this would look on you, Dave?’ It gives an edge to shopping, don’t you think, Gwendolyn?” He looked at her and finally shook his head in agreement.

His roommates showed up that night asking for him, but Miss Jordan simply said, “Dave’s gone. He said something about being tired of his life being defined by drugs and games, and left.” She looked at them sternly and they looked at each other and were gone. His clunker was in the garage.

They took it the next day to the next county and sold it for scrap. She called him Dave in front of the junk dealer, and him in shorts and a blouse with full makeup and polish. It gave him an erection he could feel, even though his dick was taped up between his legs. Honestly. When they got home, they picked up the boxes of his male clothes and dumped them off at goodwill, and his adventure was well started.

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Home Economics Chapter 02

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