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Queen Yavara: Chapter Seven

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Body modification, Coercion

Author: White Walls

Published: 13 June 2017

  • Font:

Chapter Seven


She looked so much like Yavara, but it wasn’t quite her. Her skin was tan, her hair black, her eyes were green and her ears were rounded like a human’s. She also was doing things that Yavara would never do. Yavara was adventurous, yes, but she wasn’t this adventurous. I watched as the woman who called herself Patricia showed off her new pet: Prestira Rasloraca. It couldn’t be Yavara. The Yavara I knew was saving herself for a good man. The Yavara I knew spent her days practicing the bow and riding her horse. This human was just a cruel joke created by god to torment me in my failure. I got up in disgust at the spectacle and opened the door. Something stopped me. A familiar voice rang out. Patricia yelled her price through Yavara’s voice. This couldn’t be a coincidence, and I knew I wasn’t crazy. I sat back down and waited for more evidence of my suspicion.

What came next was something I didn’t expect. Patricia disrobed herself in front of the entire bar. The old elf was right, she was beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen…just like Yavara. I watched in horror as both man and beast took the women for hours. They all referred to her as ‘Trish’ or Patricia. When I asked a dwarf who she was, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said ‘a whore I guess. And the best damn one in the city!’ The two women moaned and screamed their pleasure until their voices were hoarse. When the last customers left and the sun had long since set, I waited. Waited for someone to screw up, to crack the façade. And then I heard it from the witch’s lips: Yavara. A bolt of rage shot through me as I drew my bow. I fired off one of Yavara’s Nadi arrows right at the eye of Prestira. Zander stopped it in the air and the orc crashed into me. He pulled my head up and my eyes were filled with the figure of my best friend and unrequited love.

“Elena?” she whispered, her eyes filled with shock.

“You know this woman, my queen?” Brock grunted as his weight compressed my ribcage.

Yavara stuttered for a second, lost for words. I could feel my ribs cracking under the weight of the orc before he suddenly jumped off me. I spat out blood as my diaphragm re-pressurized. Brock’s hands came down on my shoulders and pressed them together gently. He lifted me up and took me upstairs. I thrashed against him, biting into his fingers until I drew blood, but he didn’t react. He opened the door and sat me on a chair, his hands still firmly subduing me.

Prestira, Zander and Yavara walked in, Prestira now wearing a silver cloak, Yavara wearing nothing but the leather boots she had on before. She washed the filth from herself with a cloth and then addressed me.

“Elena, I’m going to make Brock let go of you. Can I trust you not to try to run away or attack my friends?”

I stared at Yavara, my eyes clouding with tears at the sight of her. I nodded. Brock walked over to the opposite side of the room and collapsed in a heap. His eyes fluttered open, writhing around before staring threateningly into my own.

“We should just kill her, Yavara. If we let her go she’ll run to her masters and tell them of us. We can’t keep her as a prisoner in this city, a missing ranger will attract attention. I say we-”

“Brock, shut the fuck up or leave the room!” Yavara shouted back at the orc. Brock jaw hung open for a second before closing obediently, his eyes still staring daggers at me. Yavara turned to me, her eyes full of love, tears brimming on her lids.

“I thought I’d never see you again!” She cried as she threw her arms around me. My own arms hung meekly at my sides before I returned the embrace, crying into Yavara’s shoulder. We vented our joy into each other’s arms for a minute before Yavara finally pulled herself from me, her face wet with tears.

“What did they do you?” I asked as I looked up and down her body.

Yavara laughed, wiping a tear from her eye. “They didn’t do anything. Well Brock raped my ass-IN A GOOD WAY SIT DOWN ELENA.” Yavara’s hands pushed me with a strength I didn’t know she had. My body flew into the chair as the dagger in my hand clanked on the floor. Yavara pulled me up into the chair, my body lifting off the floor as she did so. She brushed a strand of black hair past her flustered cheek and spoke.

“OK Elena, we’re going to let that one slide. Take your dagger back if it makes you feel safe, but trust me when I say it will do you no good.”

I slipped the dagger back in its sheath and sat upright in the chair. Yavara must be under a spell, but she didn’t act like she was. A possessed Yavara wouldn’t know who I was. Still, it was Prestira Rasloraca and Zander Fredeon we were talking about, two of the most power magic-manipulators in the world. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had coerced Yavara’s entire life from her lips.

I looked at the witch and the wizard, anger rising in my chest. “I don’t know what kind of spell you fuckers put on her, but you better take it off! No bullshit! Let me speak to the real Yavara.”

Yavara leaned in, her lips inches from my face. “I am the real Yavara, and I have no spell on me-actually that’s not exactly true. Zander, can you take off my disguise?”

The wizard lifted his finger and touched Yavara’s cheek. Yavara’s ears pointed to their natural elf form. I gasped as her eyes changed from green to orange, but her skin and hair remained black and bronze. Yavara took the satchel from my hip and withdrew a pinch of powder. She opened her mouth and consumed the magic-revealing substance, her body remaining unchanged as she did so. Yavara smiled down at my shocked face before turning to the others.

“How rude of me, I forgot to introduce you all. Elena this Zander; wizard of the Great Forest, this is Prestira; Zander’s ex-wife and witch of Ardeni, and this is Brock; leader of the Terdini orc tribe. Everyone this is Elena, my best friend, and ranger of The Highlands. Everyone say hi.”

“Hi Elena.” Said Prestira and Zander. Brock continued to stare me down and I remained silent.

“Soooo, Elena,” Yavara said as she awkwardly twiddled her fingers, “I bet you’re confused as fuck right now.” Yavara laughed nervously.

“Yeah…” I responded, my heart beating in my chest.

“Do you know what...all this-” Yavara gestured to her eyes and bronze skin, “means?”

“I know what it’s supposed to mean, Yavara. It just can’t be true…” I said, my voice shaking.

“It’s all true, Elena. This is who I always was, I just didn’t realize it until a few days ago.” Yavara replied.

“Yavara, if you are who you say you are…I’m a ranger, Yavara. Do you know what that means?” I said, tears steaking down my face.

“That you have to kill me on site?” Yavara laughed.

“Yes.” I whispered in pain.


Yavara walked over to me confidentially. She spread her legs and straddled my lap, her large breasts hanging in front of my face, her eyes gazing into my own. Yavara’s hand gently grabbed my own and guided it to my dagger. She guided my hand and the dagger to her throat, her eyes confidentially staring into me as the blade pressed against her neck.

“Are you going to do your duty, Elena?” Yavara whispered, leaning her face next to mine, “Are you going to kill the Dark Queen?”

Two years of ranger school was telling my body to push the knife in. This woman was the greatest threat to The Highlands, her very existence had the potential to topple empires. The fifteen years of friendship was telling me to let her go, to return to her father and bare the shame of my failure. To tell the lies she wanted me tell so that she could remain safe. But Yavara was more than safe. She had acquired the alliance of two of the most powerful beings on earth and an orc tribe leader all in a few days. A few months and she could have a company, a few years and she could have an army.

I pressed the blade closer to Yavara, her skin pushing inward as I did so. Yavara’s face remained confident, unaware that I was making up my mind. A drop of blood fell from the blade. Yavara’s blood. I was going to kill my best friend. I was going to kill the person I loved most in the world. Memories flashed into my mind. Yavara and I were skipping school to go hunting. Yavara and I were racing each other on horseback. We were lying together in her bed, Yavara’s eyes were wide as she told me about her ideal man, I looked back and pretended she was talking about me. Yavara kissed me on the cheek as I left for ranger school. I kissed her cheek and held her close. We were never going to be together like we were before, I would become a ranger and she would marry a lord. The division in our lives would grow with each passing day until we were nothing but acquaintances, memories of a friendship that had died long ago.

But that was not to be the case. Yavara wasn’t destined for a life of subservience to her husband, she was wild and free. She was doing things I’d never thought Yavara would do. She kissed another woman right before my eyes. She didn’t even think twice about it…she looked like she loved it. So many years I’d wanted her to kiss me like that, but I was always too afraid to initiate. And now here she was, her body naked and straddled across my lap, daring me to initiate. The blade fell from my hand and onto the floor. I stared up longingly into Yavara’s eyes. Yavara smiled down at me, her fingers reaching upward and tracing my lips.

“I always knew you wanted me, Elena, did you think I was stupid?” Yavara giggled. My face fell, my gaze lowering to the floor in shame at her ridicule. Yavara pulled my face up, her eyes brimming with love.

“I wanted you too, Elena,” Yavara whispered into my ear, “but I was too afraid to ask. How many years did we waste in mutual fear of the unknown, when we could have just reached out and taken what we wanted? When I transformed, all the pretense left me. That apprehensive girl who held out on so many good things is gone, Elena. You must have so many questions for me, but I just have one question for you, dearest friend: will you share my bed tonight?”

Yavara’s fingers traced fire into my cheek. My heart beat frantically in my chest as she closed her eyes and lowered her lips to my own. Our mouths touched, her full lips slowly pressing against me. I felt her tongue push from between her closed kiss and trace my sealed mouth. I’d never been kissed before, and I was equally excited and terrified of looking the fool. Yavara withdrew from me, her mouth smiling down in a caring manner.

“Is this your first kiss, Elena?” she whispered to me.

“Yes.” I gasped.

“It’s ok, Elena. My first kiss was just a few days ago. There’s no shame in it. I can teach you.”

Prestira, Brock and Zander slowly walked out of the room. Yavara locked her fingers with my own and guided me to Prestira’s bed. I sat awkwardly on the bed as Yavara took off my armor. Every time my flesh was revealed from beneath the armor Yavara kissed it. Soon I was in nothing but a robe. Yavara began to unbutton the front of my robe, the tops of my breasts slowly being uncovered.

“Wait.” I gasped, my hand shooting up and meeting her own.

Yavara smiled up at me and brought her face to my own. Her lips pressed against my mouth and opened it. I shuttered as her tongue slid between our locked lips. It was wet and warm. She gently prodded my tongue, encouraging me to play with her. My wide-open eyes began to close. I shyly moved my tongue to hers, not entirely sure what to do. Yavara took control of the kiss, her lips and tongue guiding me, teaching me until I could confidentially kiss her back. I placed a hand on the back of her head, my fingers running through her soft hair as she unbuttoned the rest of my robe.

Yavara pushed the robe off my shoulders, the cold air forcing a shudder from my body. Yavara pressed her warm body to me and lowered me onto my back. Her hand gently gripped my ass and guided it onto the bed, her warm fingers sinking into my cheeks. Yavara played the part of the bigger spoon in our embrace, her stomach pressed against my back, one of her legs wrapped over my own. Her hand moved from my cheek, caressing her fingers along my waist before hovering over my womanhood. Yavara’s mouth withdrew from my own, a soft smacking sound radiating from our lips as she did.

“Do you want me to feel you down here?” Yavara whispered as her fingers traced my slit.

“I’ve…I’ve never-”

“It’s a yes or no question, Elena.” Yavara teased while she continued to caress me. I could feel her hand getting wet with my juices as it gently brushed along my opening. Her hand teased my slit, awakening a longing deep within me. It grew and grew with each motion of her hand until it was unbearable. Yavara cocked her head to the side, her other hand running though my hair, a knowing smile creeping across her lips.

“Yes!” I cried as the feeling took hold of me. Yavara laughed and kissed my neck as her fingers sunk into me. A shot of pain arced from my penetration as the dark elf’s middle and ring finger invaded me. I cried out as I felt the warmth of blood leaking from between my legs. Yavara continued prodding into me, gentle whispers of encouragement falling from her mouth and into my ear.

“The hard part’s over, Elena. It’s only good things from here.”

My head tilted back as Yavara’s promise proved true. Her thumb gently played with my clit while her fingers slid along my ceiling, searching for my weak spot. She found it, a cry erupting from my lips as she did so. Yavara’s eyes were wild with excitement as she discovered the secrets of my body. She pressed herself closer to me, her juices leaking onto my backside. I could feel Yavara’s pedals opening against my cheek, her soft womanhood grinding against my ass.

Yavara gently sucked on my neck, her lips bringing the skin into her mouth. She did this on my collar bone, shoulder and then the tops of my breasts. I looked down to see little dark spots marking her trail as she descended my body. She stopped at my nipple, her tongue circling my areola as she stared playfully into my eyes. Her eyes shut as her lips closed around my nipple and sucked, sending a shiver up my spine. One of Yavara’s hands explored my depths while the other still rested on my cheek. I took her hand into my mouth and sucked her fingers individually while she fed from my breast.

Yavara took her hand from my mouth as she moved downward. She left little hickeys beneath my breasts and down my abdomen. Her mouth stopped just above my clit, where her fingers were still playing with me. She pulled her hand from my slit, strings of my juices coming with it. She looked into my eyes lustfully as she tasted me from her fingers, before lowering her head to my womanhood. My heart beat faster as I felt her soft breath on my pedals. Yavara smelled me and smiled, licking her lips up at me.

“Do you want me to taste you, Elena? You have the most delicious looking pussy I’ve ever seen.”

I reached downward and pressed both of my hands on Yavara’s head. She smiled coyly up at me as her faced descended into my crotch. A moan left my mouth as her tongue ran up my slit, my lips opening to her in desire as she tasted me. Yavara’s tongue stopped at my clit. She wrapped her luscious wet lips around it and sucked while her tongue flicked across it. My moans turned to screams of pleasure as the dark elf performed her magic. The motions of her tongue grew more frantic, forcing my pelvis to involuntarily thrust into the air. Yavara sunk three fingers into me and worked my sensitive spot as her mouth brought me to orgasm. My legs locked around Yavara’s head as a spasm ripped through my body. I writhed in pleasure, screaming at the top of my lungs until one of Yavara’s hands forced a pillow over my face. My body distorted in ecstasy until the feeling reached its peak. I bit into the pillow as I felt my body convulse below me, the feeling building up in my pelvis and spreading outward to every part of me. Yavara kept her pace as the feeling grew to unbearable heights, my back arching as I let it take hold of me. In my final throes of ecstasy, I heard Yavara gag below me before the feeling finally subsided. I laid there, the pillow still pressed against my face, my chest rising and falling as I caught my breath.

“Ummmm, Elena?”

“Yes?” I said from beneath the pillow.

“Do you feel…different?”

“I’ve never felt anything quite like that.” I laughed.

“That’s not what I mean. I’m going to take the pillow off your face, and I need you to promise me you won’t freak out.” Yavara’s voice was filled with both concern and excitement.

Yavara removed the pillow from my face. I gasped in horror. My pale skin was now bronze like Yavara’s, and standing between my legs was a six-inch cock.


“What did you do to me?!” I cried as Yavara looked at my body in wonder.

“I don’t know; I didn’t know I could do that!”

“Fix me!”

“I’ll get Zander and Prestira up here, they’ll know what to do.”

Zander and Prestira burst through the door and stopped dead in their tracks. Prestira gasped and put a hand over her mouth. Zander simply walked over to me and studied my body as if I was a specimen of his.

“Well Yavara, I guess we found out what that mystery power of yours is.” Zander said as he looked me over.

“Is this a spell?” I asked, frantically looking over my body.

“I don’t think so, dear.” Prestira said as she wandered over to me, her eyes lingering on my cock, “I can detect when someone is under the influence of magic, and I don’t see any in you.”

“Get me the powder!” I shouted at the witch.

Prestira tossed me my satchel. I took a pinch of powder and put it in my mouth. I swallowed and looked for the tell-tale neon green to surface from my skin. It did not.

“Is this permanent?!” I asked as I looked for any signs of hope.

“I’ll need a sample of your blood, Elena.” Zander said as he studied me.

“There’s some down here, Zander.” Yavara said as she stared longingly at my cock.

Zander took a vial from his robe and extracted the blood of my chastity. He poured it into a potion and watched it intently. The blood mixed with the clear liquid until it separated into orange and blue.

“Fascinating.” Zander said as he gazed into the vial.

“What?!” I yelled at the wizard.

“It appears that you are now a hybrid, Elena. You are a mixture of high elf and dark elf. Your eyes are still blue and your hair still whitish-blonde, but your skin is now tan. I have no idea why your clitoris turned into a penis. Do you still have a vagina?”

“She does,” Yavara said, her fingers still inside of me. “and it’s still the prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen.”


“Is it permanent?” I cried, my eyes welling up with tears.

“Yes. Your DNA has changed at a fundamental level, Elena. It appears that you are a new species. Might I add that you are absolutely stunning. Your dark complexion contrasting with your blonde hair and blue eyes give you quite the exotic look. That cock between your legs should make you quite the bachelorette in lesbian circles. Does she have testicles, Yavara?”

“No.” Yavara said as her fingers probed me.


Tears streaked down my face as I realized the permanency of my situation. I was never going home again. I would be outcast as a freak by the elves, damned to live my life as a curiosity of wizards and exhibitionists. Yavara snuggled up to me and pulled me close, her arms wrapping around me in a loving embrace. She caressed my hair while I wept into the pillow.

“It will be OK, Elena.” She whispered into my ear.

“No it won’t! I’m a freak!”

“You’re not a freak, Elena, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”


“I can’t believe you did this to me, Yavara. Your ruined me!” I cried. I shook Yavara from her embrace and rolled over in tears. I felt Yavara’s hot breath on my neck. I felt her body press to my own, her frothing slit wetting my backside.

“Oh I’m not done ruining you yet, Elena. Not with this thick, new cock you have.” Yavara whispered threateningly into my ear as she wrapped her fingers around my member. Yavara’s tongue snaked from her mouth and licked the side of my face. “I’m going to do things to you that you never could have imagined. When I’m done with you Elena, you’ll thank me for my gift.”

Yavara’s soft fingers gripped my throbbing member. I cried out my protest as she started to stroke me. Her other hand muffled my mouth. The new sensation of having a penis was disturbing enough, but to have my best friend rape me was pushing me over the edge. Tears streaked down my cheeks as Yavara stroked my length. It felt good, and I was ashamed of how good it felt. Prestira pushed the robe off her body and crouched on the bed just below me.

“No, not you!” I cried as Prestira’s tongue entered my slit.

“What, you don’t think I’m pretty?” Prestira teased as she looked up from my crotch.

“Of course she thinks you’re pretty, Prestira. This little dyke was probably touching herself when she watched you get fucked downstairs.” Yavara sneered.

“Is that right, Elena? Did you like watching Yavara and I get fucked?” Prestira brought her face to mine, “Did you like watching your best friend get anally fucked by orcs?”

I shook my head fiercely, my eyes wide in terror. Yavara’s grip on my cock tightened, her hand moving up and down my shaft faster than before. A shot of precum squirted on to her hand as I let out moan from behind her fingers.

“Mmmm Elena, your body is so responsive. I think you liked watching Prestira and I get fucked in the ass. Did you ever venture down here?” Yavara’s hand moved from my cock. She pressed a finger against my tight asshole. I thrashed against her but she held me down with her other hand, her deceptive strength forcing me down on the bed.

“You know Elena, this is my favorite place to get fucked. Ever since Brock raped my ass, I’ve been addicted to it. Prestira, why don’t you find out if Elena has a prostate?” Yavara’s hand moved back to my penis as Prestira’s mouth moved to my ass. Prestira slid two fingers into my slit as her other hand spread my cheeks.

“What a pretty little asshole you have, Elena. I’m going to taste it.” Prestira’s tongue circled my spokes, forcing a moan from my mouth. The witch wet my anus with her spit before pressing her tongue against my entrance. She pushed until my sphincter opened to her. I gasped as her warm, wet tongue explored my asshole.

“I think she likes it,” Yavara giggled as my hips involuntarily grinded against Prestira. Yavara’s fingers left my cock and moved to my slit. She pushed her fingers next to Prestira’s, forcing me to cry out as the two women spread me open.

“Do you want me to suck you, Elena?” Yavara whispered before leaning toward me, “Do you want me to put my warm, slutty lips around your dirty cock?” Prestira and Yavara worked their fingers into me, pressing against my g-spot as they violated my pussy. My body appreciated their efforts, my pussy gushing in response, my hips backing my ass into them. Prestira’s tongue found a sensitive spot in my ass. She moved her tongue back and forth across it, pressing upward as she did. I couldn’t contain the pleasure I felt. I cried out my delight, my shame diminishing with each passing second. Yavara took my outburst as an affirmative and moved her way down to my cock. I looked down to see Yavara gazing into my eyes as her lips wrapped around my new tip. My head rolled back on the pillow as Yavara took me into her. Her tongue wrapped around my shaft while her lips rotated and moved downward. A gasp of pleasure slipped from my lips as I felt my best friend reach my base. She lingered there, the suction of her lips tightening until she drew her mouth upward. It was if the elf was trying to milk the cum from my cock. Her wet, warm mouth welcomed me into her, rewarding me for every inch that I bore.

Prestira’s tongue found new depths in my ass as her fingers probed my vaginal walls. The witch pressed down on my lower pussy walls while she pressed up with her tongue, sending a shot of pleasure up my spine. Yavara worked my vaginal g-spot with her fingers as the speed of her blowjob increased. I panted my exultation into the pillow as the two women made me feel things I’d never felt before. A great throbbing sensation began to rise in my member. It started from my prostate and moved along my depths. It felt like a pressure building up in my loins that grew with each passing second. It was so good, a new sensation that I’d never felt from my female organs. It grew and grew until I was thrashing and screaming my delight with wild abandon. The pressure moved rapidly up my loins and through my shaft, my cock pulsating with delight as my seed rushed through me. Yavara pushed her head all the way down as I unloaded myself into her, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy as I filled her mouth. Once every drop had erupted from me, Yavara grabbed Prestira by the hair and yanked her head back. She brought the witch’s mouth to her own and passed my seed to her. Prestira’s eyes rolled back as she accepted my cum into her mouth.

“Wow,” Prestira gasped as her finger collected the drops that had spilled onto her cheek, “Elena, I think there’s something in your semen.”

“Mmmm, it tastes so good, Elena! I think your cum must be an aphrodisiac; it’s making me so wet.”

“And look at this Yavara, she’s still so hard for us!” Prestira fingers ran down the underside of my throbbing cock, a small shot of cum spurting from the tip as she did so. Prestira took the opportunity to lick the seed from my tip before lower her head back down to my ass. Yavara climbed on top of me, her legs straddling my pelvis, her beautiful, dripping slit staring at me.

“How long have you wanted this pussy?” Yavara teased as she grinded back and forth, “You can have it right now, Elena.”

Prestira’s tongue re-entered my ass as her fingers slid into my slit. I gasped at the intrusion, my hips grinding down on the witch as she worked her way inside me. Yavara’s eyes pleaded for me to fuck her. I looked away. This was against my will. As good as it felt, I still could not forgive this woman for changing me the way she did. Yavara leaned down on top of me, her breasts pressing against my own, her face inches away from mine. A gentle hand caressed my hair. I looked up to see Yavara’s loving gaze staring into me.

“Your virginity is something very special, Elena. Mine was taken from me. I enjoyed it, to be honest, but I would rather have given it away. I will not take it from you if you don’t want me to. Prestira and I will leave you alone and you can return to The Highlands, though I suspect they will not accept you. But I,” Yavara’s hands gently framed my face as she lifted me toward her, our foreheads touching as we stared into each other’s eyes, “I will never leave you, Elena. Circumstance tore us apart when we were younger. I felt as though I had lost a part of me when we split; your absence was one of the reasons I left Bentius in the first place. There was nothing for me there if you weren’t there with me. But now we can be together, forever if you like-I know I would.”

Yavara’s words etched their way into my heart. She spoke from her soul, not a hint of falsehood lingering in her voice. I had resigned myself to the life of a ranger. I had requested to work alone because I could not stand the company of others; my entire personality had been carved by my relationship with this woman. And now she spoke the words I’d wanted to hear from her for so long: together, forever. There was just one phrase that was missing from her mouth, those three words…

I looked into Yavara’s eyes and searched for a hint of deception. I found none. I mustered up the courage within me and spoke:

“I love you.” I choked out. Yavara’s eyes glazed over as my words struck her. She brought her lips to mine, her gaze burning into my soul as she did.

“I love you too, Elena.” She whispered hoarsely as she pressed her lips against me. My heart leapt from my chest in joy as our passion burned in our kiss. Yavara lowered her hips and engulfed my member. I moaned into her mouth as her warm, wet insides welcomed me, her walls gripping my new cock as she descended to my base. Yavara pressed her mouth closer as I began to thrust my hips upward. Her pussy lips gripped me tightly, forming around my shaft as I gently drove into her. My hands wandered from my sides and slid down her waist. Yavara reached back and grabbed one of them, guiding it to her ass. She said earlier that was where she liked it most, and I wanted to please her. I spread her cheeks apart with one hand place my index finger against her with the other. I pressed in, enjoying the feeling of her tight rim clinging to my finger as I drove deeper. Yavara released me from the kiss and let out a moan, her eyes staring back her lustful approval.

I looked down to notice that Prestira had long since ceased her analingus. She stared back at the two of us with tears running down her cheeks, a smile creased across her face.

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” She sobbed.

Zander came up behind her and slapped her ass before driving his cock into her pussy.

“I don’t remember you being the sentimental type, Prestira.” He said through gritted teeth as he pumped into his ex-wife.

“You have the emotional capacity of a brick, Zander!” Prestira shouted back as her face contorted in pleasure.

“Did I ruin the moment?” he sneered as he took control of the witch.

“Yes Zander, yes you fucking did.” Prestira yelled back through gasps of pleasure.

“Sorry honey, emotional intimacy makes me uncomfortable. I’ll make it up to you.” Zander withdrew his member and lowered his face behind Prestira. Prestira’s angered expression grew soft as the wizard ran his tongue down her taint before sliding it into her pussy. Yavara pressed Prestira’s head back down to my ass. I moaned as her tongue resumed its position in my hole. Yavara returned her attention to me, grinding her hips down as she rode me. I slipped another finger into her ass, causing another delighted moan to escape from her mouth. Her hands traced my frame before resting on my breasts. She took one into her mouth as she gently squeezed the other. My head rolled back as I nursed my lover, her mouth drawing my nipple into her, her tongue circling my areola. The flesh of my breast conformed around her fingers as she squeezed it, her thumb stimulating the nipple while she did so. I let out a cry of delight as the woman played with me in all the right ways. I sunk a third finger into her ass as a reward, eliciting a cute, muffled squeal from Yavara.

Zander stood up and pushed his cock into Prestira’s pussy, his hand gripping between her cheeks, his thumb planted firmly in her ass. I could feel Prestira panting with delight against my taint as her tongue bore into me. I paid attention to my own movements as I thrust into Yavara, trying to figure out what combination of speed and force I needed to apply to make it feel best for her. Her body indicated when I was going at the right pace, her moans growing louder as I locked into her rhythm. Our bodies gyrated as I powered my way into her. Yavara wrapped her legs around me in response, her pussy gushing on to my pelvis as I fucked her. Yavara released my nipple from her mouth and supported herself on my breasts as her back arched to my movements. My tits pressed together as she steadied herself, her fingers sinking deliciously into my flesh. Zander locked into our rhythm as he pounded into Prestira. Every thrust upward from me was met with a thrust forward from Zander, Prestira’s tongue driving into my ass in sync with our movements. Yavara’s cries of pleasure turned to screams as we began to summit. Her voice was met with my own and Prestira’s, a harmony of lust echoing through the room. Yavara grabbed my face and pulled it to hers, our lips locking as the orgasm took hold of us.

Yavara’s body twitched on top of me as I felt the sensation rising in me once more. I gasped breathlessly as a female orgasm accompanied my male one. The deep pressure in my loins was paired with a rising sensation within my womanhood. I cried out around Yavara’s mouth as both feelings grew within me, a sensation so intense that my mind went completely blank. I was a slave to the carnal lust, acting only through instinct as I screeched my ecstasy to the ceiling. Yavara’s voice accompanied my own as we ascended. I thrust one last powerful push as my hot liquid raced through my loins. Yavara cried out as I filled her, my cum and her juices flowing down my crack and into Prestira’s mouth. Zander unloaded into Prestira as she cleaned me, her muffled screams echoing through the room as Yavara and I collapsed in a heap.

All four of us laid on the bed, regaining our breath as the intensity of our lust subsided. Zander pulled Prestira off the bed and handed her a cloth. She washed herself and then him before they dressed and left the room. Yavara lay on top of me, her breathing slowing as she settled down. She nestled herself under my arm and pushed her arm beneath me, her hand resting on my shoulder as she pulled me close. Our eyes met in mutual love as we gazed into each other. Yavara pushed a strand of white hair past my face and smiled.

“I bet you have so many questions right now.” She whispered.

“They can wait until the morning.” I smiled back.

We lay there until I drifted off, my eyes closing to the perfect image of Yavara laying blissfully by my side.


I woke up as the craving in my lungs took hold of me. I gently slipped from Yavara’s arms and walked over to my clothes. I searched my pockets until I found my pipe. I searched for the tobacco only to find the bag had been crushed and the contents scattered all over my clothes, no doubt an accident that occurred during sex. I sighed as I walked over to Prestira’s table. She wouldn’t mind me stealing a pinch. I stopped searching through her drawers as the familiar burning smell met my nose. I walked over to the balcony to find Zander contemplatively puffing on his own pipe.

“Need some?” he asked, holding out his pipe. I gratefully accepted it, the sweet burning sensation satisfying my hungry lungs. I handed the pipe back to him as I leaned on the railing. The busy streets of Ardeni were quiet, only the faint rumbling of the city center tarnishing the silence.

“What are you going to do now?” Zander asked as he puffed.

“I guess I’m joining up with you guys.” I responded, turning my naked body toward Zander.

“Do you know what that means?” Zander said, his eyes studying me.

“To be honest, I have no idea,” I laughed as I reached for his pipe, “but I don’t have much of a choice.”

Zander handed me his pipe, “You always have a choice, Elena. Joining us will mean you may have to do things that go against everything you believe in. The Highlands are now Yavara’s enemy, joining us means you must kill her enemies, that means killing high elves. It may mean killing rangers.”

“Does Yavara plan to invade The Highlands?” I asked, unaware of what the answer may be. I loved Yavara with all my heart, but killing my countrymen on my own soil was something I’d be very hard-pressed to do.

“No,” Zander said as he leaned back, “Yavara plans to reclaim the Great Forest as Alkandra, to trade with Ardeni Dreus, and to defend her borders until the elves sit at the negotiating table. But there will still be battles, and your experience as a ranger will be called upon to help win those battles. That means you will be setting up ambushes, leading raids and killing elves. Is that something you are prepared to do?”

“I would do anything for Yavara.” I responded firmly as I took a puff from Zander’s pipe.

“I believe you would. You love her…you are in love with her. I was once in love with Yavara, a thousand years ago when she was called Alkandi. Do you know how that worked out?”

“I thought you were a spy for The Highlands. The rangers hold you in reverence for your service.”

“No,” Zander said, shaking his head, “No, I was never a spy. I was the head master of the Alkandran temple and one of many of Alkandi’s lovers. Yavara is a lot like Alkandi in that regard: many lovers. Yavara may love you as much as you love her, but she will lay with everyone, it’s in her nature. Physical intimacy and emotional intimacy are completely separate concepts to her. I could never separate the two, and in my jealousy, I betrayed Alkandi.”

“And you think I will be just like you, a jealous lover who cannot stand the idea of Yavara fucking someone else?” I said angrily.

“I don’t know you, Elena. Most people are monogamous, but perhaps you are willing to share. Yavara will expect you to except her polygamy. The depraved spectacle you witnessed yesterday is but a taste of the things she may do. The Dark Queen is still young in her sexuality; the succubus soul that dwells within her will demand more and more.”

“Succubus soul?”

“I’m sure Yavara will explain everything in the morning, as she promised before you two went to sleep.”

“Spying on me?”

“I said I don’t know you, Elena. That means I don’t trust you yet.”

“And how can I earn the trust of the great Zander Fredeon?”

“With time, mostly. But you can earn a little bit of it right now. How long until your disappearance goes noticed?”

“I sent two eagles once I got on your trail: one to the base at Ardeni, and one to Bentius. I mentioned both you and Brock in my messages. The eagle will have arrived at Bentius already. I suspect you have until tomorrow evening at the latest before head-ranger Adarian comes knocking at your door. Adarian will make me swallow powder to ensure you haven’t put me under a spell. He will have other rangers with him.”

“I suppose your last known whereabouts are right here, aren’t they? We can’t pretend we didn’t see you, and half of Ardeni just saw ‘Patricia’ get fucked, so they’ll question Yavara too, make her swallow powder. Shit.”

Zander hunched forward as he contemplated the situation. “We need to raise coin before we can raise an army. Not all tribes of the Great Forest are as keen on serving the Dark Queen as the Terdini; loyalty alone will not secure a force. Brock’s idea was to raid caravans that pass through the Great Forest, but that is risky and will draw attention to us, and Yavara cannot be discovered as she is yet. We cannot stay in Ardeni, once your ranger discovers we are gone there will pictures of our faces all over the city.”

“Why don’t you just disguise us and we go into hiding?”

“That may be a temporary solution, but The Highlands will send mages looking for Prestira and I. We cannot hide under magical disguises then. Prestira can detect magical entities from miles away, and you can bet The Highlands have mages with similar powers.”

“What if Yavara and I go into hiding and you three stay here?”

Zander sat up and looked inquisitively at me, “And how does that scenario work out in your mind?”

“You hire the cheapest, ugliest whore you can find. You cast a perception spell on her that makes her look like Patricia. Adarian comes in, questions you, you say you were looking to make a quick buck, and reveal the ugly whore. He may buy it.”

“You’re leaving out the problem of explaining why a Highlands ranger went missing, and her last known whereabouts were here. In your letter to The Highlands, you specifically mentioned Brock and I. They will know you came looking for us, and they will want to detain us.”

“It’s sounding more and more like our only option is go to the Great Forest and take our chances.”

“Unfortunately, you are right Elena. We will pack and leave in the morning. Brock might just die of smugness. Go back to bed, we wake early tomorrow.”

I walked back into the room before Zander’s voice stopped me.

“Elena, you may be the best thing that happened to Yavara, or you may be the worst thing. Her success or failure rides on your shoulders now. You must be her rock, and you must not crack under the weight of things to come.”

I walked back to the bed. Yavara drowsily snuggled up next to before falling back to sleep. I stared wide-eyed into the dark room, Zander’s words ringing in my ear.


Elena decides to join Yavara

Elena and Yavara fuck. Elena grows a penis in place of her clit and her skin turns bronze. She retains her blonde-white hair and blue eyes, as she is now a hybrid of dark elf and high elf. She grows a penis because that opens up a lot of interesting writing scenarios. I'll make up something later. No I won't.

Elena reveals to Zander that she sent messages to the Highlands claiming that Zander and Brock are holding Yavara. Zander decides they must leave for the Great Forest before a rescue party is sent.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter Seven

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