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Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Lactation

Authror: James Dylan Dean

Published: 21 June 2017

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I am sitting at my keyboard trying to get the details of these stories down before I forget them. It is eleven at night, I should be going to bed, my regular bed time is ten. But, when I get momentum in my writing and the subject is a favorite of mine, I just lose all sense of time and sometimes write until I fall asleep at the keyboard. That can happen even during the daytime, even if I forget to get something to eat, go to the bathroom or take my afternoon nap. I am in my seventies after all.

Then I hear a light rapping at the door again. I have lived here for six years and can’t even remember the last time when I have gotten a call at the door after five in the evening except for the occasional desperate pleas of Margie a provider friend who seems often to get herself in very tight corners.

And usually during the evening and night, when I hear a rapping, it is for the lady next door and her visiting men friends that show up at any time of the day. I always wonder where her husband (?) boyfriend (?) manager (?) coworker (?) or whatever else he might be is during her receiving of visits. I never see him leave, though.

Anyway, I open the kitchen blinds and there outside is Darla, again. So, not wanting to leave a new mother who was nursing a recently born baby out in the cool evening and whatever dangers might be luring out there, I open the door and she again rushes me to get in and quickly turns and locks the door. Then without even saying a word, again takes me by the hand and drags me to my bedroom and bed.

This time she completely disrobes and displays her gloriously ‘new mother’ flesh-ed out body and takes me into her arms and begins to undress me. She has me undressed quicker that I can do it myself and then lays me down on my back and leans over me to feed me her milk laden breasts thru the waiting nipples. No preliminaries at all. I not having had a snack that evening, in fact had completely forgotten to eat dinner, was more than willing to serve her needs in this case. So, I proceeded to nurse on her and drawing out the life sustaining delicious drink right from the tap. It took only a few minutes to finish off the first one and then the second one was plugged into my receiving and appreciative mouth. She was very busy caressing and cooing to me, but my mind finally kicked into gear and I began to wonder what was going on here. Was she trying to supplant Cassie in my life?

I didn’t have long to ponder that thought, because as her second tit was unloaded, she draped one leg over me and inserted my gloriously upright dick into the intended chamber. The chamber was very well lubricated evidently from the second hand sensations in it from the sensations stimulated in her breasts by my feeding. All I know is that I was up to the hilt before I could even contemplate how cool this was. Fucking a nursing mother, not too far removed from childbirth at her aggravated insistence, would be many guys idea of a dream come true.

For me it was no dream, it was reality and better than any dream that I had ever had. As she settled in on me, she began to caress my face and flex her abdomen back and forth, from front to back and then from side to side in turn and it was driving me crazy with lust. She then laid down on my front, with her head over my shoulder telling me how much she loved this, and with her body trying to drive mine through the mattress. Even without the pill, I was at full attention up in her and quickly after that emptied three days of cum into her love tunnel. She just sighed and then pulled the comforter over us and fell asleep in my arms.

She remained on top of me all night until we both woke up in the morning. I didn’t even have time to turn my computer off and save the last few paragraphs that I had entered. No problem, what I was entering was well remembered even if it might be lost to the computer.

Amazingly, even though she was a solid and well-rounded woman, my body was no worse for the weight that it had carried all night. She smiled as she looked down at me and didn’t seem to be in any hurry to remove herself from her current position. So, I took the liberty of plugging in the first tit and drawing the life sustaining liquid from it. She seemed to have no problem at all over that, even when I added playing with her butt and anal entry, which was all that I could reach with her firmly planted down on me.

When I moved to the second tit to drain it, she leaned down and planted her tongue into my ear. Something that Cassie and my exwife had used to very good effect when I was delaying planting in their nether world garden. And since my dick was still firmly installed in Darla, it had the same effect. The combination of sensations from the nursing, the ear licking and the feeling of her vagina on my cock, simply sent me over and above the top. And with this she came, too. She pulled me over to thrust into her for a few minutes and then let me move over and rest up a bit.

Finally, we were both at rest and she had evidently gotten what she was looking for. And I initiated the conversation with her, “Darla, this was all wonderful, the last time, last night and this now. I really enjoy the milk. But, are you trying to supplant your sister in my life by all of this?”

She looked at me with very kind eyes and said, “No, Brad, I would never do that to my best friend in the world. I love her more than my husband, child or anything else. She has always been my champion, even in some very dark days of my life. I would never come between you two. I think that Trig is doing about as well as he can, and I can’t imagine why she stays with him and not with you. Even my parents, who were very much amused by your adventure in their bed, can’t fathom it. In fact, I think that he is treading on treacherous ground now and that this is his last real chance to keep her. That is why he agreed to the double date with you and Cassie, though afterwards he told me that it was the most fun that he had ever had in bed. And that you are the only man in the world that he would even contemplate sharing her with, despite the pain that it causes him. He has agreed to give her to you on Wednesdays to keep the peace between her and him. He feels that he has no other choice. And I think that he will honor his pledge over it. He is very stubborn about things like that. Cassie tells me that you are no stranger to stubbornness and that she has benefited from it with your loyalty to her under very trying conditions. So, that you would understand his firmness in that regard very well.

As for us, you know that my errant husband is in jail for an extended time. He is a jerk to everyone else, but is very good to me. And he found out that I wanted another baby to share our lives with, so he sent me a letter telling me to find a good guy and have a baby to share life with us when he gets out. Cassie knows this, but is fearful that since I have a lot more free time to share with you, that it might destroy the bond that she cherishes with you. By the way, it was in the park bathroom that I settled on you because of your good nature and solid loving manner.”

“Thank you for telling me all of that. I suspected some of that, but not all of the reasons why. I have not lied to Cassie about this, because I am the one between her and I that dependably tells the truth. But, I was not forthcoming about things that she was suspicious about either. Please explain to her what you just told me and settle with her about how much she will allow you to share me, and I will live with whatever you two decide.”

“Okay, sounds good to me. Now roll over here and fuck me into the mattress again, before we go out to breakfast.”

So, I did………………..

The next Wednesday was supposed to be a full date with some kind of kink in it, but when Cassie got there, she had a very worried look on her face. And she came over to the couch to cuddle with me. After we sat and kissed for a time, she leaned back and said the dreaded works, “We need to talk!”

“Darla had a long talk with me and spelled out some things involving her, me and you. I had my suspicions and now understand what was going on and why you weren’t open about it when I tried to bring it up. You were just being a man, and especially since I can only be here for you once a week and you have always been needy in regard to sex. And evidently you were just as surprised and mystified by what was going on as I was, and you were in the middle of it.”

At that she got a very humble and contrite nod from me

“Okay, I have told her that she can see you up to twice a week until I am either left for good by Trig and come to you, or he is gone for an extended period when I could be with you for the duration. It doesn’t eliminate the possibility of us three being together again, though.”

“That is actually very generous for me. Will she honor that agreement?”

“Yes, I believe so. She has always been very honest with me. And she does love her ‘thug’ husband who is a vile loser, but very good to her. Even compared to Trig the guy is a loser and will probably spend most of the rest of his life in prison. But, she will be there for him when he gets out for as long as each time lasts. And he really does want the best for her. But, I want to know what about us, in your own words.”

“Think back, Cassie, on all of the things that have happened between us. And how even when I gave you up to Trig, several times, and you treated me horribly several times and I gave up on our relationship several time, that I never gave up on you as a person. I never will, my love. But, I am not going to deny myself comfort when it is offered to me in my need and I freely accept that I am regularly needy, more than you can care-for, for now. I will accept any limits you put between me and her, except denying me seeing her as long as you are limited in seeing me. If we are ever together, firmly together, I will swear off any other women as long as you care for me, just as I did in my marriage for over thirty years.”

She looked up to my face with tears I her eyes and told me, “That is good enough for me. Now let’s just go to bed and stay there till morning and take our share of comfort and love for the night.”

I couldn’t think of any reason to say no to that, and so I didn’t.

In the morning Darla stopped by with her baby and the four of us went out to breakfast in festive moods. One on each side of me holding a hand. And sitting close to me in a rounded seating booth. If the other people noticing them and the baby, guessed that they were my concubines and one the mother of my child, I would have stood up and crowed at the thought. I was very proud to be with the both of them, especially since they were both playing with my cock under the table while we waited for our meals to come.

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Comments (2)
James Dylan Dean20 June 2017 06:46
Over the years I have come to the notion that women are just as trans-actual as men are. I personally strongly believe in the basic premise of either trading services, objects or favors. I have little sympathy for the users of people of this world and in fact have suffered from some of them very gravely. Along with this, I have come to the notion that most of the time, women agree to or even seek intimacies for practical reasons. Not that they don't truly enjoy them when they are done right. But, reasons such as: making a living, pleasing a mate, securing a mate, getting a big favor, getting a baby, retribution against a rival, to feel better physically or emotionally are probably significant in most of their entries into the intimacy mode.

In this story, the main motives for Darla's mode of conduct were to promote her comfort and to set up Brad for a very large favor as we will see.

The mechanical depiction that you alluded to is very appropriate to the scene.
mature gina — 20 June 2017 05:43
It was cute chapter and I did get a good laugh about drinking breast milk from the tap. It made me think her nipples were like a water faucet that could be turned on and off. You know how my mind wanders about things.
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