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Queen Yavara: Chapter Eighteen

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Transsexual, Violence

Author: White Walls

Published: 21 June 2017

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Chapter Eighteen

Our heroes are going to be doing a lot of adventuring in the Great Forest for the next couple of chapters, so I thought I’d map it out.

The Great Forest stretches the length of the continent of Tenvalia, which is where this entire story takes place. At the very northern portion of Tenvalia is The Winged Mountains, where dragons dwell. Just south of that is The Tundra, where the Great Forest begins. The Tundra is home to the ten major orc clans, and stretches for two hundred miles from north to south. South of The Tundra is The Pines, where two lesser clans, the Terdini and Protaki live. The Terdini occupy a portion of The Pines called The Gorge, where a river divides their territory and the Protaki’s territory. The Pines stretch for fifty miles south until you get to The Spruces, where the nymphs live. One hundred miles south of that, and you get The Maples, where the eighteen minor orc clans live. A small mountain range called the Spearhead Mountains protrudes from the middle of The Maples, and this is where the centaurs live. The Maples go for one hundred miles south before we get to The Willows. The Willows are the ancestral home of the trolls, who have mostly abandoned it, and is now occupied primarily by goblins and ogres. The Willows stretch for three hundred miles, and then we get to The Palms, where large tropical reptilians live. Fifty miles south of The Palms is the Southern Sea and The Coves, where mermaids, sirens and other sea humanoids dwell. Sprinkled throughout the Great Forest are lone and pack monsters, like succubi, incubi, werewolves, fauns, etc…

To the west of The Tundra, The Pines and The Spruces is a series of hills and plateaus called The Highlands, where the high elves live. The Highlands rise in elevation going south until they form a mountain range called the Bearded Peaks, which neighbor The Maples, The Willows and The Palms to the west. The Bearded Peaks are home to the dwarves, who put their capital, Vachter Dormus, on the highest peak of the range. West of The Highlands and The Bearded Mountains is The Western Sea.

East of the Great Forest is The Lowlands, a long, thin stretch of fertile fields where the humans live. The Lowlands border the Eastern Sea to the east and The Spruces, The Maples, The Willows and The Palms to the west. North of The Lowlands is The Pines, which stretches west to east from The Highlands to the Eastern Sea. The Tundra also stretches from west to east from The Highlands to the Eastern Sea. Castle Alkandra is on the eastern coast of The Pines. Alkandra at the height of its power controlled The Tundra, The Pines, The Spruces and The Maples. It’s important to note that these sections of the Great Forest were once part of high-elf kingdom before Alkandi took it from them, and have been occupied by warring tribes and clans ever since.


“They’re beautiful!” Yavara exclaimed as I showed her my succubus slaves.

“Which one is your favorite?” I asked Yavara. She was wearing armor now, black leather held together with straps and studs. It clung tightly to her body, conforming perfectly to every curve. The leather wrapped in a turtle-neck just below her chin, but Yavara, being who she was, had decided to leave a hole where her cleavage was, and easy-access removal straps around her groin and ass. My leather armor was a bit more conservative. It was tight-fitting, but covered my entire body save for my head. My cock bulged uncomfortably from the crotch, but finding female armor with dick room was impossible, and I wasn't cutting a hole for it.

“This one,” Yavara said as she pointed to Sapphire, “I like her red hair and freckles. Those blue eyes she has are gorgeous. Which one is your favorite?”

“Opal.” I said gesturing to the girl. All the other slaves gave Opal a dirty look as she giggled at my preference. My slaves were better dressed than they usually were. Each one of them wore a black bra and leather pants. The bras pushed the women’s breasts upward and together, and the pants conformed perfectly around each of the women, tightly clinging to their thighs and pushing their asses up. The tailor had to cut a hole in the back of the pants for their tails to come out, and I elected to have the hole extended until it opened passed their clits.

“She is beautiful,” Yavara said as she looked Opal up and down, “smallest breasts of the bunch though.”

“I know,” I smiled as I turned Opal around, “but this is the best ass I’ve ever seen.”

“Better than mine?” Yavara asked with sarcastic jealousy.

“No Yavara, besides yours.” I smiled.

Master’s Little Anal Slut, well that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.” Yavara laughed at Opal’s back tattoo.

“It’s a cryptic message about her longing for world peace,” I laughed, “pure poetry, really. Opal’s an old soul.”

“Do we have time?” Yavara asked as her hand ran down Sapphire’s torso, “just for a quickie?”

“Sorry Yavara,” I said, “but we need to get going. The Spruces are three hours away, and I don’t know how long it will take me convince the nymphs to join us. When we join you at The Tundra, we can have all the fun we want.”

“We don’t have to take off their clothes,” Yavara said as her fingers drifted down Sapphire’s pelvis, “we could just take a few minutes.”

“No,” I said firmly, “it’s never just a few minutes with you. You’ll go overboard and pretty soon the whole village will be fucking in the streets.”

“You’re right,” Yavara sighed before turning to me and smiling mischievously, “I tend to escalate things.”

Yavara walked over to me and pressed her leather-clad body against mine. I gripped her ass cheeks and brought my face to her. Our mouths wrapped around each other in a passionate kiss, our tongues invading and exploring. I wanted to do what she wanted, to rip off my pants and fuck her as she was, but we didn’t have time. My cock grew hard and pressed against my lover. She teasingly squished her pelvis against it, punishing me for not taking her. It took all my will not to rip off her loin strap and bend her over. She withdrew from the kiss, promise of things to come written across her eyes.

“Good bye, Elena.” She said as she pulled from me.

“I love you.” I said with all earnestly.

“I love you too.” She said. There were tears forming in her eyes. I pushed them from her face and smiled. She smiled back at left me, the warmth of her body still clinging to me. I watched her walk over to her horse and mount up next to Zander. Zander gave me a wave and I waved back, and then they left with Brock and fifty orcs.

“All right ladies,” I said to my slaves, “we’re going to The Spruces to meet the nymphs, it’s my understanding that they hate you, which means they’ll probably not be very nice. None of you will be killed, but I can’t say you won’t be hurt. Just do as I say and we’ll get through this.”

“Yes Master.” They said in unison. They walked behind me as I picked up my bow and quiver. Prestira and Patricia were sitting and smoking at a table waiting for us.

“My, my, what tasty little treats you have.” Trish said from beneath her mask.

“You wouldn’t want to drink from them,” Prestira said as she blew out a cloud of smoke, “you’d be on the ground with your legs spread in a matter of seconds.”

“Let’s go,” I said as I mounted my horse, “I want to be back before nightfall.”

We rode in single file down the dirt path. The sounds of the river disappeared as we left The Gorge. We trotted along the path for hours until the pine trees began to turn to spruce trees. The dirt path disappeared, and we were forced to navigate through rough rocks and moss. My eyes caught movement in the trees, and I knew we were being watched. I glimpsed a flash of blonde hair whipping behind a branch, and hint of pale skin flashing above the leaves. I held up my hand and my party stopped.

“We know you’re there!” I yelled up to the branches. No answer.

“I am Elena Straltaira, ambassador to The Spruces of Queen Yavara Alkandi. I have come to ensure your allegiance to the rightful ruler of these lands.”

A flash of skin and blonde hair fell from a tree and landed on her feet ten yards in front of me. The nymph was a woman about five and half feet tall, with pale skin and two curved horns protruding from beneath her blonde mane. She had green lines that traced where her veins should be, branching from her heart and lining her entire body. Her eyes were bright emerald, and her modesty was decorated with foliage clothing covering her breasts and backside. Despite her apparent athleticism, her body was soft, only the hint of muscle tone on her shoulders and abdomen. She was wildly beautiful, and I took a moment to admire her before she spoke.

“What are you, Elena?” she asked with a soft voice.

“I’m a mixture of dark elf and high elf,” I responded, “what’s your name?”

“Who are your friends?” she asked, ignoring my question.

“This is Prestira Rasloraca, Witch of Ardeni Dreus, and Patricia Thomson, vampire of the Titus clan. What is your name?”

“Rose,” she replied, “why do you have those beasts with you?” she asked pointing to the succubi on their horses.

“They’re my slaves,” I said, “I was told there’s no love lost between your races.”

“They were our people once,” Rose said as she walked along the succubi, “but then one day, a curious nymph traveled too far from home and was taken by a sorcerer. He corrupted her, transformed her, and then set her loose on us; or so the legend goes. You said they are your slaves, what do you mean by that?”

“Their minds belong to me,” I explained, “I don’t know how or why. They tried to feed from me, and every time they tasted my seed, they were put under my control.”

“That’s curious,” Rose said as she eyed me down, “you’re a female, Elena, you do not produce seed.”

I angled my body on the horse and showed Rose my bulge. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell in shock. I smiled down at the beautiful forest creature, and she gave me a hint of a smile back.

“The gods have blessed you, Elena Straltaira.” Rose said as she admired me.

“No,” I said smiling, “Queen Yavara has.”

“Interesting,” Rose said, her eyes diverting from my crotch and to my face, “we have heard news of the Dark Queen’s return, but we didn’t expect her to send ambassadors here.”

“You would be a valued ally in the war to come.” I responded.

“War,” Rose said, “is not something nymphs do. We will fight to protect what is ours, but do not wage war like orcs. We are not soldiers, Elena, we are tenders of the forest and speakers for the trees.”

“We don’t need you to fight on the front lines,” Prestira cut in, “we need your knowledge of the forest and gifts of subterfuge. You can tell your people to move from their spots; I can see them despite their camouflage.”

I gasped as hundreds of women moved into the clearing. One was just three feet from me, and had perfectly disguised herself against the bark of a tree. Their skin texture changed from rocks, leaves and bark to a variety of different colored flesh as their appeared.

“Why should we join a war of orcs and elves?” Rose asked me, “Why should we die for a cause we do not care for?”

“Queen Leveria Tiadoa believes the Great Forest belongs to The Highlands,” I responded, “she will use Yavara as an excuse to take more and more territory. If Yavara loses her war, Leveria will not stop at The Pines and The Tundra, she will continue south. She will attack you here, because you are weak and easy targets with no diplomatic pull. No one will care when the nymphs are slaughtered and driven from their homes. The only person with any power to stop Leveria is Queen Yavara, and all she is asking in return is that you fight for her.”

“And if Queen Yavara wins her war,” Rose asked, “what will happen to us?”

“One of you will be ambassador for the nymphs at Castle Alkandra, and the rest will remain here and live out your lives as you see fit.”

Rose pondered my proposition for a moment. I looked out at the hundreds of nymphs. All of them stared back at me in silence, waiting for their spokesperson to make a decision. Rose finally spoke.

“This is not something we can decide for ourselves,” she said, “The Mother will decide for us.”

“Who is The Mother?” I asked her.

“She is the spirit of our people,” Rose said, “she is as old as the forest itself. You may come see her, Elena, and bring your slaves with you. Prestira and Patricia must remain here.”

I nodded to Prestira and Patricia. They dismounted their horses and sat on a fallen tree before taking out their pipes. I told my slaves to dismount and follow me. The other nymphs stayed with Prestira and Patricia as I followed Rose. I indulged myself a gaze at her supple glutes as they rose and fell, the leafed garment that concealed her lewdness rustling with each step. Rose took a peak over her shoulder at me and smiled when she saw me gawking. Her steps became longer and more deliberate, causing her hips to sway as she walked.

We made our way to the largest tree I’d ever seen. It was hundreds of feet tall and thirty feet wide at the base, gnarled with vines that wrapped the trunk. Rose stepped forward and touched the tree, whispering something I could not hear. The tree began to creak and groan, causing the ground beneath me to shake. Rose stepped back and the base of the behemoth plant opened into a doorway. Rose turned to me and spoke.

“You all must remove the dead animal skin from your bodies. The Mother will not speak to those that wear her creatures as hides.”

My slaves took the clothes off their bodies until they were completely naked. I removed my weapons and undid the straps of my armor before letting it fall from my body. Rose looked me up and down, her eyes lingering for a while on the flaccid member hanging between my legs.

“You may enter.” Rose said. My slaves and I walked into the tree, which shut behind us. The entire trunk of the tree was hollow on the inside, and illuminated with millions of bioluminescent mushrooms, their green lights spiraling hundreds of feet up until they were a blur at the peak. Rose walked by me and sat upon the ground with her legs crossed. She beckoned us to do the same. I sat on the moist soil and crossed my legs, waiting for something to happen. Rose titled her head up and began to speak.

“Great Mother of the forest, I am but a vessel for your voice. A messenger of the Dark Queen has enslaved our enemies and brought them to us to demonstrate her good will. The messenger asks that we join her queen in a war against those that would drive us from our home. Great Mother, I am but a vessel for your voice, use me to speak with those who cannot hear you.”

A green light descended from the top of the cavernous trunk. It grew brighter and brighter until it was almost blinding. I covered my eyes with my arms as the light enveloped Rose completely, her silhouette growing thinner and thinner until it was gone. The light disappeared and I moved my arms down. Rose was now shining brightly from the green veins in her arms, as though the green light was coursing through her. The light in her veins brightened and dimmed with her heartbeat. Her eyes no longer bore irises, but were simply glowing emerald ovals. She looked upward for a moment before turning her face down to me.

“Elena,” The Mother spoke, “I remember when you walked these woods as a ranger. You used to sleep under my canopy, staring at the stars with lonesome eyes. It seems those days are behind you, child.”

“Do you know everything that goes on in the forest?” I asked The Mother.

“From The Pines to The Palms, I see all. The roots of the trees run deep and entangle with one another in a web for thousands of miles, all of them leading to this spot; the first tree of The Great Forest, where I was born ten thousand years ago. There are two rangers tracking you, Elena; Adarian is one of them.”

“I know,” I said, “they’ve been following us since we left The Gorge. Patricia smelt them from a mile away and Prestira has a kill range twice the length of an arrow shot; they’ll keep their distance. Do you know why I am here?”

“You want me to join your queen in her sibling rivalry with her sister.” The Mother responded.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that.” I said.

“Not really,” The Mother said, “Alkandi sat where you sat fifteen hundred years ago and asked me to join her. Her family had banished her and killed her lover, so she thought the best course of action was to wage a war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Yavara is just as selfish.”

“Yavara is ambitious,” I said, “but she is not selfish. Under Yavara’s rule, you will retain your sovereignty over The Spruces. Under Leveria’s rule, you will be driven from here.”

“Perhaps you are right,” The Mother said, “but I will be hard pressed to send my children into the mouth of war. The nymphs are born of my sap and nectar, and each one of them is precious to me. Our numbers dwindle by the day as the corruption runs rampant through them.”

“The corruption?” I asked.

“This beast you brought me,” The Mother said, beckoning to Crystal, “was once my child. I created the nymphs as free spirited creatures; to tend the forest and live wholesome lives beneath the haven of my canopy. But I failed them in my design; I gave them the bodies and hearts of women, but no men to accompany them. They didn’t have the instinct to breed, as I was the only one creating life, but the yearning for companionship took them anyway. They laid with one another, and I accepted that, but some of them needed more, and they were corrupted.”

“Rose told me a sorcerer corrupted the nymphs and turned them to succubi, is that what really happened?” I asked.

“No,” The Mother said, “that is a myth I told the girls in my shame. There was no evil mage taking nymphs at night and turning them into beast; the girls that disappeared left on their own volition. They ventured to towns and cities where I couldn’t see them. They indulged in their lust until it took them over and became their identity. The nymphs nurse upon my sap for sustenance, but the succubi found something else to feed upon. I hated what I had unintentionally created: beasts of lust that preyed on innocents, beasts that relentlessly mated with their victims until the prisoners were sucked of life. I told my girls that the succubi were our enemies, that they were taking their sisters and corrupting them, but it’s all a lie. The succubi are no more than a fault in my design.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked The Mother.

“The girl I’m speaking though, Rose, is an outgoing woman with so much potential; but you saw the way she looked at you. She has the yearning, and if left unattended, she will be corrupted. The beast you call Crystal was once called Tulip. Tulip was a lot like Rose: outgoing, adventurous, strong. One day I lost Tulip. I watched in anguish as my favorite daughter grew thin and frail. I nursed her to the exclusion of others, trying to give her strength back to her, but she couldn’t feed from me any longer; she needed the seed of man. She went to Ardeni Dreus, and ten years later she returned. I hardly recognized her; but the moment she stepped foot on my soil I knew what she had become. She burrowed herself into a cave and preyed upon boats that crashed on her shore. She gave birth to five daughters and they too, preyed on innocents. And then one day you came along, and everything changed.”

“I’m not sure what you’re saying.” I said.

“There is something in your seed, Elena, something that Yavara passed to you.” The Mother said, “Yavara’s first incarnation was a succubus that cast aside her lust and gave into love. Yavara somehow passed that characteristic onto you, hence the devotion of your slaves. They love you unconditionally; they would die for you if you asked them to. They are still driven by lust, yes, but it is not central to their existence anymore, you are. Elena, I need your seed.”

“What the fuck…”

“I need you to mate with me, Elena. I need you to come inside me. I need your power,” The Mother said pushing her clothes off, “I will mix your seed with my sap, and when my daughters drink from me, they will never stray from the flock again; they will love me unconditionally”

“If what you’re saying is true, that succubi are nymphs that gave into lust and transformed, then I don’t think it’s a good idea to have sex with me. Didn’t you just say Rose was susceptible to lust? What if you succumb to me?” I asked, “What if you become my slave like Crystal and her daughters?”

“Then I will be your slave, Elena,” The Mother said through Rose, “it is a risk I am willing to take, and it is what you must do if you want my help.”

“Fine,” I said, “I’ll need to know your name though. In the throes of ecstasy, I’m not calling you ‘The Mother.’ You had a name once, didn’t you?”

“Arbor,” she said as she stood up, “Arbor was my name once.”


Arbor walked to me, her green veins illuminating her pale body. Her breasts bounced slightly with each step, her form walking with the grace only a goddess could possess. She stopped in front of me, her hairless slit staring me in the face, her shining green eyes gazing down at me.

“Elena,” she said as she lowered her body onto mine, “I’ve never made love before.”

“You’re ten thousand years old and you’ve never had sex?” I asked incredulously.

“I’m a spirit of the forest,” Arbor said, “I use the pollen of flowers and the seeds of trees to give birth to my children.”

“Are you nervous?” I asked as I guided her into my lap.

“A little,” she smiled for the first time, brushing a strand of blonde hair over her ear, “I must admit, I’ve always wondered about it.”

“I’ll be gentle, Arbor,” I smiled back as I pressed her body to my own, “just follow my lead and let your body react naturally.”

I gazed into her green eyes as I slowly moved my throbbing member back and forth across her slit. Her face remained passive for a while, but soon her expression started to change. Her eyes opened a little wider, and her breathing began to grow heavy. Her mouth fell a little bit, her full lips parting as her body began to react to me. Her juices started to flow onto my shaft, and her voice began to rise in slight murmurs.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked, “I feel this…need growing inside me.”

“That’s good Arbor,” I smiled, “it means you want me.”

“I do want you,” she gasped slightly, “I want you to penetrate me.”

I slowly guided Arbor’s hips down. I moaned as I felt her virgin pussy lips part around my cock. She shuddered and lowered her head, watching as I took her chastity from her. She quivered in pain as I finally broke through her hymen, a few drops of blood spilling out of her. I kept pushing her down softly, savoring the feeling as her purity gave way to me. Arbor gritted her teeth, her pussy clenching tightly in pain while my girth stretched her and my length broke her in. She reached my base, her full ass pressing against my pelvis. I let her stay there and get used to it. She kept her head down, her chest heaving as her body acclimated. I stroked her back lovingly, letting her know I was here to make her feel good, to give her only pleasure. I felt her pelvic muscle unclench. Her head rose to me, her eyes filled with wonder and excitement. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“I never knew,” she whispered to me, “I never knew what I was denying my daughters all these years.”

“It’s OK Arbor,” I smiled back to her, “don’t worry about anything. Give in to the feeling and enjoy the now.”

I pulled her body upward, moaning as her tight lips gripped around me, her pussy oozing her juices onto my cock. I raised her off me until the tip was barely in, and then I lowered her slowly back down. She shuddered with pleasure and let out a weak cry. Her full breasts pressed against my own, our nipples teasing each other, our skin radiating our heat into one another. She met my base again, and her back curved slightly, pressing her body even closer to mine. My fingers traced gently down her spine before grasping her hips. I guided her body, showing her with my hands how she should grind on me. She swayed her hips to my movements, following my directions to the letter. She suddenly grinded hard across my pelvis, pushing her pussy down, forcing every inch of me inside. My head tilted back and a moan left my lips. Arbor giggled in excitement as she pleasured me all on her own. She was learning.

Arbor gyrated on my lap, her hips moving aggressively, her ass clapping behind her. Her expression changed from one of curious excitement to wanton desire. Her eyes narrowed and a devilish smile curled across her parted lips. Her breathing increased as lecherous moans began to flow from her mouth. She was turning into a slut before my eyes. She reached her hands backward and anchored them on my thighs as she stretched her body from mine. She stared competitively into my eyes and grinded violently onto my pelvis. She growled animalistically, biting her lower lip and tilting her head up, her eyes closing in bliss. The gentleness left me, and I leaned into the goddess and filled my mouth with her breast. The green light in her veins flashed as her heartrate increased. I sucked her nipple roughly, pulling her soft flesh into my mouth and slobbering it with my tongue, my saliva dripping from the corners of my lips as I greedily drew from her. Her back arched and her hands pressed against the back of my head. I reached around and filled my hands with her supple cheeks, digging my fingers into her flesh as it conformed delectably around my knuckles.

My slaves were pleasuring each other at the sight of us, all six of them filling their mouths with each other’s parts as their fingers found holes to occupy. I pulled my mouth from Arbor’s breast and took her head in my hands.

“Do you want to play with my slaves?” I asked The Mother.

“Maybe,” she grinned down at me, “they do look they’re having fun.”

I picked Arbor up by her ass and laid her on her back in the middle of my slaves. I got on my knees and pumped into her as Crystal and Diamond lowered their mouths to her breasts. Arbor’s head pressed into the dirt as she titled it back in pleasure. Her hands roughly gripped the hair of the succubi nursing from her and pushed them closer to her. I spread her legs and rested her ankles on my shoulders as I drove into her with increasing force. Arbor’s head thrashed from side to side in pleasure, her mouth crying out, her hair entangling with her horns. Sapphire looked at Arbor’s unused mouth as a wasted opportunity, and promptly straddled across her face. Opal came behind me and spread my cheeks. I smiled back at my favorite slave as she playfully licked down my taint and into my pussy. Onyx took it upon herself to stick three fingers in my ass, much to my appreciation. I growled and raised my head upward to the feeling of all three of my erogenous parts being beautifully stimulated. Ruby sat in the corner, looking very dejected. I beckoned her to me and lifted Arbor’s lower body off the ground. Ruby smiled up at me before her face descended between The Mother’s cheeks. I heard Arbor’s muffled scream of delight filter from around Sapphire’s cunt as Ruby’s tongue pushed into Arbor’s asshole.

I let my slaves have their fun with Arbor before I took her all to myself. I pulled her quickly off the ground, her golden hair flying in an arc behind her as she was forced against me. I pressed her against the wall and railed relentlessly into her. She screamed in pleasure, locking her legs around my waist and willing me to push harder. I ground my face between her breasts, turning my head from side to side to taste her. Arbor took a gamble and forced a finger in my ass. I jolted into her, pressing my pelvis harder than ever. Arbor’s open mouth curled into a smile while she panted her lust. I grinned at her and pulled her cheeks apart. Her smile disappeared as my fingers slowly crept together. She shook her head in protest, but I just kept going. I felt her pulsating rim against my fingers and drove my indexes in.

Arbor’s green veins flashed like a strobe light as her heartrate shot up. A scream of pain and pleasure burst from her lips. I pushed both middle fingers into her ass and pulled them apart. A pained growl burned through The Mother as her head flung violently backward.

“Elena!” she cried, “Something’s happening to me!”

“Oh,” I laughed, “are you coming, Arbor?”

“I-I think-” Arbor didn’t finish that thought. I pushed my ring fingers into her ass and spread her gaping. I felt her pussy convulse around me as she reveled in the abuse. I could see her heart flashing wildly beneath her skin. I drove her body against the wood of the tree with wild abandon, keeping the pace she liked, but adding more force. Arbor’s cries rose in their tenor, her finger nails dug into my back. I felt her pelvis twitching with uncontrollable spasms as her body ascended. Her brow furrowed and relaxed, her mouth hung open wide. She began panting sporadically, her heart flashing so fast it was blinding me. With a final roar, I pushed my full length into her pussy and unloaded. Arbor screamed at the top of her lungs and climaxed with me, her back arching from the tree, her legs quivering around me. Every green light illuminating the inside of the tree turned purple. The shining green veins coursing through the forest spirit turned purple, as did her emerald eyes. Arbor looked at me with a loving gaze.


“Master.” She said.

“Goddamn it!” I yelled as I pulled out of Arbor, “What did I say would happen, Arbor?! What the fuck did I say?!”

“Did I do something wrong?” Arbor asked, “I’m sorry Master, do you need to punish me?” she asked, shaking her hips hopefully.

“Fuck.” I said, pondering what to do next, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Arbor, get out of Rose and let me talk to her.”

“Yes, Master.” Arbor said. A purple light erupted from the nymph and ascended to the ceiling of the tree. Rose blinked for a second as her body came back to her. Her shining purple veins grew green and dull, and her glowing emerald eyes faded to normal green irises. She looked around the inside of the tree before staring at me in shock.

“What the fuck did you do?!” Rose yelled at me.

“It was her idea!” I yelled back, “She gave me an ultimatum, and I told her what might happen, but she did it anyway.”

“Oh fuck,” Rose said as she looked at the purple lights, “Elena, we need to fix this!”

“How?” I asked.

“I don’t know!” Rose said frantically, “You need to release her from your service. Can you do that?”

“I’ve never tried, let me see. Onyx,” I said to the slave, “I release you from your service; you’re no longer my slave.”

“Yes, Master,” Onyx said, looking around in a confused manner, “what do you want me to do now, Master?”

“Yeah,” I sighed, “I didn’t think that would work.”

“Ok,” Rose said, taking a deep breath, “everything is going to be Ok. Happy thoughts, trees and flowers, bees and birds, sunny skies and fertile dirt. Think, think, think. Ok Elena, I’m going to let The Mother back into my body, and you’re going to convince her not to be your slave.”

“I don’t think it works like that.” I said.

“Well, Elena,” Rose growled, “you’re not getting out of this fucking tree until you fix this.” Rose raised her head to the ceiling and said the words she spoke before. Nothing happened. She looked at me with worry written across her face. She tried again, and nothing happened. Rose tried again, more desperately this time, yelling the words through a hoarse voice, but nothing happened.

“Rose,” I said to her, “I don’t think The Mother can speak through you anymore.”

“Of course she can!” Rose yelled, her voice shaking, “she’s spoken through me for ten years! I’m her voice!”

“Let’s try a different tactic,” I said, putting a calming hand on her shoulder, “Crystal, do what Rose just did.”

Crystal raised her head to the ceiling and spoke the words. A purple light descended from the top of the tree and engulfed Crystal. Her eyes flashed open, revealing nothing but two, glowing purple ovals.

“Master,” Arbor said through Crystal, “have you forgiven me for my transgressions, or do you still need to punish me?”

“Mother?” Rose asked Arbor, her eyes welling in tears, “Mother, what has she done to you?”

“Master as shown me the error of my ways,” Arbor said to Rose, “she has given me joy I never thought possible.”

“She’s corrupted you!” Rose cried, tears welling in her eyes, “she carries the sorcerer’s curse!”

“There never was a sorcerer,” Arbor said to Rose, “that was a lie I made up thousands of years ago to hide the fact that I failed you.”

“What do you mean?” Rose said through tears.

“I designed the nymphs to be tenders of the forest, to love what I had given them and to nurture the world I created. But I failed you, Rose, I failed all of you. I gave you female bodies and hearts, but no men to accompany you. I took away your instinct to breed, but not your instinct to love and share your bodies. The corruption isn’t a curse; it’s evolution insulting me for my hubris.”

“Don’t say that, Mother,” Rose sobbed, “it’s not your fault.”

“Rose,” I said to the nymph, “I’m going to get Prestira and bring her here. Prestira is a world-class telepath; she might be able to help us. Just sit tight.”


I stared down from my hill top perch, well out Prestira's range. I looked down at the hundreds of nymphs that had appeared out of nowhere. If Yavara got these girls on her side, it would make my job a lot harder.

“Why can’t we move closer?” Chastian asked me, impatiently twiddling the arrow between his fingers.

“See that girl in black?” I said pointing to Patricia, “she’s been watching us this whole time; she’s a vampire, and can smell us for miles. And that girl,” I said pointing to Prestira, “could kill both of us with a flick of her wrist.”

“Yeah,” Chastian said, “but isn’t Prestira working for us? Why don’t we just give her the signal and let her wreak havoc?”

“She’s not working for us,” I said, “she’s a sleeper agent, and the whistle sets her off.”

“So why don’t we just fucking blow it?” Chastian asked.

“Because,” I said, “the Queen gave me orders to capture Elena, and Elena isn’t here right now. Once she comes out and gets within an arm’s length of Prestira, I’ll blow the whistle.”

“What about the nymphs?” Chastian asked, “Once Prestira goes off, they’ll put her down.”

“No,” I said, “Prestira is one of the greatest witches in the world; she won’t go down easy.”

“There’s that little dyke.” Chastian said excitedly, pointing at Elena as she walked from the large tree.

“Show some respect, Chastian,” I growled, “she was a loyal ranger and the best tracker I’d ever seen. I don’t know what Yavara did to her, but I hope I can fix it. We need women like her on our side.”

“You know the queen’s probably just going to torture her, right?” Chastian said.

“Probably,” I said back, “but if she can make Prestira Rasloraca a sleeper agent, I bet she can persuade Elena to join us pretty easily. At least, I hope so; I don’t want to see Elena on the rack.”


"They still there?" I asked Trish as I looked where she had said the rangers were.

"Yeah," Trish replied, "they're just sitting and watching."

"Must be a scouting party," I said, "Leveria's keeping an eyes on us. She won't be happy that we've now gotten the perfect counter to her rangers."

“What do you think is taking Elena so long?” Trish asked me.

“Elena’s no doubt six-inches deep in Rose right now,” I laughed, “did you see the way that girl looked at her?”

“She’s supposed to be negotiating their alliance,” Trish said, “not fucking them.”

“It seems under Yavara’s rule, every deal will be sealed with sex.” I smiled.

“Here she comes,” Trish said as Elena appeared from the tree, completely naked, “you were right, Elena was fucking Rose.”

“Told you.” I laughed.

Elena was walking extremely quickly toward us. Her face was flushed and her body was covered in dirt.

“Elena!” I chided the embarrassed hybrid, “it seems you forgot something!”

“Prestira,” Elena said with a frantic voice, “I need your help. I spoke with The Mother and-”

I heard the whistle sound from the hills to the north. My hand shot out and cast a bondage spell across Elena. She dropped to the ground, her eyes wide in shock.

“Prestira!” Trish’s voice shouted, “what the fuck are you-”

I set her clothes aflame. I stared blankly as my blood-granddaughter flailed frantically. She tried to put the arcane fire out to no avail. The sun pierced through her burning clothes and began to sear her flesh. She looked at me with horror and shock in her eyes.

“Why?!” she screamed at me. I grabbed her with my mind and held her up in the air. I watched dispassionately as she trashed and shrieked in the sunlight. Her naked body turned red, smoke billowing from her flesh. Her screams grew shriller as her skin began to melt and drip to the forest floor. Her exposed muscles twitched and her mouth gurgled its final cries. I let her fall with a thud on the ground, her desecrated corpse still convulsing with the last throes of death.

The nymphs descended upon me, blowing their darts and throwing their hatchets. I stopped their projectile in the air and sent it flying back to them. They reeled in defense, trying to take cover from their own missiles. I blasted a wall of flame between them and I, and then hoisted Elena in the air and walked toward the source of the whistle.

A woman’s voice was screaming in my head. It was Yavara. I cut our connection and walked up the hill. Two rangers were waiting for me there. I dropped Elena to the ground in front of them and awaited further instruction.


Elena looked frantically from Prestira to me. I felt bad for the poor girl, she’d just been through hell, and I was about to make it so much worse. I walked up to Prestira. She stared blankly at me, no light behind her dead eyes. I put the knife to her throat and began to slice before Elena’s voice stopped me.

“Adarian!” she screamed, “Stop! Don’t do it!”

“Chastian, bind Elena.” I said. Chastian took the ropes from his bag and tied Elena’s wrists and ankles together behind her back.

“Adarian!” Elena screamed, tears streaming down her face, “Please don’t.”

“Sorry, Elena. Order are orders.” I replied. I pushed the blade into Prestira’s throat and slashed across. Prestira’s mind came back to her for an instant. I saw the horror and confusion behind her eyes as the blood spurted from her throat. She fell to the ground, tears dripping from her eyes before her gaze fell and stared at nothing. Elena shrieked in grief and terror. I forced a rope between her teeth and hoisted her over my shoulder. She thrashed as best she could against me before I tossed her on the back of my horse and tied her to my saddle. We rode off as the nymphs began to scale our hill. I saw the succubi running full-speed behind me. ‘Master,’ they screamed. Their master would never return to them; I would make sure of that.


Yavara leaves for The Tundra to convince the major orc clans to join her. She leaves with Brock, Zander and fifty orcs.

Prestira, Patricia, and Elena leave with the succubi slaves to The Spruces to convince the nymphs to join them.

A nymph named Rose says that the succubi were once nymphs who were taken by a sorcerer and corrupted.

Rose tells Elena that she and her slaves must go see a forest spirit known as The Mother, who dwells within a giant tree. This tree is the first tree of the Great Forest.

Rose lets The Mother take over her body so that The Mother can talk to Elena.

The Mother tells Elena that two rangers have been following them. Elena tells The Mother that they pose no threat.

The Mother reveals that she lied to the nymphs about there being a sorcerer who corrupts them, and that the corruption is really just a fault in her own design of the nymphs.

The Mother tells Elena that she will only help Yavara if Elena has sex with her. The Mother believes that Elena's seed may fix the problem in the nymph's design.

Elena has sex with The Mother in Rose's body. The Mother becomes her slave upon climax, something Elena warned may happen.

The Mother leaves Rose's body, but cannot reenter it. She takes over Crystal, on of the succubus' bodies instead, as The Mother has been corrupted.

Elena tells Rose that Prestira might be able to help, and leaves the tree to get the witch.

Once Elena is close to Prestira, the rangers hiding in the hills blow the whistle that sets Prestira off. She kills Patricia and captures Elena.

Ranger Adarian kills Prestira and takes Elena prisoner.

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Queen Yavara: Chapter Eighteen

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