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Poker night with Caine and his friends

Categories True Story, Cheating, Group Sex, Lactation

Author: serena

Published: 17 July 2017

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I’m back. I know it has been awhile but that’s because of everything that has happened since the last time I wrote. As you may have imagined, I became pregnant as a result of those events. Since it was assumed to be my husband Derrick’s child, we never even discussed the idea of a paternity test. So who really knows who the child’s father is. I don’t care to find out because Derrick loves him and he is a great provider.

Soon after realizing I was pregnant, I quickly faded out of my usual social routines. I didn’t speak to Caine again for about a year after the incident at the hostel. I was in shock, I think, and it caused me to push Caine out of my life. It really hurt his feelings and he wouldn’t talk to me for a long time after that, but I didn’t give up. I could never stop thinking about what had happened between us and I knew that we weren’t done yet.

I don’t want to sound creepy, but since Caine didn’t block me out on social media I was able to stalk him and live as a part of his life vicariously by reading about his day to day activities. I was surprised to find that I would get really jealous whenever I saw him interacting with women, especially when it was clear they had real life connections. I would think back on our escapades and imagine watching him with other women and it would sometimes ruin my day. I know that it is irrational and a bit of a double-standard, but I just couldn’t help it. I wanted him all to myself. Eventually, it got so bad that I decided that I was going to have him no matter the cost.

I started sending him messages every day to open our communication back up in hopes that I could rekindle our online chat connection. Eventually, it started to work. Reading his posts online, I was able to tell when he was having a hard time, and I resolved to be there for him whenever he was up late and needed someone to talk to.

While up late taking care of my new child, I would chat online with Caine. I would often find him working on projects or just coming home late from parties and feeling lonely. I got the impression that he had started dating this woman he worked with, but he would never confirm it to me. That seemed like a sign that he wanted to either keep his distance or keep a certain door open between us. I intentionally avoided bringing up anything about the night that Caine, Jennifer [and her husband Martin] and I all fucked. But my point is that we resumed our fairly regular online chatting and I began to get a feel for his routine. As soon as I could find a night free from my family and other obligations, I was going to try to work out a way to meet with Caine in person.

The chance came up sooner than I expected. I had been planning on going out with some of my girlfriends but they all canceled on me. I had already gotten dressed up and I was driving to my friend Heather’s place to pick her up when she txted me that she wasn’t feeling well. Having a night away from my husband and the baby is such a rare occurrence, I was determined not to waste it. My heart began to beat faster as I considered the possibility of just showing up at Caine’s house. I parked my car and txted him, asking what he was up to. He said he ws doing his regular first Friday poker night together with some of his college friends and coworkers. I have actually talked to him about wanting to play games with him and his friends sometime, but we never ended up making it happen. So I decided to crash his party.

My heart kept racing faster as I walked up the steps and knocked on Caine's door. He opened it and there we were, face to face. We just stared for a moment, then I smiled and hugged him. I told him that I had come to play cards. At first he was reluctant to agree to let me into the game, saying that it would be hard to get me up to speed on the rules. I insisted, saying that I knew how to play already. This was half true, because I had recently started watching celebrity poker on TV. His friends Mark, Tim and Winston all seemed pleasantly surprised by my insistence, and they soon outvoted him and got me a chair. Caine pulled out the cards and chips. Mark turned on a basketball game on TV. Tim and Winston grabbed the food and the beer and they set up for the first hand.

We went through a couple of games and quickly proceeded to get two things: drunk and loud. Tim ended up confessing to us about a stewardess that he'd banged in Denver when he was there on a business conference and after that the conversation turned decidedly more crude and personal. I was a little disgusted by some of their antics at first but it was so interesting to be “one of the guys.” At first Caine seemed a little embarrassed to join in the crude conversation because I was sitting right there at the table with them, but after I laughed at Mark’s story about his threesome with two women in San Francisco, he seemed to relax. We were all laughing and having a good time.

Caine dealt another round while I went to the kitchen to get everyone another beer. When I came back, I played waitress and made a great show of leaning over to give each of them their beer. I was wearing a loose-fitting v-neck shirt that showed a lot of cleavage; and I knew that when I leaned over, I was giving them a pretty nice view of my cleavage and bra. I felt relieved when Caine smiled as he glanced down my shirt. I noticed in his face what I hoped was a twinge of jealousy when the other men looked at me. Not that I wanted to upset him.. I just wanted to know that he felt somehow like I was his.

We had played a couple more hands when Mark said we should open the whiskey that Winston had brought. I immediately volunteered to get it for him and left for the kitchen. I realized as I stood up that I was a little bit tipsy. I smiled to myself on the way to the kitchen, because I had a funny, probably beer-induced idea. After I found the whiskey and the glasses, I looked at my reflection in the window. My bra had been starting to dig into me and I really wanted it off. I giggled as I imagined flashing them my tits while serving their drinks. My heart started racing at the thought of it, but I decided to go ahead and remove my bra. I was feeling extremely turned on imagining them getting hard while looking down my shirt. My husband Derrick never gives me any attention and so I guess I sort of justified all of it by reminding myself of that. As soon as Derrick popped into my mind, I decided to take off my panties, too. I am really not exactly sure why I did that.

It must have seemed like I had been gone forever when I finally came back and set a tray of whiskey glasses on the side table. I apologized for the wait and said “These are on the house. Now whose deal is it?” Caine dealt out another hand of cards and told us to ante up. I tossed my bra dramatically into the center of the table. Everyone looked up, stunned. “What’s the matter guys? That’s got to be worth something, right?” They laughed and agreed that it would suffice. We started playing the round. As they played, I handed out the drinks.

As I leaned over to present a glass of whiskey to Caine, I could see he was looking straight down my shirt again and simply staring at my hanging breasts with his mouth open. I hoped that the memory of our time together in Europe those years ago was flooding back into his mind. I sat down, looked at Caine, and asked him for 2 new cards. He stared back at me for a second before giving me my cards. We played the rest of the hand. I planned to lose on purpose, but without being obvious. When Mark raised the bid $20, I downed the rest of my full whiskey to calm my nerves and then I did it… I pulled my panties out from hiding under the table and tossed them into the pot. “Those cost $25, so I know they more than cover me on this one.” Everyone gasped. It’s funny how things seem to change so much when people know you’re not wearing panties. My heart was POUNDING. I was really nervous and excited.

I poured Mark another whiskey. As I handed it to him, I bent low yet again, ensuring that he got a good view. It was clear from the stunned look on his face that he had. I smirked at Caine and then said to Mark. "C’mon baby, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, right? Tell you what, give me your stack of white chips, and I'll let you touch." Mark turned his head, stunned, and looked quizzically at Caine as if asking permission to touch his friend. Caine seemed a little nervous (maybe even upset?), but he just shrugged at Mark, saying “Don’t look at me. They’re her tits.” Mark hesitated warily for a moment and then chuckled and pushed his stack of white chips over to my pile.

It seemed the entire room went dead silent as everyone around the table held their breath before I pushed my chest into Mark’s waiting hands. He made a funny lecherous face as he squeezed and pawed my chest through my shirt. Everyone laughed, dispelling the awkwardness of the moment. My nipples were already hard but now they were clearly jutting out underneath my clothes. I was so horny, I felt a little out of control. As the laughter subsided and Mark started to pull his hands away, I pushed in for a kiss. I continued kissing him as the rest of them watched, breathless. After we kissed for a few moments, Mark again pulled away. I guess he was feeling awkward kissing this girl who was Caine’s friend in front of this entire group of guys. I admit, I felt shy and embarrassed too, but I was really loving the energy of kissing a stranger in front of a bunch of strangers who were spellbound by me.

I giggled, saying “That didn’t really count since my shirt was in the way.” Then I abruptly pulled my blouse down to my belly and my breasts popped out of the top. Everyone ogled at my bouncing tits as I briefly struggled to pull my arms out of my blouse. I have to say – my tits were looking fine since I’d had a baby. They were the fullest and most perfectly-shaped they have ever been in my life and I was feeling ecstatic about showing them off to some men who appreciated the view, unlike my husband.

With my arms free, I took Mark’s hands and pressed them firmly back in place. Mark looked over at the rest of the guys, saw their open mouths and focused his attention back on me as he massaged my breasts and pinched my erect nipples. Some milk droplets oozed out, making me feel a tad self-conscious for some reason, but that just seemed to fascinate him more. The other guys were so focused on my exposed tits, I am not sure anyone noticed as I dropped my hands to the bulge I could see forming in Mark’s pants. I started to caress it gently, lightly squeezing the tip of his cock through his jeans. I still felt like we were playing an innocent game and my hands really seemed to be working instinctually. At that point I had no thoughts in my mind about where this might be headed – I just knew it felt good and I didn’t want it to stop.

I could feel a plausible shift in the energy of the room. My sexual fervor was obviously starting to bring out the same in the rest of them and my heart starting pumping hard as I realized that there would be no stopping whatever was about to happen. I decided to go where it led me. This was my night out, after all. Who knows when I would get another one.

And at this point I had pretty much lost control. I quickly and clumsily undid Mark's belt and tugged at his jeans. He was swept up in the moment, too. He rushed to help pull them off as I sank to my knees on the floor beside his chair. After a brief pause at the surprise of suddenly seeing this new cock for the first time, I looked at Mark and said “I’ll put this in my mouth if you put your stack of red chips in my pile.” Mark hesitated again, but this time only for a moment, before pushing another stack of poker chips forward.

Immediately, I took his entire cock into my mouth and slowly bobbed my head up and down on it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Caine, Tim and Winston all staring. Driven on by the spectators, I slurped away noisily on Mark’s cock for a couple of minutes. Then I stopped and lifted my head to face him. “That’s all you get for red. Are you going all in for the next round or what?” Without needing instructions, Mark reached out and pushed his blue chips forward into into my pile too. I laughed and continued my attack on his cock, voraciously sucking it for a good couple of minutes more. My pussy was sopping wet. I couldn’t take it any more so I started rubbing myself with my free hand. I’m pretty sure no one could see that because of the table.

I stopped and stood up to catch my breath. I looked around the room and the other 3 guys were all still staring, totally frozen and looking only slightly uncomfortable. I imagine that watching porn with your friends would be awkward, so watching people have sex live in your house must really be something else. Mark put his hand on my leg and my mind snapped back into the matter at hand. Without a thought, I pulled my skirt up above my waist, revealing what I knew they were all waiting for since I made it known that my panties were off.

Feeling very glad that I had recently taken the time to give myself a nice trim, I brought one leg up high and gave them all a brief flash of my glistening wet pussy. Then I straddled Mark on the chair, facing him. I paused to look back at the others, making eye contact with Caine for just an instant. On some level, I was trying to check in with him to make sure he was ok with this. He didn’t seem to be making a move to protest, so I took that as my cue. I bent forward while holding Mark’s cock at the opening of my pussy so they could all watch me slowly lower myself over him. “Now I’ll show you how poker’s really played, guys.” Tim and Winston both leaned forward instinctively for a better view. They were in awe. Caine was too, clearly. He kept his cool though, simply putting down his cards and gawking in disbelief as I impaled my pussy on his friend’s cock.

The others were pushed out of my mind as I started to bounce up and down on Mark's tool. I was moaning and he was grunting with every thrust into my extreme wetness. I could hear Tim and Winston’s hard breathing as they watched Mark's cock repeatedly disappear into and then reappear from my hole. Mark moved his hands to my waist and helped lift me as I bounced up and down. He pushed me down roughly onto his prick as we fucked, only to immediately pull me back off. It was such a turn on to be lifted in the air by this strong stranger. He was kissing my tits and biting my nipples every time they bounced in front of his face. I moaned with pleasure at every thrust Mark made into me. It had been months since I had been really, truly fucked. I had missed it more than I’d realized.

Just then I started to feel an inkling of worry that Mark might shoot his load inside of me, and I stood up and got off of him. I remembered that I had packed some condoms in my bag, just in case something was to happen with Caine. “Hold that thought.” I said as I rushed to the kitchen to get the condoms from my purse. I returned within seconds and stood between Mark and the table, facing Winston, Tim and Caine. I was gasping with my mouth open as I fumbled with the condom wrapper. I must have been a sight, my hair all messed up, my skirt lopsided and half-exposing my sopping wet pussy and my shirt pulled down roughly just below my quivering, leaking tits.

Mark was in a daze. He stood up, breathing like an animal. He didn’t seem to see the rest of us anymore as he lunged forward, plunging his hard cock deep into my wet hole from behind. I yelped in surprise but then smiled as I bent over the table. All thoughts flooded out of my mind as the lusty warmth in my crotch spread through every inch of me. I looked back and spread my feet wider apart to give Mark easier access. He started really pounding into me and I began moaning loudly. Every time Mark hit bottom with a thrust, I cried out with pleasure as my body surged forward over the table. My eyelids were heavy, but making the effort to keep them open, I could see the other guys were hypnotized by the rhythmic, pendulous swinging of my full breasts. I also registered the still-sealed condom falling off of the table onto the floor. But I could not bring myself to care about that anymore. Now all I wanted was to be fucked.

As he continued pounding into me, Mark licked one of his thumbs. He pressed it at the entrance of my tiny little asshole. I’ve always been a bit sensitive there, and since Derrick isn’t into anything kinky, he’s never gone near my ass. I’ve never really tried anal sex since one failed attempt in high school. But as soon as I felt the new, sensual pressure of Mark’s deft thumb against my back door, I cried out ecstatically “Do it!”. He squeezed his thumb in and to my complete surprise I immediately began convulsing in the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. I remember thinking “What the fuck just happened??” but I couldn’t formulate a coherent thought.

With a final thrust, Mark pushed his tool hard into me and shuddered. I knew he was going to come and I no longer cared. He erupted deep into me and I could feel the flood spreading like hot lava. My heart raced in worried alarm for a moment, remembering that he’s a stranger and I had no idea about his sexual history. But as worried and sick as I suddenly felt in that moment, I couldn’t help also being immensely turned on by what had just happened. I reminded myself that Caine had mentioned Mark is married and comforted myself with the idea that he probably leads a monogamous sex life and is free of diseases.

Mark pulled out and fell straight down onto his chair, exhausted. I took a few moments to regain my composure and then pushed myself up off of the table. I looked down at my pussy and laughed nervously as a river of Mark’s cum flooded out onto the floor. Then I looked back at the rest of the guys. Both Tim and Winston didn’t even seem to notice that they were massaging their cocks right through their pants. It made me hungry. I smiled at them and said, “If you two can handle a high stakes game, you are welcome to join in for all of your chips.”

Tim and Winston must have been hoping that it might lead to this. They both immediately stood up and dropped their pants to the floor. Without any words or even a look back at Tim and Caine, Winston took Mark's place behind me as I bent back down over the table. Tim stood beside the table holding his cock in front of my face. Winston slid his prick easily into my freshly-fucked pussy as I began to lick and suck Tim’s cock and balls. It wasn't long before Tim's hips began bucking and he started fucking my face.

My inner sex beast had come back in full force, after being dormant since the time Caine and I last hooked up before I got pregnant. I moved my hands around Tim’s back and clawed deeply into his ass cheeks as I pulled him fully into my throat. He started spurting cum immediately, catching me off guard. I convulsed at the surprise, but gulped the first spurt down before pulling his dick out of my mouth, causing him to shoot most of it all over my face and the table. I felt like a porn star. Going with that feeling, I smiled up at him and then proceeded to wipe the cum off my cheeks and lick my fingers clean.

Tim sat back down, completely spent. I reached out and kept my hand on his softening tool, stroking it and trying to keep him hard. Caine had been watching me blow Tim but now his gaze shifted over to where Winston was fucking my pussy hard from behind. He held me by the hips and pulled my body back to meet his cock on every thrust. He grunted each time, pounding into me mechanically, like a jackhammer.

The sound of poker chips falling from the shaking table and hitting the floor was constant. I noticed Mark had perked back up in his chair right behind us. He was playing with his dick and seemed hypnotized by what I imagine must have been an amazing view of my cum-drenched pussy receiving a hard pounding from Winston’s big dick. Mark reached out, carefully avoiding Winston’s swinging balls, and fingered my clit from behind. A few seconds of this treatment caused me to cum again, violently. As I gasped, I squeezed Tim’s dick really hard and with my other hand wiped his remaining cum from my face into my mouth, licking it off of my hand and eating it seductively. I was in a trance. Caine was watching me, and beginning to stroke himself through his pants. I could tell he was on the verge of cumming and I couldn’t wait to get him inside of me.

Caine must have gotten over any self-consciousness he may have had about being naked around his friends, because he undid his pants and let his huge erection out. I smiled, still rocking from the intense fucking I was currently receiving from Winston, and reached out with my cum-covered hand to stroke Caine’s cock like a familiar old pet. I guess he was over any worry about other men’s jizz, too because he didn’t seem to mind the fact that Tim’s cum was making my hand move nice and easy on his cock. I spread the cum all over, getting him slick. Then I tugged his cock lightly, pulling him closer so that I could suck Tim’s cum off of him as I began to blow him.

Suddenly, my mouth was yanked off of Caine’s prick as Winston moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders and pulled me back onto his cock. We both moaned loudly as he shook and spurted his load deep into my pussy. He kept shaking. I imagined wave after wave of hot cum swirling to join with Mark's deep within my womb. I wasn’t as nervous about it this time, since what was done was done. In fact, it gave me the mad urge to keep fucking all of them over and over and over in turn so they could fill me to eternity. Worries of pregnancy and diseases evaporated in the rush of the moment, as rational thought was swept away by my animal urges. At that moment, I came again, as Mark had somehow been able to keep fingering my clit through all of this insanity.

Winston pulled out, and before Mark could move his hand away from my pussy, the river of cum flowed out forcefully right into his palm, through his fingers and onto the floor. We all laughed wearily, feeling amazed and totally spent from our brief and intense explosion of animal instinct. I glanced at the clock. Only 30 minutes had gone by but it had felt like an eternity of bliss. And I hadn’t even gotten to make Caine cum yet! That was the reason I was even here doing any of this! Speaking of cum – how long had it been since any of these guys had ejaculated? They were shooting the most humongous, messy loads I’ve ever seen all over me and the poker table.

I slowly pushed myself upward from the table with my elbows and stood up, but only momentarily. There were some poker cards and chips stuck to my sweaty body and nestled in my cleavage. I must have looked like such a messy slut. I kind of wish I had a picture of it, since I was drunk and it’s a bit hazy now. The booze combined with my intense orgasms had made me really lightheaded. My skirt slipped back down into place as I dropped forward onto my knees, leaning on Mark to regain my orientation. Mark put his cum-covered hand up to my mouth and I immediately started licking and sucking Winston’s cum off of his fingers. Mark reached his other hand down between my kneeling thighs and pushed my skirt back up. He began fingering me again. I moaned as I finished cleaning the cum off of his hand and then moved over and began sucking his cock again. I was feeling too exhausted to keep it up for long. But despite my tiredness, Mark’s fingering was making me totally horny again. Powerless to do anything about it I said “I can’t stand up anymore, but if you guys still have enough to buy in, let’s go double or nothing for one more round.”

I noticed Tim had perked back up and Winston was stroking his still semi-hard cock, apparently hoping to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They both jumped up and helped Mark to gently lift me onto my back on the poker table. I remember making a mental note to get a table like this one. The height and width were perfect for fucking on. I laid on it, completely at their mercy as I was on the verge of passing out but wanted so much more sex. Mark carefully bent my legs so my knees pointed toward the ceiling and he placed my feet on the table. Tim and Winston were groping my jiggling tits and massaging my body from both sides of the table. I told them to squeeze as hard as they wanted. “Milk me.” I said. They obliged, smiling at the chance to indulge their fantasies. Winston even caught some in a shotglass and drank it, which really turned me on.

Mark slid my skirt up and slowly pushed his cock back in, fucking me at a steady pace. I moaned and smiled but otherwise made no movement. Tim struggled for a bit with my skirt but was eventually able to get it off and out of the way. Now with a clear view, they all stood around and marveled at my shaking body as Mark continued to plow in and out of me. Winston put his hand on my clit and slid his fingers carefully down around where Mark’s cock intersected with me. Nobody seemed to mind a little man on man touch, especially me. Secretly, I wished that they would take that action a little further but I didn’t have the energy to try and guide them there.

My eyes were closed, so I didn’t notice yet that Caine had moved up to the side of the table where my head hung lazily back. My mouth was wide open in ecstatic moans. Caine knelt down and started kissing gently around my open lips, grasping my upside-down face lovingly between his hands. I kissed him back and asked for his cock. He stood back up and carefully inched it toward my face. I somehow mustered the energy to return to the blowjob that had been interrupted before, bringing my hands up to stroke Caine’s shaft and balls as Mark continued to pound my pussy at the other end of the table. Caine moved his hands up to join Tim and Winston’s stroking stroking my body all over.

Mark put his hands around my upraised thighs and grabbed tight as he shot yet another load into my pussy. I couldn’t even remember how many loads I had taken into my womb. I stopped sucking Caine’s cock for a moment and gasped around it before continuing. Mark pulled out immediately, stroking his hand across my pussy as his cum leaked out.

Tim wasted no time. He eagerly took Mark’s place between between my legs and poised himself in anticipation of his first chance to get his dick inside of me. Mark grabbed his clothes and rushed straight to the bathroom. Tim grabbed the sides of the table as he shoved his prick into me and immediately started pounding. In what seemed like no time at all, he was howling and cumming, adding his load to the mix inside my pussy.

Tim pulled out and went to the kitchen to get a drink. I was still sucking and stroking Caine’s cock while I watched Winston reach down to finger my cum-dripping pussy. Winston looked at Caine, wondering if it was ok for him to take another turn before Caine had a go. As if reading his mind, Caine said “I’m just fine up here. Go ahead.” I swallowed Caine even deeper and tugged his balls.

Winston immediately moved around to my spread thighs and stuck his dick into my cum-soaked slit. He put his hands on my belly as he pumped in and out of me. I reached one hand down to grasp his. I knew I already had Caine on the verge of cumming so when Winston tightened up and started shooting another load into me, the convulsion pushed Caine over the edge. I felt his cock tense up so I pulled it out of my mouth and sucked his balls in as I stroked his cock with both hands. I looked over and noticed Mark and Tim were dressed and sitting on the couch, watching as Caine sprayed a huge load all down the front of my body. Some of it shot far enough to land on Winston’s belly as he was shaking and spurting the last of his cum into me. He didn’t even seem to notice or maybe he didn’t care. It was so hot.

What a mess we had made. I continued kissing Caine’s balls as I massaged his cum onto my belly and tits. Pushing some of the pool of cum down to where Winston was still inside of me, I began fingering myself, shoving as much of it in as I could. Winston pulled out and I mixed their cum together, pushing more of it inside in my frenzied state. All this come gave me my second (third?) wind. “More.” I moaned.

Mark and Tim needed to get home to their families, and Winston was sobering up and gathering his things. I sat up on the table and looked around, finally starting to return to consciousness and sobriety as well. I gathered the poker chips and the money I’d earned and thanked everyone for letting a beginner sit in on the game. They laughed at what an understatement that was. Mark and Tim were driving together so they said a sort of uncomfortable goodbye. I reassured them with a sweet peck on the cheek each, being careful not to get any cum on them since they had already made themselves presentable for their wives.

As the door closed behind Mark and Tim, I turned, looked at Caine and told him to sit back down in his chair. He did so and his prick was almost immediately hard again as I sat down on his lap. He slid effortlessly into my gaping, wet pussy. My body still slick with everyone’s cum, I slid around on him and slowly picked up the pace, grinding my cum covered ass on his lap. My breathing was getting faster and raspier and I started lifting myself off the chair and slamming down hard on his cock. I knew I was going to come again soon, but I wanted Caine to come too. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt fucking these guys while I was already full of cum. Knowing they were all mixed together and it was getting all over us just amplified the sensation.

Winston had been going toward the door but stopped in his tracks, unable to take his eyes off of us. He was staring right at my pussy between my fully-spread legs, watching Caine’s cock completely disappear each time I lifted off and slammed down on it. I was fixed on his eyes, getting off on being watched yet again. I think I really missed my calling as a sex performer. Now that I know how much I enjoy being watched fucking, I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly enjoy sex without an audience.

With great effort, I formed the words, “You want some more?” Winston only nodded as he stepped slowly toward us. As soon as he was within reach, I yanked him forward by his belt and had his pants down in seconds. I shoved my face right into him as I swallowed his cock whole, never losing my steady stride on top of Caine. Caine dug his fingers into my ass cheeks as Winston grasped the back of my head. After a few bobs on Winston’s cock I pulled my face away from him. “This one’s on the house. Now get in here!” I commanded, grabbing him by the dick and bringing him to his knees in front of the chair. Winston and Caine were eye to eye now, with me in between. I was fucking Caine hard while stroking Winston’s cock forcefully. I think they both knew what I was about to do and they didn’t seem to want me to stop. They wanted it.

I grabbed Winston by the ass with one hand and pulled him forward, deftly guiding his dick into my slick pussy in the split second between lifting up off of Caine’s cock and thrusting back down on it. Before Winston or Caine realized what had happened, I had clamped down hard and was fucking both of their cocks at once. I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to have two cocks in my pussy. It was as amazing as I had imagined. I couldn’t handle it at all. I’ve never felt anything like it and I have a feeling that neither of them had either.

After a few seconds of rubbing up against Winston’s cock while embedded in my cunt, Caine began spurting uncontrollably. I kept wriggling my hips like a snake, grinding forward and backward on Caine and milking out every last drop. Both of them had their arms around me, squishing my boobs flat and causing milk to trickle down between us. I felt Winston’s cock go hard against Caine’s inside of me as his entire body tensed and he flooded my pussy again, covering my insides and Caine’s cock with his cum.

I grabbed Winston and squeezed him close, grinding harder and faster on their two dicks as he continued to shake. “Don’t stop. I’m almost there. Please don’t stop.” The two men were able to muster some untapped energy and continued to push into me with their softening dicks. I could feel burning cum spilling out of me and running down Caine’s balls. The way our position had shifted, Caine couldn’t keep himself in and his cock popped out of me, spilling what felt like another pint of cum out of my womb. Winston was able to stay in from his position and he continued plowing away until finally I shuddered, threw my head back in a scream and fell limply against Caine in the chair. I put my hands down to my overworked pussy and grabbed on to Winston’s soft prick before he pulled out. “Mmmmm.” I purred as I held him there, stroking my pussy and his cock and balls in the slimy mess.

Winston got up slowly, smirking at the huge mess of cum on his half-removed pants. Caine and I laughed as I slowly stood up. I looked down at the cum still oozing out of my pussy as I took a few steps. “We should put those in the wash for him, Caine.” I said, stumbling forward to help Winston remove his messy clothes. “We could all take a little nap together while we wait for his load, right?” I giggled, inviting myself to stay over. After all that had happened, Caine didn’t seem to have a problem with that. I could see his dick was getting hard again just thinking about it.

Winston nodded agreement, then went to the bathroom. I hugged Caine and looked into his eyes. “Am I your pet?” I asked. He kissed me. “I really hope so.” I was still worried, though. “Even though I fucked your friends?” He grinned. “Even though you fucked my friends.” We talked a little and he said he’d never been more thrilled or turned on before tonight. I felt the same way. The nervousness and worry had added an extra edge to our horniness. We talked about the distance between us and made a promise to do better in the future. I kissed him again, passionately, and tiptoed off to the bathroom to clean up a little.

Caine must have taken awhile cleaning up all the cum in the living room. I totally forgot that he had a girlfriend and it was possible that she even lived here with him. I went into the bedroom and joined Winston on the bed. “Caine might be a few minutes.” I told him as I laid down on my side.

I was sucking lazily on Winston’s hardening cock when Caine came in a few minutes later. He crept up behind me and slipped himself into my wet, warm pussy. I gasped at the surprise but kept on sucking. And rather than make you all tired by describing the rest of what happened while we waited for Winston’s laundry, I’ll just say that I made them try all sorts of positions to find the best way to get them both back in my pussy at once, and all of us came at least a couple more times before Winston left in the early rays of sunrise.

Since Derrick was expecting me to stay at a hotel downtown with my ladies rather than driving home drunk, I had no concerns about staying the night with Caine. I slept peacefully in his arms and woke with his cock still wedged inside of me, ready to keep fucking. As sore as I was from the previous night, Caine and I fucked for hours the next morning and we had to force ourselves apart so that I could clean up and get home in time to avoid suspicion.

I’ll be thinking about this one every day for years to come. It’s been a few weeks and Caine and I haven’t really said much since, but I have a feeling there are more good things in store for us.

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Poker night with Caine and his friends

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dirtdiver9876 — 18 July 2017 09:06
Both stories are so fucking hot. I would love to be married to you. Have you any more stories and did you get pregnant again?
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