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The Wolf Next Door Chapter 5

Categories Dark Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Monster

Authror: DesTodes777

Published: 21 July 2017

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The Wolf Next Door

Chapter 5

I awoke with a stretch across soft moss feeling refreshed. A weird feeling I thought being that I had never really slept out door before. Dana nuzzled up to my neck with what sounded like a contented sigh. Couldn’t help the smile that broke across my face thinking of the night before. The Shewolf  had gotten her satisfaction. With a sigh, I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. The smell of sex still hung in the air, mixed with the earthy scent of the forest.

I shifted on my back and yawned the haze of sleep away. After a month, Dana and I had finally joined together in a much deserved night of mutual passion. No more of her reservations about enjoying herself and killing me in a fit of lust drunken werewolf rage.That had been a major concern of her and mine too.

Now, she had been claimed and as such, had become more than the woman I spied on next door one night. Now she was my mate, which shouldn’t be said, but howled over and over like it had through the night. Werewolf sex, it turns out, is satisfyingly violent and desperate.

“You enjoyed the violence the most?” Dana moaned into my ear, the hot air sending chills of pleasure through me. We could read each other’s minds, something that cemented us as true mates.

“No. Was just thinking about how animalistic it was,” I replied. It was a true statement. Shoot, we had ended up in some birch trees. Those trees in our immediate copulating area had been torn down or shredded to pieces. Dana, it turns out, wasn’t kidding about how aggressive she could get. One of my shoulder curiously ached to that.

“Glad we waited now?”

“I’ll say. Would have ripped me to shreds. You know, your leg twitches a lot when you’re cumming.” I said plainly, before shifting to sit up. While I sat up, she rolled over, exposing her tan back to me.

“What time is it?” I asked, suddenly concerned about it.

“Late,” she said with a moan and stretch. It drew my eye, her curvy form and how her giant mammaries jutted out so much more while she stretched out her back. My eyes greedily drank in her form.

“You keep up your thoughts, we won’t be leaving anytime soon,” she moaned at me while ending her stretch. Her silver eyes gleamed in the sunlight.

“So what now?” I asked standing up. As cool as the morning was, I barely felt it as I performed my own stretch. I jumped when something pinched my ass. She was giggling and I looked back at her.

“Considering we can’t really stay here all day, we should head home.”


Her head cocked in confusion at me.

“How else would we go?” she asked. Apparently, my apprehension of being naked in the daylight was lost on her. What would the rest of the pack think? Speaking of which, I wonder what happened with Rem last night. He went out on his own to look into the dark wolf problem in the area.

“You worry too much Vance,” Dana said, wrapping herself around me. I felt the hard point of her nipples poking into my back. For as big as her breasts were, the were pretty firm and perky. What was worse or well, better was the other two pairs she grew when she was
“wolfing out.” She breathed hotly in my air, which sent a shiver through me.

“I could help you with that,” she offered, wrapping a hand around my length. I growled in pleasure but pulled away.

“We have to get back,” I said turning to look at her. She shrugged and began walking through the trees. I followed, taking in the scents of the woods and being inquisitive with the plethora of new smells.

“How far did we go?” I asked suddenly, realizing we had been walking for a while.

“It was a long chase,” she replied, pulling branches away and stepping through them. I caught them on their snap back and continued to follow. “After you caught me, it kind of becomes blurry on where we were going.”

I reached out and grabbed her butt. She jumped up and trotted a bit to get ahead of me.

“Worth it I’d say,” I replied and she winked back at me with a smile before she began skipping through the trees. Our walk took a long time. Maybe it had to do with the distance, or more likely, the fact we kept up the distractions with the insistent flirting. Dana could be lewd as hell, flashing herself and spreading more things. We came close more than once to losing ourselves in more sex as we played.

By the time we did make it back to our respective homes, I was worried about how late it really was. Especially if my mother was home. There would be a lot of explaining to do as to why I was naked and outside. Turned out though, her car wasn’t there and whatever punishment was to await me for being out all night would wait until she came home. If she had come home at all.

Dana and I kissed at the edge of the woods across from the driveways of our homes. She gripped and I groped too much, working each other up so that we were both shaking. Her growling grew insistent. I broke away from her and ran towards my house, no longer concerned with my nudity.

“Don’t you get caught by one of the others, I don’t want one of those sluts getting the fruits of my labor,” she called out after me as I ran up my porch. The door was unlocked, but I wasn’t able to dwell on that fact as I laughed on my way into my house as a means to cover up my discomfort with my current state.

Inside, I tore through the house to get a much-needed shower. Under the stream of water, I had a chance to think, which was nice in a sense, but different. Without knowing it, my mate and I had been relying on our telepathic link for much of our communication. I’m pretty sure the link was all the time, but something prevented all of her thoughts from filtering into my mind. Maybe it was a pack leader thing, or maybe she was just super guarded.

Even though the night before had been mind-blowing with the sex, I had a feeling she was keeping things from me. Her story about growing up and being kidnapped seemed true enough. Murdered parents too. What bothered me is the kidnapping. Not the actual act, but the sexual things afterward that took place. I adored Dana, a feeling that should probably bother me, but I wanted our relationship to be more than sex. Talk about feeling like a sap.

Stepping out of the shower, I dried off quickly while my stomach growled. Hungry or not, I dressed and decided that I would get Dana to take me to see my mom. Getting dressed in a nice pair of jeans and a band shirt, one that read Metallica, I headed over to Dana’s.

In the past, I would have shied away from even knocking on the door. Today, I felt like a new man. Strong and full of pride. So instead, I entered the house. Dana was right there, wrapping herself around me for a passionate kiss. Ample breasts pushed up against me through her thick sweater. She broke the kiss.

“You aren’t wearing pants?”

Dana laughed and stepped back before doing a twirl. She was wearing a mustard yellow sweater that went down to about halfway down her thigh. She was wearing a black shiny sash around her waist with matching heeled boots. She was wearing red lipstick and of course, her black hair hung past her ass.

“You like?”

“Yeah,” I stuttered out. The sight of her almost made me forget why I had come over there.

“Would you give me a ride to the hospital?”

“To see your mom?”

“Yes,” I said feeling foolish and running a hand through my hair.

She smiled like it was a challenge and told me sure before rushing by me. She was out the door and getting into her truck. I followed outside and watched her as she got in. That sweater she wore rolled up and I got to see bare ass and the hottest looking pink in the world. I fought the urge to run and bury my nose in the no doubt wet and welcoming fat pussy she had. Too bad there were other things to do.

Getting into her giant truck again was a chore to me. I couldn’t understand the appeal, but then, I didn’t own a vehicle to call my own. My mom had an SUV that was red, rated at soccer mom level. Too bad I ran track.

Before I was even able to buckle up and as soon as the door to the truck closed, Dana peeled away from her house with a roar of power. I lurched as she took through the rural streets and sped to the highway.

“Why do you want to see your mom?” Dana asked, thankfully breaking the silence.

“Haven’t seen her,” I said plainly, wondering why it felt weird to converse with her. “It looked like she didn’t even come home last night.”

“Did she text you?”

Fuck. I totally forgot that I had a cell. So much so that I had left the thing at home. One night of exquisite pleasure was all it took to distract me. I guess that distraction meant Dana, who was now laughing at me for my forgetfulness. It was infectious and it took a minute for us both to recover.

“How do you drive laughing like that?”

“What do you mean?” She said defensively looking over at me. The truck followed her gaze and drifted into the next lane. The lady in the minivan next to us slammed on her brakes in horror as Dana took over the lane. My mate was laughing in a carefree manner as she sped up on the highway.

“Aren’t you worried about being pulled over,” I asked almost in a panic. Dana wasn’t slowing down as she weaved through traffic with her giant truck. Always thought the people who drove like here were the douche male type. The truck lurched to a stop at a light on an off ramp.

“You don’t like my driving?”

“No,” I said.

She leaned over to me and pulled me into a kiss, which she broke after a second.
“Live a little Vance.”

“I did. Last night. Let this lady turned into a wolf and had tons of sex with her.”
Dana’s look was one of confusion.

“Because it was dangerous,” I offered, trying to get her to get the joke. She just shrugged and the silence crept back between us. It seemed so much easier to flirt with her and push the sexual innuendo. In my young age, it bothered me that I didn’t know how to talk to a girl much less a sexual goddess like Dana. With a sigh, I sat back in the seat and watched as the city buildings zipped by.

Only a few minutes had passed, but already the tall buildings, tight roads and lack of trees were making me nervous. I rarely traveled to the city and often the only excuse to go was to see my mom at the hospital she worked at. Even though I grew up in the suburbs, I guess the wild was what I desired. No lines, perfect streets, or lack of nature. Maybe being a werewolf heightened these feelings, which gave me an idea.

“Do you like the city?” I asked her while we rolled up at a stop light.

“It has its purposes,” she answered.

“But do you like it?”

She looked over at me, her silver eyes piercing me.

“I grew up in the mountains with lots of forest Vance. The city bothers me. It's too

“I feel the same, but is it the wolf?”

“Probably has a lot to do with it. I just like the woods anyways. Peaceful and free.”

“Unless you’re killing something.”

“Or fucking.”

We both laughed, but I was bothered by us yet again making it back to the subject of sex.

“It’s the hormones, Vance. It is always like that. Everything is multiplied,” she commented as the light turned green. Every thought she could hear, and I was embarrassed that it was heard how much just the sex bothered me.

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“The constant sexual tension? No. What bothers me is your hesitation. Are you an Alpha?”

My head turned towards at that question.

“Am I an Alpha? Did you just seriously ask me that?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Didn’t seem to be complaints about how Alpha I was last night.”

“Don’t you know Vance, an Alpha is only as good as his mate says.”

She winked at me and then licked her lips.

“I’ll give you a chance soon to prove again how Alpha you are. But first, let’s see your mom.”

It was then that I noticed we were driving up the long way to the drop off entrance to the hospital. Hospital Merci was, spelled with an I due to the owner’s love of the French. Guess it was lost on the old guy that the spelling changed it from a more appropriate title for medicine to thank you. A fun filled fact when your mom decided to tell you things she researched. She was like that though when she found the free time. She loved to read.

“You’re not coming in?”

“I will after I park, but I think if your mom saw me right away, might not be good.”
I went to open the door but then changed my mind.

“Park the truck, we’ll go in together.”

Dana said nothing as the truck roared once more. Finding a parking spot proved to be a challenge for her, being that the truck was so big.

“You could have already seen your mother,” she said in frustration.

“You’re cute when you’re frustrated you know?”

Oh, the daggers that got shot at me as she slammed the truck to a stop. She shut off the vehicle and we both sat there staring at the tall tower of the hospital.

“Let’s go in,” I said. I did notice before how erotic Dana had dressed, but now, as she got out of the truck, I realized just why she hesitated to come in. My mom would surely ask questions about the neighbor dressing so scantily near her son. I closed the door to her truck and ran to catch up to Dana.

“Hey,” I said when I caught up and kept pace. “Why don’t you go to the gift shop and get us some water.”

I took my wallet out and she took it without a word. She merely stopped, turned and kissed me. After that, we went into the hospital and she peeled away almost immediately. With a shrug, I went to my mom’s work wing.

My mother worked as a nurse at the hospital and was often asked to fill in other areas in the place. They were woefully understaffed. As such, I walked around looking for her and eventually stopped in the ICU area. There, at the nurse's station was a bombshell beauty. Walking up, she looked at me once and I smelt how horny she was.

“Hey, um, Mina? I’m looking for my mom. She works here.”

The nurse Mina was about to say something when I hear my mom calling me.

“Never mind, there she is,” I said before turning to see my mom waving at me from down the hall. I walked briskly down to her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Hadn’t seen you, was worried.”

She gave me a big hug and this close, I could smell the exhaustion on her.

“How’d you get here?” she asked.

“Dana brought me. Went over and asked.”

“That was nice of her.”

I couldn’t tell if my mom was fishing, but her eyes dropped and she gave a big yawn. It was then that I noticed how ruffled her hair was.

“Do you know when you’ll be home?”

“No idea. I’ve four shifts and get some sleep here and there, but there are just so many sick people.”

“You’re in the ICU?”

“Yeah. We’ve had six people come in from what looks like animal attacks. I’ve been stuck here with a few other nurses, but the only one who sticks around is Mina. Lady looks like she barely works, but she is the hardest worker here.”

“How does she keep up the looks?”

My mom gave me the look. The one where she knows I’m about to be a man, but is still uncomfortable with the idea.

“Hey, at least I didn’t say she was hot,” I said with a shrug. My mom blushed a bit before sighing.

“I forget you’re growing up. Maybe I leave you home alone too much.”

“It’s okay mom. I’m fine. Though when you get home, I’ll take care of everything so you can relax.”

I gave her another hug and she relaxed in my arms. Then her beeper went off. She pushed away from me, said her goodbye and disappeared before I could react. With my own sigh, I walked back down the hall and went to search for Dana.

“Vance, come up to the sixth floor and go to the office wing,” Dana said in our telepathic link. She must have been waiting until after my meeting with my mother to say anything to me. I wondered if she listened in on the conversation. I moved passed the super hot nurse at the nurse’s station and went to find an elevator.

I found the elevators and pressed the call button. That was when I felt eyes on me. Menacing eyes. I looked around and saw few people. Then I spotted the looker. A skinny man leaning against a wall behind some glass.  Almost looked like he was trying for the greaser look with his slick backed hair. He was eyeing me and I was tempted to go over and see what his issue was. But as it goes, the ding sounds and the silver doors to my ride opened up. I was glad to step in and find no one inside either. Getting in, I pushed the button to take me up to the sixth floor.

The doors opened after the ride with a screech, something that made my tug at my right ear. Stepping out, I was actually surprised to find that the lights were mostly off. Every other three was on, giving the floor an ominous feel to it. It made my heart beat with an excitement that was weird. Honestly, the demure atmosphere should have had me worried, but the prospect of something dangerous brought on by Dana had me wanting to hunt her down. I will add, I felt that this hunt was the game.

My hunt took me through what amounted as a completely deserted floor. I figure that I am welcomed to wander by no one stopping me. There are cameras in corners so the lack of a security guard stopping me allows unfettered access to rooms. I search, sniffing the air trying to find a trace of Dana. Then it occurs to me that I haven’t thought about why the lights are dim, why the floor is unpolished, the walls are covered in patches of what looks like primer paint, and there are no railings on the walls. Something I hadn’t even paid much attention being it's just one of those things you never think about.

As I was walking, I heard the sound of a door closing. It perked my ears up. Forced me to run in that direction. I ran, rounded a few corners and then got the scent. From that point, it only took me a few seconds to find Dana.

Dana was leaning u against a desk with her legs crossed when I walked into the office. There was water on the desk and she was chewing some gum. Her smacking red lips shimmered in the blazing sunlight coming from the window. It is a stark contrast to the barely lit floor and the light isn’t even on in the office.

“Took you long enough,” she said, spitting the gum out into her hand and tossing the wad away. I missed where it landed.

“Yeah, well directions were bad.”

We stood there looking at each other for a second and then she spread her legs. My nose forced my eyes to lock onto the pleasantly smelling sex. Her pussy lips were already swollen and the tan skin itself was covered in what looked like a tantalizing glaze of desire.

“What?” I asked, snapping back to reality when it registered that my mate was talking to me.

“I asked how you mother was doing,” she replied with a giggle. Her legs crossed and opened again. I was assaulted by her intoxicating scent.

“You sure you want to talk about that right now?” I asked.

“No, I want your face buried between my legs, but you left the door open.”

I grinned at her, a wolfish grin I’m sure and moved to close the office door.

“You’re worried about the door, but not the open window?” I ask as the office door closes with a protesting creak.

“Who is going to see us up here?”

I turned and looked at her. Or rather tried too. Her flashing sex was distracting as hell as she spread her legs again, but this time a hand dropped down to play to spread her shimmering lips.


“Oh shut up Vance and get over her and service your queen,” she commanded of me.
Like a dog going to dive into a pool, I was across the room and burying into the heat between her thighs. Lapping quickly up any of her desire, I was delighted to have found that I had to stop at eating the fruit and lick the addicting sauce of her thighs. I pulled away for a second and looked up into her silvery eyes.

“How long?”

“Since this morning pup,” she said with a sigh. “Now take care of the mess you’ve made.”
With a bark cause you know, I wanted to be like that in the moment, I dove right back in. I went to sucking on her lips immediately. Even though I had eaten her out before, mostly so that she got some sort of pleasure while I was human, today her pussy was much more enjoyable. Maybe it was the scene that had been chosen or even more likely as my tongue spread through her hot slit, it had to be the enhanced taste buds. Shoot, as soon as I found her clit, more delicious honey spewed from her.

“Oh Vance,” she cried out, which I barely heard while her thigh shook violently around my
head. I moaned as my answer. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop that.”

To comply with her demand, I sucked her clit into my mouth and buzzed my lips around it. While she was shaking uncontrollably I felt her fingers roll into my hair. From there, I felt pain as they dug into my scalp. That’s when I started feeling her fur around my face. In a panic, I pulled away and fell back away from the desk. Looking up I was surprised to see her.

Dana had not gone into a full werewolf form. Instead, she looked like a cross breed. Her eyes were yellow, she had a small snout and her ears hard turned pointed. Honestly, the thing would have looked comical if she wasn’t in the process of taking her sweater dress off.

“Wolfing out here seems to be a bad idea,” I said while I rubbed my jaw. Weird that it was sore, but my attention was drawn back to Dana who had reverted to being fully human.

“You’re right sadly. I want to go all out,” she said. I of course only heard in those words that she wanted to be fucked. Up on my feet, I rushed my mate as she tried to get off the desk.

“What are you doing?” she asked me as I pull her legs up and force her onto her back on the desk.

“Nothing yet,” I say with a grin. “At least, until you take my shorts off.”
Dana grinned back and reach through her legs. I was amazed at that moment about how flexible she was. My shorts slid to the floor and my cock sprang out like a lion leaping at an antelope. It slapped against her moist slit, eliciting a moan from both of us.

“Vance?” Dana asked. Her question I knew was her trying to reinforce the good idea of my comment earlier. We should both cut an end to it, but her pleading eyes told me to go for it. I guess having sex like this, on a desk in a hospital constituted as living a little. To emphasize that point, I rubbed my dick up and down the crevice of her slit.

“We should stop,” she said weakly.  

“I know,” I whispered back, but we both knew neither of want to. “You shouldn’t have started what you weren’t willing to finish.”

Dana blushed. I saw the color change in her cheeks and it lifted my heart. She was
vulnerable to me. I could see it. I don’t know why that mattered to me so much, but it was the look of it that made me pull away before ramming my cock home into her.
We both gasped as I sank into her. Her mouth opened with a mix of pleasure and surprise. Minutes passed as each of us took each other in. This moment was intimate like neither of us had felt before. Connected, we became true mates in love. Neither of us knew why, but for her, I felt that she was whole for the first time in her life. I wondered what she got from me, especially when tears started. Shea leaned up and we kissed passionately.

“I love you, Vance,” she said once the kiss was broken. “Please don’t ever leave me.”

“I would never want too,” I told her. “For better or worse Dana, we are together to the end.”

She laid back on the desk and I slowly drew myself out before going back in. ‘

“Jesus Vance, stop playing around.”
She could beg all she wanted to for it, but it wasn’t hers to command. Just like hers wasn’t mine to take. We had to willingly give to each other and right now, I was only willing to give her the slow methodic rhythm. Something told me as she grew wetter around me and began moaning, that I had chosen the right method. Slow and steady we went until I began to see her change.

“You can’t change Dana,” I say while fighting off my own powerful urges to embrace the beast. Mostly too because I wanted to make love, not rut like an animal.

“Vance, please Vance,” she begged, but I held steady as she wiggles underneath me in desperation. Then I heard wood splitting and looked down to one of her hands ripping the top of the desk out. It occurred to me then that Dana was begging me to move from what I wanted to fucking, but that she was struggling not to change. Even I was struggling but it was obvious that her struggle was something much more. Maybe she was just used to going into her wolf form. She told me in the beginning that it made the sensations increase tenfold or more as the change progressed. It seemed to me that her perception had been

I could contest there was something wholly more enjoyable to having sex in the werewolf form. There was. Everything was intensified beyond belief. But in human form, that intensity built slowly it seemed until it flashed into a white light. How did I know? Because unbeknownst to me to me, I had experienced it. Every time she sucked me off or gave me a yank, I always came with that bright light that left me dazed. It was something that wasn’t felt by being a werewolf. Something that also needed to be shared.

“Vance, please, I don’t want to-oh,” she cried out loudly. Her eyes clenched shut and her
head moved back in forth in violent jerks. I almost stopped until the pleasure began suddenly boiling out of my balls.

“Dana,” I growled out before I couldn’t hold back the surge anymore. Sure enough, the white light hit me and I gave one or two more strokes before my release. As I spurted, Dana gave a shriek and I felt my front get soaked. It brought me out of my orgasmic trance and I was greeted by her tensing over and over as her pussy sprayed out cum. I couldn’t move as I was struck in awe of Dana losing herself to an orgasm that looked more intense than I had ever seen.

After a bit, she calmed down and her whole body went lax. Her breathing was deep and it took a long time for her to come back.

“Jesus Vance, that’s what you feel?” she asked through broken breaths.

“Yeah, every time like this,” I replied while sliding out of her.

“I don’t know if we should make a habit of this.”

“You know you want to.”

“Yeah,” she said with a laugh.

“What are we going to do about my clothes?”

“What about them?” She said sitting up on the desk. “Oh, that’s never happened before.”

There’s one for the ego.

“Smile all you want, you have to wear it out,” she said with a mischievous smile.

I shrugged and pulled my shorts up.

“Alright, but we are gonna smell like well,” I hesitated to finish.

“Pussy,” she completed while fixing her clothes.

She skipped up to me and planted a kiss on me.

“We need to go before someone investigates my screaming,” she said.

“Or run into my mom?”

“We won’t. Taking an easier route that will make sure she won’t see us,” she said.

“I like that you planned for this.”

“Only the eating out. You took my by surprise with the rest.”

I grinned as she opened the door and walked out. She turned to smile at me and in a blur,
a snarl tackled her. Without thinking about it I rushed out to what would be a weird

Dana was laying on the floor and I expected to see blood, but there was none. Instead,
there was a werewolf being held up by its throat by the nurse from earlier.

“You have made an aggressive move in a neutral zone,” the nurse yelled at the snarling
wolf. “You will pay for this transgression.”

“Uh hello?”

The nurse looked over to me and Dana moved with a growl.

“You’re lucky your boyfriend is cute hun. Grab him and go. Neither of you wants to stick
around for this.”

Dana was up and grabbed me by the arm, leading me away from the duo in a brisk walk.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Don’t know, don’t want to find out.”

We moved away quickly around corners until she stopped at a set of elevators. Hearts
pounding, we waited and gratefully stepped into the elevator just as a weird yelp echoed
behind us. The door slid shut and we both let out a sigh.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“That sure put a damper on things,” I said with anger in my voice.

“Yeah, but we made it without too much of a scene. We were lucky.”

“Think so?”

Dana didn’t answer. Instead, she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. The elevator
lurched and it started its descent. As it went down my stomach growled.

“Do you want to go to the Diner?” Dana asked.

“Yeah,” I said enthusiastically. “I like it there.”

“You mean you like the hot fox girl?”

“Not as much as I like the hot wolf,” I said. Dana smiled, but I could tell she was

The elevator stopped and the door opened Dana didn’t wait to see if it was all clear and
just went through the door. Her sudden change in demeanor meant that I should probably be
more worried that I was. I followed her and tried not to look for my mom as we exited. Too
quickly we were in her truck and speeding away from the hospital.

Minutes passed in silence. Myself, too concerned to break it with a dumb question.Instead, I listened to the dull roar of her truck and stifled a yawn as I tried to stay awake. We drove through parts of the city I didn’t even recognize. We stopped at a light and then hit traffic. Neither of us seemed to be bothered by the silence, but then she let
out a sigh.

“I can’t believe that’s what it's felt like for you,” she said. I continued to stare out
the windshield.

“Ever since the first time you decided to show up on my doorstep,” I replied.

“I am glad you shared it with me.”

“Why wouldn't I?”

Dana was silent and I looked over at her.

She was staring ahead.

“Because why would you?” she said plainly.

“Not used to someone showing that sort of affection huh?”


The truck lurched forward as it roared when the light went green. Dana’s quick response
was something I hadn’t expected. Maybe a comment on a bad lover or two, but to be so short
with the answer. Had her whole life been so bleak with sex? Could be why she wanted to be
in her wolf form. A way to protect herself from the selfishness and hurt? Why would anyone
be that way with a woman who was absolutely deserving of being a queen?

“Everyone has always taken what they’ve needed from me,” she explained. “So I have always
done the same, but men can be such weak creatures.”

“Is that why you robbed the cradle?”

The truck screeched to a halt and I heard horns blaring. She started up again with a look
of bewilderment on her face. There was more honking but she sped and left it away. We were
again in silence as the building became shorter and thinned. Not another word was spoken
when we got to the diner.

Dana left the truck without looking back. I was slow to follow, but I did. As I walked on
the pavement, I realized I had forgotten my clothes were soaked in her cum. With a sigh
and a shake of my head, I went inside.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in and the place was full. Even more when the talking
suddenly ceased and all eyes turned to me. The smells were weird and honestly, I had no
idea what to do. That is until Foxy came up to me.

“Follow me she said?”

I did. Today, she was wearing jean shorts, boots and a blouse that showed off her
impressive cleavage. We walked and the talking started up again.

“You're new, they are curious,” she said.

“Who are they?”

“Just monsters from every walk of life,” she said. She led me through some big red doors
and then to a private room. Dana was seated.

“Sit,” Foxy said.  “I’ll be back shortly.”

I went and sat down at a table that was round and almost enclosed by a circular booth
seat. Dana sighed.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I hadn't considered my age before your comment.”

“Does it matter?”

“No, but I’m older.”

“And immortal,” I added.

“It doesn’t bother you?”

I laughed and scooted over to her.

“Naw,” I said. “As long as you don’t go all motherly on me.”

She leaned against me and laid her head on my shoulder. We sat like that until Foxy came

“So you ran into another wolf?” Foxy asked.

“Not the worst thing, but he was killed by something like a demon,” Dana responded.

Foxy bit her lip in contemplation.

“I wouldn’t worry about the demon in the hospital. She tends to be okay. The wolf
attacking you though, that is an issue.”

I shifted because that caught my attention.

“That would be the pack causing problems? I asked.

“Yeah, the Alpha has been looking hard for you Dana,” Foxy said. She was shifting in her
seat and it took me a moment to realize that the woman was struggling. Fox girl on the
menu sounded nice. Dana snorted and elbowed me in the side.

“Sorry, Dana. He has your scent all over him. You too were having sex in the hospital

I laughed.

“Yeah, sorry Foxy.”

“No problem. If I’m picking it up though, so is everyone here.”

Dana went pale and began shaking.

“He’s here?”

“Not him, but some pack members.”

“Shit,” Dana said with a hiss. “Is there a way out?”

“Not really.”

I laughed.

They both looked at me.

“Fuck’m. Let’s walk out like we own the place. It’s neutral ground right?”

They both nodded.

“Then why are we worried?”

“They could follow us home,” Dana said in a solemn voice.

“Are you worried?”

Foxy leaned towards me.

“You are rash and brave, but not strong yet Vance,” Foxy told me.

I felt pretty strong. Strong enough to take on a bunch of werewolves. Then an idea hit me.
If I could take on a bunch of dudes, what about two women?

“We could cover her scent up,” I said.

Dana growled and foxy cocked her head quizzically.

“Now hear me out Dana,” I said raising my hands up.

“I can’t believe you would suggest that.”

Foxy blushed and we both looked at her.

“Why not? It’s obvious she wants you and it works,” I said.

I looked to Dana.

“You mean you want us to?”

“Yeah. I can handle myself smelling like you, but her scent mixed with yours would confuse
wouldn’t it?” I asked honestly suggesting my question as serious. It occurred to me that I
was trying to set up a lesbian tryst with my mate and Foxy.

“What makes you think I want her?” Foxy said all of a sudden acting defensive. In fact,
the fox girl was redder than the big bushy tail that she had. Her green eyes shifted
between to the two of us.

“Because of the scent of her,” I said. “You’ve been fidgeting since you came in.”

“Not because of her scent,” Foxy said. “It’s because of you.”

Well, score one for me. I couldn’t help but smile and Dana punched me.


“You were fishing for that,” she said.

“I wasn’t,” I said. Both women looked at me unconvinced. “Honest. I can handle myself.”

All three of us stared at each other, but Dana decided to move the conversation to the
telepathic kind, which was understandable, but we hadn’t been using it.

“I can see your point now,” she said.

The telepathic link was weird to me. Each of us could essentially have different
conversations while talking to each other. In fact, Dana wasn’t even looking at me as she
studied Foxy.

“I like to hear that,” I said.

“It’s smart too.”

“Just enlarge my ego even more,” I said.

“I’m sure it already is swelling.”

I coughed in response and Foxy was confused by the sudden quietness.

“Guess I have no choice,” Dana said out loud.  

Foxy eyes grew and my face dropped to surprise as Dana stood up and shimmied out from the

“Come on Fox, let’s see what you got in your basket.”

Foxy stood up and went to reply to Dana statement, but her words were cut off when my
mate. Dana moved fast like lightning and before the other woman could react. Their lips
met and Dana wasted no time in working up Foxy. When the kiss broke the kitsune looked
dazed and a string of drool hanging from her mouth.

“Now that it’s settled, we can really begin,” Dana said with conviction. Taking a step
back, she lifted the bottom of the sweater dress and hefted it up and over her head. The
thing hit me in the face and I couldn’t get it away fast enough so that I could see her. I was delighted to see that my mate didn’t have a bra on. Thank god for natural firmness and
strength. Though, it did beg a question how I didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Not that I was complaining, I did like the idea of it.

“Dana, I don’t if this is a good idea,” Foxy said. It was obvious as she swayed that the woman was struggling with herself.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked and Dan clued in that Foxy was having trouble.

“There’s a reason I wanted this not to happen.”

Dana looked at me with worry written on her face. Foxy started shaking before she started
glowing blue. It was nuts that a blue flame ignited at the end of her tail and that her
eyes lit up too.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked.

I wanted to know too.

“I am a kitsune. Whatever energy force hits me, I have to have it,” she said. As if her
words themselves were laced with power, I felt a surge of energy in the room. “For you
two, that means the sexual energy.”

“Well, I’m game,” Dana said. “I’ve actually been intrigued by having a fox to munch on.”

Foxy winked and licked her lips before peeling her clothes off. Dana moaned and
complimented the kitsune on her exotic beauty. I noticed how pale she was as clothes
peeled off. Both Dana and I gasped as her we stared at her.

Foxy was curvy like Dana, something that could be seen even when both were wearing
clothes. Dana had bigger breasts, but Foxy’s were just as breathtaking if only because of
how the shade of red on the nipples matched not only her tail but the shaved heart of
pubic hair that sat above her inflamed cunt lips.

“Pretty hot huh?” Foxy said licking her lips. Her eyes were glowing green now. “You two
may be wolves, but the fox is known for sneaking and trickery. Come and enjoy my tricks,
Dana. Now that we are here, I want this more than anything in the world.”

Her words were like opening a gate for Dana. I could suddenly feel a mental switch being
pushed free and proverbial flood water come forth. A guttural growl came from her and the
color red flashed in my mind as she moved towards the kitsune.

Foxy seemed to jump up in the air a bit while my mate picked her up and both of the landed
roughly on the wall. The fox girl let out a moan as Dana lifted her until she could bury
her face in between her partner’s legs.

“Oh, what a long tongue you have,” Foxy cried out. The woman was shaking uncontrollably as
she held onto my mates head with her hands. I was amazed at how pornographic the scene had
become as the Foxy interrupted into a tirade of cries.

“Lick that cunt wolf,” she began. “I can’t believe I have you lapping at my bowl.”

I could hear the slurping as Dan complied.

“Get your feel bitch, as soon as your full, I have plans with your mate,” she snarled. I
wasn’t sure if it was out of pleasure or that I was seeing something primal in a woman who
in two visits, had been pretty reserved. The threatening during the first visit probably
should have tipped me off.

I watched as Dana continued. I found that even trying to open the telepathic link wouldn’t
happen. There was a lot here I didn’t understand, especially that the kitsune’s tail was
growing larger.

Then I locked eyes with Foxy. It was weird that we did only because the entire time, my
focus had really been on Dana. Sure, the scene was erotic and I was harder than steel
right now, but the woman shouldn’t be able to focus. Trust me, I had been on the receiving
end of Dana’s talented tongue.

The thing was super flexible and I never understood how she was able to suck me off so
fast. I could imagine that the muscle was either swirling around the woman’s slit and
focusing on the clit or was buried up inside probing around while it lapped up the girl’s
arousal. Foxy was locking eyes with me and acting as though Dana wasn’t pleasing her at

“Vance, I hope you know I intend to fuck the wolf out of you,” she said with a lick of her
lips afterward. Her eyes closed and then she began shaking again as she climaxed. The
sudden change made me sink back in the seat as the realization hit me that the woman was
pure magic. Whatever she set out to do to get me was done. Dana slumped to the floor with
a sigh and looked to be passed out.

“What did you do?” I asked, but there was no anger in my voice. I wanted to be angry, but
all I could feel was my heart beat and the sense of excitement as it raced.

“She’s fine,” Foxy said rubbing herself all over the body. “I just took her out of the
picture so that you and I could have a more one on one encounter.”

She started walking towards me. Thankfully the table was in the way.

“I haven’t had sex in so long Vance. The moment I saw you though, I knew there was
something about you that just need to be in me.”

“I’m flattered, but we did this so she could be safe,” I said pointing to Dana.

“She will be, but there is a price,” she replied while climbing up on the round table. She
slithered across it like a cat towards me, the ethereal blue eyes burning with unbound
desire. I could literally smell the wanton slut of her as she got closer. She stopped in
front of me.


Her question hung in the air and I realized that even though she wanted payment for
masking Dana’s scent, she wouldn’t take her paymenT. I had to grant it.

“What would you like as payment?” I asked finally. The ethereal flames of her eyes surged
bright and then I felt the fur of her tail brush against my face.

“I want to have you in me. To give me everything you have and then when it’s done, fill me
with your seed so that I can birth a child that will herald a glorious return of my kind.”

She wanted me to knock her up?

“I don’t think you’ve thought this through,” I replied. “Dana would kill us both if I
knocked you up.”

She snarled at me.

“Then I want access to you anytime I want.”

“Only if you join my pack.”

She hissed at me. A literal hiss.

“What’s your deal,” I said to her, but there still was no anger in me.

“I accept your terms. You have bound me to you Vance. Now get up and fuck me,” she replied
with more than a hint of desperation apparent in her voice.

With a sigh, because I need to exaggerate how much of a chore this would be for me even
though I did want her. A thought crossed my mind about her being able to be in the pack,
but that was quickly dispelled when she laid on the table in front of me and spread her

“Come on wolf, it’s not getting much hotter than this.”

“What, should I howl and stamp my hands on the table too?”

She looked down at me through her cleavage with a look of confusion. Apparently, my humor
was lost on her because of her need right now. So my eyes wandered back to look at the
bright pink snatch in front of me. Standing up, which made the leather of the round chair
protest under my shows, I dropped my shorts and let my cock spring forth.

“Where do you want it?”

“Goddamn would, stop teasing and playing your game and shove that cock in my cunt now,”
she yelled at me.

Not sure what sort of pain a kitsune could inflict on me, I decided enough was enough and
rubbed my cock up and down her snatch. The heat wafting from the slick crevice was
breathtaking. A few stroked and I was already losing myself to my own primal instincts. In
fact, as soon as I thought about sticking it into her, it was in.

My dick was surrounded by an intense heat that I have never experienced before. It was
like her vagina was massaging my dick. All I had to do was sit there and relax. In fact,
all Foxy was doing was laying there with her eyes closed. They opened slowly to look at

“You can proceed now. Thank you for letting me get used to it,” she said through heavy

Taking the cure, I began but not in earnest. I took it slow at first before picking up the
pace. The reward was watching her play with her breasts.

“Dammit Vance, please fuck me. Release into me.”

With a smile, I pulled all the way.

“What are you-“

Foxy was cut off. Somewhere during the slow fucking, I had grabbed her ankle and lift her
legs up. Now, I was using that position to turn her over.

“I am wanting to fuck you like I would any of the bitches in my pack,” I growled out.
Honestly, I didn’t want to use the language, but something was making me more aggressive.
She was one her hands and knees now, her tail now flopping wildly around and tickling my
nose. “You want it rough huh? I’ll give you rough.”

I grunted while the slapping of our bodies filled the room.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Jesus you’re fucking huge wolf.”

“All the better to-“

It was my turn to be cut off. My mouth filled with the silken softness of her furry tail.
I bit down hard on it, slightly offended.

“Oh no, I can’t stand ugh,” Foxy went stiff around me. Literally. I had to stop thrusting
because her pussy squeezed so and each time I move my hips, she just ended up being a rag
doll on the end of a stick.

I waited for her orgasm to stop, which seemed to take forever. By the time it ended, I was
sure an hour had passed.

“You stopped,” she said plainly. “Why would you stop if you have to fill me up in order to
claim me.”

“Have you noticed how tight you are?”

She moved her hips.

“Oh,” she said. “This is embarrassing.”

“I’ll say.”

Not that I was embarrassed. Just annoyed. My balls hurt for release.

“Here I was milking my own orgasm for all it was worth, I forgot about yours. My pussy is
closing up.”


“I’m a kitsune. Sex is rare for my kind to begin with. Mostly due to the sex drives of the
women. They are random and often unreliable.”

“So what now?”

“Now you get soft so we can disconnect.”

“Then we continue?”

“Afraid not. We are done for now there Vance.”

I was disappointed.

“Does this mean I’m free of our agreement?” she asked. I couldn’t see around her tail.

“Nope. You’ll just have to come by and get the sex again if you want me to fill you up,” I
replied smugly.


“So why would a kitsune want to be a part of a werewolf pack?”


“You aren’t safe?”

I leaned back as best as I could, disappointed in her and the sex.

“Not since you walked through that door with Dana.”

I got her meaning. Our scent from the first time here must have been all over the

“They have been hunting us,” I stated.

“Yes. I am sure they already picked up your scent as soon as you entered.”

“Why not sell us out?”

“Dana is a sister to me. I love her like one too.”

The declaration was enough to make the ol’ meat stick soften up. She pulled away with an
audible pop.

“Too bad. I would have like to be filled up.”

“What was all of that?”

She laughed as she pulled herself away and dressed.

“I won’t tell you, or at least yet. Kitsune like their secrets.”

That sucks. Well, at least we were covered by a new scent.

“So we are on neutral ground, me and Dana could walk right out?”

“Yes. No one should be able to pick up on you two. Plus, I left explicit instructions to
have the dining area dim.”

“How long have we been in here?”

“You are better off not asking that,” she said flipping her red hair back. “I’ll have to
leave with you two for now until you clear up everything.”

“What do you mean?”

Foxy was leaning down now putting a hand on Dana who groaned.

“I mean that in order to keep her, you will have to fight the wolf that has been plaguing
her for so long.”

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The Wolf Next Door Chapter 5

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