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Getting Some Incorrupt Pussy

Categories Fiction, Death, Extreme

Authror: SacerdoSS

Published: 13 September 2017

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Gabriel had entered the seminary after finishing high school. From his early childhood he had been involved in Catholic youth movements and always had been an altar server. The priesthood seemed a logical choice for him and during his prayers he often felt an attraction to the ordained ministry. So it wasn’t surprising that he now found himself at the end of his first year in seminary.

Now he was on a two weeks summer placement in the French city of Nevers where he was working in the church where the body of Saint Bernadette Soubirous was being kept. After a day of accompanying the local priest and assisting in the ceremonies he was now alone in the sanctuary of Saint Bernadette where he was asked to clean the shrine in which the incorrupt body of the saint was kept.

According to Catholic tradition some saints are so holy that their body’s doesn’t rot away after dead. Incorruptability is considered to be a proof of their sainthood.

Bernadette is one of them. Her body is displayed in a glass shrine in the church if Nevers. Bernadette had seen the Virgin Mary in Lourdes and had faithfully passed on the revelations. Afterwards she had retired in the convent in Nevers where she had lived a holy life. Her incorrupt body was the final proof of her exceptional holiness.

Gabriel had finished dusting the shrine when he realised that he had been given the key to glass casket surrounding Bernadette’s body. He didn’t think the inside needed any cleaning but in a sudden impulse of curiosity he used the key to open the shrine. This gave him a close look of Saint Bernadette’s body. He knew this was a pious privilege and that he should be praying for his vocation.

But Gabriel was going through a hard time. After the first year he was having some doubts about the seminary discipline. More than that he also felt sexually frustrated. Despite his Catholic activities he had always watched porn and that wasn’t possible in the seminary. He felt increasingly horny and the more to fight it the stronger it become. Now he felt particularly frustrated seeing all the young French girl scouts and pilgrims praying in Nevers.

Bernadette hadn’t been an ugly woman. And looking at her immaculate form just underneath him he had to think of the many porn movies he had jerked off to. He knew it was wrong and wanted to pray to Immaculate Mary to ask for purity. But somehow another impulse took over and the pious seminarian did something he would never have imagined himself being capable off.

He couldn’t help himself to lift her heavy nun skirts and trace his hands over het dead cold legs. Underneath his soutane he felt his growing cock. He knew that what he was doing was wrong but he just couldn’t help his own horniness. The naughtiness of what he was doing also turned him on even more. He opened the buttons of his soutane and pulled out his cock with and carefully began to stroke it while touching the dead saint’s cold legs with his other hand. Carefully he looked around but the church was still empty.

His dick was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. He had never felt so horny before and he put his on her chest pressing his fingers through the fabric looking for the saints tits. Underneath the thick material of the habit he felt her tits, hard with rigor mortis. He fondled and squeezed Saint Bernadette’s round dead tits as his erect dick dripped pre-cum on the red velvet on the shrine.

He knew the nuns would be returning soon to close off the church so he had to act quickly. He looked around one final time and then pulled Bernadette’s skirt up even further revealing her simple and unflattering brown panties underneath. He pulled those down as well and without thinking he pressed his cockhead against her dead cunt. He grabbed both corners of the shrine and tried to force his dick in but it was hard to enter the dead cunt. He looked around and he saw a golden container with holy oil that one of the priests had asked him to put away after he had anointed a sick person earlier today. He took the container and rubbed the holy oil over his cock and Bernadette’s pussy.

It worked and he was able to slide his dick into the saint’s dead cunt. Quickly and frantically he fucked her cold cunt as his hand found her hard tits again and fondled them as he thrusted his lower body up and down. This was his first time to fuck a woman. The fact that she was dead didn’t bothered him in the least, he didn’t need to fear anything and the naughtiness of it turned him on. He knew this was a great sacrilege but he couldn’t care, the only thing that mattered was his lust. Somehow everything he believed seemed irrelevant compared to the passion and pleasure he was experiencing.

He started Bernadette Soubirous in her dead face and moved his mouth towards hers that was slightly open. He forced his tongue inside and found the saint’s dried up dead tongue. As he tongue-kissed the body of the seer of Lourdes his balls couldn’t hold back and exploded it. Cum gushed forth from his dick into Bernadette’s dead pussy and womb. This was Gabriel’s defloration as well as Bernadette’s. That he was fucking a dead girl and that she was already dead didn’t mattered to Gabriel. This was bliss, this was the best feeling ever. “Jesus fucking Christ” he moaned in wanton lust, “Mary whore and the fucking Holy Spirit” as he emptied his ball sack into the saint.

When came back to his senses he realised what he had done. But to his surprise he didn’t feel remorse. He realised that he has crossed a threshold that would determine the rest of his life. He wouldn’t be a pious and good priest. But what would he be? That he would need to discover.

For now he quickly looked around for something to clean the mess he had created. The only thing he could found was the veil on a Marian statue nearby. Without thinking he pulled it of Mary’s head and used it clean up all the cum he could see. He could wash it later and nobody would think anything of it. The cunt inside the saint’s cunt and inside her habit was impossible to remove. But he guessed nobody would see it. It also would be fun to imagine all the pious nuns and faithful praying for a saint with a massive creampie dripping out of her cunt.

“Thanks bitch” he whispered in Bernadette’s ear as he quickly locked the casket and left the sanctuary.

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Getting Some Incorrupt Pussy

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