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Between classes

Categories Fantasy, Discipline, Male Domination

Authror: SketchAuthor

Published: 15 September 2017

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It hadn’t been a very good day for her, the train had been late and she’d missed half of her favourite lecturers class. It’d been raining and some kid had jumped in a puddle next to her splashing her already chilled feet and her exposed legs.

Sir had asked her to wear this skirt today, she didn’t know quite why but she felt a little warmer when she did things for him. Her moments of submission filled her with a thrill of purpose and emotion.

Her second lecture of the day finished she had a 2 hour break before her next class. Just as she was walking out her phone buzzed, a building room code was accompanied by a short message “10minutes or trouble”

She didn’t recognise the room but she knew the building pretty well, most of her classes were here. It took her 7minutes to get to the floor and she spent the next 2 and a half trying to find the room. She located it and timidly went inside. Sir was there, she knew from the text it was him but her heart fluttered all the same.

“Come sit down while I close the door”

She didn’t know quite what was going on but with the command she began to feel the tingle that came when she was submitting to him. She sat down on a chair inside the small room as she observed sir putting a piece of black card in the window of the door and he closed it.

He turned slowly, his eye contact piercing her with intensity. “Bend over the table and remove your panties” was his command. Torn between obeying and the fear of being caught, she hesitantly rose but queried “what if someone comes in?”.

“The card I placed in the window says exam in progress” I highly doubt we will be disturbed.


“It will keep the nosy people away" he paused "I think now is a perfect time to examine you, don’t you agree?”

Starting to see what Sir intended she quickly finished nodded in agreement and finished his command by bending over the table she had been sitting at, reached below her skirt and lowered her underwear to the ground.

He lifted her skirt so that her ass cheeks were exposed and she felt the cool air go across her lips and asshole. Then he backed up, leaving her exposed like this.

She was tense, as much as the excitement built she hated the waiting. She didn’t know how long she would be like this, but it was his test and she was determined to pass. She stayed face down for what must have been five minutes while Sir watched her, he circled around once or twice but didn’t touch her.

He brushed his hand past her inner thigh, contact at last! His touch was electric, and she let out a massive breath. He teased her inner thigh and kissed her firm buttocks. He kissed it a few more times before bringing his hand up to tease her little asshole. He traced around it many times before bring his hand away. The tension always mounting. SLAP, her ass cracked and she bucked against the table as the sudden force surprised her, she let a little yelp out.

Gently he leant down and kissed the red hand print, “I hope I wasn’t too rough there”
“No, it was just right” she breathed out.

Sir worked his hands over her body, massaging it and kneading it, his hands were so controlled and she felt relaxed as he touched her, she almost forgot where she was once or twice.

He came to her face and lifted it, kissing her passionately on the mouth then her nose then her forehead and he lowered her back down into the position he had set for her.

She heard a zip, followed by some fumbling and she imagined him pulling his pants down, as she felt Sir enter she felt amazing, all her focus was on this one experience, heightened by everything that had come before, building to this moment. As Sir slowly entered her she felt a finger knocking at her backdoor. It also entered her as she felt both his cock and finger working their ways inside her, and then slowly beginning to thrust.

As Sir worked the pace up he held onto her hair, like the reins of a horse, and the intensity for her built, she felt an orgasm about to rip through her and she clasped her mouth to quiet the noise as waves of euphoria crashed over her.

After this he slowed the pace down and then sped up suddenly “On your knee’s” was all he said and she desperately turned around and threw herself onto Sir’s dick, hungrily working her mouth up and down. Because he had sped up his strokes before pulling out he had gotten himself close and it didn’t take long before he grasped his dick and stroked himself off into her warm mouth. After he came she swallowed and then took his dick back into her mouth, sucking what was left out and cleaning it somewhat. She didn’t love the taste but she did it for him because she knew that was how Sir liked it.

Somewhat overwhelmed from the experience she didn’t notice Sir pick up her underwear but she did hear the clang of the jewelled buttplug on the table as it rolled around.
“Put this in until I say you may remove it”
And then he left.

She put the buttplug in and made sure it was secure then checked her bag and the room for her panties but couldn’t find them. She checked her phone and realised the time, shit! She only had 5 minutes to get to her next class.

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Between classes

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