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  1. Debby and I the first time (1)
  2. Debby's Birthday (2)
  3. Debby's Birthday - continued (3)

Debby's Birthday - continued (3)

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, massage, Spanking

Author: bandfour

Published: 23 August 2017

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Part 3 – “Surprise” Birthday Party continues

(If you have not read the previous parts I will give a short background. I am 15. My friend Debby and I had sex for the first time a few weeks ago. She is having a sleepover for her 15th birthday. She invited 2 of our friends from school, Sandy and Peggy. She also invited Cindy her cousin who is about 9 months younger. She also invited me, but her mother does not know I am here. Over the past few hours, I had sex with each of them in a bedroom off the main room in Debby’s basement. After the last one I walked into the main room to see all of the beauties naked.)

I stepped out of the bedroom. They descended on me and removed my clothes. I stood naked wondering what was Going to happen next.

“I have a request from Cindy. She wants to be shaved, you know, down below,” Debby informed us.

Debby had gone upstairs and retrieved her shaving equipment. Cindy sat down, picked up some shaving cream, and applied it. She started to shave the area below her waist, but above her vaginal lips. She nicked herself.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed.

Debby handed her a tissue. She stopped the bleeding from the small cut.

“I don't think I can do it,” she said disappointedly. “Can someone help me?”

The three other girls looked at each other, then looked at me.

“Andy should do it,” they said nearly in unison.

I looked at Cindy, she nodded her approval after some hesitation. I then looked at Debby and she gave her approval. I took the warm water, cleaned off where she had shaved, and also cleaned off the remaining shaving cream. I took a little liberty around her clitoral area. Her eyes grew wide. As she sucked in a deep breathe, then let it out.

I really was not sure what to do. So I soaked a towel in the warm water and placed it over the area.

“This is what they do when shaving a man's beard. It softens the hair, so it is easier to shave,” I explained.

After a minute I removed the towel and applied a very small amount of shaving cream. I shaved the area above her vaginal lips first. After finishing there I pulled the skin outside of one vaginal lip tight. I carefully shaved the one side moving my top finger around a little more than necessary. Cindy again drew in a deep breath and slowly let it out. The other girls assumed it was out of nervousness. I moved to the other side and repeated the process, with the same reaction. I cleaned her off with the damp towel, pressing slightly harder and deeper than necessary. Cindy pushed back enjoying the feeling. Debby put the shaving supplies over by the stairs.

“I have another game we could try,” Debby said.

Peggy and Sandy looked knowingly at Debby. Cindy and I were both confused. Debby picked up a die from the table.

Debby explained, “Each of us girls will roll the die. Depending on what you roll you will do the following:

1 - You will suck on Andy's penis.
2 – Andy will suck on your pussy.
3 – Andy will put his penis in your pussy and do what come naturally.
4 – Andy will use his hands on your breasts and pussy lips.
5 – Andy will use his hands on your breasts while putting his penis in you.
6 – You and Andy will assume the 69 position and use your mouths on each other.

“You will do this in front of all of us for 15 minutes,” said Debby.

Cindy looked nervous. “In front of everyone?” she asked.

“Yes, in front of everyone,” Debby said. “I will go first followed by Sandy, Cindy, and Peggy.”

“Ok,” said Cindy reluctantly.

“Debby can you join me in the bedroom?” I asked. “Just for a minute or two.”

We walked into the bedroom. I shut the door.

“A couple of questions. First, are you really ok with what has happened and what might happen?” I asked. I really liked Debby, maybe it was the beginning of love. “I don’t wish to ruin our relationship.”

Debby took a few minutes then said, “Yes, I am! I was the one the came up with the idea. I suggested it to Sandy and Peggy. They agreed quickly. Everything is fine.”

“Ok. Second Cindy seems reluctant. Can she opt out if she wishes?” I asked.

Debby considered the question for a moment. “I don't want Cindy saying anything to my mother. If see wants to opt out, She can,” Debby answered.

We walked back into the main room.

“Cindy, if you are uncomfortable with the game you can opt out at any time,” Debby told her. “That goes for you too, Peggy and Sandy.”

They all said they were in. I wondered why Debby did not include me, but it didn’t bother me. Why would I stop what was happening. Debby picked up the die and rolled it.

“1,” said Debby. “Andy, sit down and spread your legs.”

Peggy set a timer for 15 minutes. I sat with my legs spread. Debby came over and got on her knees in front of me. She took my penis in her hand. She started kissing and licking the head. The three other girls moved to get a better view. It was somewhat unnerving having an audience. However I quickly forgot about the observers as I concentrated on feelings from down below. Debby had taken me half way into her mouth. Her tongue was caressing the underside of my member. It had grown to full length. I glanced over at Cindy. She was watching intently. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath. I looked at Sandy and Peggy both were also intently watching. I loved looking at their breasts. Debby took me in deeper. She choked, then backed off. I was in heaven. She began sucking and moving in and out. If I had not cum several times already I would have already been on the verge on cumming again. I tingled all over. Debby tickled my scrotum. I felt my balls tighten. Debby pulled away. I shot a couple small streams onto Debby’s chest. The others gasped just before the timer chimed. Debby put a small amount on her finger and brought it to her lips. Her tongue licked it off.

“Mmmm, salty,” Debby said.

Peggy stepped forward, took some on her finger and tasted it. Sandy did the same. Then Cindy, succumbing to peer pressure, tried it herself. I grabbed a towel and wiped the remnants off Debby’s chest. I took the liberty of rubbing her breast and nipple as I cleaned her. She smiled at me and gave me a huge kiss.

“My turn,” insisted Sandy.

She took the die and rolled a 3. I was hoping for a 3 or 5. I wanted very much to be inside her tight pussy again.

“Can I be in control?” Sandy asked. “I am feeling a little sore.”

I nodded yes and sat back down on a chair with padded armrests. Sandy came over and put her knees on each side of my legs. Her pussy hovered over my semi-erect penis. She put her warm hand around my penis and guided me to her pussy. She rubbed me along the outside of her pussy lips. I could feel the heat and moisture coming from inside her. She pushed down and I easily slid past her outer lips. I entered into her warm comfortable passage. Moisture surrounded me. It felt how I imagined heaven would feel. Sandy was so very tight inside. Luckily she was also very wet. I continued to slide into her. She paused once when I about half inside her. I noticed a small wince of pain, likely due to her hymen breaking earlier. Soon she pushed down and I slid in the remainder of the way. She leaned against me pressing her breasts into my chest. After a short pause she started moving up and down. Relaxing her vaginal muscles on the up stroke and clenching my rod on the down stroke. She increased her pace. I began thrusting up into her as she started on the down stroke. Each time she squealed an “ooo” or “ahh”. The others watched, though not as intently as with Debby. Sandy’s breath came shorter. I felt her body tense. She squeezed my penis hard. She shuddered, then let out a a grunt and a yelp. Her muscles spasmed around me. I climaxed, but had very little left to shoot into her. Sandy collapsed on me breathing hard. I hugged her close to keep her from falling over. As her breathing returned to normal, the door at the top of the steps opened. We all froze. Luckily we were not visible to someone standing there.

“Is everything all right?” questioned Debby’s mother. “I thought I heard somebody yell.”

“Everything is fine mom. We’re just having fun,” Debby responded. The other girls snickered.

“Do you need anything?” her mother asked. “I am going to bed soon.”

“No, we’re good. Thanks mom!”

The door closed, everyone sighed in relief. The timer went off. Sandy stood slowly. I sensed she was sore, but smiled when my penis exited her. Cindy got up hesitantly.

“I guess it’s my turn,” said Cindy less than enthusiastically. “Give me a 2 or 4,” she commanded with a little enthusiasm.

I hoped for a 4 wanting to get my hands, and maybe sneak in my mouth, on her lovely breasts. It appeared that it was going to come up a 3, but turned over to a 2. Cindy smiled. She sat back down and spread her legs. I grabbed one of the towels and went into the bathroom. I rinsed out the towel, wrung it out, then wet it with warm water. The girls had puzzled looks on their faces.

“I just want to remove any residue of the shaving cream we used earlier,” I explained. “You can start the timer when I finish.”

I wiped around the area where I had shaved her earlier. I pressed my fingers in a little deeper than necessary as I wiped her crack up to and pressing her love button. She quivered almost imperceptibly.

I put the towel down and knelt in front of Debby. Peggy started the timer. I perceived that she was getting impatient waiting for her turn. I put my fingers up to Cindy’s pussy lips, gently touching and caressing them. She quivered again, pushing her pelvis slightly forward. Again the other three intently paid attention. I spread her lips dipping my fingers into the moist, warm liquid they discovered there. A soft moan exited Cindy’s mouth. Her eyes were closed her head was tipped backward. I rubbed the liquid on her pussy lips. I brought one finger to my mouth. I sucked on my finger savoring the salty, entrancing taste. I spread her lips and I lightly massaged her from bottom to top. Each time I touched her clit she quivered. I circled around it and rubbed over the top. She quivered and shuddered.

I looked over and saw Debby and Peggy rubbing between their legs while watching me service Cindy. Sandy watched but I assumed she may have been too sore to want more at that time. I moved my mouth closer and blew lightly on Cindy’s exposed pussy. She squirmed in her chair and expressed her approval. I licked her lips outside and then moved inward, avoided her clit. She continued to quiver. I kissed and put my whole tongue on her, sliding it around to Cindy’s continued pleasurable response. I moved to her clit, licking and sucking it, receiving a more energetic response. She bucked and squirmed as I continued concentrating on her clitoris. I had to work to maintain contact. I pushed one finger into her love hole. Her vaginal walls closed around it. I stroked it in and out. She continued bucking and squirming. I managed to squeeze a second finger into her to her obvious delight. Her breath became short a rapid. I sensed she was getting close to an orgasm. She pressed her clitoris into my mouth and tongue. I intensified my effort. Her muscles tightened around my fingers and in her legs. She grunted, thrusted her pelvis upward mashing my face into her. She moved around in the chair as if she was having convulsions. I sat up and as she stopped squirming I extracted my fingers. She continued to pant some time before catching her breath. I looked over at the timer and saw that there was a couple of minutes left.

“Do you want me to continue?” I asked.

“No, no more now!” she gasped.

I sat in the empty chair. I looked at Peggy. She quickly grabbed the die and rolled it. She tossed it so hard it went off the table and on to the floor. It came up a 6.

“That doesn’t count!” Peggy insisted. “I get to roll again!”

Peggy and Debby had a discussion. The rest of us stayed out of it. They came to an agreement that Peggy could roll again, but in the future there would be no rerolls. Peggy rolled again, it again came up a 6. Peggy was disappointed.

“We’re going to have to do this on the bed,” I said.

Everyone moved to the bedroom.

“Do you want to be on top or bottom,” I asked Peggy.

“Top!” she said after a short consideration.

I lay down on the bed. Peggy climbed in bed above me on all fours. I grabbed her butt cheeks. And pulled her down until I could reach her pussy lips with my mouth and tongue. She went to her elbows and began to kiss my penis. It started coming to life immediately. I was surprised that it was becoming erect so soon. She used her hands to cup and stroke my balls as she continued with her soft lips along my shaft. I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips, moving it along their full length. Peggy flinched each time my tongue touched her clitoral area. My head was between her thighs. She squeezed my head each time she flinched. She moved to my tip first kissing, then licking and sucking it. I again could feel it pulsing with each beat of my heart. She sucked me into her mouth until I was half way in. She rolled it around with her tongue. It felt wonderful rubbing against the inside of her cheeks. I nibbled lightly on her love button. She squealed with delight.

“What did he do?” asked Debby.

“He nibbled me down below,” Peggy managed to get out.

“Did it really feel that good?” asked Cindy.

“Yes! It felt amazing!” Peggy said. “No more questions right now.”

Peggy went back to work on me. I was fully erect. She tried to take me in deeper, but started choking and backed off. I reached between our bodies. I found her breasts and cupped them with my hands. I massaged them, paying special attention to her nipples and areolas. Peggy moaned and purred at my touch. I pushed my face deeper into her pussy and stuck my tongue into her love hole. I heard Debby and Sandy whispering off to one side. Peggy's thighs squeezed my head between them. The rest of her body stiffened. She began twitching and convulsing from head to foot. I climaxed, squirting into her mouth. Peggy sucked hard to empty me as her orgasm passed it's peak. She rolled off me and worked to catch her breath. About a minute later the timer indicated the 15 minutes was over.

“Sandy and I are calling a penalty,” Debby said.

“What for?” asked Peggy defiantly.

“Andy used his mouth on your breasts,” Debby answered. “That is not in the rules.”

“So the penalty is on him, not me!” she stated with confidence.

Debby looked over at Sandy.

Sandy said, “You did not tell him to stop, so the penalty is on both of you.”

Peggy thought about protesting again, but asked, “What is the penalty?”

Debby looked over at Sandy. Sandy shrugged. Clearly this was not anything they had discussed. Debby looked at Cindy and she shrugged. Debby thought for a bit, looked around the room, and spotted a newspaper.

“You both will be spanked times by a rolled up newspaper,” she announced. “Sandy, Cindy, and I will spank each of you 3 times with the paper.”

Again Peggy thought about protesting, but changed her mind. I wasn’t about to object to any of the activities this evening. I did not wish to stop the most amazing time I was having.

“Both of you kneel in front of the bed and lean over it,” Debby commanded.

We did as she ordered. Our naked asses sticking up in the air. Debby went first. 3 light slaps on Peggy's bottom, followed by 3 more vigorous slaps on mine. Nothing painful. Sandy took the paper. She paddled Peggy with no reaction from her. Sandy then rapped me very firmly with a giggle and a smile. She handed the paper to Cindy. I sensed that she was conflicted. She gave 3 very light taps to Peggy then me. Peggy and I stood up.

It was getting late by this time. Debby, Sandy, and Cindy had all been yawning. I too was tired, but was still up for more activity if there was going to be more.

“Enough games for now,” Debby declared. “It is time for bed.”

Peggy and I got back into bed next to each other. Debby got into bed on the other side of me. Cindy and Sandy grabbed the sheet and a light blanket that had been tossed on the floor during the night’s activities. Cindy got into bed next to Debby and Sandy got in next to Peggy. They pulled the covers up over all of us. I had my arms down around Debby and Peggy with their heads up on my shoulders. Cindy and Sandy pushed up against my arms. Cindy moved up to where my hand was right on her pussy. I tickled her pussy lips with my fingers she moaned softly and pushed against my fingers. I continued rubbing her. My other hand was on Sandy’s upper thigh. I stroked her lightly. She shifted down and moved her top leg so I was now stroking her slit. She also pushed against my fingers enjoying the sensation. This continued until I fell asleep.

I woke up when the sunlight started coming through the window. I looked around at the 4 beautiful ladies in bed with me. I started getting hard just thinking about where I was and who was around me. Debby started stirring, then opened her eyes. She smiled at me and gave me a kiss. I pulled her close, feeling her breasts pushing into my chest and side. I saw Cindy’s eyes open. She smiled.

“What time is it?” Cindy asked groggily.

Debby looked at the clock and said, “Looks like it is almost 6:00.”

Peggy and Sandy started to wake up. Peggy kissed me on the shoulder. I hugged her in return. Sandy sat up.

“It looks like some one is ready for more games,” Sandy said looking at the tent my penis was creating.

“Do we all want to continue playing?” asked Debby.

Everyone answered affirmatively. I answered last making sure the girls wanted to “play”. Debby went to the other room and rolled the die.

“I got a 5,” she announced.

Peggy got up and went to the other room. She checked the die on the table. Sandy and Cindy got out of bed. Debby came back into the bedroom and lay on the bed. Her legs opened and her arms invited me to join her. I got on top and she hugged me close. I kissed her on the neck and then moved to her lips. We kissed long and deep. I put my penis into her and started slow, deliberate strokes until I was fully inside. I moved my hands to her large firm breasts. They were so very firm, but very pliant and sensitive. I pressed her nipples with my fingers as she wriggled and squirmed under me. I rubbed her breasts in a circular motion, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Debby moaned into my mouth. Her tongue explored my mouth. I continued pumping at a slow, deliberate pace. I was stiff and fully erect. With the activity of the night before I didn’t know if I would cum for awhile. Although I was extremely enjoying the feelings from down below. Debby was too. Her vaginal muscles were contracting and relaxing in time with my strokes. She again moaned into my mouth. I very much wished to use my mouth on her breasts. But that would be “against the rules” of the game. I deliberated for a short time, then made my move. I suckled her right breast. I sucked her nipple and as much of her breast as possible into my mouth. I licked her nipple very hard. Debby shuddered and moaned audibly. The others all sighed. I believed they were all imaging that I was doing this to them. Cindy in particular had erratic breathing. Debby pushed my head over to the other breast. I sucked in the nipple into my mouth. Her nipple immediately hardened as I pressed on it with my tongue. Debby shook again and tightened around my penis. I quickened my pace until I was pounding into her. She was rapidly reaching her climax. Her orgasm flooded over her body. Her back arched up and down several times almost throwing me off her. The others all moaned nearly in unison. I peaked, but had little to ejaculate. I was hot and sweating from the physical activity and the emotional peak. I rolled off her several seconds before the timer chimed.

“Penalty!” shouted Peggy.

“What for?” asked Debby.

“He kissed your nipples,” said Peggy. “You only said hands.”

Debby started to protest, but knelt down and leaned over the bed. I joined her. Peggy, Sandy, and Cindy each took their turn with the newspaper. Sandy went and rolled the die.

“Shoot!” said Sandy. “I got a 4. I wanted him inside me.”

I was also disappointed with the 4. Sandy came back into the bedroom looking dejected. I really wanted to get inside her tight pussy again. I lay down in the bed on my side. Sandy got into bed and laid on her back. I immediately put one hand on her breast and the other between her legs. She sucked a deep breath. She moaned in approval. My fingers entered her pussy lips. I rubbed up and down just inside her lips. She was already hot and wet inside. Probably from watching Debby and I. My fingers easily slipped along her crack. Sandy breathed short shallow breaths. By looking at her face she was definitely concentrating on what she was feeling. The other 3 were watching closely. I reached around Sandy’s neck so I could reach her other breast. Her nipple was hard. I squeezed it tenderly between my fingers. Sandy jerked and yipped softly, then returned to the moan that was almost a purr. Our heads were close together.

I whispered, “Enjoy,” into her ear.

The fingers on my other had slipped deeper into her pussy. I gently squeezed her clit. Again she jerked and yipped. I placed my thumb on her love button and inserted two fingers into her love hole. Sandy was so tight I had to push harder than expected. She smiled as my fingers entered into her. She contracted her vaginal muscles around my fingers. I coated my fingers with her juices and was able to slide them in and out of her more easily. Sandy began thrusting her up against my thumb and fingers. She shivered with each thrust up and then relaxed back onto the bed. With our relative positions my penis was hidden by Sandy’s body. It was right by her hand. When she realized that she grabbed it and was squeezing and pumping without the others seeing it or knowing it.

I whispered in her ear, “Do you really want me inside you? Even if we draw a penalty? Just say yes and it will happen.”

“Yes,” she said.

The others had no idea what her ‘yes' meant. I quickly moved over Sandy and guided my penis into her hot, wet love hole. I went in slowly until our pelvises touched. It felt so wonderful. She was tighter, because she was smaller than the others.

Debby protested, “Penalty!”

I didn't stop or even pause. I began pumping in and out of Sandy. As I pulled out there was a definite sound, as well as when I pushed in. Sandy was writhed under me. Her face contorted still concentrating on what she was feeling. Sandy gasped and grunted as she climaxed. Wriggling involuntarily until her orgasm subsided. Again I climaxed, but had very little to inject into her. I rolled off panting and just sunk into the bed.

“Penalty!” Debby said again.

“Yes, we know!” Sandy and I said in unison.

I rolled on my side and took Sandy’s breast into my mouth.

“Oooo,” said Sandy. “Too sensitive.”

“Double penalty!” exclaimed Peggy. “Oh, someone forgot to set the timer.”

“The time must be up by now,” Cindy said anxiously. She went and grabbed the die, came back and rolled it on a side table. “A 3,” she said.

“Wait we have to execute the penalty,” said Debby.

Sandy and I knelt and leaned over the bed. Cindy quickly gave us each 6 gentle taps. Peggy gave us her spanks with more force. Debby gave Sandy her spanks. When she got to me She swatted me very hard with the paper. There almost seemed to be some anger in her swats.

“Lay down on the bed Andy. I want to be on top,” Cindy commanded.

I lay on the bed. Cindy immediately got on top of me. She groped for my penis and stroked it until it was hard enough to go inside her. She positioned it and put it into her. She lowered herself until I was fully in her. I sensed she may have been sore. She slowly, carefully moved up and down on me. I watched her breasts bob in front of me. I wanted to reach up and touch them, but my rear end was actually getting sore from the spankings. Cindy continued bouncing up and down, slowly increasing the speed. She began huffing and puffing. Watching her breasts was getting me more excited then the feelings from my penis. It too was getting sore from all the activity. Her breasts were large, not quite the size of Debby’s D-cups, but large. Cindy continued. I felt her vaginal walls tighten and clench my penis, but she was so wet I easily slid inside her. She neared climax, arched her back, grunted, and then shuddered from the orgasm that had taken control of her. She collapsed on top of me still panting. I loved the amazing felling of her chest pushing into mine. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tight. I remained in her. Her warm wet cave felt good. She didn’t move except for her breathing until she heard the sound of the timer.

“Let me get off in my way. I am very sore inside,” Cindy whispered in my ear.

Everyone jumped at the sound of the toilet flushing upstairs. Everyone let out a sigh as each realized what the sound was. We then heard the creaking as Debby’s mother got back in her bed.

Peggy grabbed the die and rolled a 5. She smiled a big smile. I had the sense she wanted a 5 or a 3. She wanted me inside her. I didn’t know if I had reached my limit. However, I was still semi-erect from being inside Cindy. Cindy had gotten out of bed. Peggy moved me to the center and got on top of me. My penis was “trapped” along the crack of her pussy lips. She rocked forward and back. My penis slid along her crack slowly getting dampened by the fluid leaking from her. I reached up and grabbed her breasts that were bouncing in front of me. They were firm yet pliable in my hands. I rubbed over her nipples with my thumbs getting pleasing verbal reactions from her. I squeezed them enjoying the feel of them in my hands. Her breasts were not as big either Debby’s or Cindy’s, but definitely bigger than Sandy’s. They were very firm. Peggy was firm all over, being an athlete. I continued massaging her. She lifted her pelvis slightly. When she pressed down I was in her love canal pushing against her muscles in there. She lowered herself until I was fully in her. She stopped. I felt her muscles around my rod squeezing and relaxing. Just an incredible sensation. She began moving up and down savoring each movement. I wanted to finger her love button, but I was through with penalties. Peggy leaned forward pressing her chest into my hands. It also increased the stimulation on the underside of my penis, which continued to try push toward the ceiling. From her breathing I could tell that Peggy was close to another orgasm. She clenched my rod hard. I climaxed and squirted what I could into her. She spasmed around me in obvious pleasure. After several minutes she dropped on top of me gasping for air. I remained inside her, but was softening rapidly. I lay exhausted. Peggy rolled off also exhausted. The timer chimed.

“Andy we need to get you out of here before my mom gets up to stay,” Debby said.

We silently went up the stairs. Debby took a quick look after opening the door. She motioned to me to follow her. She went to the side door. She opened the door. I walked over gave her a big hug and kiss.

“Happy birthday,” I whispered into her ear.

“Thank you. Happy birthday to you,” Debby whispered back.

I went out and walked toward home, but stopped, walked to a nearby park, and I lay in the grass. I couldn’t get home too early and raise suspicion.

It was the best birthday I ever had.

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Debby's Birthday - continued (3)

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Where is the first story?
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