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a stay in the hospital

Categories Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, massage

Author: w stevens

Published: 26 September 2017

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A stay in the hospital
Awhile back I had a nice little stay in the hospital, I never thought I say it, but I did. It all started when I had to report for surgery one morning at 5:00am, I walked into the hospital on time, they started their paperwork, and I had some family members there for support.
I was there to have some pins and plates removed from my leg.
I was put into a bed; I get rolled into the first room. They give me the medicine to put me out. The next thing I know, I wake up in my room, no cast or split on my leg. Actually I was quite confused. Several members of my family in the room, they tell me something had gone wrong in the operating room before I went in.
When the nurse walked in, she explained that something had gone wrong in the operating room area and they had to cancel all surgeries for the day.
Soon afterward, one of the administrators from the hospital walked into the room, he asked me if I wanted to go home or stay the night. He said that since it was their screw up, they would not charge me for the day.
I figured it better for me to stay and I would not have to worry about getting there the next morning.
My brother was the last one to leave, he had went and brought me back a pizza considering I was already starving.
After he left, I laid back in the bed watching TV. Craving a cold beer. Around 6 pm, a nurse stepped into the room and asked was I up for a bath. I said sure.
I was more than able to wash myself, but if some attractive nurse was willing to rub me down, I wasn’t stopping them.
Sometime later around 8 pm, a very cute staff member I don’t think she was a nurse stepped into the room and asked “sir have you gotten your bath?”
“No not yet.”
“sir according to my records, you are not to walk, we will take care of you”
My guess is that they thought I had my surgery already. A few minutes later two very cute CNA’S stepped into the room.
Sir, are you ready for your bath?
One girl stepped into the bathroom, and turned on the water.
Oh this guy is a non weight bearing, he can’t get up. We will have to do him in bed.
She walked around, shot a squirt of something into a wash rag. Shot it under the cover right to my cock.
Oh they are wrong; he can get up, look!
She throws the covers back, the second girl looks in amassment, and he is a fucking tripod.
Quinn was about 5 ft. 3 or so, petite, and very tan. Shoulder length very dark brown almost black hair.
Ramona was about 5 ft even very petite, smaller than Quinn; her hair looked to be about mid back length and jet black. Also very tan, they looked like they lived on a sun deck. They had enough variance in their tan to tell me they didn’t do the tanning beds.
Quinn started jacking my cock.
“Are you hungry?”
“I only eat meat that is shaved”
I don’t think he will mind a good shave,
“Sir Do you mind if I get into a better position?”
With you having a razor at my cock and balls, get into the best position possible,
Quinn jumped onto the bed, straddling my stomach facing away from me.
“ wait a minute, she peels off her clothes, all except a tiny little G-String,
Damn you are just a ho aren’t you Ramona whips out, hell at least pull the blinds down.
She reached over and shut the blinds on the door. And ran over and pulled the blinds on the window.
Quinn kept jacking my cock.
Do you have a razor? Start shaving.
She started just below the head, working her way towards the base, shaving the entire shaft.
He does have a large cock. I can’t wait to ride it.
As Ramona shaved, Quinn shoved my cock into her mouth.
“Oh you won’t be able to deep throat him.”
“Fucking bet me”
“What in the hell do you have to bet?”
If I deep throat this cock, you take it in the ass no prepping, just lube”
“And if you don’t deep throat him?”
I can’t deep throat this cock, I’ll take him in the ass”
I figured I was getting anal that night, I didn’t care who.
Ramona finished shaving me cock and balls, every couple minutes; Quinn would teasingly suck my cock.
“Sir, how bad do you me to suck your dick?”
“I want you nose rubbing my balls now”
Quinn answered OK, and runs the entire length on my cock into her mouth; she struggled about ¾ the way down.
Ramona saw this and quickly called her on it,
“See, you can’t deep throat him.”
Quinn answered back watch this bitch, and runs every bit of cock into her mouth, burying her nose into my balls. She holds this for about 20 seconds.
After she comes up for air,” I hear eat this bitch”
I figured this was my chance, I ran my arms under each leg, I pulled her up towards my face, not resting until I was staring at her tiny hairless pussy, even with the G-String still on her, I started to lick, kiss, and suck on her. She was sweeter tasting than just about anything I could think of. I had each hand on her ass, grabbing as mush of her tight ass as I could, she leaned up unable to suck my cock while I ate her.
Ramona saw it as her cue. She ran her beautiful ruby red lips over my cock, taking as much as she could handle.
Oh God I really love a shaved cock, I don’t know what it is, but I hate hair on any cock I suck.
Well suck away, and when you done with that, feel free to sit on it.
Ramona asked Quinn if she was ready to fuck, Quinn was enjoying me eating her.
Ramona reached over and pinched Quinn left nipple, this brought her out of trance like state.
Get ready for him to fuck you!!
“No not yet, I’m enjoying this too much, please give me a couple more minutes”
No, now get on the other bed and now!
He won’t let me get up”
And yes, I had a firm hold on her ass.
I picked Quinn up off my face slightly, looked at Ramona and told her, either you ride my cock while I eat Quinn, or you sit on my face and Quinn rides my cock. I go back to eating this poor girl through her panties.
“Oh please stop a second and let me take these off”.
No, I see Ramona grab for something, she places a pair of scissors in my hand, and I cut the panties off her, pulling them off from the front. As soon as my tongue shot into her drenched pussy, she showered my face with her juices.
Ramona thought she’d tease me and slide her pussy on my cock with it pressed against my stomach.
After only a couple minutes she got careless, started riding fast, on one stroke as she got towards the head of my cock, I pivoted my hips bringing the head of my cock up, it shot right into her tight wet pussy on the down stroke.
Oh shit, that’s huge,
My thought was she is incredibly tight,
“Oh my god, you’ve got to give me a minute”
“You have only one minute.”
“Oh, what if I go over the minute?”
“I just might throw you down on the bed and fuck your tight little ass!”
“That will ass rape”
“no it won’t, you lost a bet”
As I keep eating Quinn, she has yet another orgasm (I lost count at 4).
She rolls off, telling me she needs a break, she walks over to the cart unnoticed by Ramona, she grabbed something off it, walked back over and grabbed a fist full of Ramona’s hair, she throws her onto the other bed, ties her so that her ass is up in the air with her head buried in the bed, and her hands down between her legs and at the same time keeping her legs apart. She walks back over to the cart and grabs a dildo. Crawls up on the bed, and slides it up Ramona ass, now after I ride this guy over here and if the dildo is still in your ass, and if I feel like it. I’ll let you ride him.
You know, never mind that, sir are you able to get up?
“Hell yes”, I shoot up out of bed.
Please fuck my friends sloppy ass, she is so loose, you might lose your erection.
“I doubt that, I crawl up the bed, I start to pull the dildo out.
What are you doing, I put that there for a reason.
I’m not sharing an asshole. By chance have a strap or belt in the cart?
She looks and shows me a length on rope, that’ll do, hand it here.
Don’t whip her with it, please.
You want me to wreck her ass, and you are worried about a rope. I wrap it around her stomach, I’m bare backing it, and I shove my cock up her ass. I pull back on the rope as shot my cock in, she grimaced in pain. I was not in the least worried whether or not she liked it, if she hated it, if it felt good to her, or if it hurt. I really didn’t care. After only a few minutes I could feel myself swelling up for an orgasm. I went ahead and shot load after load of cum into her ass, making sure my cock was buried to the hilt.
Once I finished, Quinn asked me to untie her, I answered no. I didn’t tie you up, I’m not untying you.
I crawled off the bed, Ramona crawled up, looked at me and said “enjoy the show” she tells Quinn to shoot my cum out of her ass.
“No problem, I’ll get it out” she takes a wand, turns it on and places it on her pussy .I Can hear Quinn start to moan.
“Shoot it out” Ramona almost yells,
Oh god I hate it when you do this, here take it, I’m not sure what she did, but she shot cum out of her ass about like I would out of my cock.
Ramona laps it up as fast as Quinn shoots it out.

Let me know what you think

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a stay in the hospital

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