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God is a Slut Chapter 5: A Devil at the College Party

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Black

Author: White Walls

Published: 08 August 2017

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God and I sat back in the observation room as Rachel changed into a hospital gown. We were both wearing white doctor’s coats, a stethoscope, and scrubs. The theatrics weren’t necessary, but the monotony of immortality could wear on a woman, so spicing things up with a little role-play was always fun.

“I need you to lie on your back,” I said to Rachel through the microphone, “and hold your breath when the light goes on.”

In the middle of the room Rachel was in, was a CT-scanner I’d retrofitted for my own purposes. We weren’t scanning Rachel for tumors; we were scanning her for corruption. My trials were wearing on her righteousness, and the last one really did a number on her. She passed the test by denying my offer, but the choice I had given her was designed to be a lose-lose proposition. Instead of joining me, she chose to be a harlot for the demons. She reveled in her depravity, and temporarily forsook her purity. Even after it was revealed that her conundrum was all fake, she had retained pieces of her lascivious nature. Now, it was time to see just how pure Rachel really was.

Rachel lied back on the bed, and God pressed the button. The machine came to life, and slowly guided Rachel’s body through it. An image of Rachel’s soul appeared on the monitor God and I were observing. So far, it was all clear. I passed Rachel through the machine a few more times until I found what I was looking for. A dark black spot was readily apparent next to her heart. Corruption.

“Hmmmmm,” I smiled at God as I turned off the CT-scanner, “I wonder what that could be?”

“It’s small,” God said, adjusting her glasses even though she had perfect vision, “I think it’s benign.”

“Let’s do a biopsy and find out, shall we?” I ginned as I produced a scalpel.

“Or we could just consult the chart.” God said, rolling her eyes.

“You’re no fun.”

“Let’s see here…” God murmured as she looked through the chart, “spot next to the heart…ah, here it is: an inherent desire for power.”

“Power, huh?” I smiled wickedly, “I bet you didn’t see that coming.”

“I still think it’s benign,” God replied, “just a temporary ailment due to the stress her soul’s been under.”

“Perhaps,” I said, “but we’ll find out in today’s test how power-hungry Rachel really is.”


“Why are we going back to earth?” Rachel asked Lucy as we walked down the brimstone path.

“I changed your next trial,” Lucy said, “based on your test results. This one requires us to be up top.”

“My test results?” Rachel asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Your soul may be corrupted,” Lucy smiled at Rachel, “and we’re going to find out the extent of it.”

“What?!” Rachel screamed, utterly horrified.

“It’s probably benign,” I replied, putting a comforting hand on Rachel’s shoulders, “but Lucy is convinced you’re a sexual sadist, so she’s going to put that theory to the test.”

“I’m not a sadist!” Rachel exclaimed, “I’ve never hurt anyone!”

“Well, you’re not a masochist,” Lucy said, “like God-”

“Like God pretends to be.” Rachel cut in. I smirked at Lucy over Rachel’s shoulder. Even after all this time, Rachel was still convinced my slutty personality was an act.

“…sure,” Lucy said, rolling her eyes, “but I digress; you might not be a sadist, but you certainly desire power. You liked having men control you in the gangbang, but what really got you off was the idea that you could eventually turn the tables and control them. When you had sex with God, you were domineering, even cruel to her-”

“That was just the hermaphrodite DNA inside me,” Rachel insisted, giving me a nervous glance, “it wasn’t actually me.”

“That’s not how that works, Rachel,” Lucy replied, “just because you grew a cock, doesn’t make you a different person. Those were your actions.”

“No…” Rachel said, “that can’t be…”

“It’s fine, Rachel,” I smiled down at her as I hugged her from behind, “being sexually controlling isn’t a sin.”

“It depends on the extent of control.” Lucy smirked, “Let’s go.”


I was back in the confession box I had started my unholy journey in. I turned to the side to see Father Hernandez looking at me inquisitively.

“Rachel?” he asked, “Did you hear me?”

“Yes, Father,” I replied, not knowing at all what he was asking about, “I’ll make sure to say ten ‘our fathers’ and atone.”

“That’s not what I-”

I left the confession box in a hurry, leaving the confused priest by himself. I guess time didn’t exist in hell, because not a single second had passed since I’d departed to the inferno five days ago.

We’re outside. God’s angelic voice rang in my head.

I opened the double-wooden door to see God and another girl sitting and smoking on the steps of the school chapel. God looked like herself, except now she was dressed in a tight-fitting ASU t-shirt and spandex leggings that formed perfectly around her thick backside. I didn’t even recognize Lucy at first glance. She was pale-skinned, with straight black hair, bright green eyes, and a body just as vulgarly curvaceous as God’s. She wore dark eyeshadow, stud earrings,, and bright red lipstick. She had on a black tank-top that was cut with scissors just below her nipples, revealing the bottom half of her full, pale tits. A plaid skirt barely concealed her ripe ass, and revealed garters hooked to a pair of fishnet stockings that clung around her pale, thick legs and descended into a pair of red high heels.

“Hey Rachel,” Lucy smirked at me as she French-inhaled her smoke, “do you like my outfit?”

“It certainly stands out.” I said, unable to conceal the fact that I was eye-fucking her.

“My new name’s Jessy, by the way,” God said as she handed me a cigarette, “and I’m a microbiology student.”

“I’m still Lucy,” Lucy smiled, “and I study human anatomy. My major is English, though.”

“Hey!” a voice yelled from behind us, “No smoking on campus…Rachel?!”

I turned around to see Father Hernandez looking dumbfounded at me. I was sitting next to the sluttiest dressed girl in school, and smoking on the chapel steps. This was not a good look.

“Sorry, Father,” I said, feeling my face flush, “I’ll say twenty ‘our fathers’ and ten ‘hail marys.’”

“Rachel,” Father Hernandez said as he descended the steps, “when I said you should go out and live a little, I didn’t mean bum cigarettes from strangers!”

“They’re not strangers,” I said, “these are my friends: Jessy and Lucy.”

“These are your friends?” Father Hernandez exclaimed, looking Lucy over as she gave him a devilish grin, “Rachel, I’m glad you’re being more social, but I don’t want you to be taken advantage of by unsavory characters.”

“I wonder how I’m supposed to react to that, Father.” Lucy laughed.

“I mean no offense, child,” Father Hernandez said to the devil, “but it is clear you have strayed from the light of God.”

“I like to think God’s all around us,” Lucy smirked, “sometimes, I swear I feel her inside me.”

God stifled a giggle.

“God is a man, child,” Father Hernandez said, a bit patronizingly, “It’s ‘our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.’ Though, I suspect you may never had heard that one before.”

Lucy and God gave each other knowing glances, and I struggled to keep a straight face.

“I will take your message into consideration, Father,” I said as I guided Lucy and God to walk with me, “thank you.”

The three of us made our way down the campus mall, Lucy and God attracting the hungry eyes of every man, and the hate-filled eyes of every woman. I was still in the baggy sweatshirt and jeans I had on five “days” ago, and every leering eye avoided me in favor of the women at my sides. I felt strangely jealous that was I was being ignored, and I struggled to push the sinful thoughts from my mind.

We should get you new clothes, God said in my mind, I don’t want you to feel overshadowed, not with the body you have.

You and Lucy are literally goddesses, I replied, I can’t compare.

“Oh, come now, Rachel,” Lucy smiled at me, “you’re one of the hottest pieces of ass I’ve ever seen. Let’s get you out of these bags and into something that frames you better.”

“No,” I said, “that plays right into your hand. You think I seek power, and dressing well is a form of self-empowerment.”

“I think you’re overanalyzing, Honey,” God said, putting an arm around me, “self-empowerment isn’t a sin, but seeking power to the detriment of others is. Right now, you’re the odd-girl out in our little trio. I want you to shine.”

My baggy clothes tightened and shrunk. I looked down to see my jeans had changed into a dangerously short, white skirt, my sweatshirt was now a tight tank top with an ample amount of cleavage, and my ankle socks had become thigh-high.

“There,” God giggled, “you’re still a good-girl, but this gives off the right amount of promiscuity.”

“God,” I laughed, “if I step too far, my butt is coming out of this skirt.”

“Just the right amount of promiscuity,” God smiled, “at least you still have panties.”

“They’re a thong now.” I responded as I felt the fabric sliding between my cheeks.

“Much better, isn’t it?” Lucy whispered in my ear, and gave me a firm squeeze on the ass. Once, I would have recoiled from her touch, but now, I tilted my head and smiled back at her. Maybe I had changed a little.

The three of sat down at a table on the mall. I had to pull down my skirt to make sure my ass wasn’t exposed, but Lucy had no such compunction. God, being the classy lady she was, leaned forward just enough to allow her crack to peak out from above her waistband.

“So, what is my test?” I asked as Lucy handed me a cigarette.

“Well,” Lucy said as she lit the square between her lips, “any second now, we’ll be invited to a party. In fact, the way we look, we’ll probably be invited to several. However, we will only be accepting the invitation to one particular party. I believe you know Anna Patterson?”

“Yeah,” I frowned as I exhaled a cloud of smoke, “I know Anna.”

“No love lost between you, is there?” Lucy laughed.

“Not really.”

Anna was a girl I’d known since grade school. Anna was pretty, outgoing and popular, and she tormented me throughout my teen years. She was the ring-leader of a terrible trio that included her minions Becky and Sara. They mocked me, abused me and embarrassed me whenever it suited them. It probably didn’t help that I was socially awkward to a fault, and my only retorts to their ridicule was praying. I cringed internally as I remembered my sanctimonious younger-self trying to battle taunts with religious pacifism. I should have punched those cunts right in their…cunts. God, I needed to work on my comebacks.

“Well,” Lucy continued, “Anna and her two cohorts rent a house with daddy’s money, and they’ll be throwing a party tonight.”

“Why the hell would they invite me?” I asked, “Take a look at my past and see what they did to me; they hate me.”

“They don’t hate you,” Lucy laughed, “they actually hardly thought of you at all.”

That stung.

“They were bullies, Rachel,” Lucy said, “you were a weak, easy target, and it made them feel powerful to exploit you.”

“And you want me to get revenge, right?” I said, “That’s the test, isn’t it? To see if I’ll stoop to their level and abuse them to feel powerful?”

“No,” Lucy smiled, “the test is to see if after you fulfill your sadistic desires, you still want to join God.”

“I’m not a sadist!” I insisted, “And Anna would never invite me to her party; I’m a loser.”

You’re a loser?” God laughed, “Rachel, the things you’ve done in the past four days are way more hardcore than anything those whores have ever done. They’re babies compared to you, Rachel; they’re not even in the same league.”

“The real reason those bitches were so mean to you, Rachel,” Lucy grinned as she leaned forward, “was because they saw you as a threat. You were the hottest piece of ass in high school, and they knew it. They beat on your self-confidence until you had none. They wanted you low, because they knew deep-down, you were the alpha bitch.”

“And now that you’re coming out of your shell,” God said, “those whores don’t stand a chance. They’ll beg us to go to their party, because where ever we go, the party will follow.”

“Don’t look, Rachel,” Lucy said slyly, “here comes Tom, the football player. I don’t think he recognizes you, but he’s staring right at your ass.”

“Ooooo, a football player,” God giggled, “was he the one you confessed about to Father Hernandez?”

“Yeah,” I smiled as I arched my back slightly and pushed my ass back to give Tom a good view, “he’s the one.”

“That’s it, Rachel,” Lucy smirked, “cast the bait and reel in your catch. Having the star quarterback wrapped around your finger will be useful later.”

“I have no idea what I’ll say to him,” I smiled nervously, “I’m so awkward.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” God laughed, “you just have to look like you do.”

“I’ll help you out,” Lucy said, “just do what I say and you’ll be fine. Here he comes.”

“Nice day out, isn’t it?” a deep voice said behind me.

Really? Lucy laughed in my mind, His leading line is the weather?

“It is,” Lucy smiled over my shoulder at Tom, “why don’t you come sit down and enjoy it with us?”

Lucy scooted over and patted the seat next to her and across from me. Tom sat down, smiling confidently at Lucy and God before his gaze fell on me.

“Hey,” he said as his eyes filled with recognition, “you’re Rachel, right?”

“I am…” I said with a smile, completely lost for how to carry on a conversation with this man.

“You shot me down just a few days ago,” Tom said, “pretty adamantly, actually.”

“Sorry,” I said blushing, “I was just…”

Let’s put some confidence in those words, Rachel Lucy said in my mind, You’re not an innocent catholic schoolgirl anymore.

“…really hungover.” I lied, before gesturing to my two female companions, “Tom this Jessy, and this is Lucy; maybe you’ll have more luck with them.”

Much better. Lucy smiled, but show him that you’re still interested. He’s a seasoned player, Rachel; he’ll pick up on the subtle hints.

I shifted my weight forward slightly and pushed out my chest just a little bit. Tom’s eyes stayed on my own, but I saw his smile grow just a little wider.

“Jessy, Lucy,” Tom said, shaking their hands and keeping his eyes locked with theirs, “I’m surprised we haven’t met before.”

“And why’s that, Tom?” God smiled as she tactfully played with a strand of blonde hair.

“Because you two look like girls I’d see in Maxim,” Tom laughed, “and I think I’d remember you.”

“That’s flattering, Tom,” Lucy smirked, “you look like someone I’d see in a men’s underwear catalog for K-Mart.”

“K-Mart?!” Tom laughed, “Oh, c’mon Lucy; I’m at least fit for Target!”

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed several members of the football team standing and talking just a few feet back. They were all stealing glances at us when they thought we weren’t looking. I smiled from the corner of my mouth and shifted my hips back, letting the bottom of my ass creep from my little skirt.

“Tom?” I asked as Lucy gently berated him, “Are your friends too shy to come over?”

“They are,” Tom chuckled, “I was the sacrificial lamb of our group. It’s a rare thing for a group of hot-blooded jocks to be intimidated, but you three…we’ve never seen women like you at ASU. I couldn’t believe it was you when I saw your face; you look so different.”

“Well,” I smirked as I took a pull from my cigarette, “tell your friends to come over; you’re boring us.”


“Who are those whores?” Becky asked as we watched the football players talking up three girls we hadn’t seen before.

“I don’t know,” I frowned, jealous and intimidated by the hottest women on campus, “but Tom and his pack of morons abandoned us in a hurry when they saw them.”

“Wait…” Sara said, “Is that…is that Rachel Johnson?!”

“No fucking way,” I said as I squinted my eyes, “it can’t be. That Jesus-freak would never touch a cigarette, much less dress like that.”

“Does she even go to ASU?” Becky said, “I thought she went to UA with her brother.”

The woman in question turned her face and smiled up at the star wide receiver as he put a hand on her shoulder. Holy fucking shit; it was Rachel Johnson, and she was fucking beautiful.

“That is Rachel Johnson!” Sara said, “Oh my god, she’s so…different looking.”

“I guess college life got to her.” I said, surveying the woman we used to torment.

“Should we…talk to her?” Becky asked.

“Why the fuck would we do that?” Sara laughed, “She’s such a fucking loser.”

“We’re not in high school,” I said, “there isn’t a hierarchy anymore. Right now, Rachel and her new friends are taking all the prime cuts of meat, and the only way we’re getting those beautiful morons to come to our party tonight, is if Rachel and the other two come.”

“Ew.” Sara said.

“Would she even come?” Becky asked, “We were such bitches to her in high school.”

“What is it the Jesus-freaks say?” I smiled, “Turn the other cheek?? She’s predisposed to forgive us. Let’s go over there and talk with our old friend Rachel.”


It was amazing how fast Rachel grew comfortable and confident around the boys. She laughed, joked, and openly flirted with half of them. God was already selecting her meal for the evening, while I mostly redirected the men’s attention back to Rachel. I’d have my fun with the mortals later, but I wanted Anna, Becky and Sara to see Rachel commanding the attention of as many men as possible when they came over here. And here they came.

Anna, Sara and Becky could’ve been mistaken for identical triplets from a distance. They all had that rich-blonde-bitch look; the platinum, straight hair, cold blue eyes, and pouty lips. None of them had the curves Rachel had (which I’m sure they were painfully aware of at this point), but their tits were all nice and perky, and their asses were cute and well-shaped. I caught the eye of Anna and gave her an evil smile as I took a pull from my cig. She quickly averted her gaze. She was intimidated by me. Good; she should be. It had been a long time since I’d tasted rich suburban cunt, and I was ravenous.

Here comes Anna I said to Rachel’s mind, Don’t look, let her try to force herself in.

“Hey, Rachel.” Anna said awkwardly when she got to the table.

Be nonchalant. I spoke to Rachel’s mind, Think of her as an old acquaintance, nothing more.

“Hey, Anna,” Rachel said with a cool smile, “I didn’t know you go to ASU.”

“Yeah,” Anna said, shifting nervously, “me and Sara and Becky…the whole gang.”

You intimidate her, I smiled into Rachel’s mind, play nice with her for now. The fun begins when we get to the party.

“Anna, this is Becky and Lucy,” Rachel said, introducing us, “and this is Tom-”

“Oh, I already know Tom.” Anna said.

Ha! Did you catch that, Rachel? I laughed, Anna’s got a little crush on Tom.

Does she? Rachel smirked.

“Tom,” Rachel said, placing her hand on top of his, “what are you and your friends doing tonight?”

Tell me how mad Anna looks right now. Rachel said.

So fucking mad I smiled.


“We were going to go to a party at Anna’s,” Tom said, “but nothing’s set in stone. What are you guys doing?”

I had to hold back a giggle as I watched Anna fume and try to keep it together.

“We hadn’t made plans yet…” Rachel began.

Now, extend the olive branch… I said.

“…but a party sounds fun.”

“You can come to my party!” Anna blurted out, a little too desperately. The whole table laughed at Anna’s awkwardness, but Rachel just smiled warmly.

“We’d love to come,” Rachel said, malice in her heart, but kindness in her voice, “thank you, Anna.”

“Great!” Anna said, “We’ll uhh…we’ll see you there!”

Anna turned around and walked away, scared off by the three women she had no chance of competing with. Rachel gave me a wicked smile, and I returned it. God damn, I wanted her to come to my side. She’d make such a great villain.


“I have a gift for you, Rachel.” Lucy said to me as we walked down the sidewalk.

“What?” I asked.

“My greatest power,” Lucy smiled, “the ability to enslave mortal souls.”

“I don’t want that!” I cried.

“I do,” God sighed, “It would make my job so much easier. I just had to give you fuckers free will.”

“It will only work on Anna,” Lucy said as her hand formed a floating, spectral heart, “and you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but you do have to take it.”

“Fine,” I grumbled, accepting her gift in my palm and watching as it disappeared into my hand, “how do I use it anyway?”

“I thought you didn’t want to use it.” Lucy smiled knowingly. She was right; the thought intrigued me.

“I just…” I said, “I just want to know how to use it, so that I won’t accidentally set it off.”

“Lying is a si-in.” God sung into my ear with a laugh.

“OK,” I smiled sheepishly, “I kind of want to try it.”

“It’s easy,” Lucy said, “you just need to seduce Anna, and she’ll start to lose herself to you.”

“And after your four previous trials,” God said, “seducing a bitch like her should be no problem. I just hope you free her soul when you’re done.”

“Of course,” I said, “I would never want to enslave Anna permanently.”

“Hmmmm,” Lucy smirked, “I couldn’t tell if that was a lie or not.”

“Nor could I,” God said, “which means Rachel isn’t even sure.”

“I uhhh….” I frantically looked for something to change the subject, “hey, look at that car.”

“That’s your car, Rachel.” Lucy chuckled.


“Oh, you thought we’d be pulling up in a taxi?” Lucy laughed as I gawked at the Lamborghini Diablo parked on the street.

“There’s only two seats,” God said, “so who’s lap am I sitting in?”

“Well, Rachel’s driving,” Lucy said as she threw me the keys, “so you’ll be parked on my lap, Jessy.”

“I…can’t drive,” I said, “I don’t have a license.”

“The car will drive for you, Honey.” Lucy chuckled as she opened the winged-doors and patted her lap for God, “you just need to be seen getting out of the driver’s seat. Anna owns a Porsha Boxster, and she’s going to be salty as fuck when you pull up in this.”


“Rachel seemed pretty cool,” Becky said as she put on her makeup, “I was surprised.”

“That little bitch is going after Tom,” I said as I adjusted my tits in my stuffed bra, “she doesn’t know who she’s fucking with.”

“Let it go, Anna,” Sara said, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

“She wasn’t even interested in him until I told her I knew him,” I said, applying I-suck-dick red lipstick to my mouth, “she knew what she was doing.”

“Rachel doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body,” Becky said, looking herself over in the mirror, “she probably just likes Tom. He definitely likes her.”

“Na-ah,” I said, “Rachel used to dress like a homeless man, and now she dresses like a fucking cheerleader. She’s changed; she knew exactly what she was doing.”

“Anna,” Becky smirked over at me, “what are you planning on doing to that poor girl?”

“Are you going to go all ‘Carrie’ on her?” Sara laughed, “Pig’s blood at the prom?”

“And ruin our carpet?” I laughed, “No. Rachel is an easy mark; she an ultra-conservative Christian bitch. All I have to do is show everyone what an uptight cunt she is, and she’ll be put back in her place.”


“…All I have to do is show everyone what an uptight cunt she is, and she’ll be put back in her place.” Anna’s voice rang in my head.

Oh you stupid, stupid girl, I thought, you really don’t know who you’re fucking with.

“Rachel,” I said as we pulled up to Anna’s house, “Anna is going to play right into our hand.”

“How?” Rachel asked.

“She’s going to try and show everyone what an uptight bitch you are…by making out with you.” I replied.

“That’s it?” Rachel laughed, “That was her master plan?”

“She thinks your catholic homophobic guilt will cause you to make an ass of yourself,” God chuckled, “little does she know…”

“You’ll have carte blanche to do with her as you please,” I smiled at Rachel, “she’ll have to go through with it, or her bluff is called and she embarrasses herself.”

“What about Sara and Becky?” Rachel asked, “They’ll pull Anna out of it.”

“Oh,” I smirked, “don’t worry about those two.”


“Where the fuck did Rachel get that car?!” I screamed as I looked out the window. The party below us was starting to gain traction, but everyone stopped what they were doing to see the three hottest babes on campus step out of a quarter-million-dollar supercar.

“Aren’t her parents broke?” Sara said as she gawked at the trio of women.

“It’s gotta be Jessy’s car,” Becky said, “that bitch looks like she’s got money.”

“How the fuck did Rachel meet those girls anyway?” I exclaimed, “That Lucy girl looks like a porn star, and Jessy looks like a fucking trust-fund baby.”

“They don’t look like girls Rachel would normally hang out with,” Becky said, “of course, Rachel never had any friends.”

“We made sure of that.” Sara sniggered.

“Let’s isolate the bitch again,” I said, “Lucy and Jessy are way to chill to be hanging out with a bore like Rachel. We’ll bring them into the sisterhood once I expose Rachel as a total fraud.”

We made our way downstairs to find that Rachel and her two friends had completely hijacked the party. Everyone encircled the three girls, trying to capture the attention of the trio that just pulled up to a college party in a fucking Lambo. Rachel had her weight shifted on one hip as she flirted with Tom, while Lucy and Becky were doing body-shots off each other. I put on my best friendly smile, and made my way to the two beautiful women.

“Hey, you’re Lucy, right?” I asked the brunette with the plaid skirt and the fishnet stockings.

“Yeah,” she smiled wickedly, “and you are…”

“Anna.” I said, a little annoyed that she forgot my name.

“Great party, Anna.” Jessy smiled as she put another shot glass between her perfect, tan tits.

“Thanks.” I said, “Hey, I gotta ask: how did you two meet Rachel? I’ve known Rachel since we were kids, and she would never hang with people like you.”

“We…” Lucy said before placing the shot in her mouth and downing it, “…found her at a Christian seminar for college life.”

“It’s a little hobby of ours,” Jessy giggled as she switched positions with Lucy and put a shot glass between the brunette’s upper thighs, “we find ultra-Christian girls, and see how far peer pressure will take them.”

“What?!” I said as an evil smile crept across my lips, “So you aren’t even her friends?”

“With Rachel?” Lucy laughed as Jessy’s face pressed between her legs, “Hell no!”

“She’s such a bore,” Jessy said after downing the shot, “she’s barely holding it together right now; all this ‘sin’ around her is making her soooo uncomfortable.”

“You seem pretty chill though,” Lucy said as she placed a shot between Jessy’s tits and pulled the blonde girl’s neckline down to her areolas, “why don’t you get Rachel and see if you can make her have some fun?”

“Sure,” I smiled, “I’ll see if I can get Rachel out of that shell.”

I walked over to Rachel, who had her body way to close to Tom’s for my liking. It was time to show Tom what a fucking loser Rachel really was.

“Hey, Rachel,” I said with a tap on her shoulder, “wanna do body-shots?”

“Ummm…” Rachel said nervously. There’s the Rachel I used to know. This is going to be fucking easy.

“C’mon, Rachel,” I said, taking her hand and pulling her away from Tom, “it’ll be fun!”

Lucy had intentionally spilled her shot all over Jessy’s tits, and was licking the liquor off them, much to the amusement of the entire party. Jessy smirked as she pulled her stretched neckline down past her nipples, and Lucy took one between her luscious lips and sucked. I glanced over at Rachel to see a horrified expression on her face. She was realizing her friends weren’t the good-girl Christians she thought they were.

“They aren’t really your friends, Rachel,” I sneered as I pushed her down on the table and stuck a shot into her ample, pale cleavage, “I bet you thought they actually liked you.”

Rachel’s face was a beautiful portrait of confusion and fear. She had her time in the spotlight, but now it was up, and she would slink back to the shadows she’d clung to all her pathetic life. I put the shot between my teeth and downed it in a single gulp. People were starting to pay attention to Rachel and me, hoping that we’d go as far as her two “friends.” I glanced over to see Lucy and Jessy making out, they’re hands gripping each other’s exposed breasts as their tongues slid between their mouths. I grinned down at Rachel and poured the contents of another shot between her beautiful, pale tits. Rachel looked up at me with a fearful expression, a pathetic whimper slipping from her lips. I pulled down her top until her large breasts burst from the neckline and her erect nipples were exposed. Her eyes widened and her lips quivered. I placed my tongue against her nipple and slowly licked my way up to the nape of her neck. Her hand moved up to stop me.

That’s right, Rachel, I thought as my tongue traveled up her neck and to her quivering lips, show everyone what a fucking bitch you are.

I thought Rachel would have stopped me by now, and gone on a rant about the “sins of the flesh,” but she didn’t. No, Rachel did the exact opposite. When my tongue got to her lips, her terrified expression changed rapidly. Her quivering mouth formed a wicked smile, and her fearful eyes grew hungry with desire.

“What the fu-”

Rachel grabbed my platinum hair with a forceful hand and pushed our faces together. Her luscious lips wrapped around my own and her tongue slid into my mouth. My eyes widened in shock, and Rachel gave me a little wink as her hands ran down my back and slipped into my skirt. Her thumbs hooked my waistband and pushed my thong and skirt to my knees, exposing me in front of everyone. Horrified, I tried to pull away from the kiss, but Rachel countered by rolling us over on the table until she was on top.

Rachel kissed me like I’d never been kissed before. It was so domineering, so possessive. Her tongue placated my own and her lips locked tightly. She was well practiced and skilled with her movements; every attempt I made to gracefully break from her hold was countered with seduction I’d never felt before. She had me under her control; either I was going to play her game, or I was going to make a complete fool of myself in front of everyone. Embarrassment was worse than death for me, so I made my choice. I gave in and let her have me, praying in my mind that she wouldn’t go too far.

“It’s so unlike you to pray, Anna,” Rachel whispered as she broke from my kiss, “and if you think this is as far as I’m going, you’re in for a bad night.”

“How did you-”

“Shhhh,” Rachel smiled as she put a finger to my lips, “you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of Tom, would you? I mean, you’re clearly the party girl who’s down for anything, aren’t you?”


Rachel silenced my thought with her index and middle finger. She slid her digits between the folds of my womanhood and curled them until they pressed against my inner spot. I let out a gasp of horror and pleasure as the crowd cheered my molestation. Rachel smirked at me, and then turned her attention elsewhere.

“Hey Sara, Becky,” Rachel called to my two friends, who were standing on the perimeter of the spectacle with mouths wide in shock, “Anna just told me she wants you two to join in.”


Never in a million years would I have guessed Rachel Johnson would be a lesbian exhibitionist. But there she was, the center of attention, with her fingers deep in Anna’s pussy. Anna had overplayed her hand, and now she was paying the price. People were starting to get out their phones and film this, and I needed to put a stop to it immediately.

“Becky,” I said, tugging her shirt, “we need to get Anna out of there before this ends up on pornhub!”

“How do we do that without ruining the party?” Becky asked, “Anna got herself into this! She’s on her own!”

“Hey Sara, Becky,” Rachel called over to us, “Anna just told me she wants you two to join in.”

Terror gripped me as jeers and whistles sounded from the crowd. Peer pressure from all around me compelled Becky and I to do as Rachel asked. We gave each other nervous glances. If we did this, we’d become the life of the party, but we’d also be filmed and put online. If we pulled Anna out of there and ran upstairs, our reputation would be ruined, and no one would ever come to our parties again.

“We can’t do it,” Becky whispered as we walked over to Rachel and Anna, “my dad would cut me off if he found out!”

“How are we getting out of this?!” I hissed.

“We’ll just make out with Anna for a little bit, and then take her upstairs like we’re going to fuck.” Becky said, “That way, we don’t embarrass ourselves, but we also don’t end up homeless!”

That would be a great plan, a seductive thought whispered in my mind, but wouldn’t it be more fun to give everyone a show?

I felt wetness between my legs, and arousal like I’d never experienced before. I looked at Becky in terror and desire, and realized she was going through the same sensation. She gazed at my body and licked her lips, and I couldn't help but do the same.

Just do whatever Rachel wants, the thought moaned in my mind, and you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt before.


I’d never been touched like this by another woman before. I often led on that I was bisexual, but that was merely to gain the favor of men I was after. Now, I was whimpering and moaning pathetically as Rachel’s elegant digits burrowed into my frothing slit. She smirked down at me as I reacted to her every movement. Her fingers possessively ran along my vaginal ceiling as her thumb relentlessly worked my sensitive clit. I felt myself leaking with arousal. My breaths grew shorter and more frequent, my heart rate rose and my back arched from the table as my chest pushed forward. I stopped attempting to escape, and surrendered to her seduction. Maybe she wouldn’t go too far. Maybe, if I played along with her, and acted like this was what I intended, she’d merciful.

“Oooh, fuck,” I moaned, “Rachel, you’re so good!”

“Do you like it when I do that?” Rachel whispered to me with a smile.

“Yesssss,” I hissed as the aching pleasure grew from my depths, “oh fuck, Rachel. Where did you learn to do this?”

“From Lucy.” Rachel said as she gestured to the brunette straddled atop Jessy.

“What other things did she teach you?” I asked, biting my lip.

“So many things.” Rachel whispered as her other hand slid under my top.

“Rachel, don’t,” I said as I stopped her, “I uhh…I stuff my bra.”

“I know,” Rachel smirked, “and now, everyone else will too.”

Rachel would not be merciful. Rachel gripped my top and pulled it over my face. She snagged the strap of my bra with her thumb, and ripped it down. The contents of my bra flew out, and the petite breasts I’d been so self-conscious about were exposed to everyone at the party. Cruel laughter filled my ears as I felt the humiliation take over me. Tears formed in my eyes and blotted the shirt that was covering my face, but despite my shame, I still writhed under Rachel’s seduction. Her hand was working my pussy into a spasming frenzy, and I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure from beneath my shirt.

“All those years you taunted me for my body,” Rachel’s voice whispered in my ear, “and you’ve been faking your breast size the whole time.”

“Rachel,” I sobbed in fear and pleasure, “I’m sorry.”

“I know you are, Anna,” Rachel’s voice chuckled, “but your apology is not accepted.”

“Rachel,” I whimpered, my thighs grinding together around her invading fingers, “please stop!”

“I’m not going to stop,” Rachel voice whispered, “and you’re going to do everything I say, Anna, or everyone’s going to know what a fucking loser you are. You’re my whore now, Anna. Moan for me, whore.”

Rachel’s fingers danced beautifully inside me, sending felicitous bouts of hot pleasure coursing through my depths. I moaned for her, just like she wanted. I couldn’t help myself; she was too good.

“Becky, Sara, so good of you to join us,” Rachel’s voice said, “Anna is embarrassed about her breast size; why don’t you show her that you’ll still be her friend.”

I felt two mouths wrap around my erect nipples, and I heard the crowd cheer and whistle. Rachel pulled my shirt from my face to reveal Becky and Sara nursing from me. Their expressions were warped in confusion, but they compliantly did what Rachel asked of them. I looked around in horror to see almost everyone watching me. They had their phones out and were filming. My parents would see this; this wasn’t a fucking game anymore.

“Becky, Sara; stop!” I cried.

Becky and Sara clearly heard me, but they didn’t stop. Rachel smirked at my helplessness as my friends continued to diligently nurse from me. Their lips sucked greedily upon my breasts, pulling the flesh of my soft bosom outward, sending warm pleasure leaking into my chest. They stared up at me the whole time, their eyes possessed with desire.

“Rachel,” I screamed in horror and pleasure, “what did you do to them?!”

“Nothing,” Rachel laughed as her fingers worked faster inside me, “they’re just too horny to stop themselves.”

“It’s true,” Sara moaned, “I don’t want to do this to you, but I can’t help myself!”

“You taste so good, Anna,” Becky whispered, a string of saliva bridging my nipple and her lips, “I want to taste you everywhere.”

“And you can,” Rachel smiled as she withdrew from my pussy, my juices webbed between her fingers, “come have a sample of Anna, and see how you like her.”

Becky and Sara both moved from my erect nipples and sucked the nectar of my nethers from Rachel’s fingers. They moaned as they tasted me, their eyes growing hungry as they stared at me with lustful craving. Rachel smirked at my horror and guided my two best friends down to my frothing pussy. I closed my legs tightly and fixed my face in a defiant gaze. Rachel laughed at me and pushed her fingers back into my slit, coercing my legs to part with her electric touch. The crowd jeered and applauded as I broke and whimpered pathetically. No one would help me. No one believed I didn’t want this.

Sara and Becky exchanged spit in a sloppy kiss, before lowering their faces to my depths. Rachel removed her hand and sucked her fingers as she stared daggers into my soul. I felt two tongues graze along the petals of my womanhood, and then dive into me. I let out another pathetic whimper. They greedily licked my insides, their tongues wriggling together as they tasted my inner flesh, and the juices that it bore. I placed a hand over my mouth to keep from crying out in pleasure. Rachel pulled my hand down and pressed her lips against my own. She hedonistically kissed me just like before, and once again, I fell under her seduction. She was so good. I kissed her back, ashamed and afraid of what was happening to me. I was being raped in front of everyone I wanted to impress, and I was enjoying it.

Rachel parted from our kiss, smiling evilly down at me before she slid her body on top of mine. I felt her slit soaking though her thong as she straddled my sternum.

“Who wants to see Anna eat my pussy?” she jubilantly asked the crowd.

The guests roared their approval, and she lifted her legs over my head to take off her thong. She hiked up her skirt and parted her tight lower lips for all too see, smiling as the crowd cheered her on. Rachel basked in her depravity, while I shrank in it. She was better than me, and now she knew it. She sneered in my face and shifted her body forward until her soaking cunt was inches above my mouth.

“You know what to do,” she smiled cruelly, “you fucking whore.”

My cry of fearful protest was cut short. Rachel spread herself with two fingers and dropped her pelvis onto my face. My lips sealed shut to deny her, but I couldn’t keep up the defiance. Becky and Sara’s tongues were writhing inside my cunt, sending my pelvis into a series of delightful contractions. My lips were forced open to yield a moan, and I tasted Rachel on my tongue. She was delicious. Her juices poured into my mouth, seeping down my throat and filling me with her flavor. My mouth watered, and I couldn’t help myself. I tested her depths with a tentative tongue, and she shifted lustfully on top of me. I’d never eaten pussy before, nor I had I the desire, but there was something about Rachel…the way she didn’t ask for permission, the way she demanded me…My tongue began to move back and forth through her petals. She twitched and frothed in delight. Her reactive pleasure excited me, and I did it again. Rachel moaned and drove her pelvis down on my face, suffocating me with her weight. Her responsive ardency was oddly endearing; I wanted to please her. I wanted to make her feel good. My hands moved from their resting position at my sides and grabbed her thick ass. I spread her wide, and passionately tongued her lower lips. What was happening to me? What was she doing to me?!


I had some football player eating me out as I sat in a chair and watched the spectacle in the center of the party. God was upstairs in Anna’s bedroom getting gangbanged by three studs, as she was one to do. God really enjoyed being taken and used, but Rachel was different. Rachel liked being handled rough and abused as much as anyone, but what she really coveted was control. If Rachel was being gangbanged, it was going to be on her terms; she was like me that way.

Rachel was straddled across Anna’s face and riding her like a cowgirl as the crowd got more and more worked up. I smiled and took a drag from my cigarette. Rachel was enjoying this so much. I caught her gaze as she turned her head around, her back flexing, her thick legs wrapped with her thigh-high socks, her full ass protruding from her hiked-up skirt, and Anna’s chin squirming between her cheeks. Rachel gave me a wicked smile, and I returned it. I could see the darkness growing within her. The small spot next to her soul’s heart was spreading fast throughout her body. Every indulgence in her desire for power was edging her ever closer to my side. I pushed the man eating me out deeper into my cunt and licked my lips at the Rachel.

Why don’t you come over and play with me? she asked.

I’m a little occupied at the moment. I smiled back.

He can come with, Rachel’s voice giggled, In fact, let’s get the whole team involved.


Anna had tried to resist me for a moment, but her defenses faltered almost instantly. I grinded my frothing slit across her lips, and her tongue compliantly snaked from her mouth to please me. I was surprised at how weak she was, how easily she accepted her subservient role. To be honest, I wanted a little more fight from her, and I knew just how to get it.

I locked eyes with Tom, who was watching me with rapt attention as he stroked himself. Other girls at the party wanted to please him, but he dismissed their offers and kept his gaze fixed on me. His cock was rigid, thick and long; it looked delicious. I gave him a beckoning smile and placed my hands between my legs, driving Anna deeper into me with a push of her head. Tom got the message and walked over to me, his cock swaying back and forth between his legs.

“I was wondering when you’d come over.” I smiled as I pressed my lips to his own and wrapped my fingers around his cock.

“I didn’t want to intrude,” Tom said as he parted from the kiss, “you looked like you were busy.”

I felt Anna squirming between my legs at the sound of Tom’s voice. She screamed some muffled words, and I silenced her with a clench of my thick thighs.

“What was that about?” Tom laughed.

“Oh, nothing,” I moaned as Anna obediently resumed her meal, “Anna just wanted to say ‘hi.’ Have you ever been in an orgy before, Tom?”

“Never,” Tom laughed, “the best I’ve ever done is a threesome.”

“Well,” I smirked as I stroked him, “I’ve got three women here, and I can’t have them all to myself. Why don’t you get your friends over here to help me out?”

Anna screamed something beneath me. I shifted my weight forward until her mouth was pressed against my puckered sphincter.

“What did she say?” Tom asked.

“She said she wanted to eat my ass,” I smirked, “to get it ready for you.”

“Holy shit,” Tom groaned as I stroked him harder, “Rachel, you’re-”

“Fuck me, Tom.” I said with eyes full of lust, “Fuck me on top of Anna.”


I was Rachel Johnson’s bitch, there was no denying it now. She was going to fuck the man I yearned for, on top of my face. I tried to protest, I tried to scream, but Rachel just pushed her weight forward until my open mouth was pressed against her rim. My nose pushed into her pussy and I tasted her ass on my tongue. I tried to stop myself, to stay the whorish instincts growing inside me, but it was no use. Becky was sucking my clit while Sara sloppily tasted my insides. I was driven to manic ecstasy, and all I could do was wrap my lips around Rachel’s rim, and suck just like she wanted. I was her whore, I was her little slut. I wanted to lick the filth from her insides and prepare her ass for Tom, so I did. I abandoned what dignity I had left, and gave Rachel my first rim job. Her inner-flesh parted delectably around my tongue, and she squeezed my invading oral member gratefully. I hummed a moan of lechery and rotated my lips around her, and she clenched her thighs on my head in response.

“Mmmmm, Annna,” Rachel moaned, “you’re such a good girl. Do you like how my ass tastes?”

I nodded as best I could under her weight.

“If you do a really good job,” Rachel’s voice said to me, “I’ll let you suck my ass off Tom’s cock when he’s done with me.”

I moaned eagerly. I would love do that…Mistress.


I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was a slave to the desires of my body, but I had never desired to do this before. I never even kissed a girl before, but now I was entangling tongues with Sara inside Anna’s pussy, and I loved it. Anna flowed into my mouth, her nectar tasting sweet on my tongue. She shifted and gyrated in a dance of need, her body reacting to the whim of my oral movements. Oh my god, it felt so right to do this to her. I knew she didn’t want it, she told me to stop, but I couldn’t help myself. I liked raping her.

I felt a hand grab my hair and rip my head back. I looked over my shoulder to see Lucy smiling at me.

“Becky, Sara,” she said to us, both her hands entwined with our platinum hair, “do you ladies want to do something fun?”

There was something about Lucy that made we want to do anything she asked. Her green eyes were full of excitement and promise of things to come. I nodded eagerly, a smile creeping across my face.

“Good,” Lucy smirked, “I have some toys I want you to play with.”


I had Becky and Sara lying on their backs below Anna’s spread legs. I beckoned them to hook their arms beneath their own thighs and raise their knees next to their chins. I could see their souls brimming with my corruption; they were almost completely mine. All they needed was a little push.

“Have you two ever done it here?” I asked as I rested an index finger on each of their pink assholes.

“Never.” They said in unison.

“Well,” I smirked as my fingers slowly pushed forward, prompting gasps from the two blonde girls as their twitching rims enclosed around my knuckles, “I guess tonight will be a night of many new experiences for you.”

They moaned pathetically as their tight rims squeezed my invading fingers. I added a middle finger to each of their asses and rotated, stretching them out for the two men I had waiting. They clenched around me greedily, their eyes staring their lust as their mouths fell agape in the shock of their new pleasure.

“Jamal, Tyron,” I smiled to the football players at my sides, “I think these little sluts are ready for you.”

Becky and Sara smiled at the two men stroking their black cocks. I pulled out of the girl’s tight rims and gently grabbed a dick in each hand. I savored their pulsating warmth in my palms and exchanged hedonistic kisses with Tyron and then Jamal. My eyes opened to slits and I stared into their souls and smiled. Men were so much easier to corrupt than women. All it took was a touch of their cocks, and they were already mine. I guided my new playthings into the waiting sphincters of my new whores. Becky and Sara simultaneously cried out in agony, but their corrupted souls only relished the pain. I released my hold on the throbbing shafts and grabbed two handfuls of muscular, black ass. I pushed the footballers deeper, laughing as my new whores screamed out. Their rims stretched to thin, pink circles as their pussies flowed down their taints and lubricated their painful sodomy. Despite their agony, Becky and Sara continued to hold their legs up, allowing the men to penetrate them deeper. I guided Tyron and Jamal all the way forward until their balls pressed against Sara and Becky’s tailbones. I allowed my new whores a moment of reprieve, before giving my new studs an encouraging slap on the ass.

“No need to be gentle with them any longer,” I smirked down at the pleasure-drunk women, “fuck these blonde bimbos with your big, black cocks.”

Jamal and Tyron took my words to heart. They greedily sunk their fingers into the supple asses of the two blonde sluts and power-fucked their way into their rectums. Becky and Sara shrieked in collective pleasure and agony. Tears welled in their quivering eyes and their mouths locked agape in ecstasy. Their soft abdomens flexed in strain and their tan complexions glistened with sweat. Their makeup smeared down their faces as their hair flailed to the brutal rhythm of the driving men. Becky finally fell into my slavery, but I could hear the last little gasps of Sara’s soul trying to hopelessly defy me. It was time to reveal myself to the poor mortal.


Please stop! I mentally screamed to Jamal as his cock drove relentlessly into my virgin asshole. I don’t know what came over me, but my mind and body were being taken over with unbelievable lust. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning in delectable agony and clenching around Jamal. I couldn’t stop myself from holding my legs up for him and spreading myself to deepen the penetration. I couldn’t even stop myself from begging him to fuck me harder.

Lucy stood above me, her pale breasts protruding from beneath her cut-off top, her plaid skirt hiked-up and exposing her perfect, hairless slit, and her fishnet stockings clinging to her thick thighs as her garters pressed into the pale flesh of her glutes. She smirked down at me and brought her lips to my vacant cunt. A long, thin, forked tongue snaked from her mouth. That wasn’t a human’s tongue.

No, it’s not, Lucy’s voice moaned in my mind, but it feels good, doesn’t it?

What the fuck are you? I screamed in horror as my physical voice moaned a whorish tone.

Who am I, would be a more apt question, Lucy’s voice giggled girlishly, you’re a catholic girl, I’m sure you’ve heard of me.

S-S-Satan?! I stammered as my back curved in response to her tongue burrowing into my depths.

I prefer to be called Lucy, actually, Lucy said, her green eyes flashing gold before me, but you can call me Master.

Oh God, please save me! I screamed as I felt myself falling under Lucy’s control.

God’s upstairs getting gangbanged, Lucy’s voice chuckled as her nose pressed against my clit, and she’s given me free reign over everyone in this party. Give in to me, Sara; Becky already has.

I looked over at Becky. Two curved horns protruded from her disheveled platinum hair. She turned to me and smiled evilly, revealing a pair of over-sized canine teeth.

“Join us, Sara,” Becky said with a seductive moan, her body writhing in the lust of her anal defilement, “join me as a whore…forever.”

I screamed in horror and tried to squirm away, but it was no use; my body was captive to the pleasure. I stared up at Jamal and Tyron and noticed they also had fallen. Their brows bore large, curved horns, and their eyes gleamed with golden irises.

“Join us.” They all said.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Jamal was stretching my anal skin out of my rectum with each pull, sending my pelvic floor extending from my taint, shooting aching pings of pleasure into my depths. Lucy’s tongue was so deep in my pussy, her forked tip was tickling my cervix, and my body reacted passionately to the new delight. I cried and gasped with increasingly louder tones, my diaphragm heaving in desperate breaths. Jamal’s cock throbbed in my ass as he broke through my sensitive depths with punishing force. Lucy’s tongue was working my pussy into a crescendo of chaotic spams. My head flung backward and my chest pushed forward as my shoulders pinched together and my back arched. I screeched out as the best orgasm of my life erupted from my depths. They didn’t stop, they didn’t even slow down. I looked in to Lucy’s smiling, golden eyes as she snaked her wonderful tongue into my womb.

“I…” I trailed off as my thoughts left me, “I want to join you, Master. I want to be your whore forever.”


Tom sensually sucked from my pale breast as he pumped into my gripping pussy with slow, deep drives. His cock parted my tender insides with methodical forcefulness, as if he was gradually breaking me open. I pushed my hips down on Anna’s face and grinded my pelvis along her tongue. She compliantly licked my taint before returning to my asshole. Her tongue had been tentative at first, but now she was greedily cleaning out my insides, her lips parting to suck my rim and whisper moans of her approval.

I turned my gaze to Tom. I didn’t really care about him anymore, but the fact that Anna wanted him, made me want him. I clenched my vaginal muscles around him and wrapped my legs about his waist, forcing him deep into me as I growled with animalistic passion. He groaned and sucked ardently from my tit, prompting a decadent moan to slip from my smiling lips. My eyes half-closed in bliss as I ran my fingers through his thick, brown hair and squished his face deeper into my bosom. He’d never had pussy this good before. He’d be thinking about me for the rest of his life. Maybe…maybe I could take him too.

Oooo, Lucy’s seductive voice cooed in my mind, Are we getting greedy? Do you want more than one slave, Rachel?

I turned my head to the side to see that Lucy had corrupted every man and woman at the party, except Tom and Anna. Tom was too preoccupied with my breasts to notice all his friends were demons, and Anna’s eyes were blinded between my legs. Lucy had abandoned her human form, and was now splayed out in her crimson glory, her hands firmly grasping the horned heads of Sara and Becky as they licked her dripping cunt beneath her plaid skirt. Two enslaved footballers were doing lateral splits beneath Lucy as she slid her gaping asshole up and down their shafts.

You’re calling me greedy. I laughed.

I couldn’t help myself, Lucy moaned, you mortals are just too much fun.

This boy, I said as I ran a possessive hand down Tom’s back, I want him for myself.

Take him, Lucy said as she blew a kiss across the room, sending a spectral heart gliding to me, but you have to share him with me.

Deal. I smiled, and caught the heart in my mouth. I pulled Tom’s face from my breast and kissed him deeply. I saw his soul cloud with my darkening power. His irises turned silver and his brow formed two blue horns. He smiled up at me, his eyes full of unconditional devotion.

“Master.” He whispered to me.

My own slave. My own personal slave. I could fall for this temptation. I could join Lucy for this. I just had to finish off Anna first.


I felt Tom’s cock driving into Rachel’s pussy from the other side of her ass. She moaned and cried as her glutes flexed around my face, my tongue writhing desperately into the depths of her delicious asshole. Rachel rode me with increased ardency, her hips shifting back and forth in the throes of her lust. I was just a stool for her, an object to give her pleasure while she fucked the man I wanted. I was nothing. I felt Rachel's taint twitch and convulse with chaotic pleasure. She shifted her weight all the way on my face as her back arched. She screamed a note of ecstasy and came in a wave of delightful spasms that writhed against my pressing face.

“I’m ready for you, Tom,” Rachel’s voice, moaned hoarsely, “I want you in my ass.”

I gave Rachel a final, passionate anal kiss to prepare her for Tom. Rachel elegantly dismounted from my face and smiled possessively into my eyes. I smiled back. She would reward me for my good behavior. I got to my knees and glanced over at-

What the fuck.

Everyone at the party had changed. All the women had small, red horns curving from their hair, with extended canine teeth and thin, red tails. All the men had large horns protruding from their brows, and golden irises that gleamed with greedy desire. They were all taking each other, fucking with unnatural speed. The women screamed sustained notes as their bodies shook violently from the demon’s machine-gun drives. Lucy was in the middle of it all, but she wasn’t Lucy anymore. Her pale skin was deep red, and her black hair bore two, curved horns. She was shifting her hips in a lustful belly-dance as she grinded on two anally-penetrating cocks. Sara and Becky had changed as well, and were now each sandwiched between two former football players, as they licked Lucy’s cunt. Their pelvic floors protruded from their bodies with each forceful pull by their penetrators, their taints stretching between their gaping holes and glistening with the juices and cum leaking from their orifices. Sara and Becky both glanced back at me and smiled evilly, reaching behind and spreading themselves wide for the men brutally fucking them.

“There all Lucy’s slaves now,” Rachel whispered in my ear, “and you’ll be my slave, Anna.”

“What?!” I screamed in horror.

“You’re going to be Rachel’s slave,” Tom said, his head decorated with two, blue horns and his eyes silver, “you can be her slave with me.”

Lucy was clearly the devil, and Rachel must have made a pact with her. I was to be Rachel’s eternal slave, and there was nothing I could do about it. I’d never been religious, but in this moment, I looked for help in the only place I thought to find it.

“Oh, God,” I sobbed as Rachel guided my body to my knees, “please save me!”

“Why is it,” Jessy’s voice replied from the stairwell, “that every time someone finds themselves in a situation of their own making, they want me to bail them out?”

Jessy was covered head to toe in semen. Her hair was a mess of stuck-together blonde strands, and her body was besmirched with bright-red handprints.

“So good of you to join us, God,” Lucy giggled at my reaction, “did you have fun upstairs?”

“I did,” God smiled before exchanging a passionate kiss with the devil, “but things were getting too interesting down here to ignore. Rachel; I see you have a slave.”

“I’m working on another one,” Rachel laughed as her hand split into a four-fingered V and pushed into my ass and cunt, “but she’s been very resilient.”

I cried out at Rachel’s penetration. I’d never had something in both holes before, and the way her fingers were working into me was driving me insane.

“Do you want my help?” God asked Rachel, her hands outlining her spectacular curves as she strutted over it me.

“She’s always testing my faith,” Rachel giggled in my ear as I moaned pathetically from her touch, “but I think I’ll take her up on her offer. What do you think, Anna? Do you want to fuck God?”


Rachel was bent over, her ass next to Anna’s face as her fingers worked the poor mortal into an ecstatic frenzy. I could see the corruption growing inside Rachel. What was once a small mark on her pure soul, was now a web of coursing darkness radiating from her heart. This was not a benign spot, but a metastasis that was consuming her. Lucy smirked over me, knowing her victory was imminent. Rachel had never before shown signs of corruption, but now, it was readily apparent. All I could do was guide her gently into Lucy’s arms. I’d lost.

It wasn’t all bad; Rachel would make a spectacular demon, and I would visit her for her services regularly. I was excited to see what form she’d take. I think she’d choose the hermaphrodite form; she was the most beautiful hermaphrodite I’d ever seen, and there was no denying she enjoyed the power of that body.

I walked over to the frightened Anna and put a gentle hand on her trembling cheek.

“Why have you forsaken me?” she whimpered, her body writhing as Rachel’s hand spread her holes gaping.

“I never forsook you, Child,” I smiled warmly, “you did that yourself. Accept Rachel as your eternal master, and enjoy the sin of hell forever.”

“No.” she said, her whole body shaking as she battled Rachel’s seductive prowess, “Please don’t make me!”

“I can’t make you do anything, Anna,” I said as I got on my hands and knees on the table, “you have the power of free will. But Rachel…Rachel has the power to take that from you, and I’m going to help her do it.”

“Why?” Anna whispered as I slid my body beneath her own, until I was at eye-level with her dripping cunt.

“Because,” I smiled into her depths, “Rachel is my friend, and you tortured her for years. Call it divine justice.”

I wrapped my legs around Anna’s neck and pressed her face into my soft pussy. Rachel lowered her face to mine, and I accepted her kiss. She was so much like Lucy; so domineering, so possessive. I melted in her mouth, and fell into her seduction. If Rachel hadn’t used her enslaving power on Tom, I’d be her little bitch right now. As it was, I’d still do anything she’d ask; I liked being the submissive slut.

“Mmmm, Rachel,” I whispered as she parted from our kiss, “you’ve gotten so much better at that.”

“God,” Rachel whispered back to me, “I think I’m falling from your light.”

“I know you are, Sweetie,” I said, my eyes brimming with love, “it’s OK; you got so far. I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her eyes willing with tears, “I’m sorry I failed you.”

“Let’s finish this test together,” I responded, my hand running affectionately through her brown hair, “before you leave me.”


I stared sorrowfully at God. My new power was too great a temptation to resist. I didn’t know I coveted control so much, even more than the favor of God. I smiled sadly into her beautiful eyes and turned my attention to my new subjects.

“Tom,” I commanded my new slave, “fuck my ass.”

Tom complied eagerly, pushing his rigid member against my puckered, pink asshole and stretching my rim wide with a violent thrust. My body lurched forward and I purred delectably. His length ran through me and his girth stretched my anal walls perfectly. I arched my spine and shifted my weight backward, squishing my thick ass against his pelvis and reveling in his throbbing hardness. I pulled forward slowly, moaning as my anal skin was stimulated in my retreat.

“Now,” I gasped, “fuck Anna’s mouth.”

Anna protested for a moment, but the combination of God’s licking tongue, and my fingers sticking in her ass and pussy, forced her mouth to yield a cry. Tom crammed his entire length down her throat. I laughed as Anna coughed and gagged on him, her neck bulging with his girth.

“That’s a good little whore,” I smiled, “now Tom, don’t be so nice to Anna; she wants you to hurt her.”

Tom grabbed Anna’s hair and relentlessly pounded into her mouth. Spit dripped from her sucking lips and pained gurgles erupted from her throat. When I thought she had enough, I ordered Tom to put it back in my ass. Anna coughed breathless hacks as she regained control of herself. I saw her soul darken just a little bit more. She really did like the abuse. I backed my ass against Tom’s pelvis and twisted my rim around his shaft. My eyes closed in bliss as I savored him ruining my soft insides. God’s lips left Anna’s clit to share another kiss with me. I communicated the pleasure of my sodomy into her mouth, my tongue telling the story of my lust, and my lips ardently reveling in her softness. My eyes parted to see God’s face etched in pleasure. Anna had resumed her meal in God’s pussy, and my future slave was learning how to please another woman fast.

“Very good, Anna,” I said to her as I twisted my fingers inside her holes, “you’ve become quite the experienced pussy-eater. Tomorrow, we’ll start you off on anal, and the next day, bondage. We have an eternity to mold you into the slave I need.”

Tom pulled out of my ass and shoved his cock back into Anna’s mouth. Anna no longer resisted or protested, but greedily took him in. She rotated her lips around his cock and pressed her face to his pelvis, her hands gripping his muscular glutes and pulling him deeper. I saw the last bit of her soul darken, and then blacken completely. She was mine. Tom pulled out of her throat, and Anna didn’t cough and sputter this time, but licked her lips up at him, waiting for more. She turned to me, her blue horns gleaming in the light, and her silver irises full of unconditional love.

“Master.” She said.

“Slave,” I smiled back at her, my fingers pushing all the way to the knuckle, “make your new master come.”

Anna gracefully moved her body from God and obediently knelt behind me. She guided Tom’s rigid cock into my ass, pushing his tip through my the resistances of my tight rim. I moaned and shifted myself on top of God. She smiled up at me and ran a hand through my hair before wrapping her legs around my waits and pushing our clits together. I lowered my lips to her own and kissed her. I couldn’t help but be controlling, and possessive in my oral passion, but God just kissed me back with love and promise. She forgave me for my faults, and offered only tenderness and love with her lips. Anna pulled Tom out of my ass, sucked his cock, before pushing him back in. She repeated this whorish redundancy as God shifted lustfully below me, her clit rubbing against mine, sending ticklish tingles of pleasure into my nethers. God’s soft movements contrasted with Tom’s brutal, methodical drives, and the duality of my defilement was sending my body into a crazed dance of pleasure.

Anna pulled Tom’s cock out of my ass, took one last deep pull of his shaft, and then guided him into my pussy. Tom gripped my glutes with a rough squeeze, the fat of my ass protruding from his knuckles. He spread me wide while Anna took her opportunity to lick my gaping asshole. I moaned into God’s mouth as she began twitch with pleasure below me. Tom drove our bodies into a lurching cadence with his thrusts, allowing our clits to stimulate each other without having to move. God wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself up until her entire body was hanging from me. She continued to kiss me through it all, loving me even after I forsook her. Anna’s tongue reached it maximum depth in my ass, and her lips sealed around my rim and sucked. Tom’s cock drove through my soaking pussy with increasing force, his tip pressing against my cervix with each drive. God squeezed me tightly with her arms and legs, her body spasming against mine in the throes of climax. I felt my own body begin to rise with her. My pussy clenched around Tom as he grinded through my dripping insides. My asshole twitched around Anna as she sucked it greedily. My breasts squished against God’s and our nipples tickled one another. I screamed muffled euphoria into her mouth as she sobbed and twitched below me. A blast of scorching pleasure shot through my depths, forcing me to collapse on top of God. We parted from our kiss, a string of saliva glistening between our gaping lips. We stared into each other’s eyes as we screamed and panted our rising euphoria. I reached the precipice of my climax, and shot my hips forward instinctively. My clit grinded across God’s and our bodies heaved in a back-wrenching orgasm. I screeched out with her, our voices mingling in a harmony of lust as the last wave of pleasure came crashing down.


I enjoyed Rachel’s warmth on top of me. I felt her racing heart slow to methodical, pleasant beats as she regained control of herself. Tom and Anna sat on their knees and eagerly awaited their new master’s orders. Rachel raised her eyes to mine, her soul flowing with darkness.

“God,” she whispered, “help me.”

“I can’t, Rachel,” I smiled sadly, “you’re too far gone.”

“I don’t want to leave you.” She said.

“Yes, you do, Child,” I said with a comforting touch of her cheek, “and it’s OK.”

“You’re such a good woman,” Rachel smiled, a tear dripping down her cheek, “we don’t deserve you.”

“No,” I said, “you deserve more than me.”

“This corruption,” Rachel said as she gazed at her soul, “is it permanent?”

“It is,” I said, “foreign corruption, like what you did to Anna and Tom, can be cured by simply releasing them, but self-inflicted corruption is a scar on the soul. That’s what you have, Rachel; it can’t be cured, only slowed. It’s a cancer on the spirit.”

“Maybe…” Rachel whispered, “maybe I’m not too far gone.”

“Rachel, it’s better to just give in to it,” I said, “battling metastasized corruption can tear your soul to shreds. You’re not fighting temptation anymore, you’re fighting yourself.”

Rachel didn’t heed my warning. She turned to Anna and Tom and placed a hand on their hearts.

“Anna Patterson, Tom Bradford; I release you from my service.”

Tom and Anna’s hearts glowed for a moment. Their horns shrank and their silver eyes returned to their former colors. They gasped and sputtered on the table, before looking around in confusion. Tom booked it out the door, not bothering to retrieve his clothes, while Anna just stayed in a dumbfounded stupor.

“Ahhhh…no,” Lucy said as she got up, “No, no, no, Rachel; you don’t get to do this to me!”

“Sorry, Lucy,” Rachel smiled, “but we’re not done yet.”

“Rachel,” Lucy snarled, “Your soul is corrupted; it’s over!”

“Not completely,” Rachel said, “and I still have two more trials to pass.”

“Listen to your god, Rachel!” Lucy yelled, “Battling corruption is a terrible fucking idea! Your soul could die!”

“I’m going to do it anyway,” Rachel said, “I reject the temptations of power, I reject the part of me that covets it...”

“Rachel,” I said, jumping to my feet, “stop!”

“...I reject the evil that grows with me…”

“Rachel,” I cried, running to her and placing my hands on her shoulders, “just give in!”

“…and I reject the malice in my soul…”

Rachel’s body was static and calm, but her soul was writhing in agony. I stared up at Lucy in fear.

“Do something!” I screamed.

“What the fuck do you want me to do?!” Lucy yelled back, “She’s doing this for you!”

Rachel’s soul was tearing at the seams. Her spectral figure turned on itself and began convulsing in wretched spasms.

“Rachel,” I whispered, “please stop. It’s OK to give in to Lucy; I want you to do it.”

Rachel ignored me. Her soul ripped itself to pieces in front of me. Lucy grabbed Rachel and slapped her hard across the face to no avail.

“Rachel,” Lucy said, “I give up, you pass the tests. Just stop this now!”

Rachel didn’t seem to hear Lucy at all. She continued destroying herself in front of our eyes. I screamed in horror as her soul ripped completely in half.

“Lucy,” I whimpered, tears running down my cheeks, “what have we done?”

“We used mortals as play things,” Lucy said somberly, “it was only a matter of time before one of them drove over the edge.”

Rachel’s soul fought itself brutally. The corrupted half put the pure half in a strangle hold, and began to suffocate the light from her. The pure half pushed her thumbs into the corrupted half’s eyes. They both parted blows for a second, before diving back into the fray. Their hands wrapped around each other’s necks and they squeezed the life from each other. The corrupted half lost her advantage, and blinded the pure half with her thumbs. The pure half recoiled in agony, and retreated. The corrupted half raced after her, and the two entangled in another spectral battle. Pure sunk her teeth into the Corrupt’s necks and ripped out her jugular. Corrupt reared back and did the same to Pure. They collided in a final moment of mutual assured destruction, and then collapsed. Rachel’s physical body swayed on its knees, and then fell in a heap on the table.

“Rachel!” Lucy and I screamed simultaneously as we rushed to her aid. Rachel opened her eyes and stared at us with a blank, soulless expression.

“We killed her,” I wept, “we killed her immortal self.”

“I’m sorry, Rachel,” Lucy said, a tear running down her nose and splashing on Rachel’s neutral face, “this is my fault.”

The two halves of Rachel’s soul moved. They got up and dusted themselves off, before circling each other in a threatening standoff. Both their eyes were gouged out, and their necks gaping from the other’s teeth. They stared blindly at each other for a moment, and then shook hands, and jumped back into Rachel’s body.

Rachel’s eyes came fluttering back to reality. Her two halves merged in a truce inside her, and her body jolted back to spirited life. Lucy and I cried out and embraced the mortal, our tears running down her neck as we wept in relief.

“Don’t you ever fucking do that to me again!” I cried into Rachel.

“You’re a crazy bitch, Rachel,” Lucy whimpered, “you scared the shit out of us.”

“Did it work?” Rachel asked, “Did it stop the corruption?”

“Who gives a shit about that?!” I cried, “Rachel, you almost killed your immortal soul!”

“But did it work?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah,” Lucy sniffled, “you stopped it from spreading.”

“So, I passed the test?” Rachel asked hopefully.

“Rachel!” I yelled in her face, “This isn’t a fucking game! Do you know what you almost did?!”

“But it’s worth it,” Rachel said, her smile wide and her eyes brimming with love, “you’re worth it.”

My heart melted. Never have I had a child more devoted to me than Rachel. Terrorists who killed and died in my name, crusaders who killed and died in my name, even Buddhists who lit themselves aflame in my name, would not have done what Rachel just did. Even Jesus Christ wouldn’t do that. Rachel devotion to me was beyond suicidal; it was dangerous.

“Rachel,” I whispered to her, “I’ve never commanded you to do anything before, but I am commanding you now: never, ever, put your soul at risk for my sake again. Promise me.”

Rachel grasped her crucifix and bowed her head.

“I promise.” She said.

“You’re such a good woman, Rachel,” I said, embracing her, “I don’t deserve you.”

“What’s the next test?” Rachel asked in my arms.

“There won’t be any more tests, Sweetie,” I said as I kissed her head, “we’re done.”

“No, we’re not,” Rachel said, “I still have two more to go before I can be your messiah.”

“Does it mean that much to you?” I asked as I looked down into her eyes.

“It means everything to me,” Rachel smiled up, “you mean everything.”

“You know I won’t go easy on you, Rachel.” Lucy said as she stroked the mortal’s hair.

“I don’t want you to,” Rachel smirked, “I want to see your face when you know I’ve beaten you.”

“Look at your soul, Rachel,” Lucy smirked back, “I’ve already taken half of it.”

“And it took you five tests to do it,” Rachel sneered, “what’s two more? Also, I think you owe God a debt.”

“No,” I smiled down at Rachel, “we both owe you one.”

Lucy turned Rachel’s face to her own and gave her a passionate kiss. Lucy transferred her gift of possession between their lips, and all the undergrads the devil had enslaved changed. Their red horns grew blue, and their golden eyes turned silver. Lucy and I excitedly got on our hands and knees and spread ourselves. Rachel smirked down at us as the corrupted side of her soul reveled in her power.

“Slaves,” she called, “I have two little girls that have been very naughty.”

“Ummmm, Rachel?” Anna said as she tapped Rachel’s shoulder, “Can I…”

“Whoops!” Rachel laughed, “I forgot about you, Anna. Yeah, you can leave.”

“That’s not what I was going to ask,” Anna smiled devilishly, “I wanted to know if I could join in.”

“Do you want be my slave again?” Rachel chuckled as her hand slid down Anna’s torso.

“Yessss,” Anna hissed as she guided Rachel’s leering fingers to her depths, “I want to belong to you.”

“I was going to release you all after I was done with these two,” Rachel whispered, her lips inches away from Anna's “but maybe I’ll take you with me.”

“Please,” Anna smiled as her body began to change again, “take me with you to hell.”

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God is a Slut Chapter 5: A Devil at the College Party

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