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Alice, pt1

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Oral Sex, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: icarusnm

Published: 20 September 2017

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I don't see many hitch hikers these days, and certainly not single women. To be honest, my first instinct as I stopped to let her into the cab was to feel protective. Who knew what sort of pervert might pick her up? Of course, that pervert turned out to be me, and I needn't have worried on her behalf. She was quite capable of taking care of herself. In retrospect I pity anyone who ever did cause her any problems. They'd have soon found themselves very much the worse for it.

The usual, unspoken deal with hitch hiking is that the driver wants some company, and the price of the lift is to make entertaining conversation on the subject, or subjects of the driver's choosing. I've hitched myself in the past, and sometimes it can get awkward, when you really need that lift, but just don't like the driver. But as Alice and I chatted, I found her easy to talk to, and the feeling seemed mutual. Still, I never expected to get on quite as well as we did.

The stretch of motorway we were on has few service stations, and I had a long drive to make. It turned out that Alice was going even further than me, and on the same route. So neither of us were keen to make too many stops, especially as it would probably mean turning off the motorway to look for services, which can waste a lot of time. It had been a hot day too, and Alice had been standing in the sun trying to get a lift for quite a while. I didn't say it, but I was pretty surprised about this, given how fantastically cute she was. But when I thought it over later, I could only guess that families or couples weren't going to let such an obvious temptress into their car, and many commercial drivers aren't allowed to give lifts any more. Which only left single men in private cars. Who knows, maybe they thought she was just too good to be true, and there must be some kind of trick involved!

In any case, the point of the background story is that we were both extremely thirsty, and soon finished off the bottles of water I had behind my seat, drinking at least two litres each over the course of an hour and a half. And that's when things started to get interesting.

For a long time I have had a major pee fetish. I have no idea why it turns me on. It's not about domination, and it's not really the pee itself. It's perhaps just the intimacy of the act, and the taboo. It's maybe also about childhood experiences when the body's sensations are all less differentiated, and the mere thought of a girl taking her knickers off to pee was intruiging. Of course, these days, I'd just as likely ask her to keep her knickers on while she peed, but that's another story!

We had just passed a turning for one of the few service stations when Alice interrupted herself to say, 'Damn, I should have asked you to pull in there.' I replied that it was 40 miles to the next service station. Already I was titillated by the turn that the conversation was taking. I'll never know if Alice had deliberately missed the service station, but it was the perfect opening into discussing my, and as it turned out, her secret fetish.

Alice told me she had to pee, and she'd never last another 40 miles. Now I really was turned on, and I was beginning to suspect, or at least hope, that was her intention. I offered to turn off at the next junction, but even that was at least 20 miles away, and I didn't know how far off the motorway we'd have to go to find toilets. 'You might end up having to pee behind a bush', I said.

She laughed at this, and smirked knowingly at me. 'We'd be in the middle of the countryside - why bother going behind a bush, if there's nobody there to see me?', she asked cheekily.

'I'd be there', I said. To which she just smirked again, and glanced pointedly down at the now obvious bulge at my crotch. Just to make it a little more obvious she started jiggling up and down in her seat and lightly and almost casually put her hand between her legs to cup her pubic mound.

By this point it was about all I could do to concentrate on the driving. Fortunately lorries these days all have great cruise control, and there was hardly any other traffic around! But even so, I had to at least pay some attention to the road, which was getting more and more difficult to do. Firstly because of my increasing arousal, and also because I was beginning to suspect that Alice shared my kink, or was at the very least aware of it and deliberately teasing me. Either way was a win from my point of view.

There was a definite flirtatiousness about the conversation now, but I don't know if I would ever have found the courage to be the first one to admit it out loud. Imagine how awkward it would have been for the next 20 miles if I'd told her I was turned on by the idea of her peeing by the roadside in full view of passing drivers, and then found out I was misreading the whole situation! Fortunately for me, I didn't have to make the next move. I've never known anyone as relaxed an upfront about their kinks as Alice was. She picked up the nearly empty water bottle from behind her seat and, looking me in the eye the whole time, finished it off in one long gulp.

'I suppose if I was a man I could just pee in this', she said with a grin.
"I suppose so', I replied. 'But you are most definitely not a man, are you?' Now it was my turn to give her meaningful looks - mainly at her full, shapely breasts pushing against her cotton T shirt.

She laughed out loud now, and vampishly thrust her chest out and juggled her tits. 'No, I'm all woman. But I bet I could still manage to pee in this bottle anyway'.

At which point, naturally, I had to play along and call her bluff, which was all the excuse she needed. 'Prove it', I said. 'But you'd better make sure you don't spill any. I only just cleaned this cab.'

'Don't worry, I never spill a drop', she replied. Which was even more intruiging. Never? Meaning she'd done this before. Not to mention the quite obvious sexual innuendo. At this point, I think I was more turned on than I had ever been before in my life. Anticipation and imagination are everything. Although in this case, my imagination didn't come anywhere close to the reality to follow.

Alice scooted forward in the passenger seat, loosening the seat belt so that she could wriggled right to the edge. She put the bottle down again for a moment, and slowly unbuttoned her shorts, all the while looking at me to check I was watching. Of course I was, at least as well as possible without crashing! She pushed her shorts down to her knees, picked the bottle up again, and made as though to put it between her legs. 'No, that won't work', she said. 'I'll have to take them right off.' As though she hadn't known that all along. Such a delicious tease.

Putting the bottle down again she pushed her shorts right down and kicked them off. She was dressed now only in T-shirt and plain white cotton panties. It's a good job the cab of the lorry is so high and few other motorists had any chance of seeing her lower half, or I wouldn't have been the only driver in danger of loosing control. Now she reached for the bottle and, spreading her legs wide, put it against her crotch before pulling her knickers slightly to one side, giving me just a teasing glimpse of her neatly trimmed pubic hair and pretty pussy. Even that partial view was more than enough to see that she was also enjoying this game tremendously. Her pink lips glistened in the shafts of warm sunlight streaming through the windscreen. She was clearly wet with excitement. Although, of course, she might also have already peed herself a little.

Now she looked away from me and concentrated her gaze on her own body, carefully spreading her pussy lips apart with her fingers, and placing the narrow mouth of the bottle right over her urethra. She pressed it firmly against herself to make sure she had a good seal against her flesh. It was now patently obvious that she had done this many times before, and had known exactly what she was doing all along. How many other lorry drivers had she done this with, I wondered? Surely I would have heard at truck stops. Although on second thoughts, how many drivers were going to admit to having a pee fetish?

Now all set, she looked me in the eye again. 'Ready?' she asked. I could do no more than nod, my mouth dry with excitement and expectation. (But more of my dry mouth in a bit!)

And then, finally, she began. I heard it before I saw it. The hiss of her stream hitting the inside of the bottle. The I looked down to see the fountain of golden piss gushing out, catching the sun, splashing into the waiting receptacle. Alice let out an involuntary sigh of relief as she relaxed to let it flow. I could imagine the warmth she felt in her hand as she held the bottle, the weight of it as it filled. I nearly came in my pants right then and there.

Her fountain of piss seemed to continue for ages, but then little by little the rush of urine slowed as her bladder emptied and the bottle filled. The last drops dripped into the nearly full plastic container, and she pulled it away from her crotch. As she did, I smelt it for the first time. Slightly bitter and acrid, not strong, sexy as hell.

She adjusted her panties, straightened up, and looked back at me while holding the nearly full bottle of piss out in front of her. She swirled it around, as if in deep concentration, holding it up to the light, and then putting it up to her face to sniff its odour.

'Funny', she said, 'it's almost clear. It barely looks as though it's been through me at all. I bet if I put the top back on and put it on the shelf, nobody would even guess it wasn't just water.'

I could hardly believe my ears, but I could see where this was going, and played along.
'Maybe not', I replied. 'But they'd soon find out when they drank it.'

She sniffed the bottle again. 'Oh, I don't know. It doesn't even smell of much.'

I knew that wasn't quite true. I'd already smelled the slight musky, female smell. But I wasn't going to break character now and ruin the game, so I upped the ante again to see how far she would go.

'OK. But they'd know once they tasted it.'

Alice didn't even blink. She just held the bottle up to her lips, and took the tiniest sip, all the time maintaining the pretence that this was some kind of experiment or debate.

'Hmm. Doesn't taste bad at all. You could probably pass it off as some kind of fancy mineral water and sell it for a fortune.'

She took a proper mouthful now, and swilled it around her mouth before swallowing and 'accidentally' letting a little dribble over her bottom lip and drip onto her t-shirt.

'Maybe that's not so far fetched.' I said. 'I know some people drink their own pee because they think it's healthy.'

Alice laughed. 'I know. I'm not sure about that, but it does have loads of electrolytes in it, and it's been a really hot day. We've probably both lost a lot of salt.'

'I'll bet we have' I replied.

She looked at me long and hard. (Which, coincidentally, was exactly how my cock now was.) The game had evidently turned turned from Truth to Dare.

'Well maybe we'd best do something about that then', she said, and put the bottle back to her lips. This time she took a good, full gulp and swallowed without hesitation, then smacked her lips.

'That's definitely better' she said, before taking another mouthful, then holding the bottle out towards me.

'I'd best not hog it all' she said. 'You look pretty thirsty too.'

Now I could properly smell the feminine odour of her urine as she offered it to me. I would never have believed that I could be so turned on by the smell of piss, freshly drawn from a sweet, wet pussy. I took the bottle from her, and could feel it still warm from her young body. My hand trembled slightly as I put it up towards my lips. I tried to look casual, but I could barely force myself to keep my other hand on the steering wheel, and away from my now rigid, straining cock.

I put the bottle to my lips and took my first sip. Delicious, salty, musky. I held it in my mouth for a moment to savour it to the full, then swallowed. I took another, deeper draught. Alice watched intently as I held it in my mouth for a moment, as if she was testing my reaction. I swallowed the whole mouthful with relish, and she grinned appreciatively. I gulped down several more mouthfuls, before offering the bottle back to her.

Alice took it willingly, and swigged a good deal of it before holding the bottle up in front of her to appraise it.

'There's not much left', she said, with feigned disappointment. "We'd better refill it.'

She pulled her panties to one side again, further this time than before, making sure to give me a proper look at her gorgeous cunt. With the fingers of her left hand she spread her pussy lips really wide, and even gave her clit a quick rub, glancing at me as she did so to make sure I was watching. Which of course I was, as best I could. It was maddening that I couldn't devote my full attention to her, but I think that was a good part of her plan to tease me like that.

Putting the mouth of the bottle back to cover her pee hole she made great play of straining to push out more urine, but only managed a small trickle.

'No, all out', she said, and looked at me enquiringly. 'You've had plenty to drink now', she said. 'But you probably wouldn't be able to pee with that', at which she looked pointedly down at the very obvious bulge in my trousers. This was the first time that either of us had explicitly referred to the sexual nature of the game and our growing arousal.

'I could give it a go', I said. 'I don't think I have much choice anyway. I'm bursting.'

'OK', she replied without hesitation, 'let's try.'

She loosened her seatbelt off a bit more, and reached over towards me. There is plenty of room below the steering wheel in my cab, which was fortunate, as it turned out we would need it. She put the bottle between her legs and held it there with her knees so as to free up both hands. She hadn't even bothered to pull her skirt back down, or to adjust her panties to cover her neatly trimmed bush.

Using both hands she unzipped my fly, taking her time about it so as to give my stiff cock a firm rub through the cloth. She then reached through the flap of my underpants to extract my cock and balls. I felt the cooler air of the cab playing across my exposed flesh, then the warmth of her hand as she grasped my shaft more firmly and stroked it once or twice before reaching back between her own legs to bring the half full bottle over to me. She placed the neck of the bottle against the head of my cock, and frowned.

'That's not going to work like that,' she said. 'Even if you manage to pee with that hard-on, it'll never go in the bottle. The angle's all wrong, and your dick's too big'.

'Well we'll have to do something' I replied. 'I'll never make it to the next services now that you've given me so much to drink.'

'I suppose there's only one solution then, she said. She handed me the bottle with the rest of her still warm piss. 'You can finish that, and I'll take care of this'.

At which she leaned right over to put her head in my lap, and took my now rigid cock into her mouth. I drove with my left hand, and raised the bottle to my lips. Alice looked up at me with wide, innocent eyes - at least as innocent as any girl can look with a cock in her mouth. I began drinking the rest of her nectar from the bottle, and tried to relax to release my own. It took a moment, but then my stream began, and I felt the warmth as it filled Alice's mouth. She clamped her lips more tightly around me so as not to let any spill out. I paused the stream after a moment to let her swallow the first mouthful. She greedily gulped it down, and raised her eyebrows as though to signal that she was ready for more. I was only too happy to oblige. I let go properly now, with a long steady stream into her waiting mouth, and she sucked and gulped to keep up. At the same time I continued drinking her piss from the bottle.

I emptied the bottle well before I emptied my bladder. Every time my stream slowed Alice signalled to keep going, eager to drink everything I had. And after holding back for so long, I had plenty to give her. But eventually the stream slowed to a trickle, and as it did Alice pulled her head back and opened her mouth wide so that I could see the last of my pee filling her eager mouth. She let her mouth fill completely, waiting to collect every last drop, then closed her mouth and loudly swallowed, before sticking out the tip of her tongue to lick off a final bead of pee, from the head of my cock. As she did so a little precum oozed out, and she enthusiastically ran her tongue round my penis to taste my juices, before taking me back into her mouth and sucking me right in, deep, and bobbing her head a couple of times. As she did so, she openly began to wank herself, and briefly pushed tow fingers deep inside her cunt.

Teasingly she then sat back up and and immediately adjusted her skirt and knickers to cover herself up. She looked me in the eye and vampishly licked her pussy juice form her fingers, but made no attempt to stow my straining cock back in my pants. After a moment's hesitation I took one hand off the steering wheel to rearrange my trousers and make myself decent. To my amazement, by the time I had done this and looked back over at Alice she had reached into her backpack, taken out a sandwich, and begun to eat it with obvious hunger as though nothing unusual had just happened. She quickly finished it and then took a banana out of her bag. But there was no way she could eat this without it being suggestive! In fact, it seemed pretty much impossible for her to do anything without it being suggestive. She peeled it halfway and made as though to begin eating it, but then cheekily wriggled her little skirt back up again and pulled her panties down, and kicked them off. Then, spreading her legs wide this time, she slowly eased the banana right up her dripping, piss soaked cunt and dildoed herself a few times with it, before finally taking it out and nonchalantly eating it. This time she didn't bother to cover herself again, but brazenly sat with her legs wide apart to display her cunt for me.

We chatted amicably now as though nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, Alice casually sitting with her legs splayed and naked, clearly enjoying her exhibitionism, and my excited gaze. From time to time as we talked she rubbed herself quite openly. I was mesmerised, but entirely unclear how events would unfold from there. As we talked we passed the next services, both agreeing that there was now no need to stop. Gradually the light began to fade though, and I had to pull over for the night. I had many miles still to cover, and I was going the right direction for Alice. But I had driven my maximum hours for the day, and could go no further. I told Alice she was welcome to stop with me, and I would take her on further in the morning. Or I could drop her on a slip road to catch another lift - but naturally I had no desire to see her do that, so I was delighted when she said that she was in no rush and would stop in the cab with me. I pulled off the motorway at the next junction, found a diner, an off license, and then a quiet lay-by. By this point it was pitch black under a clear, moonless night sky, far from any town. We cracked open a beer each, and settle din for the night. But that's another story........

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Alice, pt1

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