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We Make Love

Categories Diary, Non-Erotic

Authror: Zoogamwa

Published: 02 August 2017

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We Make Love

by Pete Marchesi

That has told us not to sit. And to lean back when we see war and the killing.


Sitting and observing
The world
As it goes… there

I don’t know
What to keep from it
My old body
Just does not want to know

My old shirt
Lies on the ground
I think it was from somewhere
My eyes sparkle but I do not want to know

My family is here somewhere
Why do I keep on trying
There are tears in me I am trying to share
But the body prevents it
From lying

Still from somewhere
There are tunes that do not need to be played
I prefer
The silence

As it is always… walking towards me

The shrill cry
The never going back
And I say time is rude

Let me stay a little while
But I am just sitting

And there is a hole in me
I want to know more
Or at least hide from

I cannot… share
The emptiness I feel is continuous
My family…

My mother is old now
And she will die
I cannot stand the thought
And as we draw close

There is a shudder

My Body Is Pulverized

By the rude incantations of others
That is all that we live on
Possession by others
We say there was the moon
And it was a pretty good time there

That is all we are
Promiscuous for what the world may… feed us
I want no more of it
I just want to commit suicide
Because they are impinging on me
They have refused me sex

Where do I go
I sleep
But will not wake
It is an absurd idea
Of them treating me
Any other way

There are cigarettes
And ways to go to the moon
But the secrets are all… held inside
And my body does not want to know

It does not… want to know
It says it is sleeping
And not to take the pills
There are so many of them

And the doctor is always obvious
Is that the right word
To make him so large as a discontent
Saying that disease is secret
As we nullify

Another part of our… existence
My sister is at the restaurant
Making all the money
My brother is away making all the love
He will sleep with her on the beach

My body is stretching out
It is trying to be
And it is night
Please do not let me go there
There is no sex in silence
That is the worst kind
My body bends to meet me
“I am tired” it says
I must

Listen to it
But the words have come and gone



I want to go to Canada
But leave my body here
I have eaten
Pork and garlic

The butter slipped away
I left the table
Getting… my body out of the way
My poor step-father is home
After at 86 working all night

He prays to God that I will make it
So he might have some peace in his life

He will travel
And go through the arguments
My sister is tired of it

So where… are they
I will travel
Because it is too expensive
And I have sores all over my face

My body has left me
Let me not to consideration tell… things
There is no enemy
And as we hold on
We are told to be romantic
I have no word for it
The danger I feel as it unfolds
There are words that are told
And those that order

This family is still alive
But each is alone to the enemy
And we make enemies to everyone
Let me stop

Please Let Me Breathe

There is talk about Italy
And I am… sitting
The cars do not work
My sister keeps on bumping into things
But God has held us high
And told of us coming together

It has grown old in the wind
The dogs have greeted us
Where was the perfume

I still have a ways to go
And the breathing holds me back
I do not want to be in a rush
I do not want this suicide
So I tell my body
My mind is all that I have got

Everything has eaten away at me
And I am satisfied with the cigarettes
You want to make victims of all of us

And there wouldn’t be a better thing to have heard

You are… rude
You want
This suicide
And I will not give it
You say the demons surround me
There is only you

And you… are alive
There are many of you
You live to tell another

And evil you are
That my body will disappear

And you tell me falsely to keep strong
But your words strain out of your mouth

Like the thorns of an Acacia
You will not let me up!
You will not let me up
I give my body to you
If you want suicide
I will give it

Just a moment


“A beautiful love poem
I have not seen let me read
And take your body for my own
For to stay alive
With all those ‘ants’ around you
How do you feel about dying”

I have not heard it yet
And death is never simple
I cannot listen to you

And the night took them both away
As I sat and smoking

The words churned
And stood in a stare
We are here
My hands were crying
To me

Take us away
We simply want to murder you
The demons that we know
That keep the craziness of this place

I took that away
But where did you go
To interfere
And tell lives to be different
So we were not just sitting there

When death came

And I lingered

And I Lingered

In it’s tragic disguise
The atom bomb
Came and exploded
It ran the souls away
And every moment of their

It tears and scrapes them
To be so alive
And these men with their dark smiles
Standing there

The affront!
But it frightens no-one
And America is an Angel in the eyes of the Lord
So to simple men we go in anguish
Wishing that we were not the ones
That must halt this heavy disguise

We must sweep it away
And have children in amazement
For we are gone

We are gone…

To different parts of the world
Where we have traveled far
We will not say
The religion of which
That stands
As we travel
To say no more of exploding bombs in the night
And when we were there

We stood around and took photographs
Let it work out says my step-father to me
That I write and am heard
I am just sitting here!

In astonishment
That we could be so… cruel
That we are men
Menacing and unforgiving
Of kindness!

The Present Twist Of Fate

That we are the same men
Of other
That killed off the tribes
And told that stories
Were to be put away
And that learned men
Should not exist!!

How could you?
How could you prevent
Any peace from occurring and for so long
Century after century you have taken the world up
You have put it into the ground
With your soundness
Of Christ we will only know better

You have said to me
To prove that this dead man
Lied to us


Of gentle wind
How… can I know
How… can I climb to the top of a tree and see anything…
It is invincible
That you have destroyed desire
We streak around in cars
With no clothes on
Denting our bodies
Which has left me

And said there are no accidents
Only fate
You reason that we are alert
And known

And that you… will be heard
How can you promise that to anyone
My mother bows
She is next
This nervous woman
That will not

I repeat will not

Tread Carefully

Now that you are undone
And coming apart
As you take your possessions to another place
It pleases me
Says Odin
And it is his voice

“Presently known is the force
Of nature
That makes sure of sex and finance
That smokes cigarettes
And laughs at someone else’s pain

We are not here
I declare. We are not
here. And it all ends up in this
smoky balm. I declare. I am not
fit. I cannot fit in here.
Where you say there should be
more men. Of
sacrifice. I cannot
fit. And still you move towards

I will not go this Satanic clout
That infuriates me”

That we live
And I start laughing majestically
I am of peace
And just want to fit in
Excuse the cigarette
And I won’t even know you
You know… I am witchdoctor
To clean the pain of the mind

We will not go
We will not go to war
And make money for you as you always once…

S o to trib e we will find
And believe in any contrite
So the weapons we will not know!

W e a re of peace
And you may enjoy the fury
Of us coming down and annihilating you all
I will not… commit suicide
Though you have prevented it
Every little step that I take
Towards some new…


Let me have peace
And smoke my cigarette
There is a long Indian in me
That does not… want to forgive you
And after the peace

We will make war on you!
Because it is the only thing that you fear

You usher in your greatness
It is a pea

In the face of the Gods

You do not know
And talk about them blandly
And want to have sex with them

Because it makes you feel better about your life

We will not go…

We make love

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We Make Love

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enanfap21 — 03 August 2017 10:06
Sweet story! I love such stories. These stories are much better than porn: ) My favorite: www.matchx.me/my_hot_stepsister_chapter_1/
Unknown user — 04 August 2017 09:09
Nice story! I love such stories. These stories are much better than sex with real girl: ) My favorite: www.matchx.me/my_hot_stepsister_chapter_1/
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