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Putting in Overtime

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: fakenews

Published: 30 August 2017

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“Chris, we need to talk about this Roclef project.” That was what the fascinatingly sexy Fern Holte said as she walked into my simple corner office at 4:15 on a Thursday afternoon. My office was equipped with a glass top desk, one of those chairs that lets you lean way back and put your feet up (it really comes in handy when I’m looking for a little shut eye at work), two less comfortable chairs across from my desk, a small bar in the corner of the room, and a whiteboard that I use to manage the impromptu brainstorming sessions that occasionally happen in my office. As Fern walked through my door I was briefly speechless as I looked at the outfit she was wearing, she had on a white blouse that looked very thin underneath an expensive looking lady’s suit jacket, and a pencil skirt that showed off an impressive amount of leg. Fern had a habit of attracting the attention of everyone in the office, male and female alike, just by walking off the elevator, she was just that good looking in a company filled with gross dudes. Everyone liked to watch as she made professional look so damn good. Today her blouse/ suit jacket combo was almost able to conceal the large breasts that were underneath but the pencil skirt she had on seemed like it was grabbing that firm ass of hers and perking it up just a little more than usual.
I took in today’s outfit and recovered quickly, asking, “What about the Roclef project?”
“Well you know that we need to pitch their execs our ideas for the summer campaign tomorrow at eleven, right?” she asked moving in front of my desk.
“Shit that’s right. Has anyone got anything good for that yet?” I asked, trying to get my mind back to work.
“There have been some ideas tossed around on the fifteenth floor but it’s all pretty lame shit. I was thinking though, You and I are the only ones who really know this account and this product, if anyone is going to come up with an idea for them it will be the two of us. It’s like we just need to lock ourselves in a room and not come out until we have a fucking awesome pitch ready.” She said.
I’m an executive at a marketing agency. I’ve been working here since I got out of college almost fifteen years ago. I started off by making pitches for small companies, companies that my agency wasn’t all that concerned with. I was able to hit a few homeruns on those small company pitches. It didn’t take long before I was developing marketing strategies for companies that were turning them from small fish into million dollar clients and as those companies grew I got noticed by the people that matter. One of these businesses was Roclef, a company that specializes in making cheap watches that look expensive, and to say that I was able to market the shit out of Roclef would be putting it lightly. It didn’t take long for me to get promoted to a director of the content wing, when I was promoted Fern, a promising young talent at the time, took over a few of my clients, including Roclef and when I was promoted four months ago to Chief Creative Officer, Fern took my job as director. So, when she says that we are the two people who know Roclef the best, she isn’t lying.
I love being CCO, the pay is great, the company car is classy, and the corner office with a view of the city is great compared to the cubicle I started in. It’s all a sweet deal, my only complaint is that I miss making those pitches. It was my favorite part of the job. I used to spend hours grinding out ideas, pouring over info on a company to come up with the best way to brand them. Now I’m so many levels above that grinding work that the closest I get to most projects is approving them. So, when my smoking hot coworker walked into my office asking if I would get back to doing what I loved for a few hours I didn’t take long to reply.
“Let’s do it.” I stood up. “Do we want to lock ourselves in here or go to a conference room?”
“I was joking about the locking us in part.” Fern said laughing
“Nope, let’s do it.” I said confidently as I walked over to the door.
“Alright” she says, “whatever it takes to get these guys off my ass.”
“I think it’s going to take a lot more than a good marketing pitch to get the Roclef execs off that ass.” I joked taking an exaggerated sneaky glance at her ass in that tight black skirt.
“Shut the fuck up.” She said blushing a little and sitting down in the chair across from my desk. “the first two years I had the account they wouldn’t stop sucking your cock you know. ‘Oh Chris this, Chris that, Chris is so great, Chris has the best fucking dick’ the bastards would only talk with you, now I can’t get them to leave me alone.”
“What can I say, my reputation precedes me.” I reached up to the door frame and found the rarely used key that I put there when I moved into the new office. “Okay here’s the rules.” I said with the key in my hand, “No one comes in or out for any reason, any reason at all, until we have the best damn idea Roclef has ever heard.”
“Deal.” She says and as I lock the office door and return to my chair she is taking a folder out of her bag and opening it. “So, they want something that is going to really drive up their summer traffic and make old customers get new watches.”
“Okay” I said opening my own file on Roclef, except my file was on my computer, it’s the 21st century, this girl is real good looking but I don’t know why she is keeping things in manila folders still. I opened a couple files on projects that we had done for Roclef over the past few years. As I began to look at the old files, a brilliant idea occurred to me, brain storms were a lot easier when the brain is loose. “Want a drink?” I asked.
“Hell yeah.” Fern seemed relieved by the idea.
I got up and poured us two very strong rum and cokes from the small bar I had set up in the corner.
A couple hours passed while we worked diligently, we used the white board on my wall, scribbling down all the ideas that soared through our minds some of them weren’t even related to marketing but they were just so good that we needed to write them down, all this time while we were brainstorming we were casually drinking lots of coke flavored rum. We both took off our suit jackets and got as comfortable as a work environment would allow us.
I was sitting in my chair while Fern was on her feet at the white board writing down the ideas as they came to us. Every time she turned around to write I would take a few seconds to admire her ass and consider the struggle she must have had this morning to squeeze that thing into such a small skirt. When she wasn’t writing Fern swayed her hips side to side.
“What else could we do?” I asked.
“I don’t know I think we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing for this thing tomorrow.” Fern said trying to keep her voice calm and relaxed
“What are you talking about? All we have so far are ideas and most of them suck, we aren’t even close to ready for this pitch.” I said leaning back a little in my chair and taking a sip from my drink.
“I don’t know, I like what we have. I think we’re good for the night.” She said in that same voice that was trying to stay calm.
No, we aren’t even close. Remember what you said, we lock the door and don’t unlock it until we have a pitch ready.”
“Yeah but I think we can go home for the night. We can polish off the pitch tomorrow before the meeting.” She gave a panicked glance at my locked office door as she spoke. I almost didn’t notice it.
“No, let’s just sit on it and figure this whole thing out now.” I said in a firm, mildly authoritative voice that I was still getting used to with my new position.
“Well can we at least take a quick break?” Fern asked in a voice that sounded almost a little desperate.
“Wow look at you Ms. All Business. Ready for a break already.” I said laughing at her.
“Look, I just need like a few minutes for a bathroom break.” She leaned both hands on my desk, sticking her ass out a little behind her, unfortunately I was in front of her and couldn’t see that perfect thing popped. As she leaned against my desk she swayed her hips side to side again like she was speeding up a high school prom slow dance.
I grinned a little as I took in the scene. “Well I’m sure you can take as many minutes as you want when we finished. That door is locked and the key might as well be gone until we have a useful presentation though.”
“Are you serious? I just need to pee. We drank so much.” She was right, we really had been drinking a lot and to be honest I had to take a leak too, but it seemed like I could hold it better than this little hottie. Fern was now breathing a little faster.
“Oh, what about this,” I said excitedly as I was struck by a flash of devilish inspiration, “They want the ad to be summer themed right, so what if we have a beach setting.” I leaned back further in my chair and pretended to close my eyes, envisioning the scene. “And there is a girl in a bikini, waiting in a long line at one of those beach bathrooms, you know like the old smelly stone ones with the showers outside and everything.”
“Awe come on.” Fern says beginning to quickly pace back and forth across my office. “Just don’t talk about the bathroom or anything like that, please.”
An idea that is equal parts intriguing and mischievous creeps into my mind before I say, “And the girl drank sooo many margaritas at the beach, and she has to pee sooo bad, and this beach is sooo packed, and there isn’t another bathroom for sooo far.” I drag out every word of this sentence and I watched as Fern reacted by hunching her back, pacing faster, and even reaching a hand down to clutch her skirt.
“Come on really please don’t.” Fern walks over to the office door and tries the knob. It’s still locked and she paces rapidly back into the middle of the room.
“What is the girl going to do Fern?” I ask with a ridiculous amount of exaggerated interest.
“I don’t give a fuck. I just really need to pee.” She is now hunched in front of my desk which gives me a tantalizing view of her impressive cleavage. “If you let me out of here I’ll do anything.” She sounds really desperate now.
“Well one idea is that she just squats down right in the middle of that long line and she pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and she just lets her piss go right there in all that hot sand in front of all those people.”
“You’re such an asshole.” Fern is clutching at her crotch with both hands as she bounces up and down. “What does this even have to do with watches?”
“Or another idea is that she sees the men’s room doesn’t have a line. So she runs into the men’s room, saddles up to a urinal, reaches one of her sun tanned legs up on the dirty bathroom wall, and right there in front of all those pissing men she lets her own pee spray all over the urinal and some of it trickles down her leg and onto that dirty sand covered, cement floor.
“Awe FUCK.” Fern yelled, she stopped pacing, stood up straight, and looked down between her legs. I looked in the same place and saw that under her short skirt a steady stream of yellowish liquid was leaking. I stared in awe as Fern looked down at herself with the most horrified expression I have ever seen a human have. After a few seconds she seemed to recover from the shock of pissing herself in front of her boss. She squeezed her legs together tightly, pressing one wet thigh against another and the stream temporarily slowed to a drip. She looked up at me and instead of being horrified she looked pissed off. “What the fuck did you do?” she yelled.
“What do you mean ‘what did—'?” But before I could finish she was taking fast short steps around my desk. “Wait.” I said panicked as this very angry girl with pee still running down her leg charged at me. She did not wait like I asked, instead when Fern got to my chair she stepped over my legs and sat down in my lap with her legs spread out on either side of me and her breasts almost brushing against my nose.
She leaned down and gently whispered in my ear, “How do you like being covered in piss?” It was then that I began to feel the warmth spreading all over my crotch. It took me a second to realize what was happening and once I did I was disgusted, but at the same time I was a little turned on as this beautiful girl resumed pissing her pants right in my lap.
“What the fuck.” I mumbled as my dick rapidly began to grow underneath her.
“Maybe next time you’ll let me go to the fucking bathroom when I ask.” She was giving a devilish grin, she was clearly very satisfied with the revenge plan that she had come up with on the spot. I could hear as her pee went through her soaking wet panties, through the expensive fabric of my pants, over my very hard dick, and finally through the mesh bottom of my chair and onto the carpet beneath us. She began to shuffle herself back and forth across my lap, it was a very wet version of dry humping, as she did this her large breasts began to rub against my face. I put my hands on her hips as she slowly rocked back and forth and the last of her piss tapered out of her panties. There was still a soft taping as the liquid ran off of me and onto the floor.
We looked at each other for a few seconds, trying to see what the reaction of the other would be.
I broke the silence “I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again. I promise.” I said as I let my hand wander between her spread legs and touch the wet panties she still had on.
She gave a little sigh as my hand explored her through the fabric before she said, “Well I don’t forgive you. We need to be even first.”
I frowned, “What do you mean?”
“Well I just peed my pants.” She said leaning forward and surrounding my face in those boobs, “So I think you need to pee your pants.”
“Why do I want to be forgiven by you at all?” I asked her as my fingers slipped around the edge of her panties and I touched her bare, wet pussy, “You’re the one who just pissed all over my floor. Most people would be very mad right now.”
“Well” She said putting a hand over my hand which was still trying to explore her, “if you can earn my forgiveness then I’ll make sure you aren’t mad at all.”
“I’m not sure that logic checks out” I said softly.
“Are you sure?” As she asked this she pressed my hand tightly against her crotch and let out a last little trickle of pee over my fingers.
“Well you already pissed my pants for me.” I said looking down at my expensive dress pants which were getting colder by the second. “I have another idea though.” Before she could ask what I had in mind I picked her up and laid her back down on my desk. She giggled a little as she went through the air. She left her legs spread open on my desk and I caught a glimpse of her soft white panties that were now sporting a large yellow stain. I loosened my belt and let my wet pants fall to the floor, they were quickly followed by the boxers that I had been wearing and all of a sudden, I was standing in front of my smoking hot employee who was still covered in her own pee, with a hard dick, and my own pants covered in her piss on the floor. She looked at me for a few seconds wondering what my plan was going to be while I concentrated. In response to her unasked question I began to release my own stream of piss, I quickly aimed my hard dick so that my piss flowed between her open legs and onto her already soiled white panties. She gave a little squeal of pleasure as I splashed her clit through the thin fabric. She reached a hand down between her legs and was splashed with my stream as she pulled her panties to one side, allowing me to more directly pleasure her. As I sprayed her crotch she squirmed a little on top of my desk.
I concentrated hard and was able to hold the little bit of pee that I had left in. I moved closer to Fern and lined up my dick with her sopping wet pussy with one hand while my other hand felt one of her breasts through her shirt. As my dick found her ready pussy, I put it in up to the head before stopping. I flexed the muscles in my groin and all of a sudden, I was peeing inside her. She didn’t realize what I was doing at first, when she caught on to what was going on inside her she used one hand to begin furiously making circles on her clit. When my bladder was empty I pulled out of her and watched as my own piss gushed from inside her, down her ass, a little of it dribbling across her asshole, and onto my very expensive new desk.
As I watched the last of my piss leak out of her I couldn’t wait any longer, I moved up against her hips once again and with one hand I rubbed my dick up and down her pussy, hitting the clit a few times before running down the length of her crotch before gently resting against that wet asshole of hers for a second before I moved it back up and let it slip into that warm and welcoming pussy. This time I did not stop at just the tip, I let inch after inch of myself slide into her before my hips were up against the back of her thighs. I slowly slid out of her, inch by inch once more until I was barely still inside her, then I quickly and powerfully thrust all of myself back inside her. She gave a little yelp as I drove into her. I repeated this slow exit from her, followed by a quick and powerful thrust back inside her many times over the course of a few minutes. Every time I withdrew I could feel her pussy grabbing onto my dick, trying to hold it inside of her and then she let out a sharp moan as I was quickly swallowed back up by her.
She sat up from my desk while I was still inside her and she lifted the blouse that she had still been wearing up and over her head to reveal a black bra with small silver hearts that was trying desperately to keep her boobs in place while I slosh her body back and forth with my thrusts. “I don’t want to get my shirt wet.” She said throwing the shirt near the door
“Yeah.” I said not really paying attention as I got as deep into her as I could.
“Take me to the floor.” She whispered.
I looked at the carpet below my feet which was still soaked with both our pee and now maybe a little bit of her juice too. “On there?” I asked pointing.
“Yeah.” She said unclasping her bra and taking it off to reveal her large boobs with a firm pointy nipple sticking out on each one. I let my fingers bend one of her nipples to the side and when I released it, the nipple popped back into it’s upright position.
I slid my dick completely out of her and there was a wet suction noise as it fully escaped her. It felt cold compared to the nice warm hole that it had just been in as the air brushed across my wet cock. Fern got down from the desk on legs that were a little uneasy. She turned around and shimmied her small skirt down her legs, shaking her ass back and forth as she moved it down. Then she finally took off the wet, piss yellowed, panties and let them fall to the floor with the rest of our cloths.
She moved closer to me and pressed her naked body against mine. I could feel the warmth between her legs and my dick felt like a magnet being pulled towards it. I went down to the ground with her, she lay on her back right in the middle of the brand new stain on my carpet and I knelt in between her legs. I slid myself back inside her and this time I rocked my hips at a much faster pace than before. As her body was pounded into the ground, the carpet made a rapid squelching sound as she splashed on the wet floor. The sound only turned me on and I fucked her harder, each thrust a little more powerful and a little faster than the last. As I fucked her I felt another pressure in my dick, this one was very different than the need to pee that I had earlier, this was the need to cum and there wasn’t much longer before that need was going to be satisfied. As I fucked Fern harder and harder she put her long naked legs up on my shoulders and began to moan very loudly with each thrust. I fucked her folded up body as hard as I could, chasing that tremendous orgasm that had been building this whole time. She screamed and called out in pleasure as I banged her pretty body and I came even closer to cumming. When I was seconds away from letting my load go I doubled down and drove my dick as far as it would go inside her. I held it there and I was overcum by the orgasm. My hips jerked back and forth while I was inside her without my mind having any knowledge of what my body was doing. My dick shot string after string of hot cum inside my coworker as she lay in a carpet soaked in various bodily fluids from the two of us.
After I was done cumming I left my dick inside her for almost a minute while I relished in the ecstasy that I had just experienced. As I pulled out of her cum filled hole I felt very slimy, I ignored this and sat back in my chair naked, letting my semi-hard, post-sex dick slump in my lap. After a few moments Fern stood up in front of me. Her legs were very clearly unsteady as she struggled to stand upright.
“We should probably get back to work now.” She said putting her hands on my desk and leaning against it spreading her legs apart as she squinted at the white board filled with our ideas from earlier. As she leaned, her ass stuck very close to my face and I watched it in amazement while her back was turned to me. While I watched the two strong ass cheeks that were red from carpet burn, I almost came again when I noticed what was happening to her pussy. As she stood upright all the cum that I just deposited inside her was slowly leaking out. As I watched a large drop formed at her tired vagina and then dropped to the defiled carpet below. More drops followed and soon all my cum had leaked out of her and had collected in a puddle on the carpet between her legs. I began to touch myself as she worked.
A few short hours later Fern and I gave our finished pitch to the executives of Roclef and they ate it up. We got the ad deal for more money than we had been hoping for and let’s just say that Fern and I had a very unique way of celebrating our accomplishment.

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Putting in Overtime

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