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Night with the Rodeo Queen

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: BossoftheSticks

Published: 21 June 2017

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Fourth of July brings many festivities to different towns. Parades during the day, fireworks at night are the norm for many small towns across the country. But in North Dakota, especially my little community, Fourth of July brings rodeos, commonly referred to as Cowboy Christmas. Bull and bronc riders, ropers, and barrel racers compete for the fastest time and that prize money, but a crucial part of the rodeos are the queens and princesses. Not only were the local rodeo queens present, but our state queen was at our rodeo, mainly because she was once a hometown queen herself.

The state rodeo queen, Cassidy, was a high school classmate of mine, and we were good friends. We were active in many of the same things, mainly FFA and music. She was about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches tall, red head. Up until a couple years ago, she was a little on the skinnier side with about medium C breasts, but the summer after graduation, she was up to small D’s, and now a year later, she filled out a pair of Wrangler jeans a lot fuller than I had seen before.

She entered the arena with Old Glory when they did the national anthem. After that she would make appearences back in the arena, but would mingle in the crowds. She saw where me and a couple buddies were sitting, and came over and sat next to us. We talked for a while, and asked what we were doing later.

“I pulled our little camper down here to sleep in, so eventually we’re gonna get drunk”, I told her.

“That doesn’t surprise me. I’m gonna stay down here, too. But I have to leave tomorrow at noon for another rodeo out west tomorrow evening”, she said.

“Well hell, why don’t you stop by the camper, it’ll probably just be me in there”, I said.

“I’ll have to take you up on that offer”, she said, the she left to do some more queen stuff.

After the rodeo finished, we went up to for some food, then headed back to the arena to start the after-rodeo drinking. After consuming 7 beers, plus a couple shots, I need to take a leak. I went back to the trailers, and commenced to relieving myself next to Cassidy’s trailer. As I was doing that, I felt a foot press against the back of my knee.

“Hey, quit that, I’ll fall into my own piss”, I said.

“Just trying to get back for all the times you did that to me, on my bad knee”, Cassidy said. She tore her ACL three times in high school, twice senior year.

“You drink much”, I asked her.

“Some. Want to go to your camper to do some more”, she asked.

“Well, there is an admission fee”, I told her.

“What’s that?”

“Make-out session”, I said.

“Seems reasonable”, she said as she came closer and planted her lips on mine. We made out for a few minutes until I decided it was good enough.

“What should I bring”, Cassidy asked.

“Bring your good queen hat and your chaps. I have plenty of booze”, I said.

“What do I need to bring those for?”

I reached around her and grabbed her ass, “I want a little show from the state rodeo queen.”

“Oh, I’ll give you a show alright”, she replied with a grin on her face.

She went into her trailer and grabbed those two things while I headed to the camper. Everybody was too busy drinking so I wasn’t concerned about then searching for us. She came over a few minutes later, and came inside the camper. A few mixers and shots later, we were making out on the little couch again. I was grabbing at her tits over her shirt with one hand, rubbing her crotch with the other. She was moaning softly and grabbing my crotch with one hand.

Finally, she pulled away and said, “I think it’s time for your show. Go outside and wait until I’m ready.”

“I’ll be ready and waiting”, I said as I stepped outside.

I go outside, and of course I hear all the hootin’ and hollerin’ from inside the arena. And for whatever reason, I started thinking about Cassidy’s sister, Shaina. She was two years younger than us, and boy did she have a body. She was shorter than her sister, probably 5’4”, blonde hair, and she had a very nice rack on her, too. Hers were definitely D’s, and she had a nice, tight ass on her, too. I thought it would be fun to have both in here at the same time, but figured neither one would go for it.

“Okay, I’m ready”, Cassidy says from inside the camper.

I walk over and open the door and walk in the camper. I shut the door and look towards Cassidy. All she had on were her queen chaps, her queen cowboy hat, and a grin on her face. Her red hair was down under her hat, and she might have even put on a little make up. After getting a general overview, I focused my attention on her boobs. I had always thought they were about average/medium size, but now they were significantly larger than what they seemed.

“How big are your tits? They don’t look that big any other time”, I asked.

“They’re a small D, I can hide them pretty good,” she replied and she grabbed and squeezed them together. She played with her very pink nipples, then turned around and showed me her ass. It was a definitely a little more plump than I remembered.

“Looks like something else got a little bigger, too”, I said.

“This happened not that long ago. But I like it better myself”, she said.

She gave me a little dance, then walked over and put my hands around her. I grabbed one breast with my hand, the other squeezed her ass. Not gonna lie, it had been over a year and a half since I had last slept with someone, so I was going to take this for all it was worth. We started kissing again, and she turned me around, and we started back towards the end of the camper. I had already made the table and couch into the bed, so when my legs hit that, I sat down and leaned back.

Cassidy got up on my lap and started moving on top of me. We made out, while in continued to grab her breasts and ass. She was rubbing our crotches together, and she must have not done anything for a while either, because I could feel her juices start to soak into my jeans. I released the hand off her ass, and placed between our crotches. She began grinding into my mind, moaning harder with each stroke.

Now, one more thing about Cassidy that I had heard, but never witnessed. When the Yik Yak app was the rage in high school, almost all the sexual gossip was told on there. One day, the topic of squirters was brought up. Up until a couple days later, only one person admitted they were a squirter, and she wouldn’t say who see was. But a couple days later, somebody said they knew of two squirters at our high school. Cassidy was one of the two. And that’s the main reason why I was taking this opportunity to see if she was, and how big of a squirter she could be. I had made the three previous girls I had been with squirt. The first one was my first girlfriend, but she only did it once, the one time we did anal. The other two, my second girlfriend and the girl I messed around with after the afore mentioned cheated on me, I made from fingering.

Cassidy was ridning my hand as fast as she could, when I could start to feel watery liquid start to come out of her pussy. As soon as that happened, she got off me while I continued to rub her clit. Sure enough, rubbing her clit made her squirt. It wasn’t a tremendous amount but it was more than I had ever seen.

“So I guess that rumor is true”, I said.

“Wait until we start fucking, this camper will be soaked”, she said.

And with that I took my clothes off, and she began sucking my cock. There was a definite sexual hunger from her, as she went to town sucking my cock. Boy, did it feel good to have a mouth work on my cock again. But since I had done this in a while, and she was sucking like a vacuum, I had to stop her from making me cum so soon.

“Been a while since you’ve been here, huh”, she asked.

“Not since Kirby. As long as you got big enough tits, give me a tittyfuck”, I said.

Except for my first girlfriend, the last two girls I had been with had big titties. My second girlfriend had DDD’s when we started dating, but she started some diet deal, and they had shrunk down to DD’s, still big, but I still liked them better as DDD’s. And the FWB I had after the girlfriend cheated on me had DD’s. She looked like an angel though compared to my ex.

Cassidy spit between her boobs and wrapped them around my cock. It was a little harder to work with smaller boobs, but it still felt even better than a blowjob to get a pair of tits wrapped around my cock. I’d even say a titfuck is better than being in a pussy, but that’s just me.

After 5 minutes, Cassidy decided she needed me in her pussy now. She come up to my lap, rubbed my cock against her pussy, but she hesitated, then asked, “Do we need a condom?”

“Oh, I’m clean. So, unless you want to, I’d say it’s not necessary.”

“That’s fine with me”, she said as she sunk down on my cock. I almost jizzed inside her at initial impact.

“Don’t do that to me now. We’re gonna make this wilder than an eight second ride”, she said.

“You bet we are”, I said, as I lifted her up and slammed her back down on my crotch. She let out a loud moan, and started riding me again. She seriously looked majestic as her rode me with her hat and chaps on. If she was the rodeo queen, she was making me feel like a king. I don’t know if she was just that into it, or if she hadn’t done this for a while either, but she was starting to cream on my cock. There was just a little bit on the front of my cock, but I could start to feel cream running down my shaft to my balls on the backside. I’m not very big, about 6.5 inches, but it was definitely giving her plenty of pleasure.

She rode her harder and harder, and I started rubbing her clit. She moaned harder and louder, grabbed my face with both hands, and started kissing me. She kissed me harder and harder, until she let go, and got off my dick. And what came out of her had to of amounted to about a pint of squirt spraying out of her pussy. I was impressed, but knew she still had some in her.

Cassidy turned around and rode me from the other direction. She started rubbing her clit as she rode me harder.

“Want to see how far I can spray”, she asked.

“You know I want to”, I said.

She rode me faster, and rubbed her clit harder, until she jumped off and sprayed a stream of squirt about 4.5 feet from where we were. She put my dick back inside her and started the process again. This time when she squirted, she sprayed 5 feet.
“What’s your record”, I asked.

“5.5 feet. But usually the further I try to spray, then less I squirt.”

“How many times have you squirted at one time.”

“Ten or twelve, I can’t remember. And even then, I can still squirt a shit ton.”

After that conversation, she got off me and pulled me off the bed. She got down on all fours and shook her ass at me. That got me think about my first girlfriend.

“You done anal before”, I asked.

“No, not in the mood to try here”, Cassidy replied. Ehh, figured it was worth a shot.

I stuck my dick back in her pussy, and started pumping inside her. Her ass jiggled at every thrust, and I smacked each cheek a couple times before they turned red. (Cassidy doesn’t tan that well. You see her at the right angle in the sun, her skin almost glows.)

I reached under and put one hand on her clit and started rubbing. That gave her the green light to start matching my thrusts. We went hard for 5 minutes, when she pulled herself forward and let out a torrent of squirt. I couldn’t help but stick my mouth under there and not only lap up her juices, but eat her out until she squirted again. It wasn’t as much as I had done with my cock, but it still came out, and damn did it taste good. I would consider it holy water.

I stuck my dick back into Cassidy’s pussy, and let her fuck me doggystyle. She bounced her ass off my cock, and rubbed her clit. I could her pressure building up in her pussy, and within in a minute, another torrent of squirt came gushing out of the rodeo queen’s pussy. “Goddamn”, I thought to myself, “I feel so lucky.”

After she came down from her orgasm, she turned around and sucked my cock. She loved the taste of her juices, too.

“I fuck myself with a rabbit vibrator, and I love getting the taste of my squirt off it”, she said.

“Believe me, I love the taste of it, too. You should bottle and sell it as flavored water”, I told her.

“I don’t think I could squirt THAT much”, she replied.

“Well it doesn’t have to be for everybody. I’ll just take some for myself”, I said. We both laughed at that.

She sucked my cock some more, and I could feel that I wasn’t going to last much longer. I pulled her up, and she gave me a quick little titfuck. We kissed as she slid her tits up and down my shaft.

“Lay down on your belly, I want to see that ass squeezed in your chaps”, I said.

“Yeah, being on my back the chaps would be too big of a pain to work with”, she replied.

“Well if you want to do it that way, you can take them off”, I told her.

“No, we can do it your way”, she said.

“Where do you want me to cum”, I asked.

“I’ll decide later”, she replied.

So, with that, she laid down on her belly on the bed and I straddled her legs. Her ass looked really nice in those chaps. I thought of them as “cowgirl lingerie”, with the chaps being like stockings and a garter belt. I stuck my cock back into her pussy and drove in from behind. I went nice and slow to begin with. I had only done prone bone a couple times before with the FWB, and she had a nice big booty to rub against. Cassidy’s ass wasn’t big by any means, but still had a level of thickness to it.

As I picked up speed, I put my hand under her stomach and started rubbing her clit again. Cassidy was biting and gripping the bedsheet, so I knew she was going to squirt soon. I could feel some squirt come out around my cock as pressure built up in her pussy. Finally, she pushed down with her vagina, and my cock came sliding out with a stream of squirt following. I rubbed her clit even faster, and more squirt came out of her. I stuck my cock back in her and went to town on her pussy again. I rubbed her clit faster again, and in just under a minute, she squirted more that one time than any other time she had tonight. There was an actual puddle of her squirt on the bedsheet beneath her pussy.

As all this was going on, I felt pressure of my own start to swell up in my balls. I was going to let go soon, and I needed to know where she wanted me to go. I thought about just cumming on her ass, but I felt that was kind of in poor taste.

“Where do you want my cum”, I asked.

“Stick it back inside me, and fill me up”, she said.

“You sure”, I replied.

“Give me every last drop in my pussy. I’m royalty, damn it”, she said.

“If you insist, your majesty”, I replied, and as she laughed I stuck my cock back inside. She let out a squeal, and moved her ass around beneath me.

“Oh yes, give that cum. Shoot your load inside this rodeo queen”, she said to me.

“Oh fuck, yes. Here it comes”, I replied.

I blew 6 or 7 full ropes of cum deep inside Cassidy’s pussy, and had a few small spurts come out after. Cassidy clearly enjoyed that feeling.

“Your warm cum feels so good inside me, I wish I could have some more”, she said.

“I’ll try and muster some up for you”, I replied. And I started pumping again. Surprisingly, not as much of my first load was coming out. It wasn’t long afterwards, that I could feel my balls tighten up again.

“Oh that’s it. Fill me up again. I want more, give me more”, Cassidy moaned from a small orgasm.

“Oh shit, Cassidy, here comes some more”, I moaned as orgasm #2 reached. 5 ropes of cum shot out of the end of my cock, with a couple spurts following. I rolled off Cassidy’s back and laid on the bed.

“I feel so full down there. That was damn good”, she said.

“Hopefully nothing sprouts from that. Otherwise you won’t be queen no more”, I replied.

“Well, you treated like a queen. That counts, don’t it?”

“I suppose. You sleeping in here tonight?”

“I think I’ll just cuddle up next to you for the night. Maybe I’ll get a little more out of you yet”, she said with a grin.

“Easy there. Rodeo queens got to take it easy riding bulls”, I said as I turned out the light. And sure enough she cuddled up next to me and we spent the night in my camper, her pussy filled with my cum.

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Night with the Rodeo Queen

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