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  1. My first blow job
  2. My first blow job part 2

My first blow job part 2

Categories True Story, Oral Sex, Written by women

Author: Milfslut

Published: 17 August 2017

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So in my first story i told you about meeting boyfriend mark. In this story ill tell you how mark ate me out for the first tim

So as 8th grade year started mark and i really did see much of each other due to homework but did talk on the phone almost every night. It was about 6 week into the year that the teachers decided on a friday not to us homework so us kids were free for weekend. That firday night mark asked me to a movie and i said yes so that night marks mom ad dad droped us off at the theater. As we werw in line mark took my and held it. As we got into the theate4 he ordered us popcorn and something to drink. As we entered the room were the movie was playing we found are seats quickly as i sat down he leaned over and gave me a kiss wich i liked and thanks to school missed. As the movie started i couldnt help but wisper in his ear lets make out. For tje first half of the movie our toungs were intertwined with each others. As we took a break for a drink of soda and some popcorn and to watch a little bit of the movie. I again wispered into his ear get your lips over here and 0ut them on mine as we made out for the last 40 min of the movie i was becoming wet. As the movie ended mark called his dad to come pick us up. As marks dad picked us up he drove me home marked walked me up to the door he gave me a good night kiss. As i oot into the door my mom asked me how my date was i said good we went to a movie and thats it. After i answered my mom question i went directly to my room took off all my clothes off and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning got on my clothes and went out to shoot some hoops. I was out there for about 30 min when i saw mark coming out to join me as he got close to me i smild and thanked him for last night. We were shooting hoops for about 45 minor so when his parents said they had to leve for a couple of hours he said ok i smild at him and he smild back at me cause we both were thinking the same thing. As his parents left we shot a couple more shots then went into his house. As we got into his house he shut the front door and asked me what do you want to do i said i wanted to suck his coxk and then i wanted him to try and go down on me. As i took off his pants and underwear i saw his semi hard cock took it into my mouth and began to suck him. As i was sucking him he asked me to take off all my clothes so i stoped for sec to take off my clothes. I started with my t shirt and bra went back to sucking him he then stoped me nd asked me to take off my pants. I said ok but i want you to actually to do it when you go down on me. He was surprised i said that so i went back to sucking him as i could feel him starting to get even harder i knew he was about to explode so i kept going until he exploded into my mouth i swallowed ever last drop of his cum. I said ok time for you to go down on me. He then pushed me on his bed. He then climbed on top of me kissed me on my ear lobe then on my neck he must of found one of my erogenous zones cauae my whole body shivered he then he started kisaing all the way down until he found my nipple. He then kissed me on the same spot on my neck and again my body shivered. He then unbuttoned my pants took them off and saw that i was cleaned shaven down there. As he spreaded my legs apart he started to kiss my inner thighs on both of my legs again he found a spot on mu inner thighs that made my body shiver. He then asked me what to do i said i dont know. He said ok i just lick it lick a lollypop. I said ok try that. He lick it from down to up he hit my clit with his tongue and i gave out a little moan. He went hmm ill lick here and foun my clit. As he was licking and nibbling on my clit i began to moan as he went faster my moans got louder as he kept going i held his head into my pussy and came all over his face he then slid back on top of me and i felt his hard cock on my pussy. I told him sorry i was ready yet as he wanted to see what it felt like in side of me.

After he got done eating me out i got dressed and left quickly cause i felt embarrassed. As i ran out of his room and back to my house my mom asked me if everything was alright i said yes im fine. She saw i had a worry look on my face. I then told my mom everything that me and mark have been doing from me blowing him to him just starting to eat my pussy. She was a littled mad at me but understand i asked her not to tell marks parents cause i really like doing these things. She siad ok but im going to make an appointment to get you on the pill and to make sure i was still a Virgin. I reinsured her that his cock hasnt yet gone inside me only inside my mouth.

So i went to my room to change and i herd my mom on the phone to the doctor to make that appointment like she said. After she got done i called mark we talked about last nights date and what we did today then i told him that i told my mom everything that we have been doing and that ahe was forcing me to go on the pill. He said cool and the sex topic came up. I told him i dont know when i will be ready. He said ok. I told him i had to go cause i was getting tired. As i was laying down on my bed my mom told me that she had to leave for couple of hours. I said ok but can you make sure im locked in please. I qickly fell asleep after she left.

The next morning i woke up got dressed and went to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal. When i got to the table i saw a box whith my name on it along with a note. I opened the note and it read to my daughter mary in this box you will find couple of thing. When i was your age i met a boy and we did everything you and mark are doing when i opened up to my mom about she ws mad but fot over it she gave me a box just like im giving you. When you open this box just remeber i love you and thank you for telling me everything about you and your boyfriend. So as i was eating my cereal i opened the box inside of the box it contained one black lace bra 38b, one black see through thong, a box of 36 count condoms with a note on it sayin us me when your ready and after im gone you buy yor own. One pick vibrator with lots of batteries. She then had another note inside of the box saying please have call mark and have him come over cause i have a box for him also and when he comes over you must answer the door in you new lingerie. So i called mark and asked him to come over cause my mom has something for him. Befor mark came over i changed into my into my new bra and panties. As mark opened knocked onthe door he was shocked and kinda excited to see me in my new bra and panties. As i went to my mom's room i knocked on the door and she said his boxs is in your room in your closet but he must open it in front of you. So i take mark to my room i told him his box is in my closet and he must find it. He rumaged through my closet he pulled out his box. Before he opened his box he pulled ouf one of my bikiins and asked me to put it on i said ok but first you must opend your box. In his box there was a box of 36 count box of condoms with a note saying use on my daughter when she is ready, and a note saying if you like what my daughter is wearing take it off her make her lie on the bed naked u til you get back from bringing her bra and paanties to me in my bed room. As mark pushed me onto my bed he took my bra and panties off he then gave me a kiss and told me not to put anything on hw would be right back. As he left me there butt naked with the door opened he ran into my moms room were he saw her lying on her bed. She then asked him how he got my bra and panties off so easy he told her that he pushed me o my bed and just took them off with out asking. And then my mom asked if i was ly8ng on my bed naked he said yes she told him to go back to my room eat me out and have me suck him off but dont cum in her mouth cum on her face then after you guys are finished come see me. He came back told me what she said so i said i guess we have to do this. I think she is just trying to see how far ill go befor im embarrassed myself. So we got started as he licked my pussy for the second time in two day i started to moan a little as he kept licking and nibbling at my clit and got wetter and wetter as my moans got louder and louder i held his head into my pussy and came on his fce for the second time. As i started to suck him i remebered about what was in my box i stopped sucking mark for a sec went out to the table opened my box grabed my new toy with some batteries put them in turned it on made sure it worked brought the toy back into my room marked asked me what i had i said it a vibrator that mom got me in my box. I droped to my knees to marks cock into my mouth and began sucking again. I felt my pussy getting wet so i put the vibrator on my clit and felt my pussy cringed and get wetter as he got harder he was about to explode he finished on my face like my mom asked i happened to finished one more time as he shot his load onto me. We went to my moms room like she asked and she said ok i can see you both like each other. If you guys want to keep hving oral sex you do in my house and in her room. If you guys decided to hve sex wich i hope it ant soon cause im not ready to be a grandma i said mom were just having oral sex right now. I the told he i told him i wasnt ready yet any ways. She said good now you may go clean up but mark leave your box here in her room. Oh and by the way how did you like your vibrator honey i told my mom i didnt know yet. I then took mark back to my room kissed him and said hey we can now do thing over here. He then pushed me on my bed grabed my vibrator put it to my clit and i began to moan he then took the vibrator off my clit licked me some more and one last time put the vibrator back on my clit until i came one last time. After i came i asked him to leave cause i was going to take a shower and then take nap. So i kissed mark good by and went to do my thing.

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My first blow job part 2

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Comments (1)
redsoxfan228 — 18 August 2017 04:45
I wish this was proof read because this is hot
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