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A very Non PC Delivery

Categories Dark Fantasy, Fisting

Authror: Gerry69uk

Published: 28 June 2017

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I have always enjoyed the charms of an older woman, but meeting Michelle changed my mind about younger girls. She was 22 about 5’2 barefoot, about a size 12(uk) long dark hair and dark brown eyes. She wore baggy clothes and glasses, to be honest not a girl you would pay much attention to if you saw her on the street.

i was working for a large computer shop at the time, spending my days off milf hunting! i was 35 and the only women i was interested in were late 40’s to late 50’s. there’s just something about an older woman i find sexy, maybe the fact that they are usually very experienced and past getting pregnant!

Anyway, this girl came into the store looking for a new computer, i chatted about the stock with her and asked all the right questions, then when she’d made her choice i got the papers for the finance sat her down at my desk and we went through the formalities.

as she sat in front of me i became aware that she was quite a good looker, i took her through the forms and got her to sign up then joked that that was now i got all my girlfriends addresses and phone numbers.

She smiled at me and as she got up to leave, and spoke softly.......”well give me a call if you think you can handle it”

I was shocked! and a little excited!

I took her back into the main store and then returned to my desk to make the necessary calls to put the finance through.

all checked out so i asked if she would need it to be delivered or if she was going to take it now.

“well” she said “i can take the two small boxes......but that large one ….....i don’t suppose.....”
i knew where this was going so i said fine i would bring it round to her place after work. it was on my way home anyway.

She lived in one of a long terrace of houses, i parked up and retreived the large box containing the main base unit and went and knocked on her front door. the door opened it was off the latch. I stepped inside and called out “Hello.........Computer guy!” god that sounded lame!

“Up here” she replied “Come on up”

closing the door with a foot i lumbered up the stairs with the big box i could see an open door and heard her voice from inside. “ In here”

I followed the voice to the room where she was and the view i was greeted with nearly caused me to drop the box where i stood!

Her hair was brushed out flowing over her shoulders, and all she was wearing was a fishnet body stocking rounded off with some patent red heels.

“Erm.........Wha.........” was all i could manage

“Just drop it there would you” she motioned for me to put it where i was.
“I’ve been back to that shop 5 times to buy this pc but you were never there!”

it was true i’d just had 2 weeks off.

“I had no idea” i replied, a bulge starting to appear in my trousers.

looking down at my tenting crotch she smiled “I take it you approve of the outfit”
“Fuck yes” i blurted out!

“First things first though” she said “No matter who i see i never fuck on the first date!”

My mind raced, what the fuck was all this then, a prick tease, a bit of show?

Then before i knew it she was on her knees before me.

“But I do love to suck cock”

and with that she wrenched my hardon out of my zipper and sucked it deep into her throat.

“Jesus” i gasped as she went from nothing to balls deep in her mouth repeatedly.

I could feel a tingle in my scrotum telling me that this would be a very short encounter if she didn’t stop soon. As if mind reading she released my cock from her mouth and stood up, taking my hand she led me into the next room, a bedroom. I shuffled along beside her with my trousers around my ankles.

Once inside i removed my trousers,shoes and shirt leaving me standing naked in front of her. Her breasts were like nothing i could have imagined under her baggy clothes, a 36 but at least a G cup, her slender waist hugged by the body stocking. She pushed me back on the bed and returned to sucking on my cock, only this time with less urgency and more tenderness. She sucked on my ball sack, lifted my legs and rimmed my asshole before gently pushing two fingers into my ass while she returned to sucking me off.
I was in heaven, this girl knew exactly what she was doing, and did it with expertise beyond her years. again and again she stopped when my orgasm was about to errupt, denying my release it was then on one of these pauses she stood up.

“do you like my ass?” she turned away so i could get a view of her perfect bottom

“In my opinion its perfect” i replied

“Mmmmm” she purred, then kneeling on the bed next to me she smiled and said ”Fist it”!

Now as if the turn of events wasn’t strange enough this beauty wanted me to fist her, and she must have known by now that i have rather big hands. my wrists are 81/2 inches around so i was unsure if i could.

She pointed to the bedside cabinet, “Top drawer”

In the drawer was a large bottle of lube, she really wanted this!

I took out the bottle and squeezed a generous amount on and over my right hand, then another equal amount over her asshole.

I began with one finger then two, and before i knew it i had four fingers in her to the second knuckle.

She moaned as i pushed on deeper into her my hand squelching from the lubrication down to my bottom knuckles the suddenly with a little extra f***e my had disappeared in to her backside

“Motherfucker” she screamed gripping the bedclothes tight “Punch my fucking ass”

I began withdrawing my hand

“aaaaawwwwww fuck thats good”, she screamed into the bed

Her ass was extremely tight, but i could force my fist in and out of her quite easily after a few strokes.

“Oh FUUUUUCK I’M CUMMING” she cried as a torrent of cum squirted out of her cunt all over the bed and down her thighs

I continued pumping my hand in and out of her shithole, only stopping briefly when she squirted more cum, the sweat was running down her now, her screams disappearing into the bedclothes as orgasm followed orgasm.
My cock was rock hard.

“I need to come so much” i almost pleaded with her, i released my hand for the final time and with her body still shuddering from her last climax she sucked at my meat harder than any woman has ever sucked me before or since. then as my own climax approached she put 3 fingers into my ass and fucked me hard with them, using her other hand she squeezed my ball sack until i errupted floods of my cum into her mouth and down her throat, as she continued to work my ass and suck my cock until it was limp in her mouth, then she released me and flopped on the bed.

we stayed cuddled on the bed for what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes.

It was me who broke the silence........

“So what happens on he second date?”

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A very Non PC Delivery

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