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Queen Yavara: Chapter Eleven

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Body modification

Author: White Walls

Published: 21 June 2017

  • Font:

Chapter Eleven


“We need to be careful with our words, Yavara. He will want to be treated as above you. You cannot allow that to happen, but you cannot disrespect him, or he will be compelled to dismiss you.” I explained to Yavara as we walked along the docks. The hood of my white robe covered my face, the symbol of the Loving Mother stitched across it. Yavara wore a similar priestess outfit, the hood covering the top half of her own face. Even savage gangs respected the work of the church, and attacking priestesses would be a violation of street law.

“So I should show him respect, but use subtle language that tells him I’m better than he is, without disrespecting him completely?” asked Yavara, “I’m confused, this man is the leader of the most notorious gang in the city, and I’m supposed to talk down to him in his own court?”

“Don’t talk down,” I explained, “Just use prefixes of an equal, but make sure he calls you ‘queen.’”

“I suppose it won’t be as easy as sucking his cock and promising him money.”

“No, this situation calls for more tact than that. Just think your questions to me if you have any, I’ll guide you through it.”

“Do you know Titus?” she asked me.

“No, I’ve never met him. But you can trust that he knows you and I. Nothing goes through this city without him hearing about it.”

“What kind of beast is he?” she asked

“I couldn’t tell you that either,” I replied, “he’s a mystery. Only those close to him know what he looks like or what he is.”

We turned the corner and came to a large loading door, with a smaller pedestrian door embedded into it. I knocked three times. The window opened and two black eyes stared down at us.

“What business do you have here, sisters?” asked the orc.

“We are here to speak with Titus.” I responded.

“What business do two sisters of the church have with Titus?” he growled.

“His business, and not yours.” I replied. The window slammed shut in our faces.

“Nice one, Prestira.” Yavara hissed at me.

“Just wait, Yavara. Titus runs a smuggling operation beneath the city temple. He’ll be curious as to why we are here.”

The window opened again and the orc spoke, “Titus will see you now.”

I smirked at Yavara.

You smug little bitch. she telepathically replied.

We stepped through the door and our ears were immediately assaulted by loud, thumping music. Flash pots blasted the dark room with a strobe light effect, making it appear as though the dancing crowd was shifting rapidly. Cages hung from the ceiling where naked dancers of different races gyrated to the music, their holes filled with toys as their fluids leaked onto the crowd. People were fucking in the middle of the dance floor with wild abandon, their movements synchronized with the beat. The orc guided us along the perimeter, parting the crowd as he did.

This place is fucking amazing! Yavara’s shrill voice echoed in my head.

It makes our little spectacle at the bar look like child’s play. I replied.

The orc guided us to a door on the side of the room with “VIP” written over it. “Open your robes and put your hands in the air.” He commanded.

Yavara and I compliantly opened our robes and raised our arms. He patted us down for weapons before allowing us to close our robes again.

“You may speak with Titus, sisters.” The orc opened the door and beckoned us through before slamming it behind us. My eyes were greeted with yet another scene of depravity. Masses of pale flesh writhed together as screams and moans of pleasure filled the room. The room was poorly lit by torches burning red flame, giving the orgy a hellish glow. Every member of the orgy had skin as white as snow, and hair as black as night. Their red irises bore slit pupils, like a cat’s, and their upper canine teeth were unnaturally long. Vampires. All the women were voluptuous and beautiful, and all the men were strong and tall. And all of them turned to us as the scent of fresh blood entered their abode.

“Sisters!” called a man seated in the middle of the orgy. He was tall and handsome like the rest of them, and I assumed it must be Titus due to his large chair and the two beautiful vampire women licking his cock.

Yavara and I walked over to him, our hoods still concealing our identity.

“Remove your hoods sisters,” he commanded, “I need to see the eyes of the people I’m dealing with.”

The entire crowd stared as Yavara revealed herself to them. I removed my hood with her and looked at the amused expression of Titus.

“The Dark Queen herself comes to my home!” Titus exclaimed, “I wished you had warned me in advance you two were coming Prestira, I would have made myself presentable.”

“You’re fine as you are.” Yavara laughed as she looked up and down the length of his cock. Titus smiled back at Yavara, though I could see he was simply looking at her neck.

“And what brings royalty into my humble chambers?” Titus asked.

“We have a proposition for you Titus.” I said to him, not liking the way he was licking his fangs.

“Ah, right down to business, I see. OK Prestira, what is your proposition?”

“It’s my proposition, Titus,” said Yavara, “I ask that you join me in Alkandra.”

“Why would I do that?” smiled Titus, “I have riches beyond my imagination, I have fresh blood every night, and I have new daughters every week.” Titus slapped the asses of the two women licking his cock. “Ivanka and Tiffany, say hi to Queen Yavara Alkandi and Prestira Rasloraca.”

“Hi Yavara, hi Prestira.” they said seductively, staring at our necks.

“Queen Yavara.” Yavara replied, smiling back at them.

“I’m sorry your highness,” Titus laughed as he brought his daughter’s heads back down, “I just bit them last Monday, they don’t know proper etiquette yet. Now Queen Yavara, your proposition sounds an awful lot like something King Dreus would want.”

“It’s true that I’ve made a deal with him,” Yavara explained, “But it is my wish that you will join me. He just wants you out.”

“I suspect he does. What’s in it for me?” he asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Wealth, land and titles. Fresh blood if you wish.” Yavara replied.

“I have wealth, I have land, and I have no use for titles. Do you know what I want, Queen Yavara?”

“What?” she asked.

“You,” said Titus, licking his fangs, “I want the Dark Queen to be a vampire.”

“That is out of the question!” I yelled at Titus.

“That’s my condition.” He said, shrugging his shoulders, “I will only throw my wealth and arms behind your banners if I know that my people will be well represented. Otherwise I’m risking a lot for the unknown, and I don’t put money behind bad investments. If Queen Yavara shares my blood, I will know that her interests and mine are one.”

“I’m sorry Titus, but that is not a condition we can accept. I’m sorry for wasting your time.” I said as I turned to leave. Yavara put a hand on my shoulder and stopped me.

“What’s it like, Titus?” she asked, “Vampirism, what does it feel like? Speak honestly.”

“It’s not terrible. If you have a reliable blood supply, you hardly notice the cravings. You don’t need to sleep, you have limitless energy, and you’re biologically immortal. Not to mention eternal youth and beauty, though, I see you’re both doing fine in that department.” Titus’ charming voice replied.

Yavara, don’t even think about it. I said sternly into her mind.

We need the money Prestira, and we need his men. There’s no other way.

You would sacrifice everything if you did this. You will never get to walk in daylight again, you will never enjoy things as much as you used to. Your entire being will be consumed by the need for blood. Death is a preferable option.

“My friend is telling me you’re lying to me, Titus.” Yavara said to the vampire, “She thinks death is better than your offer.”

“I can make concessions.” Titus smiled.

“Like?” asked Yavara.

“I’ll take Prestira instead.”

“Me?!” I asked in shock.

“You have the ear of the queen and you’re one of the most powerful beings on earth. I would concede you as a viable alternative.”

You’re right, let’s get out of here.

“I’m sorry Titus, but Prestira is right; you ask too much.” Yavara said as we turned to leave.

“I can make one last concession!” yelled Titus as we walked to the door.

“You seem to be in quite the generous mood today, Titus,” I smirked as I turned around, “What is your last concession?”

“Daywalkers. I make both of you daywalkers, but it has to be both of you.”

“I am unaware of what a ‘daywalker’ is, Titus, please explain.” Yavara requested.

“A daywalker,” Titus answered, “Is a partial vampire. It’s in the name: ‘day-walker,’ walks during the day. You don’t get any of the benefits of total vampirism, like eternal youth and biological immortality, but as long as you remain in your natural state, you also don’t get the insatiable desire for blood, -which by the way, Prestira exaggerated, one meal a week of fresh virgin blood is fine for me-, but I digress. Day walking vampirism is like an on/off switch; you turn into a vampire, and you can turn back to normal. I think it’s a bullshit half-measure, but I’m willing to concede this offer, if you accept it.”

“I’ll indulge you, Titus,” Yavara said, “Bring me a daywalker and let me look into its mind. If it’s as you say it is, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

“Brutus, come over here!” yelled Titus from his chair. The bartender walked over to Yavara. He looked like a normal human male, his skin was tan and his hair brown, with a noticeable bald spot on the top of head. His eyes and teeth were completely normal looking.

“Brutus is a daywalker,” Titus explained, “we needed someone who could go on beer-runs during the day time. Brutus, Queen Yavara is going to take over your mind, try not to shit yourself.”

Yavara focused on Brutus’ mind and immediately took control of him. Brutus stumbled around for a bit before his eyes refocused.

“How do you feel?” I asked Yavara in Brutus’ body.

“Like a man,” answered Yavara with Brutus’ voice, “Apart from having a penis and balls, I don’t feel much different.”

“So where does the vampire element come into play here?” I asked Titus.

“Yavara, you should feel a part of Brutus’ mind that is dormant. It should feel like a muscle you aren’t using, like if your arm were to fall asleep and you lost function of your fingers. Do you get what I’m saying?” asked Titus.

“Yeah, I feel it. Should I just…use it?” Yavara asked through Brutus’ voice.

“Go ahead.” Titus answered.

Brutus’ body changed dramatically. His skin turned pale and his hair turned black and thick. His irises turned red while his pupils changed to slits and his upper canines turned to fangs. His dumpy body became tall, muscled, lean and vascular.

“Wow.” Yavara said through Brutus.

“Pretty cool, right?” said Titus.

“So Yavara, how is it?” I asked her.

“I feel so…alive! The power…oohhh the power. I feel like I could tear a man in half! And my sex drive is fucking...”

“And the craving?” I asked.

“We fed Brutus in anticipation of your arrival, Prestira. The craving isn’t there.” Titus replied.

“You knew we were coming?” I asked.

“Of course,” laughed Titus, “Two priestesses come knocking on my door, wearing actual robes? Any member of the church wouldn’t be caught dead in uniform coming to see me. That’s just asking for excommunication.”

“And you knew this situation would playout exactly like this?” I asked dubiously.

“Well I was hoping I could get one of you to convert. I didn’t think I could get Queen Yavara, but I thought you might throw yourself under the carriage. Brutus was our last resort in case you guys played hardball with me.”

“You underestimated my selfishness.” I smiled.

“I figured you for the noble type, guess my sources were wrong.” Titus smiled back, “Queen Yavara, are you satisfied?”

Brutus transformed into his normal self before Yavara released control of him. Brutus blinked stupidly before returning to the bar.

“I accept these terms.” Said Yavara.

“And you Prestira?”

“I accept.”

“Great!” exclaimed Titus as he patted the seats next to him, “Come sit over here and we’ll put some fangs on you.”

Titus’ daughters moved out of the way as Yavara and I sat next to him. “Who’s going first?”

“I will, Titus. If anything goes wrong it should be on me.” I responded, my voice shaking slightly with fear.

“Oh, there’s a noble side to you after all, Prestira. Rest assured, nothing will go wrong. Just sit back and relax.” Titus whispered in my ear.

Titus’ strong hands gently pulled the robe off my shoulders. My heart thumped in my chest as I felt his breath on my neck. Two fangs sunk into my pulmonary artery. My heart beat faster. A whimper escaped my lips. My heart beat faster. I felt something seeping into my neck. My heart beat faster. My neck was burning. My heart beat faster. My neck was on fire. My heart beat faster. A cooling sensation spread from my neck. My heart beat slower. My tense muscles relaxed. My heart beat slower. I felt as light as a feather. My heart beat slower. My head sunk into Titus’ chest as I grew weak. My heart beat slower. Everything was so cold. My heartbeat slower. My heart beat stopped.

My heart beat. My heart beat faster. Faster, faster, faster. I am strong. I can feel the blood rushing through every part of my body. Blood. Blood. I need blood. There’s a woman, she has blood! I rush over and take the woman. I sink my fangs into her neck. I suck her blood from my hollow fangs. She whimpers. I don’t care. Keep feeding. Keep drinking blood. So good. Blood. Blood. Blood. I feel the life rush through me. I’m so powerful, so strong. I’ve had my fill. The woman collapses. The craving subsides. That man is talking to me. He doesn’t have any blood for me. I recognize him. Titus. His name is Titus. What is he saying? “How?” “How do you feel?” He’s smiling. I look down at the woman. She’s still alive. “Prestira?” he says. Is that my name? Prestira? Yes, that’s my name. My name is Prestira. My name is Prestira and I am a witch. And I am Yavara’s friend. Yavara. The woman on the floor isn’t Yavara. Yavara is sitting next to Titus. She’s afraid of me. My memories flood back to me. I regain control. Holy shit that was weird.

“Prestira, how do you feel?” asked Titus as he looked me over.

“…Alive.” I said back to him.

“I can see that. It’s quite the rush, isn’t it?”

“You said the craving wouldn’t be there!” I cried as I looked in horror at the woman on the floor.

“I said it wouldn’t be there as long as you were in your natural state. The longer you go without blood, the worse it will be when you transform. So make sure you feed if you plan on changing, otherwise you’ll bite the closest thing to you.”

“Will she be OK?” I asked Titus as I pointed to the passed-out girl.

“You just fed from her, you didn’t inject venom. She’ll be fine. I paid her quite a bit, so don’t feel bad. Bring in the next girl for Queen Yavara!”

The orc guided another girl into the room and picked her passed-out friend off the floor. Titus tossed her a sack of gold before leaning into Yavara.

“Are you ready, my queen?” he asked as he pushed the robe off her, exposing her naked neck.

“Can Prestira do it?” asked Yavara.

“If that’s what you want, sure,” responded Titus, “Prestira, you only want to inject her from one fang. Bite your arm and inject yourself until you get it down.”

I bit into my arm, noting that there was no pain from it. I injected the venom into my forearm from both fangs until I figured out how to control them individually. I pulled out from my arm and watched as the wound healed instantly. My skin was paler than it was before, almost completely white. My breasts were noticeably larger and my ass was now squeezing from my pants. My thighs were full and thick, the gap between them filled out. My clothes were so constricting. I needed to be free. I took a long finger nail and sliced the fabric in one motion, the clothes flying off me. My new body was so beautiful. Yavara stared approvingly at me. I smiled down at her and placed my hands gently on her shoulders. She cocked her head and pulled her hair to the side, giving me a perfect angle to her vein. I breathed down her neck and kissed the spot I would puncture. I felt a shudder flow through Yavara. I sunk my fangs into her neck and injected from one of them. She whimpered softly as I poured my venom into her. I continued to inject her until her heart stopped. I released her and waited for her transformation.

Yavara’s eyes flashed open, her pupils now slits. Her orange irises turned crimson. Her tan skin grew pale until it was completely white, and her full lips turned dark red. Her curvy figure didn’t undergo a dramatic transformation, but her nails grew longer and her upper canines turned to fangs. She lurched upward and dashed to the frightened woman with unnatural speed. Yavara sunk her fangs into her neck and sucked the blood from girl’s vein. The girl grew pale and collapsed on the floor. Yavara rose, her chest heaving, her eyes wild, her beautiful body bathed in the red torch light. The entire room was fixated on the Dark Queen.

Titus clapped his hands together, “Brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, I present to you, our queen!”

The room erupted in applause. Yavara took in the sight of her new subjects before raising her hand for silence. She took a finger nail and sliced off her clothes.

“I don’t know why you stopped the orgy. Let’s fuck.” She said, and jumped into the crowd. Yavara was immediately taken by two men, their strong arms lifting her between them before they penetrated her from both holes. An animalistic growl erupted from Yavara’s throat as her pussy and asshole were filled. She sunk her new fangs into the neck of the man taking her front, Yavara’s vampire body demanding blood with her lust. Tiffany and Ivanka crawled over to me, they’re tongues licking their blood-red lips as their asses swayed behind them.

“You’re are sister now, Prestira.” Tiffany cooed as she crawled up my body.

“Our blood sister forever.” Ivanka smiled as her hand slipped between my legs.

Both sisters sunk their fangs into my breasts as they sucked from my nipple. I moaned as their venom seeped into me, a pleasurable tingling sensation permeating from the injection point. Ivanka’s fingers parted my slit and drove inward. My head fell backward into the chair as a purr leaked from my lips. Tiffany’s fingers joined her sister’s inside of me, playfully entangling with each other as they explored my depths. Their thumbs wrestled with each other over my clit, stimulating it simultaneously as they sucked from my breasts.

“It’s good to see my daughters are getting along with their new sister.” Titus as he walked between them.

That’s what you are now, Prestira. You’re my blood-daughter. his voice rang in my head as his hands pushed my thighs apart.

And now you communicate with me telepathically? my mind asked as he brought his face downward.

From any distance. We are connected by blood now, Prestira. You have the same connection with Yavara, being her blood-mother.

This will play out interestingly in our incest fetish. my mind spoke as my mouth moaned.

Just call me ‘Daddy’. Titus smiled up from between my legs as he licked his fangs. His tongue slid between my slit, lathering my pedals with his saliva. He must have secreted venom onto his tongue, as the familiar tingling sensation burned from my labia. My hands pressed against the back of the chair as I arched my back to him, his daughters still suckling from my breasts as their fangs found new flesh to stimulate. Titus moved his tongue across my clit, sending a shiver up my spine. He gracefully danced his mouth along my womanhood, every oral movement eliciting a lustful reaction from me. My moans grew louder as his tongue bore into my frothing opening, probing my insides until he found my spot. He sunk his fangs into my outer lips as his tongue pressed against my insides. My eyes closed in pleasure and my head tilted backward as my moans turned to gentle cries. Ivanka released my breast and sunk her fangs into my pulmonary artery, sending the aphrodisiac venom directly into my heart. My hand caressed her hair as she seeped her toxin into me, her body pressed against my own. Tiffany brought her full, blood-red lips to me and opened my mouth with them. I entwined my tongue with my new sister’s as my hand traveled down the front of her body. Tiffany moaned into my mouth as my fingers sunk into her pussy.

Every sense my body possessed was heightened in my vampire state. I could see things from across the room in clear detail, I could taste every part of Tiffany’s delicious mouth, I could smell the sweet stink of sex in the air. My nerves were electrified, every touch and feeling intensified. I could hear every moan and cry, the soft slapping of skin, the wet sounds of penetration. I could even discern exactly where every sound was coming from.

Titus pulled his mouth from me and filled his hands with my ass. He spread me open and dove his sizable member into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he thrust into me, his cock parting my inner walls and stimulating every inch of my depths. I pulled from Tiffany’s kiss as I cried out my approval of his invasion. A male vampire came up from behind Tiffany and drove his cock all the way into her ass. She shrieked into my face as her pussy clenched tightly around my fingers, her juices gushing down my wrist. Tiffany’s expression was one of alarmed arousal, her red lips were agape in twisted pleasure, and her eyes were wide as the man pushed his length all the way up her. My thumb traced her red lips before I tilted her head upward. I sunk my fangs into her pulmonary artery and shot the venom into her vein. I felt Tiffany convulse around my fingers as the combination of her anal penetration, my practiced hand, and the aphrodisiac seeping into her heart brought her over the edge. I withdrew my mouth from her neck and noticed that her slit pupils were dilated from the venom. She looked into my eyes with ecstasy etched across her face. I guided her body on top of my own, her large breasts pressing against mine, her pale skin glistening with sweat. She gyrated on top of me as the orgasm took hold of her, her back arching, pressing herself even closer to me. She screamed her elation into my face as her pussy squirted all over my torso. Ivanka licked her sister’s juices from me before she was also taken from behind.

Titus pulled me off the chair and brought my body to his. My breasts pressed against his chest as I pushed my mouth to him. Our tongues lustfully entangled as we gently bit into each other’s lips, the venom providing extra spice to our oral embrace. Titus continued to drive his cock into my pussy while his fingers firmly gripped my ass. I broke from the kiss as I felt a wet tongue circling my spokes. I looked behind me to see a female vampire rimming me while she jerked off a male vampire behind her. Her warm, soft tongue lathered my puckered sphincter before she gently spread my cheeks with her fingers and burrowed her tongue in. I let out a delighted cry at her intrusion. Her full, red lips kissed my rim while her tongue worked my inner walls. She looked up at me with hunger written across her cat-like eyes as her lips gently sucked the rim of my puckered asshole. I felt her fangs dig into my rim, sending a shot of pleasure up my spine as the venom seeped into me. She gave me knowing wink as she slowly rotated her lips around my asshole, her warm tongue wetting my insides. When she was satisfied with her work, she brought her male friend over and guided the head of his cock to my ass, raising an eyebrow at me inquisitively. I confirmed my desire by pulling from Titus and pushing my ass against the man. The woman smiled and guided the cock into me.

I curved by back as the man’s cock drove deeper and deeper. I savored the pain as his girth expanded my tight insides, my internal resistances giving way to him. I leaned my head back on the man’s shoulder as he retreated his member. Titus synchronized his movements with the other man, pulling out of me until only the heads of both men were inside. Without warning, they both thrust into me, forcing a breathless cry from my mouth. Their cocks traveled through me simultaneously, pressing against my anal and vaginal wall together. I could feel both shafts squeezing the thin membrane that separated my two holes, as though they were trying to tear me open. My eyes were wide open and twitching, my mouth agape but silent. I finally found my voice as a strained scream rose from my throat. My legs gripped Titus like a vice as the unexpected intensity of my double penetration wracked my body. The man sodomizing me pulled my hair back and sank his fangs into my neck. I closed my eyes as my whole body gave into the men, my holes relaxing, my muscles unwinding. I blissfully enjoyed the intense pleasure, my voice echoing the sentiment of my body as gasps and screams unconsciously flowed from my open mouth.

The two men brought me down on the chair, the man fucking my ass seated below me while Titus drove into me from above. The man behind me pulled my legs up until my heels were dangling above my ears. The position allowed for even deeper penetration than before, their cocks now given unobstructed access to my filthy holes. I panted like a bitch as I stared into my blood-father’s red eyes, his mouth curled in a sneer as he violated me. My competitive nature was awoken at the sight of his smug face. I sunk my nails into his chest and pulled down, thin cuts opening and then closing instantly as his body healed. Titus growled as I dragged my fingers through his flesh.

“Oh, you little bitch!” roared Titus as he wrapped a strong hand around my throat.

“Fight back, pussy.” I squeaked out.

“Oh I see,” Titus said as he released my throat, a thin smile curving across his lips, “My little girl needs to be disciplined.”

Titus pressed his body to mine and dug his nails into my shoulders. He forcefully ripped an ‘x’ shape across my back, my body jolting up to him in pain, a pathetic yelp bursting from my mouth. My pussy gushed its approval as the sweet sting of his abuse scorched through my body. I sunk my fangs into his shoulder and ripped my nails across his back as he did to me. He pushed in harder than ever before, his cock pressing roughly against my cervix. A mutual bolt of pleasure shot through both of us as the carnal violence mixed with the primal lust. Pain as a vampire didn’t register the same as it did in my normal body. Titus’ attack would have rendered me incapacitated in my natural form, but in my vampire form, it only served to elevate the sex. Titus dug his nails into my ass cheeks and ripped upward along my spine. My back wrenched viciously. An animalistic screech erupted from my throat as my skin healed. I savored the sweet pain, my eyes begging Titus for more. The man behind me caught onto the game and ripped deep cuts along the underside of my thighs. I gritted my teeth as I was assaulted by both men, my sexual organs flowing with juice as my body delighted in the violence. I lashed out at Titus and shredded his cheek. His head whipped to the side, the five cuts healing before he turned back to me with rage in his eyes.

That’s the look I wanted.

The man behind me forced my arms behind my back as Titus sunk both his hands into my supple breasts. My head flew back violently as his nails worked their way deeper into my skin. I could feel his fingertips digging into my flesh as my body convulsed in pain and intense pleasure. I looked down to see that Titus’ fingers were now knuckle-deep in my breasts, my skin reforming around his digits as he drove them into me, no blood leaving my wounds. The agony was becoming unbearable, but the excitement I got from it was unlike anything I’d felt before. Titus lowered his mouth to my newly penetrated breasts and sunk his fangs into one nipple, and then the other. The venom worked its magic, turning my pain into unbelievable pleasure. I cried out as Titus worked his fingers into my new erogenous zone, my body convulsing as the orgasm came over me.

“I guess I won this round.” Titus sneered into my face.

“Good game.” I panted breathlessly. Titus began to withdraw his fingers but I stopped them.

“Keep them in!” I gasped.

I brought my face to Titus, arousal and need fixed across it. “Penetrate me deeper.” I whispered beggingly into his ear.

Titus drove his fingers to maximum depth as my body twisted and warped around the two men. The vampire railing my anus sunk his fingers into my ass cheeks and worked them to the knuckle. Saliva began to flow from the corners of my mouth as I abandoned all pretense and let my body react freely. Screams of ecstasy flowed from my hoarse throat as the intensity of my climax peaked. A deep burning expanded from my asshole, pussy and taint and lined to my newly penetrated breasts and glutes. I orgasmed once, my pussy squirting its arrival all over Titus, before a second, more intense wave crashed down on me. My eyes rolled back into my head as the electrifying pressure ballooned within me. My voice choked out breathless sounds as my back wrenched violently. Titus and the man sunk their fangs into opposite sides of my neck as they blew their loads into me. The venom seeped deeper into my heart as their hot seed leaked from my defiled holes. With one last spasm, I twisted ferociously on the men before collapsing onto my back. They withdrew their fingers from me, the flesh stretching from my body as they did. I weakly moaned my pleasure while the man inside of my ass pumped gently.

“Oh my god,” I laughed, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“You’re a little fucked up, aren’t you Prestira?” Titus smiled down at me.

“You have no idea.” I smiled back.

“Fresh blood!” roared a voice from the door. I turned around to see the orc push in five human women. The blood lust began to rise within me as my focus fixated on their beautiful blue veins. Titus pulled out of me and raised his arms to the women.

“Ladies,” he yelled, “What brings you into my home?”

“Is it true that Queen Yavara is here?” asked one of them.

“Why yes it! Would you like to meet the queen?” asked Titus as he put his arm around the woman.

“Oh my god, can I?” she asked excitedly, seemingly not aware of the danger she was in.

“Queen Yavara, you have guests, if you would like to see them!”

Yavara was in the center of the orgy, more than living up to the reputation of the Dark Queen. Two men were doing lateral splits against each other as they filled her ass and pussy, she had a woman sucking upon each breast, and she was holding a third female vampire up against her face, her hands supporting the woman’s weight by her ass, the woman’s legs wrapped tightly around her head. Yavara lowered the woman wrapped around her face and eyed her visitors.

“Hello.” She said, a little irritated to be interrupted.

“Queen Yavara?! You’re a-a-” one of the women stammered.

“A vampire?” Yavara smiled as she stood up, her beautiful naked body exposed to the women.

Yavara walked over to the women, her hips swaying seductively back and forth, her perfect breasts bobbing gently up and down. Her red eyes looked at the women hungrily, her tongue flicking across her fangs. She pressed her body against the talkative one, her hands resting on the poor girl’s hips.

“And what can I do for you?” Yavara asked.

“We just…we just wanted to see you.” The woman replied.

“If you frequent this club, you know doubt know what lies behind that door. You walked into the den of vampires, just to see me? I’m flattered girl, what’s your name?”

“Patricia.” She whimpered.

Oh this is too perfect. Yavara’s telepathic voice laughed into my head.

“You’re a pretty little thing, Patricia,” Yavara said as she eyed the woman, “If you’re such a fan, you’ll be delighted to know we have room in my kingdom for pretty little things. Would you like to join me?” Yavara asked as her hands traveled down the woman’s hips and sunk into her cheeks.

“Join you?” asked the woman as her body pressed against Yavara.

“Yes Patricia. But you see, Alkandra is a realm of beasts, and you’re just a human. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a human, humans will certainly be welcome to visit and trade, but to be a citizen of Alkandra, you must be a beast. Now, I can think of only one way you can become a citizen of Alkandra.”

“You want to make me a vampire?!” cried Patricia.

It must be two fangs, Prestira. I let you and Yavara become daywalkers because I needed you. This girl is either food or a fully-fledged vampire. Relay the message to Yavara, please.

I sent the message to Yavara.

You can talk to Titus?

He’s my blood-father, I guess that means we have that connection. When you bite Patricia, you’ll have that connection with her. I thought to Yavara. Yavara turned her attention back to the terrified woman.

“The moment you walked through that door,” Yavara said to Patricia, “You were doomed to become one of two things: food, or a vampire. I’m offering you the latter.”


“Shush girl,” Yavara said as she pressed a finger to Patricia’s lips, “It’s no choice at all. This clan will protect you, they’ll feed you, they’ll love and accept you. You’ll get to be beautiful and young forever. And you’ll be my blood daughter, Patricia. I have a blood mother, but no blood sisters and no daughters. You will be under my protection and care.”

Yavara stoked Patricia’s hair, her voice soothing and comforting. The four other women were huddled together and crying as they realized the gravity of their mistake. Patricia had regained control of herself and looked Yavara in the eye. “I will be your blood-daughter, my queen.”

“I’m honored.” Yavara smiled as her fingernail sliced Patricia’s dress down the middle. The fabric fell off Patricia, revealing her late-teens naked body to the room. Patricia shuddered as Yavara moved behind her and pressed her naked body to her back. Yavara’s hands lovingly caressed Patricia’s shoulders as she planted a kiss on her neck. Yavara’s kiss tuned to a bite as her fangs sunk into the girl’s artery. Patricia let out a whimper as Yavara poured her poison into her, her legs shaking before finally buckling beneath her. Yavara guided Patricia’s limp body to the floor, laying her softly on a pillow.

Patricia’s red eyes flashed open. Her gangly body filled out while her skin grew white. She shot from the floor and sunk her fangs into one of her friend’s necks. The girl let out a cry before collapsing to the floor. I was surprised to see that Yavara didn’t hold Patricia back, letting her suck the life from her friend until her body was limp and cold. Patricia finally had her fill and rose from her victim. Yavara gently placed a hand on the limp girl’s wrist and nodded slightly to me, confirming she felt a pulse.

“You three,” Yavara said to the terrified girls, “Will not get the same option as Patricia. You foolish girls are food.”

The three girls screamed and pleaded with Yavara, getting on their knees and groveling at her feet.

“Rise, fools. I am not a cruel woman, but I am practical. My people need blood, and you have brought it for us. I need the people of Ardeni Dreus to not hate me, and killing four stupid girls wouldn’t aid me in that endeavor. You will live, you have my word, but you’re going to be very tired in the morning. And when people ask you what Queen Yavara was like, you will tell them she is merciful.”

Yavara sliced the dresses off the remaining three women and the passed out girl. Four vampires carried them to stockades on the far wall and clamped them in. Yavara placed her hands on Patricia’s hips and brought her daughter to her.

“Vampirism suits you Patricia, you’re quite the beauty.” Yavara said as her hands wandered along Patricia’s waist.

“Thank you, mother.” Patricia hissed seductively as she leaned her head back to accept Yavara’s kiss. Yavara smiled as she withdrew from the kiss.

“Are you a virgin, Patricia?” Yavara asked.


“This is going to be an interesting night for you, child.”

And just like that, the orgy was back on. Yavara guided her new daughter over to me. I knelt in front of Patricia and Yavara knelt behind her. I put my mouth to the girl’s virgin slit while Yavara spread her cheeks and planted her face between them. Patricia moaned as our tongues penetrated both her holes, her hands reaching in front and behind her to support herself on our heads. A cock pushed into my dripping pussy as a woman’s tongue invaded my anus. I moaned into Patricia’s cunt as I was taken, my upper lip wrapping around her clit as my tongue explored her. A man managed to maneuver himself beneath Yavara while another man took her ass from behind. Yavara’s hand reached out and grasped mine from between Patricia’s legs. Patricia’s moans became louder, her hips gyrating and grinding on our faces in response to our practiced movements. Her juices flowed into my mouth, and I could feel the tell-tale spasms traveling up her pelvis. I worked her g-spot before I sunk my fangs into her labia, sending a shock of pleasure up Patricia that forced her legs to clench around me. The man fucking me from behind began to drive harder, pushing my face against Yavara’s blood-daughter while expressions of my arousal slipped from my lips. Yavara’s hand clenched tighter around mine as she felt Patricia ascending to orgasm. Yavara sank her fangs into Patricia’s rim, escalating the girl’s moans to cries and gasps. The woman tonguing my asshole began to suck on my sphincter, causing a wave of pleasure to wash over my body. I gasped for air before diving back into Patricia. I wrapped my lips around Patricia’s clit and sucked as I pulled away. Her head flung backward in response, her pussy gushing its orgasm into my mouth. Patricia quivered in ecstasy for a moment, before gracefully dismounted from our heads and disappearing into the mass of writhing flesh.

They grow up so fast. Yavara’s thoughts spoke as she made a fake crying face.

Not you baby girl, someday you’re going to have to move out. I smiled at Yavara.

Didn’t you hear, mom? I’ll have my own place soon. I swear, I got a job lined up and everything. I just need a little help with rent from my friends. Yavara thought to me as she moaned.

I’m not sure I approve of your choice of friends, pumpkin. I think you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. I thought back to her as my spine arched with pleasure, my tits bouncing inches from Yavara’s face.

You just don’t understand me, mom! You don’t know anything!

“Come here, pumpkin. Let me show you all the things your mother knows.” I said lustfully with my physical voice as I pressed my mouth against Yavara’s. Our fangs bit into each other’s cheeks as out lips and tongues entwined in a licentious embrace. I shifted my body forward until I bestrode the face of the man fucking Yavara’s pussy. I gasped into the Dark Queen’s mouth as the man’s tongue writhed against my clit while his male brethren pumped into me. I glanced backward to see the woman behind me spreading my cheeks for another man. It was the same woman who ate my ass before, and she gave me a devilish grin when she saw that I recognized her. The new man straddled in front of the other man before pushing his length deep into my asshole. My concupiscent scream was muffled by Yavara’s mouth as my spine curve upward in sync with the man’s penetration. Yavara rose with me until our breasts were pressed against each other, our bodies curving up to a mutual peak. A bold man interrupted our kiss by forcing himself between us and driving his cock into my mouth. I accepted his offer, wrapping my lips around his girth as I flexed my throat around him. My blood-red lips moved lustfully down his length until my nose pressed against his pelvis. Yavara spread the man’s cheeks and drove her tongue into his ass, a shot of precum blasting down my throat as the man got exactly what he came here for. The man took hold of my head and rammed his cock vigorously down my throat. I savored his roughness as I gagged around him, my saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I looked up at the man as he throat-fucked me, my libidinous eyes begging him for abuse. He acquiesced my request, pinching my nose as he drove into me, forcing me to make him come before I passed out. I writhed around the cocks that were penetrating my nethers as my throat constricted tightly around the man. I wrapped my lips until the seal was air-tight, and bobbed my head congruently with the man’s thrusts, taking him in as he pushed and withdrawing as he pulled away. I felt his cock throbbing and pulsating in my mouth as it became harder to breathe. With a cathartic roar, the man forced his length down my throat and unloaded into my belly. I felt an orgasm building within me as I feasted upon his nectar.

The man moved from between Yavara and I, and we resumed our kiss, passing the man’s semen between our mouths. Yavara pulled from my mouth and curved her neck to me. We sank our fangs into each other’s throats, secreting our aphrodisiac venom into each other’s hearts. We extracted simultaneously as our orgasms began to grow in intensity. We kissed and withdrew in pattern as our mouths took a break to express our pleasure before they lustfully embraced again. We filled our hands with each other’s breasts and pushed against one another as our anal and vaginal orgasms rose to unbearable peaks. Our torsos convulsed as our sweat glistened off our skin and wetted each other’s bodies. We screamed our ecstasy simultaneously, our backs curved to unnatural angles, our breasts pressing against one another, our heads flung backward as our climaxes erupted within our bodies. The men pulled from us and the women came after to clean up. Yavara and I lied on our backs next to each other as four women licked the cum from our gaping holes. I rolled on top of Yavara and smiled down at my blood-daughter as the women explored our nethers with their tongues. I pressed my pussy to Yavara’s and we moaned in mutual satisfaction as one of the women ran her tongue between our slits.

I’m hungry mommy. Yavara said, licking her fangs.

Oh, does my baby girl need feeding? I’m hungry too. How does human sound?

I took Yavara by the hand and guided her to the unfortunate women in the stockades. The four of them were being taken from behind as vampires periodically drank their fill from their necks. Yavara lovingly stroked one of the girl’s hair and whispered words of encouragement into her ear.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Yavara asked.

“Alexa, my queen.” The girl moaned as her face was twisted with horror and sexual arousal.

“Alexa, I’m going drink from you. Don’t be scared, child. I promised you that you will live. Just relax and enjoy it.” Yavara kissed the girl’s lips. Alexa became noticeable more relaxed as Yavara’s practiced mouth seduced her. Yavara withdrew from Alexa, the girl’s face now a portrait of bliss. Yavara smiled down at the girl before gently sinking her fangs into her neck. Alexa moaned as Yavara drank from her, the girl growing slightly paler until the Dark Queen had her fill. I didn’t bother with the pleasantries as I drank from my victim, and just closed my eyes and savored the feeling as my body was energized by the fresh blood.

“Mother!” Patricia appeared from the crowd, holding a bag in her hand, “Titus gave this to me, he said we should try it.”

“What is it?” Yavara asked.

“Powdered pixy plasma. He said it’s the best drug a vampire can get.”

We’ll just ignore the ethics of this, and indulge ourselves for tonight. I spoke telepathically to Yavara as I took the bag and syphoned a line onto Patricia’s breasts. I snorted the line in one motion and immediately felt the effects.

My eyes water. A feeling rises within me. Energy. It’s coursing through me. My throat is numb. My mind is euphoric. Only the now. Only this moment. I want Yavara to feel this. I bend her over and spread her perfect cheeks. She doesn’t protest. I make a small pile of the powder on her gaping asshole and press my mouth to her. I blow in. I see Yavara react to it. She turns to me. Her pupils are dilated and her face echoes the effect of the drug. Her breath on my lips. Excitement. Desire. I kiss her. Everything is heightened. Her tongue is electric. Her red lips are so soft and wet. Patricia does a line off my breasts. She looks up at me as her mind is taken over. I kiss her. Yavara joins in. She kisses both of us and then takes us by the hand. Yavara guides us to the middle of the orgy. A circle has formed with the men on the outside and the women on the inside. Pale bodies writhing and bathed in the red torch light. I join in. I bring my hips down on a man. My mouth screams my pleasure. Everything is so good. My pussy is covered with nerves. I feel every inch. My walls cling to him. He thrusts with wild abandon. He’s trying to break me open. I love it. The man passes me to the next man. Fangs sink into my breast. I growl as his cock burrows into me. I move like I’ve never moved before. My body wiggles and gyrates unnaturally. My muscles twitch and convulse. I orgasm after a few seconds. I’m passed to the next man. I squat over him while he drives his cock into my ass. Pain. Pleasure. I’m forcefully opened. I feel another man knocking at my back door. I cry out. My back arches. My rim stretches deliciously as two cocks grind into my ass. My pussy gushes. I scream. My body convulses in another orgasm. I turn to the left. Yavara is screaming. She has two cocks in her ass and one in her pussy. She looks at me with wild excitement. Her red eyes are wide open. Her slit pupils are dilated. Her mouth is agape. She loves it. She’s so beautiful. The red light dances off her soft pale skin. Her flesh glistens as her muscles convulse. Her back is arched as the two men drive into her ass. The third man sinks his fangs into her supple breast. She cries out. Her breast is stretched from her body. She throws her head back and screams her orgasm.

I move to the next man. It’s Titus. He has powder all over his nose. He looks at me hungrily. He knows how I want it. I shriek as his fingers dig into my ass cheeks. He pushes his cock all the way to my cervix. His fingers move underneath my flesh. I feel fangs biting into my rim. It’s that woman again. All my pain turns to unbelievable pleasure. I squirt all over Titus as I arch my back. Screams. Moans. Shrieks. I bring the woman up to me. I taste my ass on her tongue. “What’s your name?” “Olivia.” “I’ll remember you, Olivia.” I’m passed to the next man. And then the next man. I don’t know how much time has passed. Yavara is wrapped around my face as my holes are defiled. I haven’t stopped orgasming. She hasn’t either. She straddles over my mouth while a man fucks her ass. His thighs are squishing down on my breasts. Every movement is a convulsing wrench, our bodies violently shifting as our minds are taken over. I’m covered in fluids. I’m sullied from head to toe. I don’t care. Lust, power, life. Nothing matters but the now. Only the now. Yavara shoots her fluid all over my face. Two women come and lick it off me. Everyone wants a taste of the Dark Queen. I’m hoisted in the air. So is Yavara. We straddle our men’s faces as we rise above the crowd. Our mouths meet. Our fangs sink into each other’s lips. Fingers explore our holes as the crowd joins in. Fangs everywhere. Fangs in my ass and thighs. Venom mixing with the drug inside of me. I’m out of my mind. I don’t know who I am. I am just sex. I’m the physical embodiment of lust. I want to devour Yavara in lust. I want her close to me. I want her inside of me. Her fingers move into my slit next to the man’s tongue. I orgasm again. I reciprocate. We scream our elation. We are in the middle of it all. Everyone reaching their hands out. Everyone taking turns inside of us. It’s not love. It’s lust. Pure, carnal desire. We’re bent over the chair as man after man unloads into us. We haven’t moved from our kiss. Our lips communicate every sensation to each other. Our minds entangle as we switch bodies back and forth. I feel what Yavara feels. She feels what I feel. Two minds melded as one. Twice the pleasure. Our holes are gaping open. Our anuses are prolapsed. Women suck the men’s nectar from our rose buds before pushing our insides back in. The drug wears off. We’re not in the now anymore.

“We need to leave, Yavara.” I said as I helped her to her feet.

“I could stay here forever.” Yavara laughed.

“Alas you have other duties to attend to my queen,” Titus said as he wrapped an arm around each of us. “I enjoyed both of you very much, especially you, Prestira.” Titus pressed his lips to me in a hedonistic kiss. I reciprocated my affection, our tongues wrestling combatively in my mouth. I withdrew from the kiss with his tongue between my teeth before I released him with a grin.

“I’m putting my lair right next to your chambers, Prestira.” Titus smiled.

“Oh,” I said in sarcastic indignation, “what makes you think I want you anywhere near me?”

“It’s not up to you, young lady,” Titus said with a firm slap on my ass, “Your daddy needs to keep an eye on you.”

“Until next time, Titus.” I said with a promising smile.

Yavara and I put on our robes and transformed to our original bodies before exiting the VIP section. I was immediately hit with a wave exhaustion, my legs almost buckling as I returned to my weaker form.

Our mortal forms are so fucking sad. Yavara thought to me as we stumbled out of the club and into the daylight.

At least we can stand in the sun.

God, how long have we been in there? Yavara thought as she noticed the angle of the sun.

We walked in there yesterday afternoon, it’s already mid-morning.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

A young boy ran down the street and stopped just in front of us.

“Are you Prestira Rasloraca?” the boy asked.

“No child, I am a servant of god, you must be mistaking me for someone else.” I responded.

“King Dreus sent me to find you and Queen Yavara. He said you would be dressed as priestesses. He has an important message for Queen Yavara.”

“Give me the message, dear.” Yavara said as she extended a hand. The boy handed her a scroll and then disappeared down the street. I could feel Yavara began to shake beside me as she read the message. Tears streaked down her cheeks and blotted the paper.

What does it say? I asked urgently.

My mother has been executed for treason. My father has abdicated the throne to Leveria.

Oh my god.

Leveria wants to meet with me.

For peace talks?

No, Prestira. Leveria hates me with all her heart. There will be no peace with her. There will be no peace ever. She wants to meet with me so that she knows I’m still in Ardeni. She will send assassins.

Surely she wouldn’t be so bold. The damage it would do to her relationship with King Dreus…

Prestira, Leveria just had my mother executed and forced my father to hand her the crown almost twenty years before her coronation. She is the most ruthless person I’ve known. I could negotiate with Father. She will not negotiate. She will burn her own kingdom to the ground if it means I go with her. We must leave the city at once.

We need to get our money from King Dreus first, or all of this will be for nothing.

She will already have men watching every corner of the palace. I trust King Dreus, but I do not trust his men. She will have a price on my head high enough to turn a peasant to a lord, and so will you, and Zander, and Brock, maybe even Elena, if they know she’s turned. She no doubt dispatched a force to deal with the Terdini tribe, we must get back to Brock and warn him!

“Listen to me, Yavara!” I said as I grasped her shoulders, “You are a queen, which means you must make impossible decisions. Brock is a great warrior, and he can may be able to escape an elven raid. But you, Yavara, you will never get what you want if you do not get that money.”

“We can’t go to the palace Prestira, I just told you-”

“We aren’t going to the palace. Titus, his clan, and two new vampires are going to the palace to negotiate the terms of their departure. I head King Dreus is willing to pay a high ransom if they leave.”

“Tonight?” Yavara asked.



Prestira and Yavara go to meet with Titus, the gang leader they need to convince to join them and leave the city so that King Dreus, ruler of Ardeni Dreus, will pay them.

Titus demands that Prestira and Yavara become daywalkers. Daywalkers are vampires that can transform back and forth between their vampire and normal forms.

Titus bites Prestira, turning the witch into his blood-daughter. Prestira does the same to Yavara. They join the vampire orgy.

Yavara bites a human girl named Patricia. Patricia becomes Yavara's blood-daughter.

Maternal and paternal blood-relatives have a mental connection with their children; they can speak to each other telepathically over any distance.

Once the orgy is over, Yavara and Prestira leave Titus' den. A messenger runs up to the two women. Yavara learns that her sister, Leveria, has killed her mother, and her father has crowned Leveria queen.

Yavara explains to Prestira that they are all in great danger; Leveria hates Yavara with all her heart. They hatch a plan to escape the city in their new vampire forms, where no one will recognize them.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter Eleven

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