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Categories Fantasy, Domination/submission, Wife

Authror: b3delta

Published: 10 August 2017

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We checked into the hotel. We entered and put down our bags and got settled. I opened a bottle of wine. We talked and kissed, not seeing each other since July, the sexual tension was in the air. We knew this would be an amazing night. We have been unable to have serious sex since the kids, but such is the way of being a parent. “I love you Tara”, “I love you Jeffrey”. I moved our glasses away and began pulling the covers off of the bed.

“What are you doing?” you asked. “I’m getting ready for what’s coming to you. STRIP!” “What?” you ask. “I said strip, slut!”

You begin taking off your leggings, then your shirt. Standing there in your non-matching bra and thong, your tits pouring out of the bra, looking at what I’m doing with some straps. “What part of strip did you not understand you dirty slut?” You immediately pull off the last of your clothes. I finish my preparations and turn to you, walking over, still clothed, kiss you passionately and whisper in your ear “trust me, I love you. Now lie on the bed!”

You lie down. I put your arms above your head and lock them into cuffs. “You will address me as Sir from now on, failure to do so results in punishment, understand?” I say. “Yes” you reply. I slap one of your tits hard. You shout at the surprise and pain. “What did I say?” “Yes Sir!” you reply. “Good girl.”
“You are no doubt wondering what is going to happen. Well, you’ve been a bad girl. You have been a little prude lately, and your husband hired me to “refresh your memory” to the more…physical parts of your relationship.” As I put straps around your thighs and pulled them tight, pulling your knees towards your chest and spreading them, then tying your ankles to immobilize your legs and present your already dripping pussy for anyone to enjoy. Another strap goes around your waist holding you tight to the mattress. You try to move but can barely squirm, your holes open, vulnerable. You’re shaking in anticipation, wondering what is going to happen.

I go to one of my bags and open it, you only hear shuffling and movement, cannot see what I’m doing. I return to you, and you feel my tongue on your pussy. I begin licking you, tasting your pussy. My tongue searching for your clit. You are already moaning. I find your sweet little button and attack. My tongue thrashing it, sucking on it, exploring it. You moan and begin to scream. I press on, licking furiously as you approach orgasm. You scream as it hits, and I continue. You try to squirm away, but cannot. I continue to lick and suck. You start to beg me to stop, but I ignore your pleas. Another orgasm approaches, and I push hard into your clit. You scream as you cum again, begging me to stop licking and fuck you, but I continue, devouring your sweet pussy, savoring your juices. You are whimpering, begging, pleading that I move on, but I do not, not until a third orgasm hits you. Your third orgasm hits harder than the others, you cum hard, spraying my face in cum. My tongue slows down, lapping up your juice, and moving south. I find your other hole, licking it lightly. You try to move, but cannot. A feeling you are not used to yet, but vaguely familiar with. I lick more, moistening your asshole with my tongue and your pussy juice. I lick harder and you moan in pleasure, beginning to enjoy the foreign feeling. “Oh Jeffrey, yes.” “Shut up slut!” I say. “Jeff hired me to remind you of something, you call me Sir!” and I get up and smack your face. “Each time you don’t call me Sir, the punishment will get worse. Do you got that, whore?” “Yes, Sir.” You whimper, scared of what’s coming.
Next you feel something being strapped onto your waist and then to your pussy. You are shaking again, wondering what will happen. Then it hits. Vibration on your clit. The vibrator is tied down to your clit, you cannot shake it off. You immediately have a first orgasm, which makes me just turn it up another level. “Count your orgasms after each one you nasty slut. Don’t miss a single one.”

“One, Sir.”

“Two, Sir.”

“Three, Sir”

I grab a drink and just watch, ensuring you count each one. At 5 I turn it up again, and every 5 after that.

“Ten, Sir!”

“Eleven, Sir!” you scream out each one, as they come again and again…

“Twenty, Sir” you scream at the top of your lungs, panting, sweating, a puddle of pussy juice under you. I finally turn off the vibrator and remove it from you. Your heart racing, breathing heavy. Next you feel something against your asshole. It is smooth and lubed, it begins to enter you, opening you. The butt plug slowly pushes into you. Stretching your ass open and invading you. You can barely protest after all the orgasms and it finally slides into place as the widest part passes your muscle and lodges into place. Then I climb onto you, pushing two fingers into your mouth to suck, and positioning my cock to your pussy. Ever so slowly I push into you, making you feel every inch of me into you twat, with the full feeling in your ass.

More and more I enter your vagina, filling you completely as you suck and tongue my fingers. I begin to pump into you, slowly picking up speed. You can barely keep up but I push harder and faster, fucking you as you deserve to be fucked. Pounding your tight hole with my cock, with the butt plug providing a full feeling and new sensations as I fuck you. Your twat clamps down on my dick as you cum yet again, spraying pussy fluid all over. I pull out and move to your head, pushing my cock into your mouth. “Taste yourself.” I say, as I continue pushing into you, all the way to your gag reflex, hitting it again and again, fucking your throat. You cum one more time from the butt plug and my cock gagging you as I pull out of your mouth.

I pull out the butt plug, and begin undoing the straps. Lying next to you I kiss you hard on the mouth. “I hope you enjoyed this my love.” I say. You can barely speak, so exhausted and shaking with adrenaline and post orgasm shocks. “I love you Tara.” And you drift off to sleep.

The next day I awake to you sucking my cock. I begin to moan and put my hand on your head, you suck harder and harder, as deep as you can. I moan hard and say “I’m gonna cum!” and you pull off, not letting me cum. “Ok boy, here’s the rules. You are not allowed to cum unless I say so. I am the woman of this family and I am in charge. You will refer to me as Mistress, and u will let me know if you get close to cumming, do you understand?” “Yes dear.” SMACK, you slap my balls, making me double over holding them, groaning. “Knock it off or you’ll get worse.” You say. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, now raise your arms.” You begin putting my arms above my head locked up. Then my ankles, spread eagle. You reach into the bag and pull something out. You place the blindfold on my head, blocking out my vision. Then I feel the pinch, as you place the clamps on my nipples. I moan in a combination of pain and pleasure. You climb on top of me, lean close and begin licking my ears, in the places you know so well, making me writhe and moan. You stop and attach the waist strap, holding me down, and then continue. Licking and sucking my ears. I moan and beg for more. You move down and begin sucking my balls, giving both of them all your attention. Rolling them in your mouth, massaging them with your tongue. I beg for more. You begin to lick my cock, placing your hand at the base and I say “I’m going to cum.” You take your mouth off and grasp my balls and squeeze hard, making me groan as my erection goes away. “You’re too fired up, boy” you say as you mount my face. “Lick it!” I furiously begin licking your pussy, finding every part of it. As I lick you moan and writhe on me, twisting the nipple clamps, every once in a while completely sitting on my face making me starve for air as I continue to lick you, only letting up for fear of me passing out, as I gasp for air before you sit down again.

You lean forward, me still licking away, doing my best to get you to orgasm, and begin to finger my ass. Slowly sliding a finger in, finding my prostate. As you hit it I instantly moan and lick harder and faster, my cock erupting to a raging boner. You probe it a little more watching what it does to me and remove your finger. “Gee boy, I think I found a sensitive spot” you say. You grab the toy you placed earlier and place the cockring part of it over my cock and balls, tightening them. Then a dab of lube, and in goes the prostate massager. “Keep licking me, nothing says for you to slow down.” My tongue expertly exploring your pussy. As the massager finds its spot I lurch from the feeling and you take that as the sign to mount my cock. You slide it inside your tight hole and begin to ride me.

“Remember, no cumming.” You say. Faster and faster you bounce on me. I’m moaning and begging to cum. But each time I get close you stop moving, allow my impending orgasm to subside, before riding me furiously again. I’m begging to cum and each time you stop and squeeze my balls, or twist the clamps to calm me down. Finally, after you orgasm on my cock, you climb off of me. Pull the massager out of me, and undo my restraints. You mount my face again, grinding your pussy into my face, and pull the clamps off my nipples. The release almost makes me cum but a good swat to my nuts stops it from happening.

“Now, you are not allowed to touch your cock without my sayso, got that?” “Yes Mistress” The rest of the day we watch movies, talk, and do homework, but every 15 minutes you spend 5 minutes getting me close to cumming and stopping right at the edge. “You must be dying to cum aren’t you? Getting so close each time. But if I let this dick cum it’ll be useless to me for a while, so I need to just keep it oh so close.” “Yes Mistress, I understand.”

That night, after a wonderful romantic dinner, where you continued to tease me with your foot under the table and saying suggestive things you told me to get on the bed. No restraints this time. You began to stroke my cock and balls. Feeling them all over, bringing me to the edge at least 20 times. My balls were ready to explode, so full of cum. You put the prostate massager in me again and cranked it to full vibration. You told me to fuck you from behind, which I gratefully did. I plowed into you, slamming my 7 inches deep into your pussy, fucking you hard and fast. The vibrations driving me crazy, hitting my spot as I drove in and out of you. You scream “Don’t cum yet, you CANNOT cum yet!” I slam into your tight pussy repeatedly until you cum hard, then you say, “lie down”. I lie down and you mount me. “I’ gonna count down from 10 and when I hit 1, you fill me with your cum, got that?” “Yes Mistress” I manage to say as I concentrate on not cumming yet.



“8” I’m moaning, you begin licking me ear whispering to me not to cum yet.


“6”….. it continues, I begin to beg to cum “Please Mistress, please allow me to cum”


“2” “not yet, don’t cum yet, now where was I?” as you ride my cock hard grinding our hips together. “Oh well…10.”

“9” “Oh my god please!” I beg. “I can’t hold it” You reach down and squeeze my balls hard. “No cumming! Do not fucking cum yet, I’m not done with you.” I groan as you squeeze em, the vibrations still hitting my spot hard, my body confused between pleasure and pain. You grab my nipples and continue to ride me.
“8…7…6…5…4” I’m begging, trying so hard to not disappoint you.

“3…2” I scream. My cock erupts, filling you with the biggest load of cum you have ever had. You immediately cum upon feeling jet after jet of hot sticky cum spray your insides. You twist my nipples hard as you do, us both screaming from the greatest orgasms we’ve experienced. I continue to pump you full of cum. You collapse on top of me, reaching back to turn off the massager, and we lie there, happy as can be. “I love you Tara”, “I love you Jeffrey”. For a good 30 min we just hold each other. I kiss your forehead, “I hope you enjoyed my love” I say. “I did Jeffrey, it was amazing, it’ll be hard to ever top……….but you didn’t make it to 1 so you need to be punished.”

End of Chapter 1.

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