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  1. The Importance of Sophie, Preface
  2. The Importance of Sophie, Part 1: Vickie
  3. The Importance of Sophie, Part 2: Dawn

The Importance of Sophie, Part 1: Vickie

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Author: SmokingMan

Published: 15 August 2017

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This story takes a little while to get into the action, just hang in there. Please enjoy the work and the true beginning of David’s story.


The Importance of Sophie, Part 1: Vickie by SmokingMan


I lay in bed, wondering. Pondering. What was that? Was it real? So many questions float around in my head. I roll onto my back, staring blankly at the ceiling, trying to figure out what the hell that was. It couldn't've been real, just an extremely realistic dream. I wasn't actually there -wherever there was supposed to be- it was all in my head.


I get up and begin pacing around my room. I have school today, and calculus won't wait. I get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast. By now my father is already at work and my sister is still sleeping. She usually waits till the last minute to get ready.

I prepare a bowl of cereal and sit down at our kitchen island to eat. As I sit there, munching my Cheerios, I happen upon an interesting idea:

There's only one way I can confirm or deny the validity of the dream: carry out the task it had laid out, that being for me to have sex with Vickie, one of the more prominent sluts at my school.

This task had never been formally stated during the whole ordeal. In fact, nothing had been said at all throughout the entire encounter. But I still knew what it was that they wanted me to do, as though the thoughts and concepts had been placed directly into my mind. Of course, that’s impossible, but under the circumstances I'm willing to believe. And I still don't even know who they are. I never even saw one of them, the only other living things there were my crush, which is impossible, and a porn star, which is also impossible.

After finishing my bowl I continue to get ready for school.

About half an hour later, it’s time to leave and I begin my relatively short walk to Carlson High School, which is about a quarter mile from home. I could drive but it’s not very far and I don't mind the walk.

As I make my way there, I continue to wonder, but eventually push the thoughts aside (although it’s about as easy as pushing an ox) because there’s nothing I can do about it now, so there’s no use stressing over it.

Upon arriving, I can’t help but notice Vickie and the other girls from the dream as I pass them in the hallways. I see them one by one as I make my way to my locker and then as I wander the halls waiting for first period to begin.

They look… different now that I am aware of their significance. The person I want to see most now is Sophie, the chiefest of the ten and my personal love interest since freshman year. I know that I can’t just walk up to her and start asking questions about some dream I had like it was a real thing. No. But I had to see her.

I continue walking the halls without rhyme or reason, waiting for the bell when I pass Vickie for a second time. This time I take a long look at her as she approaches. She’s wearing a tight fitting long sleeve shirt in a deep blue color and black leggings, both of which accentuate her ample curves. She knows what she’s got, and she flaunts it with pride. Her dirty blonde hair flows behind her, unstyled as usual. As I look up from admiring her body, grey meets brown as our eyes come together for the briefest of moments. She has seen what I had been doing and gives a knowing smirk. I turn my head away quickly, and continue down the hall a little faster as I feel my face begin to flush red.


The first half of the day comes and goes. I slide into my seat in fourth period social studies, checking everyone who comes through the door. This is my only class with Sophie, and so far I haven't seen her all day. She’s never late, nor has she ever been absent. The bell rings and class began without her for the first time this semester, likely this whole year.

When you’ve wanted someone for so long, it becomes a need, like a drug. The simple sight of her every day was enough to keep me going, but today I will have to go without that. There’s nothing I can do anyway; it's not like she would know anything even if I could ask her. Despite how normal this is, her being absent, it’s too damn strange for her to be gone today, of all days, right after this dream of mine.

But that’s not proof. It could be a coincidence, but it’s damn conspicuous. I try to focus on what my teacher is talking about, but he could be talking about the spread of communism or the spreading of butter for all I know. I can’t focus on anything and I believe this event has now moved into the territory of an existential crisis.

Finally, the day ends and I make my way home.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur, I don’t remember what happened, but seven hours pass and it’s 10:09 and I’m lying in bed, covers tucked up to my chin. I sit motionless until sleep finally takes me.


A few days pass and my mental condition is little better than before. This dream-thing has shaken me to my very core, and I'm still having trouble processing it all. Simply the endless question “What does it mean?” has been haunting me day and night.

I can't live like this. It has to end. I have to know, something has to change.

When I get to second period, the first and only class I have with Vickie, I pray she's here. Waiting another day with this madness is something I know I cannot bear.

When you walk into this particular classroom, there are rows of desks on either side of the room, with a considerable space in the middle. The desks in these rows are arranged so that students sitting on one side will be facing those sitting on the other side of the room, with the projector and whiteboard on the wall farthest from the door. The teacher instructs many of the English classes at Carlson, as well as journalism, so the class is set up for discussions.

In perfect cliche fashion, she sits on the opposite side of the room from me, and today the people that usually obstruct my view of her are absent.

Even though she is well known for her sluttyness, she won’t get with just anyone, and certainly not someone like me. You had to be big, strong and popular, like a jock. I was none of those things. But she does like to tease people, particularly those who she’d never sleep with, just to give them hope only to shoot them down if they make any advances. Outside of her friend circle, not many people like her, but she knows she can change the mind of any boy if she insinuates that she wants to have sex with them.

A wise man once said “the power of boners is stronger” and Vickie has proven that statement true time and again. She knows the power she has.

Even with this knowledge, my somewhat nerdy, gullible self still feels excited and nervous whenever she smiles at me from across the room. She seemed to be glancing over at me as much as I am at her, almost as if she- No! She’s playing you! She doesn’t actually care. It’s all just a scam to give you hope. If sex with her is the only way to know for sure, then you’ll have to be smart about this. Get her to want you, not the other way around.

The next time we meet eyes, I send back an equally knowing grin, with a nearly imperceptible nod of my head. Now it’s her who comes away confused. She has never experienced someone of my type playing her games, and my guess says that she likes it. Maybe she has found a real opponent.

As class wraps up, I begin talking with one of my friends in class, conveniently within earshot of Vickie, to further peak her interest. To let her know that I know what she's doing, and that I can play just as well as she can.

“Ok, you know how I was eyeing Sophie? Well, I think I found someone even hotter.”

“By the way you've been talking about her, I'm surprised you think anyone even comes close to Sophie.”

“Yeah, but hear me out: Vickie.”

“What, are you serious? She's such a bitch!” I had made sure my friend’s back was to her, so he wouldn't know how close she was.

“I say it's all a front. To weed out the weak ones. Only a tough guy would date a bitch, and besides, have you seen her curves! Nothing’s too big or too small, she has the perfect everything!”

“Whatever, man. I still think you should stay away, but you do you I guess.” At that moment, the bell rings and as all the students began racing to lunch, I shoot a look over at Vickie, who hasn't moved and looks like she’s thinking hard about something. She looks up at me, I know she's heard what I said. A little smirk from me is all she gets before I turn and walk out of class.

That may have worked better than I thought it would .


Over the next few days, we built up this kind of game, each doing as many things as possible to make the other think they were attracted to them. Of course, I do think she's hot as hell, but that's beside the point. If either of us admit our attraction to the other, that person loses. These are mind games we’re playing, and if I want to bang her, I’ll have to turn up the heat.

That came on Friday, when I decided to talk to her for the first time.

“You know I've seen you, staring at me from across the room every day.” I try my best at unflinching confidence, but I'm really making it up as I go.

Her response is instantaneous, “well that means you've been staring at me too.”

“You're the one who's always blushing when I'm around.”

“You're the one who’s always gawking at my tits.” She rolls her shoulders forward, pushing her boobs together. I get a nice look at her cleavage due to her low cut top. My dick begins to harden and I regret going commando as my tip begins digging into my jeans.

I have to be careful of what I say now. If I admit at all that I'm attracted to her she'll shoot me down and I'll be back to square one. “Well when you put them on display like that…”

“I can see I’m having an effect on you, do you like what you see?” Shit, she noticed my boner, I'm screwed. She's moving her hands up her sides now, inching towards her tits.

Just as I'm about to crack, I hear a sound. A sound that first brought fear as I instinctively know that it’s the battle cry of Devin, the school's resident dickweed. It then brought relief as it distracted Vickie from our current conversation turned soft-core striptease. It finally brings fear again as I realize what that battle cry means: he's about to pants someone. And he’s getting closer.

“Oh fuck” I whisper as I look over my shoulder towards the sound, confirming my fears. Just as I do, he arrives at his target and, using his immense strength alone, rips down my jeans, busting my cheap belt in the process.

As you can imagine, this causes my fully hardened dick to bounce free, right in front of Vickie, who looks on in shock.

“Woah, bad day to go commando, dude!” he shouts as he continues running down the hall. I pull my pants back up as quickly as I can, but not before everyone around me gets a good look.

This cannot be happening. I sprint away, running as fast as I can until I arrive at my next class. I drop into my seat and pretend like that didn't just happen. News of that will spread like wildfire, and I want to enjoy my last few hours of dignity.


After school, I decide to leave through the back door to avoid the mass of taunts that will surely be coming from the other students out front. As I'm walking out the door, I hear a voice from behind me.

“Hey, wait!” Shit, someone found me. But that voice sounded familiar. I turn around. It's Vickie.

“I'm sorry about what happened back there, Devin’s a real jerk.”

“Well, there isn't anything you could have done, but thanks for being considerate.” I say as I continue out the door. She follows me outside. There's no one around. “at least you're not being an ass like everyone else.”

“No, I would never make fun of you.”

“Why not,” I say flatly, “aren't you supposed to be a bitch?” the distaste in my voice is obvious. “What was that back there? Some people might say you were into me, pulling something like that.”

“Into you? Of course not, only a dumbass would think that. Besides, that's not the reason why I'm here, I wanted to do something to make up for what happened, to ease your pain.”

Whoa whoa whoa. What? Is she saying what I think she's saying? I mean, I knew she was easy, but surely not that easy.

She notices my expression and rolls her eyes “not like that, idiot. I'm going to a party tonight, you should come, you know, to distract yourself and stuff.”

“What? Why would I want to do that? I'm not a party guy.”

“Don't worry, no one from our school will be there. It's a college party. They let me come cause I told them I'd show ‘em my tits. They said I was welcome to bring other people if I wanted.”

This would be the perfect opportunity, but I don't really want to go out after what happened.

“As much as I'd like to got to a party full of people drunk out of their minds with only you as company, I'm going to have to decline.” I turn to leave.

“Oh come on, there's nothing else I can think of to do for you!” she walks to catch up to me, “you need something to take your mind off of that embarrassment and this is the perfect thing!” A pause, than a huff, “I could set you up with one of the easy chicks there.” That peaked my interest, but it didn't matter. I guess I have to go. I stop walking and turn to face her.

“Fuck it, you know what? I'll go. But only to get you to stop begging. And for your information, I can get a girl on my own if I want.”

“I wasn't begging, you just shouldn't sit around and stew in self-pity about what happened.”

“Fine, just tell me the when and where.”

“Cool, it's at a frat house down at Nelson. This should be the address here,” She hands me a slip of paper, says “be there at 10,” and walks away, heading toward the front of the school. That was… weird.

Anyway, I continue walking home, thinking about this party. Looks like it's going down today, do or die time.

On the way home, a pickup full of high schoolers slows down on the side of the road, keeping pace with my stride.

The guy in the passenger seat pops his head out the window, “Yo, they say Devin pantsed you!” Here we go. I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of a response. I continue on, not even looking at them. The driver, a big guy who plays linebacker for the football team pulls them up to the curb.

“You know, they say you were going commando, and you were hard.” The guy in the passenger seat continues. I know what he's trying to do. I pick up the pace. They speed up to match it. “You were talking to Vickie. You were hard for her, weren't you?” I continue to ignore them, so passenger seat decides to step it up.

“Rumor has it you got a small dick too.”

He becomes frustrated when I still don't react. “Come on man, nothin’? That doesn't hurt you? Not even a little bit? I just insulted your manhood. Your honor. What do you have to say about that?”

“It's not what I have to say, it's what the owner of that Cadillac will have to say.”

“What Cadillac?” And right at that moment, their heavy pickup bumps into the fender of a vintage Eldorado that has to be at least fifty years old and in pristine condition. They I weren't going fast, less than two miles an hour, but it's enough to heavily dent the shiny chrome bumper and bust out one of the glass taillights. The linebacker hadn't been watching the road, and now they'll have to contend with the angry old man who owns the relic.

I smile and continue on my way. It's not long before a tirade of anger and obscenities starts blasting out behind me.

At home, I begin preparing for the party. What am I going to wear? Oh, it doesn't matter, it's just a bunch of frat boys, they won't care. I'll at least switch out my jacket and tee for a casual button-up. Should I style my hair? Put gel in it to blend in.

Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. Now I have six hours to kill before I head out. I try different things, watching movies, playing video games, even working on my homework, but nothing can keep my mind off the party. And Vickie. I'm just too damn nervous.

What am I going to do? How do you go from rivals to sex in one day? Forget fucking on the first date, this is like trying to sleep with someone you met five minutes ago. Well if you get her drunk enough then I'm sure… Nah, but mark it as a last resort. Besides, whatever this is, I'm sure the sex has to be real. She has to agree willingly.

I continue thinking up new plans, each more impossible than the last. I look up at the clock. Shit, it's 9:45! I guess I'll just improvise. I grab my phone and keys and rush out the door, get in my car and head off to Nelson University.

Half an hour later, I find myself standing outside a large colonial style mansion. The four large pillars customary of this style extend up to the second floor, creating a large open space out front. The porch is filled with chairs, mini fridges and a few worn kegs filled with who knows what. Hanging between the two inner pillars is a sign proclaiming the name of the fraternity: Alpha Omega.

The party has just gotten started and people are streaming in. I walk up to the open double doors, but a guy standing there stops me.

“Dude, you can't go in. You're like sixteen. This may be a crazy over the top party, but we're still keeping it legal.” The man was probably about 20, likely a freshman stuck on door duty. His long unkempt hair almost covers his eyes, and he has about a dozen piercings.

“Oh, uh… I'm here with Vickie. She um, said I could come”

“Ok, but I'll need to hear it from her. Not taking any chances. She'll be along any time.”

“What was it you said about keeping this party legal”

“Hey, you try to get smart with me again and I'll put you out.”

“I was just pointing out-”

“Yeah, sure. I won't be intimidated by you, I've got orders, and if you know anything about Alpha Omega, you know about how we, like, follow orders and stuff.”

“Alright, fine. Orders are orders. I'll just wait by my car.” I back away a few feet before turning around and walking away. Jeez, this day just keeps getting stranger.

I get in the driver's seat of my car, pop the seat back and start waiting, watching everyone who enters the house.

After half an hour of boredom, I see her, walking up to the house from the left about a block away. When I see her, my cock instantly swells. She's wearing a white, loose fitting crop top with a high neckline. Because of the size of her tits, the bottom floats out from her body a bit. Her white short shorts accentuate the ample curve of her ass.

Why would she be wearing all white to a frat party? I look at the windows of the house, at the party inside. The place glows with black light. She'll light up in there. I get out of my car and walk over to her.

“Hey, you're late,” I say as I begin walking alongside her.

“It’s a frat party, you can't be late. I said it starts at ten, not be here at ten.” She says with a slightly annoyed tone.

I laugh flatly. “Well excuse me for trying to be punctual,” I say jokingly.

She huffs. “Don't make me change my mind before we even get in there. Remember, I'm still trying to be nice to you.” We continue walking.

“Hey, you're back. And I see you found Vickie,” says the door guard when we climb the steps to the house. “looks like you were telling the truth.”

Vickie looks impatient, “just let us in Chad, I'm too sober for this.” The music blares from inside.

“Fine, go on in.” Just as I take my first step, he stops us.

“Hey,” he puts his arm across the doorway, “I almost forgot. You gotta pay the toll first. Remember what you promised.”

Toll? I didn’t bring any money, and what--

My thought are immediately cut off when Vickie lifts up her loose crop top, revealing her perfectly formed c-cup tits. Oh yeah, that promise. Both me and Chad are absolutely mesmerized. I can hardly think, just looking on in awe.

All too soon, she puts her top back down and the spell is broken.

“Wow, the guys weren't kidding.” Chad whispers, still dumbfounded. Vickie rolls her eyes as she walks past him. I quickly follow.

Inside, the music blares so loud that conversation becomes impossible. I don't know what to do so I just follow Vickie. We eventually make it to the kitchen, where she immediately grabs a glass, dunks it in the punch bowl and downs the whole thing.

“Damnit! It's not even spiked!” She shouts over the music.

“Sorry chick, we only drink it straight here,” shouts a guy sitting on a nearby countertop. “None of that weak-ass watered down shit.” He hands her a beer can.

She pulls out her keys and stabs the can, shotgunning it in a matter of seconds.

“Whoa! You're serious about your booze!” the countertop guy proclaims when she's done.

“Nothing interesting happens while you're sober!” She replies and reaches for another can. I'm still looking on in surprise and slight admiration before I realize that she's walking back towards the massive crowd in the living room. I try to catch up to her, but I slam into another girl, spilling her drink all over her.

“Hey, watch where you're going!” She shouts. I mumble some apologies and nervously duck through a nearby doorway to avoid her wrath.

The room is a den, filled with couches, tv's and bean bag chairs. It’s absolutely filled with couples, some making out, others seemingly engaged in foreplay. I'm hugging the wall just next to the entryway, shrouded in darkness. I see a guy getting a blowjob in the back corner. Even though I don't want it to, my dick starts to swell. Moments later she takes his dick out of her mouth and he cums all over her face. They get up, he zips up his jeans and they drunkenly walk back to the main party, his cum still plastered on her face.

I decide I’ve seen enough. I need to find Vickie. Mustering up some courage, I quickly move from my hiding place and go back into the living room.

The crowd is much denser now, and if it weren't for my height, I wouldn't be able to see two feet in front of me. Everything’s dimly illuminated in the purple glow of the black lights. I look partly over the heads of the party goers, scanning for Vickie, looking for the radiant white of her outfit.

I'm looking for what feels like at least half an hour and she isn't anywhere. Then I see a flash of brightness and turn. There she is, walking down from the second floor with a few guys crowding around her. I begin making my way through the throng.

About halfway there a hand grabs my arm and jerks me around. I turn to face a girl, much older than me but almost a foot shorter shorter than I am. She looks at me with a half dazed half sensuous grin.

“Hi, s-sexy,” she manages, clearly drunk “I saw y-you whennn you came in.” Her head lulls about in that drunken way as she continues, “maybe we could go o-over to the hn, makeout room, mmaybe ah get to know each other.” She giggles and starts tugging my hand, I resist. As much as I'd like to go make out with this girl, I have to press on. There are more important things I need to do.

I pull my hand from her grasp, and she sullenly stumbles away. I turn, searching again for Vickie. It spot her by the drinks, the group of boys still crowding around her. I make my way over. When I near, I can make out their conversation over the pervasive thump thumps of the subwoofer.

“C’mon man, you promised,” one of them whines, “we had a deal.”

“The deal was I show you my tits, which I did, no more.” a few of the guys look back with their best impression at puppy dog eyes, pleading to get whatever it was they wanted. I'm now standing right behind Vickie. I make my way around to the other side of the group.

“Just one little grab?” Another one asks. Standing directly across from Vickie now, she catches my eye for a brief moment.

“Ugh, fine.” She caves and lifts her top. Just the sight is enough to immediately tent my pants. The guys lean in, and hands start flying. They all take turns feeling up her perfect breasts. Eventually, one of them touches her nipple. She lets out a soft moan.

“Alright, that's long enough,” she says and lowers her shirt. There’s a collective “aww” from the boys. I remain silent. One by one, they leave and go back to the dancefloor until only me and her remain. She moves to a table covered in various bottles and pours a drink.

“I see you have some fans,” I say to break the tension.

“No shit,” she says and pounds a shot. “Wish I didn't.”

Ok, this is the time. You need to make your move now.

“You know, I don't blame them,” I pause, awkwardly searching for more words. “any guy would love to grab your boobs,” shit shit shit, recover, think of something quick, “I mean, you're a really hot girl and, well ah,” fuck fuck fuck, “What I'm trying to say is-” she cut me off with a chuckle. After taking another shot, she turns to me.

“I know what you're trying to say, it's super obvious.” What? Am I really- “I know you want me, you don't have to lie. And you know what? I think I'm just drunk enough to let you. What the hell, why not.” I couldn't believe my ears.

“Are you serious? This isn't a joke?”

“No, it's not. Just remember this is sympathy sex for what happened at school, so don't think it means anything else.” I stand there, still completely dumbfounded. “C’mon, I know the perfect place.” She grabs my hand and leads me through the house.

We reach the stairs and begin ascending. “Y’know, this place was made for the fraternity, it's not just some random mansion. They had a bunch of cool features added into the floor plan.” We arrive at the top of the staircase, which opens into a common area, a sort of second living room. Up here, the music from downstairs was muffled but still decently loud.

There’s a guy sitting on a couch with extremely gelled up black hair and a girl under each arm who takes immediate notice of us. He gets up and walks over to us.

“Hey, you can't bring him up here!” he says as he nears.

“No, it's cool. He's with me.” Vickie replies calmly.

“I told you anyone who comes up here needs special approval from me.”

“Oh don't worry, he won't be a problem, I'm just taking him up here for some alone time.”

“Fine. But just this once.”

I understood now, upstairs was like a special hangout, a party within the party. We walk through the room, over to a wide corridor that must lead to the rest of the floor. A tall, muscular black man is leaning against a corner to this hallway. Vickie walks up to him, with me in tow and starts talking to him, quietly. I overhear something about “number three” and “open”, then we continue down the dim pathway.

“You're going to have to be quiet through here,” she says in a whisper. We turn a corner and stop near a biblical painting of angels. Vickie looks up and down the hallway to make sure we’re clear, then lifts the painting to reveal a button, which she presses and pushes open a secret door. It's thick, clearly soundproofed. I follow her into a small room furnished with a nightstand and a double size bed. Reddish orange mood lighting flows down from inlaid ceiling lights. Vickie closes the door behind me.

“You see, the original members of the fraternity had very much planned to have a lot of sex, and they wanted to do it with a lot of privacy, so they took the necessary steps in construction.”

“So you're telling me this is a room specifically designed to have sex in?”

“Yes. There are rooms like this across the building.”

“That's a new one.”

“My exact words the first time I was here. Yeah, I’ve been here a few times. And if you're wondering, yes they make me flash my tits as an entry fee every time.” She moves over to the nightstand and opens the top drawer. “Enough with the history, let's get to the action.” She pulls a condom out and tosses it to me. “Here, some guys want this, even though I'm on the pill.” I consider it for a moment, then drop it. Ah, what the hell.

Vickie crosses her arms in front of her chest, grabs the hem of her shirt and pulls it over her head in one motion. In another second, her shorts are gone as well and she stands before me, completely naked.

My cock begins swelling to its full size as I gaze upon her beauty. I start to nervously fumble with my belt buckle, trying to get it off as quickly as possible, but my struggles only seem to tighten it.

“Here, let me help you with that,” she says and kneels in front of me, grabbing my belt she undoes it with expert quickness and within seconds my dick is bobbing inches from her face. “Ooh, now this I can work with.” I began unbuttoning my shirt as she continues, “have you ever gotten a blowjob before?”

“Yeah, once or twice.”

She laughs softly, “maybe, but a guarantee they weren't as good as this,” she says before enveloping my cock. I freeze in place, shirt only half unbuttoned. There was no way I was moving during this. The heat of her mouth, the softness of her cheeks, the bobbing of her head, it was amazing. It may have even been better than the blowjob I got in the dream-thing. She was working mostly just the tip now, sucking and tonguing my most sensitive area.

Suddenly she went balls deep, taking my whole length until her nose touched my skin. I was treated to a whole new sensation as my tip curved down her throat. A new tightness, deeper warmth and an all new wetness. She holds there for a few seconds before finally gagging and pulling up for air. Long strings of saliva still connect us.

She gasps for air, looking up at me, “I know none of them did that,” she says before beginning again. She starts working my whole length, base to tip. I let out a moan of pleasure. She coos in response, still on my dick. The vibrations are too much, I feel my balls churning as I grab her head and force it down on my cock as I shoot rope after rope of hot cum down her throat.

When I’m finished I release her head and stumble back. I fall to my knees. Our heads are level now. I look up into her eyes.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to cum so soon it's just, you were so good. I guess you don't get to have your fun now.”

“Don't feel bad, there are other things we can do while we wait for you to be ready again.” She stands up and walks over to the bed. Laying down on it, she spreads her legs towards me, inviting me over.
Still coming down from my incredible orgasm, I crawl over to her, her hot pussy positioned at the edge of the bed. I look at it. She's already wet in anticipation.

I pull myself up and latch onto her, tongue flying madly. I'm taken aback by the intense tartness, but I overcome it and get back to work. I'm licking intently from bottom to top when I hear a complaint.

“You're not gonna get anywhere if you just do that, try going fast and slow, change up your pattern.” I nod my head and change up my strategy, now slowly pushing my tongue into her opening, now adding a finger. I guess I’m not as good as I thought I was. I finish unbuttoning my shirt and throw it to the side.

After a few minutes I remember, “Oh yeah, there's a magic spot,” and start attacking her clit.

A surprised squeal escapes her as she moans “now you're getting somewhere.” I smile and plunge a second finger into her.

I'm licking and finger fucking her for what only feels like about ten minutes when I feel a stirring. My dick is ever so slowly beginning to harden again. I get an idea and move up to her tits, clamping down on her right nipple. As expected, she immediately moans loudly, arching her back towards me as I begin lapping at her extremely sensitive nipples.

I continue my relentless assault on her cunt, now practically dripping with wetness. My cock has now regained its full hardness, and is pulsating, awaiting my next move.

I move myself into position and without warning, stab my cock into her unsuspecting pussy up to the hilt.

“Oooohh shit!” She cries out in equal parts surprise and ecstasy. This is one hell of a way to lose my virginity, fucking one of the hottest girls at my school.

I pull my cock almost all the way out then slam it back in.

“God! I never knew someone your size could feel so big!” She screams. That sure as hell boosts my confidence. I start moving again, with smooth rhythmic thrusts, Vickie letting out a soft moan with each stroke. I release her nipple and look up to her face. Damn she looks hot now, her face contorted in pleasure. It’s even hotter knowing it’s me making her feel this way. I move my head up to hers and embrace her lips.

She pulls away, I stop. “No, no kissing.”

“Why not?”

“If we kiss, this might become something more, and I can't do that now.”

I lean in again, “I'm sure just a little-” she puts a finger to my lips

“I thought so too, but now I know you can't avoid it.”

“Oh,” I reply softly.

“C'mon, that's no reason to stop. Here, how ‘bout we change positions?” she rolls over under me, pointing her ass toward me. I push myself up and get my first real glimpse of her massively round butt. I can't resist the urge and slap her ass a few times.

“Heyy, stop that,” she says playfully. I oblige, only to spread her cheeks and enter once again. I start with slow, measured strokes, then build up to full on pounding. The sound of our flesh clapping together is music to my ears.

I feel my desire growing again, and with a new level of lust, I lean forward and reach between the bed and her chest to find her hard nipples and grab hold, rolling them back and forth between my thumb and index finger. She begins to moan loudly as I continue stimulating her sensitive buds. I'm now shoving my throbbing cock into her dripping pussy as hard as I can.

I can feel her walls tightening as her orgasm approaches.

Mine is near as well.

I navigate my right hand down from her swollen nipple to her clit. When I reach it, she explodes.

“Oh my god yes, fuck me harder, make me cum!” she cries out. Her pussy tightens even more, and it's too much. I try to hold back but it's no use. She screams in pleasure one final time as her orgasm hits her. At the same time, my seed shoots inside of her shaking cunt, filling her up. Our extreme feelings of ecstasy intertwine into one giant collective orgasm, I've never felt anything quite so amazing in my life.

All too soon, to my ultimate horror, to my ultimate dread, I feel it.

That terrible, gut wrenching feeling of falling, dropping through the floor into darkest darkness, the image of Vickie’s trembling body quickly fading out from under me as I continue to fall, face first into nothingness.

Suddenly it stops, I'm lying flat on a hard surface. The blackness recedes. I'm standing on an endless flat plain, nothing but pure white ground as far as I can see in any direction. Except…

To my left, jutting from the smoothness is a structure, many tall spires grouped together, with one great tower taller than all the rest rising from the center. The structure is several hundred feet tall, made entirely out of black, mirror-smooth stone. It is a great distance away from me, so far that it is partially obscured by the atmosphere between me and it.

Then I notice that its blackness is spreading across the sky and ground, until it envelops me fully, and without warning I begin to fall again.

This time when the darkness recedes, a familiar sight awaits me. The great chamber from the original dream-thing. And at its center, the sphere, its ominous black sheen now interrupted by a wisp of darkest grey, only barely lighter than the sphere itself, floating about its surface.

I start walking toward it, again drawn in by its otherworldly nature. And the sound, that strange insectoid clicking filling my ears. As I walk across the stone bridge, I hesitate. What is this? Why am I here? What’s-

My thoughts are cut off by an intense feeling of dread. I could feel something behind me. The fear conjured up a thought: keep moving. I take a step forward, the feeling disappears.

Something wants me to keep going.

I reach the base of the pillar, and climb the few steps to the top. The sphere now stands before me, only a few feet away. My distorted reflection stares back at me.

Soon enough, the sphere once again loses its mirror sheen, becoming a black void. An image slowly begins to appear inside the darkness. I know it's impossible, but standing before me for the second time is Sophie. It can't actually be her, right? But then again, I was brought here, so I guess she could be brought here too. And she hasn't been at school for weeks. Could it really be her, or is this just her image?

Regardless, she beckons me closer. I oblige and come near. I come to within a foot of the sphere’s edge. I look at her, in that same nearly transparent dark red dress flowing in an unseen wind. She looks at me, and I suddenly realize I'm still completely naked. I sure hope this isn't the real Sophie.

We look at each other for a while, then she extends her right arm towards me, palm up, hand in a light fist. She opens her fist and on her palm stands a tiny girl, only about three inches tall. As before, it's one of the other nine girls who share a connection of some sort to whatever this is.

I recognize the girl. It's Dawn.

As soon as my mind confirms who it is, Sophie disappears and the sphere regains its reflective surface. Moments later, the room dissolves into darkness and I'm falling again.

Before I know it, it stops. A soft red orange light fills my eyes. I realize I'm looking at a ceiling, with small inlaid lights. I become aware of someone watching me. I turn my head to the right and see Vickie, looking at me with wide eyes. Oh yeah.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” She asks with an edge of panic in her voice. “Do you remember what happened?”

“Yeah, we were, haha, we were fucking… I came inside you then…” I think it's best if I don't tell her what actually happened, so I trail off.

“I don't know what it was, one second you were fucking me senseless, the next you were just frozen on top of me, I moved to see what was up and you just fell off of me. Your eyes were open but you weren't looking at anything.”

“How long was I out?” I ask, sitting up on my elbows. I feel a rush of blood going to my head.

“It was only about five or six minutes, but it felt like longer. I thought you might’ve been dead.”

“Why would you think something like that?”

“You weren't breathing.”


An hour and a half later and I'm laying in my own bed again, thinking hard about the night.

I knew one thing for certain now, whatever this was, it was real. It wasn't just a dream. People don't just stop breathing for five minutes and come back just fine, like nothing happened. And what was that place, the white empty plain with the black spire.

And Dawn, the short, shy one with massive tits. It would seem that she’s the… next one. It's starting to look like I'm going to be having sex with all ten of them.

This isn't right, I can't keep doing this. This is wrong.

“Oh but you don't have a choice.” I sat bolt upright. I flicked on my lamp and sitting in a chair to my right, clear as day, is Alexis Texas.


It took me a lot longer than I expected to get this done, I just never found the time to work on it but it's finally finished. Also, I'm sorry that there isn't much actual sex in this one, it’s just the way the story flowed for me. I promise much more passionate lovemaking in The Importance of Sophie, Part 2: Dawn

(Note: the character referred to as “Edy” in the Preface will henceforth be known as Ashley, not for any particular reason, I just didn't like the old name. The Preface has been edited to match this change so just a heads up for those who read the story before the edit (made on 8-12-17))

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The Importance of Sophie, Part 1: Vickie

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