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  1. My Wife's Best Friend
  2. My Wife's Best Friend Part 2

My Wife's Best Friend Part 2

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Reluctance

Author: Douglas Blue

Published: 25 August 2017

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I was extremely nervous that I just might have made the biggest mistake by leaving Melissa alone (and to be honest nervous about the mistake I was walking into). What was I walking into? Would  she be naked? Would she be on her back spread eagle or bent over on her knees ready for me to come from behind? Frankly I like  alittle more tease but when I  thought of that, then in my mind she was fully clothed and realized the major mistake this was. I twisted door handle and pushed open the door. Melissa was still sitting on the floor, but had reposition to sitting on her butt leaning against the bed. She had finally placed her large right breast back into her night gown (the body part that started this whole mess). I realized a bra size would help you visualize this, and even though I don't know the official size, I promise you there is no way in hell she anything close to being smaller than double D's. Her silk light blue nightie was however pulled up to the length of a t-shirt so her whole bottom half was exposed. She was legs spread open and she was touching herself, but the sound and movement of the door opening had spooked her, and she suddenly stopped and attempted to put her knees together. The look in her eyes could only be described as shame. Fuck it's over, was the thought that crossed my mind and there was only one thing left to do, talk to her to repair our friendship and try to convince her to not tell my wife. I sat next to her with a similar look on my face, disappointment, however, I wasn't disappointed of what we did, but disappointed we didn't finish.
I was quick to apologize, but she immediately respond with one of her own. "Doug, I should be the one who is sorry. You didn't mean to grab me there, you were just trying to be a good person like you are and save me from falling, but no, this disgusting body of mine can't stay covered and..."
I didn't care what she had left to say at that point, I interrupted her, "Don't you dare say that, Melissa you have an amazing body. Sure you're not some petite tiny girl who looks like alittle boy, but here's the secret, most guys don't like alittle boys. We want women with wide hips and the ass to cover them; we want a pair of huge titties, and you know what, sure the skinny you are the better, but we guys are also realistic enough to know that if we are going to get the boobs we are going to have to accept alittle bit of belly as well, you think you have all these faults, but truthfully these are the things that make you so god damn hard to resist". I place my arm around her and touched her right arm. The bump moved her hand and it slipped right between her legs again. The touch of my body, the reassurance of her attractiveness, and the glaze of her fingertips against her crotch sent her over the edge and again she was touching herself. I couldn't believe it, could this still happen? I was immediately aroused by this and stared as she was softly rubbing and teasing herself.
Then came apology number 2, "I'm so sorry Doug, you don't understand, since Simon (her infant son who past away) I haven't even really been on a date, let alone be touched the way you've been touching me tonight, and..." She gasped for air as the pleasure of touching herself became too much to contain, "and I just can't stop being so fucking turned on right now. I miss the taste of precum on a man's dick, the feel of his fingers deep inside me and not being able to make him stop as I'm cummmming." She let out a hard moan at that moment, clearly one of her favorite things to have happen. Realizing that she had just pushed our friendship back into in uncharted waters she began apologizing all while touching herself, " Oh I'm so sorry so Doug, I know how faithful you want to be to your wife, but I can't take much more, I need a dick inside of me, I need to feel the warm cum dribble down my thigh. I need..."
With all the courage I could, I said "Melissa, I'm here for you, and gave her alittle squeeze from the half hugging position we were already in.
"No Doug, you don't understand! If you don't leave now, there's no telling what I might do..." Her hand had began crawling across my lap towards my penis. You could tell she was trying to resist, but it continued to move slowly closer and closer. "It's been 6 years Doug! 6 years of sexual frustration! 6 years of just playing with myself, pretending it was someone else..." She was looking at me square in the eyes, soon her hand would find that my dick was more than ready for the challenge, and in the matter of seconds this was going to be a place of no return. I leaned towards her, closing the gab between her and and my dick and lunged towards her, kissing her mouth in mid-sentence. Alittle surprised, but knowing that resisting the urge was unless, she took a firm grip of my penis through my shorts and violent began stroking it. We were making out so hard, our teeth were occasionally clack against each other. I was practically on top of her when I realized my hand we're just rubbing her back. Seriously her back, it was freaking on and I'm wasting my time on her back? I need to get my hands on those titties I'm always fantasizing about. I began to create some space between us so I could manover my hands on her breast, but this space signal something different from her. Now, like I said before, I always thought of her as a shy, timid person, but she used to boast about being a freak in the sheets. I never believed it until this moment; with the newly found space, she shoves me on my back. I was completely shocked by this, I played football, it takes alot for someone to take me down, but here I am, on my back, look up to Melissa as she grabs the bottom of her night gown and starts pulling it over her head. First belly and belly button showed, then the base of her breast, soon followed by nipples and the rest of her chest, neck, the finally her face and there she was completely naked. She began crawling on top of me, her massive titties dangling; I was trying to quickly get my shorts off, but it wasn't quick enough for her as she grabbed hold of the waist band and ripped them down to about mid thigh. I have to admit, my harden dick was already trying to plan his own escape and was wrapped up in my underwear when she yanked them off. It was quite painful, however did not last long due to the warm pleasure of her mouth wrapped around my shaft. Let's get real, married blow jobs are the worst. I have to beg for one and when I get it, it's mostly licking and doesn't take long before she finished, not me. That was not the case with Melissa. Immediately she was nut deep sucking so hard I swear she made me an inch or two longer. I couldn't help trusting up while my dick slapped the back of her throat. I thought I was going to bust a nut right then. She was so hungry for my dick, she was just shoveling it deeper and deeper down her throat. When she came up for air I knew I had a split second to make my move, I slid up, sat up, and picked her up and slammed her on her bed. I gave her alittle thrust between her legs, my dick pressing against her clit, before arching back. I started my next round seduction by kissing/sucking down her neck to shoulder to collar bone to chest, then the nipples. I grabbed on to both titties pressing them in my face. I was ear to ear deep into the best pair of titties I've ever had an opportunity to be around. I worked on the left tit first, licking, sucking, and biting on the nipple. Then I switched sides and repeated on the right. I would have stayed there all night, but I knew I needed to move on to more exciting things. I moved past her belly, and knelled on the floor, grabbed around her waist and pulled her pussy into my face. I stuck out my tongue out as far as it could go to see how deep I could get it inside her vagina. I didn't feel like it got as deep as I hoped, but it was deep enough for her to grab and pull on the hair on top of my head as she arched up and let out and moaning scream. The stretch was alittle much for my tongue so I decided a different approach and went after the clit. My wife is very much as clitous orgasmer so I know just how to work that one. I would rapidly lick it back and forth and then switched on to sucking the clit before going back to tongue flicking again. She was really getting into it when her body shaking, legs squeeze around my head, she was already cumming. I slowed down, to let her finish; she had finally let go of the death lock she had on my head with her legs and opened wide. I looked down and noticed her pussy lips were twitching she had cummed so hard. I want so bad to see what that would feel like on my dick. I gave her a second to calm down, and went back to work. I'm going to do a little guessing here that normally when she was getting eaten out, she probably had never been given back to back session of it, because as soon as I began licking again, she gave a surprising scream like she forgot my face was down, followed by a thrust of the hips as if to say, if you're going to eat it, you better eat it good. I was going to do just that; I knew what had set her off the round before, and I knew my small window between a open dick accepting pussy and tighten cumming one. I waited until this moment, and when it came I shot up, and with one quick motion, slid my penis into her vagina. She was alittle tighter that I expected, (makes sense because she hadn't been fucked in 5 years) but I still managed to work my way all the down to where the base of my dick was located at the tight opening of pussy. It seemed like a mix reaction from her; shock, pain, pleasure... I wasn't going to let her decided which it was as I began thrust dick back and forth to loosen her up. The plan was flawless, her pussy was now loosing up for my large dick to smash against it's rigged walls, but at the same time it had already been worked up from the eating out session moments before. Pretty soon, the soft walls became harden, as the contracted around my penis making it impossible to move it; her legs swung around me and squeeze. They were shaking, then I noticed her body was shaking as well. At this point I really wasn't ready to cum, and with the lack of stroking I figured I was safe, but the shaking of her body, the pulsating twitching of her pussy around my dick, and her face, oh my gosh her face. It was flushed with color, eyes glaring at me, lips softly open like she need a drop of the cum to land on her tongue. I started to feel it come on, the rush of cum flying up the shaft of my penis. Just then her lock gave way, and I quickly pulled out. I didn't want it to be all over for a quick 30 second pump and go, but I also realized that I wasn't given any instructions on where I could cum. My wife was very particular about that, never in the mouth, only on breast in the shower, and honestly, if I didn't cum at all that would be for the best. I didn't know Melissa do's and don'ts, and cumming inside her could be one. Getting pregnant could be reliving the nightmare that happened 5 years ago with her no good baby daddy Marcus and I didn't want her to go through that. With me out of the way, she closed her legs and rolled to her side. She was exhausted from cumming twice already and was trying to regain her strength.
I was definitely afraid I was going to lose her without busting a nut first, so I position myself behind her spooning her. I gave her soft gentle kisses on her back, as I rubbed my hand up and down her body feeling her hips, her side, her arm. I found myself now reaching around and having a handful of Melissa left breast. This was bliss, and as much as I love my wife's outrageously large titties, this breast here could only be described as perfection. The way the contoured around my fingers, how the nipple sat on top, perky and firm. I found myself gripping and thrust my dick on Melissa ass. I was getting really turn on now, and needed to re-examine what she had going on between her legs. I ran my hand down her body and as I approached her waist and pelvis, Melissa lifted her leg as if to tell me she wanted more. It felt like it did before, warm and wet, I gave her clit a few good rubs but I wasn't interested in getting her to cum again with my fingers, it was my dick turn to do the work. With the leg open, I slid my dick in between and place the tip inside her moist pussy. She accepted my dick and rotated her hips back and I slowly slipped deeper inside. She gave out a long soft moan as you could tell her pussy was beginning to get used to the size and shape of my dick inside her. I began thrusting alittle quicker, but truth be told, this is not one of my bread and butter positions and was limited on how fast and hard I could go. She was definitely getting into it, but as soon as she realized it wasn't going to get any better, she rolled forward off my dick and to her belly. She was hungry for cock and wanted it her way. I went to follow her but was immediately thrown to my back and before I knew it, she had lowered herself on top of me balls deep. She immediately began bouncing up and down as hard and fast as she could. She was coming down with so much force that I swear to God once of us was going to break a hip. I hands were frozen on her waist. I looked down and I could see my dick disappearing into her pussy and into her pelvis before reappearing again when she rose up. The best view however was straight up, with nothing containing her boobs, they were flying all over the place. Beautiful massive breast bouncing up and down, I went to reach for them, but she was fucking me so fast I was afraid if I let go of her hips she would come flying off me. The speed, the force, the bouncing titties, this was like I died and went to heaven. The pleasure was overwhelming and I was going to be cumming soon. Cum, shit, I forgot that I didn't know what she was comfortable with.
"Uh, uh am going to cum..." I began to say in a panic. Melissa however was not as worried.The bouncing stopped, but she pushed down deep and began rocking her hips back and forth as if to squeeze every last inch of dick inside her.
"Fucking cum Doug!" She said harshly " Fucking squirt that hot shit deep inside me." She wasn't going to have to tell me twice, and since the insane bouncing stop, I was able to reach up and grab hold of each boob as my dick shot my cum inside her. It was giving her everything it had, here I was my hands firmly on the best pair of tits I have ever seen, deeper in pussy than I had ever been in, cumming more than I've ever cummed before. Her eyes gave away everything. They got real wide the moment she felt my hot jizz hit her and then they rolled in the back of her head as she found a new level of thrusting down to get the last squeeze of cum out. What happened next was even more surprising. After the final thrust, she came back up and off my dick. I had alittle bit of cum hanging off as well as pussy juice from her covering my dick when she bent down and began taking me in her mouth. Unlike last time, she was extremely soft, which I was grateful for because of how sore it was from just cumming. She first took my whole dick in her mouth, soft sucked up to the tip and licked any cum off the tip she might have missed. Once she got all the cum licked up, she then softly went back to sucking her own juices off my cock. As the soreness began to fade, my penis started to soften up in her mouth. I was blissfully please when she looked up at me and said, " No. I'm not done with you." Wait what? We both had cummed, and she wants more? You're joking right? No, she wasn't. Her sucking began to change from soft and gentle to harder and rougher. Surprising to me and my old Johnson, I started getting hard again and the harder I got, the harder she sucked. Before too longer we were back to where we were before, my hard cock down the back of her throat as she gobbled down every inch as if she was trying to get my balls too. Once again, I had no time to react as she stopped the blow job, spun around, and lowered herself down on my dick, facing away from me. Ofcourse, how could I forget, she likes it from behind. I heard her say that once, but had gotten so greedy wanting her breast had been always facing her. At first I felt my cock work it's way through the slimy cum that dripped out of her pussy during the blowjob session, but soon was back into the slippy canal of her vagina. She was very loose now and sliding deep inside was no problem. The new angle was helpful as well, no long was my dick getting stuck at the tight walls in the beginning, but more they seemed to have glided me deeper to the point that I could feel the tip had nowhere else to go. The new position wasn't doing much for me, most stimulation was at the tip, I know longer had a view of those big beautiful titties or her fuck me crazy eyes, and was pretty sure I didn't have any cum in the reserves anyway. However for her, it was like there wasn't a button I wasn't pressing. She first tried bouncing up and down again, but it was too good and she tried back and forth thrust which wasn't better. Her moans were cutting in and out between the exclating oh my Gods that seemed to be said after each thrust. I was content. I held on to her hips staring down at her ass, hoping to maybe get a glimpse of my dick inside her, but her ass was just too big. I began having fun with it. I gripped her hips and pulled her back shoving all my dick into her, "OH OH OH MY GOD" she exclaimed as she went back to bouncing knowing she wouldn't last long with me thrusting into her like that. However I had a plan for that as well. As she bounced down, I would trust up giving her a split second more of deep thrusting dick inside her. Even though this was just was pleasurable for her, I think she thought she could out last me and continued to bounce. At first it was comical, here she was getting the shit fucked out of her resist her orgasm the best she could and I was perfect fine, or so I thought. The walls of her pussy became tighter, and now we're rubbing against my hot spots. I was getting worked up again, and my mood was quickly changing from how fun it was to be pushing her to the point of cumming to I needed to fuck her to cum. I got more agressive, pulling at her hips as I thrusted upwards. Soon I won the game, she couldn't bounce down again without cumming on my dick and was trying to hover on top to preserve it. I wasn't playing anymore though, I was fucking and thrusting up to reach her as hard and as fast I could go. When I realized she wasn't helping anymore and I needed more, I reacted. I sat up as hard as I could, pushing her forward well trying to stay inside her best I could. She fell to her hands and knees and my dick fell out as I reposition my legs to fuck her doggie style. Upset I had came out I grabbed her hips and thrusted as hard as I could back inside. She fell down to her elbows from the force. Now with all the leverage, I had my way with her. Pulling her ass into me as I trusted into her. She had unleash a beast inside me and I was going to rip her pussy inside out with me dick. She moaned hard and tried to continue her cries to the heavens, but could only get to the word "OH" before the next forceful blow made her start all over again. Louder and louder she got before she found the strength to push back as hard as she could to prevent me from thrusting into her as she cummed. Her pussy became tight and pulsing, her body shaking. The tightest set off my trigger as a surprising round two of cum cum rushing out like fire from the rush to make it. I tried to continue thrusting but each time she pressed back to the point I could only push with my dick which I did rapidly as if to flick the cum off inside her. Once I was sure I had none left. I gave the hardest pull and sat deep inside her until she collapse from her orgasm. As she fell to her stomach, my dick slid out. I moved back and sat on my ass and watched as the cum slowly began oozing out of her quivering body.

Reality began to sank in. I normally would be in bed by now and needed to get there asap before the wife came looking and find us naked with cum all over the place. Melissa rolled over, and took her finger and gathered the excess cum off her pussy lips. The than began licking it off her fingers. I was turn on from that, but had enough sense to know that a third round would garenttee we could get caught, and got up and dressed. Not knowing what to say to your wife's best friend after fucking her like a mad man and went to leave the room without a word when she said "thank you" to which the only response I had was "no problem".
I tried my best to sneak into my own bed, but the wife wasn't in as deep as slumber as I thought. She rolled over and as if she was talking in her sleep, "what was going on up there? It sounded like you guys were having sex." Alittle worried but trying to play it off without just bold face lying to her, I said with a little giggle "ha, sure. Just go back to sleep hunny" which she did without complaint.

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My Wife's Best Friend Part 2

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