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Categories BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Death

Authror: Zoogamwa

Published: 04 October 2017

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I am a gambler. What a merry way to be. I just… look at the words. And I am steeled. It is just… information. But it goes through the minds of men. I am unhappy. Because it is stole for me. What do I do about it? It is personal after this. To sit in wait is not a happy thing. I wait to make money. So that I can have some kids. It will not be conducive to others. Stole…
I am unhappy because it is stole from me. Stole… It sounds like a word. Not to be heard. Stole. I guess I am an ancient man. Just sitting here. It is stole from me. That they will do such a thing to me. The men gather. I do not know what time it is. It is stole… from me.

Such words I cannot comprehend. I think it is come from a long… time ago. Like a cutting knife. It is violent. I cannot comprehend. So, we take the chance. Dear Mr. President. Your name is Trump. We do not want you no longer around. You stand there, like an impetus. You say it is gambling on your mind. And you want everybody to be quiet while you take your chances. A reason for not having leadership. It is stole from us.

A very good word. I am writing… this letter to you to stop the North Korean sortie. I hope you are diplomatic. Saying it might suffice. Let us say I am before the leader of North Korea. I say I do not want war. What do you want instead.

And I give it to him.

I hope you can take this advice Mr. President. America did very many terrible things to that land. Which we do not own. Or concur… on. I hope you can do it. The Press will be behind you. If you practice some humility.

It is an extreme version of it. A gambler comes up to you in your casino. He says he is going to blow the whole place up. You give him what he wants. Everybody wants something. The same thing with the leader of North Korea. Think of it as a gift.

Article: (OPED)

North Korea

I don't need to research it. I think that I can do it. Let us say that North Korea is a place. I do not know... the place. I do not go to it. This is the will of the people. I speak for them as a leader. I don't think that we want it. And I will explain why. It is easy to do. Go in there and ask them what they want. And give it to them. Will the President do it? I doubt it. He is too much of a gambler.

There will be a Revolution if it does not happen. Because conscription will not be accepted. Not for a man like him. He has the potential of becoming a potentate. Look it up. He almost is. Going his way with his money. Not worrying about anything. He seems to accept it. I don't know his motivation. I think it is to have power over all of us. Even out of office he will stick his nose in everything especially on the behalf of the army. There will be a Revolution. I am sure of it. You ask me where it will come from. I do not know. Suffice to say we should be aware of it. And take precautions.

It is quite a good day. I have slept and am living with a man. He describes the insurance companies as criminals. His father is a Judge. I do not get on with him and will probably move out. One of these days. I am a Poet. I make my living that way. I have written quite a bit. And thrown it out. I no longer have any works published. I am afraid for my life. People keep on coming to me to ask... what is up. How am I to know? North Korea is threatening. But, do not know what to do about it. The President wants to blow it all up. How will that help us? It is still my suggestion. To go to them and ask for what they want. I would think it is reparations for us taking their country apart. We need to own up to things. It is the way.

I am sure it will appease the leader of North Korea if we are apologetic. You say it cannot be done. Perhaps that is the source of all... our problems. It is not the business way. It is not conducive. I make my living as a writer. I have no books right now. I need a publisher. I suppose I could write for him. There are contracts to be made...

I am not much of a writer, I say to myself... It always comes like that.

North Korea

Such that sneezes we go
To make war on such a place
And know no rhyme

We will say to our children
Not to benefit from it
And stay away

They will come into houses
To take us away
If we protest

They will shoot us
What to say

It does not benefit any of us
To stand around
That love is found at the door

Of such a man
With a child
And a woman

There he stands
He is not taken by trifling
He will stand the test of time

He will take supporters prisoner
And say that it befits the crime
They will languish in madhouses

Because... information has become
Too much for us
What do we stand for

He can do whatever he wants. We are supposed to just look at him. He says everybody is jealous of him. And he goes on with his life. What does he leave us? If he goes to war, there will be carnage. That is not what we want. I would like to speak for the people. In a phrase. 1 + 1 = 2 + 3. This is diminutive. It is meant to be. Let us say that they explode another atom bomb.

Why should North Korea not choose to do that to us? It is that dangerous.

The President

Such a man
We do not see
Educated and sublime

My room-mate
Is wise
He says that instruction

Is for the dogs

He follows the President. So, we do not know what to do. But, hold back. What... is wrong with him? That he eve ran. It gets to me. Because the man is a child. And not... worth following. It comes to reason. Or, rationalization. Which I am against. Let us say we must... agree with him. We have agreed to subjugation. I have no pride. It is a modus operandi that I try... to stay away from. It keeps me rational. So I look at the President with clarity.


That lies of cheeks of fellows to be the friend that we always need
the brotherhood of man
is no...

That life will tell us subjugation is the way

My Mother calls. It is time for me to discontinue. We find that family is what is most to us. I do not know the time of it. Revolution is being discussed in high places. But it is not the way. A better alternative is for us to talk. Find a way to speak to the rest of your family. I do not have time for it. You do the speaking. If we choose to go to war. What will you do? I think to go the street would be the answer for anything. My mother is coming. I must go. You find that if you go to the doctor... Or don't, go to the doctor. You are guilty of negligent behavior. Of is your child is terminally ill...

So, I am back. It is not a bad way to go. Making a living from the Press. You tell me it is all lies. I guess I can go along with that. Don’t be all so gung-ho. It has never worked in the past. We are still mentioning Vietnam. And blaming ourselves for the dead. As if they have value. And we must listen to the army for it. Do we follow the army or the President? I personally think we live in a militant country. You cannot say no to them. I guess the President will try. And we will all be behind him. See if that works.

An uprising in America is in the making.

by Pete Marchesi

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