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Categories Sex Joke, Consensual Sex

Authror: KrosisOfTheCollective

Published: 31 August 2017

  • Font:

Antichrist (MF, con)

by Krosis of the Collective


The stars are aligned...the time is right...my ascendance is at hand!

Well, not "at hand" literally...I made sure that my host "father" was actually having sex with a woman instead of masturbating. I have destroyed the other sperm in his testicles and am currently awaiting his inevitable orgasm and ejaculation. The woman's womb will be mine!

I am the Antichrist! It is my time!

Yes, at the moment I am a mere sperm, but an evil one, I assure you! Am I not he who will bring about the End of Days? My true father, the great Satan, has placed me here, in this man's balls.

I must be born of a sinful act...my host "father" is not married to the woman he copulates with right now, and they do not use a condom, nor is she on any birth control. Sin, man! SIN! She is ripe for my implantation!

I tune my diabolical spermy sense of hearing to the passion play "outside"...

"Yes! Oh God, yes!" the woman cries out. I will overlook her using the "G" word, since she is to be my mother. Once I am born I will make sure she never uses it again, though!

"Harder! Harder!" Yes, lustful man...harder! Coax me from your nethers, so that I may bring the Netherworld to you!

Now there is heavy breathing...not so much talking...that is good. They are deep in their sinful passion.

After a few minutes the man gasps out, "You're so tight...I'm gonna cum soon..."

"Yes! Do it inside me! I want to feel it!" she cries.

I prepare for my assault. The man speeds up his thrusting...soon now...

I hear them both cry out. The walls of my prison shudder, then I am thrown forward. I am the only rider on the flume ride at the smallest water park....WOOOO!!

I rush through the length of his penis and out into darkness. Yes! I begin my inexorable journey to her awaiting egg. I will not be denied!

After a bit of time I realize that one of my spermy senses tells me something is wrong. Is that...


They were more sinful than I thought.

Sorry, Dad. No End of Days; just the end of the road, or in this case, the Hershey Highway.

Aw, poo.

Views: 461     Rated: +3.33

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