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Categories Fantastic

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 15 August 2017

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With the dispersal of so many of his crewmates, Gideon was comforted by the still X.O. presence of Astinal and many of the lower rate crewmen that he knew. The new captain, Ivan Smirnov, was very stern but also fair in his dealings with the crew. A good sign for a fit and happy ship. The ship had been renamed from the UGANDUZI to the TOLSTOY, to honor the new captain. This was unusual for ship of any type, but these weren’t normal ships, nor did they have normal missions.

Before leaving Earth Docking Bay, The captain was discussing with Astinal, his X.O. about the state of the crew and ship. “Ship, terrific! Crew as well too!” “However, there is the matter of Commander Gideon Honycut our Security Chief and Third officer. No, he is functioning very well in his official duties, but there seems to be a serious emotional residual from his unfortunate experience on NEW ORLEANS, the planet. I feel that if this continues too long, it might little by little undermine the work of a really fine officer. In fact if it had not been because of the emotional hang-over, he would have been a prime candidate to be its new captain.”

Then for what passed as humor, Astinal continued, “Maybe if he had been appointed captain with him still in this condition we might have had to endure having the ship renamed as the: CHARLOTTE/CASSIE. Wouldn’t that have been a hoot to live through?”

“Well, Sub-Captain Astinal, that was an interesting turn of ancient colloquial American English. And the scenario that you mention would definitely been inferior to the designation of; TOLSTOY!” Said with a very smarmy smile. “And your concerns about Commander Honycut are well within our mandate to protect and develop our crew and administrative personnel.”

“As to the use of the term ‘hoot,’ I try to blend in since not many here would at all understand Umantisori humor from my homeland. You know the further American idiom, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ But, as to Commander Honycut, other crew and officers seem to agree that something needs to be done about this. Just having a series of delightful females to interact with, wouldn’t be enough. That is the general consensus, because he was cut very deeply by his experience with Charlotte/Cassie on NEW ORLEANS.”

“What do all of these interested parties recommend as a consensus?”

“Not replacing the lost loved one, but gently filling the hole in his heart with a new loved one. Very different in nature, but just as profoundly moving to him in effect. We are at a standstill as to whom that would be and where.”

“This sounds like a challenge for the Bene Gesserit of THE UNIT, to deal with. I will send off an inquiry to them before we disembark from Earth area.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The answer came back in an electronic message, because of its unclassified nature. Ship: TOLSTOY, your mission destination is changed. Proceed to Planet KENTUCKY and while doing your survey there, have Commander Honycut introduced to a young woman in a small village named Butcher Holler, with the girl named Missy Francois Webb. She is near enough in manner, physical looks and age to her famous forebear, the noted ‘county’ songstress Loretta Lynn, to be her clone. She isn’t, but she is enough like her to be a considerable challenge and influence to his life. If she works out with him, you have permission to recruit her as a cook’s helper and entertainer on the ship to continue with Honycut.

The return message with the captain in a rare mood of humor was: ‘Duly noted and will be acted upon.’

“Hot Damn, Captain. This should be fun to follow!”

“Oh My God (now you have me doing it again) when will this ever end?”

Sub-Captain Astinal looked up at him with what passed for an Umantisori smile and retorted, “When we get tired of it, Captain!”

“Not likely, now don’t you have some duty starving for your attentions?”

“Yes, smarmy Captain, yes.”

The TOLSTOY then proceeded on its mission, arriving as a series of departure and arrival nodes with very short hops in between. Commander Honycut carried out his duties, in the usual crisp and efficient manner. But, his general mood was still very slowly abating in its darkness. He knew nothing of the coming denouement arranged for him, but was curious as to the change in destination. No one cleared that up for him.

When the TOLSTOY arrived at planet: KENTUCKY, assignments were handed out to the various survey crews. Gideon was given command of a three person crew to analyze the situation of the poor folks of the backwoods, centering on the area of the valley named, Butcher Holler. Something rang a bell in his memory at that name, but he couldn’t pull the impression out at this time. But, he was sure that the name of the valley should be Butcher Hollow, so obviously the namer of it was highly unlikely to have a PHD in English. No reflection upon the character of the people living there, though. Higher education isn’t everything. And a lot of people of modest means and education have produced outsized effects in human society over the centuries.

In his mission statement, Gideon had be advised to contact a certain Missy Francois Webb as a typical teenager in this community. Through her, it was asserted, that much could be learned about this people as a whole.

The Captain had had to wipe tears of mirth and laughter while writing this manipulative mission statement. Even Astinal who cosigned the mission statement got the surreal humor in all of this.

So, as the other two of his survey crew went about their assignments, he traipsed up a mountain path to a small opening in the woods that was occupied by a rough hewn home and a sizable garden. Several children of various ages were working in the garden, with the youngest playing with the family dogs. A young woman evidently in her early to late teens looked up at him as he approached and in the absence of her parents, took command of the situation and inquired to what his business was at their home.

The girl was short, slim, lively and very serious in her attitude to this intrusion on their family atmosphere. And she looked up to him with no apparent fear, even with his age and size advantages. She wasn’t of a violent mind, he read. But, she was obviously ready to defend her family if necessary.

He smiled down to her and introduced himself as an officer from the Earth survey ship that was in orbit above her planetary home. He showed her the mission from his captain, which was under the authority of the Czar of America on Earth, which was of itself under the permission of the Over Lord of this sector of space. Even in a backward community like this, she recognized what all of this meant. Besides Gideon was cute to her and a stranger, too.

Meeting unrisky strangers and learning of the outside world from them was a primary mode of entertainment for the poor residents of this area. Next only to their love of music. Since Gideon was notable in his love of music, he figured that this could be really good for his entertainment, too.

So, she invited him to take a seat and await the return of her parents, Papa from the local coal mine shift and his dear wife, Mama from her shopping at the company store, it taking the two of them to hand carry the supplies up the valley trail to their home.

Gideon knew that most of the worst excesses of this type of community were blunted on this planet, so that things weren’t quite as grim as they appear-ed. But, it was obvious that these people loved the simple life that they led and thrived in it. The young woman and her siblings appeared to be very well cared for, despite the rustic nature of their dress and home. And Gideon, not much being into sitting around except for his recent foray in self-pity, doffed his uniform jacket and gathered in with the children to finish the weeding and watering of the large garden.

The children and later the parents when they were arrived back home were very impressed with the work ethic of Gideon and his gardening skills. They had been honed in his youth under similar circumstances. Not quite as rustic, though. But, the parents in respect to his contributions to their gardening project invited him to join them for their supper.

He was glad to accept, since it would be a fine opportunity in sharing stories among them to get a real feel for the status of these fine people. It is a common mistake of the educated to judge people by the amount and advanced state of their possessions. A better measure was the revelation of what was in their hearts and how they maintained the few possessions that they had.

After a bit of time, with Mama cooking and Papa putting things away, doing the night feeding and watering of the animals, they all took their baths, two at a time and then gathered at the supper table for a chance to quench their curiosities about the visiting stranger.

The table seated eight, six children and two adults. Since he was taking one of the seats, he got to hold the baby girl, Crystal who was bright, solid and still in diapers. She was thrilled to have this attention and settled right on to his lap to enjoy the mealtime proceedings, which even at her age she seemed to understand just fine.

The meal started with a very short, heartfelt and honest prayer and then Missy helped her Ma to bring the food and drink to the table and serve it up to the littler ones. Mama lovingly served up Papa. The meal was out a giant black pot and was a pork roast with potatoes, carrots and turnips right from their garden. They were served cider for their drink. The children and their parents were in very simple clean clothing, a summer shift each for Missy and her mother. Her mother was very spare and Missy even more so. But, a very honest form of femininity shown through both of them with their eyes and outstanding respect to the men of the family. A country kind of femininity.

After the prayer was over and they had their food on their plates, they waited for their parents to start eating and then they dug in with a determined gusto to the fine food presented on the table. It was augmented with fresh baked rolls and a garden greens salad. They made their own vinegar for the salads garnish.

After they had all finished their dinner with plates empty and wiped clean with a slice of bread, the children got up and each placed their plates and dinnerware into the giant sink with foaming sudsy water to soak. Then they quietly returned to the table in anticipation of the evening’s entertainment, which would this night center on Gideon Honycut.

Ma and Pa were rather silent during the proceedings, but each regulated the questioning and answering in volume and content. With a sober faced picture of Jesus overlooking the table, Gideon got it that decorum would be observed in this humble but reverent country home.

A youngster introduced himself as Blaine Webb and asked Gideon to give them a little background on himself.

With this, little Crystal fussed to be allowed to turn around on his lap so that she would be able to watch him talk as well as hear it. How she knew that he was about to expound on himself, he had no idea. But, she was very still and respectful as he began his history.

“I was born and raised on a small farm in Washington State on the West side of the mountains in an area not too unlike the one that you live in. Lots of forests and green pastures with small towns and a few very large cities. We were a working man’s family. My father was a Master Mechanic working on very large construction equipment. I worked with him in the summers as an oiler.

I went to university and specialized in Meteorology, the study of the weather. When I entered the military, I was trained in security matters because of my size and apparent strength. I still serve in the Space Corps in that capacity.

My part of the Honycut family, which all spellings of which are of related people descended from four brothers who immigrated to the U.S.A. in the late eighteen eighties, originated with all of the others in one county of North Carolina. Mine moved to Kansas and then on to Washington State during the famous ‘Dust Bowl’ during the nineteen thirties in the Midwest of the U.S. continent. My grandfather many times my ancestor was a millwright and immediately found work in this new state for them.

I have never married, but have had a few very deep relationships over the years. I would like to find a fine lady to share my life with someday and raise a family, but since I have the Benson augmented lifespan, I can wait for the right girl. Or I will take none.”

After that, little Crystal hugged me like she wanted to grow up to be that lady. I smiled and hugged her back. While this was going on the children were considering what to ask him and with the completeness of his historical dissertation were having a hard time finding anything to ask him about.

With this pause, Missy spoke up and offered that, the status of their family was obvious and that they were very happy in their life.

Gideon offered that he could see that and that he couldn’t think of ever seeing a happier or better behaved family grouping.

Then Gideon addressed Missy directly while monitoring her parents as to the properness of his inquiries, “Missy, are you familiar with an ancestress of yours, Loretta (Webb) Lynn the very famous Country songstress?”

“Oh yes. We have an ancient CD player and regularly play CD’s of her performances. We are very proud to have her in our family tree!”

“Understandably so! Do you who appear to favor her to a considerable degree have some aspirations of that manner?”

“No, not really. I am satisfied to do my singing at home with my family to listen. Remember Loretta was very shy and retiring until Dooley came into the picture as her husband and aggressive promoter of her talents. She did come to enjoy her career, but she was basically a homebody and would without Dooley’s nudging have been happy to just stay home and care for her babies.”

“Yes, I got the same inference from her history and even in her songs that were very reality based, from what I have heard.”

“She was very faithful to him for fifty years, a lot of the time under considerable duress, but she also loved him very much and he did give her a considerable family to raise to her delight.”

Gideon added, “Yes, she is reported to have been a fine mother and a very faithful wife. A considerable woman by any measure.”

Missy and her whole family sat up straight and proud with that summation on his part.

‘Is there a ‘Dooley’ in your future on this planetary home?”

“Yes, there certainly is. And he is of the same nature as Loretta’s. His name here is Buster, and he has no future in my life. My Daddy will insure that!”

With that Gideon observed a withering frown on her Daddy’s face. And a deep sigh from her mother.

And then her father spoke up, “If you will excuse us now, Commander Gideon, it is now time for our evening devotions. They involve the reading in turn of selected Bible verses, brief prayers and then off to bed to rest for our next very busy day. You are welcome to observe or partake with us to the degree that you would like.”

“I would like to observe your devotions with respect and then read the twenty-third Psalm if you would permit.”

Mother spoke up, “Very appropriate for a military man. It was written by a renowned warrior, you know. David who became the King of the Israelite nation.”

“Yes Ma’am, I am familiar with the warrior Shepard who defeated the giant Goliath. He is a role model of faithfulness, bravery and honor for any reverent warrior to admire and copy.”
Papa nodded in agreement and offered, “Yes as it should be.”

After the devotions, they all separated to their rooms, the parents in theirs and the boys and girls grouped together in each of theirs. Gideon was offered to sleep in the room with the boys, since he was undoubtedly experienced in sleeping with groups during his service. Gideon agreed with that assessment and offer. Missy brought a blanket and cushion for him to sleep on and when he playfully reached out to pat her behind, she swatted his hand away in assumed huffy anger, to the amusement of her brothers and Gideon. And admonished him, “That is for the right man someday.” And she spun on her heels and rushed laughing from the room. Gideon fell asleep in this right fine assembly totally impressed with this truly fine hearted family.

On the next day, the Captain upon being appraised as to the initial success of their little experiment with heart healing, let Gideon know that he was ordered to remain with this family for the duration of their stay and to study this family in even more depth. Such a fine family would have many lessons for the rest of us in successful and happy marriages and family life. The family was delighted to have him stay and told him so. Little Crystal again seemed to know instinctively what was going on and continued to hang very tightly on him, to the amusement of the rest of the family. And because there was no other mission for the ship at the planet, they settled in for an at least thirty day stay around this very pleasant planet.

After he had been there another week, he was notified that there was to be a country jamboree that coming Saturday, featuring performers that he would readily recognize, both those who were cloned and those who rose up on their own to become accomplished performers. Doc Watson was going to be present to play and with him was a new son who very much resembled in personality and ability with the guitar with his dearly lamented lost son in his previous life. This one was going to stay away from tractors to everyone’s relief.

The Jamboree was financed by voluntary contributions of the poor that attended it, but those contributions were substantially augmented by the local coal company that greatly appreci-ated its workers. And the mama’s of the families provided the foods for the attenders and performers in a pot luck buffet, picnic style. Great music, great food, taciturn honorable and friendly people, it just couldn’t get any better.

And Gideon got to dance with Missy between her sets singing on the stage with some county legends. He felt that they moved very naturally together and he could tell that he was beginning to turn her head. Her Mama and Papa quickly recognized the clues and stepped aside to let nature take its course, as long as it was in a ‘respectful’ nature.

After he had been there for just three weeks, he in a hidden glen broached the subject of her joining her life to his. He had been notified that there was a place for her on the ship if she became his mate. She said that that was an awful lot to swallow from the brief time that they had known each other. Gideon agreed that that was so, but this would be their only opportunity for that, since once he left her planet, he would probably never get to return. He didn’t tell her that because of the purpose behind their meeting was so serious, that if she did agree to be with him, that she would receive the same life span as he had left.

When she discussed this with her mother, her mother asked, “How do you feel about him in your heart, Missy?”

Missy looking up to her mother with tears in her eyes said, “I know that I love him, mama. He is a wonderful man, much better than Loretta got. And she loved him for fifty years.”

“Do you want to have babies with him?”

“Oh yes, mama. He will be a wonderful father. Just look how he handled little Crystal during his stay.”

“Alright Missy, I will discuss this with your father tonight and get back to you as soon as I can.”

With that both Missy and Gideon spent very restless nights.

In the morning before breakfast, Mama took Missy aside and said that her father agreed with this with only one stipulation, that since she was only fifteen now, that she be baby free until her nineteenth birthday. If he promised that, he would give his blessing to this fine man upon his request for Missy’s hand.

Gideon approached the father and the whole family that evening during family devotions and asked for Missy’s hand in marriage. The father looked to soberly consider it and then with a wide smile agreed to give his beloved daughter to the stranger from the sky who had so impressed the family, only with the stated stipulation. Gideon readily agreed to that. The wedding would be the day before they would both leave to go into the sky. Three days later it was passed on to Gideon that he had five more days. So, a very rushed but heartfelt wedding was celebrated by the young couple and with a great many tears from her parents and siblings, she rose up with Gideon to take her place on the great ship, TOLSTOY, proudly next to her beloved husband and father to be of her future babies.

The Captain Smirnov and the Sub-Captain were moved to such pride over the success of their overture in the sympathy of Gideon’s sadness, that they threatened to pop off every single button on each’s dress uniforms when the couple appeared on the bridge upon their arrival on the ship. As they left the bridge, Captain Smirnov was heard muttering, “Just too damn cool for words!!!”

That night the couple celebrated their first loving bedtime together, with the outstanding gentleness of the mature Gideon, making love to his new teen bride Missy. And when he broke her virginity within her, she with tears moaned her total love of him and promised it to last forever or as long as the Creator would permit it. He hadn’t told her of her extended life span yet, he would save that for an appropriate moment in the near future.

The Captain, very full of himself over the outstanding successes of this survey trip and the affair of Gideon, inquired of Space Command if they had further missions available to add to this trip. The return message advised him that the survey missions were complete and that he should return the ship to Earth Port. They also added with a very low volume laugh that they were very much enjoying the account of the recoup of the fine security officer, Gideon Honycut.

The Over Lord, sent his congratulations to all that were involved in this marvelous effort to rescue the deep feelings of such an admirable man. And told them all that this was one of the most satisfying personnel outcomes that he had ever seen in his whole term of oversight in this quadrant.

Everyone onboard was so happy for the loving couple. It was a truly jolly ship as it cruised and side-slipped on its way back to Earth Port. There were a lot of conceptions on the way, with the elevated feelings of hope and positivity generated by the love of one little girl for one very ‘big’ man.


When the euphoria of the masterfully pleasant outcome of the Honycut affair calmed down, everyone let out a sigh of relief and wondered what was to happen next.

The Space Ships were all returning. Earth had found a secure and respected place in its handling of its forays into space. The Czarate was strong and the affairs of America and the rest of the planet were fairly calm with a backdrop of slightly increased tensions due to the evident pullback of the influence of the Shadow Forces. However the Czarate’s Action Committee had picked up much of the slack in handling the more severe cases of hard resistance to the Czarate’s handling of its mandates. The Over Lord was keenly observing the affairs of Earth to see how this was going to be handled. He certainly had never intended for the Czarate to become a dictatorial body of perpetual power.

After ruling for some time, in the late night, Nkrumah lay with his czarina in loving after sexual repose and with her gathered into his arms asked her what kind of future did she wish for him and their growing family. She nestled into his arms and favored him with a wish that they find a place to have a normal family life and not this super animated court existence, since both of them had come from much humbler existences. He thought this over as his hands caressed the wonderfully formed woman in his arms. And answered that the same thoughts were entering his mind.

He felt that he was so very honored to have been called to serve as the Czar, but wondered if a Czar was even needed anymore. Things were very stable with just very minor under the table tensions. The worst of those that might arise would continue to be dealt with by the Shadow forces and the rest could be dealt with by the now very able and dependable various law and security forces intact in the super-nation of America, which included the old U.S.A., Canada, some of the northern states of Mexico and most of the Caribbean islands.

There was the question of how the transition would be administered and where he and his family would go, since it wouldn’t do to have a retired Czar looking over the shoulder of a newly elected actual President who was getting his feet wet in reestablishing the historic balance between the national governmental powers. So, he decided to ask permission to visit the Over Lord again to confer with him over these matters with his wife and family in tow.

He conferred with Space Command over this and received their positive response of readiness for such a trip. With the survey forays complete now for many years of additional need and no immediate threats to the Homeland, it was thought that this would be a good chance to keep the necessary skills of a Space Ship in polished order.

The Over Lord, of course knew that the request for a ‘State’ visit was about to be made and he preempted the request and issued a command for he and his family to appear in his court at his main residence.

Since, Captain Smirnov was in the midst of an extended visit in his homeland of Russia and would be extremely disappointed to have it cut short, Space Command decided to crew the ship with many newly qualified Spaceship personnel and have it captained by the admirable Commander Honycut, acting as temporary Captain. He would have the talented and humble Astinal as his X.O. and helpful back up on the trip. It would serve as a shakedown cruise for Gideon as well as the new crew members.

So, the mighty ship, TOLSTOY, dubbed the APPALACHIAN DREAM for this voyage, set out on an assumed to be mundane trip to visit the Over Lord, a cruise around the friendly neighborhood.

Funny how time, fate and an Over Lord’s whim can undo such plans.

When they hit the first departure node of the ‘side-slip’ system, they came out at an unexpected departure point and facing them was an outsized obviously potent military space ship. While the navigators checked over their logs and figures therein, the newly appointed Captain faced his first official crisis.

As he conferred with Astinal, his X.O. the word came to him that there had been a slight deviation in the entrance to the departure node, but apparently not enough to cause the apparent shift to an alternate departure node. But, that if they could survive the faceoff with the encountered opposing ship, they could easily correct that misstep and return to the intended destination.

Gideon shook off the unnecessary but enlightening info for the moment as he considered how to defuse this possibly dangerous situation. Astinal informed him that this was a ship of one of the avowed enemies of mankind. They had always been suspicious of the human ability to make gigantic steps forward in science and technology, attributing it to the interference of the Over Lord, who they very much were suspicious of, also. Actually, in this case they were wrong, it was just the chaos factor in the brains of humans animated by great need that generated this central ability in humans to their spectacular advances over the previous few millenniums.

He without looking inquired of Astinal of any info that would help him to quickly defuse this standoff. And it was passed on to him that these were serious enemies of mankind and that they, the human ship, were in the wrong here having penetrated into the Locatian Space. One quirky thing though, the Locatians were noted for their obsessive devotion to Saurian Brandy, a beverage made famous in an ancient dramatic series of Space Travel. Think of an ancient stadium filled with Green Bay Packer fans facing a defeat of their beloved team with cans of beer in their hands. So, Gideon had a five liter bottle sent to the facing Captain with a conciliatory note of apology for an unintended incursion on their rightful space.

As the angry Captains visage came up on the Bridge screens, the Earth vessel’s bridge crew could watch the stunned assumed to be face of the alien morph into a resumed happy state with the delivery and identification of the gift from the humans. And after sampling it to his obvious approval, he inquired if he and a small detachment could visit the Earth vessel as a mark of peace between them.

Captain Gideon smiled and gave his permission. If it was to be an incursion of a military type, his ship would have been in serious danger anyway with this military vessel facing them. Though they were not helpless by any matter. He informed the soon to visit Captain of the protocols on this ship and that he would have little confusion upon entering it by just following the moving arrows on the hallway floors and avoiding security areas. Visual displays of the arrows and security signs were then sent to the alien Captain, and arrangements were made for the visit.

As the entire Earth Ship’s crew and especially the Czar marveled at how the very capable captain of the Earth ship had defused this could have been very serious matter, the Over Lord smiled at watching several purposes that he had in mind come to a positive fruitions. Not the least of which was to defuse the stress between two races who would come within frequent contact in interstellar space. Also, the confirming of the special qualities of this young Captain.

After the brief, but very positive visit of the alien Captain, who left with a 55 gallon drum of his favorite beverage, the APPALACHIAN DREAM returned to a corrected course to arrive in the Over Lord’s presence.

That night with the Captain off duty and in his young loving wife’s arms, she became more energetic and sensually demanding than ever before as a matter of destressing over the very close call that they had just had.

She took his head into her hands and with blazing eyes and a very grimly determined expression on her face kissed and tongue probed this precious man into lustful oblivion. She was a sex demon that night, kissing sucking nipping and probing into every sensually interesting site on his body, working on his heart and mind, too.

When she had him sufficiently lit up with accelerated passion, she moved him to the center of the bed with her accentuated physical strength and then mounted him to drive him through the mattress if she could manage it. She came damn near to succeeding, too. They both came with shouts and screaming out of their lusty mouths, echoing down the supposedly sound proofed hallways and over the whole ship’s intercoms, to a lot of smiling faces.

When the sounds of their passions abated, the loving couple briefly caught their breaths and then she lifted her slight body off of having her pussy impaled and then drove down with her prepared ass to reignite their carnal passions. It didn’t take long at all and with muted moans and tears, they both came onto each other again and then slumped down to hold each other in impassioned love to sleep the night away. Nothing was ever said about this by the crew to them, but they encountered a lot of admiring smiles upon their rising in the morning to share breakfast with the off duty crew, a new captain’s neighborly tradition.

With all of the pomp and circumstance of a visiting Czar with his new Space Ship Captain, the Quadrantly famous Gideon Honycut and new bride Missy, appeared in court. With the Over Load and his celestial court present, Czar Nkrumah and the Over Lord met to discuss very serious matters of State.

The Over Lord had anticipated this meeting for some time. It was not that the Czar was dissatisfied with his present assignment, but that he saw an avenue of further development of the human oversight of Earthly affairs and further preparation for them in assuming their presence in interstellar space. It wasn’t good enough to have just accomplished the dependable usage of a spectacularly new technology. The humans needed to develop a mindset that would stand them in good stead among many alien species with very different attitudes about matters of similar concern.

If the ‘in the transit’ confrontation and its very peaceful resolution was any indication, the human community with further experiences of this positive mode would transition into a mobile interstellar race with a minimum of drama, in stark contrast to their past dismal record of handling matters on their own planet Earth. The Over Lord smiled to himself at the fitness of having arranged that standoff as a further method of building that interstellar mindset. And the Captain that almost everyone was impressed with and the championing of came through with flying colors, too. ‘Very Cool indeed,’ as a previous generation of humans had regularly commented.

So, the Over Lord allowed Czar Bradley to initiate the conversation, “My Lord, I approach your majesty with some thoughts and at least one request.”

“Proceed, my Czar!”

“I have tried to acquit myself with honor in the assignment that you placed with me. But, with the backing up of the Shadow Forces and the success of my action committee, it has come to my attention that perhaps the American people are ready to reassume their sovereignty and active managing of their own affairs with a return to an actual President who is really in charge in the balance of power between the three branches of their government.

It could be accomplished with a minimum of two years preparation for possible candidates to come into focus and for the branches of government and the bureaucracy that works with it to reassume the pervasive authority necessary to take care of their mandates. It will take that long for them to prepare to abandon the ‘crutch’ of the Shadow Forces doing all of the heavy lifting in regard to prodigious challenges. I know that they will continue as a last course safety net in case of evil people seeking power to feather their nests instead of serving for the benefit of the people. But, even with that safeguard, they will for sure bruise their knees and skulls in error with serious results. That is the blessing/curse of self-determination and has to be revisited to impress the importance of them continuing on their people’s development and widening out of an interstellar view of things.

The Over Lord, respectfully pondered on that for some minutes while his guests were served appropriate beverages to help in their patience and to calm their nerves at the speaking so bluntly to the appointed power of the quadrant.

And then with a visible evidence of resolution, he spoke, “I can see again why you were chosen to serve as the Czar. An interstellar attitude and a very real mindset to do what is best for his people. Grandly Done, Sir!”

The Czar bowed at that appreciative assertion by the Over Lord.

“So, here is my decision. Things will proceed exactly as you have suggested. And you will busy yourself in its preparations, with progressive proclamations to the public.

In the background preparations will be made for you and your Captain to move to another quadrant to avoid any backlash from your necessary actions as Czar. Also for his any perceived favoritisms that you have been afforded to by me. I have a planet in mind that I have some interest in and granted authority over, even though it is beyond my acknowledged area of designated authority. This will spread the human influence far beyond the dream of your current authorities and by the time they catch up to meeting your descendants any left-over resentments should have dissipated.

You will, the four of you, be granted a lifespan of at least a thousand more years to get your new society into proper order. There is the possibility of repeated cloning with passed forward memories, too. We will see how necessary or even appropriate that might be. I look forward to following this process, though you will be under the authority of my brother Over Lord. And you will each produce many children with your wives. A selection of Benson gene blessed individuals will join you in your transit. They will all be volunteers. There will be no difficulty at all in filling up the necessary gene base for this mission.”

With that, the company of rulers and their loved ones settled in for a very pleasant elongated visit. Their return to Earth was uneventful, and their arrival was enthusiastically celebrated.

Within two weeks of his return, the Czar made his first public statement about the future of Earth’s American manner of government.

As a bulletin on all of the major media broadcasts and a very large in person audience, “My dear citizens, I have very much enjoyed my service in your behalf, but I foresee with the Over Lord’s agreement that it is time to return this nation’s governing to the authority of a real President, not just one that is In-Waiting as has been the case for centuries.

It was never the intention for this mode to be permanent or even for it to survive this long. But, due to the overwhelming acceptance of its stark but effecttive addressing of many very serious and seemingly untenable challenges, it was revoted in to an unspecified term of service. The original asserted term was twenty years. Perhaps, we have overstayed our welcome since.

In any case, I am setting up a process for an election in two years that would coincide with the normal rotation of presidential elections in the past. The time will allow possible presidential candidates to improve their eligibility to serve in that office and for them to get whatever name recognition that they can muster in the meantime. I must inform you that the Shadow forces will certainly vet the candidates and prevent any that are unqualified or would become toxic office holders from being in the election. Something else will be done by them, which I will address further in a few minutes. You will have the real opportunity to make choices in this matter from now and on to the future.

When the governing is handed over to the newly installed President, I and my coterie of family and close governing officials with withdraw from this quadrant and assume a life out of the possibility of influencing any of the governing that will proceed forth from the inauguration and on. You will not be allowed to know its location for quite some time.

Another thing that has to be done by the Congress is present to me within the next year an improved manner of electing the President and Vice-President, showing a respect from what has gone on before, but with a renewed built-in respect for the privilege of every legal citizen to be able to vote, and for their votes to accurately count; with the prevention of the election of a candidate that gets a significant minority of actual votes, but could be elected in by shenanigans in the electoral college. I will be closely monitoring that effort and have a plan ready, if the Congress should be stalemated over these critical issues.

The other thing that the Shadow Forces will take hold of is to prevent any outside interference with the electoral process and results. This means any person or persons not a part of the American community and any alien culture that might want to interfere, either. They may express legally their preferences in a calm and civil manner, but not influence the actual voting process.”

Things proceeded orderly from that point on with great expectation and occasional surprises at those who were separated from the election process. Congress with the fear of what the Czarate might have come up with passed a massive election overhaul bill that both of sides of the aisle hated, but decided that they could live with. Czar Bradley let it be accepted after the signing by the Current President-in Waiting.

The election proceeded as arranged, and Czar Bradley was glad to symbolically hand the reins of governing over to her at the inauguration and then gather up his already prepared party to board the renamed to UHURU, Space Ship to parts unknown. The Over Lord had passed on the coordinates of the departure and arrival nodes to the ship and then destroyed any remaining information as to where this party under his sponsorship would be leaving to settle.

In two millennia, contact was reestablished between the Earth Authorities and the far off settled colony left from the establishment of Nkrumah and Gideon. A Clone of Gideon was still involved in the governing of the colony, which was thriving. Earth was still stable, and The American people survived rather well the transition back to their traditional form of government with a minimum of trauma. Both peoples were very glad to reconnect and thus the acknowledged human presence in the universe was expanded again.


After a thousand happy years of being Gideon’s wife, Missy asked to not be cloned to further life, but to be allowed to pass into death to be wherever her Mama, Papa and beloved siblings were. She told Gideon how much she had loved him and treasured their many years together, but that she was desperate to see her mama’s face again.

When Gideon balked at this because of the personal cost that it would put on him, she smiled and said that he had loved before, with her and would again, because he was just that fine of a man. A new love would appear for him and Missy would pass on to be a warm memory in his heart, just like Cassie/ Charlotte was.

And she would be pleased to pass on to her parents and siblings that the very fine impression that he had made on her family had proved true in their many years together.

With that they shared a last loving night together and in the morning he found her deceased with a very large smile on her face and her body in peaceful repose. With a crying heart and eyes, he carried her out to be taken to be cremated and hopefully to join her lost beloved family wherever they were.

Then he sobered up and went about his serious duties in association with Nkrumah the elected leader of their people.

A few years later a young girl came into his immediate retinue and quickly stole his heart again.

The Over Lord of his previous quadrant smiled again.

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