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Fantasy gang rape

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Group Sex, Male / Female

Author: Paddy's fantasies

Published: 27 September 2017

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I've been watching you for a few days now. Every evening on your way home you stop by the corner store before cutting through the park to your place. I've waited long enough and tonight is the night I have you. I pull my car up to the other side of the park and wait. Right on time I see you coming down the path. I get out and pretend to rummage through my car for something. As you pass by I grab hold of you. You're too shocked to scream for which I am grateful. I quickly gag you and tie your hands behind your back. You struggle a bit but you're still to shocked to put up any real resistance. I toss you in the back seat before any passer by sees what is happening. I grope your tits and pull up your skirt. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that you're not wearing anything under your skirt. I lean in and lick your pussy. You struggle some more but I have you pinned in the back seat. I run my tongue over your clit. You don't want this to happen, and you fight the feeling of me teasing your clit. I spit on your pussy and slide in a vibrator and turn it on. You yell into the gag but it muffles any noise you make. "You've got to be warmed up for where we are going". I close the back door and hop in the drivers seat and we take off.

We've been driving for what you feel is like forever. The vibrator still humming deep inside you. You struggle against it but you can't help but get wet from it. I can hear you moaning through your gag. You'll be doing a lot more of that where we are going. Your mind races to figure out what may be in store. You know that you're going to be fucked fucked against your will, but maybe if you cooperate it might not be too bad...no, you've just been kidnapped and you're going to be raped why would you cooperate? Finally the car stops. It's dark but you can make out the outline of a large building. I get out of the car and open up the back. I blindfold you. You panic a little as you can't see where you are going but you do your best to stay calm. Maybe you'll find a way out of this. I reach up under your skirt. The toy did its job. Your pussy is dripping wet.you try to pull away from me but I grab hold of you and pull you out of the car. You try to make a run, not sure in which direction but I can't be worse than what is awaiting you. But you can't see. I grab hold of you and pick you up over my shoulder. You try to kick but I slap your ass good and hard. You wimper a little and do as your told. I carry you into the building and down some stairs. It's cool in there and I throw you down onto a small bed. I cut your clothes off you. Your nipples become hard in the cold air. I take your hands and tie them to the bed. I walk slowly around the bed. You turn your head trying to figure out where I am. I pull out the gag and you take a large breath of air."Where a...." You start to speak but I slap you across the face and tell you to shut up. "If you do as you're told you'll be ok. You lay there waiting for me to press myself onto you. Waiting to feel my hard cock enter you. Just praying that I rape you and be done with you so you can end this nightmare. You listen and you hear my feet wander up the stairs followed by a heavy door closing.

You shiver a little in the cold air. You fight against your restraints holding your hands to the bed. Nothing. You're stuck there. How long have you been laying there? Minutes? Hours? You're not sure. But you know I'll be back at some point and you hope it will be done quickly. Suddenly you hear someone talking in the distance. The voice gets louder as it gets closer. Suddenly you hear the door open. "Here you go boys as promised, a hot little fuck slut to use as you wish" you hear me say. You immediately think it's gone from bad to worse. It's suddenly become a gang rape. The guys hoot and holler and rush down the stairs. How many are there? You're not sure. You feel hands start to grope you as you lay there on the bed with your pussy still stuffed with the vibrator keeping you wet and excited. You twist and wiggle to try to get away but it's no use. They grab hold of you and grab where ever they want. "Now boys, as discussed we get to draw cards to see who goes first." You hear me say. The boys leave you alone for a minute and you hear some cards shuffle then the boys grab one each. "Alright mike, you're first, bill, second, Steve third, Phil fourth, and this time I go last. You better fill up that cum dumpster good!" I say. You get worried now. Five guys, could you even handle that many?? Hopefully once they finish they leave and this can be all over...

"Now remember the rules boys. One at a time unless you're invited to join. You can fuck her slutty mouth while you wait your turn. You must cum inside that hot little cunt of hers the first time around. After that you and unload where ever you want. Face, tits, pussy ass. Doesn't matter. If she says no or struggles fuck her harder. You hear footsteps come up to you, it must be mike. I feel hands grab your head and turn it over. You resist a little and feel a cock press up against lips.
You keep your mouth shut and mike says "look you little slut. If you cooperate it will be better for all of us. If you don't I'm going to get real rough and you won't like it". As if to underscore the point he slaps you hard across the face. You whimper and plead not to rape you. Mike laughs " Haha. Shut up bitch. Maybe if you weren't such a slut you wouldn't be here. No open your fucking mouth. He grabs a handful of hair and you reluctantly open your mouth. He presses his cock into your mouth and forces his way in. He's big and fills your mouth. He Rams it back as far as he can before he starts thrusting in and out a bit. "Spit on it!" Mike says. You spit on his cock and he lets go and moves around the bed. He pushes his way between your legs and pulls out the vibrator. He spit on your soaking wet pussy and Rams his cock in with a quick thrust. "She's fucking tight boys". His aggressive thrust causes you to gasp in surprise. He starts to pump in and out of your pussy. You try not to moan but the feeling of mike moving inside you begins to overpower you and you gently start to moan. "I think she likes it!" You hear laughter around the room. Suddenly another cock gets rammed into your mouth. Bills cock was bigger than Mikes and he causes you to gag as he forces it down your throat. As bill fucks your mouth you feel mike thrust harder and faster. "No," you think please don't ... " Fuck yeah!!!" You couldn't even finish your thought before mike thrust deep inside you and shot his hot cum into your pussy. You feel him throb and thrust a little more with each bit of cum being emptied into you. He pulls out and bill moves off. Mike walks around and shoves his cock back in your mouth, "suck it clean slut". You do as your told and suck him clean. You can taste his cum on his cock. It tastes so good but you don't want to admit it. Suddenly you feel bill lay beside you on the bed and he pulls you up onto him. He Impales you down onto his cock and he slides in effortlessly into your cum filled cunt. The deeper he goes the more cum oozes out of you. "Holy shit mike, did you not cum at all this week?" Mike laughs. "It's good lube for that horse cock of yours". Mike wasn't kidding Bills cock is massive. You feel yourself stretching wide to accommodate him. The feel of his massive size inside of you causes you to moan loudly. He orders you to ride him. You start bouncing up and down on his shaft and each time he forces your hips down making you take him deeper. Again another hand grabs your head and forces your mouth down onto a waiting cock. You're being overcome by the feeling of ecstasy and what became a rape has become a wild ride as you ride that massive cock.

"Steve as much as I love laying here having you standing above me watching your cock get stuffed down this sluts throat why don't you stuff that into her ass. Let's stretch this bitch out! Steve was behind you faster than you knew what was happening. You begin to worry. You've never had a cock as big as Bill and don't know how you can handle him and Steve at once. You begin to say no but Phil has already taken Steves place. Bill hold you tightly as Steve slides his cock into your ass. He pushes himself from tip to base. Your moans are muffled as Phil fucks your face with his cock. Steve and bill begin to slide in and out of your holes. Pain gives way to pleasure and soon you're moaning before you realize what you're saying you spit out Phils cock and you yell out "fuck this filthy slut you dirty pigs." This encourages Steve and Bill to fuck you harder and faster. Steve gives one last thrust before he cums deep into your ass. Another couple thrusts and bill unloads in your pussy. You can feel him shoot cum deep into you. "Fuck yes!" You cry out as you cum. Steve slides out of your ass and walks off. Bill pushes you to the side of the bed and spreads your pussy open to see massive cream pie he just left in you. You lay there, hands still bound breathing heavily.

"Hey brad. I'm gonna need help with her after that. Shall we do the usual?" "Oh fuck yeah buddy" you hear me say. You tell us to fuck you like the slut you are. We smile as we move towards the bed. I lay on the bed and pull you on to me. Phil gets in behind you and I slide my cock into you. To your surprise You suddenly Phil pressing his cock, not into your ass, but into your cum filled pussy with mine. you stretch even further to accommodate both of us. We begin to thrust in and out. The feeling of two cocks inside you is driving you crazy. Cum is dripping out of your pussy with each thrust. You start thrusting back each time we push into you. Our pace is picking up and you push your hips back to match us. You feel Phil tighten his grip on your hips and suddenly you feel more cum filing you up. It becomes more slick and you slide back and forth faster and faster. Phil keeps his cock buried in you with mine. You're fucking both of us like a porn star and suddenly your pussy tightens and you let out a loud moan as you cum all over us. This pushes me over the edge and I unload deep into your pussy as well. You lay there heavily for a moment, two cocks stuffed into your pussy, cum seeping out from your abused holes like a proud whore.phil slides out of you and I push you off me onto the bed. We have you suck our cocks cleans of everyone's cum. Suddenly more footsteps approach the bed. Mike bill and Steve stand above you and jerk off more cum onto your face and tits.

We grab our cum slut from the bed and carry you out of the building. "It's getting light of Phil, can I borrow your van?' You hear me ask. "Yeah hop in, let's get her in". We toss you in the van and take off down the road. After a few minutes we pull up to the park where I first grabbed you. We open up the door and place you on the side of the parking lot next to the trail you walked down last night. "Where's her clothes?" Phil asked. You hear me laugh, "haha. Oops. I cut them off her just before you showed up. This little slut had a good time. If she hurries she might get home before people wake up. If not they'll see she had a fucking good time." I take one last look at your cum filled pussy and the loads on your face and tits. I smile and cut your hands free. Leaving you lying there naked on the grass as I hope in the van and speed off down the road.

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Fantasy gang rape

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