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Bet Games at College

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Humiliation, Reluctance

Author: Berg007

Published: 15 August 2017

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This is a story is about a girl who shared her experiences with me which is written in first person.

This is s story about me which happened to me long time ago. I am a simple girl; at least i was. I am from the rural part of the country. Life was simple and going simple until i had to move to city area for better quality higher-education, as my parents thought it so.

After I moved in to the city for higher education. First few weeks were hard to adjust. Everything and everyone was in rush. It took me a week to find the college after we moved in.
I was really excited as the college was going to start. We had to wear this uniform which had white shirt, red checked skirt and black tie .i got them well ironed and as the days past by the most awaited first day came.

The college started and it was it was beyond my expectation. I was pranked before the class even started. I found it completely new to my experiences as the fashion and trends were different. The most intriguing thing that i experienced was one boy who was seated behind me was literally masterbating. And when i told my bench-mate(ISHA) about it and she said "it happens , let it be". She said it like, it was all normal and she didn't even care to complain but was feeling excited about it, Also first day at college i could not make good friends.

It was hard for me to adjust. I went on like this for a week and one day I thought to myself I was far behind new trends and culture. And i thought that i had to change myself to adjust to the new society that i just stepped in.
Next day i wore a lipstick and re-tailored skirt which was made shorter then i used to wear; for the college.

I pretended to laugh at some silly jokes of my bench-mate and we became friends. Her name is Isha and she had joined this school since she was child. So she knew everything about this college. As usual the boys seated behind us masterbated again, this time i could feel few drops of cum splited on my shirt, but i kept silence. i could see many couples smooching hiding in restrooms or stores and many posters of house parties distributed secretly. I was learning the culture and i was starting to find it fun.

Next day i was invited to one house-party organized by one of my class-mate. I thought that i had to go to the party since everyone from my class was going. I asked Isha (my bench-mate) for some dress suggestions for the party she just said to wear something short.
I did as she said; i wore a one-piece dress that i bought months ago but hadn't wore a single time, the Dress was exposing my thighs as i was looking really pretty in those.

I do not drink but In the party i was socially forced to drink and i drank too. i got really drunk after few shoots, after a while i remembered kissing Isha and she took me to a room. I didn't remember much of those incidents after that.

Few Days later when the college reopened there. I was talking to Isha about the incident that happened with me?. She replied just by saying " We had some fun" and Smiled.
We became quiet a good friends. One day she wanted to share some secrets with me but but she said that i could not tell any one about it. I promised not to tell anyone and finally she told me about this Bet club at college. This was generally a secret sex club which consisted group of female students. And they organize and play bet games and where the loser had to participate in some sexual challenge. She said its a new trend and many of those colleges had those. Isha said that the things she did to me at the house party was also because she lost a bet and she had to seduce a girl which was me.

I thought about it for days and i said Isha that i wanted to join. She gave me the link to the online form which asked about my fantasies, dislikes, fetishes and other sex related questions. One thing i remembered was i selected not to have any intercourse at the bet games that means no intercourse,sex or penetrations.

After Few days i was allowed to participate in the first bet. It was the prediction about the the cricket match and the challenge was to seduce a guy(selected by the club) for a handjob as I remembered it

I lost the bet and the challenge was on. I had never tried any of those stuffs previously. Also I was bought up on a society where it was the guys who seduces the females. My bench mate said to go sit next to him and go with the flow.
Next day I switched the place and sat next to the guy. I remembers pulling up my skirts and showing off my thighs. After few periods it was audio/visual class which the best opportunity I had because the class would be dark and hard to catch. Moments before the class started I running my hands along his thigh. He clinched and shook. He was the most nerdiest guy of our class he wears powered spectacle and he is usually shy in nature. I didn't stopped running my hands around his thighs. Just before I realized that he started liking it I placed and rubbed my hards around his penis and slowly unzipped his zipper. After the green signal, I pulled his hard on and it was already filled with his precum. At this moment I was sure he couldn't say no. I started stroking it up and down.

After few strokes it was over . It was the quickest, I remembered it was only ten Stokes . He cummed on all over my fingers. It was hot and sticky.

I was really afraid and nervous at first but after that I was relived.
We had bet game once a month. Twice I lost and twice I had to seduce a guy for blowjob. Once it was on hostel and once it was on restroom. There were also challenges for sex but I hadn't mentioned that in form. There were also challenges too try it with teachers. Once Isha had to give our math teacher a blowjob. I was always surprised that nobody would get caught.

And on one challenge for the first time I got a opportunity to let let a guy eat me. But there were few rules. The rules were that I had to be blindfolded and I had to keep my mouth shut. I thought to myself that I had mentioned or selected bdsm on the form so I had this challenge.

I took a bath the very next morning. I had always pleased other but today I was going to be pleased. I remembered using the best fragrance to smell pure, wearing fresh pink panties, wearing shortest skirt. And I was waiting for the class to be over.

After college I was escorted to a room. As per the rule I had to be blindfolded and I was not allowed to speak any words and keep silence and also submit to whatever he does.
I was seated on a bed I could not see anything but I could smell the candle burning in the room and the only feel the softness on the bed where I was going to be sucked. I could not guess or fell any other things other than that.

After some time, I could hear the door opening. I could hear the guy entering the room. And with his husky voice he just said " you know the rules, right?". I could not guess who was he but the voice of the guy made me think he is an aged man. And I nodded my head yes to reply. I could hear him getting undressed and approaching me. I was already damn wet because of the excitement and his husky voice but also equally nervous. I could feel his first touch which ran around my thighs, and I clinched as he first touched me. He again said in his husky voice" is this your first time? ". I nodded yes. And he reolined back by saying" this is going to be fun".

I was still in my uniform and so he started to unbutton my shirt. He said to touch and fell his body thus I ran my hand all around him. He was already naked and as I ran my hands the first thing I felt was his hard on which was average sized, he had fat belly and he had hairs at his chests. Now I was almost sure that he was an old man.

This got me super wet, I have a thing for old men. He undid my bra and started touching and sucking my nipple. I could not see but I could feel his tounge all around my nipples. He also ran his hands under my skirts and he undid my panties. All I could do was submit to whatever he does.

Until this point I thought there was only one guy with me in the room but I could feel that there was another guy too as I could hear him stroking somewhere watching us.
But I wasn't hundred percent sure.
This fat guy started to tie my hands with the help of our school tie and a said that" I am going to suck you off". I was sitting on the edge of the bed with hands tied together. As I opened my legs I could feel his finger rubbing my pussy. He started slowly by rubbing in the area but later he started penetrating and finger fucking realky hard. He then placed his mouth around the area and started sucking. For the first time I felt a mans mustache so sensational as it was giving some weird but exciting sensations as it touched my clits.
After few mins I started bursting with orgasms. Also I could hear the stroking sound of a third guy more clearly this time. As the guy was doing a clock wise rotation on me he was also gently biting my clit which took my pleasure to net level.

Suddenly he stopped, I could hear him sand up and he pushed me on the other edge of the bed where I could lean my back on the walls. He sealed my mouth with a kiss and started finger again. I could not think of any thing else but go with the flow.

He stopped kissing me and whispered in my ears " now its my turn". This was not supposed to happen but as per the game rule I had to submit to everything he asked for, I opted to try. I could smell his hard on near my mouth. As soon as I opened my mouth he slid it inside all of a sudden. I though to myself he was now become bigger than I thought. He started to slid it so deep in my mouth I could feel it sliding through my throat. I gagged and tried to gasp some air but he didn't stop each stroke were deep. I could not stop him as my hands were tied nor shout as his dick was inside my mouth. His dick was filled with my saliva and my eyes started to fill with tears. At one point I nearly suffocated and fainted but at that point he cummed in my throat deep inside. As he took his dick outside.

I took a fresh breathe of relief and I was about to shout at him but I kinda liked that feeling thus I stopped. I thought it was over as the guy just came inside my mouth. But it wasn't over The 3rdd guy stood up and took the lead. He was also already naked. He opened the tie but tied me again on the bed. I was now laying on the bed with my hands tied on the bed itself.
He opened my legs and I could feel his hard on touched my pussy. I revolted speaking my first word in this act " I didn't signed for this" . he slapped me and penetrated his dick inside me saying" shut- up, you are not supposed to talk; bitch" and also closed my mouth with one hand. I was tied I couldn't do any thing except take his fucking.
He was bigger than the first guy and he was also fucking me harder from above. After many strokes even I was forced for this I started feeling something. We both started moaning as I closed my eyes. He poured the hot liquid of the burning candle on my stomach to my surprise it took my pleasers to next level. We both climaxed at the same time as he cummed inside me. After he was over he left money on my hand and they both left the room.

Later the girl who escorted me came and gave me a pill and made sure I took it. Although it was fun but the guys paying me for sex was hurting me inside. I was feeling pain as I cried whole night that day and decided to leave the bet club and college for good.
Later I found out that the bet club was funded by guys who needed college student for sexual satisfaction even some teachers or students pay for sex . there fore it never got complain as the guys who had to be seduced ware the guys who paid.

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Bet Games at College

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