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Queen Yavara: Chapter Seventeen

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Author: White Walls

Published: 21 June 2017

  • Font:

Chapter Seventeen


The sound of morning birds chirping in the dawn roused me. Destiny curled up closer to me in her sleep. I relaxed in my position, savoring the feeling of her lying partially on top of me, her thigh pressed against my morning wood. A familiar hand caressed my cheek. I looked up to see two burning orange irises staring down at me.

“Hi Elena,” Yavara giggled, “I see you made a new friend.”

“Yavara!” I exclaimed.

“Shhhhh,” Yavara whispered, putting a finger to my lips, “I don’t want to wake the sleeping beauty in your arms. Where did you find her?”

“Oh,” I said slyly, “you don’t recognize her?”

“I think I would remember a woman who looked like that.”

“Destiny,” I cooed softly into the sparkled woman’s ear, “it’s time to wake up.”

Destiny shifted sleepily in my arms as her eyes slowly opened. She glanced up at Yavara and gave me a smile. “I told you she’d come back. Hi Yavara.”

“Destiny,” Yavara said smiling, extending a hand to the woman, “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Zander said something telepathically to Yavara. Yavara jolted up in surprise before smiling broadly.

“Zander, you whore!” Yavara laughed, “You transformed into a woman just to get into bed with Elena?”

“And she was fantastic,” I said as my hand ran between Destiny’s ass cheeks, “best fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Oh Elena,” Yavara pouted sarcastically, “are you trying to make me jealous?”

“I’m sorry Yavara,” I smiled, “I’m in love with another woman. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. I hope we can still be friends.”

“Well,” Yavara said with sarcastic indignation, “just to let you know Zander, I’ve been fucking your ex-wife non-stop since we left Ardeni.”

“I’m sure she enjoyed it,” Destiny smiled, “where is Prestira?”

“She’s in the chief’s hut. Zander, there’s something you should know.” Yavara said her face falling.

“What?” Destiny asked, a bit of alarm in her voice.

“Prestira…” Yavara said, “Prestira was captured by the Sea Serpents. They tortured her for a day before I could get to her. She broke, Zander. She’s better now, but I’m afraid it’s just a façade to keep me from worrying.”

“Prestira is more resilient than you think, Yavara,” Destiny said, putting a hand to the queen’s cheek, “and she’s very honest; if she says she’s better, it means she’s better. Ask Elena about Prestira if you ever want to hear about her toughness.”

Yavara looked at me inquisitively.

“A story for another time.” I said

“When were you going to tell Elena and I that you’re part vampire?” Destiny asked.

“What?!” I exclaimed, looking in shock at Yavara’s face.

“I was hoping to surprise Elena with a vampire peep-show,” Yavara said to Zander with annoyance in her voice, “but I guess you had to go and ruin it. How’d you figure that out anyway?”

“I can see the beast under your skin.” Destiny said, “Is Prestira your blood-mother?”

“Again, Zander, I have no idea how you know these things.” Yavara said, shaking her head.

“I can see the connection between you and Prestira traveling from your mind all the way across the village to the chief’s hut; only maternal and paternal blood relatives have a connection with no distance limits. I see another connection traveling from you, do you have a blood-child?”

“A blood daughter,” Yavara said with a little pride, “her name’s Patricia.”

“Patricia huh?” Destiny grinned as she recalled the alias she’d given Yavara’s human disguise, “is she Titus’ ambassador to the council?”

“You know Titus?” Yavara asked.

“We had a few run-ins with each other about a hundred years ago,” Destiny explained, “you weren’t the first incarnation of Alkandi Titus tried to get on his side. The others weren’t as ambitious as you; they declined his offer. Where is he?”

“Titus is at the ruins of Castle Alkandra,” she said, “I’ve put him in charge of its restoration. Did you know he was an architect once?”

“I suspect it will be dramatically dark. Twisting spires and hallways that lead to nowhere. Trap doors and sex dungeons galore.”

“Exactly how I want it.” Yavara giggled. A bell rang out from the chief’s hut.

“Brock is calling us over,” Destiny said as she transformed back into Zander, “the meeting has begun.”

Zander and I got back into our clothes and walked behind Yavara to the chief’s hut. Brock sat with Prestira and Trish, who was covered head to toe in black clothing.

“Zander, Elena!” Prestira exclaimed as we walked in. Prestira gave me a hug and kiss on the lips, a suggestive wink flashing across her eye before she moved to Zander. Zander embraced her tightly and kissed Prestira with unexpected passion. Prestira returned the kiss, reveling in his love as she pressed her body against him.

“Wow,” she said as she pulled from this kiss, “did you miss me, Zander?”

“More than I’d like to admit.” He smiled. Prestira blushed and smiled back. My heart melted a little.

I shook Patricia’s hand. Her grip was stronger than I’d expected from a woman. Her red cat-like eyes smiled at me from beneath her mask. “Elena,” she said with a seductive tone, “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Only good things I hope.”

“Very good things.” She said as her eyes drifted south.

“Enough with the pleasantries,” Brock’s booming voice shot through the room, “let’s get down to business. The first council of Queen Yavara, first of her name, lord of Alkandra and the Great Forest convenes now. Brock Terdini, (that’s me) Secretary of War has the floor. Everyone state your name and tell us something interesting about yourself.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Zander laughed.

“No, dumbass.” Growled Brock.

Yavara sat at the head of the table. Brock sat at the other end, with Certiok and Trenok next to him. I sat next to Yavara, with Patricia on her other side. Prestira and Zander sat next to each other in the middle.

“Before we begin with today’s agenda,” Prestira said as she stood, “there are things I need to tell you.”

Prestira gave Yavara a nervous look. Yavara smiled kindly at her and nodded.

“I was captured by a Sea Serpent crew under the employment of Leveria. They coerced information out of me. I told them about my relationship with Zander, how many men we have, what abilities Yavara has gained, where all of you are and that vampires can be killed with Nadi arrows,” Prestira looked at me with an apologetic expression, “She seemed very interested in you, Elena.”

I strange feeling hit me when she said that. I don’t know what it was, but I felt it before. It was the feeling I got in the woods when I was a ranger, when I knew I was being watched. When I knew something was wrong.

“Most of that information is useless to her anyway,” Brock said with a gruff voice, “peacetime has made the Highlands weak. My scouts tell me her army hasn’t been marshalled yet. It’ll take her at least a month to get a couple divisions together. She’s been relying on ranger battalions to keep us on our heels. Knowing Nadi arrows can kill vampires isn’t particularly useful, seeing as how rangers hunt during the day and vampires during the night.”

“Are you OK, Prestira?” I asked her.

“I’m fine,” she said, not too confidentially, “or I will be fine. My wounds are gone and I’m with my friends.” She smiled at me. I smiled back, but I was studying her intently. There was something about Prestira that was wrong, but I didn’t know what.

“First order of business,” Brock continued, “is to form a counter-ranger unit. We can’t have rangers harassing us unopposed. They’ll go after the other orc clans, and those clans won’t be as lucky as we were. Elena,” he said looking at me, “you should lead this unit. Your experience as a ranger will give us an edge on them. Zander tasked you with going to The Spruces to gain an alliance with the nymphs. Nymphs know the forest better than any man or woman here; having them in your unit will help us greatly.”

I nodded.

“Second order of business it to consolidate the clans under the rule of Queen Yavara.”

“How do you suggest we do that, Brock?” Yavara asked him.

“Some will come to you out of loyalty,” Brock said, “some can be negotiated with, others must be forced into it. I suggest that you nominate me for Froktora.”

“You will need to secure more clans under your name before I can do that,” Yavara said, “your nomination won’t hold weight unless you have the force to back it.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Brock said, “which brings me to my third point: we must attack The Highlands.”

“No.” Yavara said firmly.

“The raid on our village cannot go unanswered, my queen. If a ranger can shoot my wife dead without retaliation, the other clans will see me as weak. And what about what happened to Prestira? Are we going to let members of the council be abducted and tortured without retribution?”

“We will lose the support of Ardeni if we attack Highland villages.” Yavara said, “Between the loan from King Dreus and Titus’ fortune, we have enough to start the kingdom. We need continued trade with Ardeni to ensure a steady stream of income. Our treasury will dry up if we lose that. I will press King Dreus to place sanctions on the Highlands for allying with the Sea Serpents. I’ve entrusted the captain’s manifest to one of the former slaves of the vessel, that evidence should be enough for him to go ahead with tariffs.”

“The ranger that killed Sherok,” I butt in, “his name is Adarian, he’s the head ranger.”

“Adarian was executed in Ardeni.” Prestira said.

“No,” I said pulling out his Nadi arrow from my cloak, his note still attached, “he’s very much alive.”

“Perhaps,” Yavara said to Brock, “It would be a good enough compromise to kill Adarian. Publicly, with other clans watching.”

“And how are we going to do that?” growled Brock.

“Elena will capture the ranger.” Yavara said, looking at me. I had more than a few reservations about this. Adarian was an honorable man and a great teacher of mine. Capturing him so that Brock could exact his revenge was not something I would do. I was hoping to simply put an arrow through his eye and call it a day. A quick, painless death. Brock would not give his wife’s killer a painless death.

“Adarian cannot be taken alive,” I said, “he’ll slice his throat open before he’s captured.”

“Not if he can’t move his limbs.” Prestira said, “I will join Elena’s unit until this ranger is captured.”

“With all due respect Prestira,” I said, “you’re not exactly an outdoorsman; I need men who can creep through the forest without being seen or heard. Zander lived in these woods for hundreds of years, I could take him.”

“No,” Brock said, “I need Zander to come with Yavara and I to convince the other clans to join us. He has relations with many of the chieftains, I’ll need his knowledge and access to his insiders to aid me. You can take Trish with you; vampires are natural manhunters as they are, she should be a useful asset. Prestira will join you, Elena, find a way to make it work.”

“I can fend for myself, Elena,” Prestira said, “I will not be a hindrance.”

“The last order of business,” Yavara said, “Is to begin consolidating my forces at Castle Alkandra. Titus said the structure should be done within a month once the trolls arrive. Trenok and Certiok, you need to march your clans to the castle tomorrow; we cannot have you out here in the open while rangers swarm these forests.”

“You want me to abandon The Gorge?” Trenok asked, “It’s been the home of the Terdini for five hundred years.”

“And it will be your home again after the war is over,” Yavara said, “but they will continue to raid this village as long as the Terdini are here. Your tribe is at the top of Leveria’s list right now, and you do not have the numbers to defend The Gorge on your own.”


“I’m not asking you, Trenok,” Yavara said firmly, “that was an order.”

Trenok bowed his head in concession.

“Alright,” said Brock, “unless there are other pressing matters, I feel this meeting should adjourn. Anyone?”

Nobody said anything.

“Well in that case,” Brock said slamming his hand on the table, “let’s get fucking wasted.”

“Brock,” Prestira laughed, “It’s not even nine in the morning.”

“And tomorrow we’re all leaving,” Brock said, “God knows when the next time we’ll see each other is. Let’s get fucking DRUNK!”

Trenok moved to the back of the hut and carried back two casks of ale under his arms. Certiok tossed us each a horn and we began to chug. Patricia took a straw from her robes and sipped her drink from beneath her mask. Brock, still obviously hurting from the loss of his wife, dared everyone to out-drink him. Zander accepted his challenge and Certiok brought out the whisky and shot glasses.

“No magic, you fucking twat.” Brock burped as he filled a shot.

“I’ve had a thousand years of liver damage Brock,” Zander laughed, “I don’t need magic to put you under the table.”

“And I’ve got three hundred pounds on you, old man.” Brock said before downing a shot.

“There’s nothing in the world that can replace experience.” Zander smiled as he threw back his shot.

The table filled with empty glasses. The two men kept them in an orderly pile at first, but after twenty shots apiece, they began to clutter and fall.

“That,” Brock said as pointed to the whisky dribbling down Zander’s chin, “doesn’t fucking count!”

“It’s a drop!” Zander protested.

“We’re in the final stretch now, Zander,” Brock belched, “every drop counts.”

“You know what,” Zander said as he downed another shot, “it doesn’t need to count, Brock. I don’t need it to count.”

“Certiok!” Brock bellowed, “The whisky is too weak, bring out the grain alcohol.”

“Are you trying to kill yourself?” Yavara asked, a little alarmed.

“We all gotta die some day!” Brock roared, before falling off his chair, “Don’t take that as a sign you’re winning Zander!” Brock yelled from underneath the table.

“I’m shitting myself in fear, Brock,” Zander said in a monotone voice, “you clearly have me right where you want me.”

“That’s right!” Brock said as his index finger pointed up from beneath the table, “I got you…right where I want you.”

Certiok brought out the strong stuff as Brock drunkenly got into his chair. The two men downed shot after shot, their faces wincing as the liquor burned their throat. I was on my seventh horn, and was already shit faced. I drunkenly chatted up Patricia, who wasn’t much of a talker.

“So Patricia,” I belched, “what’sh it like being a vampire?”

“What do you mean, ‘what’s it like?’”

“I mean,” I said swaying on my seat, “give me the cliff notes of your everyday life.”

“Well,” Patricia said, “I don’t sleep and I don’t eat. I drink blood every few days to keep the cravings down. Mostly, I just sit around and practice my violin. There’s always an orgy going on if I feel the need to be sexually satisfied.”

“Orgies,” I said, “In all my times in the Highlands, I never once encountered an orgy. Now that I’m out here, it seems like I run into one every day. Like, I’m constantly stepping over people fucking on the ground.”

“I imagine your time spent alone as a Ranger didn’t yield many opportunities for orgies. Seeing as how you were…alone.”

“You got that right, sister,” I said as I took another gulp of ale, “Just me out here flicking the ol’ bean by myself. Of course, now I can’t flick the bean, seeing as how I’ve got a-”

“A penis,” Trish said, “I’d very much like to see it. I’ve never seen a woman with a penis before.”

“Oh, you want me to whip it out?” I smiled.

“I do.”

“Well here ya go, honey,” I said, pulling the cock from my cloak, “get a good gander at it, maybe you come by tonight. I’ve never seen a naked vampire before, feels like you owe me a favor.”

“Elena!” Prestira gasped as I held my cock in my hand.

“What?” I said, not even a little embarrassed, “You fucked your entire bar in front of everyone, and I show this young lady my pecker, and all of the sudden I’m the asshole? Na-ah honey, that’s a double standard.”

“Now hold on a minute-” Zander started saying before I cut him off.

“Oh excuse me Destiny, but I don’t remember you objecting to me pulling out my one-eyed monster when it was about six inches up your ass last night.”

Brock spit out his drink as Zander turned bright red. I felt a little guilty that I had just given Brock a lifetime’s worth of ammunition, but not guilty enough not to laugh in Zander’s face.

“Destiny?!” Brock coughed between fits of laughter, “Is that your stripper name, Zander? Destiny?! You let Elena stick it up your ass?! Oh my god! Oh my god!”

Zander glared at me before he abruptly transformed into Destiny. Brock stopped laughing as Destiny slowly stood up from her chair, swaying her hips sultry as she pulled her robe off her shoulders. She crawled op top of the table, her naked body glittering with thousands of sparkled freckles. She brought herself to a seated position in front of Brock before spreading her legs wide to him, licking her full lips as she reached down to the orc’s pants. Brock was more than drunk enough to let this happen, and as Destiny pulled Brock’s engorged erection from his pants, she instantly turned back to Zander.

“Fag.” Zander said in a gruff, male voice. Everyone at the table erupted in laughter as Brock flew backward, shoving his softening cock into his pants.

“Not fucking cool, Zander!” Brock roared before joining in the laughter.


“Zander,” Yavara said as she drunkenly swayed in her chair, “can you change back to Destiny for a moment?”

“Yes,” Zander said as he transformed into the beautiful woman, “did you want to play with Destiny?” Destiny’s seductive tone asked.

“Can you uhhh,” Yavara asked as she pulled her dress down from her neckline, revealing her ample cleavage, “can you keep some of your parts?”

“Oh,” Destiny smiled, “like when I was Alkandi?”

“Yes.” Yavara moaned as she bit her lower lip.

Destiny’s pussy was replaced with Zander’s cock. Yavara climbed up on the table on top of the transformed woman and lowered her lips to her. The two women drunkenly devoured each other’s mouths, their bodies pressing together. Destiny pulled Yavara’s dress over her shoulders, while Yavara kicked off her boots. I felt a gloved hand wrap around my cock. I looked up into Patricia’s masked face, her cat-like red eyes staring her desire into me. She guided me by my member to a dark corner of the room and pulled off her mask. Her skin was pale, her lips full and red, her hair black; she was androgynously beautiful.

“I’ve wanted this inside me the moment I saw it.” She whispered as she lowered herself to her knees. Her full, wet lips wrapped around me. I felt her fangs graze slightly against my skin. She lowered her head slowly, looking me in the eyes as she descended. I put a hand on her head and guided her down, a moan seeping from my lips. She stopped at the base and twisted her lips around me, her tongue licking the underside of my shaft. I felt two gloved hands press against my ass cheeks as she reached around and spread me open from beneath my cloak. I felt another pair of hands reach behind me and lift my cloak up. Prestira guided the garb up and over my shoulders, her own clothes now removed. She smiled at me before she also descended. A warm tongue pressed against my asshole. I reached back and pushed her head forward, moaning lecherously as she penetrated me.

Patricia took off the rest of her clothes except for her long, black gloves, and the fishnet stocking that clung to her thick thighs beneath her robe. She squished her full, pale breasts together and pushed my cock between them. I tilted my head back let out a deep groan as my shaft traveled between her soft breasts and into her mouth. She gazed up at me, her eyes full of lust, the head of my cock wrapped with her luscious, red lips. I felt Prestira’s face push between my ass cheeks. I looked back to see Brock slowly pushing his cock into her ass. Prestira gripped my cheeks tightly, screaming into my depths as the orc pushed further and further.


“Brock, stop!” I cried.

“You don’t want me to stop.” Brock sneered.

He kept pushing. I gritted my teeth. He was right, I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to split me down the middle until his cock shot through my mouth. I screamed between Elena’s ass cheeks as I felt him drive deeper into me. My walls clenched around him, trying to push him out. My bodily resistances only served to make it better for him, and more painful for me. I wanted it to be painful. I wanted him to break my will and force my body to accept him. That’s what gets me off. Brock pulled out slowly, my insides gratefully relaxing as the pressure released. And then he drove in again, forcing my face deeper between Elena’s full, bronze cheeks. I screamed into the hybrid elf, my body lurching forward, trying to get away from the pain. And then it happened, as it always does. My body gave up. I surrendered to Brock. My insides loosened and welcomed him in, his pressure pushing all sides of me, stretching me deliciously.

Elena’s asshole winked at me, her soft, pink insides exposed before her sphincter unclenched. I drove my face between her supple cheeks and resumed my meal, savoring her taste. My tongue licked her insides, rotating slowly around her as it withdrew and then advanced. I reached around with one hand while I supported my weight with the other. Her slit was gushing. I could hear her moans of pleasure as she fucked the vampire’s mouth and tits while I penetrated her ass with my tongue. I pushed my whole hand into the elf. Her body flexed, a spasm shooting up her taint. I formed a fist and slowly rotated as I thrust into her pussy. She screamed out. Brock’s cock pushed further into me. I screamed out. I felt his big, strong hands come down on my ass cheeks and spread them wide.


Prestira was tight around me. Every time I withdrew from her, her sphincter pulled outward and some of her inner skin came with. I could tell she hated it at first, but this little masochistic bitch loved the pain. I knew the moment she started to like it. Her insides relaxed and let me in. She clenched around me when her rim met my base, as though she were trying to keep my full length inside of her. I groaned as she clung to me; every inch of my cock was being squeezed just right. I pulled out to the tip and drove back in with all my force. Prestira lurched forward, her face pushing into Elena’s ass. Elena turned around and gave me a wink in appreciation for my efforts. I would still totally fuck that bitch; I don’t care if she has a cock. But Elena was a lesbian, so the best I could do is fuck her with Prestira, which was just fine by me. I grabbed Prestira by her ass cheeks and fucked her with slow, deep, powerful thrusts. Elena’s face titled upward as I drove Prestira’s tongue into her ass. She looked back at me lustfully, biting her lower lip. Maybe she was drunk enough to take a walk on the hetero side. If I played my cards right, I might end up twelve inches deep in that hermaphrodite. I’ve had my eyes on her since she saved me from the succubi. I owed her my life, and I had nothing to give her to repay the dept. So I gave her Prestira.

I pushed faster and faster into the witch. Prestira’s body flexed and contorted, her back arching and her pale skin glistening with sweat. She was loving it. I could feel her pussy contracting from behind her anus. I raised my hand and brought it down firmly on her ass. Her legs buckled and her pussy gushed. She screamed her delight into Elena and drove her tongue deeper inside the hybrid. Elena kept staring at me, her mouth agape, her face twisted in sexual fervency. I gave her a smile. Her open mouth curled at the lips and smiled back. Her eyes traveled down to my cock. I pulled it out until just the tip was in. Elena licked her lips and gave me a wink. I was in. I’d finish off Prestira and then make my move. Trenok walked by me and gave me a pat on the back before walking behind Patricia.


I took a vial from my discarded robes and spread the powdered pixy plasma on Elena’s cock. She looked at me inquisitively, but I just smiled back. I have a drug problem, but I’ll also live forever. Immortal beings can have drug problems; they have no life to waste. I snorted the substance and let it take over my mind.

There’s something in Elena’s seed. Her precum melts in my mouth. It makes me want her more. Her cock pushes between my large, pale tits. I like the feeling of her warmth between them. I wet her shaft with my mouth as it drives through my breasts. She tastes so good. She’s looking back at the orc. Pay attention to me, Elena. I pull her cock from my mouth and turn around. That got her attention. I bend over, running a finger down my ass crack. Pick a hole, Elena. I feel her press against my sphincter. I smile back at her. She smiles at me. She drives in. I cry out, her girth stretching me perfectly. I didn’t used to like it in the ass, but ever since Yavara bit me, I can’t seem to get enough. Elena pulls out and teases me with her head.

“Put it back in!” I cry. She smiles cruelly at me. She wants me to beg harder.

“Please,” I moan lecherously, “please fuck my slutty little shit hole!”

That got her. She pushes in again. Her hands grip my hips. I put my own hands on my cheeks and spread. I want Elena to go as deep as possible. I want her to see my hole gape. She thrusts harder into me. I moan and arch my back. Trenok walks over to me. He’s massive. I lick my fangs. I want him in me too. His strong arms pull my legs out from underneath me. My fishnet stockings cling to the pale flesh of my thighs, little square sections of skin protruding from between the fabric. I’m lifted into the air. He locks his elbows under my knees and pushes his cock into my slit. I scream out, my head rolling onto Elena’s shoulder. I feel their cocks moving against each other inside me, grinding together against the membrane that separates my holes. It feels so good. Trenok is so big. He’s pressing against my cervix. It hurts in just the right way. I feel Elena’s hands wrap around my throat. She wants to choke me. I want her to choke me.

My cries grow pained. The air leaves my lungs. Squeeze as hard as you want, Elena, you can’t kill me like that. I lock my legs around Trenok. He pulls his arms from my legs and fills his hands with my breasts. He squeezes hard. My skin protrudes from his knuckles. My nipples press against his palms. I choke out a squeal of delight. They push into me harder. I grind and gyrate atop them, my hips swaying with the rhythm of their thrusts, moving my ass backward into Elena before I violently thrust forward into Trenok. They enjoy my participation. They drive even harder. I push back against them, trying to take them in. I squeal out my ecstasy. I see Yavara riding Destiny out of the corner of my eye. She looks up at me, her face agape in arousal, her torso flexing under the sexual strain. She smiles at me. I smile back at her.

Hi mommy

Hi, sweetheart.


I straddled Destiny, grinding my hips back and forth across her pelvis, savoring the feeling of her deep penetration. Destiny’s beautiful sparkling-freckled face was fixed in concentration, her brow furrowed and her teeth biting her lower lip. I brought my hands down on her breasts and squeezed. Her concentrative focus broke down as the milk spurted from her sparkled nipples. I laughed in delight as the warm nectar showered across my tits and belly.

“Destiny,” I moaned, “what other secrets are you keeping from me?”

“I can be anything you want Yavara,” Destiny moaned, “what do you want me to change?”

“Surprise me.” I said as I lowered my mouth to her sparkled nipple and nursed from her. Her milk was sweet and delicious. It seeped into my mouth and oozed down my throat. I could tell Destiny liked it when I sucked from her. She moaned and cried softly, her head tilting back and her arms pressing against the table while her back arched to me, pushing her soft breast deeper into my mouth. Destiny’s surprise came as a long, forked succubus tongue. It flowed from her mouth and snaked between her breasts. She brought her head up, her mouth agape, her eyes staring hungrily. I gave her a last suck from her nipple before I accepted her gift into my mouth. Her tongue wrapped around my own three times as our lips pressed together. I let her explore my mouth with her tongue, playing the submissive partner as she had her way with me. She released my tongue and slowly drove her own down my throat. My eyes opened slightly; so did hers. She gazed into me as her tongue gently invaded my throat. She massaged me with it, caressed me gently with tip. This intrusion was alien to me, but it felt so good. I closed my eyes and let her do what she wanted.

I felt a pair of soft, strong hands parting my ass cheeks. I turned my head around, Destiny’s tongue still sliding back and forth down my throat as my mouth hung open. Certiok was spreading me wide and licking her lips. I gave her an opened-mouth smile as Destiny’s tongue began to writhe wildly into me. I closed my lips around Destiny and sucked her mouth-member slowly as I felt Certiok’s tongue circle my spokes. I muffled a moan when I felt two of her fingers pierce through my rim. Destiny pushed my face against hers and forced her tongue deeper into me. I loved her roughness, her desire, her burning need to force her cock deep into me as her tongue invaded my throat.

Do whatever you want to me, Destiny.

That’s a dangerous proposition, Yavara. Zander’s male telepathic voice said in my head.

Make it weird, Zander.

As you wish, my queen.


When Yavara said ‘make it weird,’ I don’t think she knew what she was getting into. I was a thousand years old; I had gone through every sexual phase you can imagine. Getting married to a lord and whoring myself out were just the tip of the iceberg. Yavara did say anything, so let’s get weird, Yavara. Let’s get Japanese weird.

My tongue worked down her throat as she sensually sucked it. I placed my hand on her belly and transformed it. My fingers changed into long, wriggling tentacles. I wrapped them around her body, pinning her arms to her sides. Her eyes opened wide in fear and excitement. I reached around with my other hand and did the same transformation. I kept Yavara’s head facing my face as I slowly brought Certiok around. I wanted Yavara to see what I was going to do to her.

Certiok writhed as I held her in the air. Two of my tentacles had snaked around her body, wrapping around her hips and torso to hold her up, before encircling her breasts three times and squeezing them. One of my tentacles had encircled her throat before burrowing into her mouth, and the other two were sliding deeply into her ass and pussy. Certiok’s fearful face rapidly changed to one of wanton pleasure as I worked my members into her expertly. I was firm, but gentle. There was no pain in her restriction, but she was imprisoned by me. She lashed out at first, but soon her body relaxed. The tentacles weren’t hard like a cock, they were girthy but soft. I invaded the she-orc’s insides, my lubricated tentacles exploring her well passed her colon and cervix, depths that would normally cause a woman pain, but the texture of my members only brought invasive pleasure. I raised an eyebrow to Yavara, who gazed at Certiok’s predicament with jealousy. She wanted it. She looked at me with lust in her eyes, her retrained hand softly stroking one of my tentacles.

When I said make it weird, I was thinking, grow another dick or something. she thought to me as she sucked on my tongue.

You lack imagination, Yavara. Are you ready?

So ready.

My new hand lifted Yavara from my cock. I held her in the air, two of my tentacles restraining her hips and torso like I had done with Certiok, while one of them replaced my tongue and drove into her mouth. I kept her in suspension, sliding the last two tentacles slowly across her holes, their lubricating juices mixing with her own and dripping down her legs.

FUCK ME! Yavara’s telepathic voice screamed with desperation into my head. I obliged her.

My tentacles wrapped three times around her legs and spread her open before I drove the tips deep into her. I slid the tentacles through her insides, the one in her ass snaking gently though her colon, while the one in her pussy prodded her cervix before cork screwing in. Yavara’s eyes blasted open and writhed in their sockets. I pushed the tentacle that was in her mouth deep into her esophagus. I did the same with Certiok before guiding the two ecstasy-filled women together in the air. I slowly brought them down on the table, my tentacles forcing them into a bent over-position. I admired their gaping holes as my members oscillated rapidly, large waving ripples descending their lengths and into the two women. Both women reacted beautifully to their defilement. I could feel their throats opening as they tried to scream their elation around my tentacles. All that came out were pathetic muffled moans. A manic, girly laugh rose my throat as the oscillations of my members intensified, the waves fluctuating in incredible frequencies until they were just a blur of pink. The women’s bodies moved at the same pace, their bodies jiggling and writhing rapidly, their breasts bouncing frenziedly, their asses clapping frenetically. I heard Yavara screaming her ecstasy into my mind. I burrowed deeper and deeper into them, my tentacles squirming inside the women’s wombs before pulling out and entering again. Certiok and Yavara’s eyes rolled back into their head as they climaxed. I let the tentacles loose from their mouths to hear them harmoniously shriek their exaltation. Their pussy’s squirted and their assholes clenched around me. They screamed and panted before they finally collapsed onto the table.

“What the fuck.” Brock said.

I turned around to see Brock, Elena, Prestira, Patricia and Trenok all staring at me. They had all ceased to move, and were instead standing with their cocks inside of each other and gawking at me. Prestira finally broke the silence.

“Me next!” she cried and pulled herself from Brock.

“I would also like a turn.” Patricia said sultrily as she gracefully dismounted from Trenok and Elena.

“Thanks, asshole.” Brock growled. Elena and Trenok gave me similar disapproving frowns.

“What,” Yavara said as she climbed off the table, “are Certiok and I not good enough for you?”


I’d been contemplating whether or not to finally give Brock what he wanted. I was incredibly drunk, and my inhibitions were long gone. A lot of straight girls have a lesbian awakening after a few drinks. I guess I was having a hetero awakening. The sight of Prestira’s pleasure-contorted face pushing into my ass at the whim of Brock’s manhood definitely aroused me. His thick muscles bulged and glistened from him, his tattooed body thrust violently. Everything about him oozed manliness, which is usually the opposite of what I like. But for whatever reason, it was exactly what I wanted right now. And the way he was staring at me…

My train of thought was interrupted by the sight of Certiok and Yavara writhing in the air as Destiny’s hands turned to tentacles and filled them. I gawked in amazement; so did Prestira and Patricia, which made me feel just slightly inadequate. Despite my minor jealousy, I couldn’t help but admire the sexual expertise of Zander Fredeon. I recalled the night before, how Destiny had reacted perfectly to every one of my movements, as though she knew what I wanted before I wanted it. The two women she was defiling were no doubt broken with ecstasy. When Destiny was done, she turned to the sound of Brock’s exclamation and shrugged. Prestira and Patricia excitedly flocked over to Destiny, leaving the three penises alone in the corner. Thankfully, Yavara and Certiok came to our rescue, walking slightly bow legged as they moved to us.

“I remember,” Yavara said as she smiled at me, “you promised me,” she turned around and backed her ass against my cock, “that you would,” her hands moved over her and around the back of my head, “fuck me in the ass when we got to the Great Forest.” She looked up at me and licked her lips, “we’re in the Great Forest, Elena, and I’m feeling soooo empty.” She grinded her ass against my cock, her hips swaying back and forth in a lustful dance. Her head tilted up as she stretched her back, her hands clinging to my head.

I grinned down at her and brought my lips to her own. Our tongues entangled as I pushed my cock forward, sliding it down her crack before resting it against her gaping asshole. I thrust inward. Yavara moaned in my mouth. I gripped her hips and drove into her. Her body shook with my thrusts as her mouth struggled to stay connected to mine. Our lips sucked together as I burrowed into the woman I loved. I felt her clenching around me, trying to keep my inside. Her rim expanded around my girth deliciously, and tightened as I pulled out. I felt two large hands come down on my shoulders, and a huge tip begin to poke me in the back.

“Yavara,” I whispered to her as I pulled from the kiss, “Brock’s been eye-fucking me this whole time.”

“He knows you’re a lesbian,” Yavara moaned as I fucked her ass, “he just wants to eat the forbidden fruit. Just ignore him.”

“That’s the thing,” I said as I inched my ass back to Brock’s cock, “I think I want him.”

“Oh?” said Yavara with an aroused smile, “getting curious, Elena?”

“I might need some help,” I smiled, “I’ve never fucked a cock before.”

“Well Elena,” whispered Yavara as she backed into me, her hands still clinging to the back of my head, “I’d be honored to help you take your first dick.”

Yavara pulled me out of her and turned around. She gently pushed down on my shoulders until I was on my knees. I felt Brock’s strong hands carefully spread my cheeks. I shuddered as his throbbing cock began glide between them, stimulating my ass and pussy. He kept teasing me, lubricating his shaft with my fluids. A moan escaped my mouth.


Yavara smirked at me as she guided my cock with her soft hand. I wanted to take my length and shove it all the way into Elena, but she stopped me.

“Slowly, Brock,” she said, “you’re too big to go in balls-deep on a first-timer.”

“I remember you thinking differently during your first time.” I grinned

“It hurt like nothing I’d ever felt before,” Yavara grinned, “it hurt so fucking good.”

“I’ll be gentle.” I promised, though it went against my nature.

“Where do you want it Elena?” Yavara teased the hybrid, “do you want it here,” Yavara guided my tip and pressed it against Elena’s asshole, “or do you want it here?” she asked as she slid my head down Elena’s taint and to her frothing pussy.

“In my pussy!” Elena cried. Yavara smiled up at me and gently guided my cock into Elena’s slit.


Brock was huge. I let out a pained murmur as I felt my pussy penetrated by a cock for the first time. Yavara guided him in as gently as she could, but there was no denying it: I bit off more than I could chew. My murmurs turned to a pained groan. I didn’t tell him to pull out, but I was thinking about it. As if Yavara was reading my thoughts, she stopped Brock about five inches in. He slowly pulled out and then pushed back in again, stretching me gradually. Eventually I got used to him. Soon after, it started to feel good. I turned back to Yavara, my eyes full of need. She smiled lasciviously and guided Brock in a few more inches. She stopped at seven inches. I was being stretched deep inside. I gasped in pain and pleasure. I waited until I was used to him at this depth, and then I nodded to Yavara again. She guided him in another two inches. I felt him press against my cervix. My body lurched forward in pain, but I didn’t tell him to stop. I’d found my limit, and he knew where it was. I pushed my hips back into him. He started to thrust into me without Yavara guiding him. I spread my legs and slowly arched my back. It felt good. It felt so fucking good.


Yavara kept her fingers hovered over my cock as I drove into her lover, making sure that I didn’t go overboard. I felt my tip pressing against Elena’s cervix, marking the maximum I could go. For a small woman, Elena was surprisingly deep. Yavara moved her hand away from my shaft when she was satisfied I wouldn’t break the hybrid.

Elena was nice and tight around me. Her walls clenched just right, and her pussy frothed beautifully. Her soft moans of pleasure rose from her as I increased my pace. Her bronze, feminine back flexed as I locked into her perfect rhythm. She backed into me as I pushed into her. I grabbed her hips and gently guided them back and forth. She lowered her head to the floor and pulled her hands behind her, spreading her cheeks to me.

“Yavara,” she cried as her face pressed against the floor, “eat my ass!”

The Dark Queen complied with her lover’s demands. She ran her tongue down Elena’s crack and then brought her mouth to the hermaphrodite’s tight, pink, sphincter. She wrapped her lips around it, looking up at me as she did. Her mouth curved into a devious smile as her tongue descended from her and pushed past Elena’s resistances. I felt Elena clench around me as Yavara’s tongue circled inside of her, lubricating her soft inner flesh. Yavara placed two index fingers on either side of Elena’s asshole and spread her gaping as she dipped her tongue, still looking up at me with lustful eyes. Two more fingers went into Elena’s ass. Elena flung her head up in pleasure, her braided pony tail flying behind her. She screamed out. I pushed harder into her. She pushed harder back against me, turning her head and gazing up at me as a growl rose from between her agape lips.

“I’m going to open this delicious asshole,” Yavara said to Elena, “and then Brock’s going to fuck it. Does that sound like fun?”

“Yes!” Elena cried as I pounded into her depths, my cock pressing against her cervix with each thrust.

“I’m going make you into an anal whore just like I did with Prestira.” Yavara teased as all her fingers from each hand drove into Elena’s asshole and pulled outward.

“Do it!” Elena screamed as she thrashed, “Turn me into a little anal slut like you!”

Yavara spread her hands further apart and spit into Elena’s gape, a string of saliva stretching from her whorish mouth before it finally broke. Elena quivered it excitement. I was surprised at how willing she was to do these things. She just had a cock in her pussy for the first time, and she was already begging to have it in her ass. I wasn’t complaining. Yavara pulled her finger out of Elena’s asshole, taking a moment to indulge in the hermaphrodite’s taste as she sucked fingers. When she was done, she put my tip against Elena and slowly guided me forward.


I closed my eyes and pursed my lips in concentration.

“You need to relax your ass, Elena,” Yavara whispered in my ear, “otherwise it will hurt too much.”

I did as she told me and relaxed my asshole, breathing slowly as I felt Brock begin to push. Yavara had loosened me up a little, but there was nothing to prepare me for Brock’s girth. He pushed into me and my ass immediately constricted in pain. I cried out.

“Relax,” Yavara’s soothing voice whispered, her soft hand wrapping around my cock, “just relax, and it’ll feel better than anything you’ve ever felt before.”

Yavara slowly guided Brock into me, inch by inch. Brock’s fingers gently sunk into my pussy and rubbed against my ceiling as he pushed in. The pleasure they gave me allowed me to relax slightly, and the pain in my ass began to subside. Brock stopped about four inches in and pulled out slowly, letting my body grow accustomed to his girth before he introduced his length. He gently thrust in and out at a shallow depth, stretching me out until it stopped hurting. I felt his shaft rubbing against my prostate. My body shuddered in pleasure. I reached back with one hand and grabbed his cock. Yavara released her grip on his shaft and pet my hair as she jerked me off. I slowly guided Brock another two inches deeper. I gasped in pain and pleasure. He thrust to that depth for a while before I guided him in deeper, this time nine inches inside me. He expanded and stretched my soft inner skin, methodically breaking down my resistances, slowly making everything feel so good. I took him deeper. I felt his pelvis press against my ass, his balls glancing against my cunt. He was all the way in.

“Holy shit, Elena!” Yavara giggled in excitement, “That was amazing! You took it so much better than I did my first time.”

“Ooooh,” I moaned lecherously, “It feels so good!”

“I told you,” Yavara laughed, “I knew you’d make a great anal whore.”

“Oh god!” I screamed, “fuck me harder Brock!”

“You still owe me,” Yavara smiled, “get up, Elena, you’re not done fucking my ass.”

Brock pulled by upper body off the ground, arching my back uncomfortably. He began to drive into me with increasing speed. My body jolted up with each of his thrusts, blasts of pain and pleasure shooting from my rectum. Yavara bent over in front of me, teasing me with her hips. I gripped her cheeks and spread them. I spit into her gape and watched the saliva descend into her soft innards. I pushed my tip against her rim and drove all the way until her ass pressed against my pelvis and pussy. Yavara’s upper body shot up, her back pushing against my abdomen and breasts. I took my hands and filled them with her tits, forcing her body to stay pressed against mine. I let Brock provide all the power, his cock pushing into my ass as mine pushed into Yavara’s. My hands roughly deformed her breasts as her cries begged me for abuse. Brock’s fingers drove deeper into my dripping cunt as his cock drove faster into my ass. I could feel my inner skin stretching out with his cock, sending electric spasms of pleasure up my spine.

My cock began to throb inside Yavara, who was shrieking her delight. I kept one of my hands holding her upright by the breast while my other hand drifted south. My knuckles curled as four finger drove into her dripping slit. I gripped her cunt and pressed against her ceiling, rubbing my fingers along her. She tilted her head back to me, her orange irises straining against the tops of her eyes as she gazed at me upside down. I pulled her head back and leaned forward, forcing my tongue into her slutty mouth. We kissed each other passionately, our bodies lurching to Brock’s rhythm, our orgasms slowly ascending within us. I could feel Brock’s cock pushing against my pussy from the other side. My insides contracted and convulsed in pleasure. I felt my female orgasm rising slowly as my male orgasm began to build. Yavara’s pussy twitched around my fingers, signaling that she was experiencing a similar sensation. I felt her asshole constrict around me as spasms shot up her. My body was doing the same thing. Brock’s cock was pulsating wildly. He drove into us at a break-neck pace. My platinum-blonde hair flailed wildly as Yavara’s black hair whipped in my face. As the incredible feeling ascended, I pulled from Yavara’s kiss and screamed out my orgasm. Yavara’s voice joined in as our bodies and minds gave way to the burning ecstasy. My eyes rolled into my head and I filled Yavara’s ass as Brock filled mine. His hot cum scorched through my insides and burned pleasantly into my colon. I growled in pleasure, the last throes of my orgasms wracking me. I collapsed on top of Yavara, the two of us panting like the whore bitches we were. Brock pulled out and spurted the last of his orgasm all over our bodies. We opened our mouths and giggled in delight as his seed splattered us.

Brock collapsed to the ground and laid next to me.

“So Elena,” he said, “we doing this again?”

“I don’t know Brock,” I laughed, “I don’t think I’d ever do this sober.”

“I will carry a cask of ale where ever we go.” He smiled at me.

“I’m still drunk, Brock.” I said as I climbed on top of him, “and I want more.”

“Elena,” Brock said through tired eyes, “I don’t have the stamina.”

“Yes you do,” I said as I gently stroked him, “I haven’t come from my pussy yet, and I need a man to do that for me. Are you getting too old, Brock? Has your doctor recommended any pills for you? Do I need to get your son over here?”

That did it. Brock’s powerful fist shot up and clenched around my neck. I felt his cock rising from beneath me, filling with blood as it engorged and slid between my ass cheeks. I let out an excited squeal. Yavara crawled over to me and straddled across Brock’s abdomen. She smiled at me, her body splattered with cum and glistening with sweat. She slid down Brock’s abdomen until her pussy lips were grazing against my tip. Brock lifted me up and forced his entire length into me. I felt him penetrate my cervix. I screamed out in agony. Yavara grabbed my pony tail and forced my head back as she pushed my cock inside of her. Her mouth wrapped around my own as my pussy began to adjust to the new norm. I felt Brock begin to thrust into me, his cock breaking me open. It started to feel good again. It started to feel so fucking good.


I had asked Prestira to show me her vampire form. My god, she beautiful. Her trim figure filled out in all the right ways, her breasts growing large and her gap disappearing between thick, full thighs. Her curly hair straightened out and her lips and eyes grew red as her skin turned pale. She immediately bit into my neck and drank from me. I let her drink her fill before she pulled from me, her eyes full of wild lust.

“Do you like it?” she asked as her palms traced down her breasts, abdomen and hips.

“I fucking love it.” I said as I brought myself to her.

“Na-ah,” she said pushing against my breasts, “a deal’s a deal, Zander.”

“Sorry,” I said as I began to transform, “your beauty gave me temporary amnesia.”

“That’s so sweet!” Trish said as she knelt to my crotch.

“Zander has his moments.” Prestira smiled at me.

Per Prestira’s request, I transformed into Yavara pre-Alkandi-merger. My sparkled freckles and tan complexion gave way to pale skin. My amber wavy hair turn platinum blonde and my rounded ears grew points. I kept my penis, I still needed that.

“So that’s what she looked like.” Prestira said as her eyes ran down my body.

“Holy shit!” Yavara said, looking at me over Elena’s shoulder. I was more than a little surprised to see Elena moaning like a whore on top of Brock. The hybrid turned around and eyed me down, a smile creeping across her lips.

“Personally,” Elena moaned to Yavara as she gripped the Dark Queen’s tits, “I prefer you this way.”

“That’s nice of you to say, Elena,” Yavara said as she grinded on top of Brock and thrust to Elena, “I prefer you this way myself.”

“Zander,” Prestira said as she guided my face back to hers, “you’re not fucking the elves, you’re fucking the vampires.”

“You’re right,” I said as I pushed her head down next to Trish’s, “you’re the one who’ll be fucking the elf.”

I put a hand on each of the women’s heads and guided them downward. Their tongues slipped from their mouths and ran along either side of my cock. I grinned as their soft mouths kissed me while they moved back and forth. I felt their fangs graze me teasingly. Prestira took my length into her throat, slowly descending downward as lips sucked. She stopped at my base, a soft gagging sound rising from her chest. Her red, cat-like eyes stared up at me as she slowly withdrew, her blood-red lips pulling tightly around me. She took me out and guided me into Patricia. Trish sucked me just like Prestira, her eyes gazing lustfully upward as her mouth reached my base. I transitioned between the women for a few minutes until I was satisfied.

Prestira guided Patricia atop the table. My ex-wife gently pushed the girl on her back and then straddled across her pelvis, moaning as she rubbed her clit against the other woman’s. I gripped Prestira by the cheeks and pushed my length all the way into her dripping pussy. She shuddered and cried out, her back arching, her full breasts squishing against Trish’s. I pulled out of Prestira and pushed into Trish. Patricia arched her back off the table as I slowly drove into her, her ass pushing against the wood as her breasts pushed against Prestira’s. I smiled as the women reacted exactly like the other to my thrusts. I moved between them, in and out of one and then in and out of the other.

“Goddamn it Zander!” Prestira cried, “I’m sick of you pulling out! Just grow another cock!”

I complied with my ex-wife. I grew another cock just above the original. I made sure to get all my internal connection just right; I wanted to feel both. I hovered my cocks in front of the panting vampires and pushed them both in. They cried out simultaneously as I penetrated both of their pussies. I drove in all the way and then pulled out, their wet, tight insides begging me to fill them again. I thrust faster and faster. Their pale bodies glistened under the strain of sex. Patricia’s fish-netted legs wrapped around Prestira’s waist. She sunk her fangs into her blood-grandmother and injected her venom. Prestira leaned forward and did the same to Trish. Their bodies began to pulsate to my rhythm, their breasts jiggling and deforming against one another, their asses rippling deliciously with the impact of my thrust.

I felt them convulsing in ecstasy, but we weren’t done yet. This orgy had to end in a grand finale, and that couldn’t happen if it was split up. I pulled out and guided my two vampires to Brock, Elena and Yavara. Trenok and Certiok had long since passed out. Their loss.


I felt Brock gripping my cheeks and spreading me open as Elena thrust into me. She was giving me the sluttiest expression I’d ever seen on her, her cock pushing into me, her pussy stretched wide from the orc. Brock drove two girthy index fingers into my ass. My spine wrenched in a curve and my head flung back. Elena took the opportunity to grab my hair and hold my head back as her teeth sunk a little too hard into my pierced nipple.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it, you bitch!” I screamed. I flexed the muscle in my brain and transformed into my vampire self. I easily overpowered Elena and sunk my fangs into her neck. She whimpered softly, but held my head against her, encouraging me to feed from her. Her blood tasted different than any other I’d tasted. I could taste the booze in her system, sure, but there was something else. Something that drove me crazy. I violently pressed my hips against her and took her full length in. I pulled my fangs from her neck and kissed her. I was the dominant partner now.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my two vampire comrades being guided by a replica of my high-elf figure, perfectly accurate save for the two throbbing cocks standing between her legs. Zander pushed Prestira down on her knees and penetrated both of her holes. Prestira’s face warped in pleasure, her eyes wide open and her mouth agape. I pulled from Elena’s kiss and sunk my fangs into Prestira’s neck. She did the same for me, injecting the venom into my heart and making the sex that much better. Brock pulled his fingers out of my ass and replaced them with a fist. I shrieked my delectable pain to the ceiling and violently blasted forward tp Elena. Elena’s hands sunk into my breasts and squeezed tightly, her fingers pinching my pierced nipples. I was assaulted relentlessly from both ends. I could feel the orgasm building.


Zander’s two cocks forced their way into me, stretching me and filling me just right. He fucked me like he hadn’t since we were married. The dispassionate, controlling Zander was still there, but there was a loving side to him. He didn’t just want to fight me sexually, he wanted to make me feel good, to let me know he wanted me. I curved my spin and purred my pleasure as I smiled back at the man I loved.

I want to see you, Zander. I said to him.

He transformed into his original male form. His muscular torso flexed as he drove into me. I felt his two cocks stretching my taint, as though they were trying to split me down the middle. I fucking loved it. I backed myself into him. Yavara leaned down and kissed me. I kissed her back, our fangs sinking into each other’s lips, the venom seeping into our mouths. I felt her presence in the back of my head. I moved my mind to the back of hers. We exchanged bodies back and forth. I reveled in her defilement, feeling Elena’s cock moving in her body as Brock’s fist pushed deeper into her ass. Her body was made for this kind of thing. Positions and actions that would bring me pain only brought her pleasure. She accommodated the orc’s fist with ease. I let her feel how I felt when Zander fucked me; the love I had, the devotion to him. She let me feel how she felt about Elena; the longing, the desire, the caring.

I felt my orgasm building. I felt her orgasm building within her. We traded minds and bodies back and forth as we ascended.


I poured my love for the woman into my thrusts. I felt her holes cling to me. She looked back at me with love and desire in her eyes. Her lips curled from her mouth as her face began to contort in pleasure. My other hand had formed the tentacles that the women loved so much, and all five of them were deep inside Trish. Two in her ass, two in her cunt, and one wrapping around her body and writhing in her mouth. Trish was long gone, her body reacting instinctively as her mind was taken by too many drugs and too much sex. I played with the helpless woman, giving her exactly what she wanted as my pulsating tentacles bored into her.

Prestira arched her back, curving up to me and turning her head. I leaned forward and met her kiss, our mouths promising each other everything. Our tongues played combatively with one another as our lips gently sucked. I felt the strain in my groin. The pressure grew. I could tell Prestira was rising to her own orgasm as I rose to mine.


Yavara’s asshole clenched around my fist. I could feel her pulse beating inside of her. I moved back and forth, twisting into her gape as her sphincter constricted around my wrist. Her vampire form was every bit as beautiful as her natural form, and it take my punishment even better. Her back flexed and wrenched with every motion of my hand. Her head whipped around and her eyes stared their approval at my abuse.

“Do you like it, Prestira?” Prestira asked Yavara.

“I love it!” Yavara screamed, “How do you like Zander, Yavara?”

“Sooo good.” Prestira moaned.

The bitches were switching bodies. I was fist-fucking Prestira inside Yavara’s body. I didn’t really care. At least Elena was who she said she was. She was looking over Yavara’s shoulder at me, her mouth agape and her brow furrowed. I was pushing inside of her well past her limits, and the slutty hermaphrodite fucking loved it. I loved it. She screamed her pleasure to me, I growled mine to her. Her open mouth curved in a smile at the sound of my masculine tones. She grinded slowly on top of me as I thrust into her with everything I had. Her pussy gripped me like a vice, her body reacted to me in the perfect way. I could feel the pressure in my loins growing as the orgasm ascended.


It was getting to be too much. I was losing my mind. I never knew sex with a man could feel this good. Brock was ruining me, breaking me open. I fucking loved it. He filled me out so well. I grinded down on him, encouraging him to keep going. Yavara thrust her pussy around me, her pale breasts bouncing to our rhythm. Her mouth was agape and her head tilted forward. She looked down at her penetration and then looked up at me. She loved what I was doing to her. Her eyes told me as much. I pushed my mouth against her as Brock’s thrust forced me to arch my back. Our breasts wriggled against one another as our mouths met. I pulled her close. I wanted her to know how much I loved her. I wanted her to feel how much she meant to me. I drove in as best I could with the orc spearing me. She drove forward, her pussy consuming me completely. I felt the contractions inside her rise. I screamed stifled pleasure into her mouth, and she did the same. We opened our eyes and gazed our love and ecstasy into each other. I felt the orgasm build and build. I could tell she was undergoing the same thing. Our voices sung out. Prestira’s and Patricia’s joined us. Zander and Brock began to growl and grunt their own pleasure. I felt the hot pressure flowing through me. My pussy gushed. My cock throbbed. I left my conscious state allowed my body to enjoy itself. My voice no longer formed words, just unintelligible screams of elation. My female orgasm came with my male one, and my body grew rigid as the feeling blasted through me. Yavara’s eye widened as I filled her. She squirted all over me with breathless, pained gasps. Patricia’s eyes rolled into her head at the tentacles squirming inside of her brought her to her peak. Prestira locked mouths with Zander as they climaxed simultaneously, and Brock roared cathartically as he unloaded his hot spunk into my womb.


All six of us collapsed in a heap, our breathing heavy and short as we tumbled into satisfied exhaustion. The drunkenness that had propelled my experimentation now brought me to the brink of sleep. I cuddled with Yavara on top of Brock, savoring the sensation of his seed spilling from me. Yavara turned to me and caressed my face. She planted a kiss on my lips as her eyes slowly closed. Zander and Prestira spooned next to us as Patricia climbed over and snuggled herself behind me. The warmth of our bodies comforted us as sleep began to take hold.

There was something nagging at me in the back of my mind. Tomorrow I would go with Patricia and Prestira to The Spruces to convince the nymphs to join us. I couldn’t shake a feeling that something wasn’t right. During my years as a ranger, I always had a sixth sense about a mission; I could tell if it was going to go wrong just by my gut. And I was getting that same feeling now, but I couldn’t figure out why.

I glanced over at the sleeping Prestira. Something wasn’t right with her. I don’t know how I knew, and I don’t think she even knew, but there was something. Something happened to her on that ship. Something other than the torture and rape. Something in her mind was broken. Maybe it was the way she looked at me earlier, when she told me Leveria was interested in me. There was something in her demeanor. Maybe…I don’t know…

I drifted off to sleep with the unshakeable feeling that this was the last night the six of us would ever spend together.


Yavara and Prestira join the rest of gang at The Gorge. Yavara is surprised to see Zander in his female form.

Yavara reveals to Elena and Zander that she is part vampire, and that Prestira is her blood-mother and Patricia is her blood-daughter and ambassador to the council for Titus.

Yavara tells Zander that Titus is rebuilding Castel Alkandra.

Yavara, Zander, Brock, Elena, Prestira, Patricia, Certiok and Trenok all convene for Yavara's first royal council meeting.

Prestira tells the rest of the group of her abduction and the information she was forced to give to Leveria.

Elena think that something is wrong with Prestira, but she can't figure out what.

Brock demands retribution for his wife's death, Elena suggests that Ranger Adarian should be killed. Yavara says Elena should capture him to Brock can have his revenge, Elena doesn't like the idea because Adarian was her mentor and a good man.

Brock tells Elena that she needs to take Prestira and Patricia to The Spruces to make an alliance with the nymphs. Elena is to organize an anti-ranger force to repel further raids.

Yavara and Brock discuss how they can make Brock The Froktora, the chief of orc chieftains. Brock says he will need more tribes under his rule before they can do that.

Yavara tells Trenok that he needs to take the Protaki and Terdini to the ruins of Castle Alkandra in order to stay safe from ranger attacks.

The meeting ends and the gang gets drunk. The drink too much and have an orgy. Elena has sex with a man for the first time, Zander does weird shit with tentacles, and Patricia has a drug problem.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter Seventeen

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REPINSninja — 16 June 2017 06:35
Love the series. Wouldn't want to change a thing.
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