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  1. A Victorian Sex Story part 1
  2. A Victorian Sex Story part 2
  3. A Victorian Sex Story part 3

A Victorian Sex Story part 1

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Group Sex, Male / Female

Author: Ian56

Published: 26 September 2017

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A Victorian Sex Story pt 1.

In the pale moonlight of an early December dawn, Henry Chambers was deep fucking his panting wife for the third time that night. Prudence lay eagerly beneath her husband as he pummeled her well-plowed furrow with the urgent stabbings of an oncoming spend. His sweat laden face was pressed against her right cheek as she urged him on in their animalistic passion and the need to reach their climax in unison.

Prudence sensed his loss of rhythm and lifted herself higher so that her woolen stockinged thighs drew him closer to her core and her ankles bounced on his pounding backside to bring him home. "Henry, love," she gasped, the delicious melting pot deep within her beginning to blaze into a burning furnace. "Keep on. The moment is near. Ahhh. Your cock feels so deep inside me. Ahhh. Ahhhhh.. ohhhhhhh!!"

Prudence felt the apple-sized head of his member growing larger and larger as her husband fucked on and on. Such was his vigor, he had pushed them both higher up the double bed and the oak-paneled headboard was now thumping against the bedroom wall in tribute to their mating. Thump, thump, thump. Prudence whispered to her husband. "H.. Henry. Oh. Wait! You'll wake the house!"

Henry just grunted. His whole world was centered on the length of flesh that was surging in and out of his wife's sex. He gave a sudden gasp and buried himself right up to the hilt as the delirium of his climax washed over him and he felt his wife bite down onto his right shoulder as she rode the wave with him. He promptly collapsed with a groan into the pillow as Prudence giggled in his ear as he saluted his final spurt of his spunk with a resounding fart that rattled around the bedroom. "Bravo, husband!" she breathed, kissing his cheek. "A worthy salute for such a noble effort!"

Henry groaned as he raised himself from covering his wife and eased himself from the depth of her sex and between her damp thighs. Breathing deeply, he lay beside her staring up into the blue darkness above them. "Be sated beloved," he muttered as the banging drum in his chest slowed to its natural order. "I doubt the flesh between my legs can muster another stand this night even if the mind is willing." He reached for his spent cock and winced at the sharp rawness along its shrinking length due to the friction caused by the embedded need for sensible precaution.

Prudence got up and dashed naked to her dresser where a jug of water and a bowl stood with a clean cloth to dry her. Bending over, she reached between her thighs and carefully examined her sex. "Thrice this night is more than enough, Henry," she smiled as she took the end of the string that hung down from the opening to her pussy and pulled it gently so that the hidden roll of tied spunk soaked sponge slid from the depths of her passage and out with a soft "plop." She glanced towards the double bed where she saw Henry watching her. She blushed slightly and turned to dump the evidence of male lust into a small box so that she could dispose of it later when propriety allowed.

"Once is a delight, twice is a joy," she smiled. "Three times is never a chore. Especially submitting my sex to as fine and large a cock as yours." Prudence poured a small measure of water into the bowl and dipped the cloth into it. She then cleaned the sweat and oily remnants of his spend from around her crotch and arsehole which was still throbbing urgently after her number two fucking. Once done, she returned to his side and drew the blankets around them for the chill of Winter was beginning to win the battle over the heat of their coupling.

Henry closed his eyes for that warm post sex ache was washing him to sleep. "What plans for the 'morrow, dearest?" he asked as he felt his mind drifting into the ether.

Prudence snuggled in closer. "Do you remember Miss Armitage?" she replied.

"The widow?" he frowned.

"Um huh," she nodded as she leaned closer and inhaled the smell of him. "Our paths crossed again last week during a society reading trip to Miller's bookstore in Westingtons. A pleasant surprise as I haven't seen her in over a month and it must be nearly four months since her husbands funeral. I suspect the poor woman needed time to get over the shock and the change in her social situation. So we have arranged to meet in one of the Tearooms up Petticoat Lane and renew our acquaintances over a cup of their finest brew and scones." Prudence stared thoughtfully up into the dark. "Such a sad thing for her to go through at such an age. I wonder how life finds her these days." she wondered.

Henry mumbled dreamily as the sound of her voice lulled him into the land of Nod.


The following day found Prudence sat in a window seat looking out at the hustle and bustle of Petticoat street market where the tide of London life ebbed and flowed as its citizens went about the drudge of daily living in order to sell their wares or spend their coin. The air was crisp, the weather fine, and the world a pristine white in a blanket of overnight snow. Across from Prudence sat the widow Miss Armitage who still wore the black mourning shawl over her heavy tweed coat. Prudence watched as she lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip of piping hot tea.

"At least the wind is in a favorable direction this day," she sniffed. "The smell from the Thames has been quite something these past few days. Goodness knows what it must be like in the vicinity of the slaughterhouses and fisheries. I swear I'd have to walk out and about with a peg on my nose!" She made a face and blushed slightly for the older woman was looking at her with a warm smile and sympathy in her eyes. She shook her head and raised a gloved hand. "Honestly, Prudence, I am well on the mend. Time, as they say, does work its magic and even the saddest heart can be overcome. Life goes on."

Prudence reached and took her hand. "Never think you face that life alone, Lizzie. You and Albert were always considered good company among those who knew you both well or not. And you are correct, life does go on and whatever challenges fate has in store for us we must meet them with a firm jaw and good grace. Who knows," she smiled. "One of those whims of fate may be a new relationship."

Lizzie rolled her eyes. "Oh goodness no, Prudence. Perish the thought of having to go back into the cock and bull of courtship again. I have no desire to partake the ritual of society matchmaking and that nervous expectation of disappointment again. I am a plain Jane, Prudence, I thought I was done with all that frivolity when Albert found me. He has left me with a tidy estate upon which to live my widowhood. I have a number of pursuits with which to fill my day."

Prudence gave her hand a squeeze and nodded. "You always were a bookworm."

Lizzie looked at her companion over the rim of her cup. "Though..." she began, hesitantly. Her gaze drifting to the window. "There are, " she paused. "Things..."

"Hmmmm?" replied Prudence as she nibbled on a strawberry jam covered scone.

Lizzie glanced at the other patrons enjoying their mid-day lunches. She sat forward slightly. "Well, I'm not sure I should," She lent forward further and bit her lower lip. "What I mean is. May I speak with you in confidence, Prudence?"

Prudence put down her cup and lowered her head. Her curiosity was piqued. "Of course, Lizzie, Always." Whatever was the matter?

Licking her lips, Lizzie blushed as she considered what was appropriate and what exactly she was willing to admit to her dear friend. That Prudence was older and more worldly than her eased the discomfort of her confession. "Though I have no intention of seeking out a partner now or in the foreseeable future, I do," she paused and wriggled in her seat. "How to put this? I somewhat do miss the physical aspects of being married."

Prudence sat back and looked at Lizzie who sat wide-eyed with the complexion of a ripe tomato. AH. "Ohhhh," she whispered. Now there is a thing. "I see. Well, that is only natural, Lizzie. Was dear Albert a physical man – if I may be so bold?"

Lizzie shook her head. "Heaven's no," she replied. "You and I both know that my late husband was a man of letters and was more than likely to be found with his nose in a book. He was a man who challenged and valued the mind more than the body. I loved my husband more than anything but he could be a little slow coming forward as it were. Our physical relationship was not as vigorous as I imagined it would be at the beginning, though it was never a cause of ill will between us in our seven years together. I simply accepted that the physical part of our marriage would be as brief as ships passing in the night." Lizzie picked up her cup and gently swilled the remaining tea feeling she had said too much in polite company.

Prudence considered the younger woman who sat silently opposite her awkwardly twiddling her thumbs and avoiding her gaze. That her late husband was a stickler had been obvious and the confirmation thus saddened her heart. No doubt their coupling had been as adventurous as his character and had left his wife unsatisfied. No child had been bred from her and, even though her love was true, she had borne her wifely duty with resigned determination as many a Victorian spouse did. Like she had – until Henry had shown her what true physical love could be between husband and wife. Prudence and Lizzie both sat deep in their own thoughts. It was in that moment of silence a sudden possibility came to Prudence. She blinked in surprise as the notion danced around inside her head. It took her a second to compose her thoughts and herself before she bent forward towards the younger woman and, as their eyes met, whispered, "Lizzie. May I present to you a suggestion for your consideration..."


The late afternoon of December 3rd, 1899 found the great city of London festive under another heavy fall of snow that had lasted for most of that day. Normally a pallid grey, the landscape was a crisp and frosty white from where countless chimneys belched clouds of smoke as the populace endeavored to keep warm as the ill winds of Winter bit deep.

Bouncing down Ludgate Hill towards the imposing edifice that was St Paul's Cathedral, a carriage-man pulled on the reins to draw his horse to a halt as the two-seater hansom cab stopped outside a two-story brick townhouse that still bore the outward facade of its original Tudor design. He laid his whip to one side and flipped open a hatch on the top of the cab.

"Here we be, Sir." He called to the two passengers inside. "Number 22. Ludgate." His voice bore the signs of many an ale drunk and too many a bawdy song sung in his two score and seven years. His breath floated around him in clouds of white before fading away on a slight breeze. With a grunt, he jumped down and opened the cab door.

His passengers disembarked and stood huddled together under the skeletal branches of a sleeping snow laden Sycamore tree. Two shillings were placed in his gloved hand and he tugged his hat in thanks.

"Take care, Sir, Madam," he said as he patted the side of his horse and checked the straps. "As agreed, I shall return at five sharp. Till then." With a nod, he returned to his seat and cracked the whip. The two figures watched as the hansom disappeared into the hubbub of the bustling capital.


Henry Chambers turned to his wife who stood beside him dressed up in a knee-length coat of black tanned bearskin with her hood pulled tight around her pale face. She felt him take her hand as he gazed up at the two up two down abode with a small snow-covered garden in front and a solid red stained wooden door. "Today was meant to be a day of leisure away from the drudgery of letters and finance, dear heart. I could have my nose in a good book or sat in front of a roaring fire enjoying the delights of a fine wine." He sighed as he reached forward and rapped loudly the ornate brass knocker.

His wife hugged his arm and kissed him on the cheek. "Nonsense, Henry. Doing a worthy deed is good for the soul," she gave him an impish grin. "Think of it as an adventure."

Henry snorted. "Spending an hour or two going over your friend's finances is not my idea of an adventure. The woman should employ the services of an accountant."

At that precise moment, the door opened and they were greeted by the widow Miss Armitage who encouraged them both to come inside from the bitter cold.


Henry Chambers looked up from the pile of letters and documents before him and saw through the sitting room latticed window that snow had begun to fall again. He sat back in his chair and removed his spectacles to ease the ache at the bridge of his nose. For nearly an hour he had gone over all correspondence as regards Miss Armitage's estate and confirmed that all monies owed had been agreed and that all liabilities or debts due had been paid after the death of Albert Armitage. Everything appeared to be in order and he began to return all the paperwork back into their relevant bindings. The door opened as he stood up from the writing desk and in walked Prudence and Miss Armitage with a tray carrying a teapot, three cups, and some biscuits.

Prudence smiled at him. "All done, Henry?" she asked as she placed the tray on a fireside table before taking a seat next to her friend on the couch.

Henry went and stood with his back to the roaring fire that was stacked with cracking logs and a sprinkling of coal. Hooking his thumbs into his waistcoat pockets he looked at both women. "Indeed," he began as he smiled down at his wife's companion who was some ten years younger than her. The woman was of similar height to Prudence with a fair complexion, deep green eyes, a long curl of copper hair that was tied in a bun at the back of her head with a long tail down her back and what appeared to be a full bosom and firm haunches hidden under her garb. "Everything appears to be in order, Miss Armitage. Though his departure was sudden, your late husband was obviously a man who considered the future with some thought into your welfare. You should face that future with confidence."

Prudence gave Lizzie a hug. "See," she smiled. "Everything is as it should be. Perhaps in time, you will find the enthusiasm to seek out a part-time position in the city to supplement your income further now that you are sure Albert made you financially secure. A few hours a week out in public will do you the world of good."

Lizzie sat forward and began to pour the tea. "Thank you, Mr. Chambers. Your efforts are much appreciated. Now please have a cup of hot brew and a bite to eat. Oh, and please do call me Lizzie. I think we are familiar enough to have done with formality."

As Henry turned away slightly and took his seat, Lizzie glanced nervously at Prudence who smiled at her over the rim of her teacup.


Henry, Prudence, and Lizzie made small talk as the afternoon sun began to fade and the shadows lengthened. Henry sat back in his chair as his mind wandered as he listened to the two women gossiping about this, that and the other. The hour had gone two and he frowned for the hansom was not due for another three. He glanced at Lizzie and he had the sudden curiosity as to what she would look like out of that plain brown dress. Starched white bodice, whale boned corset and well-stitched bloomers no doubt he mused for the woman appeared to have little interest in decorage. He looked around the room as the colors danced in the flickering firelight. Sensible. Plain. A lot of books. He wished the hour was five and he was returning back home and to be alone with his wife and the delights offered by an early night. He gave a silent grunt for his libido murmured to him and he felt a twitch in his pants.

"Oh for the sake of a good fuck, not now!" he winced as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair wishing the clock on the wall to tock with more haste. As his mind wandered around the depths of his subconscious, a word flickered brightly in the id and for all the world it sounded like it said "COCK" He blinked for he realized he had begun to doze and it was then he realised that the only sound in the room was the tick of that clock. He looked over to see Prudence and Miss Armitage both staring at him with some intent. Henry sat up as if caught red-handed. "I er... excuse me?"

Prudence felt her heart thudding in her chest as she watched her husband frown at her. Lizzie sat beside her with both hands clasped across her stomach and her eyes wide open in apprehension and anticipation. She gave Prudence a nudge.

Prudence gathered herself for their best-laid plan had now become a reality. That her suggestion, after the initial shock had worn off, had been agreed at all with Lizzie back there in the Tea Room was a wonder and that everything now depended on her considering the character of her husband and his willingness to partake in such an outlandish adventure as that what was now set in motion. She willed Henry not to disappoint her. She bit her lip, drew a deep breath and repeated her last words.

"I was just expressing my opinion to my companion sat beside me here that you Henry, my darling husband, have been blessed with the most impressively large cock a spouse could wish for and that would she like to see it..."

Henry sat looking at his wife as if whatever sense and sensibility his love had, it had suddenly jumped ship and ran for the hills shrieking like a mad woman.

"You said, she said, WHAT?"


A short while later found Prudence and Lizzie facing Henry in the master bedroom and in front of a brass double bed. The room was aglow not only with the orange light of the oil lamp on the bedside table but the crackle of sexual tension between them as Henry stood listening to Prudence explain the reasonings for their situation. He looked from his wife to the widow. "And this so say you both?" he asked her. His surprise still evident in the befuddlement of his brain.

Lizzie nodded and found her voice. "I do. We do."

"Be assured Henry that this matter is not something we considered lightly," added Prudence, her chin rising. "That I considered myself in a position to offer a solution to the issue that concerned Lizzie is more a testament to the love you have shown me these past months and how I view my sex and sexuality in a whole new light. I think I know my husband well enough to make such a solution available to my dear friend. What transpires between us this day shall only be between us. What say you, Henry?"

Henry considered her plea. Who was he to play the straight lace? He stared down at the floor and nodded slightly. "Between us?" he asked. Both women nodded. He stepped forward and kissed Prudence on the lips. "You win, wife." Prudence clapped her hands and hugged him. Henry broke her embrace and turned to the widow, Miss Elizabeth Armitage. "So then, what is this I hear about you wanting to see how large a cock I have?"


Henry stood looking down at Prudence and Lizzie as they knelt at his feet. He grinned for the younger woman looked stiff with fright and was chewing on her lower lip as his wife urged her to begin.

"Be bold, Lizzie," whispered Prudence. "Look how the monster stirs within and its desire to be free."

Lizzie was night purple in her squirming embarrassment. Her wide-eyed gaze fell on the twitching going on in Mr. Chamber's crotch and down the inside of his right pants leg. She swallowed hard for the only male appendage she had witnessed was the brief glimpses of her late husband in the dark as he undressed for bed. It had certainly felt of some size as he pushed and fumbled it inside her moist slot during their infrequent lovemaking. How large? A whopping five to six inches at least she mused. But this thing...

Lizzie reached up hesitantly and began to undo the buttons and clasps one by one. She then tugged an opening and, with a glance at Prudence who was watching rapt and licking her own lips, she gingerly reached into the darkness."Oh!" she gasped with surprise as her fingers curled around a hot writhing snake that twitched and throbbed in her grasp. She knelt up and began to drag the beast from its cage. Henry pushed his groin forward and his unfurling, partially erect cock sprang free with its blood red head bobbing and bouncing in front of the widow's startled gaze. Lizzie gasped and pressed a hand to her cheek. "Oh my, Prudence. What a magnificent appendage!"

Whatever apprehension she had felt was quickly melted away by the aroused heat of sexual curiosity. Lizzie reached up and grasped the rapidly engorging cock at its furry base and stroked it firmly upwards causing its owner to grunt loudly. The head disappeared in a cowl of skin for but a moment for her hand dragged down again then back up in a steady rhythm that had her and Henry gasping.

Prudence pressed her thighs together to ease the itch in her cunt. That a new sex had entered their relationship had increased the zest of her passion more than she ever imagined. Watching the younger woman masturbate her husband with increasing confidence and vigor had her juices cooking and coming to the boil with impressive haste. She lent towards Lizzie and whispered naughtily in her right ear, "Henry loves to have his cock sucked."

Lizzie stayed her hand, Suck a cock? This cock? Right now? "B... but," she stammered. "I... I've never..." She shook her head and looked between Lizzie and Henry. She felt so much the novice in such things. Prudence saw her hesitation and placed her hand above Lizzie's on the now rigid prick.

"Watch me then do the same."

Lizzie nodded and her mouth dropped open as Prudence bent quickly forward and eased the massive cockhead between her stretched lips. Drawing in a breath through her nose, she sucked hard, long and deep on the head before releasing it and then using her lips and tongue up and down its nine-inch length. Prudence grinned as she felt Henry give a wobble because of her endeavors. She turned to Lizzie, "Your turn."

Lizzie took the cock from her friend and looked at it hypnotically as it throbbed in her grip. The piss slit winked at her as she opened her mouth as wide as possible and, with a wrinkled nose as she inhaled its potent smell, squeezed its apple sized hugeness between her lips until its tangy mass threatened to dislocate her lower jaw. What was she supposed to do now? If he stepped forward, the only place for that monster to go would be down her throat and that thought made her heart skip a beat. With her mouth full of cock, she turned to look at Prudence. "Ahhhmmmuuuummmffffffhthhhh???!" she grunted.

Prudence and Henry both burst out laughing at the look on her face.


Henry sat naked on the edge of the double bed as Prudence and Lizzie undressed each other. Away slipped dresses and unlaced fell the refinements of Victorian ladies underwear until both women stood wearing only laced bodices from where heaving bosoms peeked, white buttoned bloomers and legs sheathed in matching pairs of dark woolen stockings. "A finer sight for these eyes I have never seen. You both look ravishing and my lust is making me lose reason. All things being clear, Miss Armitage, with the help from my wife I intend to give that juicy quim of yours a right good fucking."

Lizzie felt faint for the thought of Mr. Chambers covering her and ramming that huge log up deep into the well of her sex was overpowering. The rawness and vulgarity of his words adding more fuel to her already burning furnace for the ribald language of sex made her shiver in lust. She felt Prudence take her hand and lead her to her bed.

"Lie back, dear," she urged. "Let Henry enjoy the fruits of your body for a moment. That your pussy is awash with juice is obvious so his penetration should be an easy one despite his largess."

Lizzie lay down quickly as the older man slipped over her and exposed her large breasts to his gaze and delight. She gasped as his lips found and teased each cherry top as his hands squeezed and kneaded her bosoms until they tingled with emotion. Once done, she felt his lips moving lower and his hands grasping the stitch of her bloomers where he suddenly stripped them from her to leave her bare sex open to the world. She blushed deeply as his warm breath caressed her honey pot before she threw back her head in madness as his tongue dipped and diddled her secret button. Her thighs parted eagerly as he drank deeply of her.

Henry looked over the hump of her vulva and saw the first climax wash over her. He tasted her secretions and savored its new taste. He turned his head and looked at Prudence who sat on the end of the bed watching them with passion. Kneeling up, he placed himself between Lizzie's firm stocking thighs and pressed his aching cock head at the mouth of her burning passage with her virgin arsehole twitching below.

Prudence suddenly reached over and placed a hand on his left shoulder. "No, Henry. Wait. A moment." She got up and went to her bag as Lizzie raised her head.

"Oh, I forgot," she murmured.

Prudence opened her bag and took out a small piece of cloth in which a wedge of the sponge was tied to a length of string. "Lie still, Lizzie," she nodded, returning to the bed and easing Henry to one side as she opened the lips of the other woman's sex with one hand so she could push the sponge in as deep as she could with the fingers of the other. The size of Henry's cock would be enough to force the protection as deep as would be required safe. Making sure the end of the string was within reach, she turned back to her husband. "Fuck her now, dear heart."


Lizzie inhaled deeply the masculine smell of the man who was slowly opening her rose to the most wonderful deep feelings in her belly as the huge length of his weeping cock slipped up into her clasping pussy until she felt the prickly sensation of his full balls slap against her upturned bottom. She squeezed her eyes shut and let the waves wash over her, over and over. Then that dragging sense of withdrawal as her lover pulled teasingly out before pushing back in again. The deliberate thump thump thump as her fucking began in earnest and the room resounded to the creak of bed springs, the clank of the brass headboard against the wall and the cries and gasps that sprang forth unbidden from her mouth.

Henry gathered his rhythm and with each backstroke, he hammered down a firmer front thrust that had his pelvis bouncing lustily on the younger woman's own saddle. He sensed his spend was near for the delight of rodgering a new cunt was a powerful incentive to fire his seed deep into uncharted waters but he wanted Lizzie to enjoy this new cock for as long as possible. He looked down at her as she lay panting with her head twisting on the white pillow and her eyes screwed tightly shut. Her climaxes approached and crested with gasps turning into groans that ended in shrieks and joyous yelps. Henry saw her mouth drop open and felt her stockinged thighs clasping him much harder. Her fingers clawed at his back as she suddenly raised her head and bit into his left shoulder. Her gasp of "OH Ohhhh OH!!" was the signal he needed to fuck her hard until he came up her cunt as she climaxed. Shifting his weight so that her crotch was pointing directly upwards and her legs high up near his shoulders, he began thrusting and pounding her sex with such force that her juices squelched and sucked as they ran from her hole, down the valley of her backside and pooled around the crater of her anus.

Lizzie was elsewhere. Someplace ethereal. Voices in her head singing to her as her body went rigid and her sex spasmed around that which was invading her soul. She shrieked loud and long as she felt Henry grab her right breast and squeeze it hard as his own climax peaked and the froth of his creamy spunk oozed deep within her belly. Moments later, Henry collapsed between her thighs and she hugged him to her as she came down from high.


Prudence and Lizzie stood before the wash bowl each in their own thoughts as to the events they had experienced these past hours. Lizzie sighed to herself for her whole being ached wonderfully with her gaping pussy throbbing due to its deep penetration. Prudence wrung out the cloth and knelt at her feet. "Open your thighs, Lizzie."

The woman did so and Prudence saw the length of sodden twine peeking down from her cunt lips. She carefully took the end between finger and thumb and pulled it down until the spunk soaked sponge appeared. Tugging it out, she wrapped it in a cloth and placed it to one side. Lizzie blushed for it was such a private and personal thing for a woman to do on her own never mind having someone else do it for you as someone else watched from the bed. "You are a very lucky woman, Prudence," she admitted as a way to break the silence. "He is wonderful."

Prudence glanced up as she washed the other woman's sex. "Are we talking about my husband or his cock?" she smiled.

Lizzie laughed. "Oh, both of course."

"How do you feel?"

"At ease," considered Lizzie after a moment. "Sated beyond words." Now clean, Lizzie walked over to the bed and sat on the edge as Prudence joined her. "Thank you, Mr. Chambers." she smiled as she lent over and kissed him on the cheek. With a grin, she bent down and planted a kiss on his now wilted member. "Thank you too, Mr. Big Cock."

Prudence glanced at her husband. As if reading her mind, he nodded. Prudence took Lizzie's hand in hers. "I think we all need to consider our little adventure this day and come to a decision on where we proceed next. If we proceed at all. I'm sure I speak for my husband when we say we are both more than willing to continue with our situation as regards yourself, Elizabeth. But the decision has to be all yours at the end of the day. What say you?"

The widow looked between the two. Was this wonderful experience the beginning and end of it? That Henry and Prudence Chambers had been willing to satisfy such a need as this proved the content of their character and the strength of their marriage. That would have been the only doubt. They had their life with their children and she had hers - with her books. That their meetings would be more than simple tea and crumpet did not matter. The widow, Elizabeth Armitage was sure that she already knew the answer to that question.


Henry pulled open the front door and pulled the collar of his coat tighter around his neck for the snow was falling as thickly as ever. In the road, sat the hansom cab with the driver sat huddled against the cold and looking like a snowman on the top board. Taking his hat and scarf from the rack, he turned to Lizzie and Prudence. "Time to go," he said as he stepped forward and kissed Lizzie on the cheek. "Till next Thursday, Miss Armitage." he winked and turned to walk out into the snow and down the short path.

Prudence gave Lizzie a hug. "I hope you enjoyed that, Lizzie. Prepare yourself for Henry has quite the imagination. I shall no doubt see you for lunch this Friday at the Tea Rooms."

Lizzie wrapped the shawl around her for the cold was biting as the darkness fell. "Indeed. We have so much to discuss over tea and crumpets!"

Prudence laughed and pulled up her hood before stepping out into the December evening. Halfway down the path, she stopped and turned back. "Oh," she called, raising a gloved hand to her mouth. "I left you a little note on the table!" With that, she turned and joined her husband for their journey home.


Lizzie closed her front door and went over to the fire to warm her hands. On the table, just as Prudence had said, was a carefully folded note. She went over, picked it up, and went and sat down in the chair before the fire. Opening it up, she saw a short neatly written missive. Lizzie put her hand to her mouth after reading it and gasped.

On the note was wrote:

"Have you ever been buggered, Miss Armitage? Inquiring minds need to know.

Yours in confidence,

Prudence Chambers."


The end of part 1 of 3.

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A Victorian Sex Story part 1

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Ian5626 September 2017 14:43
From the author: Just a short note to say part 2 has just been uploaded with part 3 ready to go. This was a story I wrote years ago and is part of a trilogy. There are actually 5 stories in the overall series with the first two being prequels and an origin story for Prudence and Henry. If people are interested, I'll post them here after I upload part 3. I hope you enjoy this Victorian story.
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