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Deep Throat by a Prostitute in a Car with Crack

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Prostitution

Authror: egman

Published: 29 September 2017

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I spotted the tall, thin blond girl sitting on the corner right in the middle of the zone. When I drove by, she glanced at me, but I was unsure if she was looking for a date. I turned the corner and pulled to the curb about 100 feet down the street, then looked back to see if she was walking toward me. She was. Good. She got into the car and I drove about a mile to get away from the hot pickup spot, then pulled over to the curb. Looking her over, I realized she was really tall – probably over 6 feet. I asked and she confirmed, 6'1". She didn't look wasted by a drug-based life style: her skin was clear, she had white shiny teeth, and all were there. She was slender but substantial, not a stick figure. She had ash blond hair that was pinned up into a tight bun. She was pretty and had a great smile. Her name was Alexis.

"Cop check," I said, and she pulled down her top, exposing small A-cup breasts with big, fat, nickel-sized nipples. I cupped each breast, rubbing on the nub, which grew hard to my touch. "Definitely not a cop," I said.

"Now you," she said, so I unzipped my pants. She reached inside and gently grasped my rapidly growing cock. "Ooh my, nice and big, just the way I like it." We discussed the menu, with appetizers, entrees and desserts and their prices. Everything was reasonable, so I selected the blow job option. We drove to my favorite spot, which was safe and nearby. I handed her $20 and undid my jeans, dropping them down to my ankles. Alexis reached over and held my cock in her left hand. It was growing harder by the minute, especially when she turned in the seat and dropped her head into my lap. Her mouth closed over my cock and slid it deep into her mouth, then back out again, up and down at a slow, leisurely pace.

Soon my cock had reached its full length, and was as firm and hard as a rock. She settled down and took me deep into her mouth, pushing against the opening to her throat, then sliding it all the way in as she pushed her head down so my cock was all the way up her throat and her lips were embedded in my pubic hair. Up and down she went, sliding her moist, soft throat so my penis was just inside her mouth, then ramming it all the way in to the depths of her throat. I could see the thick bulge my cock made as it went down her throat, the bulge growing longer as the head went deeper and deeper, then reversed the trip. Wow, this girl knew how to suck a cock. I was getting the best deep throat cock sucking of my life. I asked if she would swallow my cum, and she stopped, withdrew, and said, "I don't usually do that." I let it drop; I was having too good a time to try to convince her otherwise, as much as I hate an open-the-door-to-spit ending.

Alexis was in no hurry, so she paused occasionally, sometimes with my cock at full depth, sometimes when it popped out of her mouth, where she licked it hungrily with her tongue. The feelings started to swell deep inside me, as my load began its journey from within. She sensed this, and slowed to let the feelings subside, then resumed to slowly bring the sperm up again. I lost track of the minutes and of how many times she did this, as I got closer and closer to cuming. She stopped again for a longer time, letting me calm back down again, though by now I was aching to cum. But she waited, and I waited, knowing the pleasure level would go a notch higher with every delay.

And then, just when I was feeling I had experienced it all, Alexis had a new trick. With my cock buried all the way down her throat, she held it there and began to squeeze it rhythmically, grasping it with her throat muscles then letting it go. Now she was pumping my cock with her throat, gripping it in her velvet throat lining, not moving up and down, but just squeezing and releasing it in a compelling tempo. I was ready to cum

"Stop," I said, knowing I was about to shoot a huge load. I had another plan first. Alexis released my cock, wondering what I was up to.

Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a crack pipe. Before I picked up Alexis, I had loaded a big chunk of white rock on top of the chore boy at the end, and melted it down so it was ready to fire up. Out came the lighter, the pipe went into my mouth, and I was ready. I fired up the lighter and held the flame in front of the end of the pipe, beginning a slow steady draw as the crack popped and sizzled. I sucked in the thick white smoke that filled the pipe, and held my breath.

"Hit it, Alexis." She did, swallowing my cock again and repeating the rhythmic squeezing with her throat muscles. I couldn't put it off any longer – I was going to come NOW. Then the crack hit. As I let out the thick smoke, I was blasted from the peak of my orgasm to the pinnacle of a crack high. My ears rang, fireworks exploded in my brain, and I was propelled to another plane of pleasure, a high I had never dreamt of. As she repeatedly squeezed and released my cock with her throat, my cock grew even harder, and my balls tightened against the bottom of my shaft, then started to throb as my cum welled up and blasted deep down her throat, glob after glob after glob shooting up into her. I was shattered by orgasm after orgasm as I came and came and came until my balls were drained.

As I lay back in a stunned swoon of delight, I remembered that Alexis still had my cock in her throat. She had let the sticky globs of cum drip down into her mouth, then released by spent member. She sat up with a chuckle, and opened her mouth to show me the white sticky cum on her tongue. She swirled it around, let it start to run down her tongue, then sucked it back in and swallowed the load. She let out a throaty chuckle and said, "Oops, I forgot and swallowed your load. Yummy!" I was delighted.

I offered her the pipe, which was full of thick brownish resin in the chore boy and dripping down the stem. She took the pipe and put it in her mouth, and lit the flame, expertly warming up the crack until it became white smoke. I watched as the glass tube filled with the white smoke, which she sucked down her cum-coated throat and into her lungs. After she filled her lungs she motioned to me, pressed her lips to mine, opened her mouth and blew a slow steady stream of crack smoke into my mouth as I inhaled. The smoke was sweet and slightly medicinal on my tongue. I held my breath, and again the bells rang and I was transported into never-never land.

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Deep Throat by a Prostitute in a Car with Crack

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