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Brenda's Got Game

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Group Sex, Interracial

Author: John Black

Published: 29 August 2017

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Ethan chased the basketball through the fence doorway of the park basketball court. He and his two friends played basketball there almost everyday especially during the summer. As he was catching up to it, he saw it stop at the feet of Brenda Andrews, the little cute white girl that had just moved in on his street who just happened to be jogging by.

Ethan: “Little help Bren?”

She smiled, then reached down and picked up the basketball with her hands and brought it up to her body. It looked as big as a giant beach ball next to her 5’4” petite frame and almost hid her completely and momentarily from his view. Ethan stood about twenty-five feet from her waiting for her to throw him the ball, which she did after a few seconds. She then smiled again and continued on the path on her morning jog. Ethan watched her little ass wiggle in her little tight spandex shorts as she jogged away from him. He yelled out to her after she got about forty yards up the path.

Ethan: “Thanks Brenda!”

Brenda turned and smiled again and waved then continued on her jog. By this time James and Tyler had come out of the fenced-in basketball court and were standing behind Ethan and they all watched the pretty little white girl jog away from them up the path.

James: “Damn man who is THAT little hot chick?”

Ethan: “That’s Brenda. She lives down the street from me. She’s very nice.”

Tyler: “Nice? Smokin’ hot body on that little girl.”

Ethan: “Tell me about it! My nuts have been blue ever since she moved in last spring.”

The three boys watched until she disappeared from their sight into the woods, then they returned to their game. The three of them were typical young black men. James was 17 and Ethan and Tyler were each 18. They had been hanging together virtually since they were in grade school and they could almost always be found on a basketball court somewhere. This particular court was in the back end of a park that also had a big football field and soccer field connected to it. connected to it. Along one side of the court, there was a long bike path that people, like Brenda, would jog by out of the woods then back through the woods. It really was a secluded place deep in the back of the park.

Brenda had moved into Ethan’s neighborhood like he had said fairly recently. Her Father’s company had transferred him down here to Atlanta from Virginia and they quickly rented a cheap house until they could scout a better neighborhood. Her Father hadn’t checked where the house was located and hadn’t been aware that they were moving into a predominantly black area. The lease had already been signed though so they had to live there until the lease had ended then he could find a more suitable part of the town for his family. Ethan had watched them from his stoop the day they had moved in. It was just Brenda, her parents John and Catherine and her little 10-year-old brother David. He couldn’t believe that a white family was moving into the old Franklin house.

Brenda was 19, about 5’4” and approximately 127lbs. with long light brown hair that hung mostly along the left side of her head. She had a smile that could freeze even the most confident male, and for a girl who was so small she seemed to have the longest legs. Her boobs weren’t big, but they weren’t small either very proportionate to her tight small frame. She was very fit and liked to jog and workout at a gym a few times a week. Ethan had a couple of conversations with her in the short time that the Andrews family had been in the neighborhood, nothing special, a few times they had both been at the corner store and had said hi, and then one early morning he was putting his family’s trash to the curb and Brenda was doing the same. Ethan had that meeting burned into his memory because Brenda was barefoot and only wearing a thin halfway up the thigh pink robe and she had a towel wrapped around her head. At one point she had dropped her trash can lid and when she bent to pick it up her little robe rose a little exposing the rest of her right thigh and part of her lacey white panties for a moment which made Ethan’s cock flop in his pants. It was a sight that he would file away for masturbation later.

The boys finished their game a few hours later and went to the corner store and bought some refreshments. They then all assembled on Ethan’s stoop to cool off from their sweaty basketball game workout. After a while, Brenda appeared from her house to go to work. She had taken a part time job; working four hours in the late afternoons during the week doing some secretarial computer work for a lawyer’s office. She was dressed in a purple and red mini skirt and blouse set with some four inch black heels and her hair and make-up were made up expertly. She looked like she was a model. Her heels clicked the pavement as she walked to her mother’s car and she smiled and waived in Ethan’s direction.

Brenda: “All done playing ball for the day guys?”

Ethan: “Yeah. It’s too hot out. Besides, it gets old just playing 2 on 1 all the time. Maybe you could join us someday?”

Brenda: “Oh I’m not very good at sports, but maybe I’ll give a try someday.”

It was the type of response that someone would make very jokingly. As small as Brenda was, basketball wasn’t an activity suited for her. Ethan teased her a bit.

Ethan: “We’re gonna hold you to that Bren.”

Brenda just smiled and rolled her eyes a little then got into her car. The three boys watched as she entered her car and shifted her legs in. Her skirt rose a little showcasing her breathtakingly beautiful legs and thighs. She then drove off to work.

James: “Man, imagine how fucking with her would be? I would love to get my dick into that!”

Tyler: “Shit man, you dreamin’! That little white teaser ain’t got no use for no brothas. Especially you’re ugly ass!”

James: “Fuck you.”

Ethan: “I don’t know man, she’s always been nice to me, my moms too. I don’t think she’s one of those stuck up white bitches.”

James: “Well brotha you got the inside track.”

Ethan: “What?”

James: “I bet if you could get her to play some ball with us someday, we’d all get up inside that before the day was out.”

Tyler: “Niggas you crazy!”

Ethan: “There is no way She’s gonna play basketball with us.”

James: “Gotta ask her when she’s jogging. Put her on the spot. If she’s so nice like you say, we might be able to coax her dontcha think?”

Ethan: “We could try, but I’m not holding out any hope. Pretty pathetic plan if you ask me.”

The three of them didn’t talk for a while. They just sat there drinking their refreshments and thinking to themselves until they finally split up and all went home. The next morning, the three friends assembled at the playground court again.

James: “Man all night long all I’ve been thinking about is that little smoke show neighbor of yours. We just got to find a way to get some of that. I had an idea about it. I brought some juice and I put some blackberry brandy in it. Maybe if we get her to play, we can get her a little tipsy and she might loosen.”

Tyler: “That’s actually not a bad idea.”

Ethan: “Yeah, it’s not perfect but it’s something. None of it works if we can’t talk her into playing. Keep a look out for her. It’s around the time she usually does her jogging.”

They shot some baskets lightly while they waited and kept their eyes peeled for Brenda. After about 25 minutes, James spotted her coming.

James: “Damn man there she is! My god she looks so fine. Look at them little titties bouncing!”

Ethan: “Ok Ty, throw the ball out the door again when I tell ya. Okay…Now!”

Tyler whipped the basketball past Ethan through the fence door of the court and it rolled up the path towards Brenda. Ethan gave chase again and Brenda retrieved the ball again before he got to her.

Brenda: “Wow you guys lose this thing a lot huh?”

Ethan: “Yeah all the time. Like I said, 2 on 1’s are kind of hard. You could make the teams even though. Is today ‘someday’?”

Brenda: “I honestly don’t know a thing about basketball.”

Ethan: “That’s okay, we could teach you.”

Brenda: “But…I’m kind of small don’t you think?”

Ethan: “Aww Girl, this isn’t the NBA. Please play?”

Brenda: “But, what about my jog?”

Ethan: “Oh you could get plenty more exercise playing ball then you could ever get jogging. Just one game?”

Brenda thought for a minute. She felt bad for them. She really was a nice girl and it was very hard for her to disappoint anyone. She smiled again.

Brenda: “Okay. Like I said…I’m not any good at all.”

Ethan: “That’s okay. You can be on my team. We’ll give you a crash course beforehand.”

Brenda: “Alright.”

James and Tyler watched from the court and couldn’t believe it when Ethan began to walk back to them with pretty little Brenda in tow. James whispered to Tyler.

James: “Wow. I can’t believe he got her to play. We gonna get some tail tonight.”

Tyler: “Shhh. Don’t let her hear. You’ll fucking blow it all.”

Ethan and Brenda arrived on the court with the basketball to the joy of his two horny friends.

Ethan: “Hey guys, we got a fourth for a game. Brenda, this is James and Tyler.”

They shook her hand and after a few minutes of game explanation, they let her take a few shots with the basketball to get a feel for shooting it. The first two tries were horrible. She couldn’t get the power it seemed to push the ball up over the basket and it went underneath it and hit the net both times. She laughed it off with a little embarrassed hand across her mouth as she laughed at herself.

Ethan got behind her before the next shot and pressed his body against her back a bit and guided her arms in a shooting motion. Her hair, which was pony-tailed up, smelled so good and the feel of her skin as he guided her arms was softer than anything he had ever felt. His cock twitched a little in his shorts during this and at one point it was slightly pressed against her right ass cheek. Brenda took the next shot after being coached and the ball barely climbed over the rim but it fell into the basket and she screamed in happiness.

Brenda: “I did it!”

Ethan: “There ya go Bren! You get the idea. Now let’s get started. We’ll play to 11. I’ll take Brenda on my team. James you cover her and I’ll cover Ty. Go easy boys, after all we have a beginner here.”

Ethan took the ball out first. They all moved about the court slowly and playing only about quarter speed. James stood closely behind Brenda bumping his chest into her back a few times, and then he got himself a good idea. As they moved around he put his right hand around her left hip loosely and then brushed his fingers across her vaginal area. Brenda stiffened at the contact then got a little upset and she turned to scold him.

Brenda: “Hey! That wasn’t nice! Watch those hands buddy!”

Ethan realized what James was doing and quickly got between them and explained that James wasn’t doing anything wrong he was just guarding her. The boys adamantly reassured her that basketball coverage was that close so she shouldn’t take it like it had seemed. They seemed to convince her.

Brenda: “Okay, I’m sorry James. I guess I still have a lot to learn about this game.”

James: “It ain’t no thing baby.”

Even though they had convinced her, Brenda thought about how James’ hand had made her feel as he brush across her pussy. Even though she had protested, it didn’t make her feel bad at all. In fact, it made her feel a little aroused and she was confused why.

As they continued the game, Ethan took a shot and scored a basket then positioned for defense. Brenda stood behind James and her coverage of him was quite comical. He dwarfed her, and she couldn’t seem to get her short arms or petite body positioned for adequate defense of the 6’2” boy. Tyler sent a small pass over to James and Brenda went to defend the ball but ended up slipping around his left side and lost her footing. Her hand instinctively grabbed his leg for balance, only that’s where his penis was too. Basically Brenda had grabbed James cock and had stopped herself from falling to the court.

Brenda: “Oh I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to grab you…. please forgive me.”

James: “It’s alright Baby. All part of the game.”

The boys all laughed and Brenda’s embarrassment subsided. The game continued during which James copped some more feels of Brenda’s tits, pussy, legs, and especially her ass on numerous occasions. Brenda also inadvertently touched his penis a few more times as well. Every time she did, she thought about how big it felt, and she just couldn’t tell if he was erect or flaccid, or get an accurate reading on its size. She thought about all the rumors of how big black men are between their legs. She began to take peeks at Ethan and Tyler shorts for comparisons but again just couldn’t get an accurate reading. All these black cock thoughts were starting to make her horny and something other than sweat was beginning to secrete between her legs.

The boys continued playing at their quarter speed and the game lasted a bit longer than it really should have. Finally, Ethan sunk the winning basket and he celebrated with a big hug with his gorgeous little teammate, lifting her from her feet up into his arms. It felt great being able to embrace her like that even if it was only congratulatory. Everyone was sweaty. James went over to his bag and pulled out the Brandy laced juice and took a long swig of it. Tyler then took a swig of it too.

Brenda: “Can I get some of that? It’s so hot out here.”

Tyler: “Sure Hun. Here you go.”

Brenda took the bottle from Tyler and thought she was going to taste an energy drink. She took a long drink of it and realized that it wasn’t what she had thought it was.

Brenda: “What is this?”

James: “Oh it’s just some cranberry juice and a little bit of blackberry brandy. Do you like it?”

Brenda: “It’s not bad. I just wasn’t expecting it to be alcohol.”

Brenda took another swig longer than her first one and she started to feel pretty good. Her head was getting a bit cloudy and she knew she was starting to get a buzz. As she did so, James and Tyler both took their shirts off at this point and the three men sat in the grass just before the edge of the woods. Brenda stared at their black sweaty muscular chests. Her pussy started to get a little wet again and her body was started to get a little flushed. She hoped that none of them would notice. She sat down in the grass with them to hide her arousals.

Ethan: “So Bren, you wanna play another game?”

Brenda: “Oh I don’t know if I could play another one. That was more physicality than I had expected. It was fun though.”

After making its rounds through the others James passed the bottle back to Brenda and reluctantly she took another long swig from it. The brandy was doing its job and she was definitely quickly getting drunk.

Brenda: “I’m still sweating, it’s so hot out here.”

James: “Well take that shirt off then. We did. It’d be cooler with the shirt off.”

Brenda: “I can’t do that! I’d be in my bra!”

James: “So what. We don’t mind.”

His bluntness shocked her. But it made her think a bit. She remembered that she had a sports bra on underneath. She always wore a sports bra underneath her t-shirt when she went jogging. After a few more minutes of thought, without saying anything, Brenda removed her t-shirt to the boys delight. Her bra was gray and a little sweaty and her hard little nipples could be seen pointing outward through the material.

Tyler: “Wow nice bra Brenda!”

Tyler was staring at her protruding nipples when he said it and Brenda suddenly felt embarrassed. She covered her breasts with one arm and fumbled for her shirt with the other.

Brenda: “What am I doing? I can’t sit here half naked in the park with you guys. I’m so embarrassed.”

Ethan and James shot Tyler a dirty look simultaneously. After scolding James earlier he himself just might have blown the whole thing. James thought quickly.

James: “Hey girl there’s no reason to be embarrassed. Here, I’ll sit here half naked with ya!”

He then jumped to his feet and pulled down his basketball shorts and removed them to everyone’s shock. His hard 9-inch cock could be seen outlined in his boxer briefs as it hung along his left leg. Brenda stared at James’ bulge it was huge. Her embarrassment was now replaced by feelings of arousal again. She couldn’t help asking him the next question.

Brenda: “Is that thing real?”

James: “Baby you know that it is. You were feeling it all game weren’t you?”

All the guys started to laugh but Brenda didn’t. She was still staring between James’ legs trying to figure out if what was in his underwear could possibly be real. Just then Ethan jumped to his feet and removed his shorts as well. He too had a bulge stretching the material of his underwear. Brenda’s body started to tingle like it had electricity flowing through her veins.

James: “Well Ty, aren’t you gonna take your shorts off and make Brenda feel better?”

Tyler: “I can’t man.”

James: “Why not?”

Tyler: “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Everybody started laughing again, even Brenda. All thoughts of embarrassment were gone. They passed the bottle of juice and brandy around some more and joked and laughed for a while. Brenda was now feeling really good and she was officially drunk. Realizing this, James once again made a bold move. He pulled his cock out of his underwear while Brenda was looking the other way at Ethan and then he sat up on his knees beside Brenda and had it pointed at the back of her head. She turned her head and couldn’t believe the sight that was before her face.

James: “Go ahead baby, you can touch it if you want…”

In her drunken state, Brenda did one better than that. She took his hard prick into her hand and smiled at him. She then slid her mouth over the head of it and started to suck it.

James: “Oh yeah baby that’s it, let’s have ourselves a little party! Damn this feels good! Come on guys you all gotta get some of this!”

Both Ethan and Tyler removed their clothes and exposed their thick black cocks too and circled around Brenda. She took Ethan into her mouth next and grabbed the other two with her hands and started to stroke them. For the next few minutes, Brenda rotated her mouth from one cock to the next blowing them to perfection. Normally, her inhibitions would have prevented her from engaging in such an act outdoors in broad daylight, but the equation of no one else around plus the buzz from the brandy made her not seem to care. Her hot mouth expertly worked from cock to cock and her hands feverishly jerked the other two that were not sliding into her throat. Then one by one, she brought them each to their limits and they shot their sticky salty loads into her mouth and she swallowed it all down. It was the most cum she had ever seen in her life and it made her so horny.

Brenda: “Oh I need you guys to fuck me. I need your big black cocks in my little white pussy!”

James: “We can do that for ya baby.”

Brenda: “But we can’t have sex right here in the woods though can we?”

James: “Why not? You just blew us all right here in the woods.”

As Brenda and James had that exchange, Ethan thought of an idea. He scanned the park and saw that there was a tool shed off in the distance that the parks department used to store some tools and some sporting equipment and such. It was a pretty big shed and would have plenty of room for their little gangbang, but it had a padlock on it.

Ethan: “We can go over to that shed over there. I mean it’s locked but we can get in if we really want to.”

James: “That’ll work! Let’s go.”

They picked up their things quickly; got semi dressed again, and hurried themselves across the soccer field to the other side of it to the tool shed. There wasn’t anyone in the park and luckily no one had been using the bike path either during Brenda’s blow bang. It was like the park was theirs and they were kings with a hot queen having their way with it. At the shed, Tyler got a rock and quickly destroyed the padlock and they all entered the shed. There was a couple of gym mats stacked in the corner and Ethan and Tyler arranged them on the floor. The three boys removed their clothing again as Brenda got on her knees in the middle of the mats. Ethan put his dick in front of her and she popped it into her mouth and began to blow him again. The other two joined in and round two of blowjobs started.

After a few minutes, James reached back and started to pull at the Velcro straps of Brenda’s sports bra. Her 36b’s jiggled a little as he removed the whole bra from her body. Her boobs were beautiful. Almost immediately, she felt hands pawing at them gratuitously. Then Ethan put his mouth over her left nipple and swirled his tongue around it. At this point Tyler’s cock was in Brenda’s mouth and she murmured a moan as Ethan’s lips worked her left nipple. James then slid his large black hand into the back of Brenda’s shorts and rubbed his middle finger across the lips of her vagina. He realized that this was very easy to do because she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She released Tyler’s cock from her mouth and moaned audibly loud as James penetrated her vagina with his middle finger and moved it in and out of her wet slot.

Brenda: “Oh I can’t wait anymore! One of you better fuck me right now!”

Ethan: “Right now?”

Brenda: “Oh I need it so bad!”

James: “What do you need?”

Brenda: “I need your big black cock inside my pussy right now!”

With that, James laid her back on the mat and put his hands around her hips and pulled her shorts off with one motion, which raised both of her legs into the air. James then positioned himself between her legs and started to rub the head of his 9-inch cock on the lips of her vagina. With her legs resting on his shoulders he pushed about 3 inches of his meat into her and she let out a large moan that was quickly stifled by Ethan’s cock, which was shoved into her mouth. James then started to pump himself in and out of her with short thrusts going about a half inch more in each time. Brenda wriggled underneath him as he worked his big black schlong deeper and deeper into her. He then got into a rhythm and started to fuck her with a pretty good speed.

Brenda moaned around Ethan’s cock. Each thrust of James’ large tool brought out a louder crescendo from her cock filled mouth. Brenda’s body began to quiver and she came hard around James full 9-inches. James pushed one more time to the hilt then pulled himself completely out with a pop. Tyler then moved between Brenda’s legs and he was now fucking her. As he pumped into her, he removed her sneakers and socks and put his mouth over the toes of her left foot and began sucking them. This drove Brenda wild. Tyler’s cock was about an inch shorter than James but he felt a little bit thicker. Brenda came hard again.

When it got to his turn, Ethan turned Brenda over and got her up on her knees. He then stuck his cock into her pussy doggy style while she sucked her pussy juices from both James and Tyler. Ethan pumped into her with vigor pulling her hips closer and closer to him with each stabbing thrust. He couldn’t believe that he was fucking this hot little white girl that he had masturbated to all summer long. Ethan was most definitely living a dream here. He began to slap her ass a little as he pumped in and out of her. He then all at once pushed his long snake all the way into her as deep as it would go and stopped and shot his black seed into her white womb. For the next couple of hours the three of them then took turns tagging in and out of Brenda’s hot pussy and mouth. She came multiple times during this, and the boys shot more loads into her body.

It was an unbelievable gang bang, Brenda’s first ever. An act she would crave to engage in time and time again in the near future. When they finally finished, they each kissed Brenda on the lips and one by one each person left the shed and went their separate ways home.

In the weeks to come Brenda and her three black boyfriends had sex again and again and again. She eventually lost her job because she didn’t show up two days in a row because of it all. After a month’s time, Brenda got pregnant. It was impossible for her to figure out exactly who the father was but she really didn’t seem to care which one it was. When her parents found out they kicked her out of the house. Her dad was so livid he punched her dead in the face knocking her down and gave her a black eye.

Eventually, Brenda would end up walking the streets for a downtown pimp named Ray Ray. Doing so gave her enough money for a fleabag apartment in a seedier part of Atlanta for her and her little black baby that she named Jet taking the first initial of each of her black lovers. James and Ethan would frequently visit her and fuck her, but she never saw Tyler ever again. Brenda ended up becoming one of Ray Ray’s better whores because she didn’t do any drugs and loved to fuck black men. The only vice she had…she was addicted to blackberry brandy.

The End

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Brenda's Got Game

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