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Recollections Ch. 13

Categories Diary, Female solo, Romance

Author: Kaadorix

Published: 15 August 2017

  • Font:


Written by: Kaadorix

M/F, F/F and a whole lot more

Chapter 13: "Recovery"

-*- Friday, February 14, 2014 -*-
-*- Kansas City, Kansas -*-

(Three Years Ago // Flashback)

"Nooooo," Alexa protested, albeit gently, as she sat at
Merissa's bedside here at _Kansas University Medical Center_
and tenderly held her left hand with both of hers. "I don't
want you to move to Georgia, Merissa! I'll miss you too much."

"What else am I supposed to do?" Merissa retorted, grunting.
It was very difficult for Merissa to speak because her jaw,
which had been fractured three weeks ago in a brutal assault
by her ex-fiance, Grayson, was fitted with palatal screws and
partially sealed shut by circummandibular wires. Merissa
could talk, but had to do it through a clenched jaw, clenched
teeth, and it was not easy to understand her at all.

"But you love Kansas!" Alexa reminded her as I sat in the
corner and rocked our five-week-old infant son, Cooper. So
much of my recent life, outside of work, had been spent at
this hospital. Since the infamous night of the assault, I
had been to the hospital every single day without fail.
Alexa wanted to spend all of our free time with Merissa,
helping her and giving her whatever moral support we could
as she went through the recovery process in the hospital.
Trust me, these three weeks had not been enjoyable at all.

"You opted to stay in Kansas and build a life for yourself
in 2012 when your mom was transferred in her job, and moved
with your two brothers to Georgia," Alexa said to Merissa.

"I stayed here because of you and Grayson," she mumbled,
clutching the side of her face in obvious discomfort.

"You stayed here because you WANTED to stay here," Alexa
corrected her. "You hate the fact that your family had to
move to Georgia. You've had nothing but terrible things to
say about Georgia for the past two years. Why in the world
would you suddenly decide to upend your life, and move there?"

Merissa was quickly becoming exasperated. "I have no
choice, Lexi! I have no money at all; Grayson and I were
broke. There is no way I could live on my own and support
myself with the shape my life is in now." Merissa growled,
reminding Alexa of her jawbone injury, and then held up her
right hand. That right hand and wrist was in a splint, also
courtesy of the vicious assault from Grayson. It had been
fractured and required surgery to repair it. Merissa shook
her head and whined. "I don't even have a job now! My mom
says that I can move to Georgia and stay with her and Colton,
start over fresh, have a new beginning. Rick is starting his
own business. Maybe I could help him with it, I don't know."

Tears were streaking down Alexa's face. "But I don't want
you to go! You're my best friend, and I love you. We've
been best friends since the age of four, pre-school." It
was Alexa's turn to shake her head. "My life would never be
the same if you were no longer in it."

Merissa sighed. "Lexi. You're my best friend too, like
a sister, and I love you. But I can't stay. There is nowhere
for me to go and I would have no means of supporting myself.
I'm... going to stay with Mom, it's... it's the only choice."

"What about Sarah?" Alexa gently whined. "I bet she would
agree to be your room-mate if you asked her."

"Sarah is marrying Matthew in the summer," Merissa countered.
"There will be no room for me in that tiny apartment." She
closed her eyes and mewed. "Supposedly, the doctor says I may
FINALLY be able to be released from the hospital this coming
Monday. Just three days from now. I don't see how, because
I'm still having massive dizzy spells from the concussion."
Merissa cringed. "But if I do get released Monday, Mom wants
me in Georgia by the end of next week."

"WHAT?" Alexa piped up, surprised, not happy. "End of NEXT
WEEK? You're leaving Kansas THAT soon?"

"Where do I have to stay, Lexi? Where do I have to go?
All of my belongings were put into a storage pod. My old
apartment has been turned into a crime scene, apparently.
Not that I could even afford the rent for it anyway. Mom
says she is going to pay for a hotel for me until she can
drive up here and pick me up, and take me home with her. Her
and Colton will be coming up in a _U-Haul_ van once they are
assured I'm out of the hospital, and she can get off work.
I... I don't have much time left here."

Off to the side, I stayed silent as I gently rocked and
cuddled with Cooper in the comfortable chair. I felt such
sympathy for Alexa because her best friend, her soul sister
since the age of four, was moving away. Alexa could not
bear the thought of no longer having Merissa in her daily,
everyday life. It was ripping her to shreds inside.

"It's NOT FAIR!" Alexa screeched, upset, pounding her fist
on the bed. "It's not fair that Grayson can totally wreck your
life, break your bones and cause you to have two different
surgeries, and then STILL be causing problems for you in the
aftermath, when he is under lock and key, house arrest. You
should not be forced to move to Georgia because of what that
ROTTEN PIECE OF..." Alexa hesitated, probably remembering
that Cooper and his young, impressionable ears were also in
the room with us. "...FILTH... did to you!"

"Sometimes life sucks, Lexi," Merissa responded, a tear
streaking down her face. "Not everyone can be married to a
wealthy doctor and have a sweet, little baby at age 22, and
live in utopia like you do. You may not believe this, but
sometimes people are forced to do things they don't want to do."

Alexa's eyes went wide. "WHAT?" Whoa; did Merissa just
take a colossal, verbal shot at Alexa and our life together?

Merissa began crying. "I'm sorry, Lexi. I didn't mean
that! You KNOW I didn't mean that! I'm just so upset, so
frazzled, so worried about... EVERYTHING! I don't want to
leave Kansas, either! I've lived here my entire life! But
I will be back to visit, I guess, for court sessions and
hearings. The district attorney is formulating a case against
Grayson as we speak, and plans to throw the book at him. But
that process, I'm told, is going to take forever."

Alexa had already forgiven Merissa for that snide comment
without even saying anything. She hugged Merissa to her and
placed her forehead upon her stomach. "You're my best
friend, and I don't want you to go!" Alexa shook her head
and sniffed her nose. "I don't want you to leave me..."

Merissa pouted. "I should have listened to you for all
these years, Lexi, and dumped Grayson long ago. But I did
not realize what bad news he was until it was far too late."

My mouth was pinched tight as I continued to sit in the
corner with Cooper, in silence, my eyes focused on the two
ladies. What happened to Merissa was awful and disgusting,
of course, but I was actually more worried for Alexa at this
point. She was my wife, my focal point in life. Basically
my everything, along with Cooper, of course.

I wanted to reach out and touch Alexa, hug her, remind her
that Merissa would only be a ten hour road trip away. It
wasn't like she was moving halfway around the globe to a
whole different country (say someplace like Norway, for
example). Atlanta was NOT that far away, quite honestly.

But I held back and continued my silence, allowing them to
have this moment. Alexa was so hurt and confused about what
she should or should not do, should or should not say, even,
how she should act around Merissa. Alexa was absolutely
furious at Grayson, frustrated for Merissa and her many,
serious injuries, and on the verge of a mental breakdown
because she could not stand the idea of her best friend being
forced to move elsewhere. They had always been so incredibly
close for as long as they could remember. One of Alexa's first
memories, in fact, was playing with Merissa in her back yard as
toddlers. They were "digging for diamonds" in the garden.

All those emotions running together and fighting to be
heard did not come close to the sheer pain that consumed
Alexa's heart at this moment in time. She had been crying day
and night for the past week about Merissa having to leave her.
I was at wit's end, and did not know what else to say to her.

Now, Merissa's need to comfort her friend was too great.
She touched her arm. "You're going to be fine, Lexi, and so
am I. And you will always be my best friend, no matter what.
We can talk and _Facetime_ everyday, just like we always do."

"You can move in with us!" Alexa suddenly suggested, full of
hope, glancing back my way for a brief instant. The veins in
her neck were popping like firecrackers. Was Alexa seeking a
confirmation from me? Wait! Merissa? WHAT did Alexa just say?

She then focused back on Merissa. "Me and Jeremy, you could
move in with us! We have plenty of room in our home until you
can get back on your feet! The whole downstairs can be yours!"

As Merissa stared at her in bewilderment, Alexa turned and
locked eyes with me. "Jeremy? Can she? PLEEEEEASE?"


* * *

-*- Thursday, April 17, 2014 -*-
-*- Lake Quivira, Kansas -*-

(Two Months Later // Flashback)

I watched from the adjacent living room as Alexa hummed to
the music stemming from her smartphone as she prepared coffee,
eggs and toast in the kitchen at the early time of 6:15am.
Alexa had gotten out of bed as per her routine, at 5:00am sharp
with Izzy, who had claimed the foot of the bed as his own
last night. I did not mind. Alexa loved the tiny yorkshire
terrier, as she did our other dog (Teddy), a teacup maltese.
My amazing, vivacious wife did a little dance at the stove,
clearly happy, and tossed bits of cooked egg to both animals.

"What is that scrumptious smell?" I stretched as I lazily
meandered into the kitchen, making my presence known. I leaned
over Alexa's shoulder, freshly shaved and just out of a hot
shower, ready for another day at the office. My final one
before a three day weekend! "Have enough for me?"

Alexa snagged an omelette from the toaster, set it on a
plate and handed it to me. "Ham and cheese. Enjoy."

"Breakfast? This is usually not on the itinerary until the
weekend. Looks like I won't have to stop by _Perky's_ after
all this morning." I wrapped an arm around Alexa's waist from
behind. I then kissed the back of her neck and slid my hand
upward, momentarily squeezing and groping her breasts through
the satin camisole top she had on.

"Was last night on the itinerary?" Alexa purred, turning to
kiss my cheek.

I pulled her close. "What you and I did together last
night will ALWAYS be on my itinerary." My body shivered at
the wonderful memory as Alexa and I again made love in our
bedroom last evening. My wife was 13 weeks postpartum now
after giving birth to Cooper back in January, and finally out
of the danger zone as it pertained to the complications she
had faced during labor and delivery. Our sex life was finally
getting back to normal, and I could not have been any happier
because of it. "How about we have a repeat of last night
right now, before I have to head off to work? We can..."

Alexa covered my lips with her finger. "Tempting, hot
pants, but I must pass. Cooper will be waking up soon.
And I have to... aww, hell." Alexa's resolve suddenly caved
in, and she kissed me madly, hungrily. The 22-year-old even
grabbed my backside and pulled me into her with excess force.
Damn if she didn't have the same, exact thoughts that I did!

Alexa then shoved away. "Jesus, I've been acting like a
total nymphomaniac around you these past couple of weeks."

I set the breakfast plate down on the counter and guided
Alexa away from the hot stove. "Am I complaining?" My eyes
narrowed, and I lowered my mouth to her breasts. I kissed
them even through two layers of fabric.

"God, that feels good," Alexa moaned, grabbing the back of
my neck. "Harder, baby. Suck them harder." I slid my hands
underneath her camisole top and cupped both of her heavenly
breasts through their satin bra. She tilted her head back
and sighed in pleasure. "You're going to drive me crazy."

"Crazy? I haven't even spoiled you yet." I moved my lips
to Alexa's mouth for a hot, possessive kiss.

"Didn't you spoil me last night?"

"HECK NO. Last night I devoured you. There's a difference."

"Umm. Maybe I should go somewhere else, and get breakfast.
Probably a much better idea."

Startled, Alexa and I turned, and found Merissa standing at
the side entryway to the kitchen. We both straightened up and
made ourselves appear decent for our good friend and house-mate,
who had been inhabiting the guest bedroom downstairs for the past
two months. Merissa was mostly healed now from her injuries,
thank God. She had her splint removed a month ago, and the final
plates taken out of her jaw last week. The dizzy spells and
confusion from her concussion had cleared up. The ultimate plan
was for Merissa to finish school and earn her degree, and then get
a good job sometime this summer and hopefully find her own place.
There was no rush, though. She had been really helpful around
the house, doing routine chores and odd jobs here and there for
us, and allowed Alexa and I to focus even more on Cooper.

Yet at the moment, Merissa was blushing a hot, red streak,
obviously not expecting to come across her best friend and
yours truly in such an intimate moment so early in the morning.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed, Merissa!" Alexa swooned at her,
stepping away from me. "Jeremy was just being a little frisky."

"Me?" I laughed at her. "You instigated it!"

Alexa was still giggling. "Oh, hush Jeremy. Merissa, come
over here and get some food before you have to go to class."
Alexa's eyes scoured her best friend from head to toe. "Wow,
I LOVE that outfit. You're lookin' hot today, baby."

Merissa blushed again. "Thank you." Merissa did look quite
nice, I must admit, wearing a coral minidress with a halter
top. It had straps that tied behind her neck. The outfit,
particularly its bouncy skirt, really highlighted her legs. I
had always thought of her as a very attractive young brunette.

"Good morning," Alexa greeted her.

"If you and Jeremy continue to make out like that at such
random times and locations, you're eventually going to burn
holes through each other." Merissa chuckled gently as she
prepared her own breakfast plate and then walked over to the
nearby table. "Then again, maybe not. How many times have I
interrupted you two over the past couple of months? You're
all over each other constantly, like hot cakes."

"Oh, we're used to it," Alexa beamed. "Been this way since
I moved in with Jeremy a month before we got married. Wow,
that was almost three years ago. Time flies."

Merissa took a bite of her own omelette and her brown eyes
quickly widened. "Hmmmmm, Lexi, this is incredible. What
other hidden talents do you have besides marrying hot guys
and cooking?" Wow, I liked that one. Me, a hot guy?

Alexa handed Merissa a cup of coffee and sat down across
from her to eat. "I'm hardly talented at marrying hot guys.
Jeremy was a fluke. Besides, he was the first, and will most
definitely be the last." No, I said inwardly. The fluke was
that a beautiful girl like Alexa was even interested in me at
all in the first place. "Mom taught me how to cook later in
high school, once I conquered anorexia. We used to watch the
_Food Network_ and choose different recipes to try, and on
Saturday nights, I'd make fancy dinners for Mom and Dad."

"I remember," Merissa nodded. "I used to come over and
mooch off of you from time to time. Come to think of it, so
did my two brothers. We all loved your cooking." Merissa
smiled at me as I sat down at the side of the small table,
flanking both ladies. "No wonder you're always in such a
good mood, Jeremy! I never realized what a saucy, little
tart Lexi is until I moved in with the two of you."

Alexa broke out into wild laughter. "MERISSA! A TART?
Really? I ain't no tart; just a girl in love!"

Merissa shook her head. "I used to think you were uptight
when we were in high school. But not anymore!"

Alexa rolled her eyes and nibbled at a spoonful of eggs.
"Why do you have to be so crude all the time?"

Merissa snagged a slice of bacon from her plate and popped
half of it into her mouth. "Gee, Lexi. Me, crude? I'm the
crude one? How about you give me some warning next time before
the nightly headboard banging begins?"

"Christ," I uttered.

"Aww, look how cute Dr. Smiles is when he blushes."

"MERISSA!" Alexa laughed. Headboard banging? I had never
even noticed. Then again, whenever Alexa and I were close,
the rest of the world failed to exist.

"I mean, how many married couples _Facetime_ during an
entire lunch hour every single day like the two of you do?"
Merissa asked us. "My God, you burn your data up so much."

Alexa grinned. "That's why we're on the unlimited plan."

"Makes me really jealous sometimes," Merissa offered,
though still smiling. "I never knew how much you and Jeremy
truly cared for each other, Lexi, until these past two months
came along. I mean, there's so much love in this house. I
can feel it EVERYWHERE." She stood up and plucked a small,
framed portrait of Alexa, Cooper and I together from the top
of the microwave. Our little family. "Cooper has your smile,
Jeremy. He's such an adorable, sweet, little baby."

"He does have Jeremy's smile!" Alexa agreed.

With only a few bites taken out off her steaming breakfast
plate, Merissa grabbed her car keys from the counter.

Alexa was suddenly pouting. "You leaving so soon?"

"I am," she nodded. "I have a class at seven o'clock and
only 35 minutes to make a 30 mile trip on the expressway."
Merissa offered me a quick, friendly hug and then did the
same for Alexa, but added a kiss on the cheek for her as well.
A little something extra for a life-long friend, and nothing I
hadn't seen between them hundreds of times in the past. "I'll
be home after college is out, Lexi," she informed her. "We
can take Cooper to the dog park with Izzy and Teddy, and go
for a walk. Supposed to be a bit warmer out today... 50."

"When will you be back?"

Merissa tossed her omelette into a sandwich bag and poured
a fresh helping of coffee into her thermal travel mug. "About
three o'clock. Let's go out to dinner tonight too, all of us."
Merissa looked at me. "My treat. I'm buying this time."

When I nodded at her, Merissa said her final goodbyes and
then turned, and exited the house. In the process, however, I
looked back and smiled at Alexa, but seemingly all of my wife's
attention and focus right now was on Merissa as she trotted
away from us. Alexa, in fact, COULD NOT take her eyes off of
Merissa. There was a dreamy, almost blissful gleam in those
blue eyes, one that left me feeling more than a bit curious.
Alexa watched Merissa leave the house with a long, powerful
yearning in her gaze, even, almost as if she was already
counting down the seconds until she would see her again.

The same way I looked at Alexa, basically, whenever she had
to leave me for an extended period of time. Like I loved her
with all of my heart, and would miss her terribly.

The whole episode only lasted three or four seconds, but I
sensed that volumes could be written about the way Alexa just
looked at Merissa in that short time span. I did not really
understand what had just happened. But then again, did I have
to? I was probably overreacting like normal; Merissa was
Alexa's best friend, and she simply did not want to be lonely
today. No one was available to help her watch after Cooper.

When the front door clicked and Merissa locked it from the
outside with her house key, Alexa snapped out of her reverie
with a head shake, and then her eyes shifted to me. As I
chewed on some scrumptious eggs of my own, Alexa's eyes then
flashed, and she suddenly stood up. "Jeremy, fuck me," she
begged, pulling me up and dragging me toward the wall.

"What?" I retorted, stunned.

"You were going to earlier before Merissa interrupted us,"
Alexa whined, her voice suddenly all needy, and full of lust.
She began ripping at my dress shirt. "Come on, fuck me."

"Honey, I have to go to work. And I want to see Cooper
one more time before I have to go. I can't be late..."

"Then do it in a hurry!" Alexa suddenly demanded, overcome
with passion, as she undid my belt and yanked my trousers
downward. She violently ripped at her own jogging shorts, as
well as her cute, cotton panties, and turned her back to me.
"Fuck me like the nymphomaniac that you've turned me into!"
Alexa rose as high as she could on her tiptoes, and then
ground her sweet, little ass hard and fast into my crotch.

That same ass, in fact, which had been the centerpiece of
my deepest and darkest fantasies for the past four years.
Oh, I prayed for the day when Alexa would let me perform anal
sex on her. She was not interested in trying it... yet.

"What's gotten into you?" I exclaimed.

"Come on, Jeremy. Fuck me! Do it! Do it now. dammit!"
She again rubbed her ass against my crotch. That ass was
always my undoing. I was powerless to resist.

There was no finesse, no sweet tenderness in the seconds that
followed. Once I aligned our bodies, I drove into Alexa with
one powerful, forceful plunge. We were messy and even rough,
accompanied by wild moans and whimpers, as Alexa's knuckles
turned white because she was gripping the wall so hard. I
slowed my thrusts to try and get a hold on my emotions for a
split-second, but I was already way too far gone. I pushed
into Alexa's tight, wet heat over and over, groans of ecstasy
falling from my lips as her pussy swallowed me to the root.

"Fuck, Lexi. We were made for each other!" I placed my
hands on either side of her ass and held on for dear life. I
kept thrusting until a loud gasp ripped from her throat.

"THERE!" she screamed. "Right there! Don't move! Oh God,
you're right on the spot. Just... be with me. RIGHT THERE!"

Alexa's taut, supple skin felt like fire as my hands moved
up her back, down her sides, over and across her luscious ass.
Alexa's legs began to shake. She felt too fucking good to be
real! Holding back, keeping this position, was impossible. I
now pulsed my hips in slow, soft beats, deeper, deeper, deeper,
without dare withdrawing.

"OhGodohGodohGodohGod, Jeremy." She inhaled a deep, jagged
breath. "I've never... oh my God."

"Kiss me, honey. Let me make it feel even better for you."

Alexa turned, my cock sliding from her depths, and threw
her arms around my neck and shoulders in a wild embrace. I
smashed her lithe, little torso against the wall as her mouth
came down over mine, worshiping and exploring. I made a few
adjustments, and soon my cock was right back where it belonged.
We rocked together against the kitchen wall, our hands groping
and fondling, my hips again thrusting, her slim, muscular legs
keeping a tightly wound grip around my waist. My poor heart
beat frantically within my chest, our bodies sliding, bumping,
grinding, greedily soaking in every glorious second. Together
Alexa and I found the perfect tempo that bound us together as
one, carrying us higher and higher and higher still, and finally
exploding in an avalanche of fiery, passionate sensations.

I held Alexa close in the aftermath, never wanting to let
her go. "You're incredible, baby," I whispered into her ear.

"Hmmmmm," my wife purred softly, satisfied, and very happy.

* * *

It wasn't the full patient load I had experienced today that
I was thinking about as I made the 20 minute drive home from my
medical practice in [City Name] to Lake Quivira. Today had
been full of unpleasant, grumpy patients who openly argued
about treatments and complained about me being late for their
appointments. With my job, unfortunately, that was par for the
course. No, all I could think about was the look on Alexa's
face this morning when Merissa left the house to go off to
college. I mean, Alexa longingly stared at Merissa as if she
was ready to open her heart and soul to her. What did it mean,
if anything? Was I overreacting, perhaps even imagining it?

Well, I HAD to be imagining it, because any other possible
option made no sense. I mean, really? How could I possibly
believe that my sweet, picture-perfect wife had any feelings
whatsoever - in THAT way - for her best friend? Alexa and
Merissa had known each other forever, it seemed, and Alexa
was simply going to be missing her today while she was off at
school. In a platonic way. Yes, that had to be it. Alexa
had to spend the day at home, watching after Cooper solo,
and I know that she did not enjoy that. Alexa hated being
alone. She loved our infant son, obviously, but would prefer
some adult company as well. I had to work, as did her mom
and dad. Alexa was simply looking forward to Merissa getting
out of class and joining her around 3:00pm or thereabouts.
She loved the company. After all, Merissa would arrive home
well before I did. That was all that look entailed, right?

I parked in the driveway behind Merissa's 2002 _Honda Accord_.
It seemed like the typical car for a girl her age, a college
senior. I stepped from my own car with my medical bag in hand,
and was promptly met by Matt the cat. In addition to the two
dogs, there was also a rickety old feline who roamed the house.

Matt was unique in the fact that nearly two decades ago,
Alexa picked him out when she was just four years old. The
pet store did not want to sell the tiny, sickly kitten, but
Alexa's mother was persistent because she knew that Matt was
the one Alexa wanted most. 18 years later, Matt is still a
permanent fixture in Alexa's life and, though his advanced
age had slowed him down somewhat in recent years, the passive,
lovable cat was still surprisingly active and alert. I found
it amazing that Matt had lived this long.

"Hey buddy," I said, kneeling down and scratching his neck.
"What are you doing outside?" I motioned with my head for
the cat to follow me, which it did. "Let's go inside."

I followed the cobblestone path that led to the three-story
log cabin that Alexa and I called home. The grass was lush
and pristine, a bright shade of green, and the majestic lake
rippled in the background. Ahh... home, sweet home.

On the front porch, I heard music coming from beyond the
screen door. I peered through the wide corridor, straight
through to the back screen door, where I caught a glimpse of
something black that appeared like part of a woman's ass and
leg. Yet my vision was obstructed by the back door, which
was propped halfway open. Had Alexa begun her training regime
after being 13 weeks postpartum? She certainly had been
itching to get back into peak, tip-top physical condition so
she could eventually return to her job as a fitness instructor
at the health club. Yet she still had been playing it cautious
due to the horrendous muscle tear she suffered during childbirth.
Curious as to what exactly was going on, I stepped off the porch
and decided to walk to the back of the house.

The music wasn't coming from inside; it was coming from
the back yard. I rounded the side and was promptly dumbstruck,
erotically floored, at the sight of Merissa wearing a skintight
pair of black leggings with yellow trim that just ended below her
kneecaps. Merissa also wore a yellow crop-top which looked more
like a bra, and her hair, usually an avalanche of thick, dark
chocolate curls, was pulled into a high pony-tail. Whoa, I said
inwardly, totally caught off-guard. I noticed that Merissa was
perched on her knees, her body contorted into some sort of knot,
with her little, drum-tight ass jutted slightly outward. A
yoga pose? No matter. You'd look really good there on your
knees, honey, with my cock in your mouth...

With that initial, gut reaction out of the way - which was
given zero thought and was not filtered by my brain at all
beforehand - I was morbidly angry, and wanted to punch myself.
Really? Merissa would look good on her knees, with my cock in
her mouth? HOW IN THE HELL could I have such a thought? At
least I kept my mouth shut, and did not blurt that out to her!
Merissa had been my good friend for the past four years, and was
obviously the best friend of my wife. Alexa. Oh God, Alexa!

Honestly, I had never even looked at another woman since
the day I first met Alexa, let alone lusted after one. I was
not the type to be taken by a woman's looks all that often.
Alexa was a goddess to me, and she was certainly all that I
could ever want or need in that department. No one could
even come close to comparing to her beauty. Yet there was so
much more to Alexa which struck so many chords within me.
She was the perfect, ideal woman to me. A true goddess.

How could I have such a lewd, distasteful thought about
Merissa? I suddenly felt queasy; sick to my stomach, even, and
wondered if I had somehow cheated on Alexa, or been disloyal to
her, with my thoughts. As crazy as it may sound, that was how
I felt. I loved Alexa that much, and felt THAT devoted to her.
I could not argue with the way my heart felt. No one could.

"Oh." Merissa stood up and blushed when she noticed that I
was openly leering at her. What? I was still gawking at her?
She looked outstanding in her yellow crop top and black yoga
pants. Merissa reminded me of a young Kathy Ireland, perhaps
my greatest schoolboy, celebrity crush when I was growing up.
Again my libido took over, and I could not find a damn thing
wrong with the way Merissa looked right now.

"I'm sorry, Jeremy. I didn't see you standing there."
The 22-year-old grabbed a towel and patted her glistening
face, neck and chest with it.

Damn. I so wanted to be that towel.


"Merissa," I finally managed. "Hi..."

Was my sudden (yet hopefully temporary) attraction for
Merissa actually linked to Alexa? How long had it been since
I had the privilege of seeing Alexa in sexy workout gear?
Before Cooper was conceived, Alexa would leave her exercise
attire on almost every day that she worked, and greet me with
a warm kiss and a gracious smile at the front door when I
arrived home following a long day at the office. There was
nothing quite like coming home to Miss America every single
day in spandex shorts and a sports bra. Did seeing Merissa
in similar garb trigger a prior vision of Alexa?

If so, why was Alexa the furthest thing from my mind right
now? Why was I staring at Merissa's lips, and thinking...

"Yoga?" I asked, trying to snap myself out of it. Fuck,
man! Get a hold of yourself! You have a hot, little blonde
wife who loves you, adores you, yet you're ogling her best
friend right now like she's a piece of candy!

"Yeah," Merissa responded. "Lexi has been teaching me yoga.
You know, new place, starting over. I want to lose some of my
bad habits, and pick up some good ones for a change." Merissa
glanced down at her clothes. "Please excuse the sweat. I've
had a really hard workout this afternoon ever since we got home
from the dog park with Izzy and Teddy."

I nodded, suddenly unsure what to say. Good Jeremy and bad
Jeremy were at war with each other right now. I mean, telling
Merissa that she could put that sweaty body against mine anytime
she wanted probably wouldn't be the smartest thing for me to say
right now. But I wanted to. Yet having any of these sordid
thoughts concerning Merissa was a terrible idea. Even though
I suddenly had the notion that Merissa was put on this Earth
to fulfill every last fantasy I had left...

I shoved my thumb in the direction of the house. "Where
are Lexi and Cooper? They inside?"

"Yep. Cooper was being fussy, and Lexi is tending to him."
Merissa pulled the elastic from her pony-tail and shook her
hair free, sending the scent of fruity shampoo into the air.

My new favorite scent.

"Oh, Matt," she swooned, sweeping the feline up into her
arms and cuddling it close to her face. Lucky cat? "You're
such a good kitty! I remember you when I was a little girl."

Okay. I just had to get a grip here.

"So you and Lexi have been so good to me," Merissa then
said, "and I was thinking of some place nice to take you and
her, and Cooper, out to eat tonight." What? A normal topic of
discussion? I liked this. Perhaps it would help steer me back
into the right line of thinking. "I've got a little money saved
up now since I took that waitressing job. How do you feel
about _Pierpont's_ at Union Station, Jeremy?" I could sense
the happiness in Merissa's voice as I took deep, even breaths,
trying to cleanse myself of all those horrible, impure thoughts.
Treating us to a good meal was very important to Merissa right
now. She wanted to show her appreciation for how we had helped
her. "That's where you took Lexi for your first-ever date back
in 2010. I know it's a special place for you and her."

I chuckled. "It's also the place where my ex-fiancee pearl
harbored me and verbally attacked Lexi that same afternoon.
Fortunately, I have not seen Suzi since that day."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about that incident."

"_Pierpont's_ is fine if you're certain you can afford it," I
told her. "I just don't want you to blow what little savings
you have, Merissa, on an expensive dinner for us. I don't want
you to think that you OWE us anything, because you don't."

Merissa blushed and cast her eyes downward. "But I do owe you."
She was cuter than hell, I suddenly realized, and then watching
her yawn and stretch her arms out wide, giving me an even better
view of her swimsuit model body, was almost too much for me to
handle. What the heck was I doing? What had gotten into me?

I cleared my throat to bring my mind back to reality.

Merissa stepped closer. "I really want to do this for you
and Lexi. I know you and her go out to fancy restaurants a
lot, but this is very important for me. You and Lexi have been
so good to me these past few months." She stepped even closer.
"Please? I promise it's not going to break me."

Why was it I couldn't take my eyes off of...?

"Please, Jeremy?" She was whining.

"We can go to _Pierpont's_," I relented.

"Thank you!"

"Merissa, if you'll excuse me, I need to go into the house."
When she nodded, I promptly turned and made a beeline toward
the nearest washroom. I set my medical bag down and ran cold
water from the sink, and doused my face with it repeatedly.
Yet my mind was imagining me going right back outside to
Merissa, reaching out and touching her, stroking her cheek,
running my fingers through her silky hair to the nape of her
neck... and then seeing how sweet those beautiful lips tasted.

Holy fuck! Have you lost your mind, man?

Where were these thoughts coming from? Did the way Alexa
looked at Merissa earlier set off some sort of trigger within
me that I did not even realize existed? I had been thinking
about Alexa's longing gaze all day, what it possibly meant,
even coming up with the most wild conclusions as to its origin
(yet dismissing them immediately).

But at the same time, I had never felt more guilty in my
entire life than I did right at this very moment. How could
I, in good conscious, kiss my wife good-night and go to sleep
with her later on? How could I look Alexa in the eyes and
tell her that I loved her? I did love Alexa, of course. She
was more important to me than anything, or anyone, in the
world. The universe. Yet our relationship, our marriage,
had been built from day one on complete trust and honesty.
Sincerity. How faithful of a husband was I being right now,
lusting after my wife's best friend? Even if I was doing
everything in my power to fight those primal urges? In the
end, the simple truth was that I was failing miserable.

And felt horribly guilty.

"Jeremy! You're finally home! We need to talk."

Even before I could form a response, I turned and watched
as Alexa barged her way right into the washroom with me, and
closed the door behind her. And then locked it. Alexa was
antsy, and looked highly agitated. Suddenly, just like that,
my priorities in life had been properly righted.

At least for now.

Alexa was glancing all around with extreme, nervous energy,
so I lifted her chin and brought her gaze in line with mine.
"Hey. Is everything okay? Cooper okay?" My voice was hard
and serious, my eyes full of concern.

"No. It's nothing like that. I just think... Jeremy, I
have something to tell you." Alexa's eyes welled with tears.
What was going on? Why did she seem so upset? Oh God; did
Merissa tell her that I had been acting inappropriately? "But
I... I don't want you to get the wrong idea, J-Jeremy. I... I
love you, and I always have. I always will. But I... I..."

"What's wrong?" I insisted. "You can tell me anything."

"I... oh God, Jeremy. Please don't get the wrong idea!"
she repeated. "PLEASE!" Alexa was frantic. I had never
seen her act this way before.

"What?" I demanded.

"I'M IN LOVE WITH MERISSA!" Alexa suddenly blurted out,
and then she buried her face in my chest. As I stood there,
trying to process what she had just said, Alexa did not dare
look up at me. How frightening, how humiliating, was it for
her to make that admission, and then be bawling in front of
me as she clutched my damp shirt, wet with her tears? My
heart beat vividly against her cheek. Alexa inhaled one deep
breath after another and tried to pull herself together.

"I... I've been in l-love with M-M-Merissa, I th-think,
for the past seven years," my wife admitted. "But I... I did
not realize it until... until these past two months. Until
she moved in. Especially today, th-this morning, actually."
The look, and then Alexa demanding that I have sex with her
afterward? Did Alexa actually use our _quickie_ against the
wall, hot and blistering as it was, as an outlet of sorts
for her new-found attraction toward Merissa?

Alexa pushed back, still clutching my shirt, and glanced
up at me. She looked miserable with wet, puffy eyes and a
pink nose. All I wanted to do right now was take away her
fears, whatever sadness or confusion she felt. I wanted to
hug her and promise that everything would be okay. We could
talk and work through what all of this meant at another time.
I trusted her implicitly.

"Oh God, Jeremy, I l-love you! But I... I want Merissa,
somehow, to be a part of our lives too." Alexa blinked back
several tears in succession, her glassy eyes trying to focus
on me. "I love Merissa! I never want her to leave us..."

I gently cupped either side of Alexa's face with my hands
and pressed a tender kiss to her forehead. She let out another
sob, this one sharp and very piercing, as if I had just waylaid
all of her trepidation without any warning or pretense. I
then stroked Alexa's spine and brought her face back to my
chest, and eventually rested my cheek on the top of her head.

We had a lot to talk about.

<<<- End of Chapter 13 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==

(c) 2017 Kaadorix

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Recollections Ch. 13

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