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My Life. Danielle's Story. Ch. 1...

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female solo

Author: SLCPunk1_0_1

Published: 27 September 2017

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For those of you who read the MY LIFE series, you will recognize Danielle as the girl who broke my heart when I caught her banging her stepdad. For those of you who haven’t, I recommend you do, but it’s not required.

She was my first real girlfriend, and she is a real person. She was rather promiscuous when I met her, while I was still a virgin. Before we dated we were friends, and I learned all about her, finding out how she lost her virginity, and stuff like that. Her life was entertaining and tragic, mainly because it was so characterized by sex. Her sexual history practically defined her, and while I don’t know what became of her, you can bet that her path was forged by her good looks and willingness to let men use her. This is her story.

I was just a girl. It was the summer time. As a sort of coming of age gift, my parents had sent me to summer camp. It was a girls only camp, but it was a week away from parents and truly made me feel grown up.

The camp was the largest of its kind for several surrounding states and was only for girls. They sorted us into bunk houses based on our ages, which was nice, but being around so many older girls made me uncomfortable at times. First of all, I had only just had a birthday, and I hadn’t yet shown an interest in boys (which was fine because they hadn’t shown much interest in me either). Second, seeing the bodies of the other girls made me self conscious of my own.

I was short and a little pudgy at this age, far from the girl I would grow to be. I had a decent pair of breasts for my age, which was nice because when guys are younger they like boobs no matter who they’re attached to. But having boobs when other girls don’t can be it’s own problem too. It wasn’t just my figure that made me feel awkward around the older girls, it was everything. They were just so pretty.. tall, with cute clothes and makeup… they even wore thongs, they all looked like should be on a CW show.

There was one shower house for the camp. Girls from any age used it, just not counselors. It was a big room with no shower curtains, just several pipes coming straight out of the ground. Each one had 5 shower heads pointed in different directions, and knobs for each. The showers were available all day, but naturally everyone waited to use them at night before bed. I’d look around the room at the different girls. The younger ones chatting and splashing water at each other, and the older ones doing womanly things. I admired them as they shaved their legs and underarms. Many even shaved their cunts down to the skin, revealing smooth tender flesh along the sides of their snatches. I looked down at my own pussy, still covered by its original mound of pubic hair. One of my friends told me that it’s supposed to help with sex. I looked around at the girls showering, each one I saw with a shaved twat I immediately thought of differently, more mature, more of a woman, sexier… it meant she must’ve had sex.

I tried imagining what sex must be like. I’d taken a sexual education class, but that’s pretty much just an anatomy lesson that labels the parts. What I wanted to know was what sex was like! How did two people start? Does the boy just ask “hi, will you have sex with me”? I had so many questions. I’m not sure why, I hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. So I definitely never looked at one and imagined him fucking me. I’d never masturbating before, hell I hadn’t even gotten my period yet.

These questions, and the desire to know more, were amplified but the constant conversations going on around me. Girls talking about boys, what they’ve done with them, and how many they’ve done it with. I now know that most of the girls were full of shit, just trying to sound cool and one-up each other. But at the time I wanted to be as sexy and cool as they were, and that meant that I wanted to have sex.

I heard words that I’d never heard before, things like fingering and blowjob. I had to ask a friend what they meant, she admitted that she didn’t know what a blowjob was, but explained about fingering. She said it was like masturbating, but a guy was doing it to you. She was surprised when I didn’t know what masturbation was either, and had to explain. She told me what to do, and how to do it, and said that it would feel really good. The idea of it was strange to me and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. She pointed out that if I wasn’t ready to touch myself, then I definitely wasn’t ready to touch a guy like that, or have him touch me.

I got offended by that, and pulled my shorts and panties down right there in front of her. We were in the woods, not far from the main camp area, just enough away that we were concealed. I placed my hand on my crotch and slid my fingers through my pubic hairs towards the opening of my twat. Standing there with my legs bowed, trying to finger myself in front of my friend was awkward to say the least, but what made it worse was that it didn’t feel good at all.

“No, you’ll never get there doing it like that!” She said, laughing a bit. “Here sit down.” She said, and we both sat in the grass. She pulled her shorts and panties down just a bit, and spread her legs. I watched as she closed her eyes and rubbed her the lips around her pussy slowly. She was the same age as me, but had obviously been doing this for awhile. I mimicked her, working the outside before putting my fingers inside. I watched her start to squirm, her fingers moving faster, and her breathing increase until she stopped suddenly, her body tense and she began to shudder. It felt good, but I was not having the same reaction as her. She had just orgasmed, and I clearly had not. I tried several more times over the next day, but never got anything more than simply feeling nice.

It didn’t matter I guess, because losing my virginity was easier said than done at an all girls summer camp. And even once I got home I had no real guy friends, or boys that were into me. The only one I knew was my stepbrother, and he was 5 years older than me and already in high school. But even though I was at a camp full of girls, there were a actually a few guys. They were staff members, all much older than me of course, not that it mattered. There was Dale, Steve, Jimmy and Ricky. Dale was Jimmy and Ricky’s dad. There mom, Susan, was a staff member there too. Dale and Susan ran the kitchen together, while the boys, who were 17 and 18, were sort of like janitors or maintenance guys around the camp.

Then there was Steve, he was a total heartthrob. Older, in his 40s, but incredibly handsome and in killer shape. He ran the waterfront, which at the camp was a lake. He oversaw the lifeguards and boating instructors, and personally taught the swimming classes to the younger girls. This meant that he was walking around shirtless and wet all the time. I wasn’t the only one to notice him, in fact girls were always following him around and giggling. He was a nice guy though and acted like he never noticed.

Now swimming was totally my thing while I was at camp! I’d been very good at it since I was little. When I did my initial swim test on the first day of camp, Steve told me that I was a very strong swimmer, and that I should consider coming back and working at the camp as a lifeguard when I got older. I blushed.

The lake was pretty big, almost a half mile across from our shore to the next. I heard another counselor talking about how there was a huge meadow full of flowers on the other side. Some of the girls asked if we could hike over there to see, but we were told that the land on the other side was private property and we weren’t allowed. She warned us that it was illegal, and if anyone tried, they’d be in trouble.

On the 3rd day, during dinner they had cookies for dessert, but there weren’t enough, and I never got one. I had a sweet tooth, and really wanted some. So right after dinner when everyone was heading back to their bunks, or to the showers, I went into the kitchen to talk to Dale. He wasn’t an attractive man, and hadn’t been as friendly as all the other staff members, but I figured a couple cookies for a little girl wouldn’t be a big deal.

“Hi, Dale?” I said as I walked in the kitchen.

“Ya? What do you need?” He asked shortly. He was putting things away and starting to clean up. He was alone.

“They ran out of cookies, and I was wondering if I could get some?” He just looked me up and down for a bit.

“Well, I’m not supposed to” He said, walking around the counter and towards me, “so why should I?”

“Um, because I’d like some, please?” I asked nervously.

“Well I think it’s only fair that you do something for me.” He said flatly.

“OK sure!” I replied naively.

“Alright…” there was a pause as he debated his next words, “give me a blowjob.”

“A what?” I asked, partly because I really didn’t know what one was. He walked over and stood right in front of me.

“Get on your knees.” He said, looking down at me. I don’t know why, but I did it.

My face was right at his crotch and he began undoing the zipper. He reached in pulled out his prick and let it hang in front of him. He wasn’t fully erect yet. I just looked at it for awhile, I’d never seen one before. It flinched, and was noticeably growing, hardening and standing up before my eyes.

“Well? Go ahead.” He spoke again.

“What do I do?”

“You suck on it.”

“I suck it??” I asked. I can only imagine how confused I must’ve looked. So this is what a blow job is? Sucking a penis? Not only did it sound kinda gross, but it sounded stupid! I had only just learned that girls masturbate, so hadn’t really given much thought about guys masturbating too, or how they did it. I knew that boys ejaculated when they put their dicks inside a woman’s vagina, but I didn’t know why. I figured it just happened, I didn’t think it was because it felt good. I didn’t even know that sex was supposed to be pleasurable. The ideas of masturbating and blowjobs as a means of simulating sex and causing intentional orgasms for enjoyment was completely lost on me. So I didn’t know why a guy would want to have someone suck on his penis… “Until when?” I finally asked.

“Until I stop you.” He chuckled a bit.

So, with no further instruction, I grabbed it and pointed it at my face. I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and leaned in. It was warm, warmer than just putting a finger in your mouth. And it was bigger, not long, but thick, my mouth was opened as wide as possible. I started sucking on it, just the way you’d suck your thumb or something. He moaned a little, but spoke up again.

“Now move your head back and forth, and don’t scratch me with your teeth.”

I leaned in further, sliding his dick further into my mouth. He didn’t say how far to go, so I just went until I couldn’t go anymore, then went back. I just kept doing this, going back and forth, keeping my teeth in mind. So this is what other girls have done? This wasn’t that big of a deal, or hard, there wasn’t even any blowing involved. He made more noise under his breath. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, but he didn’t tell me to stop so I just kept going.

This wasn’t about the cookies anymore, I had actually forgotten about them. This was about me doing the same things that those older, sexier girls had done. A guy had actually wanted to do something with me, and I was curious to try it. He didn’t say anything, he just grunted suddenly and I felt something spray in my mouth. It was sort of like when you squirt a water bottle in your mouth and it hits the back of your throat, only there wasn’t as much, and it was hot. He continued grunting but didn’t say to stop, so I kept bobbing my head. The stuff in my mouth started to fill up, and it was salty, it didn’t taste bad, just not good, so I swallowed it, simply to clear my mouth out.

He finally stopped his noises and told me to stop. I pulled my head back and let his cock fall out of my mouth. The whole thing only lasted a couple minutes. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, and didn’t use my hands on his shaft, as I would later learn to do, he still came quickly. When I was older I looked back on this event and figured the sight of his dick in a young girl’s mouth was enough to make him cum, technique didn’t matter. He told me to stand up, and he tucked himself back into his shorts. He made a comment about me swallowing his load, and seemed surprised when I said I had. He gave me a whole box of cookies and told me to go.

I headed back to my bunk and got my toiletries bag. I was one of the last girls to show up and shower, so by the time I was there the place was empty. I just kept replaying what had happened. I had just given a blowjob, and you a grown man no less. I’ve heard about molestation and knew to tell someone I trusted if I was ever touched or made to feel uncomfortable by an adult, and I knew grown ups having sex with kids was wrong, but we didn’t have sex.. And he never touched me.. And honestly I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I was curious to try it. Of course I now know that he was still wrong to ask an 11 year old girl to give him head, but at the time I didn’t see an issue, so I never told anyone. I tried masturbating in the shower, it felt good, but I still never came.

After the shower, I got dressed and walked in the dark back to my building. I didn’t love the dark so I decided to cut in between buildings rather than stick to the path in order to go faster. As I was going past the staff cabins, I saw Ricky, standing behind one of them. He was at an angle so I saw mostly his back and he couldn’t see me unless he turned around. He was looking down in front of him, so at first I thought he was peeing, but then I saw movement at his feet. I was at least 50 ft away, and I don’t walk heavily, so he didn’t hear me approach, but I darted behind a tree just to be safe. There was clearly someone kneeling in front of him, I saw long hair and knew it was a girl.

If I hadn’t just given one to his father, I’d have no idea what I was witnessing, but there was definitely a female giving him a blowjob. He tilted his head back and looked up at the sky, enjoying himself. He had already lasted longer in this girl’s mouth than his father had in mine. I was determined to wait and see who it was though. Just then he moved one of his hands and brushed the hair out of her face, It was his mother! Her head was bobbing back and forth rapidly, and one of her hands was grasping his penis, sliding up and down his shaft at the same pace. Ricky’s body began to shake a bit, and Susan stopped moving her head. They stayed like this for a while, he must’ve cum in her mouth. He finally moved and stepped back, zipping his shorts up and walking off around the cabin they were behind. But Susan didn’t move, she just stayed on her knees, wiping her mouth, and putting her hair back up in a ponytail. A second later her other son, Jimmy, came walking around the cabin from the same direction and stood in front of her, directly where his brother had. He undid his pants, pulled out his erection and stood there as his mother gave him a blowjob in the exact same fashion she had with Ricky.

I stayed hidden behind my tree and watched the whole act to completion. I didn’t want to risk being detected, but I also wanted to watch. I felt a stirring in my panties, and was surprised to find wetness when I touched my pussy. I fingered myself while I studied Susan’s technique, and watched Jimmy’s enjoyment. I had never heard of a blowjob before the other day, but clearly these were important and enjoyable things for a woman to do for a man. Dale could’ve demanded sex from me, but CHOSE a BJ instead.

Now here a mother was giving both her teenage sons blowjobs in secret, which let me know that they knew this was risky behavior, but she was still doing it which meant she wanted it as much as they did. I hadn’t heard of incest yet, so I didn’t know how forbidden it was, but the fact that they were doing it in secret made it seem wrong. But there was also something arousing about it that made it seem less despicable, and more attractive. I wasn’t able to give myself an orgasm while I watched them, but it felt better than it had before. When Jimmy finished, he walked back the same way he’d come from. Susan got up, brushed off her legs, and walked away in the other direction. When the coast was clear, I ran back to my cabin and got in bed. The scene I had just witnessed would stick with me, and later influence my opinions of sex between relatives as something that didn’t necessarily have to be inappropriate.

The next day after lunch, we all had free time to go and do whichever activities we wanted. Naturally I was at the lake. I was sitting on the dock taking a break, when Steve walked over to me.

“Hey Danny.” He said. Everyone called me Danny for short. “Watcha up to?” His smile made me not hear what he was saying at first.

“Oh, hi. Just taking a break for a bit.” He sat down next to me. He was wearing swim trunks and no shirt. I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit with flowers on it. “Is there really a big meadow of flowers on the other side of the lake?” I asked him.


“How do you know?”

“I’ve seen it.”

“Really?! How? We were told we can’t go over there.”

“That’s true, all the land around the other side of the lake is private property, there are signs and even some fences. Plus it would be over a mile hike each way. But I swam.” He said, sort of proudly.

“Really? You can do that?”

“Well yes and no. The lake is open to anyone, that’s why we can use it, so swimming to the other side isn’t a problem, but technically getting out of the water once you get there isn’t allowed. Why, do you want to go?”

“But you just said we can’t go on the shore over there.”

“Ya, but who’s going to know?” He asked, smiling.

So we did it, we swam across the lake to the opposite side. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make it that far, but he assured me I would, and he was right. When we reached the shore there was just trees at first, we walked through them for about 100 ft till we came out on the other side. Sure enough, as we broke through them the sun hit my face and there in front of me for hundreds of acres was a massive meadow of wildflowers. It was really pretty, I wished I’d had a camera. We strolled through them, walking towards the center of the meadow. In parts, the grass was very tall, reaching up past my waist, it tickled my exposed thighs in my bathing suit, and I giggled.

“What are you laughing about?” He asked, looking at me with playful confusion.

“The tall grass is tickling me.” I laughed, and pointed at my upper thigh, it was essentially my butt.

“Oh you’re ticklish huh?! You shouldn’t have told me that!” He said, coming towards me, wiggling his fingers.

“No!” I yelped, and ran away laughing.

He came after me, and once he caught me, he grabbed me around the waist and softly tackled me to the ground. He poised himself on top of me, tickling all over, from my neck and underarms down to my ribs and thighs. I was incredibly ticklish. I squirmed around laughing hysterically. Desperately trying to stop the torture, but the sensations scrambled all my coordinated motor functions. I couldn’t feel anything, just the spasms of my body involuntarily jerking at his fingers touch. I noticed nothing else, not even as one of his hands pulled the crotch of my bathing suit to the side, exposing the muff of a distracted 11 year old girl. One hand was rapidly tickling me as his other pulled down his own swim trunks, exposing his massive full grown man sized erection.

I didn’t notice until it was too late. He had already taken aim and pressed the head against my tight opening before I could react. He stopped tickling me and pushed himself up with both arms, thrusting into me. I was startled, it hurt more than I expected. Even once I felt that something was happening, it still took me several seconds to finally realize what was going on.

He quickly got a steady rhythm, he was fucking me hard (even by my adult standards). He pounded his cock as deep as my virgin cunt would allow. He grunted each time, shaking my body with each penetrating thrust. He was raping me, I didn’t know the word then, however I knew he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. But I didn’t move, I allowed it. My arms just stayed at my side, and I opened my legs slightly for his convenience and my comfort. It started feeling good, the way it felt when I tried to masturbate, so I relaxed a bit. But then it started feeling REALLY good, and it freaked me out.

I didn’t know what was happening, but my body started feeling really warm, and there was a tingling all over. A tightness started to develop inside my pussy, it was tingling but there was a sort of pressure with it. I can’t explain why, but it felt good. Then the feelings increased dramatically, quickly and all at once, and a type of sensation Id never felt before came over my body. A sort of release, like all the other feelings suddenly combined and then exploded and shot through me. It felt incredible and strange, I hadn’t even moved, but my body felt weak like I’d just been running. I gasped loudly, uncontrollably, as it happened, and then it subsided.

Once my mind cleared of the blinding euphoria, I was brought back to the present, and felt Steve on top of me again, still pounding away. His rhythm got faster all of the sudden, and his grunts got louder, almost painful. Then without warning, he pushed back off of me, sitting up straight, pulling his dick out of me, and leaning back on his legs. My eyes locked on his tool as he grabbed ahold of it, he had put it in me before I had gotten a chance to look, and now I wanted to see it. As soon as he grabbed it he turned to the side slightly, just as a shot of semen flew from the tip, I’ve had sex ed, I knew what came out of guys during sex. What I didn’t know was how much would come. He sprayed several more shots into the grass, groaning as he did it, eyes squeezed shut, stroking himself slowly. He stayed like that for several minutes, even after no more semen came out of his penis, and he stopped holding it. I just watched him, I didn’t move or speak, not sure what the girl was supposed to do right now.

He finally opened his eyes and looked around. He looked at me, and stared straight into mine, surveying them for a reaction. I wasn’t crying, or anything, nothing said ‘hey you just raped me and I’m going to tell!’. When he was satisfied with my calm demeanor he smiled and stood up.

“Alright” He said with a deep breath, “let’s get back to camp.” And smiled at me confidently.

The rest of the day my mind was racing. I felt like I needed to tell someone what happened, maybe an adult, or maybe my friend. But I never did. Steve didn’t tell me I needed to keep quiet, I just did. Maybe he thought that the risk of admitting I went across the lake was enough to make me keep my mouth shut, or maybe he thought that because I orgasmed that meant I didn’t have a problem with it then. Either way, I never said a word.

He fucked me each of the three remaining days. He’d walk up to me while I was around the swimming area and ask “Hey, do you want to go for a walk with me?”. The first time he asked, I thought maybe he just wanted to get me alone to talk about what happened; but he took me across the camp to a picnic area that was a ways from where any of the camp activities were taking place, and he turned me around, pulled my shorts down and bent me over the picnic table. He pulled my panties down and forced himself in without a word. The two other times after that, he just did the same thing, asked me if I wanted to go for a walk, and for some reason I always said yes, even thought I knew what it meant would happen. He fucked me the exact same way, bent over the table, taking me hard and fast. I came every time, I don’t know why, I felt dirty and scared and hurt, but my body loved it. He came quickly, always pulling out, then put his prick away and walked off without saying anything, leaving me leaning over the table half naked.

Whenever we saw each other around the camp he’d give no sign that anything had happened, in fact he sort of ignored me. And when camp ended and I left, I actually felt bad, like I missed him, and wanted to continue what we had. I never went back to the camp, and never saw him again, but I managed to find other guys to fill the void, and satisfy the cravings I had developed.

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My Life. Danielle's Story. Ch. 1...

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