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Wild Sister

Categories Fantasy, Discipline, Female Domination, First Time

Author: timothy91

Published: 17 July 2017

  • Font:

Another regular day for the family, Justin preparing his back-pack while his younger sister Sabrina had gotten up earlier and was already prepared for the long boring day at school. The worst part to Justin were the male uniforms since they were so strict, blue shirts buttoned up over a short sleeved shirt, and the long sleeves of the overcoats made it feel hot as Hell outside. His sister Sabrina though just had to wear a black mini-skirt with boots that cut off at the knees, and a white short sleeved shirt that showed off a bit of her cleavage, just like the other girls did. He couldn't help the fact that he stared from the corner of his eyes during breakfast every day, the thoughts he had of her were more than impure. He knew if he fucked Sabrina like he wanted to his mother would destroy him in every way she could. But Justin was able to daydream about how he'd push her face down into the cold surface of the kitchen table, lift her skirt, tear her panties off. Then do everything he had wanted to until she was half dead from the relentless fucking. But these were only fantasies that he thought could never happen. “KIDS!” Mom yelled out with a spring in her step, revealing the excitement quite obviously. Of course Sabrina, and Justin waved casually as she continued speaking, “I got the big job finally,” mother squealed happily, “Awesome,” Justin replied flatly, “AMAZING MOM!” Sabrina squealed too, she was full of life just like her mother, and just as easy to dominate Justin hoped anyway. After all he did see his mother bow to fathers will, “I'm leaving today, and I won't be back until Friday,” Oh great, a week with my asshole father, Justin thought sarcastically while Sabrina kept smiling brightly. “Be good,” mom stated as she already had her stuff packed, and in hand, Justin and Sabrina's mother disappeared out of the door before either of them got the chance to say good bye. Father came downstairs then clasped his hands together, “It's goin' to be just us for a week, stay out of my way I'll stay out of your way,” he stated before going back up into his lair. Justin rolled his eyes, “Asshole,” He whispered before he looked over to Sabrina smiling as he stood up. Sabrina followed Justin out of the door to the bus stop, Justin began thinking, Thank God Sabrina is only younger than me by an hour or so at least I'm not extremely disgusting. The bus doors, and the roar of its motor yanked him out of these thoughts, especially when Sabrina started skipping up the steps causing her skirt to lift in the back. Showing a little bit of her panties, and her rear, which is why he always let her get on the bus first, just so he could get a small glimpse of her perfect ass. The best part of Justin's morning when going to school, especially since it made it easier for his daydreams to feel slightly more real. The siblings always sat next to eachother on the bus, Sabrina thought it was Justin being protective when he was staring at her chest from the corner of his eye so he could watch her tits bounce with every bump in the street. Though he never slipped into a daydream since the ride was so short. It didn't take long for the bus to come in front of the school, the brake screeched, and every body had their back-packs picked up, and were piled out of the bus. Justin huffed looking at the school while Sabrina as usual was rushing in to get to her first class. Justin took his sweet time getting to his class though, upon reaching his first class he went to the very desk so he wouldn't be noticed. The class began with the sharp ring of the bell, the English teacher came in, and immediately Justin went into his thoughts ignoring everything else. This was one of his best thoughts about Sabrina in a year, he visualized her bending over the teachers desk naked while looking back at him. She was spreading her pussy open while one of her amazing tits, and nipple was visible while her tongue hung over her bottom lip then soon her liquid that was obviously cum ran down her thighs
care if his sister Sabrina would, or wouldn't. Justin needed to taste her pussy. After all, watching his sister for all of these years was agony. He smiled now, they were there, Justin, and Sabrina hopped off of the bus walking home Justin got more excited. His sister was about to see what five years of suppressing desires can do upon entering their home Justin spoke, “Go bathe, I'll make dinner tonight,”his sister nodded with the bright smile she always had. Sabrina had no clue about Justin's perverse intentions, so as she hurried to the bathroom quickly getting the tub full. Justin knew she'd start by lathering up her gorgeous tits first, so he had a little time to prepare his plans for his sister. Steam rose out from the bathroom, Justin smirked lightly as he also knew Sabrina never got fully dressed after a bath. He didn't bother starting dinner. Sabrina wasn't going to have time to eat tonight. When he heard the tub drain he rushed next to the door hiding at the corner of the door. When she opened the door a confused frown came across her face. The second Justin's loving sister Sabrina shut the door Justin grabbed her by the shoulders, and forced her against the wall the only obstacles now were Sabrina's bra,, and panties. He planted one hand on the back of her neck, then he tore off her panties first, then her bra while she was still in shock from her brothers actions. Sabrina heard Justin's pants get unzipped, “Justin, what are you doing, WE'RE BROTHER AND SISTER!” Before she had the chance to make Justin feel guilty at all, he pushed every inch of his cock inside of his sisters pussy, taking her purity away. Blood began running down her thighs while her eyes shut tightly, though she wanted this as well. But she was too ashamed to admit it to anyone Justin made his first thrust into his sister's pussy hard, and deep putting the head of his cock in her womb. Sabrina's eyes rolled back as she gasped in pain and with some pleasure, before she had time to get her composure back. Justin grabbed his sister by the hips, and he forced her to perk her ass back from the wall making it easier for him to thrust into her tight pussy. Justin couldn't believe he was finally getting to do what he wanted to his sister. With one hand he pushed her face against the wall while he began slamming his throbbing length into his sister, making her cum. He knew she was from her heavy panting, and how her pussy gripped his shaft harder. “P....P...Please,” Sabrina pleaded to her brother for him to stop, this made him thrust faster into her then he finally stopped thrusting. Cumming deep inside of her before letting her drop to her knees while cum dripped out of her tight wet pussy.

Justin held no regrets about fucking his sister, as she had been a goal of his for years, he watched her slump over to the side until she finally fell onto her side completely. Her legs pushing her pussy together as the river of cum continued running out of her, Justin turned around back to the kitchen, walking casually to the sink taking a cup from the shelf he got a drink. Then he turned around to see that she was still on the ground unable to move from the massive shock that she had just experienced from her brother taking her against her will, even though she wanted to fuck her brother, but not this way. Not being forced into it. Justin walked over to her, looking her up then down again, and he grabbed her by the arm. He dragged her off into her room leaving a long trail of cum behind her as she was dragging along the floor. Then he tossed her down in the center of her room floor, her tits bouncing while she snapped out of her trance speaking, “P...P..Please not again...” Justin watched her start hiding her breasts with her arms, Sabrina was obviously scared at this point in time, but he figured in the morning she'd feel better than right now. He turned around walking out of her room, shutting the door behind him, and quickly he went to the bathroom. And returned to the hall with a rag, he cleaned all of the cum up off of the floor to make sure that their father wouldn't see it when he got home, after cleaning up though he went to his own room. Plopped down into the bed, the night had consumed the day, and rest was important right now for him, and Sabrina. He shut his eyes in pure ecstasy from the fact that he had finally fucked her like he wanted to for so long. Mere hours later however, their father home, and asleep as well, Justin woke to see Sabrina crawling up from the edge of his bed. What was on her back though? Were those wings? “Heeey brother,” Justin tried to sit up quickly but with one flick of her wrist he was pinned down to the bed, “Did you like my pussy Justin? Did ya, did ya?” The only part he could move right now was his head, “What's going on???” He whispered as he watched Sabrina continue up onto his bed revealing she had a tail as well, “Isn't it obvious stupid? You woke my true nature when you fucked me,” she stated as she sat on the edge of the bed with no clothing on, keeping her tits in plain sight. Justin could feel his cock get hard again, he wasn't able to explain it but he wanted to fuck her again anyway. Sabrina leaned over resting on her elbow before she started poking his shaft through his boxers in a teasing manner, “Your cock woke my inner beast,” she said in a dark whisper. She yanked his boxers off revealing his already hard cock, “What are you...” Before he could finish the sentence she wrapped her tits around his cock, then she began to tease his length with her perky nipples, “Oooh brother, you're so sick, let me help you,” Sabrina said in a very teasing tone. Then she took the head of his shaft, and began to lick around it before she pushed the head of his shaft into her mouth, and she began to suck lightly as she began rubbing his length with her tits, drool ran down his cock lubing her breasts up making it easy for her to rub them along the entire length of his cock. Justin was unsure of what was going on at this point, the pleasure itself was overwhelming nearly making his mind go blank as Sabrina began picking up the pace, bouncing her tits on his shaft faster, and sucking the head harder while twirling her tongue around it.

Her perky nipples teased his shaft even more with every thrust she made down with her breasts pushed harder together, and as she began feeling his cock start to twitch inside of her mouth she pulled her lips off of Justin's cock, “Oooo brother you're almost cured,” she giggled after saying this. Justin's cock began twitching more violently between her tits while her giggling became darker, and darker. “What's the matter brother? Gonna cum from your sister titty fucking you?” She said even more teasingly as she clasped her breasts tighter on his shaft, rubbing faster than earlier as her brothers cock was nearing shooting its load onto her, and she could tell. Justin was about to explode from this, Sabrina was becoming proud of her work at this point since it was the first time she had ever used her tits in this way, he couldn't hold back any longer as his cock swelled. Then with one big twitch his cum was shot all over her chest, and her face. Sabrina simply licked her lips taking the cum into her mouth while she scooped up the rest of it off of her chest, and licked it off of her fingers, “Mmmm so delicious brother, we've got a ton to do tonight to cure you.” Justin's eyes widened as she railed her mouth around his cock, pushing every inch of it inside of her throat, then she sucked hard pulling the rest of the cum that hadn't shot out into her mouth drinking it down. Then she began to bob her head up then down along his cock, faster, and faster with each passing moment as he could only press the back of his head back against the pillow. The tables had been turned this time, he was the one being taken advantage of by surprise. Every time she took his cock down into her throat she moaned happily as she could taste more pre-cum building up at the tip of his length making the pleasure rise even more quickly, Justin shut his eyes saying to himself, “It's just a dream, it's just a dream,” Sabrina popped his length out of her mouth, but continued to stroke him. Then she spoke, “Keep telling yourself that brother,” she giggled as she began stroking his length faster while his cock began to twitch violently in her grip, he was wondering if this were actually happening or not, all he knew for fact was he was enjoying it so much that he wanted to fuck her without mercy. Sabrina straddled Justin at this point, pushing her pussy down on his shaft rubbing it on the outside of her wet warmth along the entire length of his shaft teasing the head of his cock with her entrance lightly prodding herself with it as she let out teasing moans knowing he couldn't do anything she didn't want him to. She smirked deviously as she continued rubbing against him, her eyes showing that she was consumed with her lust for her brothers cock. Justin couldn't move his hips even making this agony since Sabrina wouldn't stop teasing him, “What's the matter brother, am I making you want my pussy more than earlier?” He bit down on his bottom lip hard, he knew that she was right, Justin was just too prideful to admit it but before he could even begin to respond Sabrina forced the head of his cock into her tight pussy, and she slammed down taking every inch inside of her. She threw her head back in delight moaning lightly as her breasts bounced, “Oh Justin, I'm going to cure you of your hard-on,” Sabrina stated deviously before she began to slam herself down over, and over again on his cock moaning each time as she dug her nails into her brothers chest making him wince slightly. “FUCK MY SUCCUBUS PUSSY!” She yelled out as she began slamming faster on his length making his cock twitch violently with each movement of her hips while she couldn't stop moaning, luckily she had put up a barrier so none outside of the room could hear them. Father however woke, feeling thirsty for alcohol, and so he made his way downstairs taking up the bottle he kept high up where his kids couldn't reach, and finally he popped the cap off taking a long drink from it.

The father decided to go check on Justin's room since usually there was a lot of tossing, and turning when Justin went to sleep. But once Father opened the door he saw his daughter taking her brother by force, his eyes became wide as he saw the tail, and wings. Though seeing this was quite arousing, so father merely tugged his pajama bottoms down slightly revealing a hard cock, and he began stroking watching the two of his children fuck. It didn't take long for father to cum though, he aimed it onto the other wall so it wouldn't be obvious he had watched from the hallway. Justin was at his limit though while Sabrina kept ramming down on him, then she slammed every inch down inside of her as she knew he was about to cum already, the head of Justin's cock deep inside of her womb while she screamed with pleasure, then she laid her head onto her brothers chest panting heavily. “Mmm, naughty brother.” She whispered before she rolled off of the top of him, while father rushed back up stairs quietly returning to his room, all the while Justin laid next to his sister. Naked, and no longer hard since she had drained him so quickly.

As the night passed on Justin had been passed out rather heavily, while his succubus sister made her way out of his room moving quickly, and quietly so she wouldn't be noticed walking into her room again even though cum was still running down her thighs. And she was back in her room quickly, then the cum quickly disappeared as her body absorbed it feeding her own energy as she then laid in her own bed while her tail, and wings disappeared hiding her nature again. Sabrina then went to her deep sleep, having intense dreams of her brothers long hard throbbing cock. Soon the morning came, and Justin woke with a small set of sweat droplets on his forehead, that was one hell of a dream he had at least he thought it was a dream. He pushed himself out of bed, his body feeling fine at this point but his muscles were aching slightly but he assumed that it was simply from him railing Sabrina yesterday night. Sabrina was already up, and in the kitchen making her breakfast looking full of energy, “I called to let the school know we won't be attending today,” she stated as she smiled to him, Justin was unsure of why she had done that but he shrugged simply due to the opportunity to relax in general. Sabrina looked him in the eyes as a small shimmer ran along her eyes, “So brother do you remember what you did yesterday?” Justin arched a brow, and he nodded slowly as he knew he had taken advantage of her against her will when she had gotten out of the bathroom. Justin looked down at his sister a little more closely, she was wearing only her panties and a short T-shirt, he wasn't sure why she was. Sabrina turned around with a plate in her hand, and she set the plate aside as her eyes scanned her brother that had forgotten to put on any clothes, she certainly noticed that he was naked rather quick, and that he was hard as well. Father came downstairs as well naked as well, passing by Justin as he did the same, looking Sabrina up then down before looking over to Justin, “Hey son, lets have some bonding time for once, ok?” Justin looked oddly surprised that his father had said this, then father walked over close to the area Sabrina was standing in, his cock hard as well, Justin soon figured out what he meant. Father grabbed Sabrina by her hair, and dragged her over to Justin while both of their cocks throbbed, and suddenly Sabrina's tail, and wings came back out to play. Justin came around behind Sabrina, while father came around to the front of her, Justin yanked her panties down while father tore her shirt off completely along with her bra making her tits come to complete view. Justin began to slowly force his cock's head into her pussy while father forced his cock into Sabrina's mouth when she moaned, then they both rammed every bit of their cocks down into her depths. Justin's cock pushing into her womb, while his father pushed his cock down Sabrina's throat, Justin gripped Sabrina by the hips while father gripped a large clump of her hair. In unison the father, and son began railing into Sabrina, putting more force into every thrust as Justin's cock began to throb inside of his sisters pussy, while Sabrina's fathers cock began to swell at the head of his length. They both watched Sabrina taking every inch of their cocks into her, while they smirked together, Sabrina drooled all over fathers cock, and Justin's cock became coated in Sabrina's cum.

They began thrusting harder into her, making her tits bounce faster with every movement, Sabrina was cumming over, and over again as she was raped by her brother, and father at the same time. Her tail shot out a load of semen onto the counter off to the side of the three of them, Justin began gripping her tail now stroking it as she moaned on fathers cock making more sensation rise through out her mouth along her fathers cock. The faster Justin stroked his sisters tail the faster it shot semen out onto the counter off to the side, and eventually his father couldn't handle the never ending moans that shot pleasure throughout every inch of his cock, and he released a load of cum in her mouth. Justin hadn't even finished yet, so they both kept going still, making her fathers cum spill out of the corners of her mouth, as Justin stroked her tail faster. Her pussy clamped down around Justin's hard cock, 'Wow, I never thought Sabrina was this perverted,' Justin thought to himself as pre-cum began to leak from the tip of his cock. His fathers length still sensitive from cumming earlier caused him to shoot out another large load of cum into Sabrina's throat forcing her to swallow it while semen seemed to pour endlessly from her tail, Sabrina even seemed to be choking when really she was growling with pleasure. Justin eventually began slamming harder into her while his cock twitched deep inside of Sabrina, making sure that she took every bit of his cock into her, the head of his cock pushing up into her womb while Justin looked up to his father grinning, his father returning the same grin. Then finally Justin released a gigantic load of cum inside of her while she released a huge load of semen from her tail, and a gigantic load of cum from her pussy at the same time. And finally father slid his cock out of Sabrina's mouth as Justin slid his cock out of her pussy, releasing her hips and her hair. She bent over the table holding onto the edges weakly as she laid on it with a smile of pure pleasure, and cum leaked out from both of the holes that she had been fucked in without mercy. Her semen from her tail was shot all over the ceiling, counters, and even the table. Both Justin, and his father returned to their rooms leaving Sabrina in a puddle of cum, getting dressed in their rooms without even helping Sabrina get a fresh set of clothing.

Sabrina stayed laying there for a moment, Justin was on his way into the living room where he soon sat down on the couch after putting on some clothes, then he was amazed at the fact he had a bulge in his pants yet again as if it were some instinct telling him to be ready. Sabrina walked out still naked, and still in her true form, with every step though her tits bounced. Justin looked over to his sister, she licked her lips but some how the cum she had taken inside of her pussy, and mouth had disappeared as if it was absorbed into her body through her skin, mouth, and pussy showing no trace of cum ever being on her what so ever. Her tail was waving about as she smirked looking at Justin sitting on the couch, “Did you think once was going to feed me for the morning?” She stated in a harsh tone before she walked over to her brother, Justin's jaw dropped wondering how she wasn't exhausted to the maximum extent while she suddenly straddled his lap before he could respond to her question, then she wrapped her tail around his neck looking him in the eyes. “I called us in sick so I could be fucked, you better make it happen,” her tone was ominous showing that she meant business, her tail tightened its grip on Justin's neck causing him to feel a slight choking feeling before she unzipped his pants, and tore them down along with his boxers. Her tail tightened more as her wings tucked behind her back, “I bet you thought you were going to watch some T.V. Didn't ya?” She stated before she began pushing the head of her brothers cock inside of her tight pussy, how she had become this tight again this quickly was something he didn't know possible, he thought he had stretched her only minutes ago. She let out a loud moan knowing she could now then she pushed every inch of her brothers cock inside of her slowly so she could feel every detail of his hard length entering her while she pushed her beautiful tits up into his face, the tip of her tail began to twitch lightly as she did this. Justin gasped at this sudden aggressive behavior about fucking, and that very second he did she forced one of her nipples into his mouth, “SUCK IT! SUCK IT NOW!” She demanded as she slammed down onto his cock moaning louder than earlier, the tip of her tail began swelling up as she began to run her hips around in a slow circular motion at first. Then she forced Justin to suck her nipple by using her tail to push his face deeper into her breast, and she used one of her binding spells to force Justin to massage her other breast as she began to bounce on his cock. A loud slapping sound coming forward as her tail pointed directly at her own face, she shot her own cum onto her face, while she smiled with her mouth open letting some of her own semen fly into her mouth. She began forcing Justin to squeeze her breast slightly harder, and suck on her nipple even more as her tail tightened more around his neck showing that if he didn't do what she demanded of him she was going to choke him until he does. His sister was amazingly horny, he never thought fucking her yesterday was going to have such amazingly delicious consequences.

The next few days went by quickly, cream pie, after cream pie. Squirt after, squirt from his sister sisters tight pussy. Hell Justin even noticed that his sister was getting more kinky by the day, especially when she asks for new things like being tied to the bed so father, and Justin could fuck her at the same in more than one way. Sabrina even demanded that her tits get fucked while she was pounded relentlessly in her tight pussy, sometimes she even asked for her pussy to be stuffed by both her brother, and fathers cock at the same time, a lot of cum filled her pussy every time, and every time she eventually became horny a few minutes later. It was getting hard to keep up, at times Justin was feeling drained of cum, but some how he always had more left just for his sister. It was no surprise though since he had waited years to fuck her this much, and her amazingly tight pussy was never tiring. She even asked to have her hands tied to her ankles so her face was pushed up against the ground, and her ass was forced to be perked up, and reveal her pussy to her brother more. The fact that her thighs were pushed together made her even tighter, making Justin have to force his way into her pussy more than before, it was so incredibly tight inside of her it sometimes felt like she was about to force his cock out of her pussy. But he just kept thrusting into her while father stood above her jerking off, and when father came he made sure he got it straight on her face, but Justin never stopped thrusting. Even after cumming, making the cum push deeper inside of her pussy while he did this it made the cum stir around inside of her, and even spill out around the sides of his cock while the cum dripped down her thighs it was an amazing sight to witness his sister so cum hungry. Sabrina just kept calling Justin in sick, and herself so she could have as much cum as she wanted. Though eventually the two were forced to go to school on Thursday, and so when they returned to school Sabrina, and Justin were looking as grand as ever. Justin was even paying more attention in class but he still thought of the amazing days he had with his sister during the week, he was hoping that some time soon he'd be able to fuck her in a school bathroom since it'd be the kinkiest thing they'd do for some time. However Sabrina couldn't stop shifting her legs back, and forth while her pussy kept on sending a hunger running throughout her body, making a wet spot appear in her underwear. It was well hidden by her skirt, but it was much more difficult for her to hide the lust in her eyes. Soon enough the teacher with gigantic breasts walked into the History classroom, this struck Sabrina more making her fight the urges more as her body began to wish it could to take in the delectable pleasure of fucking the teacher. Her tits were bouncing so perfectly, Sabrina's eyes were planted on them hard, Sabrina couldn't focus on anything else. She raised her hand quickly, once the teacher called on her, “Yes Sabrina?” Sabrina stood up from her chair, responding, “I need to use the bathroom Ma'am,” the huge breasted teacher tilted her head slightly before nodding, and waving her hand. “Go ahead,” Sabrina smiled with delight before she walked out of the classroom at a quick pace, the second she got out into the hall way she ran straight to the girls bathroom, then she went into one of the stalls. She quickly moved her panties off to the side, then she saw the juices surrounding her cute pink pussy, and without any hesitation she began slamming her fingers inside of herself. Not caring if anyone were in there to hear her moaning loud, her clit swelled with pleasure as she lifted her legs up from the ground, and she began rubbing her clit while she kept slamming her self with her fingers. Soon shutting her cum off onto the stall door, and the lock, it wasn't enough for Sabrina. But she heard another set of girls coming into the bathroom which only made her smirk, she pushed another finger inside of herself, then with no hesitation Sabrina began ramming her pussy inside of herself while rubbing her clit again. And once she was about to cum, this time she kicked the door open, and launched the cum out onto the girls that were looking at her, the girls were so surprised they were stunned, only two of them were there. And they seemed like easy targets to Sabrina, so she let her wings sprout out while she launched herself off of the area, using a binding spell on one while she took the other by the wrists. Her tail came out now, holding the female students wrists up above her head still while another spell was cast, making sure that they couldn't be heard. The student bound by magic screamed, “WHAT IS GOING ON!” While the other began whimpering, Sabrina simply looked at the other student smirking her tail tore off both of the girls. Revealing their bare bodies, their tits still bouncing from the swift actions, both of the students had large tits. Not as big as the teachers, but they would have to do for now.

Sabrina sprouted two more tails now, both of the new tails began to tease the students nipples, the girls began to blush as Sabrina smiled deviously. The two girls shut their eyes as the newly formed tails wrapped around each of their breasts, squeezing them as Sabrina spoke, “You should feel honored, after all you'll be the first girls I fucked,” the girls looked away from her as the tails slowly ran down their bodies until each of the tails touched their clits. “Look, you're already wet,” Sabrina stated as she began to run her tongue up one of the females necks. “S...S...Stop,” the girl whispered before Sabrina pushed one of the tails straight up inside of her pussy, pressing the tip of the tail inside of the girls womb, while the other tail forced its way into the girls mouth that had been bound by a spell that kept her in place. The student that had her pussy filled by Sabrina's tail could only gasp, while the one having the tail forced into her mouth could only whimper with a tear in her eye as the tails began thrusting into the both of them. Sabrina's first tail slid itself deep inside of Sabrina's pussy as she moaned in unison with the girl that had her pussy filled with her tail, the two tails began to slam into the two of their pussy's while Sabrina's grip began tightening on the student's wrist pinning her harder down.

While the whimpering girl began to cry slightly, then without warning the tail in the girls mouth slid out then rammed itself deep inside of her as well. The three tails working harder, and deeper on each of them making all of their tits bounce while Sabrina pushed her nipples against the girl she had held down by the wrists, making their nipples massage each other. Making the girl being violated moan louder, while Sabrina began to enjoy herself more, and more with every passing second. Sabrina began thrusting her tail harder into herself, while she finally felt her orgasm rising, the two students screamed in protest as they felt the tails swelling up inside of them, the head of each tail pushing harder into their wombs. Twitching hard. Both of the girls moaned in protest, and pleasure at the same time while Sabrina spoke, “What are you whining about? I'm going to be releasing my own cum inside of myself, and you are honored by getting filled by Me.” The two students began to tear up, crying slightly, but unable to whimper any more. Finally Sabrina released in the two students, and herself, causing the girls to leak cum out of their pussies heavily, and her own pussy even leaked cum. Both of the girls were in shock from Sabrina taking advantage of them, once both of the girls were released from Sabrina's iron binding, they fell down into the puddles of cum right next to each other, their cheeks becoming coated with Sabrina's cum. And the two tails that had been fucking their poor defenseless pussies disappeared, as did the main tail that Sabrina had used to fuck herself with. “See you later sluts,” she said in a sarcastic tone since she really had no intentions of letting them remember the experience, so with a flick of her wrist she wiped the girls memories. But she left them in the puddles of cum, their bodies still paralyzed, and Sabrina knelt down next to them. “Girls, are you ok?” She asked as if she were genuinely concerned, the two students snapped out of their trance at the same time, “What happened?” Sabrina rubbed the back of her head slowly as she responded, “Well your boyfriends followed you then took you by force, I hid in a stall so I wouldn't be raped,” Sabrina whimpered lightly after saying this, her perfect acting convincing the two girls that they had boyfriends in the first place, and that it was their boyfriends that left them in the puddles of cum that coated their pussies, and faces.

Sabrina stood up straight, then she dusted off her skirt before she began hopping, and skipping away from the girls that just kept their faces placed in the pool of cum. Seemed like they couldn't get up after Sabrina had gotten a hold of them. But Sabrina's next target was her teacher, she was even hoping to get her brother in on the brutal fucking she was going to give her pussy, after all Sabrina was one of the most trusted students in the school. Once Sabrina made it back to class the History teacher turned to her as she did her gigantic tits bounced, “Took you a while Sabrina, everything ok?” she asked her, Sabrina nodded as she responded, “Felt a little sick is all,” she stated in a calm tone, she was satisfied for now, but she knew it wouldn't take long for her to want more, Sabrina was thanking God that History class was the last class of the day for her, and her brother always got out of class at the same time she did. So it wasn't going to be hard for her to get him to show up to this little party she had planned for the teacher. The bell rang loud, and Sabrina quickly skipped up to the teacher, “Hey I need some help studying, would you mind?” Sabrina asked, the Teacher responded quickly, “Oh I wouldn't mind at all, it's good that you took an interest in history,” Sabrina smiled brightly as the halls cleared, but her brother came up to the door, once the halls were completely cleared except for her brother. She looked up at the Teacher, and her gigantic tits before she looked the Teacher in the eyes, sending the aura of lust into her making the Teacher wave for Justin to come in. So he did, and the Teacher spoke, “Close the door behind you,” Justin nodded doing so, then without warning the teacher pushed her long skirt down. Revealing her panties while she kicked her skirt off to the side, then she unbuttoned her white shirt, and pulled it off completely leaving herself in her bra for only seconds. She yanked the bra off quickly revealing her perked up nipples, and she tore her panties off without hesitating leaving the Teacher completely bare. All the while Sabrina simply took her clothing off casually making sure not to do any damage to them what so ever as she looked over to her brother with a large grin, Justin couldn't believe his eyes, the Teacher soon bent over the desk revealing her cute pink little pussy to the both of them. Her nipples pressed hard against the paper work making them slide forward slightly before Sabrina was completely nude as well, “What are you waiting for brother?” Sabrina asked, and Justin snapped out of the small trance he was in, then he got naked as well, only revealing his bottom half. He was already hard as a rock. Sabrina sprouted her tail then she walked up behind the teacher while she brought her tail around her waist, “I get the teachers pussy first, you can fuck me while I fuck her,” Sabrina stated, then she gripped the teachers hips tightly digging her nails in as she forced her tail inside of her Teachers tight pussy. As Sabrina let out a soft gasp she looked over to Justin as she whispered, “Better fuck me now Justin,” he smiled enjoying the fact that his sister had taken up another new kink, so he came up behind Sabrina, and took her by the hips as well before he forced every inch of his cock inside of her. Causing Sabrina to thrust her tail hard into the Teacher, the Teacher moaned hard while Justin began thrusting, and Sabrina couldn't help but thrust her tail into the Teacher harder as Justin began picking up speed. Which forced Sabrina to pick up speed as well, the Teacher already beginning to cum all over Sabrina's tail making it easier for her to slam her tail into the Teacher, while Justin simply picked up more force making sure the head of his cock pushed deep as he could fit it. Sabrina grabbed a handful of the Teachers hair, pulling her head up so her breasts perked off of the desk a little, then she grabbed one of the Teachers breasts, and began to massage deeply. Making the Teacher squirt harder all over Sabrina's tail while Sabrina was nearly about to release her cum out of her tail inside of the Teacher making Sabrina's pussy tighten around Justin's shaft allowing her to feel every detail of his cock as his length began to swell inside of her. The tail that Sabrina was using to fuck the teacher began to swell up as well, she did her best to hold back the cum that was building up in her tail from shooting out into the Teacher that seemed to just get tighter, and tighter with every thrust. Eventually though Sabrina released a bigger load inside of the Teacher than she had the two students she had taken advantage of earlier, but Sabrina couldn't take her tail out of the Teacher since Justin simply pushed her face down hard against the Teachers back, while he kept thrusting while pre-cum built up at the tip of his cock. This only made the Teachers huge tits bounce more furiously against the paperwork sending the stapler to the floor with a loud clank, while Justin couldn't help but smirk before he pushed the head of his cock all the way into Sabrina's womb, releasing his giant load inside of her while the head of his cock continued to pulse inside of her tight pussy.

Sabrina couldn't move at this point, she kept her face on the back of the Teacher, as Justin thrusted two more times to make sure her pussy was full, while Sabrina did the same to the Teacher both of them moaning at the same time, drool ran down the Teachers mouth, and onto her humongous tits. As Justin slid his cock out of his sister, she did the same to the Teacher, the second both of the siblings were dressed, and the Teacher was as well, Sabrina released the Teacher from the spell of Lust she had put her under, and once she was free of it. False memories were placed inside of her head, making her think that she had helped Sabrina study. “Buh bye, thanks for the help,” Sabrina said cheerfully as the two siblings departed from the area quickly, “How did you do that Sabrina?” She turned her head to Justin with a smirk she responded, “Oh I'm finding a lot of new magic I can use,” Justin arched a brow as they got on the bus home, and once they got home. They went inside, only to find that Sabrina wanted more already, sooner than she usually wanted after the other times. “DAD! WE'RE HOME!” Justin yelled out, and immediately father came downstairs in his boxers with a massive erection knowing that there was fun to come. Sabrina looked down at her fathers cock with a big smirk, while Justin let out a sigh as she tore off Justin's clothes with no effort at all, like she had all of a sudden gotten super human strength. Sabrina looked her brother up then down, then she looked at her father who took his boxers off quickly to evade having them ripped off, then she took off her clothes quickly as well. “C'mon boys, feed me,” Sabrina whined as Justin had already gotten hard again, while father was smiling brightly. Sabrina stood there spreading her legs wide as she spoke again, “This time both of you put your dicks in my pussy at the same time,” father, and Justin couldn't believe what she had just said, but if it fed her enough to keep her from demanding more later Justin was happy to. Justin walked up behind his sister, then he pulled her legs up from underneath her keeping her thighs spread wide before he forced his own cock inside of his sister. Then father came up, and forced himself inside of her as well, Sabrina gasped loud while moaning as well feeling like she might get torn in half but it felt so good for her as well. Justin began bouncing her up then down on both of their cocks, father looking Sabrina dead in the eye while he thought higher of his daughter at this point with the amount of cock she could take. While Justin couldn't believe how hungry Sabrina got during the day. Though only a few minutes into the little session they were having, mother walked into the house, and since Sabrina was moaning so much louder than usual they never heard her coming. And once mother made it only a few steps into the house, and looked into the kitchen to find the disturbing sight of her daughter, son, and husband fucking Sabrina. Her eyes wide in shock, once she dropped her purse on the floor though, both father, and Justin pulled their dicks out of Sabrina before setting her down on her feet. Sabrina began to pout once she took notice of her mother there now, home early from her trip, she flicked her wrist making her pin down on the floor on her hands and knees, while her mothers clothes tore off on their own. “Hiii mommy, you're in time for FUN!”

Sabrina yelled out in a cute tone. Mothers eyes only teared up at the statement taking note that she was completely naked in front of her son, daughter, but she didn't mind her husband seeing her bare since he had already several times. “Sabrina.... What happened to you?” Sabrina walked over to her mother, knelt down in front of her, looking her in the eyes with the same spell she used on the Teacher. She sent her mother into a wild lustful trance, “Mommy is going to play with us too now,” Justin's eyes got a little wide, while Father began to smile brightly. After all, father thought this was especially kinky. “Justin, you should take a taste of your mothers pussy, it's good, So should you Sabrina,” father stated calmly. Sabrina sprouted her tail that had grown thicker than it had been, holding even more definition to it even, Justin was already hard, and he had already fucked his sister so he figured why not. Sabrina spoke up, “I get to taste her pussy first,” Sabrina skipped up behind her mother before ramming her tail inside of her mother, then she began to rub her own clit as her tail began to ram into her mothers tight pussy. Then father made mother give him a handjob while Justin went to the front of his mother, and he forced his cock down into her throat, with Sabrina's thrusts into her it made their mother suck his cock while Sabrina made her stroke fathers cock. “Mother is so tight Justin, Daddy why didn't you share before?” Justin began thrusting into his mothers throat at this point making mother bounce back harder against Sabrina's tail sending greater waves of pleasure throughout her tail, and into her pussy while mother moaned wildly. Father being stroked the way he was right this second made his cock pulse in her hand, especially since his son was fucking his mothers mouth, and his daughter was ramming her pussy. “I didn't know you were going to have a tail, and be sex hungry,” father stated in a matter of fact tone while Justin's cock began pulsing inside of his mothers mouth, while Sabrina's tail swelled up inside of mother, the head of her tail pressing up into her womb hard with every thrust the two siblings made inside of their mothers two holes. Father was enjoying the handjob as well as his cock began pulsing in his wife's hand. Sabrina for some odd reason released a load of cum inside of her mother while she sent a spray of cum from her pussy, like she wanted this from the beginning.

Father was about to cum, so he shoved Sabrina out of the way, and forced his cock all the way inside of mother, then he began thrusting into her until he came filling her pussy up more with semen. Then Justin pushed every bit of his cock deep into his mothers throat, shooting a large load of cum in the depths of her throat causing cum to spill out of her nose and the cum dripped down onto mothers upper lips, and she licked it up as she was still under the spell. Then Sabrina, Justin, and father quickly got dressed. Mother was still laying down with her ass perked up and her clothing torn up, laying there with cum leaking out of her nose, and the corner of her mouth. And out of her pussy onto the ground, while every one was dressed in casual wear, Sabrina forced released the binding spell, then the Lust spell. All three of them ran up to mother, acting concerned, “Hunny are you ok?” Father asked, while Justin and Sabrina watched their mother still in shock while she slowly nodded. “Hunny you were raped, by four men,” father stated as Justin, and Sabrina watched with worried looks on their faces, “I was....?” Mother asked before all three of them nodded yes.

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Wild Sister

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