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God is a Slut Chapter 1: The Purest Girl in the World.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Coercion, Fisting

Author: White Walls

Published: 28 June 2017

  • Font:


God was sitting across from me at the table of the Limbo Bar. She had blonde hair that flowed freely save for two braids that roped along the crown of her head. Her skin was light, but well colored, and her eyes were big and pale blue. She wore a white silk dress with a neckline that descended past her navel, revealing her torso and the inner portions of her ample breasts. The dress flowed gracefully down her thick backside and stopped just above a pair of sandals. Being the devil, my outfit was less conservative. I had a black corset that pushed my bosom up so high the tops of my areolas were showing. I wore fishnet stocking that climbed my legs until they came together into a pair of black silk panties. My black leather boots covered most of my legs, running up my calves and then clinging to my mid thighs. I had straight black hair, black lipstick, a pair of horns, a pointed tail, and red skin.

We’d meet up here every year or so to catch up, and I always had an exciting proposition for her. God liked to make benevolent humans, and I liked to corrupt them; it was a game we played. She’d try to make the best person possible, and I’d try to tempt them into having fun. God really thought she had me on this one: she’d created (as she put it) the purist girl in the world.

“…and let me tell you Lucy,” God said through slurs of drunkenness, “there is no way, NO WAY, you’re getting to this one.”

“You’ve been saying that for the past two thousand years,” I laughed, “the win/loss column is staggering.”

“I got you that one time!” God laughed, “You know what I’m talking about! Ahhhh I drank too much. Hand me a bucket, I’m gonna puke.”

“Jesus Christ, God.”

“Yeah! That’s the one!” God said through a dry-heave, “Couldn’t get to him, could ya?”

“You’re not taking great care of yourself.”

“Sorry, Lucy,” God said as she wiped her mouth, “I went on a binge with Hunter S. Thompson, I thought I could keep up, but that man…”

“You were telling me about your new project?” I said, getting the conversation back on track.

“Yeah,” God said as she regained her composure, “so this girl I made, Rachel, sweetest thing you ever saw. She volunteers in the soup kitchen, she goes to church every Sunday, she doesn’t have sex, she doesn’t do drugs, she’s going to college to be a doctor so that she can help kids in Africa, I could go on.”

I looked down at earth and zeroed in on the eighteen year old Rachel. She was trying to hide her curvaceous body with a large sweatshirt and baggy jeans. She had her brown hair done up in a conservative bun, and wore glasses a little too large for her face. Despite her attempts to hide herself, she was incredibly beautiful.

“You’ve made this type of person before,” I said, “last one was named Alexa. I had her doing coke and fucking for strangers on the internet within a week.”

“I really liked Alexa,” God gave me a sarcastic pouty-face, “what happened to her?”

“Last time I checked she was getting gangbanged by about twenty demons,” I smiled, “and loving every second of it.”

“You always turn my pet projects into whores,” God scowled, “whatever happened to making them do something interesting?”

“Remember when we made that bet back in 1889?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” God said, “little Adolf, the Austrian artist.”

“How’d that turn out?”

“Not great.” God admitted, “You really got carried away there.”

“Your bet was too tempting,” I smiled, “how could I refuse?”

“I’m never putting that much on the line again.” God shuddered, remembering what she had to do to pay off her debt.

“Oh c’mon,” I smiled, running a hand up her thigh, “you know you liked it.”

“I did.” God giggled, biting her lower lip.

“We should go back to my place.”

“I don’t know Lucy,” God smiled, “I don’t think I’m drunk enough to go to hell.”

“I’ve got a whole theme park of whips and chains,” I said as my hand slipped under her dress, “and millions of demons just waiting for you.”

“Maybe just for tonight.” God whispered lustfully.

“You’re such a masochistic little slut.” I giggled as I brought my face to hers.

“And you,” God said, bringing her lips to mine, “are my perfect little sadist.”


“Hey, you’re Rachel, right?” asked Tom, star quarterback of the football team.

“I am…” I said awkwardly.

“We’re throwing a party tonight and-”

“NOT INTERESTED!” I yelled and walked briskly away from Tom’s dumbfounded face.

I clutched the cross hanging from my neck and prayed as I walked to the school’s chapel.

“Forgive me Father for my impure thoughts, forgive me Father for the lewdness of my body, forgive me Father for almost succumbing to the temptation of the beast. Thank you Father for the gift of resolve and the strength to carry on your will and overcome my weakness.” I muttered to myself as I made my way to the confession box.

“Rachel,” Father Hernandez said, “you’re here…again.”

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned.” I said as I sat next to him.

“How long has it been since your last confession?” Father Hernandez asked.

“Eighteen hours.”

“And what sins have you come to confess?”

“I had impure thought about a boy at school.” I confessed, feeling the burden of sin lifted from my shoulders.

“That’s it?” Father Hernandez asked.

“I also jaywalked on the way to class today.”

“Jesus Christ, Rachel.”

“Do not say the lord’s name in vain, Father.”

“I’ll make sure to say some Hail Mary’s, but we’re talking about you right now,” Father Hernandez said as he turned and looked at me through the mesh window, “the whole point of confession is to recognize and atone for the minor sins man is weak to. God, in his great wisdom, provided us with joys and pleasures that are forbidden under certain circumstances, but you won’t go to hell for just thinking about them. Enjoy yourself, live a little, and then come back here and atone, and all is forgiven. You don’t need to come here after every little thing.”

“I am sorry, Father,” I said firmly, “but the scripture is clear.”

“Who was the boy you were thinking about?” Father asked.

“Tom Brockman.”

“Football player?”


“Confess your thoughts,” Father Hernandez sighed, “give me the details.”

“He invited me to a party,” I said, “and I wanted to go. I fantasized about being in a room alone with him. I wanted him to take off my clothes, to touch me.”

“Go on.”

“I wanted,” I stuttered, “I wanted him to guide me to his bed. I wanted him to put his mouth to my breast and nurse from me. I wanted to feel his strong hands pull my legs apart. I wanted to feel his…member push against my womanhood. I wanted him to hold it there and ask me if I was ready, and then I wanted to say ‘yes.’”

“Goddamn woman.” a sultry female voice moaned from where Father Hernandez just was. I whipped my head and screamed in horror.

She had red skin, big eyes with golden irises and black hair. Two small, curved horns protruded from beneath her black mane. Her cheekbones were high and her lips full and luscious, with a sheen of black lipstick shining from them.

“Keep talking,” she moaned, “I’m almost there!”

I burst out of the confession box and stumbled to the ground. I got back up to continue my flight but was stopped but what I saw. I was in hell. Masses of writhing flesh contorted in rhythmic lust, their victims singing their exultation to the void. The bodies of the punished were bathed in red light, presenting me with a sea of crimson debauchery that stretched to the burning horizon.

“Welcome to my home,” Satan said as she stepped from the confession box, “do you like it, Rachel?”

I dropped to my knees and prayed. I had sinned, this was all because I had depraved feelings for Tom. I was being punished, and all I could do was ask for forgiveness.

“Rachel?” Satan asked. I ignored her and continued to pray, screaming my sorrow to the heavens and begging God for mercy.

“Holy shit Rachel, cut it out, I’m trying to tell you something!”

“Father forgive me for my transgressions. I deserve your punishment and accept your verdict. Please Father, save my soul. I am undeserving of your mercy but I ask for it in my hour of need. Please Father, have mercy upon me.”

“Alright, God,” Satan yelled into the endless orgy, “you win this round, come over here and help me out.”

“Ha!” an angelic voice boomed from the crowd, “pay up, bitch!”

“Goddamn it, Rachel,” Satan growled at me, “you just let Joseph Stalin into heaven, nice job.”

A beam of golden light descended from a hole at the top of the cavern. Joseph Stalin ascended in a heavenly aura from the crowd, both his hands flicking off the poor souls below him as he laughed manically.

“I’m gonna miss that mustache,” Satan said sadly, “I used to ride that thing for days.”

I looked up in confused terror at Satan. She tapped her foot impatiently and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Reds.

“Smoke?” she asked as she placed a square in her mouth. I shook my head.

“Holy fuck, Rachel,” Satan growled, “you’re catholic, not Mormon.” She lit the smoke before yelling into the crowd, “God, can you hurry the fuck up?”

“Sorry, Lucy,” God’s voice boomed, “your chains are all tangled up; it’s like trying to untie earbud wires.”

“Omnipotent being; can’t untie chains.” Satan sighed between puffs, “And you people wonder why your world is so fucked up.”

A golden light emerged from the masses and cut through the ash-filled air of the inferno. A silhouetted womanly figure emerged from the center of the light and walked forward with a grace I’d never seen before. Her features crystallized as she walked toward me, her dress billowing majestically, her hair blowing behind her in a yellow mane, her kind, beautiful face smiling down at me.

“Hello, Rachel,” God said to me with a motherly tone, her voice full of reverb, “I have chosen you, as a favorite daughter of mine, to embark on a holy task that will forever shape the course of humanity.”

“Hey God,” Satan said, “you’ve…you’ve got cum on your face.”

“Oh shit,” God laughed, her majestic guise breaking as she awkwardly tried to find the semen, “did I get it?”

“Yeah, you got it,” Satan looked at me and laughed, “that was quite the introduction, wasn’t it Rachel?”

I just stared back.

“Lucy, can I get a smoke?” God asked Satan. Satan grinned down at me as she handed God a cigarette. God put the square between her lips and lit it before letting out a satisfied cloud of smoke.

“What was that thing,” God asked Satan as she flicked the ash from her square, “that big flaming guy with the horns and the fire-whip?”

“The Balrog?” Satan asked.

“That’s what that was?” God asked as she took a pull of smoke, “Did you steal that from Lord of The Rings?”

“I had Tolkien make him for me on commission.”

“Anyway, can you get me his number? He stretched me out so good.”

“You know you’re saying all of this in front of Rachel,” Satan laughed, “the poor mortal is probably so damn confused right now.”

“Oh shit,” God said in a fluster while she stamped out the cigarette, “sorry Rachel, that wasn’t a great first impression. I’m God, creator of the heavens and the universe, this is Lucifer (I call her Lucy for short), ruler of hell.”

I stared in dumbfounded silence at God. God was not only a woman, she smoking and laughing with Lucifer and cleaning demon semen off her face. This was all a trick; God must be testing my faith. She wanted me to believe that she was a sinner, when she could never be one. God was making sure I would remain faithful to her. I smiled and bowed my head to God.

“Hi God, Lucifer,” I said nodding to both to them, “I’m Rachel, college freshman at ASU.”

“Was that so hard?” Lucy laughed at me, “You could have just done that before I had to release the communist king of cunnilingus.”

“And now he’s all mine,” God sneered, “thanks, Rachel.”

I smiled and nodded. God was still testing me. I would remain faithful to her scripture even if she guided me otherwise; it was what she wanted, it had to be.

“What task have you bestowed on me?” I asked God.

“The great evil Lucifer has declared that she could corrupt my purist daughter.” God said, the reverb returning to her voice, “I have accepted the cursed angel’s challenge, and have tasked you with upholding the holy standards of Christ, even in the face of enormous temptation.”

“I will do this, my lord,” I said confidentially, “I will not fail you!”

“I know you won’t, child,” God said warmly, “now you must follow Lucifer as she guides you down the path of temptation. I must leave you now, but know that I will always be with you in your heart.”

“Alright, God,” Lucy said as she helped me to my feet, “enough with the theatrics, I’m taking Rachel to the succubi.”

“Ooooo the succubi. I’m coming with.” God said, the reverb leaving her voice.

“You see,” Lucifer said to me while she gestured to God, “this is why she always loses: she sabotages her own bets.”

“No demon,” I said to Lucifer, “God is testing my resolve by acting as though she is a sinner. I will not fail her.”

“That,” God said as she pointed a finger up, “is exactly what I’m doing…testing your resolve. If you see me with a tongue in my ass, Rachel, it is simply me, testing your resolve. I’m glad someone finally got it.”

“Is that the excuse you’re going to use from now on?” Lucy laughed, “I’m testing your resolve; don’t mind the fact that I just did blow off Genghis Khan’s cock.

“Did you know something like one in every ten Chinese babies are descendants of Genghis Khan?” God said as she walked with Lucifer, “Holy shit that man has stamina. This one time…”

The three of us walked down a brimstone path that led through a wide cavern. Lucy and God chatted like old friends the whole way while I prepared myself mentally for the temptation of the succubi. We stopped at the entrance to what looked like a strip club.

“So here’s the deal,” Lucy said to me, “the succubi are going to seduce you, there’s no way around that. Your job is to reject them when they ask you to join them. If you don’t, then I get a new hot piece of ass to visit when I come down here.” Lucy planted a firm hand on my ass and squeezed with a wink, “Sound good?”

I nodded, afraid to admit how her hand on my ass made me feel, but I could tell she already knew. Lucy guided me through the door, her hand still firmly gripping my backside.

My ears were immediately assaulted by loud, techno-metal music. Electronic synth sounds mixed with a driving, bassy rhythm that pounded into my chest. The succubus dancers slid their full asses up and down the poles that decorated the center of the room, while more of them writhed chaotically to the beat in cages. Flash pots blasted purple flame congruently with the rhythm, making it appear as though the occupants were shifting instead of moving fluidly. God grabbed my hand with excitement written across her face and guided me to a booth.

“This is going to be so much fun!” God giggled excitedly as we sat down, “These girls know how to do things to a woman that you couldn’t imagine.”

“I will remain faithful to your word and not give into the temptation.” I smiled back.

“Oh don’t worry about that here,” God laughed, “just let yourself go and have fun. All you need to do is not join these whores after they’re finished with you. Lucy’s had to pull me out of here many times,” God chuckled, “I always give in to them.”

“Hey God,” a horned woman said, her arm resting at the top of the booth, “who’s your friend?”

“This is Rachel,” God said, “the purest human alive. Rachel this is Fantasia, she’s going to be your whore for tonight.”

“Oooooo, another one of your bets with Lucy, I take it?” Fantasia said as she walked sultrily over to me.

Fantasia was a tan girl with amber hair. Her face was girlish in features, but her body was curvy and full. Her breasts were perfectly shaped c-cups, and were perched above a thin, toned torso. Her torso narrowed into two lines that led to her pelvis, which was outlined by wide hips and a juicy, thick ass. A long thin tail wagged behind her as she walked over to me on high heels, which were her only garment.

“You know,” Fantasia whispered as she straddled across my lap, “I was once one of God’s girls.”

Fantasia began to unbuckle my belt but my hand stopped her. She smiled down at me and gently grabbed my hand. She leaked warmth and promise into me with her touch, her eyes gazing affectionately down. I let her guide my hand to my side and she resumed unbuckling me.

“Lucy took me to this place,” Fantasia continued with a smile, “and I couldn’t leave. Everything feels so good here. I’m going to make you feel good, Rachel. You’re so pretty, I want to have you forever.”

Fantasia took off my belt and draped it across her back before tying it around her neck. She handed me one end and smiled.

“I’m yours, Rachel,” Fantasia giggled, “you can do whatever you want to me; I’m your little slave.”

“Oh Fantasia,” another succubus said as she walked into the booth, “are you being greedy and taking the new girl all to yourself?”

“Rachel this is Apple,” Fantasia smiled, gesturing to the stunning brunette, “Apple, this is Rachel.”

“Don’t forget about me,” another seductive voice called, “I want a taste of the new girl.”

“And this is Cherry,” Fantasia said, beckoning to the redhead, “Cherry, Rachel.”

Apple and Cherry moved to either side of me and began to pull off my shirt. I resisted them, but they placed their soft hands on my arms and guided them up anyway. Fantasia slowly pulled my pants off, looking me down as she did. I was left in nothing but my bra and panties when they were done.

“So Rachel,” Apple whispered in my ear, “what do you want us to do to you?”

“Nothing.” I said.

“Oh that can’t be true,” Cherry’s voice rang in my other ear, “every girl thinks about these things occasionally. Have you never been curious about being with another woman?”

“Never.” I lied.

“You know lying’s a sin,” Fantasia giggled, “and you just did it right in front of God.”

“No more lies, Rachel,” God moaned at me as two succubi sucked from her breasts, “you won’t be punished for honesty, no matter how bad you think it is.”

“I’m sorry,” I said sheepishly before turning to Fantasia, “I’ve…I’ve always wondered how a woman would kiss me.”

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Fantasia hissed as a long, forked tongue slipped from her lips.

“I do.” I said honestly.

Fantasia moved her body until she straddled across my lap. I felt two soft tongues tickle my neck and cheeks as Apple and Cherry teased me with them. Fantasia closed her eyelids until only a sliver of her eyes remained open and lowered her lips to mine. I felt her soft, warm mouth press against my own. I kept my lips closed, not knowing how to react to the women. Her forked tongue slipped from her mouth and tenderly tickled my shut lips. She slid her tongue between the crease of my mouth and gently beckoned me to open. I couldn’t resist her any longer, and I parted my lips and let her in. She probed the inside of my mouth in a curious manner, as though she we were exploring me. Her tongue found my own and gently flicked across it, inviting me to play with her. I reciprocated, my body acting impulsively without my permission. Our tongues toyed combatively in my mouth as I gained the confidence to kiss her back.

I felt wetness between my legs, and an emptiness in my nethers. I ached from my womanhood, a burning desire growing with me. Fantasia pressed her mouth harder against me, her passion growing as she felt my need rise. Evil, impure thoughts were racing through my mind. I felt the familiar need to run away and confess my sins. A gentle hand reached out and grabbed my own. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see God smiling affectionately at me.

Don’t worry, my child, her voice rang in my head, you will be forgiven for the transgressions you commit within this realm. The test is not to see if you succumb to your mortal weakness, it is to see if you will abandon my light for the darkness of sin.

I relaxed and gave into the woman gyrating on my pelvis. It was OK to surrender to my lust here; God said so. My hands left my sides and tentatively slid up Fantasia’s thighs. I stopped when they met her juicy cheeks and squeezed. Fantasia’s lips curled in a smile against mine. I felt Apple and Cherry trace their fingers behind my back and unhook my bra. They guided it off me, and Fantasia pressed her supple breasts against my naked chest. The warmth of her body leaked into me, her soft skin radiating with lust. Apple and Cherry lid their tongues down the sides of my body as the descended to my hips. I felt their fingers slide beneath my panties. I gasped and pulled away from Fantasia’s kiss.

“Don’t!” I cried.

“Why not?” Apple asked, “You want us to do it; you’re so wet down here.”

“She’s a virgin, Apple,” Cherry smiled, “this is her first time doing anything like this, and she’s scared.”

“Are you afraid, Rachel?” Fantasia’s soothing voice asked me.

I nodded.

“You don’t need to be afraid,” she smiled as she caressed my cheek, “we’re not going to hurt you. Everything we do will make you feel so good.”

“Mmmmm, so good.” God moaned as the succubi sucking her tits both drove their fingers into her frothing slit.

“Can you…” I asked Fantasia while I watched my lord and savior moaning in pleasure, “can you nurse from me?”

“Do you want me to suck your tits?” Fantasia gasped lustfully.

“Yes,” I whispered, “and then I want Apple and Cherry to…do things to me down there.”

“Oh?” Fantasia smiled as she lowered her head, “what kind of things?”

“Kiss me,” I moaned involuntarily, “lick me.”

“We can do that.” Apple giggled.

Fantasia’s mouth wrapped around one of my nipples. My head titled back in lust and my eyes closed partially. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pressed her closer, willing her to take more of me into her mouth. I felt Apple and Cherry guide me panties down past my ankles, and I shuddered as my lewdness was exposed to them. Fantasia closed her eyes in bliss and gently squeezed both of my breasts as she sucked from a nipple. I felt her pussy leaking fluid on my pelvis; she was aroused by me, and that aroused me even more.

I whimpered as two soft tongues trace the lines of my pelvis and slowly work down. They tickled me the outline of my womanhood, staying just outside of my sensitive lips. I moaned with need, their teasing tongues tortuously evading my spot, forcing me to beg for what I wanted.

“LICK ME!” I cried with desperate need. I heard the succubi giggle to each other before they finally gave me what I wanted.

Two forked tongues slid side-by-side along my slit, parting my pedals and lathering my froth. Apple’s tongue kept moving upward while Cherry’s tongue moved in. My eyes flashed open and a whimper slipped from my lips. Apple’s tongue curled around my clit and began slowly rotating, while Cherry’s tongue gently parted my insides and explored me. Fantasia grinned at the sound of my lecherous cries, my nipple tenderly trapped between her teeth.

Cherry moved her tongue deeper, gently breaking my virgin tightness and wetting my insides. Apple wrapped her lips around my clit and sucked, pulling my soft pussy skin away from me. My head titled back and a sound I’d never made before growled from my chest. I arched my back from the booth and pushed Fantasia’s head closer to me. Apple toyed with my clit in her mouth, gently rotating her lips around it while her tongue pressed and flicked. My hips began to oscillate instinctively, driving forward to increase the depth of penetration. Cherry gleefully complied with the wishes of my body, pushing her tongue all the way in and sneaking a finger beneath it. I gasped as I felt Cherry’s index finger delicately slide nest to her tongue. She snuck another finger in and began to press along my insides, sliding in and out.

“I see you two are enjoying yourselves.” Lucy smirked as she entered the booth.

“Come here, Lucy,” God moaned lustfully, “I want to feel you inside me.”

“Do you?” Lucy laughed as she undid the lacing on her corset, “Because it looks like you’re pretty occupied right now.”

“My ass isn’t,” God said, spreading her cheeks and biting her lip, “show Rachel that thing you do.”

“Oh,” Lucy giggled as she pulled off everything but her boots and fishnet stockings, “do you want me to turn you inside out?”

“Yes!” God hissed lustfully.

God pulled her legs back until they were anchored behind her shoulders. I gawked at her flexibility and watched in horror and arousal as Lucy pinched her fingers together and pushed her hand into God’s tight rim. God’s eyes narrowed and her mouth sobbed its pleasure. She tilted her head forward and watched as two succubi pushed their hands into her cunt while Lucy drove her arm deeper inside. God’s rim clung around Lucy’s arm like a vice.

“Ladies,” Lucy said to the two succubi occupying God’s cunt, “pull out of there, I want to see my hand from the other side.”

The two succubi pulled out God and spread her lips to Lucy. I let out a gasp as I saw God’s pink, smooth inner pussy skin moving with Lucy’s fingers from the other side. Lucy turned around and grinned evilly at me as her hand deformed the inner flesh of my lord and savior. God sobbed in elation as she was defiled, her head tilting back and her chest heaving with heavy breaths. Lucy laughed at my shocked face and waved to me from inside God. She pulled her fist out slowly, some of God’s inner ass-skin coming out with it before it receded back into her tightness.

“You should try it,” God moaned to me, “it feels so good!”

“I’d never…” I gasped, appalled at what God just did, “it’s so dirty!”

“Yeah it is!” God laughed, “It’s filthy in all the right ways. C’mon Rachel, try it.”

“Oh come now, God,” Lucy grinned, “it’s her first time doing anything, let’s her ease into it.”

“I’m the one giving orders here, Lucy.” God smiled.

“Is that so?” Lucy snarled and drove her fist back into God, “because you’re in my realm now, honey,” Lucy sneered as God screamed out her pleasure, “and here, we follow my rules.”

“Have you ever tried anything in your butt?” Fantasia asked me.

“Never!” I gasped.

“But you want to,” she cooed mischievously, “I could feel you getting so wet when you watched God get fisted.”

“No, I-”

“Don’t lie to me, Rachel,” Fantasia sneered, “your body is so revealing; it tells me all your dirty secrets.”

Apple and Cherry moved from my slit and sat beside me as Fantasia slid her tongue down my body. Apple and Cherry each took one of my nipples in their mouths and tenderly sucked from me, their eyes staring their lust into my own. Fantasia guided her forked tongue along my abdomen and down my slit. I let out a whimper as she parted my pedals and moved along my taint. She circled the spokes of my rim, wetting me, teasing me. My asshole began to twitch, and I began to moan. There were nights of weakness where I had touched myself in my womanhood, but I’d never ventured lower. Fantasia’s tongue was awakening a new sensation I never knew existed.

“Open up to me,” she whispered, “just relax…”

I unclenched my body and let Fantasia work her tongue into me. I put a hand over my mouth to muffle an involuntary cry of pleasure. Apple and Cherry gave each other knowing looks as they sucked delectably from my breasts. Fantasia’s tongue snaked deeper into me, rotating and tasting every part of my rectum. I moaned my elation and gripped the heads of the nursing succubi, pushing their mouths to take more of me into them. Apple and Cherry accepted my offer as their hands slid down opposite sides of my torso. Their fingers met at my slit, and they each pushed three inside me. My mouth fell open and my pelvis pushed forward. Their fingers pulled gently on my walls and spread me while they ran along my ceiling and stimulated my spot. My breathing began to grow heavy, and my body began to glisten with sweat. Fantasia tongue worked deeper and deeper into my ass until her luscious lips pressed against my asshole. She sucked slowly from my rim, drawing it toward herself as her tongue pushed inward. I felt my asshole being delectably stretched outward, the skin of my taint pulling convexly from my body.

“She’s ready, Lucy.” Fantasia said after she pulled out.

“Just a second,” Lucy said as she moved her arm in and out of God, “I want to show Rachel what I’m going to do to her.”

God’s pelvis began to contract with spasms. She reared her head back, her brow furrowing in concentration, her mouth whimpering pathetically. The two succubi at her sides sensually rubbed her pussy as Lucy rotated and drove her fist. Lucy plunged deeper than ever, forcing a spasm up God's torso, before she slowly withdrew her hand.

“That’s it,” Lucy hissed as she pulled out, “there it is.”

I screamed in shock as a bright-red glob of inner skin pushed out of God’s ass. God’s eye rolled into her head and she collapsed into the arms of the succubi. Lucy pushed on the sides of God’s asshole until the entire prolapse came out as a juicy, red rose bud. God’s legs twitched and quivered in delight.

“You,” Lucy said beckoning to one of the succubi at God’s side, “come down here and taste your maker.”

The succubi slid her body down and wrapped her mouth around God’s rose bud while the other straddled the almighty and pressed their slits together. God raised her head and sloppily kissed the woman riding her while the other sucked gently from her protruding inner skin.

“Do you like what I did to your precious god?” Lucy teased me seductively, “Your god is nothing but a little whore, Rachel. I’m going to make you my little whore too.”

“You will not!” I said defiantly, “My god is a good woman, testing my faith with false lewdness. I will not fail her!”

“All of these women were once God’s purist creatures,” Lucy said, crawling over to me like a stalking tiger, “and look what I did to them; what makes you so special?”

“The lord’s light shines within me,” I said, “I will not succumb to the temptations of sin.”

“Holy shit, you’re preachy,” Lucy smiled as she guided my legs to part, “I can’t wait to see what you’ll look like after you give in to me. The most righteous girls always make the most beautiful beasts.”

Fantasia moved from between my legs and slipped her body behind me. She guided me to rest my back against her front, causing my shoulders to sink into her soft, warm breasts. She parted her legs and softly rubbed her frothing slit against my backside. Fantasia whispered loving words and massaged my shoulders, leaking her warmth into my tense body and relaxing me. Apple and Cherry continued to suck from my breasts as one of their hands gently caressed the sides of my body while the other lifted my legs up. I was a prisoner to their gentleness; stuck in a paralysis of tender caresses and loving kisses. Every part of my body relaxed and surrendered to them, and my inhibitions began to lower. Their hands traced soothingly along me, and their whispers bore promises of desires fulfilled. My body slid down Fantasia until my head rested between her breasts. She played with my hair, cooing soft words of encouragement as Lucy began her work.

“That’s it, Rachel,” Lucy whispered softly, “relax and give in; we’re here only to please you.”

Lucy ran her hand through my slit, lubricating it with my juices. She smiled up at me and pinched her fingers together. I felt her press against my rim, but my body was too full of blissful endorphins to clench. She slowly drove in, my rim stretching nicely around her. I watched in horror and amazement as I easily took her in. I thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. She pushed in, forcing me open wider than I’d ever been. I moaned pathetically as I felt her knuckles pass through me. She clenched her hand into a fist inside me and slowly rotated. A spasm of pleasure shot up my taint, forcing a cry burst from my lips.

“You’re so tight, Rachel,” Lucy moaned, “does it feel good?”

“Yes!” I gasped, “It feels so good!”

“Do you want me to go deeper?” Lucy asked, her eyes full of desire.

“Yes!” I cried out.

Lucy pushed deeper inside of me, stretching my rectum open nine inches in. My head fell back and stared up at Fantasia’s loving eyes. She giggled down at me and snaked her forked tongue into my open mouth. I closed my lips around her tongue and sucked sensually, wanting her to feel good too. She smiled down and brought her face to mine, our lips locking in an upside-down kiss. Apple and Cherry continued to draw their mouths from my breasts, always moving with gentle patterns, never exerting me. Lucy moved her arm sensually inside of my ass, also gentle, not wanting to cause me pain. I was safe here, these women only wanted to make me feel good, they would never hurt me. I wanted them too, to touch them, to feel them from the inside, to make them feel good. I could do it forever if I wanted; I could take Lucy up on her offer and join her in endless bliss. I was tempted…so tempted.

“Are you ready, Rachel?” Lucy’s kind voice asked me. Fantasia pulled from our kiss and watched in excitement. Apple and Cherry also took their mouths from me and looked down in rapt anticipation, their fingers tracing my areolas pleasantly.

“Yes,” I said, my voice full of fear and excitement, “turn me inside-out.”

Lucy slowly pulled her fist out of my ass. I moaned as I felt my insides being pulled out with her, my soft, wet inner flesh traveling delightfully down my inner channel. I felt Lucy’s fist leave me with a delectable slurping sound, my rim now gaping open.

“I need you to give me a little push.” Lucy encouraged. She placed her hands around my rim and gently pressed inward. I pushed out, feeling the ball of flesh slowly protruding from my gape. Lucy massaged my taint, encouraging me to continue. I felt my taint bulging with the pressure of my inner skin. I gritted my teeth and pushed a little harder.

“That’s it,” Lucy whispered, “here it comes.”

I felt the ball push all the way out, and my pelvis was immediately rocked with a convulsion of hot pleasure. The succubi clapped their hands in an applause of my sexual performance.

“Mmmmm Rachel, you look so beautiful like that.” God exclaimed, a pair of succubus horns now poking out from her blonde hair.

“Jesus Christ, God,” Lucy laughed, “you are so weak.”

“I couldn’t help myself,” God giggled, “but I resisted for so long.”

“No you didn’t,” laughed the succubus riding God, “I didn’t even have to ask; you begged me.”

“Shhhhh,” God said, putting a finger to her lips, “you’re embarrassing me in front of Rachel!”

“Well, God,” Lucy said, standing up, “since you’re one of my little monsters now, I’ll let you be the one to seduce Rachel to my side. You played yourself…again.”

Lucy turned around and winked at me before she left the booth. God pulled the succubus off her and crawled on top of me.

“Do you want to stay here?” God asked as she pushed out clits together, “you can live forever in endless bliss, eternally indulging in your heart’s desires.”

“I will not fail you, my lord,” I moaned as one of the succubi began to suck my prolapse, “I will stay in your light.”

“Why would you want to go to heaven,” God gasped as another succubus began to lick her rose bud, “when you could stay in paradise down here? Become one of Satan's sluts; give in to me, we can be her whores together.”

“It does feel good...” I gasped as a tongue bore into the hole at the center of my prolapse.

“So good,” God smiled, “surrender to the desires of your body and feel good forever.”

“You’re not what I expected,” I groaned as God squeezed my breasts, “I thought you’d be…different.”

“You thought I’d be a man?” God laughed, “A stoic father-figure who judges everyone over every little thing?

“Yes.” I gasped as a succubus tongue writhed between our flowing slits.

“Why would I make tits,” God said as her thumbs pressed against my nipples, forcing a cry of pleasure from my mouth, “if I didn’t want them to be sucked?”

“I don’t…”

“Why would I make a clit,” God gasped with a thrust of her body, pushing our clits together, “if I didn’t want you to enjoy it?”


“Why would I make your ass so sensitive,” God said, reaching back and gently squishing my prolapse, “If I didn’t want it to be penetrated?”

“I don’t know!” I screamed, my body squirming in delight beneath God.

“The reason I did these things,” God moaned as she gyrated on top of me, “is because I wanted humanity to enjoy each other’s bodies. All of those lessons you were taught when you were younger were lies.”

“Don’t say that!”

“The truth is,” God said as she lowered her lips to mine, “I’m nothing but a filthy slut.”


“Yes, Rachel,” God whispered, her voice full of lust, “I created the universe and the heavens and ruled over my domains as a benevolent queen. And then realized there was something missing.”


“Evil,” God giggled, “everything was so boring. I created an equal of mine and called her Lucifer. Lucy went around and made things so much more interesting. One night,” God moaned as she shifted on top of me, “Lucy came to my chambers and showed me something really fun to do. And here we are, billions of years later, and I’m a complete slave to it.”

“No!” I yelled though fits of pleasure, “This is a test, you’re testing my resolve! I will not fail you!”

“Fuck the test,” God growled, her hand grabbing my face roughly, “fuck your righteousness and purity. Join me as a slave to lust. You and I can make love forever.”

“No!” I screamed, my body twitching in elation. The succubus’ tongues were writhing in my ass and pussy, Fantasia’s fingers were softly massaging my shoulders, while Apple and Cherry were licking every part of my body. My whole carnal being was demanding to join God as a servant of Lucifer, but I knew in my heart that this was still a test. I clutched the crucifix that dangled from my neck and prayed in my mind.

Why don’t you want to join me? God asked in my mind, answering my prayer, We can do this forever. Put your fingers inside of me.

I obeyed God’s request and reached between us. I sunk three fingers into her leaking slit and rubbed along her ceiling. God convulsed in pleasure on top of me.

You make me feel so good, Rachel. God’s voice moaned in my head, Let me make you feel good too.

God reached between us, arching her back to let her hand slide down my torso. Her fingers drove into me and pressed along my ceiling, sending waves of pleasure rippling from my pelvis.

We can do this forever, God’s voice dripped with seduction, We could stay like this for all eternity.

I felt an alien sensation rising within me. It started as a low rumble, a hot pleasure vibrating in my nethers. It intensified, growing hotter and more frantic, shooting arcs of felicitous pressure from my ass and pussy.

“God,” I whispered hoarsely to her, “I think I’m coming.”

“I’m coming too,” she moaned with a furrowed brow, “let’s come together.”

God began to move violently on top of me, her hips driving and her back wrenching. My body underwent a similar sensation, convulsing and writhing involuntarily. I gave in to the feeling, screaming out as I felt it wash over me. God met my screams with her own, her mouth hovering inches above me before she lowered her lips in a passionate kiss. We ascended our orgasm together, our bodies pressing against one another as though we were trying to converge as one. Our tongues entangled as our mouths screamed muffled ecstasy. I wrapped my free hand around God’s horned head and pushed her face closer. She drove her whole hand into me and I did the same. Our lips parted with a string of saliva as our mouths sang our final elation.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” God screamed, her eyes welling in tears.

My mouth couldn’t yield words, and instead panted desperately as the feeling washed over me. I tensed up and screeched as the feeling reached its peak. My entire body relaxed in heap as God’s collapsed on top of me. We stayed there for a while, our bodies heaving with heavy breaths as the dopamine rush warmed our minds.

“You,” God said, smiling down at me, “are still human.”

“I passed the test,” I laughed, “I did it!”

“Congratulations,” Lucy clapped from the corner of the booth, “I didn’t think you’d do it. You’re much stronger than her.” Lucy laughed, pointing at God’s horned head.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said, “this was all part of her plan to challenge my faith.”

“Yeah…” God said sheepishly, “all part of the plan...”

“C’mon,” Lucy said with a firm slap on God’s ass, “let’s get out of here.”

“I don’t wanna leave.” God said with a pouty face.

Lucy pressed a hand against God’s temple and transformed her back into her normal self. God gave Lucy a disappointed look and then got up, helping me to my feet.

“Every fucking time we come here.” Lucy grumbled.

“Maybe you shouldn’t invite me then.” God giggled as she put on her dress.

“You invited yourself.” Lucy smiled at God.

The succubi helped me put my clothes back on, their seductive touch no longer affecting me.

“Come back anytime you want.” Fantasia smiled at me. She kissed me on the cheek and then moved from the booth and into the crowd.

The three of us walked outside of the club and into the hellish cavern that bore it. Lucy offered God a cigarette and we sat at a table on the patio.

“Can I have one?” I asked Lucy.

“Sure.” she said, handing me a square. God lit the end for me and I had my first ever puff of tobacco.

“You know,” Lucy said, “I really thought you’d be easier.”

“I told you!” God said smiling at me, “This one is perfect.”

“How many have passed this test?” I asked Lucy.

“This one?” Lucy said, “a little under thirty, I think. The next one usually weeds out the fakers.”

“There are more tests?!” I exclaimed.

“There are seven of them,” Lucy laughed at my face, “and only one person has ever made it all the way through.”


“You’re wearing his symbol around your neck.” Lucy said through a puff of smoke.

“And if you pass all seven,” God said, putting a loving arm around me, “you will be my chosen child. You will be the messiah.”

“And then I’ll convince the Romans to nail you to the cross.” Lucy laughed.

“She’s such a sore loser,” God giggled, “speaking of which...” God said as she turned to Lucy, “pay up, bitch.”

“Do we have to do this now?” Lucy groaned.

“On your knees and spread ‘em!” God ordered as her dress magically transformed into a police officer’s uniform.

Lucy punched out her cigarette and submissively got on the ground, spreading her red, full cheeks to me.

“Deputy,” God said, transforming my clothes into a cop uniform and handing me a pair of cuffs, “restrain the suspect and perform a cavity search for weapons. Make sure your search is very thorough.”

I smiled up at God and handcuffed the devil before pulling her panties down. I pinched my fingers together and smirked at the devil's terrified and aroused face. It was time for Lucy to get a taste of her own medicine.

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God is a Slut Chapter 1: The Purest Girl in the World.

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BLASPHEMY! I await chapter two.
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