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Queen Yavara: Chapter Twelve

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Cruelty

Author: White Walls

Published: 21 June 2017

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Chapter Twelve


I walked to the dungeons, my footsteps echoing into the still night. The guard nodded to me and opened the iron door. He guided me by torchlight through the catacombs, the wails and shrieks of captured beasts echoing through the halls. I walked behind the guard, carefully watching my footsteps as I navigated the uneven stairs. Soon a familiar voice reached my ears. Mother’s sobs rang out through the dark halls of the dungeon. Her cell was lit with torches, a courtesy reserved for imperial prisoners, no doubt. The guard handed me his key ring.

“Leave us.” I said to him.

Mother’s sobs ceased at the sound of my voice. Her wrists were pinned to the wall by metal shackles, her arms forced upward above her head. Her legs were clamped to the floor, forcing her legs to spread at an uncomfortable angle. Her dress was dirtied and ripped, her white-blonde hair hung it strands over her pale face. I enjoyed the sight of my once-proud mother lowered to such a state.

“Leveria?” she called out into the darkness, “Is that you?”

“Yes, Mother.” I said as I stepped into the torchlight.

“Leveria,” she cried, “It’s so good to see you!”

“I needed to see you, Mother. I couldn’t let you spend your last night alone.” I responded.

“This doesn’t have to be my last night!” cried mother, “Leveria, you must go to your father and convince him that Glendian is lying. You always had a way with him. Please, go tell him, I never betrayed him!”

“Didn’t you say you laid with an incubus?”

“I did, and I’m ashamed,” Mother said, her eyes averting my gaze, “but I never knew about any of the other things Glendian spoke of.”

“I believe you, mother,” I said as I unlocked the cell door, “but Father believes Glendian. I don’t know how I could convince him otherwise.”

“Glendian’s journal!” mother cried, “Glendian keeps a journal like all of the other headmasters before him. He notes when every person comes to him, and why. Tell your father to make Glendian prove I met with him!”

“That might work!” I feigned excitement as I knelt between her legs, “I will tell Father tomorrow. He will still divorce you, but you will live! Oh god, mother, I’m so happy for you!”

I threw my arms around mother and embraced her lovingly. I could feel her tears streaking down my cheeks as she cried her relief. She thought she was going to be freed. She thought I was her savior.

“I was always so cruel to you Leveria,” Mother sobbed, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I had such meanness in my heart for you. You’re such a good daughter, such a sweet girl.”

“It’s OK mother.” I said over her shoulder, “I knew you always loved me. And I have news to lift your spirits further: you’re going to be a grandmother!”

“That’s wonderful!” Mother cried, “There’s no greater joy in the world than being a mother.”

“You just have to hang on a little longer. We need to get you out of this place, it doesn’t suit you.” I said, beckoning to her restraints and full chamber pot.

“Oh child,” she sobbed, “I’m sorry you have to see me this way.”

I had coaxed the piece of information I needed out of Mother: Glendian’s journal could unravel this whole thing. I suspected she had one last trick up her sleeve, and now that she’d revealed her hand, there was no point in keeping up the façade. I did enjoy raising her hopes, but now it was time break her.


“Really?” I said, withdrawing from her embrace and lowering my face inches to her own, “I’m not sorry, Mother. I worked very hard to see you this way.”

Mother’s face twisted in confusion as I revealed my true nature to her.

“Glendian spoke my lies, Mother.” I smiled as her face fell, “Last night, he and I poured through his library until we found out your little secret, and then I forced him to add just one little thing.”

Mother’s face of confusion warped into one of fear and hatred.

“And I have a little secret of my own, mother.” I smiled into her eyes, “The child I’m baring, it’s not my husband’s; it’s your husband’s.”

Mother’s eye widened in shock, prompting a girlish giggle to escape from my lips.

“That’s right Mommy, I’ve been fucking Daddy. I’ve been fucking Daddy for seven years.” I sneered, “And you know what else? Daddy never loved you. He told me so in the middle of our passion. He married you for your father’s money. But Daddy loves me, Mommy. Daddy loves me so much that after you hang, I’m going to be coronated.”

Mother started to breathe heavily, a panic attack looming over her.

“And then,” I said as my hands began to slide up Mommy’s thighs, “I’m going to kill your precious Yavara. But first, I’m going to taste you. I’ve never been with another woman before, and seeing as Daddy was my first hetero experience, it only makes sense for you to be my first lesbian experiment. Who knows,” my fingers traced Mother’s inner thighs as I whispered, “maybe I’ll like it.”

I slipped my hands under mother’s dress and played with her. My thumbs worked her until her body involuntarily began to leak. I sank three fingers into her frothing slit while my thumb probed her clit. Mother looked away from me, tears streaking down her cheeks. She refused to react to me, but I had prepared for this.

“Oh you don’t like it, Mother?” I said as I withdrew a syringe from my pouch, “Well I have something that can fix that. I got this from the alchemist: succubus blood extract. I told him my husband was having problems getting it up. He told me this would fix everything. I wonder what it will do to you?”

I pulled Mother’s dress down and exposed her ample breasts. Mother’s body was still tight and youthful, only the hint of age lining her flesh. I plunged the needle directly into mother’s nipple, forcing a cry to leak from her mouth. I felt mother’s body tense up and then relax as I depressed the plunger, the purple liquid seeping into her breast. Mother’s pussy gushed around my hand as the aphrodisiac worked into her nervous system. She let out a whorish moan in response to my fingers, her body betraying her defiant mental state.

“It feels good to have your daughter rape you, doesn’t it Mother?” I teased. Mother still wouldn’t look at me, she kept her face to the side while she moaned her shame. That was OK with me, she’ll come around eventually.

“Maybe I should taste you. Does that excite you?” I asked as my fingers played within her, “Having your daughter taste the hole she was born from?”

I pulled up Mother’s dress and lowered my face between her legs. My fingers slid back and forth as they pressed against her ceiling. I kept my hand in while I moved my mouth to her clit. I wrapped my lips around her and sucked gently. I got the reaction I wanted. Mother cried out, her vaginal muscles flexing around my hand. I sucked her clit and pulled outward, the skin of her womanhood stretching from her. Mother thrashed in her restraints, her voice echoing through the cell. Her cries were a beautiful mixture of terror, hatred and sexual pleasure. I loved it. I was in complete control of her. She could hate me, she could fear me, but she couldn’t deny that I was making her feel good.

That’s right Mommy, I’m raping you, and you love it.

My upper lip remained on mother’s clit while I opened my mouth and laid my tongue flat against her slit. I drew along her pedals, tasting her sweet juices before burrowing my tongue into her. Mother gasped in pleasure as I ran my tongue along her ceiling, pressing it upward and moving back and forth across her spot. Her hips began to instinctively gyrate around my face. Her back arched from the wall, her shoulder blades curving from it. I looked up to see mother licking her lips lustfully. The succubus extract took over her mind as my mouth seduced her. I moved from her pussy and began to lick my way down her taint. She moaned her approval as I ran my tongue back and forth along the space between her holes, her juices dripping deliciously from her frothing cunt. I wrapped my lips around her pink, puckered rim and sucked her asshole. I sunk my fingers into her vacant slit while my mouth worked her virgin star.

“I know you’ve never used this spot, Daddy told me you wouldn’t let him.” I sang up from my analingus, “I let him fuck me in the ass, Mommy, and I loved it. Maybe you’ll love it to.”

I kept my lips sealed and sucking around Mommy’s rim and pushed my tongue between her spokes. Mommy moaned lecherously, her breasts concealing her face from me as her back curved in lust. I relished the taste of Mommy’s asshole, my own juices leaking between my legs. My lips smacked as I continued to suck her rim, saliva secreting from my mouth and wetting her oral penetration. My fingers pressed against her vaginal spot and roughly rubbed against it. I felt a contraction shoot through her pelvis. Mommy was coming, but it was much too early for that. I pulled out and stood up in front of her. I slid the straps of my dress over my shoulders and pulled the skirt up over my ass.

“That stuff I put in you Mommy, it only wears off once you come. Now, if you want to walk to the stockades trying to suck off every guard on your way, you can keep it in you. I will only let you come if you taste me. If you bite, I’m leaving here, and you can spend the last moments of your life begging for cock like a whore.” I lowered my face to Mother until her eyes met my own, “But if you do as I ask, I will reward you with a private execution. No crowd screaming and throwing shit on you, no walk of shame. It will be just me, you and the executioner. And you get to spend your last night in pure ecstasy.”

I straddled across Mommy, our naked slits rubbing against each other’s bodies. I gyrated back and forth across her, rubbing my clit against her pelvis. Mommy moaned and tried to look away, but I forced her head forward.

“Kiss me, mother,” I whispered, “kiss me like it’s your last night on earth.”

I lowered my lips to Mommy’s. Her lips were full, luscious and wet. I pressed against them and opened my mouth, not wanting to invade her with my tongue for fear she might bite. I let her come to me. She held back for a few seconds, but the succubus extract pulling at her inhibitions finally overcame her, and her tongue playfully licked across my own.

That’s right Mommy, you’re mine. I returned her kiss, my tongue entangling with her own. I gyrated on top of my mother, our juices leaking onto each other’s bodies. I pulled from the kiss and gazed into her eyes. They were still a mixture of hatred and fear, but the lust was readily apparent. Her mouth still opened for me, wanting me to return her kiss. I smiled at my slut mother and stood up.

“You can kiss me somewhere else.” I sneered.

I sat down on her face, my ass cheeks swallowing it. I felt mother’s nose pressing against my asshole as her tongue obediently licked my nethers. I arched my back and moaned, my hands traveling behind me and grabbing the back of Mommy’s head, driving her face deeper into me. I looked down to see Mommy’s tongue licking my clit from between my legs. It moved back and forth across it, disappearing beneath me and then reappearing as it advanced. I tilted my head back and sighed, my mind consumed by lust and power. Mommy was going to die tomorrow, I betrayed her, I framed her, and yet, here she was, lapping the juices from my cunt like an obedient little slut.

“That’s right Mommy, lick your daughter, you sick little whore.” I moaned, “You’re no better than Father and I. Always acting so high and mighty, but one little drop of aphrodisiac turns you into a little sex-crazed bitch.”

Mother didn’t respond to my taunts, she accepted her position completely. Her tongue moved from my clit, down my slit, along my taint and to my puckered asshole. I moaned and spread my legs, clenching my cheeks around her face. She sucked my rim like I had with her. Her lips wrapped around my asshole and rotated, her tongue exploring my spokes. I gasped out as her tongue finally invaded me.

“Taste my asshole, Mommy. Does it taste good? Answer me.”

“M-hm.” Mother muffled as her tongue tasted the walls of my anus. My eyes closed blissfully. Mother’s wet tongue circled inside me. I grinded back and forth across her face, moans and cries of pleasure leaking from my open mouth. I rubbed my clit ferociously, my fingers sinking into me as I clenched my cheeks around Mommy. I felt the orgasm building within me, but I wasn’t ready for it yet. I had a grand finale planned for the both of us. I dismounted from mother and reached into my pouch. I showed her the toys and I brought for us to play with. I took the butt plug and pushed it gently against her lips. She gazed at me sluttily as she wrapped her lips around it. I wetted her plug with her mouth before withdrawing, her lips smacking as they sucked it while it left her. I brought my mouth to her breast and nursed from my mother as I had done decades ago. She moaned like the whore she was while her asshole greedily accepted the toy. I raised my body and rested my chin atop her head, letting mother nurse from me while I plunged the second plug into my asshole. I shuddered as I felt the bejeweled metal plug sink into my anus. The last toy I brought was a double-sided dildo. Once again, I made mother wet the toy with her mouth. I placed the other end in my own mouth and drove forward, pushing it deeper into both of our throats until our lips met in the middle, soft gagging sounds rising from our defiled esophagi. I pulled out and roughly drove it into Mommy’s pussy, smiling as her stomach flexed in pleasure. I brought the other end to my own womanhood and moaned as it sank into me. Our clits touched each other. Our juices mixed. I began to drive back and forth. Mommy began to drive with me. I wrapped my legs around her waist and pressed my body against hers, our tits deforming against each other as our dresses soaked with our fluids. Our mouths met in another kiss, this one deep and true. Mother wanted me completely now, casting her hatred and pride away as the lust took over her. She cried into my mouth as we drove into one another. I gripped her breasts and rubbed our nipples together. I could feel it building within both of us. Our muscles were flexing, our pussies contracting. The juices were leaking from our filled holes all over the floor.

I leaned backward and drove my pelvis to Mother. Her head tilted back as her whorish screams filled the cell. Her breasts bounced in a circular pattern, their movements driven by her lustful thrusts. I could feel her spasms traveling from between her legs. Her voice grew strained and hoarse. Her cries became more desperate. My own voice echoed with hers as our pleasure took over us. Mother’s arms and legs strained against her restraints as her climax reached her. I cried out my own elation as I felt the ballooning pressure burn through my body. Our voices mingled in harmonious ecstasy as we squirted all over each other. Mother panted for a bit. Her demeanor changed. Her lustful eyes narrowed in hatred. I smiled back. I had taken everything from her now. Her power, her husband, her life, and now her dignity.


“Leave me.” She hissed.

“I will Mother,” I smiled as I pulled the dildo from her, “But I’m keeping that plug in. I want you to have a little part of me inside you when you swing from the noose.”

“Get out!” she screamed. I laughed and ran a hand through her disheveled hair.

“I was glad we got to spend this night together, Mommy. If I ever capture Yavara alive, I’ll make sure to do something similar with her.”

I grabbed a torch and ascended the stairs, my mother’s sobs fading as I skipped my way to the dungeon entrance. The next day, Mother was brought to the courtyard. I kept my promise, though I never intended on damaging the reputation of the crown with a public execution. Father wasn’t present, he was finishing up his last bit of royal business before he abdicated. Mother stood proud and stoic as the executioner put the noose over her neck. She never once looked at me, instead staring at the beautiful morning sky. I motioned to the executioner. He pulled the lever. Mother fell and then stopped with a snap. The plug flew from her and bounced off the ground. I smiled to myself as her limp body swayed. The sounds of birds chirping in the beautiful dawn.

I sat upon the throne. Glendian unenthusiastically read the scriptures. Father pridefully placed the golden crown on my head. The crowd cheered. I smiled. I raised my hand for silence. I’ve never been a great orator, so I elected for a brief speech instead. Father had advised me to play to my strengths and conceal my weaknesses, so my first address was simply a by-the-numbers proclamation of the strength of The Highlands, how we will overcome the threats, we will come out of this stronger than ever, yadda, yadda, yadda. Speeches don’t win wars, actions do. My first action as queen was to make Glendian burn his journal. He couldn’t alter the magical text, so instead he foolishly left a candle atop the open book. The last physical piece of my lie died with burning pages.

I selected my council of war. We began to amass an army. It would take months to mobilize, but Yavara was still too weak to oppose us. I sent out assassins to Ardeni Dreus. I paid off men inside King Dreus’ own court to spy on him. I sent out ranger battalions to the Great Forest. Yavara had made an ally of Brock Terdini. It was time to deal with him.


Leveria pretends to help her mother in order to coerce any information she had that could unravel her plot to take the throne.

Leveria learns that her plot could be uncovered if someone were to read Glendian's journal. She forces the headmaster to burn it.

Leveria rapes her mother with the aid of a drug called succubus blood extract. This drug will play an important role in chapters to come.

Leveria becomes queen of The Highlands. She sends assassins and spies to Ardeni Dreus and rangers to the Great Forest to kill Brock. She begins to amass an army.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter Twelve

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