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  1. Hanky Panky 1
  2. Hanky Panky 3

Hanky Panky 1

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, massage

Author: Hew 180

Published: 28 June 2017

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Hanky Panky 1


I’m in the shower lathering my head and shoulders scrubbing off the gypsum dust from the Sheetrock job I had finished in town an hour and a half ago.

Somebody wrapped their hand around my penis and put it in a hot wet mouth.

I found it was a female when I reached down and felt the long hair of her head, and reached further down, got a lovely handful of womanly boob.

My eyes stung from the soap I got in them when my eyes had opened in surprise while my face was covered with soap. It took me a while to rinse the soap out of my eyes.

I tried to get my cock out of her mouth, but her arms were wrapped around my hips, and as I kept trying to get away she grabbed a handful of my nut-sack, which took the fight right out of me.

She found the soap I dropped on the floor, and started scrubbing everything she could reach on me (multitasking).

Then stood up and scrubbed my shoulders, back, chest, and arms.

Then went back to holding my nut-sack, and sucking my cock and sucking and sucking me off.

She swallowed the entire series of my ejaculations, stood up, and I scrubbed her, while purposefully squeezing her butt, boobs, vulva (it’s called groping).

I concentrated on her nipples and the areolas surrounding them, pinching massaging, plus I gave her a thorough scalp massage, which completely relaxed her, arms around my neck in a full frontal embrace.

I guess she really appreciated it, because she repeatedly kissed and nuzzled my neck under my right ear.

We dried off and she latched onto my dick and towed me toward my bedroom.

The hallway light was on and I got a good look at a cute buck-naked gal about five foot four inches tall, dark hair with wide-set brown eyes, oval face, straight nose, wide full-lipped mouth, small ears.

She had an extra thick layer of subcutaneous fat, almost beyond pleasingly plump, with perky B-cup breasts with half-dollar size areolas, and three-quarter inch hard nipples.

She pulled me around between her and the bed and tucked her shoulder and shoved me just below my sternum causing me to land on my back in bed.

Crawled up to my face and planted her clean-shaven vulva on my mouth, “Lick me, suck me.”

Though I hadn’t done this before, I had a rough idea what to do, so I licked her vulva as deep as I could from bottom to top with some serious sucking on her clitoris, while massaging her nipples and areolas with my hands.

Didn’t taste bad at all.

After a few minutes of this she orgasmed a couple times and crawled off me and laid beside me a moment, breathing hard.

“You have an incredibly beautiful pussy.”

“I want you to start with my face and kiss my mouth, kiss my cheeks, kiss everything you want.

“Kiss and suck and bite my neck gently, firmly from behind my ears down to the top of my shoulders.

“Then kiss and suckle my nipples, massage, and kiss all over my breasts over and over, kiss and suckle my nipples again.

“Then kiss and suck on my inner thighs up to my pussy over and over, then do a thorough job of making love to my pussy.

“I want at least two orgasms before you slide your cock in me slow and gentle.

“You might have to push hard at one point, but that’s OK.

“Once you break through, hold me tight when I hurt, and let me get used to your size.

“Just concentrate on making this a best moment in our lives.”

I did everything as instructed, but I made sure she got three orgasms.

She talked to me like someone in a control-tower talking a pilot down to a safe landing, always encouraging, complementing me.

Yes. It hurt her. We laid still, hooked up for a long time. She kept saying, “hold me tight, hold me tight,” and told me a couple times, “give me a stroke or two to keep your cock hard.”

“You have lovely breasts.”

“Thanks. It didn’t hurt much the last time, give me another couple of strokes. Uuuhhh! Faster. “Feels like we’re good to go. Go for it Hank! Get your rocks off!”

“You know my name?”

“Sure! I’m Julie.”

“OK. I’ll go for it. I hope you have a couple more orgasms Julie!”

I gave her about a dozen strokes and pulled out to lick and suck her vulva and clit thoroughly while massaging her areolas and pinching her nipples to turn Julie on more, and reinserted my cock, and stroked ‘til I finally got my rocks off just as Julie had another couple orgasms.

After that night we parted company with no plans to get back together again. She has her dreams and I have mine.


‘Bout a month later I find Julie waiting for me on the front porch swing, so I backed my twenty-four foot contractor-trailer in it’s parking space next to my house and closed the gate in front of the Dodge D350.

“Would you like something to drink Julie?” As I stepped up on the porch.

“Whatever you’re having, if you’re having anything.”

“Orange juice?”

“That’s good.”

“If you need to use the restroom, you don’t need to ask, Julie.”

“Thanks. I’m OK for now.”

I brought out a couple of twelve ounce bottles of orange juice, handed one to Julie and set on the swing with her.

“I’m guessing you are knocked up and I’m the prime suspect.”

The color drained out of Julie’s face, “Only suspect. I’m sorry.”

“Even better.”

“True, it would have been awkward if there were two or three. I promise you Hank, you are the only man I have had sex with.”

“Julie? What are you saying?” Mrs. Daniels was standing in the middle of the front portion of my driveway, evidently stopping to speak with her daughter a moment.

“Hello Mrs. Daniels. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine Mr. Morgan. Julie? What did you just say?”

“Hank and I were just talking about sex. What do you think I should do Mom? I’m in the mood for sex.”

“Julie go home to your room. I’m telling your Father.”

“I’ll be waiting here for Dad.”

“Fine! I’ll tell him.” Julie’s Mom left in a bit of a huff.

“Well Julie... I think we had better reset everything on the back patio. It’s cooler back there and a better chance for cooler heads to prevail.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“ There’s a pitcher in the lower cabinet, next to the refrigerator.

“Fill the pitcher one-quarter full of ice, squeeze a small half a lemon and two whole mandarin oranges, and pour the juices in the pitcher, top off the pitcher with water.

“Give me your Dad’s cell-phone number and I’ll tell him to bring his own vodka.”

“Clever! I hope he shares!”

“Naughty naughty,” and made the call.

Julie’s parents showed up at the back gate forty-five minutes later, and pushed the gate open when they heard the latch buzz.

“Wow! That’s really nice! I would like to have that on our back gate too.”

“One of the Maitham cousins set it up for me. I can give Brian your cell-phone number, so he can call to make an appointment.”

“Sure. That would be wonderful. Thank you.”

Mr. Daniels set up tall vodka drinks topped off with the mixer Julie made for the four of us and we settled around the fire pit covered by a round counter top that converts the fire pit to a coffee table.

“Julie would like to start this discussion, because the problem sorta kinda started in your home. I haven’t heard her side of the story, so this will be new to me also.”

Surprisingly the parents were poker-faced, ready to listen.

“The problem actually started over a year ago, but it came to a head a month ago.

“I had gotten home from a long day after a helping the Veterinarian birth a colt at the Maitham farm, there was a lot of stress involved.

“I got to bed by eight o’clock after taking a shower, and was awakened an hour later by Dad playing with his squeaky-toy.

"Sometimes it was quiet squeaking, and sometimes it would build to a loud and fast crescendo, then quiet and sporadic.”

“Your Mom is a squeaker?” I asked.

“Yup. Mom’s a squeaker.

“Finally I got dressed and left the house.

“I noticed a light on in Hank’s house, so I decided to visit him.

“I had never talked with him before, even though we have pretty much the same friends.

“His work ethic kept him out of circulation.

“Yesterday was the first time he had a date, and that was escorting someone at a wedding.

“I stepped up on the porch and rang the doorbell.”

“The doorbell didn’t work. It does now.” I interjected.

“The door was locked, so I went around back, and the back door was locked too, but the kids that lived here a year ago figured out how to get in by using a knife.

“I used a nail-file in my nail-clippers.”

“I’ve installed better lock-sets since then.” Another interjection.

“I found Hank in the shower, so I stripped down and got in the shower with him.

“I saw that his hair and face was all lathered up with soap, so I dropped to my knees and grabbed his dick and pulled it in my mouth turning Hank away from the shower-head, so he couldn’t wash the soap out of his eyes easily.

“He was almost completely helpless trying to get away from me and I wrapped my arms around his hips, and hung on tight as I could, still sucking on his dick.

“He reached down and felt my long hair and further down he got a nice grip on my left breast. It felt good. Even gentle in spite of all the trauma he was going through.

“I actually felt Hank relax when he realized he was being sucked off by a girl instead of some guy.

“He was still trying to get away, so I got a grip on his nut-sack. That took the fight completely out of him, and Hank ejaculated within five minutes of the start of that little episode.”

I got up and freshened everybody’s drink, but added no vodka to mine because I was planning on going out with Julie after the parents left.

“Long story short in the shower, Hank gave me a wonderful scalp massage, after massaging more than a few of my erogenous zones earlier.”

“I was making sure you were feeling good Julie.”

“Thank you. It was nice, and thoughtful of you Hank.

“Anyway, we toweled off and I latched on to his tow-bar and practically dragged Hank to his bedroom, and I forced him into bed.

“To summarize this episode; I lost my virginity and got knocked up within thirty minutes.

“Lord willing, you will be Grandparents eight months from now.”

Julie’s mother gave her daughter a hug and they headed into the house for women-talk.

“Don’t forget your drinks, and Julie, top yours off, because it’s your last one ‘til our child is born.”

“OK, thanks.”

“Do you have any plans Hank?” Julie’s father asked.

“Sure. I’ll keep doing piecework subcontracting; framing by the square foot, roofing by the square and pitch, sheet-rocking by the sheet, plus whatever Dad has me do by the hour.

“I’ll finish this house in about six months, buy another flipper, and move in before I sell this house.

“Business, work, and school aren’t going to change.

“I plan to take Julie to The Harvest Diner tonight, so we can negotiate in a neutral place.

“You can call it a date, that’s basically what a date is anyway; a process of negotiating.”

“That’s an interesting definition of dating. It took me more than a few dates to negotiate my way into a gal’s pants.”

“I heard that!”

“Yes Dear, I was just talking about you.

“It’s time to head for home, I’m in the mood to play with my squeaky toy.”

The last things we heard from them as they closed the door. “You better not be thinking of Julie!”

“Good grief Patricia! Now you’ll have to work twice as hard to make me unthink that.”

“I want a scalp massage too!” Door closes.

“I guess that was a little too much vodka. Shall we go to The Harvest Diner Julie? I’m starving!”

“I think they had a couple shots before they came over, and yes let’s go dining, that means I don’t have to do the dishes.”

Continued in Hanky Panky 2

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Hanky Panky 1

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