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Queen Yavara: Chapter Nine

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cruelty

Author: White Walls

Published: 21 June 2017

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STORY RECAP (I hope you’re enjoying the story this far, here’s a recap in case you forgot a few things or just skipped right to the sex scenes)

Yavara is a high elf princess and the second born daughter of King Tiadoa, ruler of the Highlands
Yavara is captured in the Great Forest by an orc chieftain named Brock Terdini. Brock rapes Yavara, who ends up enjoying it.

Once Yavara climaxes from her first sexual experience, her blonde hair grows a streak of black and her blue eyes turn orange, marking her as the reincarnation of Alkandi, and ancient dark elf who fought against the Highlands and tore their kingdom in half over a thousand years ago. Alkandi established the kingdom of Alkandra, a realm of monsters that disintegrated after her death.

Zander, a thousand-year-old wizard and former lover of Alkandi, guides Yavara to the astral plane, where she is confronted by the spiritual manifestation of Alkandi. Alkandi eventually seduces Yavara into merging their souls, causing Yavara to change completely into her dark elf form (bronze skin, black hair). Orange eyes are a unique trait to Alkandi reincarnations that other dark elves do not possess. Yavara inherits the arcane powers of Alkandi and all her past incarnations after her transformation.

Yavara, Brock and Zander go to Ardeni Dreus, the human capital city. Yavara must be disguised to hide herself from agents of her father.

Zander introduces Yavara to Prestira, Zander’s ex-wife and powerful sorceress. Prestira teaches Yavara how to talk to people and control them with just her mind.

Elena, Yavara’s childhood friend and ranger of the Highlands, it tasked by King Tiadoa to find Yavara. Elena finds Yavara, and is shocked to see that she has transformed into the reincarnation of Alkandi. Yavara seduces Elena, who transforms into a hermaphrodite and dark elf/high elf hybrid.

Yavara, Brock, Elena and Zander are about to leave Ardeni Dreus when they are ambushed by Highland agents trying to rescue Yavara. Yavara reveals herself to the world as the reincarnation of Alkandi, and rightful heir to the kingdom of Alkandra.

King Dreus, the ruler of Ardeni Dreus, agrees to help Yavara set up her kingdom if Yavara gets rid of a gang leader known as Titus.

Elena and Brock were wounded during the Highland ambush, and rush through the portal to the Great Forest right before the portal is destroyed. This where the story is now.

Chapter Nine


Brock and I lay bleeding next to the Alkandran ruins. I looked over at the orc, who’s skin was shredded with wounds, at least twenty arrows protruding from his back. I gritted my teeth and pulled the arrow from my arm. I shrieked to the sky as the arrowhead ripped through my muscle and flesh. Brock weakly pulled himself up and swayed on his feet.

“Elena, you need to show me your secret path to The Gorge. Can you walk?” he asked weakly.

“We should wait for the others.” I murmured.

Brock shook his head. “They won’t come. I saw the fireball consume the building right as we teleported.”

“Do you think…”

“Do you still have your powder?” he said, his eyes showing their concern.

I reached into my belt and handed Brock the satchel. He took a pinch of the substance and threw it across the ruins. They glowed neon green with magic.

“Zander’s still alive,” Brock grunted as he handed my bag back to me, “and he would die before he let the elves take Yavara, so she’s still alive too.”

I breathed a sigh of relief before painfully rising to my feet. We walked a hundred paces before Brock collapsed, his pained breathing wheezing from his chest. I weakly pushed him, trying to get him to wake. The blood was leaving my arm faster and faster. I tried to tie a tourniquet, but my hand wouldn’t work; the fingers were too numb. I fell on top of Brock as the day grew dimmer. A pair of horns entered my vision, accompanied by the beautiful face of a woman. I reached outward. She gently grabbed my hand. Darkness consumed me as she lowered her face to my own.


I woke up to the night sky greeting me from the mouth of a cave. I reached for my shoulder and felt for the wound. It was gone. I looked at my skin just to make sure. There wasn’t even a scratch where an arrow had been buried just a few hours ago. I looked around the cave. It was oddly decorated for a wild dwelling, with pillows everywhere, silk drapes adoring the walls, and velvet rugs laying across the floor. My hand flashed for my dagger in realization. A succubus den.

My weapons and clothes had been removed, I laid completely naked on the ground. I searched for Brock to no avail. I got up and crept toward the cave’s mouth. Two soft hands descended on my shoulders. They leaked warmth into my tired body, relaxing and unwinding the tensed muscles in my back. I fought the sensation for a few seconds before I lost my will. The hands lowered me slowly to the ground, gently massaging my shoulders as they did. I leaned back into the soft arms of the succubus, letting her play with my braided hair as I easily gave into her.

“What’s your name?” the sweet melodic voice of the woman asked me.

“Elena.” I replied compliantly with a monotone voice.

“What are you Elena?”

“A hybrid, a mixture of dark elf and high elf.”

“And why,” asked the succubus as her soft hand traced down my torso before gently grasping my cock, “does a she-elf have this wonderful thing standing between her legs?”

“I don’t know.” I gasped.

“Oh sweetie,” the succubus whispered, “you’re full of fear and confusion. And you’re so tense. Turn over on to the pillows, let me make you feel better.”

I obediently rested on my stomach. The succubus straddled herself across my hips and worked her fingers into my back.

“When I found you in the forest you were such a mess,” whispered the succubus, “I brought you here and healed you, I was so worried you wouldn’t make it. You’re such a beautiful creature Elena, I’ve never seen someone quite like you. And you’re so tense, the muscles in your back are knotted and hard. I’m loosening them up for you. Does it feel good, Elena? Just relax, I’ll make everything feel better.”

The succubus’s words dripped from her mouth like honey into my ear. Her voice echoed gently in my skull, as though she was speaking directly into my mind. A soft tingling sensation permeated from the back of my head when she spoke; a warm soothing sensation that creeped up my spine and into the back of my head. Her voice was gentle and promising, like a mother comforting a child. Every sound that slipped from the woman’s mouth brought me into a blissful trance. Every knot in my back loosened as she worked her fingers into it. I could feel my tense muscles relaxing, the blood flowing freely under my skin as she unwound the entangled tendons and fibers.

The succubus placed a hand under my thigh and gently guided me on to my back. She stayed straddled across my hips, making sure my eyes took in her beauty. She was a brunette girl, with two small horns curving from beneath her hair. Her eyes were big and brown, her face almost girlish in features. Her breasts were large and supple, adorned with tiny, perky nipples. Her torso was soft and slim, a hint of muscle tone surrounding a small nave.. Her thighs were thick, and her ass was full and tight. A long, thin tail wagged slowly behind her, coming to a soft point at the tip. She looked gently into my eyes, her own eyes full of warmth and promise. I was safe here with this woman. She was going to make me feel good. She leaned her body forward and pressed it against me, her soft warm skin radiating onto mine. A hand gently stroked the hair from my face as the other traced its fingers along my cheek.

“Do like women, Elena?” her sweet voice whispered.

“Yes.” I said, staring into the beautiful beast, my eyes full of desire.

“I thought you did,” she giggled playfully, “I like women too. But you’re a special breed of woman, aren’t you? You have this wonderful gift down here. Do you want me to touch it?”

“Yes.” I moaned as she grinded her slit across my member.

“Oh Elena, you’re so tense down here. Should I help loosen you up? I will be gentle. Do you want me to release all the painful pressure built up in your cock?”

“Yes!” I cried softly. The succubus smiled lovingly as a long, thin, forked tongue slid from her mouth. She slowly worked it down my body, teasing my nipples and breasts before sliding it down my torso. I let out a moan as she wrapped it three times around my throbbing cock. Her full lips sealed around me and worked their way down, rotating as she took my length into her mouth. Her wet, soft tongue stroked up and down as her lips slowly withdrew, her ascension accompanied by subtle slurping sounds. Her fingers gently pressed against my inner thighs, spreading them apart. I complied with every movement of her body, my legs parting as she guided them to separate. Her fingers hovered over my slit, barely brushing against my pedals. She teased me for a while, gently tracing my opening before finally sinking three fingers inside of me. I moaned as she gracefully probed my insides. Her fingers found my spot and softly worked it, moving back and forth across my ceiling.

The succubus moved her mouth faster, her tongue wrapping tighter around my shaft, and her lips enveloping me. Her fingers began to dig deeper inside of me, reaching depths that hadn’t been reached before. My breathing increased as I felt my heart beat faster in my chest. The succubus gave me a knowing look as she expertly worked my cock and pussy. She took me deeper and deeper into her throat, softly gagging as she took my length all the way in. The familiar pressure began to rise in my loins as my male orgasm ascended. My female orgasm accompanied it, a rising pleasure ballooning from my pelvis and flowing outward through my body. I arched my back as involuntary screams of ecstasy burst from my lips. I grabbed hold of the succubus’s head and pushed down as I unloaded inside of her, savoring the feeling in my loins as my hot cum filled the beast’s mouth. With one last cry, I collapsed onto the pillows, dopamine seeping into my brain as sexual satisfaction took hold of me.

“Master?” The soft voice of the succubus asked.

I looked down to see the woman’s pupils were completely dilated. My cum was spilling from the corner of her mouth. I no longer felt her seductive effects on my body, and I recalled that Yavara and Prestira had said there was something special about my seed. I guess this was it. I beckoned my new slave to me.

“Come girl, lie next to your master.” I said.

She obediently crawled next to me, nestling herself under my arm. I looked into her eyes as my hand stroked her body.

“What’s your name, girl?” I asked.

“Crystal.” She said with a girly voice. She gazed up at me with love and adoration in her brown eyes.

“Of course it is,” I smiled, “do you know where my friend is, Crystal?”

“The orc? My daughters are feeding upon him in the next chamber.”

“Are you the matriarch of this enclave?”


“And how many daughters do you have, Crystal?”


“Do you know what I’m going to do?”


“I’m going to turn your daughters into my little slaves, just like I did with you. Does that excite you?”

“Yes,” she gasped as I sunk a finger into her slit, “Yes master, turn my daughters into little cock-slaves.”

“Do you want to watch me fuck your daughters?” I whispered into her ear as I worked her clit with my thumb.


“Bring me to them.” Crystal took me by hand and guided me to the other chamber. I grabbed hold of her wrist and brought down to my groin, making her guide me by my cock. Her daughters would be suspicious if they thought I wasn’t under her control, and I needed the element of surprise for at least a while.

“Crystal, we’re going to play a game.” I said to my new slave.

“I like games.” Crystal smiled up at me.

“We’re going to pretend you’re my master, and I’m your little fuck-slave.”

“That sounds like a fun game, master.” She said, her eyes filling with excitement.

I had to suppress a laugh as we walked into Brock’s chamber. He was blissfully thrusting into one of Crystal’s daughters as two more of them moaned with his hands stuffed inside of them. One straddled across his face while the last one sucked his balls. All of Crystal’s daughters looked like their mother, with variations in skin color and hair texture, though all their bodies weren’t quite as developed as their mothers. Crystal bore the body of a fully-fledged woman, while her daughters looked to be more in their teens.

The two daughter that had been riding Brock’s hands dismounted and walked sultrily to me.

“Are you already done with this one mother?” asked one of them, “I thought you’d be keeping her as your personal pet.”

“No Sapphire, she’s for all of us to share.” Replied Crystal.

“My god she’s beautiful, did you find out what she is?” asked the second succubus.

“She’s a hybrid of high elf and dark elf, Diamond. She doesn’t know why she has a cock.” Crystal explained.

Both Diamond and Sapphire bore Crystal’s girly facial features, but Diamond has bright green eyes and bronze skin, while Sapphire had blue eyes and pale skin. Diamond had black hair and little jewels decorating her brow, Sapphire had a mess of wavy red hair and freckles splashed across her complexion. Both women bore similar bodies: their busts were medium in size, and their asses were well shaped and full.

Diamond’s hands sunk into my breasts, her fingers gently working my nipples as her forked tongue slid into my mouth. I was once again put under the control of the beasts, my body instantly enslaved to their seduction. I relished the feeling of Diamond’s tongue gently wrapping around my own, her full lips warmly pressing against my mouth. Sapphire stood behind me and pressed her body to my back, her breasts flattening against my shoulder blades as her pelvis pushed against my ass. Sapphire’s tongue gently probed my ear before sliding down my neck and between my tits. Diamond slowly guided me to the floor as Sapphire gracefully moved beside me.

“Mmmm, what’s your name?” asked Diamond as she withdrew from my mouth.

“Elena.” I responded.

“Elena, what do want us to do to you?” asked Sapphire as her fingers traced my side.

“Fuck me.” I replied as my throbbing cock ascended from my loins.

“You’re a straight-forward woman, aren’t you Elena?” laughed Diamond as she moved her hips down to my pelvis. I moaned as Diamond took every inch of my cock inside of her, her wet, tight walls hugging my shaft as her pussy lips clung to me. Diamond groaned with delight as she took me in, her baby-face twisting in pleasure as my cock penetrated deeper inside of her.

“Sapphire, you should really try this cock, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” Diamond moaned as she moved herself up and down on me.

“Oh, Diamond,” pouted Sapphire, “You’re making me jealous. Here I am all alone with nothing to play with.”

Sapphire turned her face to me. “Have you ever eaten pussy, Elena?”

“No.” I gasped as Diamond’s cunt gripped me tightly.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. You better get good, Elena, you’re going to be eating my pussy for the rest of your life.” Sapphire’s freckled face smirked as she brought her leg over my face. Her slit came down on my open mouth, her juices flowing onto my tongue. My inhibitions had long since left me, and I allowed my instincts to take over. I pushed my tongue into Sapphire’s tight slit, enjoying the sweet taste of her nectar. My tongue worked up her ceiling, exploring her insides as I searched for her sensitive spot. Her thighs tensed around me once I found it. I stayed there, pushing my tongue upward and moving it back and forth along her. Sapphire’s moans mixed with her sister’s as I pleasured both women. I began to thrust my hips upward into Diamond, her body lifting with me as I pushed forcefully into her. Sapphire looked down at my face in sexual awe as my upper lip wrapped around her clit. I moved my lip back and forth across it as I pushed my tongue against her g-spot, provoking cries of pleasure from her mouth.

I reached back and filled my hands with Diamond’s supple cheeks as I drove into her harder. I could not see Diamond behind her sister, but I could tell she approved of my thrusts by the pitch of her screams. Sapphire began to gyrate over my face, moving back and forth across my mouth as through my tongue were a cock. Her legs wrapped around my head as she drove her hips down. She leaned back and entangled her tongue with her sister’s as I worked both the women, my body heading every carnal command of my lust. Diamond’s tail curved behind her and penetrated my slit, prompting a muffled cry to burst from my mouth and into Sapphire. She worked her tail deeper into me, moving back and forth as she drove to new depths. I arched by back as I thrust harder into Diamond, my body thankful of her intrusion. The three of us began to convulse in ecstasy as we rose to mutual orgasm. Once again, my body was wracked with two different climaxes as my male and female parts were stimulated to their peaks. With a shrill scream, I forced my last thrust in Diamond, unloading my seed into her as my body quaked into a frenzy. Diamond’s body immediately became less domineering as my magic worked into her. Sapphire pulled her sister off of me and drank my cum from her sister’s leaking cunt. I felt the sexual hypnosis leave me as the two succubi became my slaves.

“Master.” They said in unison, looking obediently down at me. I gently pulled their heads forward and whispered into their ears.

“What is the name of that girl sucking Brock’s balls?” I asked.

“That’s Opal, master.” Sapphire replied.

“Sapphire and Diamond,” I said, smiling to my new slaves, “I want you to bring Opal to me. I want you to pretend that I’m still under your control the whole time.”

“But master, mother is watching. She’ll know what’s going on.” Diamond whispered, glancing nervously as the woman touching herself in the corner.

I gently caressed my new slave’s face. “Your mother is my little fuck-slave too, dear.” I smiled.

Diamond and Sapphire giggled and waved to their mother. She gave them a nod, her mouth agape in pleasure as her hands sunk into herself.

My two new slaves brought me my fourth victim. Opal had brown wavy hair like her mother, but pale skin and freckles like Sapphire, and green eyes like Diamond. Her breasts were the smallest of all her sisters, but her ass was by far the best. It was thick and full, her cheeks perched perfectly above her thighs, a smiling crease separating each thigh from the cheek.

“So you’re the girl everyone’s been telling about.” Opal’s melodic voice poured into my ears. “You’re so exotic and pretty, Elena. No wonder my sisters are so infatuated with you.”

Opal placed a hand on my thigh, immediately putting me under her control.

“Do you know where I like it?” Opal giggled, “I like it my ass. Do you want to fuck my tight little asshole?”

“Yes.” I moaned.

“Good,” said Opal, “I’m going to sit on this magical cock my sisters having been raving about.”

Opal gently parted my thighs before turning around and spreading her cheeks. Her dripping pussy leaked juices down her taint and onto her tight, pink sphincter. She slowly descended until her rim was pressing against my head. She looked back at me with a lustful smile before pushing my cock past the resistance of her asshole. I moaned as her puckered sphincter expanded around me, gripping my shaft like a vice as it descended my length. I felt a shudder run through Opal as her soft cheeks pressed against my pelvis, her tail curling in ecstasy as I stretched her open. I grabbed her cheeks and spread her, wanting to view her violation as I pumped my cock deeper into her. Opal rose and fell onto my cock as I thrust in opposition, retreating when she did and advancing as she descended. Her ass rippled as my pelvis slapped against it, causing her thick cheeks to flush rosily. Sapphire and Diamond crawled over and sucked from their sodomized sister’s breasts. Crystal walked over from the shadows and knelt between her nursing daughters before filling her mouth with Opal’s cunt. Opal’s cries became shriller by the second, her tight rim stretching from her body as I pulled from it. Her tail wrapped around my neck, the tips slipping between my lips. I obediently sucked her as she gently asphyxiated me, her tail squeezing to the point of pleasure, but restraining before becoming uncomfortable. I saw little micro-spasms begin to shoot up Opal’s spine with each forceful thrust. Her back arched as her face turned toward the ceiling of the cave. The orgasm that rose within my cock was greater than any of the previous ones, Opal’s tight anal walls were sucking me in like nothing I’d ever felt before. Our voices rang out through the cave as I felt the pressure within me grow to unbearable heights. With a cathartic scream, I blew my load into the succubus’ anus, her body shivering with delight as my seed worked its way into her mind.

“Master.” She said to me, like her mother and sisters before her.

“Opal,” I said smiling, my fingers running up her spine, “I think you might be my favorite so far. I have a very special task for you. I want you to keep all my cum in your ass, and feed it to your sisters.”

“All of them?”

“No dear, just those two over there.” I beckoned toward the two women who were riding Brock.

Opal slowly moved from me, my cock sliding from her ass as she did so. She stuck four fingers into her gaping anus to prevent my seed from spilling, and slowly walked over to the succubus riding Brock’s face. She bent over and presented her meal to her sister, who gratefully accepted it, her long tongue flowing from her mouth and into Opal’s asshole. The succubus immediately turned to me, her face full of love.

“Master.” She spoke from across the room.

The succubus that was riding Brock’s cock whipped her head around and gazed at me in horror. She leapt from the orc and made a dash for the entrance of the cave.

“Grab her.” I said to my slaves. Crystal, Diamond, Sapphire and Opal rushed after their sister and tackled her to the ground. Crystal and Diamond sat down on her arms while Opal and Sapphire sat on her legs. The succubus thrashed and screamed as she tried to free herself. I turned my attention from the imprisoned beasts and walked over to my new slave, who was still straddled across Brock’s face.

“What’s your name, child?” I asked as I placed a hand under her chin.

“Ruby.” She responded compliantly.

Ruby was a blonde, tan woman. Her eyes were big and brown like her mother’s, and her body was tight and well proportioned. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips red, making her look like a doll.

“Ruby,” I said kindly to my new whore, “I want you to get off Brock and come with me. We’re going to fuck your sister.”

I guided Ruby from the orc, strings of her juices falling from her pussy as she pulled from his mouth. Brock sputtered back to reality, his arms flailing as he regained control of himself. His eyes fell upon Ruby and his face contorted in rage. I stepped between Brock and my new slave, putting a hand on his shoulders before he charged her.

“Stop!” I yelled.

“Out of my way Elena, I’ll explain everything once you’ve got control of yourself!” Brock growled.

“Brock, it’s me!” I yelled, “I have control of them!”

“What?!” Brock stopped his fist mid-strike.

“It’s my seed,” I explained, “Yavara and Prestira said there was something in it, and I guess this is what it does. These creatures,” I said as I drove three fingers into Ruby’s slit, provoking a yelp of pleasure from the succubus, “are now my slaves.”

Brock stared at me with a bewildered expression, his face telling me that he wasn’t quite buying my story.

“Ruby,” I said to my newest slave, “Suck on Brock’s dick, but do not use your powers on him.”

“Yes master.” Ruby said excitedly. She walked forward and bent down, taking Brock’s entire length into her mouth as she gagged.

“Wow…” said Brock as he placed a hand on the succubus’s head, “You weren’t kidding. Can I keep her?”

“I’ll let you borrow this one for a while,” I laughed, “Ruby, you are to do whatever Brock says, OK?”

Ruby withdrew her mouth from Brock and looked at me. “As long as it doesn’t contradict what you say, master.”

I pinched her rosy cheek and smiled down at her. “Good girl, Ruby.”

Brock enjoyed his new toy while I walked over to the last free succubus. She was no longer thrashing against her mother and sisters; her arms and legs now lying weakly on the ground as her body leaked with sweat.

“And what’s this one’s name, Crystal?” I asked the subdued succubus’s mother.

“Onyx, master.” Crystal replied.

“I take it you named her that because she’s black?”

“No, it was just the last gem-related name I could think of. Don’t be racist, master.” Crystal replied, smiling up at me.

I laughed as I ran my eyes down Onyx’s body. Her skin was light-brown, her hair tightly curled but not nappy. It flowed down from her head, blonde highlights contrasting the dark brown. Her eyes were chestnut in color, and her lips were full and wet. Her breasts were larger than any of her sisters’, but smaller than her mother’s. Her ass was thick and full, though not to the extent of Opal’s.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you, Onyx?” I said while I my cock until it was firm.

Onyx kept her lips shut and stared fearfully up at me.

“I’m going to do to you what I did to your sisters,” I sneered, “what you were going to do to me. I’m going to turn you into my little fuck-slave. After I’m done with you, I get to do whatever I want to you, and you’ll love it.”

I giggled at the black beast shaking with fear. “All of you hold her down while I fuck her,” I ordered, Crystal, cover her mouth so she can’t tell me to kill myself.”

Crystal anchored her daughter’s arm between her legs as she forced a piece of cloth into her mouth. I knelt in front of Onyx’s frothing pussy and pressed my head to her. I immediately came under the control of her body, which fortunately for me, was instinctively telling me to fuck her. I pushed my head into her slit, a moan escaping from my mouth as I did. I felt Opal and Sapphire wrap their mouths around my nipples as I raped their sister. I looked down to see the loving eyes of my slaves looking up at me while I nursed them, their full lips drawing from my breasts. I placed a gentle hand on each of their heads as I violently rammed into Onyx’s tight cunt. Her body flexed and convulsed, her face warped in defiance and pleasure as her pussy lips gripped my driving cock. Her torso wracked with spasms as I expertly found her weaknesses. Her body revealed her preferred rhythm and force; she wanted it fast and hard. Her thighs smacked against my pelvis, sending ripples down her supple legs. Her eyes writhed in pleasure as my body did exactly what she desired. I reached down and squeezed her breasts, her back arching from the ground in response. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked fiercely, her chest heaving her breaths of lust in reaction to my roughness. Her tail thrashed violently underneath her as her body quaked with orgasm. I could feel the familiar pressure rising in my loins as the force of my thrusts grew. With a final scream, I filled Onyx’s pussy with my seed. Her body convulsed in climax as muffled screams rose from beneath her gag. As the last drops of cum spurted from my cock, Onyx’s seductive power released me, and my own took hold of her.


I collapsed in exhaustion, my body utterly spent from the process. I reached up and removed the gag from Onyx’s mouth, hearing ‘master’ escape her lips. A muffled scream rose from Ruby as Brock filled her throat and stomach. I found the strength to sit up and crawl over to a bed.

“Brock,” I said sleepily, “We’re going to spend the night here, I’m fucking exhausted.”

“I bet.” Brock grinned.

“Crystal and Opal, come lie with me, I need your warmth.” Crystal spooned me as I pressed my body against Opal.

“Onyx, in the morning I want you to make Brock and I breakfast. Chicken and waffles are fine.”

“That’s racist, master.” Crystal gasped.

“It’s a joke, Crystal. Go to sleep.” I murmured.

“What are you going to do with the other four?” Brock asked eagerly.

“Onyx, Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby, do whatever Brock asks as long as it doesn’t contradict me or kill you. None of you are allowed to use your powers ever again, unless I explicitly say you can.” I replied, giving the orc a smile.

“Elena, I wanted to kill you this morning. I would suck your cock right now if you asked me to.” Brock said as he leapt to his feet. “C’mon ladies, you heard your master. It’s feeding time!”

I laughed as the orc took the women into the other chamber. I snuggled up against Opal and closed my eyes, falling asleep to the sound of Brock railing into the four women.

The smell of cooking bacon rose me from my slumber. Crystal shifted sleepily behind me as my morning wood pressed against Opal’s ass. I sighed as I got up from the bed, knowing that I wouldn’t have time to indulge myself. I left my two sleeping slaves as I walked into the other chamber. Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond were all splayed out on top of Brock, their assholes and pussies still gaping from the night before. Brock gave me a knowing wink as I gazed upon the defiled bodies of my slaves. I sat down at the table and beckoned Onyx to serve me breakfast. Onyx limped over to me with the platter, her body wincing in pain as she walked. I grabbed a handful of her ass while she presented me with: chicken and waffles, with a side of bacon.

Brock pushed the sleeping women off him as he rose to get his meal. Onyx gave him an entire pig, apple in the mouth and everything.

“You’re too good a woman or us, Onyx.” Brock beamed at my slave.

“Thank you Brock. I appreciated the meal you gave us last night.” Onyx smiled back.

“Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond,” I yelled to my sleeping slaves, “Collect everything of value in this cave and pack it in a bag. Onyx, please wake Crystal and Opal, I’m sure they’re starving. Oh, and get the weapons and supplies that you took from us.”

Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond collected all the valuables of the cave and stuffed them into a bag. Onyx returned to Brock and I with our weapons and supplies. Crystal and Opal followed behind, rubbing the sleep from their eyes as they entered the room.

“Crystal, you can suck my cock this morning. Opal, you can have Brock.”

“Thank you master.” The two slaves replied, gratefully.

Crystal and Opal ducked under the table. I smiled as I felt Crystal’s tongue wrap around my cock, and her lips seal about the base of my shaft. Brock bore an equally blissful expression as Opal did the same. I ate my breakfast as I enjoyed Crystal, her mouth greedily taking me in.

“So Brock,” I said as I swallowed a bite of food, “I was thinking we should leave here in about an hour. I can hear water rushing from the mouth of the cave, which means we must be close to the rapids. We’ll have to navigate to your camp on foot, seeing as we won’t all fit in that boat at the outlet.”

“We’re bringing them with us?” Brock said as he looked down at the horned woman sucking his cock.

“Of course, they’re a valuable asset to Yavara’s army. Moral is one of the most important aspects of a fighting force, having women who will do literally anything I say is a good moral booster.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Brock said as his eyes drifted to my breasts.

“Brock, my chest isn’t talking to you.”

“Sorry Elena, but your tits are fantastic and I don’t like craning my neck to see what Opal’s doing, so I’m using you as a visual aid.”

“I have a penis, Brock. You’re getting off watching someone with a penis.”

“Ninety-nine percent of you is a smoking-hot female.” Brock retorted.

“Would you fuck me Brock?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No question Elena. I would wreck that pussy. I’m not going to let a little penis get in the way have that.”

“It’s not little!” I yelled, a tiny bit insulted.

“It’s not exactly big either, but I was just using a figure of speech. Anytime you feel a hankering for some dick, you just come over to me.”

“I’m a lesbian. I will never have a ‘hankering for some dick.’”

“Never say never, Elena. People change all the time.”

“Well Brock, anytime you feel a hankering for some dick, you just come over to me. One hundred percent of you is smoking hot orc-meat, and I would gladly wreck that ass.”

“I guess I had that coming.” Brock said, smiling.

“Never say never, Brock. People change all the time.” I smiled back.

“That’s not gonna change the fact that I’m gonna blow my load into Crystal while I watch you come.”

“I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.” I said seductively.

I gasped as Crystal’s mouth drew me in, her tongue still stroking me inside her. I dropped my fork onto the table and placed me head into my hands. Soft moans whimpered from my lips as I felt every inch of my cock being stimulated by Crystal’s soft mouth. I pushed my hands against the edge of the table and braced myself as I arched my back, staring deeply into the orc’s eyes. Soft cries began to seep from my lips. I let my mouth fall agape as my eyes pleaded sensually with the orc. With one last lustful scream, I raised my head upward, my back still arching, my hands filled with my breasts. I came into Crystal’s mouth as I stared my pleasure into Brock. Once the last drop of my cum had been released, I placed my pinky into my mouth and sucked it slowly while my other hand softly deformed one of my breasts. Crystal released my cock from her mouth and crawled away from me. I smiled seductively into Brock’s eyes. Then I lifted one of my cheeks from the chair and ripped ass loud enough to shake it.

I laughed as Brock’s pleasure-filled face fell. He covered his nose in disgust right as he came into Opal’s mouth. My laughter grew more hysterical as Brock fell off his chair trying to escape the scent. My slaves covered their own faces and walked into the adjacent room.

“What the fuck, Elena!” roared Brock.

“Oh, did I ruin the moment for you?” I laughed as he gagged.

“Holy god!” he wretched as he ran out of the room.

“I’m sorry Brock, I couldn’t hold it in. The chicken and waffles didn’t agree with me. Brock, where are you going?! I changed my mind, Brock, I want you! You were right, people can change. I want you to fuck my ass. Brock! Brock! Come back here, I was just making room for you!”

I laughed so hard my chest hurt. Brock returned to the room once he was sure the smell had left.

“Oh, has my lover come back to me?” I teased Brock from the table.

“Fuck you, Elena,” he laughed as he picked up the sack of valuables, “I’d still would, by the way. I’d just plug my nose first.”

“Well I’m flattered Brock. Can you hand me my robe?” Brock threw me my white robe, which was half-burnt and covered in dirt and blood.

“Crystal?” I asked my slave, “Where do you guys keep your clothes?”

“Over here, master.”

I searched through the succubus’s wardrobe, disappointed that all of it was lingerie. I cut the burnt and bloody sleeves off my robe and wore that instead, much to the disappointment of Brock.

“You’d look so good with these on.” Frowned the orc as she held up a pair of fishnet stockings.

“Well the girls need to wear something,” I replied, “we can’t have them hiking through the Great Forest naked. Dress yourselves ladies, we’re moving out.”


Brock and I sat back and judged each woman as she presented us with her outfit. Crystal, being the matriarch of the enclave, chose the most conservative attire: a pink corset with a matching thong and thigh-high boots. Onyx dawned a fishnet shirt that exposed everything, and a little black skirt that revealed the bottom half of her ass. Ruby wore leather straps that crisscrossed across her torso and back, barely covering her nipples. She had a thin leather thong that pressed against her slit in such a way that her labia protruded around it. Sapphire chose to wear nothing but pasties on her nipples, with a small skirt barely covering her womanhood. Diamond wore a skimpy bejeweled bra and panties, while Opal wore a spaghetti-strap shirt that cut off mid-breast. Opal’s covering included a pasty over her pussy and a bejeweled butt plug in her ass.


“Ladies, you look fantastic,” I said as Brock and I applauded their show, “we’re going to The Gorge, where Brock’s tribe lives. I’m sure his men will be happy to feed you until you’re full.”

“That they will. It might make up for the fact that I’ve been gone nearly a week without notice.” Grunted the orc as he hoisted the bag of valuables onto his back.

The eight of us journeyed for about five hours, the day turning to evening before we finally saw The Gorge. Brock reached into the bag and turned to us, six ball gags in his hand.

“Elena, we’re going to have to put these on them or my people will shoot them on sight. Also, bind their hands together and blindfold them. I’ll do all the talking, don’t say a word. Put your hood up so that they don’t see your ears. Keep your hands at your sides and no not make any sudden movements. Stay behind me.”

We bound my slaves’ hands behind their backs and tied them to the tails of the succubus in front them, all of them in single file with Crystal at the head of the line. We gagged and blindfolded them, and I guided them behind Brock by a rope tied around Crystal’s neck. We approached two large boulders before the booming voice of an orc cut through the forest.

“Stop!” shouted an orc as ten of the beasts reveled themselves, their crossbows drawn and aimed.

“Trenok, is that you?” yelled Brock.

An orc nearly as large as Brock jumped from the boulder, the forest floor shaking as he landed. He wore his dreads in a braid, revealing a handsome but fearsome face. His body wasn’t as muscled as his father’s but it was rippling with veins and striations.

“What the fuck took you so long, dad?” Trenok smiled as he embraced his father.

“Boy, I’ve got some stories for you.” Brock laughed as he patted his son on the back.

“I know, dad. Zander came here a few hours ago, he told us everything.”

“Zander is here?” I asked. Trenok looked at me, his eyes exploring my own.

“You must be Elena.” Trenok said, “Zander told me quite a few things about you. Is it true that you are a she-elf with a cock?”

I opened my robe and revealed my body to the orc. He eyed me up and down.

“Yeah, I still totally would.” Trenok assessed.

“That’s what I said,” laughed Brock, “Unfortunately she doesn’t feel the same about men. But look what she has brought us.”

“We should kill them, dad,” Trenok frowned at my slaves, “they could jeopardize the whole tribe.”

“Oh?” said Brock as he filled his hand with Crystal’s ass, prompting a muffled moan to escape from her gagged mouth, “Does it look like I’m under their control? Elena, can you demonstrate your powers to my son?”

I walked over to Diamond and cut her binds before removing her gag and blindfold. “I want you to suck off that orc right there, Diamond.”

“Yes master.” She complied, licking her lips at Trenok. Trenok kept his crossbow pointed at the woman’s head as she reached under his loin cloth and wrapped her hands around his impressive girth. Trenok lowered his crossbow and looked at me in wonder as Diamond enveloped her lips, her eyes looking lustfully up at her meal as she gagged on him.

“How did you…” Trenok trailed off as Diamond’s tongue entangled itself along his member.

“It’s my seed.” I explained, “something in it puts them under my control.”

“I will sacrifice a goat for your seed, Elena.” Trenok laughed as pushed the woman to his pelvis. “These six have taken many men from our tribe, we shall see that they are rewarded justly.”

“Just don’t kill or mutilate them, Trenok. They have use for me.” I replied as I cut the rest of the women’s binds.

“Of course,” Trenok said as he yanked Diamond’s tail up, prompting a muffled scream from her lips as her body lurched forward.

“Slaves, you are to do whatever the orcs demand of you.” I commanded to my little sluts.

“Yes master.” They replied in unison.

“Not you Opal,” I said as I pushed the butt plug deeper into her ass, “I’m keeping you for a myself.” She shuddered in pleasure as I guided her behind Brock.

I followed Brock into the village. Brock embraced his people one by one as we walked through the center road. I was warmly greeted by his friends, the men grasping my forearm in a handshake while the women kissed my cheeks. Several of the she-orcs took a moment to press themselves against me, their eyes staring knowingly into my own before they departed. The five slaves that I had left under the care of Trenok were being paraded behind us. Their moans and cries of pleasure rang out as the orc men took them. I looked back and smiled at the sight of my little sluts being filled from every hole, their pleasure-stricken faces twisted around as their mouths accommodated the men. Opal looked back jealously as her mother and sisters were stuffed to capacity. I gave her a reassuring slap on the ass as we made our way to the largest hut in the village.

“Brock!” yelled a she orc as she raced over to us.

“Sherok!” Brock yelled.

Brock embraced his wife, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Sherok pulled from the kiss and slapped her husband hard across the face. Brock just grinned and forced his mouth down on her, Sherok’s body protesting for a moment before she gave in to her husband.

“I missed you, Sherok.” Brock said as he withdrew from his wife.

“Are you sure? Because Zander’s told me you’ve been sticking it in every piece of strange you could find.”

“It was all for a good cause, my love. You see-”

“I’m just fucking with you, Brock. I don’t care where you put it, as long as you’re mine when you’re here. Just to let you know, I let half the village fuck me while you were gone.” Sherok smiled teasingly.

“I thought you might. But none of them were as good as me, were they?”


“Don’t play with me, woman. I know you can’t live without this.” Brock said as he pushed his wife’s pelvis to him. Sherok giggled as she ran a hand through Brock’s dreads. She turned her attention toward me, her eyes curious in expression. She withdrew from her husband’s embrace and walked over to me. She circled me, studying my body. Sherok stood a little over six feet tall. Her skin was lighter than most orcs, a pale green hue complexion. She had tribal tattoos covering most of her body, save for her handsome face. Her cheekbones were high and her eyes large. Her full lips were closed, but her bottom canine teeth protruded from them. Her arms and legs were muscular, but feminine, and her breasts were bursting from the leather strap that barely contained them.

“So you’re the elf with the magical cock everyone’s been talking about.” Sherok said as she eyed me.

“That’s me.” I replied.

“I hear you’re a lesbian. Do you find me attractive?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Very.” I replied as I made no effort to conceal my erection that protruded from my robe.

“I see that.” She laughed before she pressed her body to me, her breasts engulfing my face. “What a fortunate woman you are, Elena, to be able to experience both sides of sexual pleasure simultaneously. If I fucked your cock and fingered your pussy, would you come from both?”

“I would,” I said as my teeth removed her strap, exposing her nipple to me, “Do you want to do that to me?”

“I might.” Sherok smiled down at me.

“Elena, Brock, good to see you!” roared Zander as he entered the hut.

“He really does have terrible timing.” Sherok growled as Brock laughed.

Zander grabbed Brock’s forearm and shook it. He came up to me and gave me a surprisingly strong hug.

“I feared the worst once I saw my portal had been destroyed.” Zander said, “It’s good to you two in high spirits. Elena, why is there a succubus standing behind you?”

Brock and I told Zander of all that had transpired since we were teleported. Zander exchanged his story about how Yavara had revealed herself and received a royal procession through Ardeni Dreus. We sat around the fire as the four of us laughed and joked before Zander brought us back on track.

“Yavara is going to secure payment from King Dreus. We need to begin uniting the tribes here in the forest. Now that the elves know what Yavara has become, they will send raiders into the Great Forest to keep us off balance. Brock, you have six hundred warriors at your disposal, but we need more before we can reliably protect ourselves. We need to go to The Pines and make a deal with Treoc.”

“Fuck no!” roared Brock, “no Zander, there are somethings that I will not do.”

“Brock, he’s in command of a thousand orcs. We need him.” Zander said.

“Quality vs. quantity, Zander.” Brock growled, “My warriors are baptized in battle; they don’t receive their first tattoo until they have ten kills. Treoc gives a brand to any fool who can carry a spear. We don’t need him.”

“Think of his soldiers as arrow fodder.” Zander proposed.

“They will run at the sight of an elven division, just like when Treoc’s tribe fled after the last raid. They are cowards and liars, and will sell us out to the elves cheaply.”

“Couldn’t you challenge him in single combat?” I interjected, “Didn’t you say earlier that orcs decide their leaders based on strength?”

“Treoc would never fight me man to man. He would accept my challenge, and then slip a dagger into my throat the night before.”

“I think that’s a risk you might have to take, Brock.” Sherok said as she massaged her husband’s shoulder. “If you humiliate him enough, he will be forced to accept your challenge. You stay under Zander’s protection the night before, and then meet him in combat.”

“They would never allow a wizard to be near me,” Brock said, “the Protaki are a suspicious people, and they have a great disdain for magic. If I challenge him, the fight would have to be in his village. I would be allowed five men for protection, and they would all mysteriously die in the night, along with me.”

“What if we take a hostage?” I asked, “Who is of enough value to Treoc Protaki that he wouldn’t dare assassinate you the night before a challenge?”

“His daughter, Certiok. But we could never get to her.” Brock said.

“That’s not what I propose,” I explained, “you exchange hostages before the fight, ensuring that you live through the night.”

“And who would be my hostage?” Brock asked me.

“I will be.” Sherok answered.

“No,” said Zander as he gazed into the fire, “It would have to be your son, Trenok. An heir for an heir is a fair trade.”

“I could kill you, wizard.” Brock growled.

“No Brock, he’s right,” whispered Sherok into his ear, “Trenok is of equal value to you as Certiok is to Treoc. Challenge him under these conditions, and he will be forced to accept.”

“What if the combination of Trenok and me dying is worth losing his daughter?” Brock asked, “It would be a death blow to our tribe, and my people would be forced to submit.”

“Treoc is too old to father another child. He lost his sons twenty years ago, and he spoils his daughter rotten. He will not risk losing her.” Zander replied.

Brock gazed into the fire, pondering the plan. With a grunt, he stood up and walked away, turning over his shoulder to say: “Fine.” Sherok followed her man into their chambers and closed the door behind her.

“He doesn’t seem to excited about the plan.” I said to Zander.

“Brock loves Trenok with all his heart, he is his pride and joy.”

“Will Brock kill Treoc?”

“When two clan leaders fight, it is always to the death.” Zander explained, “Intra-clan fights like leader changes are usually fought to submission. So when Trenok finally thinks he’s better than Brock, he will challenge him and they will fight until the other is subdued. When Brock and Treoc fight, it is for control over both clans, and it will be bloody.”

“Brock speaks as though he could easily kill Treoc.”

“Brock has always been overly confident. Treoc is not as strong as Brock, but he is much quicker. He will batter on Brock’s defenses from afar before going in for the kill. Brock needs to take out Treoc early in the fight, or it will not go his way.”

“What is Yavara doing in Ardeni?” I asked.

“Prestira and Yavara are going to the docks to convince a gang to join her.” Zander told me, “I worry for their safety, these gangs are not Alkandra loyalists, and they will sell Yavara to the elves if it benefits them.”

“I need to help her!” I said as I began to rise from my seat.

“No, you are needed here. I’m sending you and your new companions to The Spruces, there you will convince the nymphs to join us.”

“Why me?”

“Because nymphs are natural enemies of succubi. Show them what you’ve done to their foes, and they may be enticed to join us. Nymphs are powerful woodland creatures; they would make a formidable ally. They’re also beautiful blondes that like to dance around half-naked in the forest, so you have that to look forward to.”

I smiled at Zander. Zander smiled back before getting up from his seat.

“So are you going to do anything with this woman, or can I have her?” He said, pointing at Opal, who was violently playing with herself. “Because it’s pretty obvious she needs to be fed.”

“That one’s mine, Zander.” I said firmly, “Go join the orgy in the middle of town if want one.”


I grabbed Opal by the tail and lead her across the village. We walked by the debauched orgy that was taking place, my slaves blissfully taking the orcs into all their holes. They were drenched in cum from head to toe, their bellies slightly swollen as they took their fill. They all waved to me as I walked by, and I waved back. I pushed Opal into a tent. She landed gracefully on her knees, her ass perked up and swaying at me while her tail wagged.

“You’ve had this thing inside of you all day,” I said as I pulled the plug from her ass. “I bet you’ve been dying to have his little ass filled by my cock.”

“Yes master.” Opal moaned as she played with her pussy over the pasty that covered her. Her ass gyrated in the air while her face pressed against a pillow. I spread her cheeks and teased her pink, puckered asshole with my cock. Her moans of need grew louder and louder as I stroked between her cheeks, her juices flowing down her wrist as her fingers dug deeper into her drenched cunt.

“Please fuck me, master!” Opal cried as I teased her.

“You need to beg harder than that Opal.” I sneered.

“Please master,” Opal gasped, “Please put your fat cock into my little slave asshole! Please master, I’ll do whatever you say! I’m you’re little slut, I’m nothing but your little cum-slave. Please fuck this little cum-slave!”

“Do you want me to punish you, Opal?” I growled, “Have you been a bad little cum-slave?”

“Yes!” Opal moaned as my tip pushed against her sphincter, “Yes master, punish me! I’ve been a bad little slut; I need to be trained!”

“Put your hands together behind your back.” I tied Opal’s hands together by the wrists with her own tail. I undid my belt and draped it threateningly across her ass cheeks. Opal shuddered with excitement as she felt the leather lying across her skin, her pussy soaked through her pasty in anticipation. I rammed my cock forward, groaning as I felt Opal’s rim clinging tightly to my shaft. Her anal walls gripped my cock like a vice as I drove through her internal resistance, her soft innards welcoming me with an embrace. Opal cried out, her body lurching forward with my thrust. I raised my arm and brought my belt hard across her cheek. A bright red mark appeared where the blow struck, and Opal screamed her approval of my savagery.

I squeezed Opal’s supple ass with one hand as my belt came down again, this time sending a ripple across her skin as the leather contacted her flesh. Opal screamed again, her voice rich with arousal as I brutally fucked her tight little asshole. Opal’s small breasts flew from beneath her shirt and pressed into the bed as she arched her back to me. I beat her ass with the belt over and over again, her pale skin turning bright red as I did so. Every hit from the leather caused her anus to clench around me, making it tighter than ever.

“You’re a little masochist, aren’t you Opal?” I growled as I drove into her.

“That’s right master, I’m a little whore who likes to get punished.” Opal cried back as the belt came down again.

“Maybe I should brand you, Opal. Have the words ‘Elena’s slut’ seared into your ass. Would you like that?”

“I’m your property master, do whatever you want to me!” Opal cried in pleasure my thrusts grew more powerful.

“That’s not what I asked!” I growled as wrapped the belt around Opal’s neck and jerked her upward, her upper body flying up to me. I grabbed Opal by the jaw and made her face me. Her mouth was agape with pleasure as I sodomized her, her eyes pleading for more. “I asked you Opal, if you would like me to brand you?”

“Will I still be your favorite slave? I’ll be happy to do anything you want if I’ll still be your favorite.” Her voice squeaked from her constriction. The slutty expression written across Opal’s baby face combined with her submissive voice almost drove me over the edge. It felt good to so completely dominate another being, to have them happy to do anything I ask, to have them need me sexually to the point that they abandon all dignity to fulfill their desires. I let go of the belt and filled my hands with Opal’s small breasts, roughly pinching her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. I rolled her soft nipples through my fingers and pulled them away from her, stretching her tits painfully. Opal cried out her thanks, her pasty so soaked it fell from her pussy, exposing her frothing lips.

“Maybe I’ll just get a tattoo for you. I’ll put it right here,” I said as I pressed a finger to her lower back, “So that every time I fuck your ass I can see it.”

“Thank you master!” Opal cried, “am I still your favorite?”

“It depends, Opal. You’re going to have to prove to me you’re worth it.”

Opal took my challenge to heart and grinded her ass against me, her glutes flexing, her sphincter tightening harder than ever before. She gyrated and twisted upon me while I thrust, her tight rim rotating around me as I pulled in and out. I moaned and pressed my breasts against her back, one of my hands bringing her face to mine. Opal’s forked tongue snaked from her mouth and wrapped gently around my own. I pulled our entangled tongues into my own mouth as Opal’s full lips openly pressed against mine. Her reptilian tongue played with mine, allowing me to control the kiss as I ravaged her. I reached down Opal’s torso and pinched her clit with my thumb and finger. I anchored my wrist to her pelvis and pulled away from her. Opal cried into my mouth as I abused her, her back flexing as the pleasurable agony ripped up her spine. Her back arched outward, and I pressed myself even closer, keeping her in that uncomfortable position, forcing her abdominal muscles to strain against their stretched position. She went wild with pleasure.

I could tell Opal was losing control of herself. Spasms shot from her sphincter and up her torso, causing her muscles to flex around me. I withdrew from her kiss to hear the melodic screams cascade from her mouth. I pulled back on the belt around her neck and made look up at me while I punished her shit hole. Her expression was one of intense pleasure: her eyes wide and writhing in her sockets, her mouth agape with a thin string of saliva descending from it. I released Opal’s clit from my pinch and sunk four fingers into her dripping cunt. Opal’s supporting muscles gave out, her upper body violently bending over as a contraction scorched up her abdomen. I let the belt around her neck loose and let her fall to the bed. I pushed her face into the pillow with my foot, her tongue sliding out and licking my toes as I adjusted my angle for maximum depth. Her bound arms thrashed behind her back as her orgasm began to take her, screams blasting from her slutty mouth as her tongue licked me. I gripped both of her cheeks and spread her wide, trying to get every bit of me as deep as I could inside of her. The pressure in my loins grew to unbearable heights, and I had to support myself on Opal to keep from falling on top of her. With a great scream, I unloaded myself into her gaping asshole. Opal cried shrilly in ecstasy as her orgasm met my own.

I pulled out of Opal, her gaping anus leaking with my seed. I bent over and sucked my cum from her ass, noting the sweet taste of it. Opal moaned as my tongue worked her defiled rim. I took in a mouthful and then walked over to her face. I turned her over and opened her mouth with a thumb before passing my seed into it. She gratefully accepted my gift, sensually sucking my face as I fed her. I lied down next to the satisfied succubus, nestling my half-hard cock between her cheeks as I gently pressed my breasts and torso against her back.

“You are my favorite, Opal,” I whispered into her ear as I stroked her hair, “but don’t tell the others; they’ll get jealous.”

“My lips are sealed, master.” She said, her fingers sliding across her lips in a zipping motion.

“Tomorrow, you’re getting that tattoo right above your ass. What do you want it to say?”

“Master’s little slut.” Opal giggled.

“How about ‘Master’s little anal slut’ with an arrow pointing down?”

“I like that.” Opal said as she pressed her ass cheeks around my cock.

“I bet you would.” I smiled before kissing her cheek. Opal’s tail wagged against me. My five other slaves entered the tent and collapsed on and around me in exhaustion. I blissfully drifted off to sleep as their warm bodies lay upon my own. I had never dreamed that I would end a night in a bed full of women who loved me unconditionally, and now here I was, six beautiful fuck slaves draped across me, devoted to me until the day I died.



Elena and Brock are captured my a family of succubi. Elena's magical semen makes all of the succubi her eternal sex slaves.

Brock reveals that despite her penis, he would still totally bang Elena, as she still has a woman's body and sexual organs.

Brock and Elena take their new slaves to The Gorge, where Brock rules over the Terdini orc tribe.

We are introduced to Brock's son, Trenok, and his wife, Sherok. Sherok wants to fuck Elena. They're going to bang, spoiler alert. Zander has also arrived at The Gorge.

Zander tells Elena and Brock about how Yavara revealed herself to the world and made a deal to help King Dreus (king of the human capital of Ardeni Dreus), with a gang problem if he pays her.

Zander convinces Brock to challenge his hated rival Trenoc, chief of the Protaki orc tribe. The winner of the fight will rule over the other's clan. Brock's son, Trenoc will be exchanged as a hostage with Treoc's son, Certiok, in order to make sure the contest goes without cheating.

Elena is tasked with going to The Spruces to convince the nymphs to join Yavara. Succubi are natural enemies of nymphs, so Elena needs to bring them along to prove her worth.

Elena fucks her favorite slave, Opal. Opal agrees to get a tattoo above her ass.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter Nine

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