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Vampire Rape

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Group Sex, Male Domination

Author: timothy91

Published: 18 July 2017

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The snow fall was heavy during the day, piling down like it was a blizzard putting two feet of snow in a mere hour. Then the snow stopped suddenly. And nightfall began to come to the lands, the duchess that had been sleeping finally woke, still in her sleeping clothes, a very thin bakini top, and a thong that nearly showed off all of her bits. Her name, Sabrina. She walked over to her wardrobe popping the doors open quickly before pulling out her armor plated stockings sliding them up her fair soft legs. The leather of the stockings clung tight to her legs, and made her legs look even more defined as soon as they were in place she sighed a sign of her boredom as she reached up to her chest plate of armor that was less flattering in general as it made her chest look flat even though her breasts were that of a man's dreams. Then she took her helm from its hook, placing it over her shimmering black locks of hair while the torches in her room lit up on their own. Sabrina then grabbed the chastity groin plate of her armor, clamping it down on each side to ensure that any attackers to that region would find themselves in a lot of pain if they were using their bare fists to attempt to stun her. Though her armor was designed to be strong, all forged from steel, her blade that hung in the closet was pure thick silver. Sharp enough to carve flesh from bone with one gentle stroke, Sabrina smiled towards the blade as she had sent many of the Lycan to the depths of death with this blade, she loved this weapon since her late lover had given it to her before his passing. The engravings in the ancient tongue of vampires, “Etriche, Macsus contelus Sabrina.” The words in this language meant, to my love Sabrina. The blade was the last thing she had of him, but her hate for the Lycan had developed to an obsession rather than a simple hatred. Four of Sabrina's most trusted guard came into the room each lining up two, by two on either side of the door already prepared for any sort of battle that they'd have to give their lives to save Sabrina, every one of these guards were female, but the best in her army with a blade earning their places. Their breasts were almost as large as Sabrina's but fell short in comparison, their armor did the same thing that Sabrina's did, made their chests look flat. Sabrina nodded to her favorite guard, the blonde that had struck down more Lycan's than the other of the private guard, she nodded back immediately as a sign of respect. Sabrina continued forward at this point, her armored leg plates, and boots began to clang against the stone floor while she passed through the door that had been coated in silver to ensure none of the Lycan's would break in, and kill her in her sleep. As Sabrina carried on through the halls her breath became colder, as did the armor making her nipples perk beneath, and with each step the cold metal stroked her nipple through the cloth underneath it, along with the cold of the chastity plate on her groin it was nearly driving her nuts. Especially since she hadn't been touched by any in so long after her lover had died. As soon as Sabrina made it to the main hall the guard took their places on both sides of Sabrina's throne that was coated in fine silks, one of the lesser guard came forward, and spoke with his eyes on the floor while bowing, “M'lady, there is a peasant that is human here to speak with you about protection.” Sabrina waved for the guard to bring the man in, as soon as the man was in the main hall he was forced down onto his knees in front of Sabrina as she spoke to the lesser creature, “What about your protection?” She stated in a tone of high authority, and the villager spoke up in a shaky voice, “We... Need.... It...”
Sabrina tilted her head slightly before she placed a hand on the arm of her throne replying, “There will be a tax set on you then to pay for our help,” her eyes were dark crimson as she looked down upon the village scum that reached into a pouch on his back, and the villager poured out precious stones from it. “This will buy you a month,” the man sighed in relief, as he replied, “Thank you so much M'Lady,” Sabrina waved for the guard to take the man out of her halls, and it was done quickly, the male vampires took the man by the arms dragging him out while they carried their spears. Then they threw this peasant out into the snow. Sabrina looked outside as they did this, seeing that the snow had fallen deep this morning, she smiled knowing that this was perfection for hunting the werewolf kind. She snapped her fingers, the other male guards in the halls rushed over to her kneeling as she spoke unto them, “Prepare five horses,” she commanded, they swiftly ran outside to the stables. Saddling them quickly, the bags for anything they may need filled with small viles of blood, for if they were to get trapped in the snow they knew she may need them since she was stronger than the rest of them. Sabrina stood from her throne, making her way out of the doors out of her main halls to the outside, waving for her hand picked guard to come along with her. All four of the women knew what was coming, with no fear showing they obeyed following Sabrina to the stables, then the men moved out of their way, “Prepared M'Lady,” one of them stated, and each of the females straddled their saddles getting atop of their horses, “Open the gates,” Sabrina commanded. The order was heeded, and followed quickly as Sabrina spurred her horse sending the horse into a soft trot while her four female guards followed her keeping behind her showing that they themselves were inferior to her power. Sabrina gave another spur to her horse, setting the horse to a slightly faster trot until the five women made it to the open gates that lead to the outside of the castle grounds. The path Sabrina, and her guard began followed lead into the forest the night finally consuming the day completely with a full moon, impeccable timing since the werewolves had more trouble controlling themselves from any of their base instincts. “Ladies, be on your guard,” Sabrina stated calmly while they continued onward at a light trot on the path to make sure that the horses kept their energy instead of draining them completely after all they would need to be fresh if they were going to chase down the werewolves they were hunting. Sabrina frowned in disappointment as she hadn't seen any Lycan yet, though they hadn't been far into the forest yet, she spurred her horse again making all five of them pick up more pace, “Stay alert.” The four females nodded quickly as they all drew the blades from their sheathes, prepared for anything as Sabrina did the same as rustling leaves on the sides of the path came quite suddenly, and then a small doe came across the path setting them all at ease as they began to think that this was simply a small deer that caused the rustling. But from the silence erupted the bodies of the Lycan's surprising the four guard knocking them off of their horses, as Sabrina managed to slice one down, and though she suffered the same fate after slashing two of the werewolves down, she was wondering why none of them were killed. All five of them had been simply knocked unconscious.
When Sabrina woke she took notice quickly that her arms were held firmly by two Lycan's that held no intent of letting their iron grip free from her what so ever, Sabrina brought her eyes up towards the alpha male of the pack. He was sitting on a rather filth covered chair, showing that the pack had no use for the more finer things in life, Sabrina looked left to right, only to see that her hand picked guard had been captured as well held in the same position as she was. All of them had no helms on, neither did Sabrina, “Well, well, well. A female vampire roaming our forest? In this weather where we roam easily, and can hide ourselves?” The alpha male began tapping his chin contemplating what to do with Sabrina, and her guard, he then looked down upon the women with a small smirk across his lips, “Take them to the prison,” the Lycan's moved quickly dragging Sabrina, and her guard into the iron barred stone cells, it was colder than she expected it to be. Sabrina's nipples perked more against her chest. Sabrina moved over to the stone wall and she spoke calmly, “What do you think will happen?” Her guard lied down against the cold floor as she replied, “They'll probably kill us,” Sabrina shrugged as to her it meant she'd be joining her beloved in the after life. Soon though, one of the Lycan's came to the cell at the very end of the prison, opening it up as her blonde guard was taken out of it forcefully by two of the Lycan men. Dragging her down the hall out of the doors, once the door shut though behind them, all of them heard wild howls of the Lycan's cheering, none of them were sure what they were howling about. But it lasted for hours. And this went on until morning came, the Lycan's went to rest at this point until Nightfall. They then came for Sabrina, forcing her out of the cage, but what she saw on the floors of the main halls of the Lycan's throne room was far worse than what she suspected it would be, her guard had been fucked then covered in semen. They were alive, but panting so loudly as cum leaked out of their pussies, and their large breasts had been violated as their mouths had been as well for it was quite noticeable due to the fact cum was still running down corners of their mouths, they were twitching heavily as if they were unable to do anything what so ever other than that. Sabrina had found out what the howls were about now, the wolves had taken advantage of all four of her guard while they were in their beast forms. She was next. Two Lycan's approached her, tearing her iron chest plate off easily, then her clothing beneath leaving her bare breasts for view. And finally they went to the chastity plating of her armor, this time tearing all of it off all at the same time drool leaked from the creatures mouths showing they held no care for what they were about to do to Sabrina. The Alpha male stood from his throne, speaking in a booming tone, “She's mine first,” then he made his way in front of Sabrina while two of the wolves held her still, and finally the Alpha took a firm grip on both of Sabrina's breasts squeezing them making her lactate slightly. Then he leaned down tugged her nipple with his teeth, and suckled hard on her nipple making Sabrina blush heavily, “Let.... Me... GO..... FILTHY.... BEAST!”
She yelled out at the Alpha, “You're in no position to make commands,” he responded before he snapped his fingers, the wolves spun her around making her bend over as the Alpha took his werewolf form, and his cock was long, stiff, and even devious looking. He pressed the head of his cock against Sabrina's entrance, she bit down on her bottom lip hard as the wolf began to push himself inside of her slowly to tease her, and let her think of the fact that she was about to be fucked by this gigantic wolf filth. Without any more hesitation he slammed his humongous cock inside of her, more than just the head of the Alpha's cock pierced her womb making her eyes roll to the back of her head, and finally the wolf began thrusting into her digging its claws into her sides before the other wolves released Sabrina completely. One of the two werewolves took her by the hair, then forced her open mouth onto his cock making her suck on it, but her shock was so heavy she could only follow this commanding length that forced its way down into the back of her throat. The Alpha only picking up more speed making Sabrina suck the other Lycan off faster while her eyes stayed rolled back the very shock of werewolves taking advantage of her, the Alpha soon spun her around only allowing her to keep one foot on the ground, and he pinned her left leg up on his shoulder making Sabrina spread her legs further apart while the Lycan fucking her mouth came heavy. Sabrina had no choice but to swallow it, then another two of the Lycan's came forward one slamming its cock into her mouth, while the other rubbed its shaft against her nipples. Shamefully she began moaning on the Lycan cock in her mouth, while her pussy tightened around the Alpha's gigantic length. To Sabrina's surprise the Lycan rubbing its cock against her nipples came first on her chest, as it obviously had stroked itself while watching her be violated by the Alpha, and the other Lycan before them fucking her mouth. The Lycan in her mouth came again, this making cum shoot out of her nose, then finally the Alpha shot his seed inside of her womb, filling her to the brim as the Alpha's cock had swollen inside of her at the same time, making her womb so full that the cum sprayed out onto the floor. Then the Alpha dug its nails into her back, and dragged them down marking her as his personal fuck toy. Letting the other Lycan's keep the four female guards to fuck as much as they want. Sabrina had more cum inside of her than her guard, how that happened she did not know, but the moment she was dropped onto the ground she had her ass perked in the air, and her pussy oozing cum.

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Vampire Rape

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