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The Awakening of Amy Ch. 01

Categories Fiction, Interracial, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex

Author: Panthers70

Published: 29 August 2017

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Amy had just finished a lovely meal after an evening out with a few of her work colleagues. She was in her late 20's, around 5’6” tall with long brown hair and curves in all the right places and was wearing a white top, black slacks and a light grey leather jacket. She had parked up in the opposite direction to her friends so when they left the restaurant she said goodbye to them and started the short walk back to her car alone.

Even though it was around 9 pm and just starting to get dark the High Street was still very busy with all the food shops and restaurants still open. As she was walking she became aware of a few wolf whistles and some lewd comments directed at her. She looked around and began to feel a little uneasy when she noticed she was the only white female around and people were openly staring at her.

Just as the gorgeous brown haired beauty approached a bus stop the pavement became so crowded her path was nearly blocked and her progress slowed to a crawl. Suddenly a Muslim youth, probably aged around 18, pushed past Amy giving her ass a quick grope as he did and then turned round and stood in front of her. His eyes moved down from her face to check out her athletic body and then up again to stare straight into her eyes. One hand went down to his crotch and he began stroking the bulge in his jeans.

“What’s a white bitch like you doing around here? You looking for some action?” and then just like that he disappeared back into the crowd.

Amy began to panic and wanted to get back to her car as quickly as possible. She ran across the road dodging the traffic and could see her car less than a hundred yards away. She glanced behind and to her horror she saw the Muslim youth crossing the road but now there was another youth with him. Amy got to within twenty yards of her car when a third youth appeared in front of her blocking her way. The other two came up behind and she was completely encircled. She was just about to scream when one of them clamped a hand over her mouth.

“You won’t make a fucking sound bitch if you know what’s good for you.”

They grabbed her arms and dragged her down a narrow dimly lit alley between two shops. The end of the alley opened out to a small area with back doors to two of the shops. Apart from cardboard boxes and black bin bags all full of rubbish the area was completely deserted.

“Let me go, please let me go” Amy pleaded as they surrounded her and moved closer and closer.

Hands roamed all over her body, copping a feel of her breasts, ass and pussy. One of the youths moved up behind her and began dry humping motions, pressing his stiff cock against her rear. Another grabbed her hair and twisted her head towards his. He pinched her nose forcing her to part her lips to breathe allowing him to stick his tongue deep into her mouth. The youth who spoke to her in the street grabbed her breasts and began to knead them roughly.

“Wow you sure are stacked, you’re fucking built for sex”.

He moved one hand down between her legs and pressed hard against her pussy.

“Lady you come to our neighbourhood looking to get fucked yes? You want some Muslim cock? I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll be begging me for more”.

He unzipped his jeans allowing his nine inch cock to spring free.

“You like the look of that bitch? You want that up your white cunt don’t you?”

With that he pushed her slacks down to her ankles and tore off her flimsy white panties. The other two youths moved a couple of steps back as he spun her around and pushed her face first towards the wall, her arms reaching out above her head to stop her pretty face hitting the cold concrete. Amy felt him kick her legs apart as he moved up behind her. He gripped her hips tightly as his cock pressed up against her pussy.

“Here we go you fucking white bitch”

With one savage thrust he buried the whole length of his prick in her.

“How does that feel lady? How do you like a Muslim cock up you?”

He pulled back until there was only about an inch still inside her before thrusting up again. He settled into a rhythm pumping into Amy, each thrust filling her with his stiff prick.

“Take this … and this … and this… you white whore”.

She couldn’t believe what was happening to her, being raped hard by a Muslim teenager while his friends watched. She’d never had a cock this big before and she thought he was going to split her in two. After a couple of minutes fucking Amy he stopped with his prick still buried deep inside her. He reached up under her leather jacket and grasped her breasts again.

“What a fucking body. You need Muslim cock up you every day.”

He began to fuck her again, long powerful strokes feeding his prick deep inside her. His hands gripped her breasts tightly as he continued to piston in and out, his thrusts becoming faster and faster.

The other youths were shouting encouragement.

“Come on Kasib give it to her … breed that white bitch”

“That’s it Kas stick it right up her … she’s fucking loving it”

“Is that right Lady? Do love the feel of a Muslim prick in your cunt?”

Amy figured the quickest way to get this over with was just to let them do what they wanted and then get out of there as quickly as possible. She was desperately trying to show no emotion but the pleasure her body was feeling was becoming too much. It was the biggest cock she’d had up her and it was the best fuck she had ever had. Her breathing became ragged and her hips started to push back against his thrusts.

He leant forward and whispered in her ear

“I fucking knew you wanted it. All you white bitches are the same. You can’t wait to try Muslim meat.”

Her head started to roll from side to side as the pleasure she was feeling increased more and more. That was enough for him to power into her even faster, each thrust almost lifting Amy off her feet.

She screamed as a massive orgasm ran through her shaking body but Kasib was showing no signs of slowing down, continuing to power into Amy giving her the fuck of her life, deeper than she had ever experienced before. Finally after another four or five minutes of pistoning into the brown haired beauty he felt his own orgasm close.

“Nearly there lady … gonna fill you up with Muslim cum”

He moved his hands down from her breasts to her hips locking her in place on his cock.

“Fuck … fuck … fuck … here it comes bitch … aaarrghhh” and his hot seed exploded into her cunt.

“You fucking loved it … I told you you would” he said to her triumphantly.

He pulled out of Amy allowing her satisfied body to fall to the ground and smiled to the other youths.

“That’s how to treat a white bitch…they’re all the fucking same … they act so superior but all they want is some Muslim cock up them … she’ll be back for more after that”.

With that he zipped his jeans back up and the three of them walked back towards the High Street leaving Amy all alone

Minutes passed as Amy tried to get her thoughts together. Confusing feelings were swirling around in her head as she got up off the cold floor, her slacks still bunched round her ankles and her ripped panties lying in the corner.

She was disgusted at what had just happened, how she had been taken, and taken hard, by a Muslim teenager. She was disgusted at being thought of as a white bitch who was in the area just get a Muslim cock up her. But she also remembered the wonderful feelings the teenager had given her as he fucked her roughly.

As Amy pulled her slacks back up she heard footsteps from the alley and saw the silhouette of someone approaching. The shadowy figure moved nearer and nearer until finally she recognised who it was.

“Oh god no … it can’t be … stay away from me”

There was no sign of his two friends but the youth who had given her the fucking of her life just a few minutes ago had returned.

She backed away as Kasib advanced towards her but soon found herself trapped against the wall. He looked at the brown haired beauty taking in her pretty face with brown eyes and pouting lips, her full round breasts, narrow waist and strong hips.

“Lady you really are built to fuck … you should be getting it all day and all night”

He moved close, real close, until their bodies were just a few inches apart and looked right into her eyes.

“I know you loved getting fucked by a Muslim … my cock pounding deep inside you … you want it again don’t you? You want me to ram my prick up your cunt. Go on say it”

“Please no … not again … let me go” Amy pleaded.

“Say it, say you need my Muslim cock up your white cunt … say you want me to fuck the living daylights out of you. Come on say it”

“No … no …I don’t … I can’t … leave me alone … please … leave me alone”

Kasib grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and held her head still as his lips crushed down on hers. His other hand slipped under her leather jacket and grasped a full round breast.

Amy just stood there impassively with her arms limply hanging by her sides, not giving him the slightest encouragement as he continued his probing of her athletic body. Just like earlier she thought that the quickest way to get this over with was just to let him do what he wanted.

Suddenly he let go of her hair and shoved his hand inside the front of her slacks, moving quickly down to cup her pussy. Two fingers found their way into her hot cunt and began a steady back and forth motion.

Amy let out an involuntary gasp as he suddenly rammed his fingers deeper into her and it wasn't long before his actions started to have the desired effect. She fought against what her body was telling her for as long as she could but the pleasure she was getting from his hand kneading her breast and especially his fingers working her cunt was becoming just too much for her. She realised it was wrong but he’d won … he’d broken her will for a second time that evening. All she knew was that she needed that cock back inside her. She wanted him to fuck her like he did before.

“Oh god give it to me … fill my white cunt with your cock … fuck me …fuck me hard” she pleaded

Kasib smiled knowing his prick would soon be buried deep in the brown haired beauty again.

“I told you earlier that once I’d fucked you you’d be begging for more. You can’t get enough Muslim cock now can you?”

He moved both hands to her ass and pulled her into him, grinding the bulge in his jeans against her pussy. She responded by throwing her arms around his neck and parting her lips allowing his tongue easy access to her mouth. His hands roamed all over her fantastic body, from her ass, up her back, around to her breasts and back down to her ass again.

After a few minutes of feeling her up Kasib pulled away and taking hold of her elbow guided Amy over to the pile of black bin bags in the far corner of the yard. He pushed her down so she was lying on her back and then pulled off her slacks, throwing them against the wall.

He stared down at the gorgeous figure beneath him as he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down allowing his rock hard nine inch prick to spring free.

“Take a look at that cock lady … that’s going to fill your lovely white pussy… gonna fuck you so good”

With that he laid down on top of her, shoved his prick straight up her wet cunt and began thrusting in and out. No foreplay, just raw animal fucking.

“Aaarrghhh … that’s it … that’s it … feed that Muslim prick into me … fuck me … fuck me hard”

Her legs opened wider and wrapped round his back allowing him to go just that little bit deeper into her. He pumped Amy with long hard thrusts, each one seemingly threatening to split her in two, and as he did he looked down into her eyes knowing that he’d broken her … that this white beauty was now his. He pistoned into her harder and harder but she gave as good as she got, arching her hips up to meet each of his thrusts.

“Fuck lady you’re good … I’m going to be up your white cunt every fucking day from now on“

With that he grabbed her arms, held them above her head and ploughed into her faster and faster.

“Yes … yes … yes … fuck me … fuck that cock into me” she panted back at him.

“I told you you’d be begging for it … begging for your white cunt to be filled by Muslim meat”

The stunning brown haired beauty was on the verge of another orgasm. Her hips were thrusting up at him faster than ever before and her head was rolling from side to side. Amy screamed in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure fired through her jerking body. Then slowly, very slowly, the intense feelings of sexual fulfilment subsided and her body went limp.

As he continued to pummel his cock into her Kasib looked down at Amy and grinned victoriously. She was panting gently, her eyes were closed and her fantastic body was lying motionless beneath him, fucked to sexual exhaustion by the Muslim teenager.

Kasib felt the first tingling signs in his cock that his own orgasm was approaching. He let go of her arms, moved his hands under her body and grabbed her ass, holding her tight as be began thrusting harder and harder into her. His cock exploded and fired jets of hot sticky cum deep into her cunt, emptying the entire contents of his balls up her in what seemed an endless stream of Muslim seed. Finally satisfied he pulled out of her, stood up and pulled his jeans back on.

“Wow … you’re a fucking sex machine … you’re the best I’ve had,”

Amy was still lying on the black bin bags in a sexual haze from the wonderful fuck she had just received. He walked over to her and slipped a hand under her leather jacket and white top, He moved up across her flat stomach and pushed her bra out of the way so he could feel her full round breasts.

“What a body … just perfect ... you were built to be fucked”

Kasib bent down and kissed her, his tongue forcing her lips apart and exploring deep into her mouth but just as she was starting to respond he broke the kiss and stood up,

“Remember what I said when you first saw me earlier?”

“What’s a white bitch like you doing around here? …. You looking for some action?”

“Be here at the same time tomorrow and I’ll make sure you get all the action you can handle” and with that he disappeared back down the alley and into the High Street.

Amy took a couple of minutes to collect her senses and then got up, adjusted her bra and pulled her slacks back on. The well fucked white beauty walked unsteadily down the alley to her car wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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The Awakening of Amy Ch. 01

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Comments (1)
Panthers7029 August 2017 13:56
Hello readers

I know the genre and/or the direct style it was written in is not to everyone's taste, but I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, and also your thoughts on whether it's worth continuing with future chapters

Brields — 31 August 2017 04:12
This is why Americans are hated by the middle East. We right stupid shit like this.
the leatherist — 02 September 2017 10:25
Great story, I'd have liked more interaction from Kasib's mates though ;) See your PM
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